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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1638 19 April 14 Humfrey Smith, alderman of the City of London; George Smith, merchant; and William Smith, esq v. Thomas, earl of Kelley; James Erskine, earl of Bohune; Alexander Erskins; Judith Erskins; Robert Lashley; Francis Conne; James Monteth; Walter Lashley; William Swords; and Margaret Woodhouse Terms of marriage settlement of deft the Earl of Kelley & Lady Dorothy, Viscountess of Kilmurrey C78/1243, no. 11 [2]
1638 3 Jan 13 Phillip, earl of Chesterfield v. Sir Gilbert Hoghton knight and baronet Trust settlement of estate of Sir Richard Hoghton decd. Manor of Hoghton Lea, Wheel Alston, Ashton juxta Lea Grymsargh, Lancs lands elsewhere in Lancs & rectory of Preston. C78/1923, no. 16 [3]
1638 11 Jan 13 Barbara Blacke, widow, the relict of Patrick Blacke late of St Martins in the Fields decd; John Langscott & Jane his wife one of the daughters of the said Patrick & Barbara his wife; Patrick Blacke, William Blacke & Barbara Blacke three other of the children of the said Patrick Blacke decd v Walter Belcanquall, the Dean of Rochester, Robert Austen of London, merchant Concerning the manor of Suave, alias Court Att Week, Kent C78/415, no. 6 [4]
1638 13 Jan 13 Michael Clark v Sir John Corbett; Allan Jewson; William Whitfield the elder; William Whitfield the younger. Disputed lease of property at Haldley, Shropshire. C78/388, no. 5 [5]
1638 19 Jan 13 William Hinton of Bushton, Wilts v Henry Cusse Trust settlement of manor of Bushton, Wilts. C78/424, no. 2 [6]
1638 26 Jan 13 Thomas Stowell & Jane his wife the late wife of Robert Wallis decd v Robert Keylway; Thomas Pitt; John Fussell; Thomas Frampton; Henry Arnold; John Cole; John Combe; James Humby Extents, statutes and annuity raised in tenement in Blandford Forum, Dorset. C78/427, no. 3 [7]
1638 26 Jan 14 Thomas Browne v. Job Murcott Debts of George Woodhouse decd, for whom the deft & complt were sureties. Messuage in Walkerton, Ches. C78/1923, no. 15 [8]
1638 27 Jan 13 William Lane of Kinnrose, Devon, clerk v Richard Cole; Mary Crocker, widow; Richard Collins Erection of 2 grist mills and a weir in Aveton Gifford and water and fishing rights there. C78/402, no. 5 [9]
1638 29 Jan 13 Roger Langrish and Hercules Langrish v Sir Samuel Norton; Sir William Lewis; Thomas Neale; Hugh Boker Redemption of mortgage of lands in Meon, and lands in Borden, Hants C78/660, no. 11 [10]
1638 30 Jan 13 John Hooker als Athooke of Hartly Waspall, Hants v Rt. Hon. John, Marquesse of Winchester; John Foyle; Henry Foyle; George Woodard; John Elton; William Paice; William Herne Mortgage by surrender of customary messuage and lands in Hartly Waspall, Hants. C78/452, no. 2 [11]
1638 1 Feb 13 William Foster; Thomas Foster v Robert Jackson; Sir Robert Hamilton & Dame Margery his wife; John Wilkin. Properties at Ellingham, Goswick, Cornehill, Hortell Crooke Houses, Burton & Holy Island, and other places in Northumberland, the estate of Thomas Swinhoe, deceased, the complts grandfather. C78/388, no. 4 [12]
1638 1 Feb 13 John Rutter & Frances his wife late the wife & executrix of Conyers Clifford decd v Cicely Clifford, widow, mother & guardian of Martyn Clifford. Mortgage of lands in Crowle in Isle of Axholme, Lincs. C78/620, no. 9 [13]
1638 l Feb 13 John Hill of Asheover, Derbs and Godfrey Hill of Chesterfield, Derbs, joiner v Sir Francis Wortley; Sir Robert Monnson; Sir Thomas Steward; Anthony Monnson; Thomas Lewis; Leonard Reresby; Isaac Scott & Bridget his wife Payment of debts of Sir Thomas Reresby payable from sale of mortgaged premises in Asheover and Babingtons Manor, Derbys C78/661, no. 7 [14]
1638 l Feb 13 Jacques Oeiles of the City of London, merchant and Sir Benjamin Ailoff of Braxted, Essex v Sir Christopher Hatton; Sir Thomas Fe....; John West; Simon Fanshawe; Thomas Fanshawe Fines for customary tenants in the manor of Barking, Essex. C78/661, no. 8 [15]
