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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1655 C78/, no. []
No decree date — end of roll torn and missing Bill (Mich 1654) Edward Rich and Edward Rich his son v Lewis Sweetinge; Henry Risden; Gabriel Lucas; Robert Walker Bill (Mich 1654) alleging illegal enclosure of 150 acres of common woodlands in Over Stoye otherwise called Fryers, Somerset. C78/482, no. 1 [2]
1655 10 Jan Alice Ellyott, widow, relict of Thomas Ellyott late of Staple Inn, London; Gilbert Havers, citizen & woollen draper of London v Sir Aston Cockaine & Dame Mary his wife; William Stanhopp and others (not named). Dispute over properties in the parish of Warkesworth [Wirksworth], Derbyshire. C78/525, no. 1 [3]
1655 16 Jan Ellen Combes widow and executor of John Combes late of Grays Inn v William Faldoe. Debts, and mortgage of chambers in Grays Inn, Middx. C78/530, no. 20 [4]
1655 16 Jan William Carey and Robert Llewellin administrators of John Andrews late of St Katherines near the Tower of London decd v Mary Andrews, widow, late wife of the said John Andrews decd and Abaraham Johnson her brother Debts payable from personal estate of John Andrews C78/546, no. 9 [5]
1655 24 Jan Daniel Colscott and Nathaniel Colscott his son & heir v William Trebarfoote and John Mill Charges on lands in Colscott, West Putford, Devon C78/500, no. 5 [6]
1655 30 Jan Winifrid Marsh sole daughter & heir of William Marsh an infant by John Marsh; James Marsh v John Marsh; Richard Marsh; Margaret Marsh Redemption of mortgaged woods and lands in Hendon, Middx C78/530, no. 9 [7]
1655 30 Jan John Brancklyn of Newington, Surrey, pinmaker v Mary Boxall, widow; John Barker Payment of annuity from messuage called "Golden Horshoe" in Farnham, Surrey C78/668, no. 20 [8]
1655 1 Feb Sarah Penruddocke, widow, late wife of ?James? Penrudocke decd & formerly the wife of John Smith; Sarah Penruddocke an infant sole daughter of the said Sarah & Thomas & sole executrix of the said Thomas her late father decd, by John Penruddo.. her uncle & Henry Champant her grandfather v Thomas Chafin; Christian Barlowe; Richard Maior; Thomas Chafin; Robert Crewes; John Nordman; Lucy Chafin, widow Debts of Richard Chafin payable from manor of Zeales [Zeals] and rectory of Meere [Mere], Wilts C78/645, no. 7 [9]
1655 3 Feb Afra Dawson, widow, the relict of John Dawson late of London, haberdasher decd; John Lany heir & executor of John Lany decd & one of the trustees for the said Afra Dawson v Katherine Lady Newburgh the relict & executrix of Edward late Lord Newburgh decd; Chaloner Chute; Robert Briscoe Payment of portion. C78/398, no. 6 [10]
1655 3 Feb Francis Babington & Henry Babington, citizens & grocers of London, sons of Mary Bambridge decd (late wife & widow of John Bambridge of the University of Oxford, her second husband) by Francis Babington late of Derby her first husband decd v Thomas, Lord Viscount Savile and John Graves Administration of personal estate of Mary Babington C78/666, no. 11 [11]
1655 3 Feb Charles, Earl of Derby v John Owen Sale of Manor of Skermsdale [Skelmersdale] and lands in Bispham, Lancs and Sylecroft [Silecroft], Cumberland. C78/1150, no. 24 [12]
1655 5 Feb Thomas Seaborne of Shellwicke, Herefs v Thomas Witham; Christopher Vernon; Robert King; Richard Ravenhill; Henry Bansiter Forfeiture of lease of lands in Sutton, Lower Shellwicke, Lyde and Piper and Holmer, Herefs C78/521, no. 4 [13]
1655 6 Feb Honestas Earlesman of St Clements Danes, Middx, widow v John, Lord Roberts; John Tregegle and Peter Hender. Prebend of Saint Cath alias Saint Telth [St Teath], Cornwall, the property of Thomas Carminow of Trehannicke [?Tregarrick]. C78/475, no. 10 [14]
1655 7 Feb Judith Watts, widow and Anne Watts her daughter v Symon Hele; Christian Watts; Arthur ....; William Moore Possession of tenement in Huxham and lands in Ratslowe, Devon. C78/554, no. 19 [15]
1655 7 Feb Roger Brent and Maude his wife; Anne Goddard, widow; John Horne & Margaret his wife; Thomas Goddard & Jane his wife; Oliver Goddard & Elizabeth his wife; Frances Bowman, spinster, daughters & coheirs of Robert Bowman decd v Thomas Clayton; John Godfrey; Thomas Alder Lands in Curdenham & Haily, Oxon C78/585, no. 15 [16]
1655 8 Feb John Evernden of Cranbrooke, Kent, clothier v Robert Braine; Brian Holmes Concerning a property at Cranbrook, Kent. Leased to the complainant’s father C78/491, no. 28 [17]
1655 8 Feb Chaloner Chute of the Middle Temple, London v Andrew Hay; Walter Hay; Archibald Powrey; Sir John Lenthall; John Dixon Trust in lands of Stockley Park, Staffs. C78/540, no. 5B [18]
1655 8 Feb Lawrence Parsons & Frances his wife; Thomas Braithwaite & Margaret his wife; Richard Standish & Elizabeth his wife v Thomas, Lord Savile; Gregory Armitage; Ann Leigh, widow Trust settlement of manors of Barwicke [Barwick-in-Elmet ], Scoles [Scholes ] and Stapleton, Yorks. C78/540, no. 7 [19]
1655 8 Feb Nathan Wright of London, merchant v Robert Wallop. Mortgage of lands in Weeke, Stoake Madeweeke, Binley and Hursbond in the parish of Husborne Priors, Hants. C78/544, no. 9 [20]
1655 8 Feb Thomas Heard v George Bullen. Bonds. C78/621, no. 17 [21]
1655 9 Feb Daniel Jackson and master, wardens and fellowship of Drapers of the City of Coventry v Henry Roper and John Day Charitable trust of rents from lands near the Mineries in Bishopsgate, London. C78/563, no. 16 [22]
1655 9 Feb Joane Delabere, widow & relict of Kinard Delabere; Kinard Delabere & Margaret Delabere infants & younger children of the said Kinard Delabere by the said Johane their mother v Sir Robert Pye; John Hales; John Delabeere Marriage treaty and trust of unspecified lands in Gloucestershire. C78/563, no. 17 [23]
1655 9 Feb George Sitwell and Robert Mirfin executors of Christopher Slater v Christopher Johnson & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Slater; Susan Slater infants by Zachary Slater & Francis Johnson Bonds re payment of portions from trust settlement of lands in Barleborough, Eckington and Spinkhill, Derbys C78/567, no. 7 [24]
1655 9 Feb Mawdlin Tayler, widow, executrix of Christopher Tayler her husband v Christopher Wade; Thomas Wade; Francis Wade; John Preston; John Dawson; Charles Walmesley Legacy payable by will of Francis Wade from lands at Plumtree Bankes, Yorks C78/612, no. 3 [25]
1655 9 Feb Walter Walker and Gabriel Pecke v William Poole; George Lynn; William Lynn; Anne Poole, widow; Sir John Holland; Edmund Fettiplace and others (not named) Leases and incumbrances on Oakeley Woods, Gloucs. C78/666, no. 20 [26]
1655 10 Feb Richard Vennour; Robert Heath; Samuel Aylesworth; Thomas Vennor; Richard Cleeve; John Francis; Richard Hopkins v Thomas Mason Bill (Hilary 1651) seeking ratification of agreement (Dec. 1650) by all inhabitants and landholders in Welsborne Mountford, Warwickshire, to enclose 150 acres of the Overfield. C78/567, no. 12 [27]
1655 10 Feb Richard Rawson v Dorothy Wright, widow; William Johnson; Nicholas Raynard; Peter Matterson Trust by lease of four closes in South Milford, Yorks C78/611, no. 5 [28]
