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1656 C78/, no. []
1656 9 Jan William Tulley, Morris Tulley and Humfrey Tulley 3 of the sons of William Tulley late citizen & merchant taylor of London decd; Martin Llewellen & Lettice his wife executors of Isaac Tulley & John Tulley 2 other of the sons of the said William Tulley decd; Isaac Tulley, John Tulley and Hanna Tulley infants the children of the said Isaac decd v James Acton surviving executor of the said William Tulley the father decd Trust of personal estate of William Tulley C78/666, no. 9 [2]
1656 10 Jan James Norfolk of Lincolnes Inn, Middx v Richard Meakins; William Mealing; John Slackford Dispute over land in the parish of Saint Margarets, Westminster C78/532, no. 7 [3]
1656 12 Jan Thomas Arbeston of Farneham, Essex v John Rumbold. Personal goods allegedly taken as payment for debts C78/530, no. 18 [4]
1656 17 Jan David Murrian als Murilian and Ann his wife; John Keigham v John Knowler; Thomas Knowler; Stephen Woodland; Henry Huffam; Richard Collins Rents and profits from messuage and lands in Preston, Kent. C78/549, no. 3 [5]
1656 24 Jan Thomas Norton, citizen & clothworker of London v John Rayner Accounts and bonds re cloth-trade C78/539, no. 10 [6]
1656 24 Jan George Houghton and Susan his wife v Robert Plucknett; William Bacon; William Barnes; Drew Sterrill; Elleanor Drewe; Lewis Hopper; George Chute; Edward Thurland; John Harrison; John House; Robert Lewin; Sir William Playters Shares in osier beds on land left on bank by River Thames near Millbank, Westminster, Middx. C78/545, no. 8 [7]
1656 25 Jan John Cornewalleys of ...., Norfolk second son of Sir Thomas Cornwalleys decd v Thomas Stourton; William Watson Felling of timber on trust estate of lands in Kent, Wilts and Suffolk. C78/542, no. 17 [8]
1656 26 Jan Thomas May als Mayhoe and Joane his wife v Katherine Harris, widow; Richard Doe Title to lease of lands in Moreton, Northmore, Oxon C78/712, no. 2 [9]
1656 27 Jan Thomas Symcocks v Robert Meller; Wolley Meller; William Coward Marriage treaty raid trust settlement of manor of Budleigh, Somerset. C78/544, no. 8 [10]
1656 27 Jan John Iles of the Borough of Devizes, Wilts, merchant v John Windsor and Richard Eyles Action of Trover re debts in cloth trade. C78/645, no. 13 [11]
1656 28 Jan Sir John Hendon, now decd; Edward Hendon son & heir apparent of the said Sir John Hendon; Edmond Stode; Thomas Mills; Thomas Whitfield; Robert Drayner; John Pattenson the elder; Michael Hall; Richard Tayler; John Channtler; Ambrose Drayner; Vincent Quilter; William Pattenson; John Pattenson the younger; John Bateman; Richard Bateman all inhabitants of Biddenden, Kent and surviving grantees in trust for the use of the schoolmaster, usher and Scholars of Biddenden v Thomas Hurleston; James Merricke & Ann his wife, Mary Hamond; Edward Chute an infant Estate of Thomas Darrell: the issues of Botherden, for the support of a schoolmaster at Biddendon, Kent C78/491, no. 11 [12]
1656 28 Jan Anne Austen widow late wife of Richard Austen of Kings Linn, Norf, woolen draper, on behalf of herself and John Austen her son being an infant of 5 years v. Henry Olmocke gentleman & Mary his wife C79/24, no. [13]
1656 28 Jan William Metcalfe & Anne his wife one of the daughters of Robert Crompton late of Great Driffield, Yorks, esq and Oeziah Crompton an infant an other daughter of said Robert Crompton by her guardian Oeziah Crompton her mother v. Thomas Remington knight and Thomas Crompton esq C78/1921, no. 26 [14]
1656 29 Jan Robert, Earl of Leicester v William Colepepper; Thomas Colepepper; Edmond Cotton; Margaret Hemsley; Thomas Cowper; Gilbert Spencer Bonds and sureties for a loan by Leicester to Colepeper. C78/491, no. 12 [15]
1656 29 Jan John Field v Henry Long & Ann his wife; William Tirrett Payments due from trust of manor of Ashley, Wilts C78/539, no. 8 [16]
1656 29 Jan Thomas Mathew & Martha his wife v John Bassett and Anne his wife; Sir John Chichester; Arthur Chichester; Martin Blake, clerk; Henry Hearder Portion from alleged trust of tenement in West Buckland, Devon C78/546, no. 2 [17]
1656 29 Jan Thomas Wilson v Edward Goodwyn Agreement re purchase by tenants of the manor of Rawmarsh, Yorks. C78/546, no. 5 [18]
1656 29 Jan Sir William Strickland, knight and baronet; and Robert Genley, esq v. The President and Scholars of Corpus Christi College, Oxford; and Edward Trussell C78/801, no. 1 [19]
1656 30 Jan Henry Poole by George Winter v Walter Walker; Gabriel Becke; Thomas Tayloe; George Lynn; William Lynne Leases and incumbrances on Oakley Woods, Gloucs C78/666, no. 9B [20]
1656 31 Jan John, Earl of Clare late decd v Robert Williamson Sale of lands in Bothensall, Notts C78/539, no. 9 [21]
1656 31 Jan Elizabeth Carter of the City of Lincoln, widow relict & administratrix of Christopher Carter late of the said city, apothecary decd v Eustace White and John Righten Portions payable from marriage treaty of Westmoreland Carter son of the said Christopher Carter and the plaintiff, and Mary White daughter of John White and niece of Richard White of Markeby, Lincs C78/637, no. 12 [22]
1656 1 Feb Sir Robert Pye v John Spragg and Jane his wife Bonds of Henry Bettie C78/544, no. 11 [23]
1656 1 Feb General John Desbrow v Sir Francis Russell & Dame Katherine his wife; William Russell son & heir apparent of Sir Francis Russell by Thomas Chichesly; Edward Walrond Disputed ownership of the manor of Biggen, Cambridgeshire. Loan for the purchase of the estate. C78/581, no. 8 [24]
1656 4 Feb Edward Mayne of the City of Oxford v Sir John Yate; Robert Veysey & Anne his wife Title to the manor of Shifford and lands in Aston Cote, Claywell and Ducklington, Oxon. C78/712, no. 4 [25]
1656 5 Feb Daniel Butler v Robert Wivers; Mary Hawten, widow; Sir Charles Wolsely; Susan Goad, widow; Christopher Goad her son an infant; Barnabas Horseman; Edward Bracewell; Charles Symonds Payment of purchase money for lands in Calthropp, Banbury, Oxon C78/528, no. 4 [26]
1656 5 Feb Dame Anne Ashley, widow, the relict & executrix of Sir Francis Ashley decd v James, Earl of Suffolk; Sir Edmund Sawyer; Lawrence Whitaker; William Hayward Bonds and debts C78/560, no. 7 [27]
1656 7 Feb William Cox administrator during the minority of William Cox infant executor & son of William Cox deceased v Thomas Walter and John Walter. Debts and bonds. C78/546, no. 3 [28]
1656 7 Feb Robert Roberts v Edward Davys; Geoffery Davys; Robert Roberts and John Williams Relief from a lease of a messuage at Cutton, Shropshire, the land of Margaret Roberts. C78/551, no. 11 [29]
1656 7 Feb Elizabeth Swayne of Wooborne, Bucks, widow & and William Swayne of Wooborne v Thomas Brightwell; Robert Swayne; Christopher Babington Mortgage of woodground called Old Spurr Coppice in Woborne, Bucks. C78/675, no. 4 [30]
1656 7 Feb Robert Goddard and Katherine his wife v Edward Pyle the elder; Richard Pyle; Edward Pyle the younger; Thomas Rutter Testamentary legacies from personal estates of Richard Kent and Edward Kent his son, father of the complt Katherine. Mortgage of lands in Choldrington (no county) C78/710, no. 16 [31]
1656 8 Feb William Englefield of Catherington, Hants v George Browne; Lawrence ...en; John Somner; John Doncaster Bond as surety for debt, owed by Sir Francis Englefield brother of the complt, to the late John Browne C78/491, no. 10 [32]
1656 8 Feb Edmond Thorold; John Palmer both since decd; Robert Palmer; Henry Gedney; John Thorneton; Edward Long; Johhn Porter; Miles Lane; John Long; Tobias Long; John Wright; William Wright; freeholders of Ancaster Willoughby & Subrooke, Lincs v William Towne; Leonard Towne; Edward Bancks; Thomas Bancks; Edweard Hamond; Thomas Stephens; John Towne Title to lands in Ancaster subject to trust in favour of poor inhabitants of the Hamlets of Ancaster, Willoughby and Subrooke, Lincs C78/545, no. 7 [33]
1656 8 Feb Henry Nevill als Smith; George Gery executors of William Gage; Bridgett Gage, widow, relict of the said William Gage; Katherine gage an infant by the said Bridgett her mother; Augustine Belson; Henry Nevill als Smith son of the said Henry Nevill als Smith v Robert Pickering executor of Robert Pickering his late father decd Portions payable from trust of messuage called Bentley in Framfield, Sussex C78/569, no. 23 [34]
1656 9 Feb Richard Pagett v John Kirke and John Foster Lease of "The George" inn, Kingstreet, Westminster, Middx C78/545, no. 6 [35]
