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1653 C78/, no. []
After 1648 Fabian Phillips of the Middle Temple, London one of the Phillizers of the Court of Common Pleas v Captain John Forrett administrator of David Ramsey unadministered by Captain David Forrett one of the executors of the said David Ramsey. The administration of the will of Davis Ramsey. The Office of Phillizer of London, Middlesex, and other counties, claimed by Phillips C78/532, no. 16 [2]
Date erased. Bill (no date). William Cooke v. Sir William Playters; Sir Lyonell Tallowmath the younger [Sir Lionel Tollemache], Dame Tallomach; Tallomach Platers; Katherine Platers; John Randall; William Hill; Edward Hilton; John Randall the younger; Lyonell Platers; John Morse; [blank] Reade; [blank] Ellis Title to manor of Hardley Hall [par. Langley with Hardley] Norfolk. C78/552, no. 1 [3]
1653 10 Jan Richard Welden v Robert Heydon; Susan his wife; Richard Holloway; Frances his wife; Robert Clyatt; Sarah his wife, Elizabeth James; Mary James; Margaret James; Mary James, widow Mortgage of manor of Horsey Downe [Horsleydown St John now in Southwark], Surrey. C78/569, no. 6 [4]
1653 12 Jan Humfrey Wingfield v Sir Raph Cantrell. Marriage settlement of lands in Brantham, Sutton and Tattingstone, Suffolk C78/570, no. 9 [5]
1653 14 Jan Henry Ayscough of Monkthorpe, par. Great Steeping, Lincs; Edward Slacke of Mumby, Lincs & Mary his wife; Sarah Catterton of Lowth [Louth], Lincs late married to Charles Skelton of Lowth, butcher, which said Mary & Sarah were daughters & coheirs of Richard Catterton late of Halton Holgate, Lincs decd v John Anton. Dispute and an earlier case concerning property at Halton Holegate, Lincolnshire. Former Decree reversed. C78/475, no. 4 [6]
1653 18 Jan Edward Fuller v. Edward Cosin and Richard Cosin Title to ten acres of marsh and copyhold lands in Chingford, Essex C78/665, no. 16 [7]
1653 21 Jan John Hancocke son & heir of William Hancocke decd v William Layer Mortgage of messuage and lands in Shepereth, Cambs C78/569, no. 7 [8]
1653 24 Jan Cecil Calvert, Lord Baron of Baltimore, Ireland v William Arundell, second son of Thomas late Lord Arundell; Sir Thomas Reynell; Henry Sandys; William Sandis; Henry Swetnam; Roger Gourd; John Browne Trust settlement of manors of Semley [par.Sedgehill and Semley], Wilts and Hanley [Sixpenny Handley] and Sutton Mandeville, Dorset. C78/531, no. 3 [9]
1653 25 Jan John Karver & Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Leach daughter of the said Elizabeth, an infant; Edmond Whittington; Richard Dawks v John Leach the elder; John Leach the younger, William Leach Rentcharge from manor of Doverdale, Worcs. C78/531, no. 2 [10]
1653 25 Jan William Colepepyr [Culpepper]; Thomas Colepepyr, his eldest son; William Colepepyr second son of the said William Colepepyr v. Henry Crispe Trust of manors of Bedgbury, Gowdhurst & Fore,[?Kent]. Sir Anthony Colepepyr late deceased father to the complt William Colepepyr the elder C78/517, no. 4 [11]
1652 27 Jan Andrew Dunck & Dorcas his wife; Thomas Barnard & Katherine his wife v Mathew Brabant; John Brabant & Silvester his wife Unpaid legacies from William Harfleet 'their father' C78/870, no. 5 [12]
1653 28 Jan Richard Veysey of Westminster, Middx., carpenter v. William Howe Dispute over a lease on land, houses with their gardens and waterworks thereon, granted in 1611 to Sir John Stafford. C78/525, no. 8 [13]
1653 29 Jan Sir Francis Wortley v Roger Britteridge & Sarah his wife daughter of the complt. Payments due from trust settlement of the manor of Carleton and Swinton, Yorks. C78/403, no. 21 [14]
1653 29 Jan Thomas Johnson son & administrator of Thomas Johnson decd v Thomas Smyth and Henry Hyder Rents due from lands in Hedcorne, Kent C78/478, no. 7 [15]
1653 29 Jan William Crane of Woodriseing, Norfolk v. John Middleton; William Peacocke; William Levett; Robert Turbervile; Edward Leverthorp; Sir Thomas Peyton, administrators of Sir Mathew Menns; Sir Richard Barney; Thomas Meade Assignation of lease of manor of Woodrising [near East Dereham], Norfolk C78/523, no. 7 [16]
1653 31 Jan Abraham Huse, citizen & carpenter of London and Jacob Huse [Hughes], sons & executors of Thomas Huse late of Wokeingham, Berks decd v John Huse; James Phipps; John Miller; Edward Webb; Benjamin Allen; Edward Bradley and his wife; John Griffin and Richard Phillips . re. will 20 Jan 1651, of Thomas Huse and lands in Wokeningham [Wokingham], Berks and copyhold lands in Herts., and a great personal estate.. C78/482, no. 7 [17]
1653 1 Feb Thomas Bewley of the City of London, merchant; Daniel Shetterden of Eltham, Kent v John Beane and Robinson Beane. Waste and spoil committed on mortgaged lands in Duchstreet, Eltham, Kent C78/549, no. 7 [18]
1653 1 Feb Robert Batchilor v Thomas Berney & Dorothy his wife; John Buttall Lease of messuage and lands in Happisburgh, Norfolk. C78/552, no. 3 [19]
1653 1 Feb William Holmes & Rebecca his wife, late the wife of Ralph Bird v Joshua Blaxton & Benjamin Blaxton Trust settlement of lands in Trethake and Alternon, Cornwall and Appledron and Colworth, Sussex C78/590, no. 7 [20]
1653 1 Feb George Pike v Henry Glemham surviving executor of Anne, Viscountess Dorchester decd Bonds re accounts of estate of children of Viscountess of Dorchester. C78/709, no. 2 [21]
1653 5 Feb John Wyman; William Okey; Francis Rawling; John Frost; William Purveyer; John Prockter; John Woodbridge; Thomas Okey; Francis Pollard; William Malyn; Thomas Grey; Richard Goodday; Robert Read; John Miller; William Crosse; John Okey; William Huckle; Thomas Dunn; Richard Thompson; John Morris; John Present all of Haddenham within the Isle of Ely, Cambs v Robert Abrey; Thomas Phipers; William Goodday; Edward Castell; John Denton; Thomas Huckle; Francis Goodday; John Kirkes; John Dann; John Bl.. Debts incurred in law suits on behalf of inhabitants of Haddenham, Isle of Ely, Cambs, re common pasture rights in "the delphs" C78/637, no. 22 [22]
1653 5 Feb Nicholas Marten administrator of William Marten his brother v Andrew Parsons and John Perry Redemption of tenement in North Cadbury, Somerset. C78/645, no. 14 [23]
1653 5 Feb John Sewster of Westowe, Hunts; Peter French, canon of Christchurch, Oxford; Robina his wife; James Mathewes; Robert Gill; Thomas Paskerd; William Bush; Thomas Goslin v Nicholas Pedley Bill (Mich 1652) alleging defendant's reluctance to uphold agreement (year before bill) regulating copyhold entrance fines and allowing copyholders to enclose their arable lands in the common field. Westowe, Huntingdonshire. C78/712, no. 24 [24]
1653 8 Feb Robert Dycer of London v Sir Francis Gouldsmith; Edward Ridley; Mary May Possession of manor house and lands of Bacons or Bacons Fenns in Hitcham, Suffolk C78/523, no. 4 [25]
1653 8 Feb Thomas Fanshawe & Katherine his wife by John Harvey v Ralph Darnell; Thomas Impie; Seth Gladman; Anthony Channdler; John Thewer; Mary Martin; John Hudle Rents from manors of Punsborne or Penesborne, Flamsted, Barry and Redburne, Herts C78/549, no. 10 [26]
1653 8 Feb Joane Early one of the daughters and coheirs of Henry Earely of Wickham, Berks, gentleman, infant of about 19 years by Edward Gilmore the younger of Salisbury, Wilts, gentleman, her guardian; and ____ Amy v. Benedict Winchcombe gentleman re. sale of farm at Greenham, Berks by William Winchcombe and residue of £3,700, after payment of debts, to his kinsman Benedict Winchcombe, in trust that he should make certain payments, on certain conditions... C78/2020, no. 4 [27]
1653 9 Feb Edward Blower v Robert Blower. Legacies payable by will of Edward Blower from manor of Woodnorton, Norfolk. C78/403, no. 9 [28]
1653 9 Feb Mulineux Audley v Benjamin Harrison Bonds for debts of Thomas Audley, brother of the complt C78/580, no. 8B [29]
1653 9 Feb Christopher Jenkyns & Anne his wife v Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper; Henry Castle; Joseph Barnes Lease of messuage in Cremborn, Dorset C78/590, no. 6 [30]
1653 10 Feb Samuel Dringe and his son Samuel Dringe v John Curtis and James Albyn Trust of farm and lands in Froome, Zellwood, and Peyton, Somerset and Wilts. C78/500, no. 17 [31]