1655 10 Feb John Russells of Beccles, Suffolk; Samuel Gilbert of the same town; William Girling of the same town & Alice his wife late the wife & executrix of William Dynington decd; Luce Cock of Barsham, Suffolk, widow; William Clarke of the same county; Edmond Blowers of Beccles; Henry Nuthall of Spexall, Suffolk; Daniel Aldrich of Barsham; William Owers of Beccles; George Mann of Brampton, Suffolk; Thomas Lucas of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, merchant; Thomas Murton of Beccles, creditors of Joseph Parker late of Beccles, malster decd v Henry Parker; John Mose; Joseph Cutlove; Susan Parker, widow; Elizabeth Parker & Susan Parker daughters and heirs of Joseph Parker decd; Thomas Paxman; Frances Aldrich Debts and bonds of Joseph Parker payable from messuage and freehold and copyhold lands in Beccles and Ingate, Suffolk C78/658, no. 12 [29]
1655 10 Feb Benjamin Austin, clerk & incumbent of the parish church of Castle Ashby, Northants v Rt. hon. James, Earl of Northampton and Isabella, his wife Bill (Easter 1654) seeking court confirmation of an agreement (no date) to enclose lands in the manor of Castle Ashby, Northamptonshire, and substitution of a ground rent in lieu of tithes, for these lands (lately enclosed). C78/710, no. 19 [30]
1655 12 Feb Thomas Coghill of Astall, Oxon v Henry Jones; Arthur Jones; Ann Jones; Jane Jones Maintenance payments from estate of Richard Jones, including leases of lands in Oxon and Gloucs C78/549, no. 20 [31]
1655 12 Feb Richard Smalbrooke v Sarah and Ezechias Smalbrooke, infant & Sarah Smalbrooke, widow Possession of mortgaged lands in Bordesley, Warwicks C78/567, no. 13 [32]
1655 12 Feb Richard Smalbrooke v Katherine Smalbrooke, an infant; Elizabeth Smalbrooke; Thomas Shawe Possession of lands in Bordesley, Warwicks C78/567, no. 14 [33]
1655 12 Feb John Luke & Judith his wife v Edward Saltonstall. Custody of Gilbert Deane of Eckesly, Yorks, a lunatic, father of the complt Judith. C78/613, no. 1 [34]
1655 12 Feb John Rushworth v Henry Lambton Lease of collieries, coalmines and pits, including machinery and workmens' houses in Lambton, Durham C78/616, no. 7 [35]
1655 12 Feb Daniel Blagrave v Mayor and burgesses of Reading, Berks; Anthony Brackleston, mayor; Thomas Turnor; Robert Walthus; Christopher Turnor; John Newman; Robert Bent; John Dewell; George Thorne; Richard Burren, head burgesses; John Jenings; Robert Dey; William Jacob; Thomas Harrison; Peter Burningham; Thomas Thockham; George Woolridge; Richard Joyce; Edward Baker; William Brackeston; Edward Hamblen, secondary burgesses. Lease of Suthcott Farm, Reading, Berks. C78/623, no. 2 [36]
1655 12 Feb Francis Bransby of Beccles and Thomas Harris of the City of Norwich v William Jolly & Anne his wife Debts of Arthur Harris payable from lands in Aldeby, Norfolk. C78/658, no. 13 [37]
1655 15 Feb John Weikes v Henry Garland; John Richards; Richard Challoner; John Tayler; Charles Duke; Dame Katherin Brook; John Bridges; Robert Smith Mortgage of manor of Glutton, no county given. C78/528, no. 10 [38]
1655 16 Feb Thomas Fownes v Nicholas Shephard. Mortgage of manor of Waton or Wadeton in Stoke Gabriel, Devon C78/482, no. 2 [39]
1655 16 Feb Sir William Portman, son & heir of Sir William Portman decd, an infant by Robert Walloppe v Thomas Bennett & Mary his wife; John Lamott; Alexander Popham; Thomas Popham Mortgage of Atherton farm and lands in Bridgewater, Somerset C78/528, no. 6 [40]
1655 17 Feb John Style v Richard Drury; William Drury; Thomas Drury; John Butler; Edward Pratt; William Life; Robert Southouse; Ralph Vincent; Anne Webster, widow Marriage treaty of "The Crown" Inn, Downham Norfolk and brew and malthouses there. C78/554, no. 16 [41]
1655 17 Feb Elizabeth Gould late daughter of Alexander Gould decd by Elizabeth Gould her mother v William Browse & Margaret his wife; Roger Maddock & Bridged his wife; Thomas Maddock; John Abraham Marriage settlement and trust of mansion house and demesne in Ratery and Dartington, Devon C78/647, no. 23 [42]
1655 20 Feb Francis Robinson & Grace his wife v Thomas Hill & Margery his wife; Holland Sutton & Jane his wife Dispute over property on the manor of Lapley and Aston, Staffordshire. Customs of copyhold tenure C78/491, no. 27 [43]
1655 21 Feb Anne Page of Belchampe Roothinge, Essex, widow v Phillip Tent, widow; Mary Gratwicke, widow; John Lancaster Marriage portion from lands in Corneworthy and Collognite, Cornwall C78/666, no. 12 [44]
1655 21 Feb George Austin of Shawford, Surrey & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Dame Mary Anstrother, widow decd; Sarah Anstrother an infant, another of the daughters of the said Mary Anstrother by George Austin & Thomas Kecke of the Middle Temple v John Copley. Portions payable from sale of trust lands in Upton Notts C78/ 666, no. 18 [45]
1655 22 Feb Edward North second son of Henry North decd v Francis Theobalds; William Fulcher; John Baker the younger; William Sudbury, clerk; Thomas Thixlee the younger; William Bacon, clerk; Edward Utting, clerk; John Harvey; Robert Trapnell; John Tirrell Bill (Mich 1654) seeking ratification of agreement (21 Apr. 1652) allowing lord to enclose part of common called Pentree Green or Woodcroft in return for payment made to tenants for their quitclaim of interests in this common. Benacre, Suffolk. C78/554, no. 17 [46]
1655 27 Feb Warden, Schoolmaster and poor of the almshouse or hospital of St. John Baptist in Kirby Ravensworth, Yorks v Sir Henry Anderson; Henry Anderson; Cuthbert Pepp..; Arthur Hutton; William Collingwood; Nicholas Bacon; Luke Waster Bill (20 May 1653), alleging loss of income from lands given to support hospital of Kirby Ravensworth, after enclosure (no date) of three town fields and three pastures in East Cowton, without consent of complainants. Court appointed commission to set out new lands in lieu C78/634, no. 3 [47]
1655 27 Feb Dorothy Kingsley, spinster v William Kingsley; Martha Houlker; Thomas Houlker; Walter Smyth; John Jones; Robert Style; [blank] Gould Recovery of mortgaged lands in Kings Langley, Sarrett and Bovingdon, Herts, and cutting of timber to pay debts C78/1150, no. 26 [48]
1655 28 Feb Isabell Hindmarsh by Francis Brailesford v Edward King and Edward Standish Payments for maintenance and education due from loan to the deft King by William Standish the complts grandfather C78/546, no. 8 [49]
1655 1 March James Brewster v Thomas Stenson, Henry Freere Disputed transactions over payments by bill for cattle C78/491, no. 26 [50]
1655 5 March William, Earl of Bedford; Edward Russell; Robert Henley and Robert Castler authorised by Act of Parliament for their and their participants and adventurers draining the Great Level of the Fens on behalf of themselves and their participants and adventurers and their assigns v. William Fisher; Edward Danckworth; John Swaine; Robert Swaine The fens in Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely. Breach in a bank at Guyherne, Cambs & subsequent flooding. C78/585, no. 14 [51]