1656 9 Feb Thomas Howell; Samuel Nash; William Davy; William Fiske; George Russell; Robert Life; William Roe; Henry Platfoote; William Priest; Richard Roe; John Wright; Stephen Hamond; Richard Potter; Thomas Feltwell; Christopher Craven; George Hunt; Nicholas Walters; Ralph Platfoote; William Greene; William Ellis; John Greene; Elizabeth Roe; Daniel Course; Thomas Page; Peter Hamon; Anne Roe; John Houlte; Walter Woodroff; Simon Bagg; Hillary Bayly; Gregory Russell the younger; Francis Large; William Kedwyn; William Harrison; Thomas Perkins; Richard Langman; copyhold tenants of the manor of Ashwood in Pentney, Norfolk v Thomas Richardson, Baron of Cramond, Scotland, commonly called Lord Richardson Bill (7 Feb. 1655) reciting agreement (Dec. last) that defendant should enclose 146 acres of common called the West Fenn and that in lieu of lost rights of commonage in this land he would grant fixed customary charges instead of arbitrary ones and quit claim his interests in all other common grounds in Ashwood in Pentney, Norfolk, and seeking ratification of this agreement. C78/545, no. 9 [36]
1656 9 Feb Martha Rowninge, widow, late wife & relict of Thomas Rowninge decd; Martha Rowninge daughter of the said Martha & Thomas v Martin Rowninge son & heir of the said Thomas Rowninge Redemption of mortgaged lands in Hundey, Suffolk in order to sell it to raise portions and legacies of the will of Thomas Rowninge C78/550, no. 12 [37]
1656 9 Feb Nathaniel Carter of Debden, Essex v Martha Miller and William Miller. Cancellation of bond re sale of lands in Bishopsterford, Herts. C78/621, no. 15 [38]
1656 12 Feb Mary Knight daughter of Richard Knight by Daniel Tabor v Thomas Plumbe Validity of will of Richard Knight and his testamentary settlement of lands in Holdanger, Essex C78/539, no. 6 [39]
1656 12 Feb Jane Morgan, spinster; Edward Cooke; Francis Bagshaw; Christopher Estwick; John Troughton; Samuel Harmar; Christopher Randle; Samuel Aston; William Slyn; Theophilus Slyn; Samuel Collins; William Ward; John Roe; Thomas Hextall; Christopher Davenport v Thomas Basnett; Thomas Love; Samuel Snell; William Jolliffe, Aldermen; Joseph Chambers; Mary Hopkins, widow; Henry Horne; Christopher Horne; Thomas Wagstaffe Bill (Mich. 1655) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) by freeholders and tenants for general enclosure of 335 acres of common pasture and meadow in Stoake in Coventry, Warwickshire C78/563, no. 14 [40]
1656 12 Feb Thomas Tudder v Cariell, Lord Viscount Mollineux; John Bedell; Henry Woolridge; Thomas Chambers; William Hill; John Haler; Thomas Mascall Mortgage of Taverners Hall and lands in Sussex C78/666, no. 7 [41]
1656 14 Feb John Roydon v Thomas Higgons. Mortgage of lands in Denbighshire. C78/490, no. 25 [42]
1656 15 Feb Dame Ellinor Lowther, widow v Agnes Monnsey, widow; John Addison; Thomas Atkinson; Richard Kitching Payment of rents, allegedly already collected by bailiff of manor of Mauldesmeaburne, Westmorland. C78/601, no. 11 [43]
1656 16 Feb Thomas Jones of Ludlow, Shropshire v Thomas Goddard; Anne his wife; Isabell Money Debts and mortgage of houses in Ludlow, and lands in Steynton, Salop. C78/676, no. 13 [44]
1656 23 Feb Anthony Habberly of Portsmouth, Hants v Thomas Baker & Margaret his wife since decd Debts and bonds of William Habberly C78/595, no. 2 [45]
1656 23 Feb John Blount & Mary, Countess of Sterling his wife; Sir Robert Cooke & Dame Suzan his wife; Alexander Lazan & Jacoba his wife (the said Mary, Suzan & Jacoba being daughters and heirs of Peter Vanlore the younger decd who was the only son & heir of Sir Peter Vanlore the elder decd & also cousins and coheirs of Dame Mary Powell late wife of Sir Edward Powell decd & cousins & coheirs of the said Sir Peter Vanlore the elder) v Thomas Levingston & Anne his wife; William Hinson otherwise Powell; Anthony Bassett; Robert Levingston; John Preston; Honnor Emmott; Anne Barnes; Adam Browne; Christopher Plucknett; [blank] Kirby Settlement of estate of Sir Peter Vanlore consisting of lands in Berks, Somerset, Kent, Essex and Wilts. C78/623, no. 3 [46]
1656 23 Feb George Freene v John Pester; Sarah his wife; Ezechiel Wallis; Alexander James; Thomas James; Edward Hurne; Richard ?Odand?; Hester his wife; John Hagges Redemption of mortgage of "Lambe" Inn, Bristol, and licence to sell wine there. C78/637, no. 11 [47]
1656 25 Feb John Bence of Kingsfield, Suffolk v Robert Oakeley Rents, services and fines for copyhold lands in the manor of Kelshall, Suffolk C78/658, no. 10 [48]
1656 25 Feb Robert Ward; Richard Ward; Thomas Ward v Jervise Cowper. Legacies payable from personal estate of Jane Cowper late of Pontefract, Yorks, widow, the plts grandmother C78/666, no. 5 [49]
1656 26 Feb Margarett Nicholls, widow, administratrix of Peter Nicholls her late husband decd v William Williamson Profits of trust of houses and tenements in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx C78/530, no. 16 [50]
1656 28 Feb Issabel Meereing, widow v Thomas Lord Viscount Savile Annuity payable from lands in Clint, Kipley, Yorks. Previously submitted to Court of Requests by the complts late husband C78/601, no. 12 [51]
1656 28 Feb Anne Wroth wife of John Wroth v John Wroth Financial arrangements for abandoned wife and family. C78/612, no. 5 [52]
1656 1 March Robert Woollmer gentleman v Edmond Boreman; Adrian Parmenter; Richard Wenman, Gabriel Barbor; John Boreman; Nicholas Browne; Anne Withericke. Property of Peter Whithericke: several manors, and land in city of Norwich, Suffolk and Norfolk C78/585, no. 3 [53]
1656 1 March Anne Younge of the City of London, widow v Richard Chiverton, Alderman of London, Governor of the Company of the Eastland Merchants in the City of London; William Bromstall, deputy of the said company; Lawrence Coles, treasurer of the said company; Thoresby Harders; James Gough; John Lee; Edmond Blake; William Harrington; Edward Lewis; John Rivett; James Whitehall; Robert Whitlocke; Randall Isaackson, John Upton; Robert Davy; Francis Asty, assistants & members of the said company Bonds and debts in connection with the Eastland company. C78/666, no. 4 [54]
1656 3 March Richard Frenke on behalf of himself and Barbara his daughter and Elizabeth daughter of Ruth Frenke his sister infants v. William Frenke C79/177, no. [55]
1656 11 March John East executor of Isaac Wastfield one of the sons of John Wastfield decd v Walter Wastfield and Edward Wastfield two other of the sons of the said John Wastfield & executors of his will Legacy from personal estate of Sarah Wastfield. C78/645, no. 6 [56]
1656 23 March Elizabeth, Alexander, Priscilla, Mary and Charles Fraiser the children of Elizabeth Fraiser late of Richmond, Surrey decd by Simon Neale of St Clements Danes, Middx v William Doughtie; John Thurlowe; Lydia his wife; Christopher Johnson Estate of William Doughtie, late of East Deereham, Norfolk, father of the said Elizabeth Fraiser & grandfather to the complts. Manor of Marthey Hall, Suffolk and other properties. C78/585, no. 13 [57]
1656 30 March William Fenwicke v Sir John Fenwick; Cuthbert Heron; Thomas Woodhall; William Blakeston Profits of trust of manor of Bywell, Northumberland. C78/665, no. 2 [58]
1656 Robert Jenkins v William Isgar and Thomas Isgar Messuage called 'Trotnells' at Sherston, Wiltshire. C78/585, no. 1 [59]
1656 13 April John Hardwick; James Howe; William Crofts; Edward Cooke; Robert Bowes; Edward Thoms; Peter Delany; Thomas Butler, inhabitants within the parish of St Saviours in Southwarke, Surrey & owners of the rectory or parsonage impropriate of St Saviours v William Butcher; Phillip Butcher; Henry Bromsall and others (not named) The rectory of Saint Saviours, Southwark. Financial expedients over the care of the poor and the keeping up of a school. C78/585, no. 10 [60]
1656 14 April Thomas Randall and others (not named) v Sir Thomas Woodhouse and others (not named) Dispute over the stinting of fen lands at Feltwell, Norfolk. Access according to the size of arable holdings and set by agreement. Refs previous decree of 22 James. C78/532, no. 3 [61]
1656 14 April Francis Thornes v The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Town of Shrewsbury; Thomas Niccolls; Charles Beavon; Richard Piggott; Richard Price Dispute over meadow lands in or near the town, and called 'Roushilf.’ C78/555, no. 10 [62]