1653 10 Feb George Berkeley of Berkley, Gloucs son & heir apparent of George, Lord Berkley v Nathaniel Stephens; Humphrey Hooke; Isaac Bronnvick; Joseph Hickson; Thomas Freame; Jasper Selwyn; Richard Haynes; Thomas Ager; James Kittermister; Hugh Lewis; John Haynes; James Daniell; James Shering; William Symonds; Giles Shott; Moses Gunne; Henry Beckett; John Daniel; Robert Welden; Richard Capenhurst; William Daniel; Thomas Knight; Valentine Marshall, clerk; Richard Capell, clerk; Thomas Lloyd; John Cliford; William Maynard; William Wiley; William Hill; Thomas Blanch; William Symonds; John Barnesdale, clerk; Thomas Bowser; John Harris; Anne Kittermister; John Blanch; William Clutterbuck; John Smart; Francis Wood; Richard Heywood; James Birt; Margaret Caswell, widow; Thomas Pill; Richard Carter; James Cowley; Richard Fleming; James Beard; George Venn, clerk; Richard Seaver; Richard Hinton; James Crewe; Thomas Chapman; John Dangerfield; Richard Selwyn; Thomas Man; Francis Evans; Richard Limbrick; John Maverley; Edward Richford; John Symonds; Thomas Griffith; Thomas Haynes; Tobias Watkins; William Heynes; Francis Clerke; John Crewe; John Bush; Thomas Merry; Humphrey Bevan; George Bernard; William Crewe; Ralph David; Howell Davies; Mary Highway, widow; Elizabeth Smart, widow; John Browninge; Richard Yate; Robert Davies; William Davies; Robert Yate; Edward Ithell; William Stapley; William Cowley; John Hewett; Thomas Webb; Richard Powell, clerk; Anthony Williams; Richard Williams; John Pegler; Nicholas Harvey; John Cowley; Sarah Bower; Richard Taylor; Edward Millard; Arthur Horwood; John Halford, clerk; John Tomlinson; Edward Hill; Arthur Bridger; George Longe; Thomas Curnock; Giles Mayle; William Frape; Elizabeth Harding, widow; William Partridge; Agnes Fryer, widow; Thomas Davies; William Nelme; Edward Beard; Bryan Gilman; Richard Powell; Thomas Wise; Peter Longe; William Trottman; Andrew Bridger; Ursula Taylor, widow; Edith Lucas, widow; Edith Frag, widow; James Buddinge; Samuel Webb; Samuel Bridger; John Smyth; Stephen Symonds; Joseph Frape; John Gilman; John Cooke; William Trottman; William Taylor; Thomas Gilman; Samuel Wherston; Henry Norris; John Wade; Samuel Trottman; John Tecknell; Joseph Essington; Nicholas Trotman; Daniel Philimore; George Perkins; John Taylor; Thomas Cowley; Richard Sainger; John Bennett; Edward Curnock; Thomas Gill; Agnes Perryman; William Bence; William Frape the younger; Robert Jefferyes; Nicholas Bower; Thomas Essington; Richard Biford; Edward Morse; William Horwood; John Horwood; John Merchant; William Grigg; Oliver Pleydall; [blank] Vaughan; John Walkley; William Wilkins; William Isseger; William Dennis; Richard Wade Bill (Hilary 1651) reciting that the free and customary tenants of Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, had common rights in lands called Ould Warth adjoining the river Severn, and that 80 acres of this land had been enclosed with the New Warth 6 years earlier, and seeking ratification of agreement (no date) that part of this new enclosure would be set aside for their use in compensation C78/517, no. 2 [32]
1653 10 Feb George Berkeley of Berkley, Gloucs v John Smyth; Christopher Purnell; William Hopton; George Smyth; Thomas Caine; Thomas Wise; John Barnesdale, clerk; John Stainger; Henry Sinners; Richard Munden; Arthur Neale; Phillip Jenkins; Susanna Smyth, widow; Elizabeth Streate, widow; John Smyth; Richard Smith; Miles Huntley; William Smyth; George Haines; Thomas Tindale; James Crome; Samuel Belcher; Daniel Pope; [blank] Dingley; Nicholas Carnocke; Richard Parker; William Trye; John Knight the elder; James Bailey; Thomas Cole; Richard Carnocke; Gilbert Freeman; William Clerke; Richard Leigh; Mary Margaretts, widow; Lyonell Margaretts; William Fatherby; Robert Davyes; William Smyth; John Mason; Edward Huntley; Thomas Smyth; Anne Winston, widow; William Cole; Thomas Trotman; James Thorne; Nicholas Neale; John Wither; Henry Crewe; Robert Atkins; Thomas Phinimore; William Dimery; Thomas Nicholas; Joane Lawrence, widow; Benedict Vobes; Nicholas Beale; Robert Driver; Thomas Nelme; Susanna Barnesdale, widow; Edward Bowser; William Nelme; Mary Horte, widow; Sarah Wise, widow; Thomas Fawkes; George Turley; Richard Sehom; Thomas Crome; Richard Crome the elder; Richard Crome the younger; Richard Rogers; Christopher Drasey; William Potter; John Haward; Henry Roberts; Thomas Bailey; John Selman; [blank] Legg, widow; Margery Machin, widow; Joane Hurne, widow; Edith Cloterbucke, widow; Robert Smyth; John Mathewes; James Bailey; William Bailey; Robert Machin; Thomas Deninge; Thomas Snayle; George Duswell Bill (Hilary 1651) referring to decree of 1 July 10 Jas. I that it should be lawful for Henry, Lord Berkeley (great grandfather of the complainant) to enclose 400 acres of Micklewood Chase in Alkington, Gloucestershire, as demesne and to enclose the remaining 500 acres as common for freeholders and tenants, but giving him permission to grow 1,000 oaks on this common. Also reciting agreement 24 Jan. 1651 to restrict the number of oaks to 40 and seeking ratification of this agreement. C78/517, no. 3 [33]
1653 10 Feb Sarah Crofts, widow, executrix of Margaret Chosell, widow decd v Denys Buck and Stephen Allen Debts of Stephen Allen C78/552, no. 2 [34]
1653 10 Feb William Morgan v Sir Francis Drake Annuity from lands in Devon and Cornwall in lieu of Salary. C78/569, no. 9 [35]
1653 10 Feb George Younge of Crediton, Devon, yeoman & Thomazine his wife v. John Puddiscombe & his wife; Thomas Mortimer; and Julyon Leach re. certain lands in Crediton, Devon conveyed by John Mortimer, former husband of the complnt. Thomasine, for her use. C78/1241, no. 18 [36]
1653 11 Feb James Lane v Anne Colby, widow; Welbecke Stowe & Elizabeth his wife; William Colby Redemption of mortgage of lands in Sutton and Lound, Notts. C78/500, no. 16 [37]
1653 11 Feb William Pearse v Robert Nunn; Arthur Nunn and others (not named) Dispute over arrears on an annuity. C78/525, no. 2A [38]
1653 11 Feb William Perse v Robert Nunn; Arthur Nunn; Ambrose Manaton; Jane his wife; Henry Whittaker; Mary his wife; Francis Luttrell & Katherine his wife and others (not named). Relief from a lease of the manor of Roscarmall, and other properties in Cornwall. C78/525, no. 14 [39]
1653 11 Feb Anne Henshawe, widow v Thomas Bonham Dispute over the leasing of lands at Daggenham by Henshawe. Also property at Barking and other places in Essex. C78/525, no. 21 [40]
1653 12 Feb William Stede of Stedehill, Kent v Sir Thomas Peyton & Dame Cicely his wife; Sir Cheyney Culpepper & Dame Elizabeth his wife; William Sandys & Cicely his wife; John Pope Possession of land in Milton or Midliton near Sittingborne and Upper Harbottleton, Kent C78/523, no. 6 [41]
1653 12 Feb Edith Longford, widow, the executrix of Nicholas Longford decd v Elinor Coxe, widow Estate of Nicholas Longford: debt owed to Coxe & deliveries of barley to discharge that debt C78/557, no. 10 [42]
1653 12 Feb Richard Ducke executor of Arthur Ducke decd v John Cary Lease of part of the manor of Minster, Isle of Thanet, Kent. C78/560, no. 12 [43]
1653 12 Feb Margaret Cheney, widow, relict of Richard Cheney decd in her own behalf and as guardian to Richard Cheney son & heir of the said Richard Cheney v Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Frances, Rebecca, Lidia & Anne Cheney Testamentary dispute about legacies. C78/570, no. 10 [44]
1653 14 Feb William Cuthbert and Pharo Humfrey v Thomas Ogle; Thomas Fowke; John Lane Bonds on security of leases of lands in Kilkenny, Ireland. C78/580, no. 11 [45]
1653 15 Feb Nicholas Gould; John Brown; Arthur Upton; James Gould; John Gould executors of William Gould decd v John ?Wend?; Wilmot Richards; Roger Hutchins The will of William Gould, the farm of Great Darwick, Devonshire. C78/532, no. 15 [46]
1653 16 Feb Mary Armstronge, widow, late wife of Daniel Armstrong one of the sons of Gabriel Armestronge v Gabriel Armstrong son & heir of Gilbert Armstronge; Elizabeth Armstronge, widow, executrix of Gilbert Armestronge eldest brother of the said Daniel Armestronge; Fortune Armestronge, widow, late wife of Gervas Armestronge; Edward Beck Annuity or rent charge from lands in Rempstone, Notts. C78/705, no. 15 [47]
1653 17 Feb John Bradford v Elizabeth Davy, widow. Payment of pension from profits of cloth trade. Complt was factor in London for Emanuel Davy C78/500, no. 18 [48]
1653 19 Feb Thomas Wharton & Elizabeth his wife v Daniel Brown; Thomas Brown; James Brown and Mathew Brown. re. will,Oct 1641, of Andrew Brown and legacy from, and alleged trust of lands in Deeping, Spalding, Crowland and Pinchbeck Fenn, Lincs and "White Hart" inn in St Giles in the Fields and messuages in Bow Street, Middx C78/482, no. 17 [49]
1653 19 Feb Thomas, Lord Windsor v William Umphrevile Rent-charge from trust of manors of Stoake near Nayland, Netherhall and Netherhall Wittenmarsh, Cawsers, Becham, Shardelow in Stoake, Sprott and Higham, Suffolk. C78/523, no. 5 [50]