1638 3 Feb 13 Sir Miles Sandis the elder; Sir Miles Sandis the younger, his son & heir apparent; Thomas Sandys of the City of London; William Child, citzen & scrivener of London v John Cosin, for master and fellows of Peterhouse, Cambridge Four Cambridge fellowships to be supported from profits of lands in Norfolk, Suffolk, Lincs and Cambs. C78/392, no. 15 [16]
1638 3 Feb 13 Nathaniel Hogan, vicar of Peasenhall, Suffolk v Thomas Barker; Nicholas Barfoot; Robert Bateman Appointment of curate to preach at chapel of Peasenhall, Suffolk and recovery of tithes paid from this hamlet to vicarage of Sibton, Suffolk C78/412, no. 6 [17]
1638 3 Feb 13 Cadwallader Wynne v Richard Robert; John Morgan; Roger Griffith Bonds on security of lands in Llanerchembris, Montgomeryshire. C78/477, no. 6 [18]
1638 6 Feb 13 Edmund Chamberlaine heir & executor of Sir John Chamberlaine decd v Sir Thomas Thynne. Restoration of unsold part of estate of lands in Churchdowne, Gloucs after sale to pay debts. C78/365, no. 7 [19]
1638 6 Feb 13 Elizabeth Felton, widow, late wife & executrix of Jerome Felton decd her late husband v Thomas Rowe; Roger Rowe; Mary his wife; Richard Rowe; Elizabeth Brooke, widow Bonds re payment of debts C78/626, no. 3 [20]
1638 6 Feb 13 John Curtys of Woking, Surrey v John Bowell & John Lee Discharge of bonds on security of lands in Woking, Surrey. C78/659, no. 2 [21]
1638 7 Feb 13 Anne, Viscountess Dorchester and Sir Thomas Glemham v Sir Phillibert Vernatti; Sir Cornelius Vermuyden; Sir Charles Harberd; Robert Cambell, alderman of the City of London; Thomas Brinley Mortgage of lands in Epworth, Huxey [Haxey], Belton, Ouster [Owston Ferry] and Stokewith [West Stockwith], Lincs. C78/603, no. 13 [22]
1638 8 Feb 13 Elizabeth Egerton of Chedulton, Staffs, widow v Tristram Woodward; Johan Woodward, widow and Mary Preston. The estate of William Waller of Winchester. Provision of a jointure for Elizabeth C78/485, no. 6 [23]
1638 8 Feb 13 Elizabeth Hill and others (named) v Thomas Bancrofte Inheritance of personal estate of William Hill C78/603, no. 14 [24]
1638 10 Feb 13 Thomas Haselwood & Jane his wife; George Pilkington & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Haselwood; Jane Haselwood the younger & Mary Haselwood an infant, daughters of the said Thomas Haselwood v George Butler & Anne his wife. Payments from trust settlement of manor of Belton, Ruts. C78/396, no. 6 [25]
1638?? Bill of 1637 10 Feb (year not given). Thomas, Earl of Southampton v Sir Charles Herbert administrator of John Dickinson decd; John Moore Rents due from manor of Micheldever, Hants C78/477, no. 3 [26]
1638 12 Feb 13 Daniel Hersent v Nathaniel Hellyard administrator of Jane Hellyard during the minority of Averine, Margaret, Richard & Jane Hellyard. Dispute over the estate of Jane Hellyard, Richard Hellyard and Margaret Hellyard — minors. C78/369, no. 10 [27]
1638 12 Feb 13 Robert Robsert and Arthur Robsert, citizens & drapers of London, sons of Robert Robsert decd, late son & heir apparent of Arthur Robsert decd late of Oldburye Hall als Blockley Hall in the parish of Halesowen, Shropshire; John Sherley of Studley, Warks & Katherine his wife one of the daughters of the said Robert Robsert decd; Anthony Burridge of Whit Chappell, Middx, silkweaver & Goodith his wife one other of the daughters of the said Robert Robsert decd v Robert Stanford; Edward Banburye; Arthur Robsert son of George Robsert; William Turton; Frances Symcox; Robert Smalbrooke; Robert Cooper & Dorothy his wife; Daniel Andrewes; Johan Pegge; Roger Wise & Anne his wife Title by trust settlement of manor of Oldbury and Wallexall or Langley Wallexall, Hales Owen, Salop. C78/402, no. 6 [28]