1656 15 April Ralph Manning & Mary his wife the late wife & executrix of Simon Hide decd v William Pecke; John Doughty The will and estate of Simon Hide, son of Richard Hide C78/581, no. 9 [63]
1656 17 April Edward Lake of Shenson, Staffs v Alexander Ward & his wife; Henry Ward; Jeffery Ward, Redemption of a mortgage on a property called 'Hurleys' at Shenson Park, Staffordshire C78/491, no. 16 [64]
1656 17 April John Kipping of Pembury, Kent, tanner, administrator with will annexed of John Kipping late of Brenchley, Kent decd and also administrator of John Kipping son of Walter Kipping and also of John Baker, Francis Kipping, Robert Kipping, Richard Kipping & Walter Kipping decd legatees in the said will v William Lampard Execution of the will of John Kipping, clothier of Brenchly, Kent. C78/492, no. 8 [65]
1656 17 April Robert Andrew v John Austin & Bridgett his wife; William Coles & Anne his wife; Jeffery Coles & Lucy his wife; and Jeffery Browne & Mary his wife. Concerning the will and estate of Thomas Andrewe, the complts father. C78/551, no. 12 [66]
1656 17 April John Hill and William Chappell v William Moore, clerk; Henry Andrewes; Richard Milbury; Thomas Masters Testamentary settlement by will of John Hill the elder of his personal estate and lands in Weston, Somerset C78/563, no. 13 [67]
1656 19 April Richard Relfe v George Hurlocke. Mortgage of lands in Gestlinge, Sussex. C78/550, no. 11 [68]
1656 19 April Judith Studley widow executrix of Richard Studley her late husband v George Devereux & Bridgett his wife The debts of Arthur Price: money borrowed from Richard Studley. Lands at Beriowe, Montgomeryshire C78/585, no. 8 [69]
1656 19 April Henry Ockley v Henry Morton. Land called the 'Sherdons' at Worplesdon, Surrey, the property of the complainants grandfather. C78/585, no. 7 [70]
1656 21 April Thomas Laton son & heir of Sir Thomas Laton decd v Anne Wooller, widow; Edward Wooller; John Wooller; Thomas Wooller Marriage settlement and mortgage of lands in Foxton, Yorks C78/601, no. 13 [71]
1656 23 April Elizabeth Thomas and Paschie Thomas infants by Christopher Thomas their father v John Oland als Tayler; Katherine his wife; Thomas Webber Bonds re payment of portions. C78/647, no. 19 [72]
1656 24 April Richard Muncke v Thomas Acheson & Katherine his wife; Henry Fautleroy; Thomas Smyth & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Ealing Lease of tenements in Shoelane, London. C78/637, no. 10 [73]
1656 26 April Edmond Hatch and Margery Hatch, widow v John Venman. Debts and bonds on security of Greist mills and lands in South Molton, North Olton, Bishopps Nymott and Nymott Tracy, Devon C78/1150, no. 19 [74]
1656 28 April Thomas Curtys v Mary Curtys, widow; Robert Tracy Lease of messuage in Toddington and Bagnannton, Gloucs. C78/607, no. 12 [75]
1656 29 April Randall Bellamy; Richard Ordmaye v. William Lee & Thomasina his wife; Maurice Figge & Mary his wife; and ____ Constable C79/24, no. [76]
1656 1 May William Dey, citizen & merchant of London; Robert Eccleston v John Andrewes; Thomas Gregson; Nathaniel Howes; Henry Franckling Debts on security of tenements in Long Lane, St. Botolphes without Aldersgate, London. C78/545, no. 12 [77]
1656 1 May Katherine Dove late the wife of Edmond Dove decd and Edmond Dove of Codenham, Suffolk son & heir of the said Edmond v Robert Clarke; James Harrington & Anne his wife late the wife of Richard Dove decd Possession of lands in Langham, Essex. Richard Dove late of Ipswich, Suffolk, haberdasher, late brother of the complt. C78/550, no. 10 [78]
1656 1 May Edward Michell v John Lavers and Henry Linscott Mortgage of messuages and lands in Devon near Exeter C78/647, no. 20 [79]
1656 2 May Arthur Stanhope one of the younger sons of Phillip, Earl of Chesterfield; John Harris; James Cambell trustees for the said Arthur Stanhope v Phillip, Lord Stanhope; The Lady Katherine Stanhope; Clement Oxenbridge; John Boughton; Edmond Sandford since decd Payments from profits of trust of unspecified lands in Lincs, Notts, and Derbys C78/530, no. 14 [80]
1656 2 May John Lamott; John le Theulier; Abraham Fortred of the City of London, merchants v Dame Rachell Cumbwell, widow; Sir Thomas Abdy; James Cumbwell; Sir Gabriel Vernatt; Dame [blank] Dudley; John Gibbons Title to lands in Hatfield Chase, Yorks C78/667, no. 16 [81]
1656 3 May Thomas Alexander the elder v Thomas Filby executor of Sarah Sheene, widow, executrix of Nicholas Sheene; Josias Bolton Debts of Nicholas Sheene, payable from his personel estate. C78/550, no. 8 [82]
1656 3 May Nathaniel Weston by John Fettiplace & Elianor his wife mother & guardian of him the said complt v Robert Staunton and Thomas Rutton Rents due from lease of lands in Bunhill, St. Giles without Cripplegate, London. C78/607, no. 13 [83]
1656 5 May Gregory Gawfell v Gilbert Wigmore the elder and Sabina his wife; William Wigmore; GIlbert Wigmore the younger, infants by the said Gilbert Wigmore the elder their father; Edward ..att; Hatton Berners Sale of trust lands in Wormegage and Tottenhall, Norfolk. C78/637, no. 9 [84]
1656 8 May Edward Corbett, clerk v Michael Pead Cancellation of bonds on security of lease of rectory of Sidestroud, no county given C78/554, no. 15 [85]
1656 9 May Anne Baker & Jane Baker daughters of John Baker late of Gromebridge, Speldhurst, Kent decd v Sarah Wood, widow. Estate of the late Thomas Wood, citizen and Merchant Taylor of London. Portion for Sarah C78/491, no. 6 [86]
1656 9 May Dorothy Manwaring relict of Adam Manwaring & executrix of John Cox decd v William Christmas, merchant. Debts due to estate of John Cox. C78/572, no. 23A [87]
1656 10 May John Pine v John Barcroft and Thomas Colwall. Case concerning the raising of forces in Somerset during the late wars C78/532, no. 2 [88]
1656 10 May John Browne administrator of Jane Browne late of Wicke near Parshore [Pershore], Worcs decd the plts late wife v Thomas Hormold; Edward Underhill Trust of the manor of Breedon, Worcs. Thomas Hormhold decd, father of the deft Thomas Hormold C78/676, no. 8 [89]
1656 12 May Henry Roll serjeant at law CJKB; Edward Atkins JCP; John Wild serjeant at law; major general Phillip Skippon; Francis Allen; Thomas Scott; John Backsteed; Jasper Edwards; John Hallywell; Alexander Normington; John Smyth; Thomas Bell; Robert Meade; James Maye; Edward East; Thomas ..oker; Stephen Horne; Henry Pinckney; Roger Lambert v Richard, Earl of Dorset; Sir John Sackvile; Robert Wintering; Nathaniel Thorold; William Rowe Estate of Edward, late Earl of Dorset: the rectory of Saint Dunstans in the West, London, in the occupation of John Dunne, Dr. of Divinity and Dean of Saint Pauls. Also several houses and tenements in dispute C78/491, no. 9 [90]
1656 12 May Simon Atkinson and Roger Ward v Henry Ward; Nicholas Wearsdale; Francis Jackson; Anne Lumley Bonds and debts. Henry Ward of Knatoll & Nicholas Wearsdale of Cambe, Yorks bound to the complt & Christopher Lumley of Thirske since decd C78/612, no. 11 [91]
1656 13 May Robert White v Nicholas Burnell and Richard Pepper Purchase of encumbered messuage "The Antelopp" Inn, King Street, Westminster, Middx C78/546, no. 1 [92]
1656 13 May William Bruton v William Heyter and Thomas Magent Trust of rectory and tithes of Heavitree, Exeter, parsonage of Topsham and houses in Exeter, Devon C78/563, no. 12 [93]
1656 13 May John Low; William Ladkins v Roger Molineux son & heir of Dame Anne Molineux; John Thompson & Francis his wife daughter of the said Dame Anne The estate of Dame Anne: land at Brampton, Chesterfield, Newbold, and Tunston C78/581, no. 7 [94]
1656 13 May Raphe Marsham; John Marsham; Jane Marsham; Susan Marsham; Elizabeth Marsham; Robert Pettifer & his wife v Raphe Marsham and Osbert Steede, infants; Christopher Msrsham; Margaret Marsham; Francis Clarke & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Steed Payment of legacies from estate of manor and advowson of Wramplingham, Norfolk. C78/710, no. 15 [95]
1656 16 May Francis Neve, clerk; Francis Holland v Oliver Neve Testamentary settlement of lands in Northenhall, Cantons, Rougholme, Ringland, and Witchingham, Norfolk, and houses in Lombard St and Cornhill, London C78/545, no. 5 [96]