1653 19 Feb John Columbell esq v. Gervase Clifton knight and baronet; Lady Katherine Hutchinson widow and executrix of Sir Thomas Hutchinson knight re. loan of 'fower' hundred pounds, 1630, by Roger Columbell from Sir Gervase Clifton & repayment of greatest part and constant payment of interest. C79/99, no. [51]
1653 21 Feb Alexander Popham brother & heir of John Popham decd for freeholders of the manors of Boughton, Asgarby & Howell, Lincs v Henry Bluett. Bill (Hilary 1649), seeking court ratification of agreement (no date) between freeholders to make exchanges among themselves and enclose their own plots. Boughton, Asgarby and Howell, Lincolnshire. C78/398, no. 14 [52]
1653 22 Feb Dorothy Smith, Lucy Smith & Amy Smith daughters & coheirs of George Smith decd v John Greenvill; Richard Prideaux; John Arrundell; Arthur Bassett; William Morrice Possession of manor of Trothnell and Tregervan, Cornwall. C78/569, no. 12 [53]
1653 22 Feb Anthony Nicoll & Amy his wife v Peter Specott; Hugh Fortescue; William Morris Marriage portions raised from trust of the manor of Great Torrington and the Barton of Gothacott, Devon. C78/705, no. 14 [54]
1653 23 Feb John Sutcliffe v Henry Bently Administration of testamentary settlement of unspecified lands in Yorks, by will of Henry Bentley C78/517, no. 5 [55]
1653 25 Feb John Quarles gentleman & Frances his wife v. Gregory Hockmore esq; William Seager; Henry Norley; and William Cullin re. will 14 June 1624, of William Hockmore [1581-1626] of Buckland Baron [par. Combeinteignhead], Devon (complt. wife's father); bequests to wife Frances and conditions... C79/98, no. [56]
1653 25 Feb Katherine, lady Windsor v. Henry, earl of Arundell; Thomas, lord Windsor; William Moreton; Francis Finch; Robert Lloyd; William Dansey; Dixye Hickman; and Edward Griffith re. indenture of Thomas Lord Windsor 16 June [1615/6], to convey to his wife the complt., for her jointure, the capital messuage called Hewell [Hewell Grange] in manor of Tardebigge, Worcs; the will Dec 1640, of Thomas Lord Windsor. C78/2020, no. 8 [57]
1653 26 Feb Alexander Hooker the elder & Elizabeth his wife v John Newporte; John Latham & Anne his wife As in 403/12 and 17. Manor of Downton als Hanley Wilham. Title of complt Elizabeth, and descent from her great grandfather Thomas Hanley C78/403, no. 18 [58]
1653 28 Feb Thomas Acklam v Henry Wormeley and Elizabeth Acklam Marriage settlement of the manor of Bolnewicke otherwise Bonwicke, Yorks C78/403, no. 3 [59]
1653 28 Feb Thomas Stoakes v Sir Robert Josselyne. Lease of part of the manor of Roodingbury, Essex C78/570, no. 11 [60]
1653 1 March John Weaver of Northe Luffenham, Rutland v Charles Pearce & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Pearce & Dorothy his wife; Abraham Wake; Simon Pawney; Ralph Christian Testamentary settlement by will of Peter Weaver, of manor of Okefield and lands in Mortimer, Salamsted, Bannister or Michills, Berks. C78/569, no. 10 [61]
1653 1 March Goddard Leigh v Henry Piggott; Sir Richard Conquest; Thomas Snagg Title and trust settlement of Priory of Caldwell, Beds C78/580, no. 10 [62]
1653 1 March Joseph Hillary v John Baines and Francis Mitchell Accounts re Dutch cloth trade. Shipment of quantity of Northern Dozens & Northern Kersies from Kingston upon Hull to Amsterdam C78/611, no. 7 [63]
1653 4 March Robert Dudley or Tomlinson v Sir Edward Seabright; Thomas West; Thomas Brooke Marriage settlement of lands and watermills in Claverley, Salop and lands in Meriden Aspath, Warwicks called the Shafts C78/482, no. 18 [64]
1653 15 March Thomas King & Bridgett his wife v Edward King. Marriage settlement of manor of Ashby [?Ashby de la Launde] and lands in Marton [?Martin] , Salmondby [Salmonby], Digby, Rowston, Walcot [Walcott] and Billingey [Billinghay], Lincs C78/870, no. 6 [65]
1653 20 April Margaret Anstye, widow, administratrix of Robert Tayler her father v Sir Edward Wortley; Dame Elizabeth his wife; Sir James ........ Mortgage of manors of Steynton and Pavenham, Beds C78/666, no. 23 [66]
1653 27 April Walter Leake v Thomas Hereford. Debts of William Wrottesly, payable from lands in Wotton and Lionhalles, Heref. C78/403, no. 2 [67]
1653 27 April Sir Phillipp Jones of Lanarith, Monmouth v George Probert and Henry Probert Debts and bonds. C78/675, no. 16A [68]
1653 28 April Grace Bewwell, widow and Richard Bedwell v Sara Hawkins, widow; Robert Hawkins; William Daniell Title to lands in Braintree, Essex. C78/398, no. 11 [69]
1653 28 April Sir John Lucas; Thomas Brickenden; William Gibbs; Charles Bentley executor of Thomas Bentley; John Parker; Joseph Smith; Richard Broughton; Joane Smith; William Coatman; Lancelot Chapman; Robert Flatman; Edward Brooke; Edward Salisbury; Edward Heath; James Martyn; William Mattingley; Nicholas Farnian; William Polin; Joseph Ling; Frances Saunders, widow; Henry Crispe; William Sabey; Daniel Holdenby; John Eaton; Elizabeth ..tty; Edward Babington; Harry Barty; Robert Halford; James Galtier; Dame Alice Cotell, widow; James Alegorne; William Parker; John Winch administrator of Nicholas Turbervile; John Gelltard & Mary his wife; Dame Margaret Melton, widow v Mary, Countess Dowager of Northampton; James, Earl of Northampton; Christopher, Lord Hatton; James Ravenscroft; Jeffrey Palmer; Mary Willoughbie, widow; Thomas Willoughbie her son; John Creswell; William Doughtie; Thomas Doughty Debts of Spencer, Earl of Northampton, payable from manor of Henley, Oxon and lands in Somerset, Eastwood rectory, Essex, and houses in London C78/580, no. 8A [70]
1653 29 April Hercules Whiteing v Robert Bagnall Debts re purchase of wool and yarn, case in Court of Wells, Somerset C78/548, no. 20 [71]
1653 29 April Rowland Deane, Parnell Dowe; Elianor Dowe v Henry Castle Estate of William Castle, disputed bequests C78/588, no. 17 [72]
1653 29 April Thomas Tyler of Hampsted, Middx, esq & Judith his wife v. Richard Sander & Margaret his wife; Charles Ospring; Francis Bukley; Frances Tylor; Thomas Bromfield; Walter Oakes; Thomas Savyes; Mathew Haviland; Gabriel Carpenter; James Dranfield; Stephen Watkins; John Sprint; Lancelott Granger; Urya Ogles; Edward Mosse; and Nicholas Scales re. Thomas Badger (son & heir of John Badger) 3 Sept 1647 surrender of a messuage or tenement in Hampstead, Middx; agreement by Tyler to pay £1,200. C78/1283, no. 6 [73]
1653 3 May Henry Fermor of Somerton, Oxon executor of George Gifford late of London decd v Elizabeth Colchester, widow; Duncombe Colchester son & heir of Richard Colchester decd; Charles Kemble; Mathew Pinder; Edward Parker; Richard Hill and others (not named) Discharge of statutes levied on manors of Lea and Baysham, Gloucs. C78/403, no.16 [74]
1653 4 May Thomas Mayo otherwise Mayowe of Lanreth, Cornwall v Francis Buller the elder; Francis Buller the younger & Elizabeth his wife; John Coryton Mortgage of lands in Trewallen, Cornwall. C78/580, no. 6 [75]
1653 5 May James Davenport of the Inner Temple, London; Edward Smith; George Greenwood; John Plumer; John Cage v Thomas, Lord Wemnan; Sir Peter Temple; Francis Drake; Edward Frist; Richard Winwood; Thomas Isham; John Denton; William Denton; Sir Ralph Verney; Thomas Tyler; James Temple Debts of Sir Alexander Denton, payable from trust of lands in Cowley Hillesden, Bucks and Barford Forrest, Bucks and Oxon C78/523, no. 3 [76]
1653 5 May John Vincent v Francis Scoble Debts payable from sale of lands in Liskeard, Cornwall. C78/580, no. 7 [77]
1653 5 May Henry Rost v. William Rost the elder & Alice his wife; and John Rost re. marriage agreement 'about 39 years then past', William Rost, the younger (complt's father) and the dau. of Henry Board; messuages and tenements in Umburne, Shute and ?Yardbury in Devon..., Shute and C78/1241, no. 16 [78]
1653 7 May John Jackson executor of Sir Alexander Cave decd v Robert Osbolston and Lambert Hill Debts due to estate of Alexander Cave payable from messuage and lands in Ashby Magna, Leics C78/637, no. 19 [79]
1653 9 May Thomas Bockinge & Sarah Bockinge v Abraham Reynardson, alderman of London Legacy payable from personal estate of Thomas Reynardson. Will dated 12 May 1642 C78/613, no. 7 [80]
1653 9 May Henry Ham, clerk v. Samuel Stoakes, & Isabella his wife re. bag containing £25 and other goods left with defendants, about 5 years before the Bill, while the Revd. Henry Ham was away from his habitation at Chipping Sodbury, Gloucs. C78/801, no. 5 [81]
1653 9 May George Orlibeare, gent & Margaret his wife, the daughter and sole heir of Richard Child, esq; John Cobb, gent & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of said George and Margaret; William Orlibeare; Mathew Alexander; Thomas, Maud, Judith, Rebecca, Susan, and Mary Orlibeare, sons and daughters of said George Orlibeare & Margaret his wife, by said George and Margaret their guardians, being infants v. Thomas Bromsall; and Humfrie Child, gent; and Anne Child, widow, relict of the said Richard Child C78/1009, no. 9 [82]