1655 15 March Thomas Baker v Richard Hawten & Hester his wife Rents from lease of manor of Hinton, Gloucs C78/524, no. 4 [52]
1655 31 March William Child, one of the Masters of this Court of Chancery v Rowland Lacon & Jane his wife; Dame Elizabeth Lacon, widow; Sir Harvey Baggott; George Digby; John Salt & Cleopatra his wife; William Child Paying arising from a marriage settlement of lands in Chobury, Chiton and Bridgworth, Salop. C78/560, no. 8 [53]
1655 1 April Robert Smith; Robert Coveney; Edward Bellamie; Edward Harrison; Andrew Charleton; Robert Redhead; John Harrison; Robert Gill; Henry Ekins; Thomas Edes; John Norton; Barnabas Oldinge; Thomas Middleton; John Munckwick; Robert Wareinge; Thomas Wareinge; Salathiell Swainland; William Sparkes; William Wildbore; John Moses; Edward Reeve; Alice Russell, widow; Elizabeth Gravenor, widow; John Chapman the elder; Thomas Andrewe; Francis Exon; George Myles; Robert Browninge; Peter Browning; Thomas Wrighte; James Wright; Robert Clement; Alexander Browninge; John Wilbore; Anne Gallant, widow; Robert Hitchcock; William Charleton; Robert Parke, copyhold tenants of the manor of Stanground, Hunts & Cambs; William Henrie; Andrewe Hurdie; Robert Andrew; John Coales; Richard Henrie; Robert Aslinge; Thomas Aslinge; Richard Ginniges; Andrew Fox; Thomas Fox; Robert Andrewe; Thomas Andrewe sons of the said Robert; Thomas Ginniges; William Andrewe; Henry Andrew; John Geninges; John Hart; John Inglington; Alice Browneinge, widow; William Pettitt; William Cocarill; John Harrison; Garrett Hill; Swythinge Joyce; Thomas Aslinge copyhold tenants of the manor of Farcett, Hunts v Mildmay, Earl of Westmorland and Charles, Lord Spencer son & heir apparent of the said Earl Ratification of agreement re privileges, fines and customs for copyhold tenants of the manor of Farcett, Hunts and Stanground, Hunts and Cambs. C78/612, no. 4 [54]
1655 6 April Raynes Lowe, esq v. Richard Pettus C78/1009, no. 3 [55]
1655 24 April Francis French als Leare an infant by Anne Leare now Anne Acton her mother and John Acton husband of the said Anne v Thomas Lord Surrender of messuage and lands in Fawley, Hants C78/666, no. 13 [56]
1655 1 May Henry Malby of St Andrews Holborn, Middx only son & heir of Edward Malby late of Stonham Aspall, Suffolk decd v Anthony Morgan. Testamentary trust settlement by John Malby the complts granfather of lands in manors of Broughton Hall and Upston Hall and lands in Stonham Aspall and Greeting St. Mary, Suffolk C78/550, no. 14 [57]
1655 5 May William Platte of Beconsfield, Bucks, miller v. St John Hampton & Agnes his wife C78/1009, no. 4 [58]
1655 7 May Mary Skipwith; John Leginere & Frances his wife; Grace Skipwith and Elizabeth Skipwith, the said John, Frances, Grace & Elizabeth being infants by Raph Skipwith, father of the said Frances, Grace & Elizabeth v Thomas Merry; Tristram Conyers; Thomas Merry eldest son & heir apparent of the said Thomas Merry; George Duncombe Estate of Sir Thomas Merry - properties in Walthamstowe, Essex C78/491, no. 23 [59]
1655 10 May John Wood; Dennis Wood; Elizabeth Higham v William Moore and William Collins Unpaid legacies. Will of John Whateley of Kings Norton, Worcs C78/870, no. 10 [60]
1655 10 May John Wood; Dennis Wood; and Elizabeth Higham v. William Moore; and William Collins Will of John Whateley of Kings Norton, Worcs C78/1559, no. 7 [61]
1655 11 May Thomas Ledgard of Newcastle upon Tyne; Robert Ledgard son & heir apparent of the said Thomas; Mary Ledgard, Bathsheba Ledgard & Hannah Ledgard daughters of the said Thomas; George Fenwick v Leonard Carr Trust by Jane, mother of the complt Thomas of 1/8 part of colliery and mines in Elswick, Northumberland; 1/6 part of colliery & mines of Upper & Nether Heworth and salt-pans in Durham, and 1/4 part of the impropriation of Newcastle. Robert Ledgard father of the complt Thomas. Christopher Midford, uncle of the complt Thomas. C78/666, no. 17 [62]
1655 12 May Robert Ridley v Harry William Edward; Alice his wife; Dorothy Perch William now the wife of David Phillip Rosler. Estate of William Ridley, deceased. Cottage, orchard and land at Lanvaire, Monmouthshire. Debt to William ap William C78/491, no. 21 [63]
1655 12 May Conyers, Lord Darcy and Conyers v Sir Gervayes Elwes and Jeremy Elwes Mortgage by Sir William Pennyman & Dame Anne his wife (daughter & heir of John Atterton who was son & heir of Katherine one of the daughters & coheirs of William late Lord Conyers both decd) of 1/3 part of Castle and lordship of Skelton, Yorkshire. Also an alum works and other properties at Skelton and Easton, Yorkshire C78/491, no. 25 [64]
1655 12 May Francis Heyton son & heir of Richard Heyton v Edward Hanchett; John Smith; Francis Grove; Sara Gurden; Augustin Lyn; Francis Heyton & others (not named) Title to lands in East Greenwich, Kent C78/500, no. 2 [65]
1655 15 May Edward Bray of Chobham, Surrey son & heir of Owen Bray late of Chobham decd v Elizabeth Thomson, widow, executrix of Thomas Thompson; Mary Lawson, widow; Sanctia Thompson; Katherine Thompson; Anne Thompson; Elizabeth Thompson; Susan Thompson, daughters of Thomas & Elizabeth Mortgage of coppice called Scotchgrove, Surrey. C78/607, no. 8 [66]
1655 17 May Richard Rose; Francis Harvey v John Barcroft; Robert Barcroft; Thomas Colwell Mortgage of manor of Broadmaine or Maine Martill, Dorset C78/500, no. 1 [67]
1655 18 May Thomas Rich v Mathew Carleton. Trust of the manor of Sonning, Berks and lands in Eyre and Dunsden, Oxon C78/548, no. 4 [68]
1655 19 May William Burrough of London v Lucian Santacilia; Thomas Santacilia; Timothy Stoughton & Jane his wife; Henry Isles Property of Ambrose Evered, blacksmith of Wapping, Middlesex. Lease of Wapping Wall, frontage to the River Thames, wharf newly erected. C78/475, no. 7 [69]
1655 19 May John Cooke of Holkeham, Norfolk v Jeremy Beake of Castle Acre, Norfolk & Anne his wife Incumbrances on manor of Thornham, Norfolk. C78/540, no. 5A [70]
1655 19 May Thomas Lambe; Richard Lynn & Elizabeth his wife v Richard Morpeth; Margaret Maltby; William Davison; Francis Redman; John Metcalfe Trust settlement by Abraham Lambe of lands in Stillington [Co Durham] leased from the Warden & Scholars of Mertin [Merton] College, Oxford. C78/1150, no. 23 [71]
1655 22 May James Herbert second son of Phillip, late Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery decd & Jane the wife of the said James (the said Jane being cousin & heir of Sir Henry Spiller decd that is to say sole daughter & heir of Sir Robert Spiller decd, son & heir apparent while he lived of the said Sir Henry) v Henry Spiller Incumbrances on lands in Kingsey and Hadnam, Oxon, already the subject of a marriage settlement. C78/1150, no. 21 [72]
1655 23 May Robert Flatman of Chancery Lane, Middx; Francis Kellett of Clements Inn, Middx v John Eyre Agreement re purchase of lands in Hathersage, Derbys C78/524, no. 1 [73]
