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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1642 18 C78/, no. []
1642 13 Jan 17 Edward Bradborne and Jane his wife sole daughter of Sir Abraham Dawes decd and Dawes Wymondsall son and heir of Elkin Wymondsall decd and Judith his sole daughter v William Wymondsall, Richard D..., John Thorne, Thomas Durham, Henry Goringe, John Tretham, Edward Meredith and William Miller Marriage settlement. Capital messuage and land in Wimbledon, Surrey. C78/1327, no. 8 [2]
1642 21 Jan 17 Robert Askwith of Roundhay, Yorks v Constance Askwith; Abraham Chamberlayne; Sarah Edwards; Richard Miller & his wife; John Littlebury & his wife Nicholas Askwith late of Hackney, Middx decd late brother of the compltArrears of rentcharges from houses in Pannier Alley, Christchurch, London. C78/444, no. 11 [3]
1642 21 Jan 17 Timothy Wade v Alice Eglesfield widow Outstanding accounts of trade with John Eglesfield (now decd), merchant residing in the island of Zannt & Cellitlonia and thereabouts in the parts of Grecia. Details of ships and goods (mainly cloth) for 1621 - 1624, C78/1327, no. 5 [4]
1642 25 Jan 17 Roger Williams and Robert Hughes (now decd) v John Lloyd; Edward Williams; Foulke Rutter; Hugh Hughes Testamentary settlement of mortgaged lands in Combe and Mayneva, Flints C78/479, no. 20 [5]
1642 29 Jan 17 Thomas Moyser of Appleton, Yorks v John Eastoft and Thomas ..... Title to manor of Lockington, Yorks. Alexander Stockdale, grandfather of the complt C78/619, no. 3 [6]
1642 29 Jan 17 William Rutland v Francis Reade Payment of annuity from lands (totally illegible and erased). C78/660, no. 1 [7]
1642 3 Feb 17 Richard Farmer, clerk, rector of Charwellton, Northants v Richard Sidley; Richard Trist; Johe Crewe; George Benson; William Adames; Edmond Farmer; Thomas Hall; Richard Knightley; Mary Marriott Bill (Mich 1635) alleging loss of tithes and glebe lands after enclosure of 125 acres of the manor of Charwelton, Northants. C78/397, no. 11 [8]
1642 8 Feb 17 James Ashley v Sir John Howland. Alleged forfeiture of lease of messuage called Sleece Hall and lands in Tooting Beake, Surrey. C78/459, no. 2 [9]
1642 8 Feb 17 Thomas Glynne and Ellen his wife v Hugh Owen and Anne his wife; Henry Williams; Hugh ap Rees Title to tenement called Trogog in Amlwch, Anglesey C78/1327, no. 6 [10]
1641 10 Feb 17 William Bodle, Margaret Bodle & Sarah Bodle children of Robert Bodle late of Hellingleigh, Sussex, blacksmith decd by Thomas Bodle v Sara Bodle, widow; Richard Althorne; Robert Bodle the younger Debts and legacies payable from profits of sale of lands called Hempsteds in Arlington, Sussex. C78/479, no. 19 [11]
1642 10 Feb 17 Francis Williamson, administrator of Barnaby Williamson decd; Robert Williamson son & heir apparent of the said Barnaby v Thomas Broughton. Debts of Gilbert Roos of Laxton, payable from manors of Sutton, Weston, Lowdham and Billstropp [Bilsthorpe], Notts C78/510, no. 10 [12]
1642 10 Feb 17 Roger Hurt and Dorothy Blackwall v John Oliver; Vincent Oliver; Robert Reckleyes; Peter Whynyates; John Bancrofte; William Wilder Rents due from messuage in Chelaston [Chellaston, Derbyshire]. C78/634, no. 10 [13]
1642 10 Feb 17 William Court als Paris v Henry Hodges Accounts of profits of trust of Cotley farme and lands of Waynebrooke, Dorset. C78/649, no. 14 [14]
1642 10 Feb 17 Haniball Potter, doctor of divinity and of the fellows of Trinity College, Oxford v Robert Meese; George French; Thomas Nutt; William Nurse; Bennett Smith; Hercules Aris; William Tey; Edward Bates; John Bignell; Edward Maynard Definition of boundaries of glebe lands belonging to rectory of Over Worton, Oxon C78/1205, no. 1 [15]
1642 10 Feb 17 William Bott gentleman v. Sir Robert Wolselye baronet; Dame Mary his wife; Sir Richard Dyott knight; Dame Dorothy his wife; and Richard Dyott gentleman Delivery of bond for cancellation and of money, plate, jewels belonging to Margaret Bott the complts late wife C78/2036, no. 27 [16]