1638 12 Feb 13 Beatrix Vere, widow, Countess of Oxenford late wife of Robert, late Earl of Oxenford & administratrix of the said Earl & also administratrix of Sir John Vere late of Netherwood, Herefs decd v Rt hon William, Earl of Exeter; Elizabeth, Countess of Exeter; Thomas, Lord Bruce since Earl of Elgyn & the Lady Diana, Countess of Oxenford his wife Debts due to estate of Robert, Earl of Oxenford. C78/426, no. 3 [29]
1638 12 Feb 13 William Walrond v Sir John Morley; William Morley the elder & Susan his wife; William Rishton; Richard Rishton; Elizabeth Rishton Possession of lease of Cackham farm and West Wittering mill, Hants. C78/477, no. 3 [30]
1638 15 Feb 13 Henry Sterling of Occolt, Suffolk & Christian his wife the only daughter & heir of Richard London late of Occolte aforesaid decd v Anthony Sterlinge; Nicholas Rivett; Simon Manne Title to lands in Occolte and Eye, Suffolk C78/392, no. 12 [31]
1638 (bill) 15 Feb 14 Dame Mary Estcourte late the wife of Sir Thomas Estcourte knight for herself and all others to whom she or should make any lease or leases according to the powers agreements and covenants hereinafter expressed and also John Clarke, William Paynell; Nicholas Dangerfield; William Harding; Christopher Woodward; Richard Iles; and George Grace tenants unto her the said Dame Mary respectively for themselves v. Thomas Estcourte gentleman Trust settlement of manors of Dursley, Estcourte Shipton Moyne & Shipton & manor of Lasseborowe als Lasseborough and elsewhere in Gloucs & Wilts C78/1918, no. 6 [32]
1638 16 Feb 13 John Lee of London, son & heir apparent of Sir John Lee of Mile Ende, Middx v The said Sir John Lee; Dame Anne Lee, widow; Robert Lee and Katherine Cullinn Property of Sir John Lee, the manor of Barsham Deigles, Suffolk. Conveyance to Sir John Sucklyn C78/485, no. 8 [33]
1638 20 Feb 13 Thomas Jones of Twinning, Gloucs v Richard Baugh; Thomas Baldwyn & William Beale. Assignment of a lease held by Jones, granted by Raphe Sadler, to the defendants. C78/362, no. 4 [34]
1638 20 Feb 13 Thomas Hawker of St Clement Danes, Middx, taylor & Jane his wife v Robert Cogan; [blank] Duffield Title to copyhold lands in Chiswicke Middx and messuage in Blackfriars near Ludgate, London. C78/604, no. 6 [35]
1638 22 Feb 13 Mayor and Community of Walsall, Staffs v Anne Parker, widow; William Childcott; Richard Childcott; Robert Childcott; Nicholas Parker and others (not named) Bequests to the town of Walsall by will of John Parker to provide poor relief and pay for sermons there and to build a schoolhouse in Tiverton, Devon. C78/376, no. 4 [36]
1638 1 March 13 Henry, Lord Morley & Mounteagle, Baron of Rye v William Gerrard & Dame Dorothy Wareing Manor of Mortocke, Somerset: sale to Hugh Saunders, and indenture to Phillip Gerrard of Grays Inn C78/415, no. 1 [37]
1638 6 March 13 Robert Bromfield of Southwarke, Surrey & Anne his wife (late wife of Robert Faldoe of Grays Inn) and Thomas Faldo, son & heir of the said Robert Faldo v John & Margarett Hamlyn, widow & John Hamlyn And also Mathew de Quester of London now decd v The said Margaret Hamlyn, widow & John Hamlyn. Bonds re sale of tenements in North Mimes and South Mymes, Herts C78/412, no. 1 [38]
1638 17 March 13 Dorothy Thrale, widow, late the wife of Francis Thrale decd v Sir William Slingesby Lease of messuage near Durham house C78/414, no. 12 [39]
1638 17 March 13 Dorothy Thrale, widow, late the wife of Francis Thrale decd v Sir William Slingesby. Assurance of messuage and garden near Durham House, London. C78/427, no. 1 [40]
1638? (Month missing) (torn) 14 Robert Cade v (eroded) Holt. Trust of lands in Sculthorpe (no county given). C78/661, no. 1 [41]
1638 3 April 14 Michael Askwith & Thomasine Askwith his daughter v James Moore. Property called "Angretin Grange" lately the property of the Abbot of Bykind. C78/387, no. 13 [42]