1656 16 May George Purefoy the younger esq v. William Hobert and Francis Reynolds and John Alderton infants by said William Hobert their guardian; John Oke; John Terrell gentleman; Edward Keeble; Susan Palmer widow; William Hewlett; Osbert Palmer; Edward Whyn; Thomas Thickpenny; John Pepper; James Gilly; Gabriel Scott; Jonas Moore gentleman; John Jackson; Thomas Cooke; Robert Lech; Edward Herne; Robert Coope; Edmond Acres; George Fowler; and Samuel Hutton present incumbent of the parish church of Southery, Norf C79/46, no. [97]
1656 17 May Henry Marshe and Anne his wife v Gilbert Docker; Henry Huggeford; John Baldwin Performance of agreement re sale of messuages in Barkswell [Berkeswell], Warwicks. C78/563, no. 10 [98]
1656 17 May Robert Clavering and others (named) v Major Norton and others (named) Marriage settlement of manor of Chopwell and lands in Richmond and Aske, Yorks. C78/666, no. 1 [99]
1656 20 May Richard Johnson and William Tooke v William Brooke. Trading transactions between the parties and their entry into a joint stock. Agreement between William Playford of Norwich, merchant & the complt C78/532, no. 10 [100]
1656 21 May Densill Hollis; The Lady Covert his wife; Henry Foyle v Dame Seymore Hastings; George Morgan; Walter Edge; Ralphe Edge; Jonathan Langley; John Langley The estate of Sir George Hastings, late of Woodlands, Dorset and Saint Bartholomews, London C78/532, no. 9 [101]
1656 21 May John Bleigh v William Sherlocke Bonds and debts C78/563, no. 11 [102]
1656 21 May Joseph Davies of London, merchant; Edmond Davies of Middle Temple; Thomas Yonge of London, merchant v John Harris; Richard Davies Bonds re trust of lands in Stowe, Kent. C78/647, no. 18 [103]
1656 22 May Joane Collins daughter & heir of Thomas Collins son & heir of William Collins by Thomas Ashley v William Collins and John Henson Lease on property at Oversale [Overseal], Leicestershire, by Sir George Greisely to William Collins C78/581, no. 10 [104]
1656 23 May Thomas Boothby son & heir of Thomas Boothby, an infant v William Boothby son & heir of Sir Henry Boothby decd, an infant Dispute over property on the manor of Clattercotts, and at Cleydon, Oxfordshire, the estate of Lady Corbett. C78/581, no. 6 [105]
1656 24 May Sir Norton Knatchbull of Marsham, Kent v Anne Prude and Dorothy Nethersole infants by Anne Proude, widow, their mother Purchase by the late William Prewd of the farm of Carrington, in the parishes of Beakesbourne, Littlebourne, Addisham and Ickham, Kent, from Sir Henry Palmer C78/491, no. 5 [106]
1656 24 May Thomas Leigh of East Wickham, Kent, esq, eldest son of Sir Francis Leigh late of East Wickham, Kent knight by Dame Christian his wife and son and heir apparent of the said Dame Christian Leigh the widow and relict of said Francis v. John Cary esq son of Sir Phillip Cary son and heir of Sir Edward Cary by the Lady Katherine sister of the lord Knevett C79/24, no. [107]
1656 June Francis Prinean v Norris Fines; Frances his wife; Francis Monson an infant by the said Norreys Fines; Anthony Monson Redemption of mortgaged tenement in Minting, Lincs. C78/637, no. 8 [108]
1656 2 June Thomas Sallmon of Hackney, Middx v John Okey; Thomas Kershawe; James Leaver Accounts re merchant's stock C78/530, no. 12 [109]
1656 2 June William Lacy of Melton Mowbray, Leics and Elizabeth his wife v Edward Deth Legacy and maintenance payable from lands in St. George, Stamford, Lincs and Northants. Defts late father Henry Deth C78/748, no. 17 [110]
1656 3 June Edmond Morris v William Veysey Purchase of encumbered lands in Easthayne, and Westhaye, Cheriton Fitzpayne, Devon C78/647, no. 17 [111]
1656 4 June Thomas Greene an infant by Robert Rogerson, clerk v Edmond Haton; Thomas Newre; Richard Snell; John Snell the elder; Robert Snell; John Snell the younger Trust settlement of lands in manor of Topcroft with Denton, Norfolk C78/710, no. 14 [112]
1656 6 June Humfrey Dawen and Francis Dawen v Thomas Hall; Joane his wife; Vaughan Hall; Richard Adlington; Margaret Bennett Possession of mortgaged rectory and lands in Kington, Heref. C78/671, no. 8 [113]
1656 6 June George, Morris, Weston, William, Francis and Mathew Browne; and Elizabeth, Martha, Katherine, and Dorothy Browne v. John Browne C78/1294, no. 14 [114]
1656 7 June James Oates; .........; ..... Fletcher son, heir & executor of Henry Fletcher decd v Samuel Sunderland Payment of tithes to rectory of Dewesbury from messuages and lands in Hipperholme, Yorks C78/613, no. 7 [115]
1656 7 June David Morrilion of Preston near Wingham, Kent and Ann his wife in the right of the said Anne v William Wanstall Title to lands in Goodnestone, Kent C78/653, no. 9 [116]
1656 9 June John Ceely of Plimouth, Devon, merchant and Judith his wife v William, Earl of Salisbury; Walter King; Henry King Mortgage of lands called Lambedo or Lambeso in St. Clemance, Cornwall C78/530, no. 11 [117]
1656 9 June William Playstowe executor of John Playstowe decd v Christopher Doddington; Henry Stanley & Margaret his wife; Leonard Coolbeire Lease of messuage and farm and rights of cutting timber in Allhallowes, Kent C78/638, no. 13 [118]
1656 9 June Hilda Wright v Thomas Wright an infant; William Blackett & Elizabeth his wife; John Langharne; William Stevenson; Robert Adamson Portions due from trust settlement of lands in Winleston, Durham by Hugh Wright the complts late father. C78/1150, no. 15 [119]
1656 10 June Elizabeth Sharple, widow & relict of Alexander Sharple late of Hawkherst, Kent; Richard Head her brother then of Bodiham, Sussex v John Dickenson; Thomas Channdler; Thomas Day Debt of Edward Harsnett to Thomas Munn of Cranebrook, Kent C78/491, no. 7 [120]
1656 10 June Hamond Claxton, clerk v Grace Claxton, widow and John Claxton executors of Hamond Claxton decd. Estate of the late Hamond Claxton, tenements in Lincoln and elsewhere C78/588, no. 12 [121]
1656 10 June Charles Arrundell an infant son & heir of Charles Arrundell decd by John Talbot v Sir Thomas Reynell Accounts of sale of trust lands in the manors of Hanley, Thornton and East Pulham, Dorset, Sutton Mandeville, Wilts and lands in Shaston and Alcester, Dorset and Stoke Dennys, Somerset C78/645, no. 5 [122]
1656 10 June Thomas Sharpe & Elizabeth his wife; and Anne Ingleby late daughters of William Ingleby decd v Elizabeth Thursby, widow and John Rowell Legacies payable from lands in Rainton, Durham and Timber rights there C78/1150, no. 16 [123]
1656 10 June? Thomas Bedingfield esq of ...., Berks v. Ali.. Armiger; William ....; Fa.... Pepys C79/24, no. [124]
1656 11 June Sir Nicholas Le Strange of Hunstanton, Norfolk & Dame Anne his wife; Katherine Calthorpe, widow, late wife of James Calthorpe late of East Barham, Norfolk decd; Mary Lewkner, singlewoman; the said Dame Anne, Katherine and Mary being the only daughters of Sir Edward Lewkner late of Denham, Suffolk decd by Dame Mary his late wife v Sir Horatio Townsend & Dame Mary his wife; John Gawden & Elizabeth his wife; Sir William Russell; Frances Russell; Thomas Catline Jointure interest in manor of Denham Abbots, and Barrowe, including Higham Hall in Gazeley, Suffolk C78/554, no. 14 [125]
1656 11 June John Smith; Phillip Nurse; Richard Pim[Pym] v Robert Valence Lease by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster to Richard Mattock of properties in Saint Martins Le Grand. C78/555, no. 9 [126]
1656 12 June William Martin v Peter Beavis; Richard Beavis; William Martin; Thomas Shapcote Debts and legacies payable by will of Sir Nicholas Martin from lands in Netherex Usculme, Thornerton, Ponghill, Rose Ash, Manaton, and Rewe, Devon. C78/647, no. 14 [127]
1656 12 June John Wood & Anne his wife executrix of Grace Molford decd the sole executrix of William Molford who was executor of Robert Howell v Anthony Chapple; Thomas Waldron, clerk Rent-charge from messuages and lands called Blackwall in Chittlehampton, Devon C78/647, no. 16 [128]
1656 12 June Leicester, Viscount Hereford; Robert Yallopp of Thorpe next Norwich, Norfolk; John Coleman of North Cove, Suffolk v William Antell and Phillip Richardson Setting out of domestic lands from copyhold lands in the manor of Wadehall, Suffolk C78/658, no. 9 [129]
1656 13 June Cicelie Browne one of the daughters of Sir John Browne decd v John Tyrer Dispute over property in the parish of Elmeley Lovett, Worcestershire C78/491, no. 4 [130]
1656 13 June Charles Yaxlee the elder of Yaxlee, Suffolk v Richard Browne and William Watts Reconveyance of manor and rectory of Bowthorpe, Norfolk and manor and rectory of Bickerton, in City of York C78/545, no. 2 [131]