1655 23 May William Tulley, Marcus Tully & Humfrey Tully three of the sons of William Tully late citizen & merchant taylor of London decd; Martin Llewellin & Lettice his wife executors of Isaac Tully & John Tully two others of the sons of the said William Tully decd; Isaac Tully, John Tully & Hannah Tully infants, the children of the said Isaac decd v James Acton Accounts of trust of personal estate of William Tully & customs of the City of London regarding the estate of a decd freeman of the city C78/666, no. 14 [74]
1655 23 May George Austin of Shawford, Surrey & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Dame Mary Anstrother, widow decd; Sarah Anstrother, infant, another of the daughters of the said Dame Mary Anstrother ; Thomas Keck of the Middle Temple, London v John Copley Portions payable from sale of trust lands in Upton, Notts C78/666, no. 16 [75]
1655 25 May Phillip, Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery son & heir of Phillip, late Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery decd v William, Earl of Salisbury; Sir Robert Pye; Michael Oldsworth; Sidney Beare Debts payable from trust settlement of the manor of Barton & Can, Wilts, town of Shafton or Shaftesbury, Dorset and lands in Somerset, Middx and Glam C78/590, no. 1 [76]
1655 26 May Elizabeth Eves, widow, late wife of William Langley decd & daughter of Thomas Langley; Thomas Langley son & heir of the said William Langley v John Langley. Marriage settlement of lands in Broseley, Salop. C78/480, no. 1 [77]
1655 26 May Master, fellows and scholars of Christ College, Cambridge v Nicholas Slannying an infant by William Howell Annuity given to aid poor scholars at the college by will of John Slannying from manor of Walkhampton, Devon C78/658, no. 11 [78]
1655 28 May John Edwards of Roungton, Shropshire v Howell Jones Garth Mill and a property called 'Laudymer' Montgomery. Lands, orchards, pastures and a water mill as surety for a loan C78/491, no. 24 [79]
1655 28 May Thomas Kinge of Bromeley, Kent v Robert Longe & Elizabeth his wife; William Bond Title to messuages and lands in Bromeley, Kent. C78/653, no. 12 [80]
1655 31 May John Davy an infant by John Blackmore v John Bradford; Elizabeth Davy; Sir John Northcott; Nicholas Leach; John Champneys; Robert Burrington Deft Bradford's factorship in clothing trade to Emanuel Davy the complts grandfather, and restoration of goods C78/500, no. 3 [81]
1655 31 May Barnard Colthirst of Uplethom [Upleatham], Yorks v Robert Middleton; Sidney Atkins; Christopher Wilson; Richard Wilson; Ralph Sponer; Bartholomew Rowlands; John Swinston; William Alecrone; Francis Hall Distraint of the complts goods for non payment of rent on leased messuage in Nether Worsall, Yorks which he was unable to pay due to the 'beginning of the troubles' C78/666, no. 15 [82]
1655 5 June Daniel Carter and Bartholomew Newcombe v Gilbert Millington; Edward Millington & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Cludd; William Drury; Elizabeth Millington, widow; John Drury Marriage settlement of lands in Felley and Annesley, Notts C78/500, no. 4 [83]
1655 5 June Henry Lund v Christopher Haire Usucaption of lands in manor of Whitehaven, Cumberland C78/540, no. 1 [84]
1655 16 June Joane Wraxall and John Wraxall v Samuel Bridger & Joane his wife; Mary Morgan an infant; William Cole Bonds of Robert Morgan re payment of debts and marriage portion from houses and the "New Lune" in Wells, Somerset C78/548, no. 5 [85]
1655 19 June Nicholas Burnell of London v Thomas Wyvall & Anne his wife; Henry Burnell; Robert Forrest; Richard Porter Mortgage of lands in Tuttle Street, Westminster. C78/398, no. 3 [86]
1655 19 June William, Lord Petre, Baron of Writtle v Edward, Earl of Worcester; William Petre; William Sheldon Trust settlement of lands in Westhornedon and Ingatestone, Essex C78/599, no. 5 [87]
1655 20 June Rice Vaughan v Phillip Eyton and Colonel Robert Duckenfield Agreements re purchase of manor and lordship of Denbigh for use of soldiers of Brigade of North Wales C78/546, no. 11 [88]
1655 23 June Arthur Noell v Giles Tomlyn; Anne Ellerker; John Archdale & his wife; John Brice & his wife; Elizabeth Ellerker; Mary Ellerker; Dorothy Ellerker Lease of Guyholme Grange and lands in Broad Sturton and Baven, Yorks. C78/607, no. 17 [89]
1655 21 June Margaret Whitehorne administratrix of Valentine Decrot v Adam Edwards. Alleged trust and assignment of lease of the manor of Rushenden, Isle of Sheppy, Kent. C78/546, no. 12 [90]
1655 23 June Robert, Viscount Mandeville v Edward, Earl of Manchester; Robert Be...nd; James Ravenscroft Rent charges from trust settlement of lands in Himelton, Spaldwicke, Meccbenthorpe, Easton, Nuthorpe, Houghton,and Witton, (no county given). C78/615, no. 8 [91]
1655 23 June William Hall of Kimble, Wilts v Thomas Masters; William Hopton Agreement re sale of beech trees in Bisley, Gloucs. C78/705, no. 7 [92]
1655 25 June Richard Righ v Henry Rawling & Margaree Rawling. Mortgage of messuage in Coleman Chaire, Newcastle upon Tyne C78/615, no. 7 [93]
1655 26 June William Carey & Jane his wife; Ambrose Manaton & Jane his wife; Mary Mapowder (since the wife of Henry Whittaker); Francis Luttrell & Katherine his wife (the said Jane Manaton, Mary Mapowder & Katherine Luttrell being the three sisters & coneirs of Anthony Mapowder decd) v Gideon Mapowder; Francis Mapowder; Lawrence Tooker Legacies and debts payable from tithes of Poundstock, Cornwall by will of Marriscus Mapowder C78/521, no. 1 [94]
1655 26 June John Phillips, clerk v William Smith Marriage settlement and mortgage of house and lands in Loddon, Norfolk. C78/521, no. 3 [95]
1655 28 June John Batty & Mary his wife v Francis Peirpoint and John Oglethorpe Trust of rectory of Madworth and other lands in Notts, and Yorks C78/548, no. 2 [96]
1655 29 June David ap Anthony v Richard Williams. Dispute over three messuages at Hopton Yslam, Montgomery -mortgaged to John Powell C78/491, no. 22 [97]
1655 29 June Burgesses of town of Wisbech, Isle of Ely, Cambs v John Crane; Thomas Rant Legacy from will of John Crane the elder given to town of Wisbech to build a townhouse and a causeway from the cornmarket to Eastfeild and to enlarge the schoolhouse C78/524, no. 2 [98]
1655 29 June Sir John Thompson v William Wooster Possession of manor of Husborne Crawley, Beds. C78/546, no. 10 [99]
1655 30 June eroded C78/2023, no. 1 [100]
1655 2 July Hellen Fillmer, widow v Thomas Lushington. Estate of Edward Fillmer, shop credits, and sums of money in dispute C78/491, no. 20 [101]
1655 2 July Algernon, Earl of Northumberland v Lady Mary Wootton; Baptist, Viscount Cambden; Phillip, Lord Stanhopp; Clement Oxenbridge; John Boughton Portions payable from manors of Helford and Britsby and Horston or Horstley, Derbys. C78/521, no. 2 [102]
1655 2 July Francis Edwards & Anne his wife v Mary Modeford executrix of John Modeford; James Modeford. Portions payable from personal estate of John Modeford. C78/569, no. 21 [103]
1655 2 July John Clough v Robert Williams; John Richardson The estate of Robert Clough, land and property at Llaneny and other places in Denbighshire C78/585, no. 12 [104]