1638 6 April 14 Thomas Taylor of Southwarke, Surrey; Richard Burton v William Shelley and William Jellyan Bill (26 Oct. 1635) alleging destruction of fences of 'an anciently enclosed plot' called Howe close. Bugden, Huntingdonshire. C78/446, no. 18 [43]
1638 7 April 14 Thomas Clerke of Bagshott, Surrey v Nicholas Bradshawe; Robert Hester, one of the clerks of Edward Penruddocke and Francis Hooker. Concerning the costs and damages of a case heard earlier in the court. C78/370, no. 1 [44]
1638 10 April 14 Michael Swann v Lady Katherine Stanhopp, widow; Nicholas Pay and others (not named) Annuity payable from manor of Thorneham, Kent C78/429, no. 13 [45]
1638 12 April 14 Henry Ockould of London v Elizabeth Righton, widow and John Righton. Trust settlement of water grist-mill and lands in Westbury, Gloucs. C78/402, no. 3 [46]
1638 13 April 14 Richard Dawes and John Martyn v Sir William Courteyn; Bryan Wilton; John Thorner Mortgage of manor of Orleton, Heref. C78/708, no. 7 [47]
1638 14 April 14 James Tetlowe of Cliffords Inn in Fleetstreete, London & Joyce his wife executrix of Thomas Burton of London decd v Benedict Burton and William Baker Title to lands in Chipping Walden and Great Wendon, Essex. C78/402, no. 2 [48]
1638 14 April 14 Sir George Chute of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey v Sir Gervase Clifton Trust settlement of manors of North Scarle, Senyplace or Southray [Southrey] and Irforth [priory in Stainton le Vale], Lincs. C78/603, no. 10 [49]
1638 14 April 14 Henry Killigrewe of Lanrake, Cornwall v Walter Bassett & Elizabeth his wife Possession and testamentary settlement of lands in Lower and Higher Killiogaroke, Lanrake, Botlett, Cornwall and lands in Somerset C78/661, no. 4 [50]
1638 16 April 14 George Puddington the elder of Tiverton, Devon, clothier v Richard Braborne; William Skynner and Phillipp Nurse Complainants dealing for wools being a clothier of Tiverton, Devonshire. Details of transactions over packs of wool, trading debts and credit arrangements C78/485, no. 4 [51]
1638 17 April 14 William Hobcroft the elder of Fratwell, Oxon v Edward Hobcroft the younger; William Harvy; William Hobcrofte, sons of [blank] Hobcrofte. Property of John Hobcroft, deceased, the complts brother. Yardlands held of George Yorke. C78/381, no. 3 [52]
1638 17 April 14 Cornelius Holland executor of James Hudson late decd v Sir Francis Sydenham; Dame Penelope his wife; John Pulford Debts owed to estate of James Hudson C78/708, no. 6 [53]
1638 17 April 14 Robert Markham, gent; and John Eyre, gent v. Thomas Leake & Margaret his wife; Richard Patricke; Thomas Hampson; John Gould; William Bispam; Sir John Zouch; and Henry, earl of Huntingdon Debts C78/1243, no. 10 [54]
1638 19 April 14 James Waddington v Richard Lyster Trust of lands in Grange Meare, Gisborne, Yorks. C78/620, no. 6 [55]
1638 21 April 14 Christopher Perkins of Wenn, Cornwall by Richard, Lord Roberts, Baron of Truro v William Jewell Estate of John Perkins, deceased. Messuages and tenements at Treirvan, parish of Saint Martyn or Merryn, Cornwall. Debt owed to William Body C78/485, no. 7 [56]
1638 23 April 14 Mary Marryott of Charwelton als Charleton, Northants, widow; Anthony Farren late of Charleton for himself & Thomas Farren & Elizabeth Farren his son & daughter; William Gorstlowe of Charleton, clerk & Elizabeth his wife on behalf of themselves and Thomas & Anthony Gorstlowe & other their children v Richard Chamberlayne; John Burgoyne; John Thorneton; John Oneby Trust of lands in Charwelton or Charleton, Northants. C78/396, no. 5 [57]
1638 23 April 14 Robert Mogaridge of Taunton, Somerset v John Wither; Roger Hill; John Trowbridge; Jasper Chaplin; Tacy Trowbridge Profits of trust of copyhold lands in Taunton or Taunton Deane and Wilton, Somerset. C78/487, no. 6 [58]