1656 14 June Evan Williams & Phillis his wife v John Stephens administrator of Nathaniel Stephens Financial trusts C78/647, no. 13 [132]
1656 17 June Lewis Bolton of Queene Streete, Middx & Anne his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Cudmore late of Kelvedon, Essex decd v Sir Thomas Cecill; Dorothy Cudmore, widow; Thomas Cudmore; Robert Shortland Portion payable by will of Thomas Cudmore from lands in Coggeshall, Essex. C78/676, no. 15 [133]
1656 18 June Anthony Symons of Mangan, Cornwall v James Burges executor of Balthazar Burges decd Bonds and mortgage of unspecified lands in Cornwall C78/530, no. 13 [134]
1656 18 June Mary Jerrett by Simon Spatchurst v William Wilton & Henry Wilton Possession of copyhold lands in Finnax and Avenollsfee, Wilts C78/591, no. 6 [135]
1656 18 June Margaret Cadle relict and administratrix of Samuel Cadle v. John Cadle the elder and John Cadle the younger C79/24, no. [136]
1656 18 June Thomas Morgan esq & Margery his wife v. John Martin and George Rudge C79/24, no. [137]
1656 19 June Richard Poure of London son & heir of Richard Poure decd v Sir John Lenthall; Sir Thomas Coghill; James Chesterman; Thomas Eggerly; John Warburton; Anne Gouldsmith Title and possession of Poures manor & Adderburyes manor in Bletchington and manor of Oddington, Oxon, formerly of Francis Powre the complts grandfather C78/545, no. 4 [138]
1656 19 June Robert Bastard of Great Dunham, Norfolk v John Gibson Mortgage of messuage called Goodhalls and lands in Greate Dunham, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 13 [139]
1656 19 June Ellen Cundall, widow v William Markenfield. Entitlement of Francis Anderson, the complts father, to one hundred and ten pounds by decree of the court of chancery re: Francis Anderson v Robert Mallory & Francis his wife, William Markenfield and Alice Atkinson C78/585, no. 6 [140]
1656 20 June Edward Lake of Shenson, Staffs v Alexander Ward & his wife; Henry Ward; Jeffery Ward Redemption of a mortgage on a property called 'Hurleys' Shenson Park, Staffordshire C78/491, no. 8 [141]
1656 20 June Balthazar Beare & Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Mary her elder sister & executrix of Magdalen her younger sister all daughters of Sir Walter Leach son & heir of Sir Simon Leach v Rebecca Troffe, widow, executrix of the said Sir Simon Leach; Simon Leach; James Batten Legacies payable by will of Walter Burroughes from lands in Cadely Bridford and Chidderly, Devon. C78/647, no. 15 [142]
1656 21 June Denzell Holles v John Warr; Ezechias Lambe; Sir Richard Onslowe; Arthur Shirley; John Dammer; John Harris Trust of lands and woods at Hermitage, Dorset. C78/560, no. 5 [143]
1656 21 June Denzell Holles v John White; George Pawlett; Peter Sartillion; Gratian Perinault Bonds. C78/560, no. 6 [144]
1656 21 June Richard Spencer v Henry Dereham Trust settlement of lands in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire C78/1150, no. 7 [145]
1656 23 June Edward Lawe, Elizabeth Lawe, Anne Lawe, Mary Lawe and Emme Law infants children of Allen Law by Alexander Jackson v Robert Clarke Legacy payable by will of Mathew Clarke from lands in Long Lane, St. Sepulchers, London C78/545, no. 3 [146]
1656 23 June Thomas Howard & Mary his wife v Thomas Parneby; Robert Killingworth; James Margettson Legacy payable from lands in Hinton, Cambs, by will of Gilbert Parneby C78/550, no. 9 [147]
1656 23 June Sir James Thynn; Sir Thomas Thynn, administrators of Sir Thomas Thinne their father decd v Thomas Durban and William Clowter Debts due to estate of Sir Thomas Thinne. C78/645, no. 4 [148]
1656 25 June Alexander Shipdham of Blofield, Norfolk, clerk & Ursula his wife one of the daughters of Sir William Yelverton the elder of Rougham, Norfolk decd and one of the sisters and coheirs of Sir William Yelverton his son likewise decd v Dame Ursula Yelverton, widow; Thomas Payton & Elizabeth his wife and others (not named) Title to manor and rectory of Rougham, manors of Greenhall or Finshawe and Clandford, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 11 [149]
1656 25 June Thomas Mason of Lincolns Inn, Middx v Robert Mason; Thomas Hussey; Richard Goddard; Hester his wife; Robert Foyle Legacies payable by will of Robert Mason from manor of Itchill, Hants. C78/676, no. 5 [150]
1656 28 June Sir Thomas Ingram; Sir Thomas Nott; Sir John .....; Dame Martha Williamson, widow; Edmond Williamson; John Morris; Richard ...nton; Thomas Hawley; John Browne; Edward Berkhead; .... Mildmaye & .... his wife; Margaret Annsham, spinster; Michael Holman; Peter .....; William Chilcott; John Needler; Henry Polton; Ellis Crispe; Charles Pitcarne; Leonard Hamon; David Bonnell; Gilbert Borrell; Edward Prescott; Thomas Overman; Thomas Dodswell; Frances Cooke, widow; John Cardell, clerk; John Tourney; Richard Hollman; Richard Shelbury; Nicholas ..ansham; Richard Ell; Roger Reve; John Richards; William Dawe; Richard Webb; Thomas Poulton; Rowland Aldrich; John Sym..ks; John Charles; Savage Barrell; Thomas Gee; Thomas Gould; John Kinsman; John Peirson; Simon Neale; John Edlyn & Anne his wife; Isaac Woodgreene; Thomas Barwell; Ephraim Dawson; Christopher Banister; Hugh Peirs; William Parris; Richard Betts; Thomas Crofton; John Neale; Edward Lightmaker; Raph Warwick; Richard Awnsham; Francis Wyatt; George Pike; [blank] Weild; John Andrewes; Richard Andrewes; Edward Adams; Simon Adams; [blank] Abraham, widow; William Cole of Hampton; Henry Cole; John Peters; Gideon Whitehead; Robert Bartlett the elder; Robert Bartlett the younger; George Bartlett; Richard Balls; William Balls; William Baker the elder; William Baker the younger; Francis Abbott, widow; George Baker; John Brannt; George Butler; Thomas Blashfield; Josiah Burbanck; Richard Bradbridge; Benjamin Barker; William Bethell; Thomas Beckett; William Beckett; Anne Beale, widow; Raph Blower; Robert Blanck; Robert Beale; Henry Beck; John Bell; Joan Brooker, widow; Elizabeth Box; Hugh Bishopp; John Banister; Thomas Cole; John Cole of Twickenham; William Cole of Twickenham; John Cole of Bow; Edward Constable; Ruffine Clarke; William Collins; William Carpenter; Richard Clarke the younger; Henry Coomes; Jane Child, widow; William Constable; Martha Cooper, widow; Thomas Cooke; Katherine Clarke, widow; Thomas Dowse; Ezekias Davis; William Bryan; Hugh Godby; Arthur Pitcher; Henry Eborne of Twickenham; William Eborne; Henry Eborne of Hownslowe; Peter English & Sarah his wife; Edward Fisher; Robert Fish & [blank] his wife; Jane Fell; Anne Francklin; John Farrington; John Fuller; John Finch; Isabell Fennell; Henry Fuller; Abraham Gardiner; Joan Geale, widow; Collins Groome; George Gillen; [blank] Gerry; John Gennens; Thomas Grey; Edward Gisby the younger; John Gildon; Robert Heddin; Timothy Heddin; Ellen Hall, widow; Edmond Brooker & James her son; Thomas Hall; Martha Hamon, widow; William Hollihock; William Hacker; Nathaniel Hamond; Francis Harper; Richard Harper; Elizabeth Cox; Henry Hammerton; Thomas Huddle; John Hewson; Thomas Hannington & Katherine his wife; John Holman; William Smith; Mathew Huddle; Peter Heyward & Jane his wife; William Hart; Susam Hart; Thomas Hayly; John Herritage; George Hunt; Robert Hickman; Dorothy Holding; Thomas Jones his heirs; Daniel Johnson; Elizabeth Jenks; Robert Knight; Anne Kirrell, widow; Margaret Isaackson, widow; Nicholas Lancaster; Richard Lewis & Ellen his wife; Richard Larckin; Anthony Locksmith; Agnes Lyons; Henry Lyons; Edward Lock; Thomas Morrison; Samuel Mathewes & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Mann, widow; Elizabeth Larchin; Thomas Larchin; Henry Malcombe; Richard Moore; John Martin; Francis Merricke; William Myland; Edward Morecock; John Nixon; Nicholas North; William Nicholls; Richard Clarke the elder; Randall Nunnes; John Owen; Anne Oliver; Robert Osborne; Thomas Osborne; William Ossever; Elizabeth Reeve als Barker; Robert Parslowe; Thomas Pynner; John Powell; John Pope; Nicholas Pope; Alice Peirce; Robert Parsons; James Prigg; Thomas Pasmore; Simon Parkins; William Piggott; Anne Parr, widow; Henry Pavett; Phillipp Packer, widow; Thomas Penn; Katherine Price, widow; Honor Prescott; Robert Pasmore & Rose his wife; William Russell; Thomas Read; Robert Randall; John Randall; Richard Reynor; John Reely; Anne Hargall, widow; Anne Holman, widow; Edward Reeve; Joan Robinson, widow; Nicholas Rawles; John Rodyn; James Lynnett; William Lawrence; Hester Standon, widow; James Shorter; Mark Sharpe; John Salter; John Jeffes; John Suddy; Jane Suddy; Anne Suddy; [blank] Springall, widow; William Stocker; John Stevens; Rebecca Stevens; Thomas Savage of Hampton; Thomas Savage of Twickenham; Thomas Symnell; Henry Saunders; Phillip Snowe; Richard Steere; Bennett Steward, widow; John Samuell; William Steward; William Smith the younger; Edward Salter; John Tayler; Robert Tyler; Timothy Tayler; Jeremy Tayler; Sibell Tayler; Nicholas Beale; John Willis; Thomas Willis; George Woods; John Wheeler; Thomas Walcott; John West; Robert White; George White; John White; Francis White; Hugh White; Rebecca Weare; Arthur Butler; Edmond Weatherhead; William White; Marlion White; Margaret Williams; Jeffery Waller; Thomas Webb; Henry Walton's heirs; Thomas Woodyn; Francis Farwell; Ralph Yates; Richard Gill; Richard Malden & Margery Yates all copyholders or customary tenants of the manor of Istleworth Syon, Middx v Rt. Hon. Algernon, Earl of Northumberland; Peter Dodsworth; Hugh Potter; Robert Scawen Fines, heriots and other customs for copyhold tenants of the manor of Isleworth Syon, Middx C78/572, no. 25 [151]