1653 10 May Henry Hastings v Edward Hastings Marriage settlement of lands in the manor of Woodlands, Dorset. C78/560, no. 11A [83]
1653 11 May William Crane of St Just, Cornwall one of the sons of Richard Crane decd & brother & heir of John Crane son & heir of the said Richard v Lawrence Cawle Dispute over the property of Richard Crane the fee of Barton Crane, Cornwall. Debt to Canti. C78/525, no. 13 [84]
1653 12 May John Wright administrator of Mary Moore; Miles Knowles & Anna his wife on behalf of the said Anna, Edward, Stephen, Anna & Oliva Knowles children of the said Miles Knowles & Anna his wife v Samuel Wightwick the elder; Samuel Wightwick the younger; John Winterburne; Francis Comyns; Barnabas Meere; John Wood Debts payable from trust lease of lands in Shadwell, Middx. C78/613, no. 6 [85]
1653 12 May John Cave; George Cave; Anthony Boswell & Anne his wife sister of the said John & George v John Syers and John St John Mortgage and trust of lands in Coldoverton, Leics. C78/646, no. 20 [86]
1653 13 May Thomas Steward v William Taylor. Bonds and debts. C78/398, no. 12 [87]
1653 13 May Sheffield Stubbs v Robert Stone and Edmond Fisher Debts and bonds C78/548, no. 19 [88]
1653 13 May James Bix; David Bix; Henry J..le; Whitingham Wood executors of John Bix decd v Sir John Roberts; John Co..an; William Bix son & heir of the said John Bix Debts of John Bix payable from trust of manor of Littleborne, Kent. C78/549, no. 21 [89]
1653 13 May Lewis Fletcher & Isabella his wife the relict of Henry Robinson the younger decd v Henry Robinson the elder; Ann his wife; John Robinson; Margaret his wife; Tobye Craddocke Dower rights and other incumbrances on lands in Bucton, Thicketts and Fullthropp, Yorks. C78/1150, no. 31 [90]
1653 14 May John Nabbes executor of William Symonds decd v Henry Payne & Anne Payne Possession of estate of manor of Netherhall Tendalls, Cambs and debts of Henry Payne late of Worlington, Suffolk C78/658, no. 14 [91]
1653 21 May Edward Mynne of the City of London, girdler v Mathew Lyndsey; Stephen Shipdham; Israell Shipdham; Francis Browne; Elizabeth his wife; Edmond Wright; Thomas Lorwood; Richard Johnson; Alice Mynne; Joane Mynne; Thomas Thinge; Thomasine Hott; John Scrivenor; Thomas Waspe; Sir John Potts; John Spelman; Sir William Doyly; Francis Loudon; Thomas Page Manor of Great Francham, and also of Cannons, Sparham and other properties in Norfolk. Dispute over sales of properties C78/525, no. 12 [92]
1653 21 May Sir Henry Felton; Anthony Felton son & heir apparent of the said Sir Henry; William Felton second son of the said Sir Henry v Leicester Deverax & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Edgar; Lyonell Edgar; Sir Charles Le Grosse; Robert Brooke; Dame Mary Brooke, widow; Sir John Barker; Sir Thomas Glemham; Sir Thomas Barker; John Atwood; Francis Warner; Dame Rachell Cambell; Sir Thomas Abdy; James Cambell executors of Sir James Cambell decd Mortgage of manor and rectory of Christchurch, Ipswich, Suffolk. C78/351, no. 4 [93]
1653 21 May Richard Lister; Sir Ma... Lister & Dame Susanna his wife v Thomas Plumer; Sir Thomas ....; James Temple; Richard Jenyns; George Curtis; George Kad...; William Stretton Marriage settlement of manor of Agney, Kent. C78/570, no. 5 [94]
1653 21 May Gratian de Perinant & Frances his wife late the wife of Thomas Leveson decd; Robert Leveson an infant, son & heir of the said Thomas Leveson; William Foster & Frances his wife the sole & only daughter of the said Thomas Leveson; John Baker; Edward Stephens v John Birch and William Hayes Trust settlement of the manors of Ashmore, Heath, Wobeson or Wibason, Willenhall, Hilton Hatherton, Monmore and Fetcherston, Staffs C78/613, no. 4 [95]
1653 21 May Anne Hancocke, spinster v. Gabriel Newman C78/1241, no. 17 [96]
1653 23 May Theoderic Holland als Taylor & Mary his wife v John Clent & Lettice his wife Portion payable fron manor of Wichenford, Worcs. C78/549, no. 13 [97]
1653 23 May Henry Vaughan, clerk v George Morgan Marriage settlement of rectory of Panteage, Monmouths C78/650, no. 3 [98]
1653 23 May Mary Modiford, widow v. John Arundell, Arthur Bassell; William Morrice; and Richard Prideaux C78/1198, no. 2 [99]
1653 24 May Arthur Heyward als Woollward; Simon Heyward als Woollward; William Chapman als Sexton & Elizabeth his wife; John Smith & Elizabeth his wife; Nathaniel Turner & Mary his wife; John Heyward als Woollward; William Cock & Anne his wife; John Sweetinge & Jane his wife v William Heyward and Edward Heyward. Payment of legacies from the will of John Heyward, uncle of complts. C78/398, no. 9 [100]
1653 25 May Llewellin Gwillim v Watkin Lewis and Richard Watkine his son Mortgage of lands in Llangenney, Brecon by the complts father & mother Gwillim Llewellin & Jennett his wife. C78/650, no. 2 [101]
1653 26 May John Read v Toby Combe; George Banister; Mary Brockett, widow; Edward Brockett Trust settlement of Hanside farm in Hatfield, Herts C78/606, no. 3 [102]
1653 26 May Mathew Sandys; William Steed executor of Bridgeman Sandys decd; Henry Sandys; Miles Sandys; Edwyn Sandys; Mary Sandys; Jane Sandys; Margaret Sandys v Richard Atkins and William ..... Mortgage of lands in Sherbon, Basing and Basingstoke, Hants. C78/606, no. 4 [103]
1653 27 May Francis Windham v Zachary Conant and Benjamin Conant Cancellation of paid-up bonds. C78/500, no. 15 [104]
1653 Trinity term Sir George Stonehouse of Radley, Berks v Dame Elizabeth Stonehouse Testamentary settlement of lands in Fulham and Westminster, Middx. and Radley, Berks. Sir William Stonehouse the complts father C78/553, no. 7 [105]
1653 6 June Robert Brewster v Sir Edward Astley; Mary Athill; Thomas Acres; James Acres; Richard Astley, clerk; Anne Acres, widow; Ursula Bird, widow; Calvin Brinckley; James Burcham; Edmond Browne; Edward Browne; Daniel Browne; Thomas Buntinge; Nathaniel Bird; James Burhingham; Robert Burke; Thomas Bedingfield; John Burcham; George Bulleyn; Robert Blower; Daniel Bird; Robert Cooke; Henry Cooke; Ursula his wife; James Clayhorn; Francis Cowdes; Henry Clayhorne & Ursula his wife; Robert Cooper; Thomas Davy; Barbara Davy; Edward Day; Margaret Dey; William Dey; Amie Dennys, widow; Edmond Dey; John Evererd; James Ellmer; Roger Frere, widow(sic); Roger Fish; Robert Feltwell, clerk; Alice Gibbs, widow; [blank] Sildren, widow; Thomas Holman; Mary Head; William Harwood; John Hallowell; Thomas Hartwell; John Hipkin; Thomas Johnson; John Jury; Elizabeth Jervis, widow; Christopher Lynn; Samuel Lynn; Winifred Leeds; Anne Leeds; Robert Love; Richard Leeds; William Melton; William Munford; Samuel Mann & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Muddicliffe; Robert Meye; Edward Newman; John Nabbs; Edmond Nabbs; Richard Otley; Grissella Otley, widow; Richard Pashell..; Peter Page; Thomas Pasheller; William Potter; Henry Ransome; William Riches; Robert Roger; Richard Smyth; William Sarch junior; John Spurrell; Margery Shingin, widow; William Sarch senior; Thomas Tompson; John Waller; John Woodcocke; Robert Waller; William Younge, clerk; Daniel Acres; Amy Leeds; James Cooke Copyhold customs of manor of Hindolveston or Hilderston, Norfolk. C78/553, no. 2 [106]
1653 10 June John Pordage v Thomas Guider & Sarah his wife; John Guider; Thomas Guider the son; Sir Richard Hardres; Thomas Hardres Mortgage of messuage and farm in Eltham, Kent C78/549, no. 6 [107]
1653 10 June Sir John Lewis; John Parry; Thomas Parry v Henry Dockwra; Thomas Dockwra; Thomas Dockwra; Thomas Evans; Daniel Lloyd; Isaac Lloyd; Humfrey Walcott Extents on trust lands in Ilstrad, Trevilan, Llanbadurne, Treseglewis, Mauntwully and Dyhewidd, Cardigans (See C78/580, no 3.) C78/580, no. 5 [108]
1653 11 June Thomas White, gent v. Francis Wayte, esq C78/1009, no. 8 [109]
1653 14 June Edward Osborne and Joane his wife v Thomas Hoblyn; William Hancock; John Robins the elder; John Robins the elder(sic); Christopher Dunstone Proposed marriage between Joane and Nicholas Tregaere in 1631, disputed terms of a settlement C78/525, no. 10 [110]
1653 14 June William Wallis v Joseph Evans an infant; John Fisher; Thomas Fenner; Constance Billingsley Annuity from messuages and lands in Whetston, Finchley, Middx C78/637, no. 21 [111]