1638 24 April 14 Margery Pollard the relict & widow of Hugh Pollard late of Harwood, Devon her husband decd v Sir Thomas Hall and William Hadnett Possession of manor and site of priory of Bath, Somerset C78/661, no. 2 [59]
1638 26 April 14 Lancellot Wiseman of Colte Close, Cumberland v Hugh Salkeild; George Salkeild; Richard Skelton. Tenement called Colt Close, Cumberland. Disputed sale. C78/375, no. 4 [60]
1638 26 April 14 Lancellot Wiseman of Colte Close, Cumberland v Huge Salkeilde; George Salkeilde; Richard Skelton Possession of tenement in Colte Close, Cumberland. C78/376, no. 2A [61]
1638 26 April 14 Elizabeth Coplestone v Elianor Coplestone; Richard Coplestone; Christopher Coplestone; John Allen Marriage settlement of lands in Langtree, Devon. C78/620, no. 8 [62]
1638 27 April 14 Richard Tucker of Bath, Somerset, vintner v Henry Moore of Both, taylor & Elizabeth his wife; Dorothy Ditcher Debts. C78/661, no. 6 [63]
1638 28 April 14 John, earl of Thanet Island & John Sharpe executors of Nicholas, Earl of Thanet Island v Margery Wolfe, widow and Richard Brooks Execution of the will of Nicholas Earl. Disputed marriage portion. C78/481, no. 4 [64]
1638 28 April 14 Humphrey Bodenham v Sir Walter Devereux; John Gyles and John Baker. Manor of Ley, Worcestershire, customs and fines of the manor. C78/481, no. 13 [65]
1638 28 April 14 Sir Robert Anstrother & Dame Mary his wife; Frances Newsam v Agnes Watson, widow and Isaack Dobson Property of Brian Watson, on the manor of Armethorpe, Yorkshire. Sale of land to John Richardson. C78/506, no. 3 [66]
1638 30 April 14 Sampson Hele v Sir Thomas Hele; Lewis Hele; Edward Penhaye; John Caine Determination of lease of lands and timber rights in Batisborough, Devon. C78/384, no. 11 [67]
1638 30 April 14 Henry, Earl of Danby on behalf of Lady Francis, Viscountess Purbecke v Isabel Peele, widow Settlement and reclamation of property and jewels by Lady Purbeck on her separation from John, Lord Viscount Purbeck. Peele in default over delivery of property C78/485, no. 3 [68]
Date Obscured. William Gerard son & heir of Phillip Gerard late of Grays Inn, Middx decd v Frances Gerard, widow, late wife of the said Phillip Gerard & executrix of his last will & testament; Francis Gerard; Thomas Gerard; Richard Gerard; Phillip Gerard younger sons of the said Phillip Gerard The service of Philip Gerrard to Sir Julius Caesar — procurement of the Clerkship of the Petty Bagg C78/485, no. 1 [69]
1638 1 May 14 Sir John Saint John of Lydiard Tregoze, Wilts; Dame Margaret his wife late the wife & relict of Sir Richard Grobham decd; John Howe of Compton, Gloucs; George Howe of Barwicke St Leonards, Wilts; George Grobham son & heir apparent of John Grobham of Bromfield, Somerset an infant v Jane, Lady Thornborough, widow and others (not named). Dispute over a lease of the manor of Lackford Richards, Hampshire, and other matters. C78/366, no. 1 [70]
1638 1 May 14 Mathew de Quester of London & Thomas Bond of London on behalf of themselves & John Bond, Jane Bond, Henry Bond, Martha Bond, Barbara Bond, Anne Bond & Elizabeth Bond, sons & daughters & the younger children of John Bond of London decd, which John Bond was elder brother of the complt Thomas Bond, & also on behalf of the creditors of the said John Bondv Sir Robert Wynd; John Nunne; Richard Bond Annuity payable from revenues of the customs of velvets and silks C78/412, no. 2 [71]
1638 1 May 14 Thomas Moore of Wiggenham St Jermans, Norfolk & Martha his wife, daughter of William Jackson decd v Sir John Lawrence; Richard Colvile; Martha Jackson, widow Trust settlement of rectory of Dorking and tithes of Mickleham, Surrey C78/412, no. 3 [72]