1656 30 June George Trevelian son, heir & executor of George Trevelian decd v John Jeane Trust settlement of Aller Butler farm and lands in Woodavent and Nettlecombe, Somerset. C78/544, no. 14 [152]
1656 July John Gilbert by Henry Gilbert his father v Thomas Brown & Thomas Ovyatt Delivery of title deeds of lands in Wilton, Wilts C78/591, no. 7 [153]
1656 2 July Richard Trevill of Butteshead, Devon v Anthony Rous Lease of messuage and lands in Emersion or Emston, in Modbury, Devon. C78/530, no. 10 [154]
1656 3 July Richard Budd, mayor of Guildford; Robert Terrey; Henry Baldwyn; John How; John Martin; Simon Crane; John Alderton, brethren with the said mayor for poor of the said town v Maurice Abbott and John Holland Funds for endowment of hospital in Guildford, Surrey, set up by George Abbott, former Archbishop of Canterbury C78/572, no. 21 [155]
1656 3 July Richard Blewitt of Newcastle upon Tyne in the same county & Mary his wife eldest daughter & coheir of Robert Chambers decd by Florence his former wife v Thomas Gower; Elizabeth his wife; Barbara Chambers; Charles [Chambers] Inheritance of lands in Cleadon, Co. Durham. Estate of Thomas Chambers, grandfather of the complt & father of the deft Charles, his younger son C78/666, no. 3 [156]
1656 4 July Sir Nicholas Crispe & Dame Thomazine his wife; Bridgett Denne; Dorothy Denne; Mary Denne executrices of John Denne; Thomas Denne v Henry Oxinden. AND ALSO Henry Oxinden v Sir Nicholas Crispe & his said wife; Bridgett Denne; Dorothy Denne; Mary Denne; Thomas Denne Debts and legacies of Thomas Denn payable from his personal estate and lands in Sherleys Moore, Kent C78/549, no. 4 [157]
1656 4 July Thomas Stafford & Sarah his wife v Hugh Hudson & Drussilla his wife; Richard Blackwell Assurance by fine of messuage in North Dalton, Yorks. C78/601, no. 10 [158]
1656 9 July Elizabeth Ball, widow and Abraham Ball her son v John Budley; Eustace Budgell; Anthony Hartford; Richard Page; Johane Christian, widow; John Hawkings & Hester his wife Payments due from lands in Devon C78/647, no. 12 [159]
1656 10 July John Farthing v Thomas Marwood the elder; Thomas Marwood the younger Trust of Sutton farm, Widworthy, Devon. C78/544, no. 13 [160]
1656 10 July Thomas Cobley and Robert his son v John Davy; Roger Lane; John Adams; Edward Adams; John Downeing & his wife; John Reede; John Collins & Mary his wife Annuity payable from messuage in Sampford, Devon C78/563, no. 5 [161]
1656 10 July John Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, London v John Robinson of London, alderman; Edward .....; ....... Accounts of profits of mortgaged manor of Grafton or Grafton Underwood, Northants C78/601, no. 15 [162]
1656 10 July Francis Mathew of Turnerspudle, Dorset & Elizabeth his wife sole daughter of Sir Robert Willoughby of Turnerspudle & Dame Elizabeth his wife v Sir Robert Willoughby & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Francis Finch the elder; Francis Finch the younger; Gilbert Loader Trust settlement of lands in Turnerspuddle, Dorset. C78/712, no. 9 [163]
1656 11 July Hugh Woodley; Sampson Bond; Humphrey Strange; Roger Caunter; Nicholas Harris; John Yelland; Peter Gaude; Thomas Caunter, eight sidemen; Henry Furneaux; Humphrey Ogyer, churchwardens; John Major junior; Thomas Kelley junior, poor scholars v Thomas Sherwell and William Sherwell executors of Lawrence Blundell decd Legacies payable by will of Lawrence Blundell from lands in Aishburton, Devon to provide education for two poor scholars in Aishburton C78/647, no. 11 [164]
1656 14 July Henry Vernon v Nicholas Willmott; Phillip Gery; John Reeve; Richard Palfryman Mortgage of Houndhill Hall, Staffs C78/572, no. 23B [165]
1656 17 July Thomas Merry of Gopshall, Leics; Thomas Merry eldest son of the said Thomas Merry; Richard Merry; George Duncombe v Ralph Skipwith; Henry Skipwith; John Liginer & Frances his wife Maintenance payments from lands in Walthamstowe, Essex. C78/544, no. 15 [166]
1656 17 July Gilbert Babbacombe by John Tavernor v Robert Adams executor of Mary Coote, widow. Legacy payable from personal estate of Mary Coote. C78/647, no. 10 [167]
1656 18 July John Hare v John Langton; Margaret Tuson; William Hawes; Francis Hawes; Clemence How; William How Debts payable from profits of sale of lands in Earith, Kent C78/527, no. 1 [168]
1656 18 July Henry Vernon son & heir of Sir Edward Vernon & Merriell wife of the said Henry daughter & heir of Sir George Vernon v Sir Edward Vernon; Dame Margaret his wife; George Harper & Anne his wife; Mary, Katherine, Edward, Walter, John, Margaret, Grace & Elizabeth Vernon sons & daughters of the said Sir Edward Vernon & Dame Margaret his wife; Sir Edward Littleton; Henry Townesend Marriage settlement and trust of the manors of Sudbury and Alston, Derbys, Hilton, Essington and Houndhill, Staffs, Haslington, Church Coppenhall, Monckes Coppenhall, and Wolkerton, Cheshire C78/572, no. 24 [169]
1656 18 July Francis Blakeston; Ralph ......; .... Blakeston; George Blakeston; Robert Blakeston young ...... Ralph Blakeston decd & Margaret Blakeston & Mary Blakeston daughters of the said Sir Ralph v William Blakeston formerly ...... William ......... son & heir of the said Blakeston; ...........; Francis Midd.... Testamentary settlement, by will of Sir Ralph Blakeston, of messuage in Gibside, Durham C78/666, no. 2 [170]
1656 23 July Joseph Bynnes of the City of London, surgeon v Thomas Platt the elder; Thomas Platt the younger his son an infant; Ellis Goodwin Possession of Upton Farm, Upton, Berks. C78/549, no. 2 [171]
1656 29 July Sir Job Harby; Thomas Bownest; John Smyth; William Langhorne; Edward Overing; Simon Snowe v Robert Charleton Rights of pre-emption of tin in Devon and Cornwall C78/537, no. 2 [172]
1656 14 Oct John Winder of Wincksfield, Berks; Bartholomew Bromeley of London, citizen & cook the surviving executors of Thomas Winder of London, grocer; Thomas Winder & John Winder sons of Samuel Winder decd & nephews of the said Thomas Winder of London, grocer; Thomas Winder & John Winder two of the sons of Cuthbert Winder decd one other of the nephews of the said Thomas Winder, legatees among others named in the will of the said Thomas Winder, grocer v Amy Bromley, widow Legacies payable by will of Thomas Winder. C78/705, no. 6 [173]
1656 16 Oct Nicholas Leach, Simon Leach, Gracious Leach, Anne Leach, Charity Leach & Elizabeth Leach infants by Roger Mallacke v Katherine Gifford, widow Legacies and portions payable by will of Nicholas Leach from lands called Ashridge and Bomisthorne, Devon. C78/647, no. 9 [174]
1656 22 Oct Robert Auby; Thomas Wawde & Ellen his wife; William Myers; Elizabeth Firth; Isabell Firth; Beatrice Firth all of Selby, Yorks v Sir Roger Jacques; Doyley Gower; Mary his wife; Robert Morrett an infant by Thomas Morrett; George Cutforth Bonds of Robert Walker, payable from sale of manor of Hurst Courtney and Woodlands, (no county given [Yorks]). C78/613, no. 6 [175]
1656 23 Oct Judith Culme, widow, administratrix of her husband Phillip Culme v Robert Sewell; George Nodes; Rowland Widdrington; Gabriel Armestronge Debts of Phillip Culme in connection with drapery partnership C78/705, no. 5 [176]