1653 16 June John Marsh v Richard Browne the elder; Bridgett Browne his wife; Richard Browne the younger, son & heir apparent of the said Richard the elder; John Marshall; and Bridgett Browne an infant daughter of the said Richard the elder & the said Bridgett his wife; Solomon Swaile. Property held by Marsh by copy of the Court Roll of the manor of Hampstead, Middlesex. Properties in Pond Street. Debt to Richard Browne C78/555, no. 11 [112]
1653 16 June Thomas Rowse the younger v John Rowse; Edward Dixon; Henry Sterling; Richard Wakelin; Thomas Cooke; William Button Cancellation of bonds and title to unspecified lands. Complt lived in Suffolk C78/569, no. 11 [113]
1653 16 June Richard Belfield; and Allan Belfield v. Serrington Savery, esq; Katherine his wife; Christian Lee; and Sibilla Lide, executrix of Allan Lyde ; John Lynn; Richard Martyn; and Phillipp Holdith, coexecutor with said Allan Lyde for Richard Lee in trust for the said Katherine and Christian his daughters C78/1283, no. 5 [114]
1653 17 June Lady Elizabeth Cranfeild daughter & heir of James, late Earl of Middlesex decd an infant by Sir Chichester Wray and the Lady Anne Countess Dowager of Middlesex his wife v Anne, Countess dowager of Middlesex relict of Lyonell, late Earl of Middlesex; Lyonell, now Earl of Middlesex Legacy payable from lands in Copthall, Essex and personal estate of James, Earl of Middx C78/482, no. 16 [115]
1653 17 June George Mills; Gilbert Meese; John Bagshawe; Henry Stone; Thomas Constable v Margarett Essingwood. Dower interest in lands in St. Martins in the Fields, Middx. C78/567, no. 1 [116]
1653 18 June James Parry of Brecknocke & Katherine his wife v William, Earl of Salisbury; Sir Robert Pye; Michael Oldsworth; Sidney Bere Payment of portion under terms of marriage treaty, between the complt Katherine & John Lovett son of Sir Robert Lovett C78/478, no. 11 [117]
1653 18 June Sir John Trelawny and Jonathan Trelawny son & heir apparent of the said Sir John v Ambrose Manaton an infant by Jane Manaton, widow, his mother Trust settlement of lands in Tiverton, Harridge, Wondford and West Budly, Devon C78/500, no. 13 [118]
1653 18 June Sir Gervace Clifton; William Whitchcott & Dame Margaret his wife late wife of Sir John South of Kelsterne v Francis South; John South; Anthony South; Charles South; John Hutton; Clifford Clifton Marriage settlement of lands in manors of Kelstone [Kelstern], Cawkwell and Fotherby, Lincs. C78/527, no. 8 [119]
1653 18 June John Duncombe late of the City of Westminster and Frances Duncombe daughter of the said John v John Withers, citizen & draper of London Trust in lands of the manor of Exbury, Middx C78/540, no. 16 [120]
1653 20 June William Castlehow; Anthony Slee; John Jacke; William Todhunter; John Slee; Edward Raxstro; Thomas Slee; Cuthbert Hodgson; Ambrose Hodgson; John Atkinson; John Parker; John Grove; Thomas Greenhow; John Stoble; James Bird; John Edmonds; John Thomson; Thomas Tompson; William Sisson customary tenants of the manor of Hulton John, Cumberland as well for themselves as for all other customary tenants of the manor v Andrew Hudleston the elder; Andrew Hudleston his son; John Fleminge; Sir Christopher Martin; James Mesmin & Agnes his wife; Thomas Wharton; Christopher Dudley; Sir John Lowther Changes in customary dues of the manor of Hulton John, Cumberland C78/540, no. 4 [121]
1653 21 June William Wade & Rachel his wife v Anne Hawker, widow, executrix of John Hawker decd; Thomas Hawker an infant by the said Anne. Redemption of mortgaged lands in Ashen, Essex. C78/398, no. 10 [122]
1653 21 June Margaret Allen, widow v Richard Swayne; William Speering; Thomas Spicer Payment of an annuity C78/500, no. 11 [123]
1653 21 June Thomas Burgis v Roger Philpe; John Carter & Constance his wife Bonds and debts. C78/500, no. 12 [124]
1653 21 June Nicholas Opye v Anthony Rouse; Anne his wife; Mary Rous; Ann Rous; Elizabeth & Frances Rous their children; William Buggs; Edward Kirton; George Bampfielde; Valentine Saunders; Christopher Pugh; William Bligh; John Rous; Thomas Clement Encumbrances to sale of manor and advowson of Erinington [Ermington], Devon.PS C78/553, no. 8 [125]
1653 21 June Daniel Reeve an infant by Thomas Plane v Isaacke Brooke; John Engeham; Robert Reeve & Alice his wife, father & mother of the said complt Testamentary trust settlement of lands in Woodnesbury, Kent C78/1150, no. 30 [126]
1653 21 June Henry Manfield v. Arthur Skinner C78/1241, no. 15 [127]
1653 22 June Thomas Cowley v Francis Blomer and Richard Mannsel Mortgage and sale of farm in Oldsworth, Gloucs. C78/403, no. 15 [128]
1653 25 June Adam Howes and Henry Catlin v John Hayne; William King; John Freeman Lease of messuage in Newgate Market, London C78/637, no. 20 [129]
1653 28 June Edward Stratford v Henry Mayo. Portions payable from trust of land and grist and fulling mills in Pakonhill, Stroud, Gloucs. C78/403, no. 5 [130]
1653 28 June Thomas Ewen & Mary his wife v Mary Knowles, widow and Thomas Knowles her son, an infant. Mortgage of messuages and lands in Heme, Kent. C78/549, no. 11 [131]
1653 28 June Erasmus Purlinge & Withipoole his wife; Phillip Bisse & Ursula his wife v William Halley; Christopher Redshawe; Mathew Carter and others (not named) Title to lands in Romandy[?Romanby?], Yorks. C78/580, no. 2 [132]
1653 28 June Thomas Kempe v Alice Vesey, widow and Richard Vesey Mortgage of and rent charge from lands and tenements in Weston, Suffolk C78/658, no. 16 [133]
1653 28 June Tymothy Emely and Henry Emely two of the sons of Maxmillian Emely late of Helmeden, Northants and Martha Emely one of the daughters of the said Maximillian v William Pargiter; Thomas Knight; Thomas Whitebread; Henry Colborne; Humfrey Sowth; John Bury; Thomas Randall; Miles Briggs Testamentary settlement by Will of Maximillian Emely, of lands in Maulden and Purley, Essex C78/665, no. 17 [134]
1653 28 June Timothy Littleton; John Littleton of Enfield, Middx; William Littleton of Lincoln's Inn, Middx v Timothy Tonradur. Debts of Edward, Lord Littleton, payable from profits of sale of trust lands in Henly, Salop. C78/675, no. 11 [135]
1653 28 June Sir James Phellips of Oaldstock Charity, Hants by Edward Phellips; Lawrence Hyde; Dame Elizabeth Phellips, widow & relict of Sir James Phillipps decd late father of the said Sir James Phellipps v John Cager & Margaret his wife Trust and mortgage of Weston farm in Mickeldever, Hants. C78/675, no. 14 [136]
1653 29 June Thomas Drope of Croft, Lincs v Theodore Archer of South Reston, Lincs Payments due from lands in Burgh in the Marsh [Burgh-le-Marsh], Lincs. C78/540, no. 14 [137]
1653 29 June Theophilus Loane and Thomas Dansey v Thomas Gipps; Richard Sherwood Trust settlement of lands in Geesinge or Gainsall, Cambs C78/540, no. 15 [138]
1653 29 June Francis Pigott and Ralph Pigott v Edward Parlett, clerk; John Vincent; Thomas Portler; Francis Portler; John Wright; John Parlett; Thomas Parlett; Robert Heyward; Thomas Adcock; Francis Levitt; Francis Steward; John Parlett the younger; Thomas Clement Bill (Trinity 1653) seeking ratification of agreement (15 Oct. 1650) to complete within 2 years the enclosure of common called Long Green and 25 acres of common in the manor of Stradsett, Norfolk, and to fence it off from the common of the manor of Fincham C78/553, no. 9 [139]
1653 29 June James Ellison of Kitton, Yorks natural brother and administrator of John Ellison late of Litton aforesaid; John Ellison an infant son & heir of the said John Ellison decd v John Fothergill and Richard Fothergill his son Proper assurance of copyhold lands in Ravenstendale, Westmorland. C78/665, no. 13 [140]
1653 29 June Robert Willimott then of Grays Inn, Middx v Thomas Fearne; John Chadwick; Dorothy Columbell, widow Mortgage of lands in Alton and Steeple, Derbys C78/870, no. 7 [141]
1653 29 Jun Thomas Clinton, citizen and grocer of London and Sarah his wife who was daughter of Sarah Sedgwicke late of Portsmouth, Hants, late wife of John Elliott decd v. Richard Lardner Will of Richard Sedgwicke, complts late grandfather. Tenement in Portsmouth. C78/1414, no. 24 [142]
1653 29 June Robert Willimott then of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Thomas Ferne; John Chadwicke; and Dorothy Columbell, widow C78/1559, no. 12 [143]
1653 29 June John Welland, esq v. Robert Savery, esq; James Bampfield & Willmott, his wife; Richard Wolfe; Grace Wolfe; Giles Wolfe; and John Savers C78/1198, no. 3 [144]
1653 1 July Thomas Puckeringe of Hildersham, Cumberland v Richard Davy the younger and Anne Davy Mortgage of manor of Gifford, Essex. C78/665, no. 9 [145]
1653 2 July Samuel Clarke; Henry Clarke; Richard Carter v Robert Clarke & Elizabeth his wife Possession of lands in Bury, Suffolk and Shelfanger, Norfolk. Henry Clarke decd, late brother of the complt Samuel & uncle of the other complts C78/553, no. 11 [146]