1642 11 Feb 17 Sir Kenelme Digby of Gotehurst, Bucks; Edward Reade of Gubberhill, Gloucs v Elizabeth Gresham. Cancellation of bonds of John Verney. C78/489, no. 21 [17]
1642 11 Feb 17 Mary Clerke, widow, one of the daughters of Henry Prannell late citizen & alderman of London decd; Frances Brooke & Katherine Brooke two of the daughters of Robert Bro... late of Brikewa.., Herts decd & Johan his wife also decd one other of the daughters of the said Henry Prannell v Rt. hon. Henry, Lord Mowbray and ..altra..; Thomas ..ord his son; John, Lord Paulett; Sir Robert ..rden; Sir Edward Hungerford; Sir Richard Younge; Den... Hollis & Dorothy his wife; John Langford Testamentary settlement of manors of Rookey water, Andrewes, Newsill or Newsall, Bartway and Barwick, Herts C78/558, no. 10 [18]
1642 12 Feb 17 John Wheeler & Susan his wife v Mary Savage, widow, executrix of Walter Savage her late husband; Thomas Cresheld; Oliver Whorwood; Christian Wilford and James Wilford the executors of James Wilford decd. Provision of a jointure for Susan Wheeler. C78/372, no. 2 [19]
1642 12 Feb 17 John Chidley of Chatham, Kent, shipwright v Arthur Bromfeild; Timothy Ballyer; James Ballyer Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in the manor of Crofton, Hants. C78/444, no. 10 [20]
1642 14 Feb 17 Edward Bowdon & Thomas Bowdon v George Bowdon. Estate of George Bowdon, share in herbage called 'Whitside' or 'Whiteside' — Derbyshire. C78/471, no. 16 [21]
1642 14 Feb 18 Richard Kirke v Richard Wood; Thomas Wood; Anthony Dewxell; William Addis; Thomas Atkins Mortgage of house and lands in Gloucester C78/573, no. 3 [22]
1642 16 Feb 17 Ambrose Grey, Edward Grey & George Grey, infants by Susan Grey, widow, their mother v Henry Grey; William Bendie; John Baker; John Sparrie; William Beare senior; Thomas Smart; William Steward; Meriell Harris; Jane Rocke; John Bradley; Joane Bradley; Thomas Bach; William Beare junior Estate of Ambrose Grey, deceased. Manors of Enfield and Amblecott, Staffordshire. Settlement on his marriage to Susan, and provision of means for his children. Coal mines mentioned. C78/372, no. 3 [23]
1642 16 Feb 17 John Prentice v Thomas Parish and others (named) Testamentary settlement by will of John Prentice of copyhold lands in the manor of Wiston, Suffolk C78/658, no. 20 [24]
1642 17 Feb 17 Cecil Calvert, Baron of Baltimore, Ireland v Sir Thomas Reynell; Henry Sandys; William Sandys; Henry Swetman; Roger Gourd; John Browne Trust settlement of manors of Semley, Wilts, Hanly, Thorneton, East Pulham, Dorset and lands in Shaston, Dorset, Sutton Mandevill and Swallowcliffe, Wilts and Socke Dennis, Somerset C78/576, no. 5 [25]
1642 19 Feb 17 William Falcon of London, jeweller, administrator of Elizabeth Falcon of London, widow, the complts late grandmother decd not administered by Garrett Falcon her son, the complts late father also decd, as also executor of the said Garrett Falcon v Robert Petty; James Kinge; John Dodd and others (not named) Possession of mortgaged messuage and wharf near Tower of London C78/489, no. 22 [26]
1642 21 Feb 17 Emme Allen widow late wife of Thomas Allen of Pygrane, Derbs v. Thomas Allen an infant son of George Allen AND v. Edward Allen and others (sic) Possession of a messuage & lands called Pygrane in the parish of Chapell le Fryth, Derbs, which the complt claims as her jointure C78/2036, no. 24 [27]
1642 Easter term 18 George, Lord Goreing; Sir Abraham Dawes; Sir John Jacob; Francis Lanthall; Jeffery Howland; Ambrose Bromeskill; Arthur Tench for themselves and others the partners in stock for the regulation of the ?pempcon? of tobacco v. John Southwood, merchant. Debts re tobacco trade. C78/378, no. 1 [28]