1638 1 May 14 William Every son & heir apparent of William Every of Cotehey, Somerset; James Prouse of Wellington, Somerset; William Rithordon of Langford Budvile, Somerset v James Dyer; Abell Loveringe; George Dodington; Edward Clarke; Charles Clevenger; Roger Mallacke; Edward Thurstead; Alexander Howe; John Varsey; Francis Thomas; James Bye; John Cape; Charles Ley; Richard Troode; George Campe; Michael Rosewell; John Cade; John Shorland; Henry Barber; William Glasse; Thomas Foweracre; John Toy; Robert Coram; William Thomas; Baldwyn Newton; William Hutchins; Baldwyn Chambers; Thomas Westcombe; Thomas Barker; Odes Salter; Paul Blackmore; Richard Cordwent; Richard Foweracre; Thomas Cade; George Cramer; Thomas Greedy; George Mapledowerham; John Bru..ford, tenants of the manor of Buckland als Backland, Somerset Agreement re customs for copyhold tenants of the manor of Buckland, Somerset. C78/487, no. 9 [73]
1638 4 May 14 Anthony Forster of Trotton v Phillipp Morris and Arthur Wynnwood Title and occupation of a water-ford and watering place for cattle in River Tearne and fencing of land opposite to prevent straying cattle, in manor of Lindriche, Worcs. C78/376, no. 2 [74]
1638 4 May 14 Robert Seager v John Pole als Cooke. Assurance of conveyance of lands in Michell Creech, Somerset. C78/384, no. 13 [75]
1638 5 May 14 William Vaughan of Cumbdy, Brecon; Edward Vaughan son & heir apparent of the said William, an infant v Ursula Vaughan late wife of Charles Vaughan late of Tretowre, Brecon decd; Fitzwilliam Conningsby; Edward Robinson Estate of the late Charles Vaughan — manors and lands and execution of his will. C78/362, no. 3 [76]
1638 7 May 14 Stephen White of Colne, Wilts v George [Widley], clerk. Bonds and debts. C78/365, no. 3 [77]
1638 7 May 14 George Prior v Thomas Wright; Richard Basfans; Ralph Hughes; William Segar; William Wilde Investigation into incumbrances on Priory of Stone, Staffs, before purchase of property. C78/396, no. 3 [78]
1638 7 May 14 Dorothy Colly v Walter Cowarne. Dispute over a loan to William Colly, deceased. Messuages etc in Bromyard & Ross, Herefs C78/481, no. 10 [79]
1638 10 May 14 Thomas Ackson, vicar of Wotton Underedge, Gloucs v The Dean and Chapter of Christ Church Oxford; John Coxe and Margaret Bidle. Rectory of Wotton Underedge C78/387, no. 3 [80]
1638 17 May 14 Francis Plowden the elder of Shiplake, Oxon v Sir Edmond Plowden; Dame Mabel his wife; Dorothy ?Marryner?; Richard Heyford, Barbara Corham Proposed marriage between Sir Edmond Plowden and Dame Mabel, daughter of deft Dorothy C78/381, no. 4 [81]
1638 26 May 14 William Carlile of Sewerbie, Yorks v Edward Carleill, clerk; Ralph Allen Possession of lands in Sewerby, Yorks. C78/368, no. 19 [82]
1638 26 May 14 Sir Thomas Cecill; Dame Susan his wife; Edward Cason v John Newport; John Dalton; Roger Poyning; John Poyning; Agnes Whotton Bill (heretofore) reciting earlier bill (Mich. 14 Jas. I) brought by Edward Cason v Edward Newport. Alleging disputed title to sheep course in Common Fields and illegal enclosure of 4 acres of land. Court ordered this enclosure to stand but no more to be allowed. . Furnax Pelham, Herefordshire C78/412, no. 8 [83]
1638 28 May 14 John Rose, citizen & cordwainer of London v Richard Crowdson and Hugh Pendrie Possession of tenement in Silverstreet, London. Ellis Buckley late of the parish of St Olaves Silverstreete, London, merchant taylor C78/367, no. 3 [84]
1638 28 May 14 Robert Paynell and Thomas Knowles v John Berney and Francis his wife and Bridgett and Frances their daughters; William Umfrevile and Elizabeth his wife; Bridgett Gotts; John Dowdeswell; Henry Berny and Robert Feilding Conveyance of the manor of Rawlings and the rectory and tithes of Cheston, Suffolk by Thomas Baxter son and heir of Stephen Baxter son and heir of Thomas Baxter late of Raynethorpe Hall, Norf decd, by the direction and appointment of Robert Berny late of Langley, Norfolk in trust for his nephew John Berny. C78/1323, no. 15 [85]