1655 3 July Thomas Hallyott v Benjamin Warne Trust surrender of copyholds in Winfarthing, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 18 [105]
1655 3 July John Cole of Belbroughton, Worcs; Charles Caper of the Rock, Worcs v John Hill; Ursula Hill; Thomas Hill; David Jones Marriage settlement and trust of manor of Alton or Alvington in the parish of Rock, Worcs. C78/675, no. 6 [106]
1655 3 July Richard Powell of the Rock, Worcs; Thomas Davies of Astley, Worcs v John Hill; Urusla Hill, widow; John Radford; Thomas Hill; David Jones; Richard Goold Lease of customary lands in manor of Alton or Alvington in the parish of Rock, Worcs C78/675, no. 7 [107]
1655 4 July Francis Knight of Finstall in the parish of Stoke Prior, Worcs v William Sheldon; Susan his wife; John Barnsley; Richard Lloyd & Amphillis his wife Diversion of brook from Bromsgrove and Finstall to Birmingham C78/675, no. 8 [108]
1655 4 July Richard Twiford v. John Pawlett and Henry Twyford C79/54, no. [109]
1655 5 July Thomas Lyster of Rowton, Shrops executor of Mary Lyster his sister; John Agar of Brasemeele, Shrops v Elizabeth Gibbons and John Gibbons Financial trusts and mortgage of lands near Franckwell, Shrewsbury, Salop. C78/675, no. 9 [110]
1655 5 July Master, fellows and scholars of College of St. John the Evangelist, Cambridge v Samuel Peachy Accounts of the bursarship of the college C78712/, no. 1 [111]
1655 6 July Thomas Fownes v Nicholas Sheppard AND Nicholas Sheppard v John Kellond of Totnes, Devon; Thomas Fownes and others (not named) Mortgage of manor of Waton or Wadeton in Stoke Gabriell, Devon C78/530, no. 19 [112]
1655 6 July Painel Johnson of Cambridge v Ralph Wiseman; William Sleeford; John Fortescue; William Abell Statutes (for debts) on messuages and lands in Witham Toft [Witham on the Hill], Loundon [Toft with Lound] and Manthorpe, Lincs C78/637, no. 14 [113]
1655 11 July Nicholas Wright son & heir & administrator of Thomas Wright v John Penrice; Christopher Turner; George Griffith; Thomas Woodford; William Meggs; Sir John Gore; John Fountaine; Richard Woodcoard; Daniel Collwall; Samuel Baldwin Debts. C78/569, no. 22 [114]
1655 11 July Edward Clarke of Dorchester, Oxon v Mary Goddard; Daniel Goddard; George Goddard Mortgage and quit claim of annuity out of manor of Hewbery in Cornish Guyford, Oxon C78/712, no. 19 [115]
1655 12 July James Orde v James Fawcett; William Chapman & his wife; Elenor Wiseman Payment due from lands in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland C78/540, no. 2 [116]
1655 12 July Timothy Squire v John Hewley; Edward Beale; Henry Dickenson Agreement re sale of messuages in Petergate, Yorks C78/548, no. 3 [117]
1655 13 July Phillip, Viscount Strangford v Sir John Pelham and Sir Charles Harbord Trust settlement of manor of Swynefeild or Swingefield or North Cowthall or Boynton, Kent C78/545, no. 10 [118]
1655 14 July George Longe the elder; Francis Prinean v Elizabeth Browne, widow and Elizabeth Browne an infant by Thomas Knyvett Debt owed by George Longe to Anthony Browne, several properties in the Parish of Saint Dunstans in the West as securety C78/491, no. 19 [119]
1655 14 July William Pitt & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of William Woolrich decd; Elianor Cowper, widow, late wife of Edward Cooper decd, one other of the daughters of William Woolrich decd v Edmond Woolrich and Edward Lacon Portions payable by will of William Woolrich from lands in Whitney, Herefs. C78/666, no. 3B [120]
1655 16 July William Ansloe v Thomas Harrison Estate of Jasper Ansloe, the complts grandfather: Dancers Hill, Hertfordshire, and property on the manor of Willett C78/585, no. 5 [121]
1655 17 July Mary Underwood v William Underwood; Francis Underwood Dower interest in 12 messuages in St. Sepulchres, Cambridge. C78/550, no. 15 [122]
1655 17 July William Whood otherwise Crooke; Elizabeth Paradine widow relict & administratrix of John Paradice the younger decd v William Shergoll the elder; John Paradice an infant by Henry Cullimore his uncle Sales of land by Crooke to Paradice, money lent by Robert Hawkins C78/588, no. 13 [123]
1655 19 July Lady Millicent Pole the relict of Sir German Pole late of Radborne, Derbs; German Pole son & heir of the said Sir German & Anne his wife v Anne Pole, widow Estate of German Pole, late of Radbourne, Derbyshire, also properties in Staffordshire and Leicestershire C78/491, no. 17 [124]
1655 20 July Edmund Brooke v Dorothy Reeve; John Reeve; Thomas Russell; John Higden; William Hone Profits from farm called Coldhams in Clavering, Essex C78/540, no. 3 [125]
1655 20 July James Cartwright of Crickley in the County of the City of Gloucester v Thomas Machen; Dorothy Machen, widow. Encumbrances of manor or farm of Crickley in city of Gloucester. C78/678, no. 5 [126]
1655 21 July John Pollard son & heir of Richard Pollard late of Nether Woodhall, Yorks decd, an infant by Mary Pollard his mother v Richard Bowson. Mortgage by complts grandfather, Raph Pollard late of Upperskeies, Yorks decd, of lands near Bishops Awckland[Bishop Auckland], Co Durham C78/666, no. 10 [127]
1655 24 July Henry Saunders of Ewell, Surrey; Richard Hunt; Henry Newton, citizens & mercers of the City of London; George Wittney of London; Richard Brown of Ewell; John Prymate, citizen & leatherseller of London, creditors of the said Henry Saunders v Thomas Turgis and William Turgis. Mortgage of lands in Lambeth, Surrey C78/398, no. 2 [128]
1655 24 July Edward Haile brother & next heir & administrator of John Haile decd who was eldest son & heir of John Haile also decd v Robert Fotherby; Robert Cooper; Alexander Emerson Mortgage of messuage and malthouse, granaries and warehouses in Glamford Brigg, Lincs C78/548, no. 1 [129]
1655 25 July Dame Katherine Scott v Edward Scott (husband of the complt) Marriage portion paid by Lord Conway C78/585, no. 11 [130]
1655 25 July Hugh Barcroft, clerk v Henry King; Lucy Symmes executrix of William Symmes; Thomas Fox; William Staples; John Butler; Henry Clarke; Richard Pockley; Nicholas Peninge Payment of tithes to rectory of All Saints Steyninges and All Hallows Steyninges, London. C78/621, no. 16 [131]
1655 26 July Nicholas Burch v Robert Foyle; Milicent Foyle; Vincent Smith Bonds re debts of Thomas Smith and Vincent Smith C78/632, no. 2 [132]
1655 16 Aug Elizabeth Quested, widow, administratrix of Marke Quested her late husband decd v John Parsons; John Holt; Urwin Oakes; Thomas Clarke; Edward Kidder; Thomas Smyth; William Jules Agreement for the enclosure of the below manors and lordships, undertaken for the improvement of copyhold lands. Also the settlement of fines and terms of copyhold tenure on the enclosed estates. The manors of Accrington, Oswaltwist, Haslinden, Accrington Tottington, Huncoate, Colne, Ightenhill, Chatburne, Warston, Perihalton, the Hundred of Blackburne, and the Honour and Castle of Clitheroe, the duchy of Lancaster. C78/491, no. 18 [133]