1653 2 July Robert Filmer & Dorothy his wife, which Dorothy was cousin & next heir of Thomas Kempe late of Tremworth, Kent decd without issue of his body, that is to say sole daughter of Maurice Tuke & Amy his wife decd who was one of the sisters of the said Thomas Kempe, and cousin & next heir of Theodore Denny decd withoout issue, son & heir of Dame Dorothy Denny decd late wife of Sir William Denny of Grays Inn also decd, one other of the sisters & coheirs of the said Thomas Kempe v Sir William Denny and Josias Clarke Trust of lands in Tremworth and Stowtinge and advowsons of Croundall and Stowtinge, Kent C78/613, no. 8 [147]
1653 2 July Christopher Bennett of Sanham Massie, Cheshire; Thomas Smith v Paule Isack of London, merchant Delivery of cancelled bonds. C78/705, no. 11 [148]
1653 4 July Thomas Goulding v Edward Stratton Mortgage of Senene Park, Wilts C78/580, no. 4 [149]
1653 5 July William Potter of Bicester, Oxon, v. Elizabeth Rud (?); Susan Okely; Alice Chappell; Stephen Chappal; and John Wilcocks C78/2020, no. 5 [150]
1653 7 July Cuthbert Fenwick of East Heddon, Northumberland v Mathew Newton & Margaret his wife; Mary Southgate; Sarah Southgate Mortgage and lease of messuage in East Heddon, Northumberland by William Fenwick, complts late father, to John Addison of Ovingham & William Southgates of Long Benton, Northumberland. C78/665, no. 12 [151]
1653 8 July Henry Caesar of Benington, Herts and Dame Jane Caesar of Tatnam High Crosse, Middx, widow, mother of the said Henry v Anthony Wright, clerk; William Booth; Thomas Booth an infant by the said William Booth his father; John Croft; Thomas Croft; Edward Croft; William Beverley Dispute arising from the enclosure of the fields of the manor of Linwood [near Market Rasen], Lincolnshire, by Henry Caesar. C78/475, no. 3 [152]
1653 8 July Phillip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery v William, Earl of Salisbury; Sir Robert Pye; Michael Oldsworth; Sidney Bere Bonds re debts of Thomas, Earl of Cleveland on security of the manor of Hackney, Middx. C78/590, no. 2 [153]
1653 11 July Edmond Davyes and Mary Davyes v Nicholas Fill Payment of legacies from Francis Davyes the complts late father C78/500, no. 14 [154]
1653 11 July Edward Davies; Alexander Hawtree; and William Robins v. James Prescott gentleman; William Clarke; and Thomas Combes C78/2020, no. 9 [155]
1653 12 July Sir Richard Gourney, citizen & alderman of the City of London; John Pettue of Chedeston, Suffolk v Robert Scraff & Frances his wife now the wife of Henry Malby; Clement Corbett; Sir William Denney; Edmond Mileham; Richard Gentlemen Estate of the late John Berney of Norwich, the manor of Rawlinge, Suffolk and the rectory of the parish of Chedeston. Sale by Berney of this estate. C78/525, no. 11 [156]
1653 12 July Phillip Leigh son & heir of Thomas Leigh decd; Thomas Leigh & Elizabeth Leigh infants by Henry Fleminge v Paul Mercer and also Elizabeth Rogers an infant one of the daughters & coheirs of Richard Rogers decd by Dame Margaret Banister her grandmother; Rogersa Rogers an infant the other daughter & heir of the said Richard Rogers by Lancelot Lake her uncle Legacies payable from trust of manor of Meadstead, Hants and Collingborne farm Wilts. C78/548, no. 17 [157]
1653 12 July Jeremy Gould son & heir of Richard Gould who was son & heir of Thomas Gould which Thomas was eldest brother of John Gould late of Newhall, Hemelhemsted, Herts, who was grandfather unto John Gould late of Bovingdon, Hemelhemsted v Ellen Gould; Thomas Massingale; Thomas Hay; John Mayne; John Gould of the Streete Trust surrender of copyholds and lands in Hemel Hemsted, Herts. C78/606, no. 2 [158]
1653 13 July Mary Calveley, widow, late wife of Sir Hugh Calveley of Ley, Cheshire decd; Robert Cotton; Richard Leigh, nephews & coheirs of the said Hugh Calveley infants by George Bowdon v William Barneston and William Davies Debts payable from trust of lands in Saughton, Lea Alford and Lea Newbald in parish of Warbuch, Cheshire. C78/548, no. 15 [159]
1653 13 July Robert Burdett of Morden, Surrey v Robert Browne; Ralph Hough; John Wallis; and Constance Wallis. Dispute over Spitell Farm, Morden, Surrey. Also other properties at Morden and Carshalton. C78/475, no. 5 [160]
1653 13 July Constance Wallis of London, widow, late the wife & executrix of William Wallis late citizen & mercer of London decd v William Wormewell; Ralph Howe; John Wallis and Henry Wallis Estate of William Wallis: debts owed to Viscount Lumley, Henry Nevill and others. Bevills Hall Farm and Mansion as surety. C78/475, no. 6 [161]
1653 13 July John Cole and Elizabeth his wife v Arthur, Lord Ranelaugh; Arthur Chichester an infant; William Dumvile; Lancellot Lake Claim for payment of a thousand pounds to Elizabeth Cole in accordance with a decree of the court of July 1651 C78/525, no. 7 [162]
1653 13 July William Welby; John Newton; Susanna Williamson, widow; Thomas Grannt; Augustin Grannt the elder; Augustin Grannt the younger; Francis Grannt, widow; Elizabeth Peete, widow; Robert Peete; John Bushell; John Norton; Thomas Lovett; Richard Kellam; Robert Harrison; William Marryott; Edward Kitching; Richard Wildman; John Rose; John Harvy; Anne Redferne, widow; Thomas Redferne; Bartholomew Burton; Mathew Tulley; Thomas Swingler; Ralph Abell; John Harrison, clerk; Eusbius Harrison; Thomas Grannt the younger; Thomas Crosse; Michael Robinson; Thomas Cooke; Henry Robinson; Thomas Winter the elder; Valentine Wright; John Burton; Robert Simpson; John Hurston; Michael Kellam; Ralph Milliner; Thomas Browne; Daniel Kitchin; William Gregory; William Hollingworth; Thomas Winter the younger; Alice Smart, widow; Thomas Baker for and on behalf of themselves & other freeholders and woners in the parish of Allingeton, Lincs v Henry Gibson Bill (4 May 1653) alleging destruction of fences after agreement (3 years earlier) to enclose the east part of the lordship and divide it into parts. Allingeton [East Allington], Lincolnshire C78/712, no. 15 [163]
1653 14 July Adam Lyon; William Bedbrough; Grace Evans v Sir James Croftes and Dame Mary Croftes Debts and legacies payable from lands in Paddington, Middx by will of Amy Conway C78/527, no. 9 [164]
1653 14 July Richard Andrewes & Margery his wife v John Falkner; Samuel Barker; Richard Key Debts and bonds. Mary Key of Ketton, Rutland, widow decd & Lawrence Stacye of Northwitham, Lincs C78/540, no. 17 [165]
1653 15 July Wardens, schoolmaster and poor people of the almshouse or hospital of St. John Baptist in Kirbye Ravensworth, Yorks v Henry Anderson and others (named) (Mich 1648) claiming title to rectory and tithes, (given by will of John Dakins) in East Cowton, by trustees against testator’s son who has enclosed (no date) the glebe with his own lands. C78/632, no. 12 [166]
1653 16 July Francis, Lord Brooke v Robert Harvey Title to pasture grounds in Caldecott[Caldecote], Warwicks C78/527, no. 7 [167]
1653 16 July Sir John Lewis and others (not named) v Henry Dockwra; Thomas Dockwra; Thomas Evans; Daniel Lloyd; Isaac Lloyd and others (not named) Extents on trust lands in Ilstrad, Trevilan, Llanbadurne, Treseglewis, Mauntwully and Dyhewidd, Cardigans C78/580, no. 3 [168]
1653 16 July Roger Mostyn of Mostyn, Flint; Jane Mostyn & Mary Mostyn daughters of the said Roger v Sir Martyn Lumley Marriage treaty re: marriage of complt Roger Mostyn & Prudence his late wife sole daughter of Sir Martyn Lumley the elder decd C78/588, no. 17 [169]
1653 16 July Phillip Jones v Ralph Grundy; Mary Grundy; Owen Jenkins & Elizabeth his wife; John Evans & Katherine his wife; David William Incumbrances on lands in Llanelly and Langenech, Carmarthenshire, offered for sale. C78/1150, no. 29 [170]
1653 18 July John Sherwood of Bishops Hatfield, Herts, brickmaker v Phinees Andrews; Isaac Puller; William Carter Erection of brick house in Barkhamsteed Parva, Herts. C78/524, no. 11 [171]
1653 18 July Sir David Watkins; Lord Henry Pawlett one of the sons of the late Marquess of Winchester decd; Sir Dudley North; John North; Sir Harbottle Grimston; Sir Thomas Hampson; Sir Revett Eldred; Sir Ralph Maddison; Sir Nevill Poole; Dame [blank] Harris, widow; William Conyers; William Tresham; Edward Hanbury; Joachim Mathewes; Francis Theobald; Henry Chester; Allen Corance; William Over; Moses Lee; William Bellamy; Mary Tate one of the daughters of Sir William Tate late decd; Marke Cottle; Thomas Brooker; Fulke Wyam; [blank] Dramond, widow; Henry Owen; and James Martin, creditors of Oliver then late Lord St John decd v Elizabeth, Countess of Bollingbrooke; Sir Beauchampe St. John Debts of Oliver, Lord St. John payable from trust of manors of Bolmehurst and Abotts Pipton, Hunts. C78/569, no. 17 [172]
