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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1644 20 C78/ , no. []
1644 23 Jan 19 Thomas Ireland and others (not named) on behalf of themselves and also the poor kindred of John Whately late of Kinges Norton, Worcs decd v Thomas Greaves, William Moore & William Collins executors of John Whately decd Payment of legacies. C78/399, no. 20 [2]
1644 30 Jan 19 John Catcher an infant by Everard Edmonds gentleman his guardian v. George Phippen and Margaret Catcher Premises in the City of London & in parishes of Peran in the Sand, Kenwyn & Truro, Cornwall C78/2022, no. 2 [3]
1644 31 Jan 19 Francis Ewer son and heir of Edward Ewer late of Bucknell, Oxon, esq and administrator with the will annexed of the said Edward Ewer and William Jones esq trustee and assignee of the said Edward Ewer for paying his debts and raising his childrens' portions out of his manor of Oddington v. Thomas Tawyer gentleman heir and administrator of Sir Edward Frere; Sir John Lenthall; Sir Thomas Coghill; and Richard Poure Lease by Richard Poure late of Bletchington & Joane his wife of the manors of Oddington, Poures & Adderbury, Oxon C78/2022, no. 3 [4]
1644 22 Feb 19 Rt. Hon. Barnard, Duke of Espernon, France v James Pickering; Robert Tokeley; George Prior; Phineas Andrewes; Thomas Smyth; David Davison; William Rand; Samuel Andrewes Contract for hire of ship "Unity" of London to transport soldiers from the port of Passage in Spain to the port of St John de Luce in France C78/489, no. 12 [5]
1644 22 Feb 19 Barnard, Duke of Espernon, France v James Pickering; Robert Tokeley; George Pryor; Phineas Andrewes; Thomas Smyth; David Davison; William Rand; Samuel Andrewes Contract for hire of ship to transport soldiers. C78/510, no. 6 [6]
1644 22 Feb 19 George Garrett, Alderman of the City of London v Richard Shorditch and William Say Mortgage of parcels of the manor of Ickenham in the parishes of Hillingdon or Ickenham [Middx] C78/1327, no. 2 [7]
1644 24 Feb 19 Robert Crane; James Sharley; Arthur Hollingworth; Richard Fearmes and William Hart v Thomas Jenyng; John Farrington; John Bradley and Robert Sainthill Charter of a ship called "the Hector of London". Voyage to New England and Newe Found Land C78/1327, no. 3 [8]
1644 29 Feb 19 Edward Rogers, citizen & mercer of London v Richard Gardiner the elder; Richard Gardiner the younger; Thomas Mathewes; John Basemore; Richard Stocke Lease of manor of Thorncrofte and lands in Lethered, Micklam and Featcham, Surrey C78/679, no. 5 [9]
1644 4 March 19 John Edwards of Sandon, Herts, guardian for Mathew Edwards & Bridget Edwards and others (not named) v Christopher Vernon; Thomas Morison; John Edwards The issues of the manor of Gannock, Sandon, Hertfordshire C78/536, no. 18 [10]
1644 23 April 20 John Millett of Hesse, Middx; George Page of Heston, Middx & Elizabeth his wife, sole sister & next heir apparent unto the said John Millett v William Bowyer; John Hawtrey; William Payneter; William Buggin Debts payable from trust of manor of Hesse, Middx C78/642, no. 1 [11]
1644 11 May 20 Robert Gynne of London v Henry Marsh and Nicholas Clarke Accounts of profits of lease of tithes of Kensington, Middx. C78/467, no. 13 [12]
1644 13 May 20 Ralph Maxson & Joane Ornett infants by Thomas Grove, and Thomas Middleton an infant by Elizabeth the late wife of John Grove decd v Andrew Wheattly the younger executor of the will of Andrew Wheatly the elder decd who was executor of the will of Robert Wheatly decd, and Thomas Paine Will of George Mosse decd. Inn called the Redd Lyon in Red Crosse Street, St Gyles without Cripplegate, London. C78/1327, no.1 [13]
1644 14 May 20 Thomas Denne v Edward Jackman & Mary his wife Dispute over property at Hornechurch, Essex, also a messuage in settlement in the marriage of Jackman and Elizabeth Denne C78/471, no. 15 [14]
1644 15 May 20 Christopher Anderton & Anne his wife v. John Wallis & Margaret his wife George Godfrey late father of the complt Anne. Messuage & yardland in Heddington, Oxon & also North Hinksey. C78/2022, no. 1 [15]
1644 20 May 20 Thomas Robinson son & heir apparent of Thomas Robinson of London v Ralph Wright, John Robinson Buildings, messuages and other property at Chilverscoton, Griff and Bedworth, Warwickshire C78/471, no. 14 [16]
1644 24 May 20 John Pocock, citizen and woolen draper of London v Charles Kynaston and John Dod Lease of messuage in the Strond. C78/1327, no. 17 [17]
1644 1 June 20 William Nicholls, citizen & clothworker of London v Mary Skipwith, widow Lease of tenement and lands near Southall Woodside in Chipping Barnett, Herts. Refs previous bill of current complt v Stephen Skipwith, John Garraway & Robert Gawderne C78/489, no. 11 [18]