1642 15 April 18 John Locke; William King and Fortunatus Catline v Nicholas Nicholls Debts of Augustine Mathews and attempts to protect leases of tenements in Mermaid Yard, St George Southwarke and Parsonage Court, St Brides, London from his creditors C78/1327, no. 13 [29]
1642 28 April 18 John Hassall, Dean of Norwich Cathedral and Chapter (not named) v William Hunt; Richard Gresham; Ann Gilde; Thomas Bedingfield; Thomas Gibbs; Edward Nabbs; James Hill; John Acres; John Hartwell; Edmond Athill; William Hastings; Thomas Hartwell; Richard Asteley; Elizabeth Browne; Thomas Johnson; Thomas Bright; John Jary; James Burlingham; James Lynn; Calvin Brinckley; Christopher Lynn; Richard Leeds; James Bunting; Margaret Leeds; John Bircham; Robert May; Henry Cooke; Ann Mann; James Cooke; Leonard Mann; James Cleyborne; Mary Modiclyffe; John Carter; William Manford; Nicholas Nayler; Richard Cubitt; Gracillis Olley; Grace Dumbleby; Ann Roe; William Dey; John Davy; Ann Rannton; Ann Dennys; Robert Scottowe; Margaret Shincklewyne; Robert Frary; Joane Scarth; Roger Frary; Richard Smith; Robert Lone; Thomas Starke; John Spurrell; Robert Starling; William Smyth; Richard Olley; Roger Thompson; Phipp Tuisbut; Thomas Thompson; Beatrix Wiggett; Elizabeth Wooller; Edward Whittacre; William Yallopp; Thomas Pashler; Simon Loke; Thomas Barrow; John Newman; Robert Lambt; Robert Cooper; William Melton; Edward Bird; Alice Pashler; Thomas Ellis; Elizabeth Mann; John Waller; Edward Newman Dispute re fixed or arbitrary fines for customary tenants of manor of Hilderston, Norfolk. C78/552, no. 16 [30]
1642 30 April 18 Henry Moore v Robert Saunders; Amy his wife; Margaret Willmott, widow Financial trusts C78/640, no. 17 [31]
1642 30 April 18 Margaret Morton spinster v. Thomas Stephenson the younger and others (sic) £90 which the deft had obtained from complt on a promise to marry her, but had married another woman. C78/2036, no. 23 [32]
1642 10 May 18 Francis Vuett v Ambrose Elton; Thomas Ash; Edward Elton; Thomas Cox; Fitzwilliam Vuett an infant by the said Ambrose Elton his grandfather Estate of William Vuett, late of Castle Frome, Herefordshire. C78/381, no. 7 [33]
1642 12 May 18 George, Lord Bishop of Hereford v John Awbrey, William Awbrey. Setting out of a yardland of property at Bishops Grindan, Herefordshire. C78/372, no. 1 [34]
1642 12 May 18 Henry Gerrard of Cavenham, Suffolk, executor of John James late of Barningham, Suffolk; Ann James, widow, the relict of the said John James; Mary James & Ann James daughters of the said John James v Mathew Collins. Mortgage of messuages and shops in Soper Lane, St Pancras, London. C78/489, no. 19 [35]
1642 13 May 18 John, Earl of Shrewsbury v Cecil, Lord Baltimore; Sir Thomas Reynell; William Sands; Henry Sandes; William Arrundell Debts, bonds and portions due from trust settlement of the manors of Semley, Hanley, Thorneton, East Pulham, Sutton Mandeville, Sock, (or Sock Dennys), Alcester and Swallowcliffe, Wilts, Dorset and Somerset C78/712, no. 22 [36]
1642 13 May 18 John Towse and Abraham Reynardson late Sherrifs of the City of London & Middx, Richard Johnson Keeper of Newgate Gaol and John Phillipps late under sherrif v William Wibert and William Greenett Escape from gaol of Mathew Cooper, who had been arrested on a charge of robbery in Herts. C78/1327, no. 4 [37]
1642 13 May 18 John Byrch an infant by Marie Byrch his mother and guardian and the said Marie v. John Sariant and others (sic) Will of Thomas Parkes. Freehold messuage etc in the City of Coventry. C78/2036, no. 22 [38]
1642 14 May 18 William Henley v William Lucy Estate of Robert Henley, messuages, mills, lands and tenements called "Greenham" in the parish of Thatcham, Berkshire. Also properties in Newbury. C78/385, no. 8 [39]
1642 18 May 18 Agmondisham Pickhayes v Mary Wakefield executrix of Thomas Wakefield decd; John Levett; William Towneley. Bonds for debt between Thomas Wakefield and Pickhayes. C78/381, no. 6 [40]