1653 18 July William Rason, citizen & goldsmith of London & Elizabeth his wife eldest daughter of Henry Sparke late of the parish of St Andrewes in Holborne, Middx v John Shalmer; John Webb; Isabell Threlkeld; John Mease and others (not named) Testamentary settlement, by will of Henry Sparke, of profits of trust of 2 houses in St. James Streete, Covent Garden and 4 houses in High Holborn, Middx C78/632, no. 11 [173]
1653 19 July Henry Rainsford son & heir of Sir Henry Rainsford decd; Francis Rainsford; Hercules Rainsford; Katherine Rainsford; Robert Rainsford; Elizabeth Rainsford; Samuel Rainsford; Mary Rainsford; Benjamin Rainsford; Thomas Rainsford, administrator of the said Sir Henry Rainsford, all of them being children of the said Sir Henry by Sir Francis Nethersole v Ralph Whistler and John Allen Debts payable from testamentary settlement of manor of Combe, Hants C78/486, no. 6 [174]
1653 24 July Mary Husbands widow administratrix of James Husbands esq v. John Taylor; Awbrey Smyth; James Rodd esqs; John Marshall; Abraham Mason; Thomas _____; Anthony Hill; John Browne; and William Browther C79/53, no. [175]
1653 25 July William Lawe v Jane and Isabell Lawe. Title to mortgaged messuage in Wichbold, parish of Dodderhill, Worcs. C78/478, no. 10 [176]
1653 27 July Anthony Thomas v Sir Richard Strowde; John Jones; Mary Harbert; Thomas Melsopp; Thomas Guy; Edward Hamond Estate of Samuel Thomas: watermill called 'Johns Mill', Horsey Down, Surrey. Also lands, and property at Saint Saviors Dock, Southwark. C78/525, no. 6 [177]
1653 10 Aug Peter Lockwood & Alice his wife v Thomas Ewre; Hester his wife; Robert Hayward Title to houses and lands in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorks. C78/611, no. 6 [178]
1653 11 Oct Richard Tomes v Anne Holland; Henry Johnson; Thomas Day Estate of the late Thomas Tomes, messuages and tenements called 'Badcocke' and 'Crumplins', Gloucestershire C78/525, no. 5 [179]
1653 12 Oct Vincent Randall executor of Sir Edward Randall his late father decd; Edmund Bowyer and Francis Bowyer infants children of John Bowyer late of London by Frances his wife daughter of the said Sir Edward Randall by Dame Anne his wife v Edward Andrewes; Elizabeth his wife formerly the wife of Pedaell Harloe decd; Edward Rich of Lincolns Inn; Thomas Crompton; Randall Hunt; Thomas Bennett; Thomas Southwicke; Thomas Collett Trust of the manors of Chilworth and Albury, Surrey. C78/569, no. 13 [180]
1653 18 Oct Phillipp Wallis of Frankton, Warks. v. Sir George Heneage. re. descent of the property of Pedegree [?Peregrine] Greene, given by grant or conveyance from late Queen Elizabeth, the Priory House and Grange Farm in the par. of 'Thistle' [par. Sixhills near Market Rasen, lands of former 'Sixle' Priory], Lincolnshire. [Pedegree Greene's daughter Rachell Greene married Phillipp Wallis, deceased, the complt's father]. C78/475, no. 12 [181]
1653 19 Oct Sir John Day of the City of London, merchant v David Edwards and others (not named). Dispute over Flanders trade: dealings on credit and settlement of debts C78/525, no. 4 [182]
1653 19 Oct Robert Ryther an infant by John Gibbon v Dame Mary Stanhope and Anthony Hamond Bonds raised on security of lands in Boston, Lincs. C78/540, no. 6 [183]
1653 19 Oct Geffery Minshall gentleman v. ___ Doringeton gentleman; Lawrence Tompson the elder; William Hampton; and others (sic) re. sale July 1641 of lands called Collidge Fields, Littell Ravensmort and Cliffe in Dorrington in par. of Mucklestone, Salop [now in Staffs]. C78/2020, no. 7 [184]
1653 20 Oct John Cowper v Edward Newton. Bonds re sale of lands in Mickleover, Derbyshire and accounts of woman constable C78/548, no. 16 [185]
1653 21 Oct Joseph Peters; Adrian Peters; Giles Peters tenants of Sutton Marsh [Sutton-on-Sea], Lincs v William Wise; Christopher Emerson; Richard Deering Embanking of Sutton Marsh. C78/570, no. 12 [186]
1654 22 Oct Alice Moore, Margaret Moore, Elizabeth Moore and Frances Moore grandchildren of William Whitmore decd & together with the Lady bridgett Somersett, one of the daughters of the said William Whitmore, coheirs of the said William Whitmore, that is to say daughters of Sir Edward Moore decd by Dame Winifred his wife the other daughter of the said William Whitmore who died in the life time of the said William Whitmore her father and of the said Sir Edward Moore her husband, infants by Harbert Leake v Bridget, Lady Somerset Accounts of profits of manors of Leighton, Neston and Thorneton, Cheshire C78/482, no. 10 [187]
1653 24 Oct Richard Pearson v Sir Francis Boynton; Nicholas Conyers; Marmaduke Norclifte; Anne Conyers, widow; George Hall. Possession of tenement in Skaileinge [Scaling], Parish of Easington, Yorks. C78/613, no. 5 [188]
1653 25 Oct Sir William Luckin of Little Waltham, Essex v Joseph Scottow; Richard Thacker; John Tooley Debts and bonds C78/524, no. 10 [189]
1653 25 Oct Henry Piggott v. William Riseley & Mary his wife Sale of lands in Bedfordshire C78/585, no. 22 [190]
1653 25 Oct Anne Molyns, widow, late wife & executrix of William Molins of the Middle Temple, London decd the late executor of Edward Cheeke late of Clinger in the parish of Buckland, Dorset decd v John Tasborrough & his wife; Sir Jervase Clifton; Jordan Fairfax; Richard Bonny Debts payable from sale of lands in Buckland and Catestor, Dorset. C78/665, no. 15 [191]
1653 26 Oct James Hooper v John Longe; Theophilus Crabb, clerk; Humfrey Longe Sequestration and sale of parsonage of Stoake under Houndon, Somerset. C78/500, no. 10 [192]
1653 3 Nov Sir Edward Griffin of Dingley, Northants; Thomas Hill; Francis Bosworth; Robert Clipsham; William Underwood; George Clipham; Robert Spence; John Reynold; Thomas Clipsham; Thomas West; Robert Cooper; Nicholas Cooper; Katherine Cooper; John Bosworth; John Slope; Richard Wingrave; Ann Richards, inhabitants of the parish of Braybrooke, Northants v Richard Spence; Jane Spence; John Leister; Josias Connyers; John Brayden; William Wingrave; Thomas Bosworth; Elizabeth Coleman Bill (Mich 1652) reciting agreement (13 March 1648) to enclose Loatland Field, Blackfield and part of Braybrooke, Northamptonshire, waste and subsequent allotment of plots (Nov. 1649) and alleging that c 1652 the defendants repudiated the agreement and destroyed hedges. Court ratified agreement. C78/527, no. 5 [193]
1653 3 Nov Parties totally eroded and illegible Portions payable from manor of Mayde, (no county) C78/606, no. 1 [194]
1653 3 Nov Robert Younge & Anne his wife v. Edward Sedgwicke, esq re. descent of lands of Horatio Palavicino [d.1600] (?brother of Anne Younge); manor of ---- & manor of Upwood, Huntingdonshire (now Cambs.] and divers other lands; claims of Anne Younge. C78/1283, no. 4 [195]
1653 7 Nov John Clerke & Rebecca his wife, Rt. hon. John Lisle; John Dormer; William Lisle v Rebecca Lee, widow, the late wife & relict of Henry Lee of the City of London decd; Richard Wild; William Bullock; Gregory Cole; Thomas Norton; Rachell Davyes Arbitration of an earlier case involving a writ of dower. C78/525, no. 3 [196]
1653 8 Nov John Chapman v John Winscombe; Sir Gregory Norton; William Sherston; David Macey; Henry White; Elizabeth Wilde Lease of site of manor and farm of Weston, Somerset. C78/645, no. 12 [197]
1653 8 Nov Nicholas Steward & Thomas Flynt v Rowley Ward & Thomas Ward his son Rents due from marriage settlement of lands in Pillarton and Barford Mills (no county given). Marriage of Deft Thomas & Dorothy, sister to the plt Nicholas & daughter of Dame Dorothy Piggott (now the wife of Maximillian Pettie) & Simeon Steward, and grandaughter of Nicholas C78/646, no. 18 [198]
1653 10 Nov Richard Ashley & Katherine his wife eldest daughter and coheir of Gabriel Huttoft decd; Gabriel & Elizabeth Ashley their children both infants v Thomas Grove Annuities payable from personal estate of Gabriel Huttoft and lands in New Sarum, Wilts C78/590, no. 4 [199]
1653 11 Nov Walter Kelland v Gabriel Thomas and Nicholas Beare Joint purchase of the prison in Stoke Cannon, Devon. C78/500, no. 9 [200]
1653 12 Nov Thomas Rich of London; Joseph Rich; Edward Rich; Robert Rich being all of them sons of William Rich late citizen & merchant tailor of London decd and Lucy Rich his late wife also decd, the said Joseph, Edward & Robert being infants by Joseph Jaques, citizen & brewer of London their grandfather, father of the said Lucy Rich v Ellen Combes, widow, the relict of John Combes decd Estate of Lucy Rich, relict of William Rich, merchant taylor of London. Wardship dispute C78/475, no. 2 [201]