1655 6 Sept Jane Hill, widow, administratrix during the minority of Jane Hill her daughter of Jane Crosse late wife of Richard Crosse and of William & Richard Crosse ....... v George Plucknett and others (named). Legacies payable from will of Margaret Hill, grandmother of the complt Jane Hill the infant. C78/490, no. 31 [134]
1655 6 Oct Edward Pottkin of Cliffords Inn, London v John Binge; Ralph Snowden; Bridgit Fryer, widow and others (not named) Bonds re payment of marriage portion C78/567, no. 15 [135]
1655 8 Oct John Heaman of Lymehouse, Middx, mariner v William Angell. Mortgage of three brick houses in Colemanstreet, London. C78/490, no. 29 [136]
1655 12 Oct Mary Stucky, spinster; Andrew Barry & Dorothy his wife; Andrew Barry, Richard Barry, Dorothy Barry, Sarah Barry; Grace Barry children of Andrew Barry; John Thomas; Elianor his wife; Dorothy Thomas, Anne Thomas & Eleanor Thomas children of John Thomas; Grace Stucky, Ursula Stucky & Elizabeth Stucky, spinsters v Henry Newte; John Blagden; John Goddard; Richard Newte; Aquilla Skinner; John Hamm; John Were; Thomas Shapcott; Phillip Shapcott; Courtney Poole Redemption of mortgaged part of the manor of Idderslcy, Devon C78/647, no. 22 [137]
1655 15 Oct John Stonehouse & Mary his wife lately called Mary Hall, widow, the relict & administratrix of James Hall her former husband decd v Richard Hanslipp; Francis Smith; Robert Dobbs; [blank] Michell Debts on Statute Staple. C78/1150, no. 18 [138]
1655 19 Oct George Trewman of Kingston upon Hull one of the sons of Robert Trewman sometimes of Pilthwayte, Yorks decd v John Farside & Anne his wife; William Trewman Financial trusts from personal estate of Robert Trewman C78/542, no. 4 [139]
1655 23 Oct John Farmer & Mary his wife; George Foster; William Carpenter; Richard Smyth; Anthony Wisam; James Wysam on behalf of themselves and several other parishioners and poor inhabitants of Newland and Stannton, Gloucs v Benedict Hall & Anne his wife The estate of Benedict Hall inherited from Henry Hall: properties and lands in Herefordshire, Montgomery, Surrey and Southwark, Surrey. Disputed bequest to the poor of the parishes of Stannton and Newland, Gloucestershire C78/491, no. 14 [140]
1655 23 Oct John Emerson v Anne Lindall, widow. Arrears of debts re partnership in clothes trade in Leeds, Yorks between the complt, a merchant of Newcastle, & the defts late husband Christopher Lindall of Leeds C78/546, no. 6 [141]
1655 23 Oct Anne Pytts of Woodperry, Oxon, widow v Warden and scholars of New College, Oxford; William Downhall; Thomas Buckbury; William Stephens. Lease of rectory and tithes of Woodperry, Oxon. C78/675, no. 5 [142]
1655 23 Oct Captain George Herbert v William Pease Purchase of lands in Millbancke, Westminster, Middx C78/705, no. 9 [143]
1655 24 Oct Ralph Blaixton of Newbie upon Ure, Yorks v George Lambert. Bonds re agreement to purchase the offices of Steward and Porter at St. Bartholomews Hospital, London. C78/490, no. 20 [144]
1655 24 Oct Mary Elwes, widow, relict of Jeremy Elwes decd; Jeremy Elwes son & sole executor of Jeremy Elwes decd v Benjamin Lloyd; Benjamin Sheppard; John Phillipps Title to lease of rectory of North Collingham, Notts C78/546, no. 7 [145]
1655 24 Oct William Good gentleman v. Woodchurch Clarke; William Mayo; John Hill; William Grove; Martin ___; ____ Cooper; William Brooks; Thomas Suter; William Butter; Francis White; and John Nicholls C79/24, no. [146]
1655 25 Oct Richard Ward of St Clements Danes, Middx v Thomas Primrose; Robert Primrose & [blank] his wife; Thomas Selling & Anne his wife; Henry Wright Title to messuages called Mannstons in Alburgh and Gouldham Greene, Norfolk. C78/545, no. 11 [147]
1655 26 Oct Lawrence Cockerell of Ryall, Yorks v Mayne Truslove Bonds. C78/542, no. 2 [148]
1655 26 Oct John Bainbrigge; John Dent; and Thomas Bainbrigge v. Sir John Lowther, baronet; William Middleton; Bryan Mansergh; Thomas Fawcett; and James Moone C78/1241, no. 4 [149]
1655 27 Oct Thomas Finch; John Stuckley; Henry Hodger v Robert Forsett; Kelloway Ford; Michael Smewen; John Harris Dispute over the building of houses at Saint Marylebone, Middlesex C78/491, no. 15 [150]
1655 27 Oct Thomas Chambers of Owld Mawbury, Cumberland v Mary Chambers; Julian Barwis; Mathew Dowley & Jane his wife Marriage settlement of lands in Carlisle, Baggary, Boltongate, Langrigg, Holme, Cultram and castle of Wolstie, Cumberland. C78/539, no. 5 [151]
1655 27 Oct Thomas Chambers of Oldmawbrey, Cumberland v Mary Chambers; Julian Barwis; Mathew Dowley & Jane his wife Testamentary settlement, by will of William Chambers, of tenement in Carlisle and lands in Baggarey and Boltongate, Cumberland and Lancs C78/601, no. 14 [152]
1655 27 Oct William Walker of Chatterhouse, Somerset v John Hayne; Timothy Drewe; ..... Rudiore Bonds. C78/637, no. 13 [153]
1655 29 Oct Agnes Prowse of Collompton, Devon, widow, the relict & executrix of Thomas Prowse late of Collompton decd v Arthur Webber otherwise Gilberte & Margaret his wife; Bridgett Kelly Mortgage of copyhold land in manor of Taunton Deane, Somerset C78/530, no. 15 [154]
1655 29 Oct Jasper Robins of Godmanchester, Hunts v William Robins Legacies and debts of Jasper Robins the elder payable from lands in Godmanchester, Hunts C78/542, no. 3 [155]
1655 29 Oct Bridgett Jones of Kyddermister[Kidderminster], Worcs, widow executrix of Richard Jones decd v William Hornblower; Thomas Hornblower; Edward Jones Lease of tenement in the manor of Dunclent in Kidderminster, Worcs C78/675, no. 1 [156]
1655 29 Oct Edward Wood & Mary his wife; Robert Cowper & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Ryley, the said Mary, Elizabeth & Anne being administratrices of Richard Sandum decd; Anne Ryley, widow; Robert Ryley executor of Richard Ryley decd; Jasper Ottiwell; Robert Ottiwell executors of Nicholas Ottiwell decd; Exuperius Fletcher; John Hanford executor of Robert Hanford decd; Francis Musson administratrix of John Musson decd; John Ratcliffe; Stephen Bullock, all creditors of Vincent Lowe late of Denby, Derbs decd v Anne Lowe, widow, relict of the said Vincent; John Joynes, clerk; Grace his wife; Henry Sewall; Jane his wife; Henry Lowe; Dorothy Lowe; Katherine Lowe; Mary Lowe; Ann Lowe, the said Grace, Jane, Henry, Dorothy, Mary & Anne being some of the younger children of the said Vincent; George Allestrye; Thomas Newton; Gilbert Ward; John Lowe son & heir of the said Vincent Debts payable from lands in Denby, Derbyshire. C78/870, no. 11 [157]
1655 30 Oct Dame Elizabeth Hansby of Seacroft, Yorks, widow v Felix Wilson Jointure from Knottingley mills and manor of Seacroft, Yorks. C78/526, no. 11 [158]
1655 30 Oct Simon How v John Coriton & his wife; Phillippa Coriton Property of Roger Mills of Devonshire, Use of property by How in consideration of his good services C78/555, no. 12 [159]
1655 31 Oct John Heydon administrator of Olive Heydon his late wife decd v William Spurstone; Henry Spurstone; Richard Sheerer Inheritance of personal estate of William Spurstone the elder. C78/490, no. 22 [160]