1656 24 Oct Angele Stoner v Thomas Harmon; Robert Martyn; John Martyn Debts and legacies of Thomas Hammond, payable from sale of trust settlement of lands in Wandesworth, Surrey C78/528, no. 3 [177]
1656 24 Oct John Wrentmore & Mary his then wife v John Lye; John Chaffie; James Chaffie & Henry Rogers Mortgage of "The Crowne" inn and Eastern park in Glastonbury, Somerset C78/563, no. 9 [178]
1656 24 Oct John Whitskell v Thomas Robinson; Elizabeth Whitskell; John Grisdale Trust of messuage and lands in Hemingbrough, Yorks. Ralph Whitskell the complts grandfather. C78/646, no. 17 [179]
1656 25 Oct William Rookeby v Michael Saunders Bonds re apprenticeship of Francis Rookeby to the deft in the drapery trade in London C78/530, no. 8 [180]
1656 27 Oct Millicent Jeffery otherwise Spooner, widow; Simon Jeffery her son; Robert Downing v Robert Gosnold the elder; Robert Gosnold the younger; James Wythe; John Jeffery; Robert Suckling; Thomas Stone This case gives no details and refers only to "the matter in question" and "the matters in the bill" C78/542, no. 5 [181]
1656 27 Oct George Walsham and William Godfrey v John Crosse the elder; John Crosse the younger Mortgage and trust of messuage, lands and windmill in Ricroft, Gringley, (no county given). Will of George Walsham the complt Walsham's father C78/601, no. 6 [182]
1656 27 Oct John Corindon v Alexander Cottle and Lewes Parker Rents due from messuage called the "White house" in Okehampton, Devon C78/572, no. 22 [183]
1656 28 Oct William Adam v Sir George Pratt; Dame Mary Pratt, widow; Francis Phillipps & Elizabeth his wife late the wife of Edwin Beale decd; Phillip Owen Cancellation of bonds. C78/1150, no. 11 [184]
1656 29 Oct William (surname completely eroded) v Thomas Capsale Alleged mortgage and sale of trust estate of the manor of Trusham or Trisme, Devon. C78/639, no. 21 [185]
1656 4 Nov Henry Newte v Richard Vivian Bonds re next presentation to advowson of Tiverton, Devon C78/647, no. 9 [186]
1656 6 Nov Banastre Maynard son & heir apparent of William, Lord Maynard of Eastames at the Tower, Essex and William Maynard second son of the said William, Lord Maynard, infants v Nicholas Banister; Nathaniel Banister; Sir Richard Mynshall Testamentary trust settlement, by will of Robert Banastre of the manor of Passenham Densany, and advowson of Fartho, Northants, manors of Ingersby, Hougerton, Lindridge, Bagworth and Thorneton, Leics, manor of Woodplumpton, Lancs and tenements in St. Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. C78/676, no. 14 [187]
1656 6 Nov Henry Tracy the younger of Bidford, Devon, husbandman, son of Thomas Tracey of Martyn, Devon, yeoman v. John Pitts, clerk C78/1232, no. 18 [188]
1656 10 Nov Roger Farnolls of Partney, Lincs v Mountague, Earl of Lindsey; James Gaulter; John West; Martin Foster; Henry Owen Debts and bonds. C78/542, no. 16 [189]
1656 10 Nov William Brazante & Hannah his wife v Richard Spencer. Legacy payable from personal estate of Mabel Holmeden, widow (sister of John Coye, father of the complt Hannah) C78/544, no. 5 [190]
1656 11 Nov George Mivis of the City of Norwich, merchant and Elizabeth Blackborne v Daniel Willgress; William Jackson; Emme his wife; Elizabeth Willgress Debts payable from trust of lands in Martham, Rollesby, Sommerton and Potter Heigham, Norfolk C78/526, no. 4 [191]
1656 11 Nov Nicholas Rowe executor of Joseph Rowe decd v Andrewe Gove, clerk & Elizabeth his wife relict of the said Joseph Quitclaim of dower interest and rents due from tenement and lands in Caddlehanger and house in Tavistock, Devon C78/637, no. 7 [192]
1656 11 Nov Henry Gray; Thomas Gray son & heir apparent of the said Henry Gray; Richard Brinley of the Hyde, Staffs; William Ford; William Kimberley, clerk; Samuel Jakes; Edward Jorden; John Wood v John Whorwood; Sir William Whorwood; Dame Katherine his wife; Sir Sutton Coney; George Coney Mortgage of manor of Starton, Compton and Kinsborne, Staffs. C78/676, no. 7 [193]
1656 12 Nov Thomas Craven of Normanby, Lincs & Elizabeth his wife late widow & relict of George Stowe late of Normanby decd, and cousin & next heir of John Darwyn late of Fenton in the parish of Kettlethorpe, Lincs decd; Stephen Mason of the City of Lincoln & Anne his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of the said George Stowe & Elizabeth Craven; Thomas Leake of Stowe & Bridgett his wife one other of the daughters and coheirs of the said George Stowe & the said complt Elizabeth Craven v Darwyn Stowe; Henry Rand & Elizabeth his wife Division of estate of lands in Harwicke [Hardwick in Torksey], Normanby nigh Stowe [Normanby-by-Stow], Fenton [Fenton in Kettlethorpe], Lincs and South Clifton, Notts, between the heirs of John Darwyn. C78/542, no. 15 [194]
1656 12 Nov Thomas Wynne v Thomas Howe and John Kinge Title to "The Goate Inn" and "Rose Inn' Smithfield, London. C78/550, no. 6 [195]
1656 12 Nov John Lowther of Hacklethorpe, Westmoreland, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Allen Bellingham, esq C78/1232, no. 15 [196]
1656 13 Nov Francis Thorne of St Clements Danes, Middx & Mary Thorne daughter & heir apparent of the said Francis v Nicholas Franklyn; William Dod; Nathaniel Colt; Thomas Webb; Richard Nixon; Ralph Gregg; Thomas Whaplett Possession of mortgaged lands in Southfield, Fulham, Middx. C78/638, no. 12 [197]
1656 14 Nov Elizabeth Rookes & Mary Rookes, spinsters; Rebecca Rookes & Sarah Rookes, infants by Richard Bradshawe, daughters of George Rookes decd v George Rookes their eldest brother Portions payable from personal estate of George Rookes the elder, former searcher of the port of Sandwich & Dover in Kent C78/537, no. 1 [198]
1656 14 Nov Christopher Longe of Great Bromleigh[Great Bromley], Essex only son of Richard Longe late of Claketon[Clacton], Essex decd who was the youngest son of Christopher Longe late of Claketon decd v Thomas Blomfield son & heir of Thomas Blomfield. Mortgage of lands in manors of Great and Little Claketon Essex. C78/554, no. 3 [199]
1656 14 Nov Thomas Higgons son & heir of Thomas Higgons decd v Fraunces Baldwyn, widow; John Baldwyn; Thomas Baldwyn Sale of lands in Acton Scott, Salop C78/560, no. 1 [200]
1656 14 Nov William Smith of Midgham, Berks & Temperance his wife v Edward Gilmore the elder; Edward Gilmore the younger; Vincent Goddard; David Moore; Thomas Hawkins; John Dandridge Possession of manor of Midgham and lands in Brympton and Woolhampton, Berks C78/591, no. 5 [201]
1656 14 Nov Elizabeth Sharper, widow v Thomas Wright & Elianor his wife; Susan Bishopp Cancellation of bonds. C78/1150, no. 13 [202]
1656 15 Nov William Dell, Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge v Richard Lingham & Elizabeth his wife; John Walter; Robert Marsh; Richard Lacon otherwise Laton; Robert Peterson; John Bird; John Thurloe; John Goldsmyth Corn-rent from rectory of Burnham Overy, Norfolk. C78/550, no. 7 [203]
1656 15 Nov Edward Borrett & John Smith v Luke Peirson & John Torver. Debts of John Torver, payable from messuage in Tunstall, Lancs. C78/600, no. 3 [204]
1656 17 Nov Francis Bacon of Greys Inn, Middx; William Bloyes nigh friends & kindred of Sir Robert Wingfield son & heir of Sir Richard Wingfield decd by Dame Susan former wife of the said Sir Richard & one of the daughters of Sir John Jacob for & on behalf of the said Sir Robert an infant v Sir John Jacob Guardianship of Sir Robert Wingfield and administration of trust of manors in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambs C78/559, no. 1 [205]
1656 17 Nov Robert Webber v Abraham Webber & Abigale his wife; George Waldron; Henry Newte; Anthony James als Slade; William James als Slade & Melony his wife Sale of lands in Halberton and purchase of lands in Plympton, Devon C78/1150, no. 17 [206]
1656 19 Nov Gwyn Thomas of Clodock, Heref v James Jones; John Hunt; Evan ap Evan Legacies payable by will of David Bevan from lands in Cloddock, Heref. C78/676, no. 11 [207]
1656 20 Nov John Velley v John Estcott; Edmond Squibb; John Pomeroy Cancellation of bonds re purchase of lands in Moore Winstowe, Cornwall. C78/647, no. 8 [208]
1656 20 Nov John Girlington of Thurland, Lancs, esq, infants, by Robert Rawlingson, esq; and Stephen Husband, gent, his guardian v. Cuthbert Parkinson; and Edmond Tatham C78/1232, no. 16 [209]