1642 20 May 18 Sir William Spencer of Eardington, Oxon v Mary Popley then widow now the wife of Daniel Johnson; William Winter and Arthur Winter. Lease to Spencer by Popley of a house and messuage in the City of Bristol. Dispute over a quantity of household goods, including two organs. C78/372, no. 5 [41]
1642 21 May 18 John Upton; Robert Savery; William Bogan v Arthur Champernowne, Henry Champernowne (his son & heir). Sale of the manor of Brixham, Devonshire. C78/385, no. 6 [42]
1642 23 May 18 John Sherwell & Abraham Sherwell executors of Nicholas Sherwell late decd v Thomas Sherwell. Bill of revivor. Sale of a messuage and tenement called "Hundiscombe" Plymouth. Bequest to the Hospital of Orphans, and the Borough of Plymouth. Deft is son & heir of Thomas Sherwell of Plymouth C78/385, no. 4 [43]
1642 24 May 18 Henry Parramore v John Harris; John Bagshawe. Estate of Robert Parramore, several properties at Debtford Strand, alias West Greenwich, Kent. C78/381, no. 5 [44]
1642 18 June 18 John Clarke of Beckley, Sussex v Thomas Sharpe, clerk; Thomas Davye; Thomas Seir; John Paddiham Debts and obligations of Gyles Seir on security of lands in East Guildford, Sussex. C78/426, no. 2 [45]
1642 21 June 18 Francis Grosvenor of Dallicott, Shrops v Thomas Rudge & Alice his wife; Edward Trench & Mary his wife. Dispute over property at Windwall, Shropshire. Debts of Thomas Rudge. C78/374, no. 9 [46]
1642 21 June 18 Henry Foyle v Sir Henry Wallopp; Robert Wallop; Edward Oxenbrigg; John Harris Surrenders and new lease of copyhold lands in the manor of Husborne Pryors, Hants C78/606, no. 14 [47]
1642 28 June 18 Baineham Vaughan of ...., Gloucs v Thomas Roper; John Broughton As in C78/576 no. 3 under 20 May 1641 C78/576, no. 6 [48]
1642 1 July 18 William Domvill of Lincolns Inn, Middx & Bridgett his wife one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Lake & Dame Mary his wife decd v Lancelott Lake Trust of unspecified lands in Middx, Essex and Hunts. C78/426, no. 1 [49]
1642 3 July 18 John Meade v Abraham Jennens; Justinyan Peard; Ambrose Jennens; Moses Goodyear. Dispute over the purchase and sale of several loads of tobacco — bills for purchase and other matters. C78/385, no. 3 [50]
1642 5 July 18 John Symond & Joan his wife; Hellen Thompson and Margaret Tompson v. Richard Arneway & Ellen his wife; and Richard Hodkis & Elizabeth his wife Messuages etc in Newport, Shrops late the lands of Thomas Maxfield C78/2036, no. 31 [51]
1642 8 July 18 Phillip Lloyd of Llanvuhangell Abecowin, Carmarthen & Mary his wife v Frances Browne; John Slany; John C..mer Mortgage of manor of Green Castle and Llanigame, Carmarthen C78/444, no. 13 [52]
1642 13 July 18 Andrewe Maunder of Ufculme, Devon, cordwainer v Richard Culme. Property of one hundred acres at Ufculme, Devonshire. Disputed sale of the property. C78/385, no. 5 [53]
1642 18 July 18 ( ) Owen and others named v Gershon Manning Legacy to poor of parish of St. Swithen, London, from will of Katherine Manning. C78/619, no. 8 [54]
1642 4 Aug 18 Sir George Le Hunt; Thomas Golding; Anne Higham, widow; Anthony Gosnole; Roger Webb and others (not named) v Thomas Woolrich; Carewe Woolrich. Disputed rents of the manor of Cowling, Suffolk. Distress taken by Thomas Knivett. C78/507, no. 3 [55]
Incomplete case No date. [Bill. 7 Feb. 1642]. Thomas Capp & Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Joseph Carter decd v John Westby; Margery his wife; John Okeham Debts, bonds and title to Inns called 'Old Plough' and 'New Plough' in St Clements.

(No County given).

C78/444, no. 1 [56]
1642 25 Nov 18 William Rolfe of the Inner Temple v William Blake & Ann his wife and others (not named). Annuities payable from trust of fees and profits of chirographers office C78/489, no. 20 [57]
1642 29 Nov 18 William Yard of Cosbie, Leics, gentleman and John Yard son and heir apparent of said William v. Thomas Crane gentleman Annuity purchased from Richard Myles since decd C78/2036, no. 30 [58]