1655 31 Oct James Newton of Much Cowerne, Herefs v Thomas Dannett; Thomas Bartram; Johan his wife; John Bartram; John Lugger; Henry Lugger; John Higgins otherwise Rea; Morgan Price; John Towne; Thomas Freeman; John Howe & Mary his wife Estate of Humphrey Wall, manor of Nether Lawton, Kingsland, Herefordshire. Also other properties C78/491, no. 13 [161]
1655 3 Nov Sir Thomas Walsingham v Sir John Manwood son & heir of Sir Peter Manwood decd; Jeremy Manwood Bonds for debts of Sir Peter Manwood on security of mortgage of manor of Tonge Court, Kent C78/526, no. 10 [162]
1655 3 Nov Jasper Dortnoll v Sir Anthony Cope; William Cope; Lady Elizabeth Cope Rent arrears from leases of unspecified lands. C78/607, no. 16 [163]
1655 3 Nov William Knight, citizen & goldsmith of London v Oliver Pamplyn Title to copyhold lands in manor of Eareth in Somersham, Hunts C78/638, no. 16 [164]
1655 5 Nov Nicholas Tooke of Dartford, Kent; Edmond Tooke son & heir apparent of the said Nicholas v Edward Bennett Mortgage of iron mill, millhouse, engines and waterworks in Dartford, Kent, and blocking of rights of way. C78/595, no. 3 [165]
1655 6 Nov John Diggle & Amy his wife and Katherine Ludlowe two of the daughters of Henry Ludlowe decd v Peter Beavis; John Ridout & his wife; Henry Coker & his wife; William Ludlowe; Lettice Ludlowe; Bridgett Ludlowe; John Castle; Tristram Floyer Mortgage of manor and advowson of Kingston Deverell (no county given). C78/710, no. 17 [166]
1655 6 Nov William Englefield of Katherington, Hants v Alice Armiger; John Kea; [blank] Haughton Cancellation of bonds. C78/710, no. 18 [167]
1655 6 Nov Elizabeth Beke, widow, late wife of Henry Beke decd v Jeremy Beke; Thomas Dove; Edmund West Jointure payable from trust settlement of lands in Ashpoole, Debnam, Witheringsett, North Oldinham, Swiffbym, Parham, Stratford and Benhall, Suffolk C78/870, no. 12 [168]
1655 8 Nov Richard Yorke of the City of Oxford, innholder v Thomas Wallis and John Wallis Claims to title of Globe Inn, All Saints parish, Oxford. C78/712, no. 18 [169]
1655 10 Nov Elizabeth Wyvell, widow v Langdalle Sunderland; Abraham Sunderland; Edward Gallan.. Dower interest in the manor of Bromfleete, Yorks. C78/705, no. 8 [170]
1655 12 Nov Theodosia Ivy v Thomas Ivy (husband of the complt). Concerning a Private Act of Parliament for alimony C78/532, no. 6 [171]
1655 12 Nov William and Alice Bancks v John Ivy Financial trusts C78/591, no. 8 [172]
1655 12 Nov. Thomas Saunders v Mary Mollins; William Mollins; Charles Mollins; Henry Mollins Mortgage of the manor and advowson of Mungwell, Oxon C78/607, no. 15 [173]
1655 13 Nov John Collins v Edmond Phillips & Joane his wife; William Hooper & Radigan his wife; Daniel Hawkins & Katherine his wife; Thomas Prust & Judith his wife; Henry Marten; Jane Manaton, widow Title to tenements in Stoakelingsland and Linkinhorne, Cornwall. C78/526, no. 9 [174]
1655 14 Nov Penelope Walrond; Abigall Walrond; Margery Walrond v William Walrond; Robert Shapcott; Zachary Cudmore Portions payable from manor of Fishacre and part of manor of East Wonford, Devon. C78/647, no. 21 [175]
1655 14 Nov William Beard & Mary his wife which said Mary is administratrix of Alexander Betterton decd; Thomas Betterton, Edward Betterton & Frances Betterton children of the said Alexander v Tobias Betterton Legacies payable by will of John Betterton, father of the said Alexander, from lands in Fairford, Gloucs. C78/653, no. 11 [176]
1655 15 Nov Anne Jarvis by Richard Hippesley v William Jarvis the elder; Amy his wife; William Jarvis the younger Trust of copyhold tenement in manor of Bidisham, Somerset. C78/490, no. 23 [177]
1655 16 Nov Sir Edward Griffin and others (not named) v Robert Clipsham; Edward Clipsham; Anthony Smith; [blank] Higgens; John Higdon; [blank] Rice Bill (Mich 1653) seeking ratification of verbal agreement (1646), articles of agreement (19 Jan 1649) to enclose Loateland Field, Blackfield and part of the waste of Braybrook, Northamptonshire, and alleging defendants had repudiated the agreement C78/528, no. 9 [178]
1655 16 Nov Thomas Hickes of St Ive, Cornwall son & heir & executor of John Hickes his late father v James Medhopp; Henry Ligger; Hugh Hill; Richard sowden; Edward Anstis; James Clemens; John Charlick; Stephen Austine; Thomas Olver; John Pope; Thomas Hearte; Charles Randle; Edmond May Leases of manors of Licksteard, Trenant, Menchinior and Kerslake, Cornwall. C78/545, no. 13 [179]
1655 16 Nov John French & John Gardiner, church wardens of St Andrews in Holborne; Francis Tithan; Ralph Poulter; Thomas Heaman; Thomas Crane; John Baylie; John Gardiner; Robert Burbage; [blank] Andrews, overseers of the poor of the same parish; Thomas [?Knowles?]; James Baker; William Cox; Moses Meares; Walter Rhetoricke; Henry Calcott; John Moreton; Thomas Bradshawe; Humphrey Wigon; John Hunter; John Rhetoricke; Thomas Rosse; William Marriott, inhabitants of the said parish v Richard Hoper and Francis Hoper Estate of John Hoper, late of the parish of Saint Andrews, Holborn: bequest to the poor of that parish C78/581, no. 12 [180]
1655 17 Nov Elizabeth Harris, widow, the relict & administratrix of Edward Harris late of Stretton, Derbs decd, on behalf of herself and John Harris her son v John Revell Lease of lands in Stretton, Derbys C78/526, no. 12 [181]
1655 17 Nov Joane Mallacke, widow, administratrix of Richard Mallacke decd her late husband; Arthur Mallacke one of the sons of the said Richard & Joane v Sir John Pole; Anthony Floyer; Katherine Southcott, widow Debts payable from mills and lands in Luppitt, Devon. C78/544, no. 6 [182]
1655 19 Nov William Savile & Elizabeth Savile his sister, infants by Mathew Francke of Pontefract, Yorks v Conyers, Lord Darcy; Conyers Conyers Darcy his son; Conyers Darcy his grandchild; John West Annuities and rents payable from trust of lands in Swillington, Great Preston, Little Preston, Astley, Gamblethorpe, Bridgshaw, Bullowthorp or Bullingthorpe and Garforth, Yorks. C78/612, no. 12 [183]
1655 19 Nov Roger Brewer of Pittlesthorne; Thomas Wigg the younger; William Sumner v Richard Theed son of Richard Theed decd to revive a suit formerly against the said Richard Theed the father decd; Richard, Thomas & John Theed sons of the said Richard; William Smith & Anne his wife; Thomas Collier & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Theed children of the said Richard the father Legacies payable from personal estate of Edward Bigge C78/638, no. 14 [184]
1655 20 Nov John Newland of Haxey, Lincs an infant son & heir of John Newland of Haxey decd by Ann Newland his mother v Pexall Broccas; Henry Fleetwood; William Lane; John Skevington Debts on security of lands in Haxey, Epworth and Owston, Lincs. C78/490, no. 19 [185]
1655 20 Nov John Rombold of Manewdine, Essex v Robert Woolley and others (not named) Debts and obligations of Rombold to one Benson C78/532, no. 8 [186]
1655 20 Nov George Cooke executor of Robert Cooke his late uncle decd v John Watson. Robert Cooke's estate — provision on his settling in Ireland. Custody of money by the complainant C78/581, no. 5 [187]