1638 29 May 14 Thomas Augustine v Sir Robert Lee; Christopher Smith and Anne Challons, widow Marriage of the complainant to Elizabeth Davyes: disputed portion, a property at Maidenhead, Berkshire. Also other properties on the royal manor of Cookham, Berks C78/370, no. 6 [86]
1638 29 May 14 William Twisse v Walter Barker; John Russell Lease of tenement in Uffington, Salop C78/412, no. 7 [87]
1638 29 May 14 John Pincheon of Writtle, Essex; John Hart; Susan Mauldon, widow; John Gaywood; John Debancke; Nicholas Moore for copyhold tenants of manors of Bradwell iuxta Mare and Pilton in Bradwell, Essex and John Hawkins; Henry Batchelor & others (not named) as purchasers of copyholds v John Keeling and John Sympson, clerk Fines payable upon admittance to copyholds of the above manors C78/427, no. 2 [88]
1638 29 May 14 John Smith v George Smithson. Possession of mortgaged cottage and lands in Gilberdike, Yorks. C78/446, no. 17 [89]
1638 29 May 14 William Blawe; Elizabeth his wife; Edward Moore & Anne his wife v Christofer Desborough & Mary his wife Payment of portions by will of one Goodrich, grandfather to the complts Elizabeth & Anne. C78/603, no. 11 [90]
1638 1 June 14 Thomas Martyn & Mary his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Ballett late of St Margaret in Westminster, Middx decd v Robert Ballett. Annuity payable from 13 houses in St Clement Danes, Middx by will of Thomas Ballett. C78/402, no. 1 [91]
1638 2 June 14 Mary Musgrave, widow v Katherine Hutton; Israell Feilding & Frances his wife Dispute over property at Englewood, Cumberland. Thomas Hutton the complts father C78/387, no. 5 [92]
1638 2 June 14 Moris Gwyn of Wybenbury, Ches, clerk & Ellen his wife the grandaughter & next heir of John ap Evan ap Meredith late of Newborough, Anglesey decd, that is to say sister & heir of John Owen decd, brother & heir of Rowland Owen decd who was the eldest son & heir of Owen ap John decd who was the eldest son & heir of the said John ap Evan ap Meredith v Jane Owen, widow; Hugh Owen; Ellen Owen, late spinster now the wife of Thomas Glyn; Evan Lloyd Portions payable from lands in Newburgh, Hendre Rossayre, Dewyram, Escob and Menay, Anglesey and Carnarvon. C78/473, no. 23 [93]
1638 2 June 14 John Pugh v Arthur Powell; William Powell & Elizabeth his wife and also against George ..., Archbishop of Canterbury Bonds and debts. C78/661, no. 3 [94]
1638 5 June 14 Edward Nott & Elizabeth his wife and Susan Sewster, the daughters & orphans of Edward Sewster late citizen & goldsmith of London decd by Ralph Latham v Sir Arthur Smithees and Roger Nott executors of the said Edward Sewster decd and against George Sewster & Edward Sewster sons of the said testator Lease of part of forest of Braydon. [?Wiltshire]. C78/365, no. 4 [95]
1638 5 June 14 ______blowe citizen and goldsmith of London v. Erasmus Greenway & Barbara his wife; Robert Parkhurst, alderman of the City of London; William Spurstower; Thomas Wetherall; Rowland Wetherall Will of Margaret Emmerson, widow decd. Houses in Aldermansbury & Ludgate Hill, London C78/1918, no. 4 [96]
1638 6 June 14 John Whitfeild and Robert Whitfeild two of the younger sons of John Whitfeild late of Rowfarnt in the parish of Worth, Sussex decd; Ann & Marie daughters of the said John v Thomas Whitfeild; Robert Goodwyn; John Goodwyn; Richard Southcott; Henry Whitfeild, clerk; John Bowyer & Elizabeth his wife Legacies payable from profits of sale of lands in Rowfarnt and Worth, Sussex and Marston Magna, Somerset, by will of John Whitfeild the elder. C78/368, no. 14 [97]
1638 6 June 14 Joyce Bagnald of Barlaston, Staffs, widow in her own behalf and on behalf of Vandell Bagnald her son, Margaret her daughter & Thomas Procter her grandson v Reynold Newton & Elianor his wife; Jasper Parsons Title to lands in Barlaston, Staffs. C78/396, no. 4 [98]