1644 20 June 20 Thomas Taylor the younger of Whepstead, Suffolk; John Stutvile of the Middle Temple, London v John Ketle and others (not named). Rent arrears and waste committed on farm in Wickham St. Paul, Essex C78/538, no. 6 [19]
1644 25 June 20 Isaak Appleton of Little Waldewfield, Suffolk; Robert Fairebeard of St Martins in the Field, Middx v James Harrington; John Sutton Profits of lease of moiety of manor house of Muncks Hall, Great Maplested, Essex. C78/487, no. 4 [20]
1644 3 July 20 Roger Ramsey of Hethersett, Norfolk, administrator of Edward Ramsey late of Hethersett v Robert Ramsey Administration of trust of lands in Crachall [Crakehall], Yorks; Abberley, Worcs; Rochdale, Lancs; Hemingford Abbots, Hunts; Soham, Cambs and Terrington, Tilney and Jolingon [?Illington], Norfolk C78/529, no. 10A [21]
1644 4 July 20 Mathew Hobman of the City of London, merchant v John Smith; Thomas Husser; Daniel Citty; Thomas Hussey Debts. C78/709, no. 8 [22]
1644 6 July 20 Anthony Southouse and Agnes his wife v William Browning Estate of Henry Bingham decd. 2 messuages held in trust for the complt Agnes. C78/1327, no. 14 [23]
1644 9 July 20 Jasper Dortnoll, citizen and fishmonger of London v William Coltman since decd (revivor v his executors Francis Allen, Symon Peck and William Hobson) Lease of wharfs or quays called Ould Wooll Key, Newe Wooll Key and Harts Horne Key, known as the Custom House Keys C78/1327, no. 16 [24]
1644 19 July 20 Edward Alpe & Francis Ireland, churchwardens of Framlingham, Suffolk; Nicholas Bourne, overseer for the poor of the said parish; William Pulham, freeholder of Framlingham; James Phillipps & John Grater, churchwardens of Debenham, Suffolk; John Smyth & Thomas Baker, overseers of the poor of Debenham; Simon Tovell, James Phillipps, John Grater, John Smyth & Thomas Barker, freeholders of Debenham; John Stafford & John Starling, churchwardens of Coxall, Essex; Henry Johnson, John Cox & Benjamin Hawes, overseers of the poor of Coxall; Thomas Aylett, Robert Crane & William Tanner, freeholders of Coxall, for poor of Framlingham, Debenham and Coxall v Richard Keable and Robert Butt executors of Sir Robert Hitcham decd; Francis Bacon; William Butt; James Rivett; The masters & fellows of Pembrooke Hall in the University of Cambridge; John Walgrave; Nicholas Sheene; Daniel Smyth Accounts of estate of Sir Robert Hitcham and performance of his charitable bequests, payable from lands in Burnvills, Ipswich, Framlingham, Walton cum Trimley, Saxted and Felixstowe, Suffolk. C78/538, no. 5 [25]
1644 15 Aug 20 Christopher Hudson v Stephen Parkinson & Sarah his wife. Estate of William Hudson: property at the Inner Court Yard of Smithfield. Parish of St. Sepulchre, London. C78/381, no. 1B [26]
1644 31 Oct 20 Thomas Ashbridge & Margaret his wife; Alice Mynn an infant daughter of Nicholas Mynn decd; Joane Mynn, mother & guardian of the said Alice v Anthony Cooper; Elizabeth Shipdham; Samueol Hasnett; Phillip Calthropp; Edward Myn Trust of manors of Greate Fransham, Cannons and Sparhams, Norfolk, lands etc in Greate Fransham, Little Fransham, Skarning, Greate Dunham, Little Dunham, Wendling, Beeston iuxta Mileham, Kempston & Norton. Nicholas Mynn late of Fransham, Norfolk C78/417, no. 19 [27]
1644 (bill) Nov 20 John Wiseman esq v. Robert Wright & Elizabeth his wife Mostly eroded, finding aid confirms names and gives locn as Wimbish, Essex C78/1925, no. 14 [28]
1644 4 Nov 20 John Hatcher of Empingham, Rutland v John Lambe; Thomas Laddes; Richard Laddes Payment for sale of rectory of Maxey, Northants. C78/467, no. 12 [29]
1644 8 Nov 20 Simon Westby of St Mary Savoy in the Strand, Middx & Margery his wife v Thomas Capp; Elizabeth his wife; William Sampson Rents due from messuages called the New Plough & the Old Plough in parish of Saint Clement Danes without Templebar, Middx. C78/399, no. 41 [30]
1644 20 Nov 20 William Latham, citizen & woollen draper of London; Henry Stevens, citizen & Imbroderer of London v Lucy, Countess dowager of Carlile; James, Earl of Carlile; Sir James Hay; Archibald Hay; Thomas Paramore; John van Hasdoncke; Thomas Alsopp Debts of Earl of Carlisle for cloth, payable from estates in Yorks, Lincs, Middx, Ireland and Caribean islands. C78/487, no. 3 [31]
1644 22 Nov 20 Henry Moore, merchant of the Staple, London v Mary Wright, widow, administratrix of Thomas Wright decd her late husband. Bonds and debts. C78/399, no. 42 [32]
1644 29 Nov 20 William Dawes v Thomas Shingler since decd Estate of William Dawes the complts late father. Manor of Brincklowe, Warks. C78/1327, no. 15 [33]