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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1643 19 C78/, no. []
1643 23 Jan 18 Henry Hawkes on behalf of William Hawkes his son, Thomas Hawkes on behalf of Elizabeth his daughter v Richard Crosse and Edward Herbert. Estate of William Hawkes, a messuage held of Francis, Earl of Bedford, Newcombes Farm, parish of Farringdon, Devonshire. C78/385, no. 7 [2]
1643 6 Nov 19 William Osborne doctor; Edward Wilson; and William Hodges clerk the vicars of the vicarage of Bampton, Oxon v. the dean and chapter of the cathedral church of St Peter, Exeter; Thomas Southby their farmer AND v. Sir Edward Yate baronet owner of Haddon Parva within the parish of Bampton [Little Haddon in Bampton, Oxon] Tythes of Little Haddon in the parish of Bampton, Oxon C78/2022, no. 5 [3]
1643 27 Nov 19 Sir John Bentley knight of Bredsall Parke [Breadsall Park], Derbs, knight v. Thomas Browne; George Latham; and William Hamond Title to the custody of the Castle of York & prison C78/2036, no. 29 [4]
1643 12 Dec 19 John Catcher an infant by Everard Edmonds gentleman his guardian v. George Phippin and Margaret Catcher Will of Edward Catcher & estate of his brother William Catcher (the complts father). The Blewbell in Broad Streete, the White Horse Head in Candleweeke Streete & other houses adjoining and lands in Newington held according to gavelkind & lands in Cornwall C78/2022, no. 4 [5]