1656 21 Nov Anthony Denny v Henry Denny and Thomas Denny Portions payable from trust of the rectory of Startford, Herts. C78/544, no. 4 [210]
1656 21 Nov John Wollacombe and John Lambe executors of Thomas Hart late of Sudbury in the parish of Harrow on the Hill, Middx decd v Alexander Hart & Jane his wife Settlement of estate of John Hart consisting of personal estate and lands in Harrow on the Hill, Middx. C78/644, no. 38 [211]
1656 22 Nov James Phillips v Mayor and Commonalty of London; Walter Bigg; Thomas Player; Thomas Viner; Sir Christopher Park; Thomas Atkins; Stephen Estwicke; Robert Titchburne Expenses due to office of Sheriff of London and Middx. C78/490, no. 12 [212]
1656 22 Nov Robert Bately v John Gay Cancellation of bonds re payment for timber. Arrest at Yarmouth, Norfolk & imprisonment C78/554, no. 12 [213]
1656 22 Nov Thomas, Earl of Elgin and John Kirk v John Aubrey; Richard Greene; William Rogers; Jasper Banister; Henry Clerke; Edward Heminge; Emanuel Stephens; Richard Fisher; Stephen Dodington; William Baron the younger; Edward Awbrey; Robert Pitman; Henry Chafyn; Thomas Alford; William Cleoment; John Cleoment; Wolston Foster; George Chisselett; Roger Forward; Edward Kinge; Christopher Hunt Bill (Mich. 1653) alleging that King Charles I in 1 Chas. I resolved to enclose the waste lands in the forest of Gillingham (Dorset and Wilts) and free them from forest laws, and set up commission of Disafforestation which allowed 100 acres of forest lands to the manor of Meere, Wiltshire; reciting and seeking ratification of agreement (20 Jan. 1651) between lord and tenants re the enclosure of this disafforested waste C78/563, no. 8 [214]
1656 24 Nov John Woods & Elianor his wife v Richard Prettyman the elder; Thomas Berry & Grace his wife Trust surrender of copyhold lands in Stoke Ash and Bressworth, Suffolk. C78/550, no. 5 [215]
1656 24 Nov William Oxenham v John Furse; Margaret his wife; Peter Ley; Elizabeth Oxenham Mortgage of messuage called Oxenham and other lands in South Tawton, Devon. William Oxenham uncle of the complts grandfather. C78/572, no. 20 [216]
1656 24 Nov Alexander Poore & Mary his wife v Daniel Spencer Debts of Adame Smith payable from sale of lands near Manchester, Lancs. C78/638, no. 10 [217]
1656 26 Nov Thomas, Lord Viscount Savile v Sir Thomas Danby & Thomas Danby. Purchase of messuages and lands in Farneley and Gilderstone, Leeds, Yorks. C78/490, no. 15 [218]
1656 26 Nov Christopher Clapham, esq & Margaret his wife, the widow and executrix of Robert Moyle, esq v. George Farmer, esq C78/1232, no. 17 [219]
1656 27 Nov Thomas Hatcher; John Hatcher son & heir apparent of the said Thomas Hatcher & Elizabeth his wife v Sir Brockett Spencer; Henry Adelmare als Cesar; William Bowyer; David James Marriage settlement of lands in Kensington, Middx, Curringham, Essex, Carely [Careby], Little Bitham [Little Bytham], Fullstome cum March Chappell [Fulstow with Marshchapel, Lincs C78/537, no. 8 [220]
1656 28 Nov Edward Bilby v Robert Righteous & Margaret his wife; William Wharleton & Elizabeth his wife; Frances Bilby; Adeodata Triggs Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Swanton Morley, Norfolk. C78/490, no. 18 [221]
1656 28 Nov Thomas Waterhouse of Ash Bocking, Suffolk, clerk; John Furley the younger of Colchester, Essex; William Styllyman of Chappell, Essex v William Aylett Financial trust, set up by will of Henry Bachelor to further public preaching of the gospel in Colchester, Essex C78/542, no. 14 [222]
1656 28 Nov Grace Pearse and Amy Pearse infants & daughters of Richard Pearse of Plympton Mary, Devon & Agnes his wife decd v Peter Treby & Jane his wife; Arthur Perryman & Mary his wife & others (not named) Marriage treaty of lands and marshes called Chaddiewood in Plympton Mary, Devon C78/554, no. 2 [223]
1656 28 Nov Mary Stuckey; Andrew Barry; Dorothy, Richard, Sarah & Grace Barry infants by the said Andrew Barry their father; John Thomas & Elianor his wife; Dorothy, Anne & Elianor Thomas infants by the said John Thomas their father; Grace Stuckey, Ursula Stuckey & Elizabeth Stuckey sisters of Richard Stuckey decd v Richard Newte; Henry Newte; John Blagdon; John Goddard; Acquila Skymer; John Ham Redemption of manor of Iddesly and lands in Bampton, Devon C78/647, no. 7 [224]
1656 28 Nov Henry Page of Ledbury, Heref, clerk v Ambrose Elton and John Skipp Tithes of parish of Ledbury, Heref. C78/676, no. 3 [225]
1656 28 Nov Warden and scholars of New College, Oxford v Josuah Sprigg; Timothy Box Stewardship of college lands in Oxon, Wilts, Berks, Cambs, Norfolk, Essex and Kent. C78/676, no. 12 [226]
1656 29 Nov Thomas Turgis of the City of London, son, heir & executor of Thomas Turgis late of London decd v Henry Sander; William Sander; William Day Mortgage and other encumbrances on manor of Battalls or Buttayles or Buttolphs in Ewell, Surrey. C78/490, no. 17 [227]
1656 29 Nov James Loder v Nathaniel Child, Robert Coker Concerning a messuage at Warcham, Dorset. C78/551, no. 10 [228]
1656 29 Nov James Loder v Nathaniell Child and Robert Coker Title to lands in Wareham, Dorset. C78/1150, no. 2 [229]
1656 2 Dec John Wollams otherwise Williams & Mary his wife administratrix of Elizabeth Collett late wife of Anthony Collett decd v Thomas Collett The will of Anthony Collett. C78/557, no. 8 [230]
1656 2 Dec Thomas Jope v John Pollard; Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Watts; Richard Balkatchett; John Pinsent; Nicholas Watts; William Spry Legacy of goods by will of Henry Jope, brother of the complt. C78/647, no. 6 [231]
1656 3 Dec William Thomas of St Giles in the Fields, Middx & Mary his wife; Mary Thomas & Elizabeth Thomas infants, their two daughters; Robert Walker of Tisbury, Wilts; Elizabeth Fitz, infant & daughter of Walter Fitz of Tiffont, Wilts v William Sheppard; Richard Powell; John Robins Possession of farm in Tisbury, Wilts. C78/591, no. 4 [232]
1656 3 Dec John Hanbury of Navesby, Northants v Edward Hanbury. Legacy payable from personal estate of Sir John Hanbury late of Welmarsh, Northants. C78/490, no. 10 [233]
1656 5 Dec James Harrington v John Balgay Mortgage of lands in Arenby [?Aunby in Castle Bytham par.], Lincs. C78/560, no. 2 [234]
1656 5 Dec Thomas Eastland executor of Henry Taylor decd; John Marsham executor of Thomas Marsham decd; Ralph Radcliffe; Johanna Gardiner, spinster; Lawrence Blaxley v Sir Edmond Pye; Edward Russell; John Ashburnham; Sir Christopher Hatton; Dame Elizabeth his wife; William Monntague; Francis Harvey; Francis Grey; William Jones Debts of Hatton owed to Taylor, Thomas Marsham and others C78/585, no. 4 [235]
1656 9 Dec Edward Fryth of Thornet, Staffs, gentleman v. Dame Grace Wilbraham and Thomas Wilbraham esq C78/2036, no. 7 [236]
1656 11 Dec James Scott, John Scott, Margaret Scott & Elizabeth Scott children of John Scott by Anne Bowey his wife daughter of James Bowey decd; William Scott, Harry Scott, Robert Scott, Anne Scott & Katherine Scott infants the younger children of the said John Scott & Anne Bowey v Isaack Dorislaus executor of Doctor Dorislaus who was executor of the said James Bowey. The will of James Bowey C78/532, no. 5 [237]
1656 11 Dec Richard Lucas and Judith How, widow v William Windham and George Blynman Possession of copyhold estate in manor of Williton Fulford, Somerset. C78/544, no. 3 [238]
1656 12 Dec Sir Humphry Tracey v Jacob Bloome; Andrew Crook. Lease of manor of Stanwell, Middx C78/528, no. 2 [239]
1656 15 Dec John Harvey; Richard Graves; Thomas Pierson v Anne Blathwaite, widow, late wife & administratrix of William Blathwayte late of the Middle Temple, London decd; William Blathwayt son & heir of the said William Blathwayte Possession of manor and rectory of Mickleton, Gloucs. C78/490, no. 7 [240]
1656 16 Dec Adam Baines of ?Lowstropp, Yorks v Francis Rushworth; John Carey; Thomas Cooper Debts in connection with purchase of Holdenby house, (No county given). C78/490, no. 16 [241]
1656 16 Dec Alexander Saunders of [blank], Bucks second son of Sir Thomas Saunders decd, by Thomas Worsop v Thomas Saunders Trust and accounts re personal estate of Sir Thomas Saunders and lands in Bucks C78/637, no. 6 [242]
1656 31 Dec Francis Huett by William Huett v Thomas Daniel and Richard Conquest Indenture between Conquest and Daniel for payment of over twelve hundred pounds - also the leases of several properties at Houghton and Ampthill, Bedfordshire. C78/491, no. 3 [243]