1655 20 Nov Robert Jennings of Meere, Wilts v John Newton; Thomas Trevillian; Marmaduke Jenninge; Emanuel Sandyes Manor of Dunmere, Wilts & mortgage of tenement called Edgebury (locn not stated). C78/712, no. 11 [188]
1655 21 Nov John Mottershead v Sir Thomas Wroth. Wages and debts due to manservant. C78/544, no. 7 [189]
1655 21 Nov John Woods v Richard George administrator of George Kelson Bond to John Whittington by Woods, and bond between Woods and George. C78/585, no. 11 [190]
1655 22 Nov Thomas Bennett; Andrew Vanly & John Ellis, citizens & merchants taylors of London v George Towers and others (not named) Lease of three messuages in Knight Ryder Street, London. C78/530, no. 17 [191]
1655 22 Nov James Baker of Tunstall, Suffolk administrator of Mary Baker his late wife late daughter of Henry Ewen of Tunstall decd v Robert Marryott; Samuel Ewen by Robert Barbur, clerk. Portion payable from unspecified estate of Henry Ewen. C78/550, no. 13 [192]
1655 23 Nov Lewis Fletcher & Isabella his wife the relict of Henry Robinson the younger decd v Henry Robinson the elder; Anne his wife; John Robinson; Margaret his wife; Toby Craddocke Dower rights and other incumbrances on lands in Bucton, Thicketts and Fullthropp, Yorks C78/1150, no. 22 [193]
1655 24 Nov Valentine Sanders esq; John Crew esq; and Robert Edgar esq v. Elizabeth Child widow C78/1921, no. 27 [194]
1655 26 Nov Joseph Blagrave of Pamber, Hants v Thomas Brightwell; Anthony Isard. Redemption of mortgaged lands in manor of Nithforde Tadley, (No county given). C78/490, no. 26 [195]
1655 26 Nov John Pollard, esq v. Richard Browne; and Susanne his daughter, an infant, by her guardian C78/1241, no. 5 [196]
1655 27 Nov Thomas Silke; William Silke; Roger Clay & Frances his wife; Ruth Close, widow; John Clarke; Robert Wilson; John Thorpe the elder; John Thorpe the younger; Robert Whitecase; Margaret his wife; William Wilson; Edward Shawe & Elizabeth his wife; John Walls the younger; John Cox; William Berrisse; Jeremy Thonge; John [?Saintree?] v Edward Muntague of Hinchinbrooke, Hunts Bill (Mich 1656) seeking ratification of agreement (15 Oct. last) re compounding of tithes and enclosing the common fields of Little Raveley, Huntingdonshire C78/539, no. 11 [197]
1655 27 Nov Thomas Rich; John Dawes; William Norman v Sir Richard Bettinson and Edward his son Mortgage of messuage in Wimbledon, Surrey C78/546, no. 4 [198]
1655 27 Nov Walter Goodrich & Elizabeth his wife administrators of Thomas Taylor decd v John Taylor Payment of purchase money for grounds called the Croffs in Stoake Orchard (no county given). C78/607, no. 14 [199]
1655 28 Nov Nathaniel Bacon v Anne Lambe, widow; Robert Crispe; William Rosse; Robert Stanton Debts and bonds C78/542, no. 1 [200]
1655 1 Dec William Fenwick v Sir John Fenwick; Cuthbert Heron; Thomas Woodhall; William Blakeston Profits of trust of manor, water mills and fishing rights of Bywell and lands and tithes in Hawick, North Middleton and South Middleton, Northumberland by Roger Fenwick the complts father. C78/666, no. 8 [201]
1655 5 Dec Robert Barker of the City of Bristol; Robert Ellyott of the same, merchant & Martha his wife v James Cartwright and Elizabeth Elbridge Debts and legacies payable by will of Robert Aldworth from his personal estate. C78/675, no. 3 [202]
1655 7 Dec Thomas Vawer; William Vawer; John Vawer; Mary Vawer; & Margaret Vawer children of Thomas Vawer son of William Vawer v Phillip Langley and others (not named) Debts. C78/528, no. 5 [203]
1655 7 Dec Ann Webb, widow v James Wood & Ann his wife; William Hales Debts on security of mortgaged rent charge from lands in Newchurch, Dymchurch, Rucking and New Rumney, Kent C78/653, no. 10 [204]
1655 7 Dec Henry, Marquess of Dorchester and Earl of Kingston; Robert Bingham v Sir Frauncis Rodes an infant by Sir Gervas Clifton; Clifton Rodes Trust settlement of the manor of Stiveton, and lands in Littleborough, Fenton, Myston and Cleyworth, Notts C78/712, no. 3 [205]
1655 8 Dec Henry Elliott v Dame Albinea Wray; Sir William Elliott and others (not named) Agreement re restoration of office of Kings Silver. C78/668, no. 21 [206]
1655 11 Dec Richard Heath, clerk v Richard Lewis; William John William; Thomas Holloway Payments due from messuage in Kenchurch, Heref. C78/671, no. 22 [207]
1655 13 Dec Mathew Hall of Wolferlow, Heref an infant by Ursula Awbery, widow, his mother v Mathew Barrow the elder; Mathew Barrow the younger; Giles Rawlyns, clerk; Richard Pitt; Thomas Griffithes Possession of messuage in Underlyme in Woffertown, Heref. C78/675, no. 2 [208]
1655 14 Dec Mathew Rudd; Dame Anne Mildmay, widow; Henry Mildmay; John Godbold; John Levett; Margaret Samms, widow; John Turner; William Sorrell for tenants of Little Baddoe, Essex v Gobart Barrington. Ancient rights of digging for sand and gravel in Little Baddoe, Essex. C78/490, no. 21 [209]
1655 14 Dec Francis Stanard; Richard Stanes; William Skinner; Edward Gibbs; John Luckin; Edward French; John Searle; William Gibbs; [blank] Gibbs, widow; Richard Phillipps; Thomas Godfrey; William Hogg; William Hewell; Richard Bridges and others tenants of the manor of Stapleford Abbotts, Essex v Edward Martyn; Gabriel Shurbutt; Thomas Glascocke; William Bett; John Glascocke; William Heydon; Thomas Blunfield; William Thredder Dispute over rights of estover and other customary rights and uses of the woods and commons of Stapleford Manor, Essex. Purchase of the manor by Edward Martin. C78/585, no. 9 [210]
1655 15 Dec Sir Henry Littleton of Franckley, Worcs & Philadelphia his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of Thomas Carey decd; Elizabeth Carey one other of the daughters of the said Thomas Carey v Sir John Trevor; Thomas Fisher Trust settlement of Sunninghill or Sunningwell Parke, Berks and manor of Castle Eden, Durham. C78/490, no. 24 [211]
1655 17 Dec Lyonel Copley v John, Lord Viscount Rochford; Thomas Bossevile; John Key; John Crosse Bonds re re-building of iron-works and forge in Conisbrough, Yorks C78/539, no. 7 [212]
1655 18 Dec Jane Corbett and Judith Corbett infants v Magdalen Boothby; Thomas Boothby; Mary Boothby; William Boothby her son; William Boothby son of Richard Boothby; William [?Haskins?]; William Lewis Portions payable from trust of unspecified lands C78/575, no. 10 [213]
1655 18 Dec Thomas Fatherley v George Gray; Thomas Hall Mortgage of lands in Great Lumley, Durham by complts late father C78/1150, no. 20 [214]
1655 21 Dec Elizabeth Andrews, widow, late wife of Henry Andrews late of the parish of St Martyns, Middx, coach harness maker decd; Edward Andrews son & heir of the said Henry v Florentine Tanturier. Mortgage of part of Covent Garden and Long Acre, St. Martins in the fields, Middx C78/528, no. 7 [215]
1655 22 Dec Mathew Holworthy of London & Mary his wife v Robert Henley Portions payable from lands in Langdon, Dorset, Bishops Cannings, Wilts and Plymouth, Devon C78/528, no. 8 [216]