1653 12 Nov John Hill the elder of Longborrough, Gloucs v John Hill the younger & Lawrence Albright Marriage settlement of lands in Longborrowe, Gloucs. C78/524, no. 8 [202]
1653 14 Nov Sir Richard Howell and Richard Howell v Thomas Dunham; George Girling; William Collisson Rights of fouldcourse and free warren in Hillington, Norfolk. C78/403, no. 8 [203]
1653 14 Nov John Allen v George Hopkins. Rents due from tenements and lands in Midsummer Norton, Somerset. C78/548, no. 14 [204]
1653 15 Nov John Peake the elder of Spalding, Lincs, cordwainer; John Peake, Roger Peake and Ellen Peake the sons & daughter of the said John v Samuel Wright and Robert Jelloes. Purchase of land at Spalding, Lincolnshire by William Peake, brother of the complt. C78/475, no. 13 [205]
1653 15 Nov Sir John Cotton and others (not named) v Thomas Peyton and Edmond Haylocke Bill (Mich 1652) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) whereby defendant could enclose 60 acres of a common ground called Padney hill in return for quitclaim of fouldcourse rights elsewhere on that common. Wickem, Cambridgeshire C78/665, no. 11 [206]
1653 16 Nov Ralph Sampson als Samson an infant by Walter Sampson his father v John Hodges Disputed will of John Hutton, making settlement of lands in Butley and Barton Davis, (no county given). C78/548, no. 13 [207]
1653 16 Nov Mathew Carnesewe son of Francis Carnesewe the elder sometime of Filly, Cornwall, administrator of Francis Carnesewe the younger his brother decd; Edmond Harley & Phillipp his wife; John Sleggatt & Mary his wife daughters of the said Francis Carnesewe the elder v Tristram Arscott. Legacies payable from personal estate of Sir Richard Carnesewe. C78/569, no. 14 [208]
1653 16 Nov Lewis Mordant & Dame Mary Throckmorton his wife, late the wife of Sir Robert Throckmorton; Anne Throckmorton daughter of the said Sir Robert Throckmorton & Dame Mary, an infant v Francis Throckmorton an infant; William Sheldon; Edward Bushell Trust settlement of the rectory of Coughton and Samborne, Warwicks and part of rectory of Olney, Bucks and Morton Woods and Abbotts, Morton, Worcs. C78/712, no. 16 [209]
1653 17 Nov William Palmer & Elizabeth his wife v Sir Alexander St. John; Dame Margaret his wife; Robert Halton; John Halton; Elizabeth Halton; Dreyner Halton Trust of lease of manor of High Easter, Essex and alleged legacy from Great Carlton, Little Carlton and Castle Carlton, Lincs. Said Elizabeth is daughter & heir of William Halton decd, son & heir of Sir Roger Halton decd, son & heir of Joane Halton decd, sister & heir of Thomas Dreyner decd C78/646, no. 19 [210]
1653 18 Nov Elizabeth Nunn of London, spinster v George Nunn Legacy payable by will of Edward Nunn, from lands in Felsham, Suffolk C78/482, no. 15 [211]
1653 18 Nov Mathew Kirke; and Robert Kirke, executors of Robert Kirke of Gainsborough, Lincs v. Anne Lowden, widow; Francis Lowden; and Anne Wetherall C78/1241, no. 11 [212]
1653 19 Nov Richard Verdon of Bungay, Suffolk, draper v William Crane of Beccles, Suffolk, draper Bonds for debts. C78/524, no. 13 [213]
1653 19 Nov John Shaxton executor of Thomas Shaxton decd v Thomas Needham and Peter Alston Trust settlement of lands in Alton and Steeple, Derbys C78/870, no. 8 [214]
1653 19 Nov Samuel Waddington, gent v. Joseph Turner; Thomas Hollins & Mary his wife; Thomas Bradley; and Agnes Haneworth C78/1241, no. 13 [215]
1653 22 Nov Elizabeth Harvey, widow, administratrix of William Harvey decd v Robert Harvey and Richard Bury Rents due from trust settlement of lands and stone quarries in Lancton Matravers, Dorset C78/486, no. 5 [216]
1653 22 Nov Sir Phillipp Tirwhit, baronet v. Thomas Hudson C78/1283, no. 3 [217]
1653 24 Nov John Brignell v Sir Richard Bellasis; George Lilburne; George Graye senior; George Graye junior Payment for working the coal-mines in Lambton [Co Durham] C78/665, no. 14 [218]
1653 24 Nov Peter Speccott v Anthony Nicolls & Amy his wife Marriage portions raised from trust of the manor of Great Torrington and the Barton of Gothacott, Devon C78/705, no. 13 [219]
1653 25 Nov Thomas Levingston v Thomas Blackwell executor of Robert Blackwell Reversion of lands in Billyard, Saint Dunstons in the West, Middx C78/560, no. 9 [220]
1653 26 Nov Katherine, Lady Newburghe the relict of Edward, Lord Newburgh late decd; Francis, Lord Dacres; William, Lord Williams and others (not named) v Sir Humfrey Forster; Challonor Chute; Robert Briscoe; Ferdinando Clerke; Thomas Dicker Debts and legacies of Lord Newburgh payable from sale of trust estate of the manors of Stanfordingley and Woolverton, (no county given C78/527, no. 4 [221]
1653 26 Nov Francis Dison & Dowsabell his wife v Thomas Dorebarre; Edward Fox als Tatterdell & Mary his wife; Nicholas Hendricke Jointures and profits payable from lands in Water Lambeth, Surrey C78/560, no. 10 [222]
1653 26 Nov Richard Pryse of Gogerddan, Cards, baronet, son and heir of Sir Richard Pryse knight and baronet v. Mary Jones and John Jones C79/53, no. [223]
1653 1 Dec Elizabeth Swayne, widow; William Swayne v Thomas Brightwell; Robert Swayne; Christopher Babington Dispute over a property called 'Old Spur Copys' at Woodburne, Buckinghamshire C78/551, no. 13 [224]
1653 2 Dec James Northfolke & Martha his wife v Thomas Wentworth; William Barker; Henry Robinson; George Juxon; Elizabeth Wentworth, widow The manor of Booking, and other lands in the County of Essex. The estate of John Wentworth. C78/532, no. 12 [225]
1653 2 Dec Edward Gostwick of Willington, Beds by Sir William Litton his grandfather (vizt) father of Dame Mary Gostwick the mother of the said Edward v William Ashwell Debts and portions payable from trust of manor of Willington, Beds. C78/658, no. 15 [226]
1653 2 Dec Francis Waind v. Joseph, lord Mondson; and Edmond Forrest C78/1241, no. 9 [227]
1653 3 Dec Dame Jane Bacon the wife of Nathaniel Bacon and formerly the wife of Sir William Cornwallis v John Hamond; Richard Hamond; Thomas Meadowes Rents due from manor of Davellers, Suffolk. C78/398, no. 8 [228]
1653 6 Dec William Wood & Mary his wife daughter & .... of Nathaniel Bagg decd v Thomas Blizard and Stephen Blizard. Interests in trust of lands in Honyborne, Gloucs. C78/607, no. 20 [229]
1653 7 Dec Thomas Holt; Edward Twyford; Lancelot Grainger; John Gunn executors of John Palmer decd v Richard Coxeter Bonds re conveyance of copyhold lands in Bampton, Oxon. C78/607, no. 19 [230]
1653 8 Dec George Beard; Bartholomew Kneebone otherwise Wills; Loveday his wife; Robert Tabb v Hugh Boscawen; John Trefusis; Richard Penrose; Hugh Boscawen Bonds for debts of Robert Kempe on security of farm of Trewinuck, Cornwall C78/524, no. 12 [231]
1653 8 Dec Nicholas Knight & Anne his wife; Julian Coryn v Christopher Ough; Jonathan Rashleigh; Thomas Knight; Richard Kendall Mortgage of tenement called Langnethan or Wallalake in Saint Winnowe, Cornwall. C78/569, no. 15 [232]
1653 8 Dec Arthur Ingleby, esq, an infant, by John Thompson his guardian v. Mary Ingleby; and Lancellot Lake, esq C78/1241, no. 14 [233]
1653 9 Dec John Colson & Anne his wife late widow & relict of Edward Thorpe decd v Robert Pescodd and John Thorpe. Marriage of Anne to Thorpe, settlement of a jointure. Site of the late dissolved monastery of St Mary's, Winchester, Hants C78/475, no. 11 [234]
1653 10 Dec Edmond Veale of Great St Bartholomews near West Smithfield, Middx, cordwainer who was devisee & executor of Dorcas Wollaston late of New Brainford, Middx, spinster decd who was heir & executor of John Wollaston late of London, haberdasher & Anne his wife, which said Anne was daughter & heir of John Wade v William Adderley and William Ludgold Possession of lands in Eastburnham, Bucks. C78/665, no. 8 [235]
1653 13 Dec Robert Bennett v John Clobery the elder; Christopher Clobery; John Clobery the younger sons of the said John Clobery the elder; Ambrose Mannaton Trust of part of the manor of Lawhitton, Cornwall C78/705, no. 4 [236]
1653 13 Dec Hugh Stephens v. Abraham Barnefield & Johan his wife; James Smith; and Lewis Wellington C78/1241, no. 12 [237]
1653 16 Dec Elizabeth Barnadiston the relict of Henry Barnadiston late of Northill, Beds v. George Eversden of London skinner C78/1921, no. 5 [238]
1653 22 Dec James Tavernor, the sole surviving churchwarden of Virley (?), Essex; Thomas Oasebolt; Thomas Robinson, the late churchwardens of the same; Thomas Mott; Peter Bradley; and James Watts, the present overseers of the poor, for the poor of the parish v. John Osborne, gent C78/801, no. 4 [239]