1638 7 June 14 William Cardinall & Mary his wife; Henry Grey & Dorothy his wife, the said Mary & Dorothy being daughters of William Derehaugh decd & sisters of Francis & James Derehaugh likewise decd v Arthur Middleton and John Godbold Lease of lands (in trust to debts and legacies of will of Francis Derehaugh) in Gedgrave, Orford and Sudbourne, Suffolk. C78/429, no. 14 [99]
1638 7 June 14 Sir James Stonehouse v Sir Leventhorpe Francke and William Gillye, citizen & grocer of London Performance of indenture of bargain and sale of manor of Kisse, Essex C78/626, no. 14 [100]
1638 7 June 14 Edward Duncombe an infant, son of John Duncombe & Joane his wife & executor of William Duncombe his brother decd, by Robert Hester v William Duncombe executor of the said Joane Duncombe; John Duncombe; Henry Howe; George Pickeringe and also against the tenants of the lands in question viz: Gregory Rathbone; William Mewe; Thomas Miller; William Duncombe als Hawes of Hardwick; Hugh East; George East; Thomas, Jane & Benedict Hall Lease of farm in Hardwick, Bucks. C78/709, no. 10 [101]
1638 8 June 14 William Sandys v Thomas Flower & Cassandra his wife. Dispute over the manor of Askham, Nottinghamshire. Held of the Archbishop of York. C78/481, no. 12 [102]
1638 9 June 14 Thomas Flower v William Sandys. Manor and house of Askham, Nottinghamshire. C78/481, no. 11 [103]
1638 9 June 14 Henry Barkley; Ferdinando Blake & Agnes his wife; Marie Palmer, widow; Francis Barkley; Joan Barkley; Jane Barkley; Margaret Barkley; Bridget Barkley; Gartrud Barkley; Katherine Barkley; John Barkley; and Samuel Barkley, sons and daughters of Thomas Barkley, esq, the said Henry, Joane, Jane, Margaret, Bridget, Gartrude, Katherine, John and Samuel being infants, by said Mary Palmer, their guardian v. John Reynell, gent Marriage agreement (37 years past) of deft & Agnes Barkley the complts grandmother C78/1083, no. 4 [104]
1638 9 June 14 Charles Peard, merchant & Alice his wife v. John Robert; John Penrose the elder; and John Penrose the younger Division & settlement of Rectory of Westdowne, Devon & tithes of manor of Westdowne als Deane Prior C78/1243, no. 9 [105]
1638 12 June 14 Christopher Webb, clerk and Thomas Thomas Nicholls v Arthur Jennye. Bonds re payment of rent arrears from lands in Witham, (No county given) C78/376, no. 3 [106]
1638 13 June 14 Anthony Stoughton v Christopher Hobson; John Hobson; Poyning Moore Possession of messuage called Ostend house and lands in Woking, Surrey. C78/429, no. 12 [107]
1638 13 June 14 William Goddard of Brimpton, Berks son & heir of Roger Goddard decd who was the son & heir of Thomas Goddard who was the son of John Goddard late of Brimpton decd v John Goddard of Aldermaston the elder; John Goddard his son; Richard Goddard; John Munday Possession of lands and tenements in Brimpton, Wolhampton and Aldermaston, Berks. C78/477, no. 2 [108]
1638 13 June 14 Sir Robert Nightingale v John Wiseman Observation and upholding of an earlier decree of the court C78/485, no. 2 [109]
1638 13 June 14 Richard Lygon of London v Sir John Specco..; Francis Fortescue; Paule Speccott; Thomas Killigrewe Possession of and rents from tenement in Launceston, Cornwall C78/661, no. 5 [110]
1638 14 June 14 Marie King, widow, the relict of John King decd on behalf of herself & of John King & Elinor King her children by the said John King v Richard King executor of the said John King & Edward King & Richard King his sons Legacies and jointure from personal estate of John King and rights to parts of personal estate which had been property of John Woodnoth a previous husband of the complt C78/377, no. 3 [111]
1638 20 June 14 Edwin Sandys, Richard Sandys, Robert Sandys, Thomas Sandys, Penelope Sandys, infants by George Sandys, younger children of Sir Edwin Sandys decd; Francis Lang... of London & Elizabeth his wife another of the children of the said Sir Edwyn v Henry Sandys Debts and portions payable by will of Sir Edwin Sandys from manor of Northborne, Kent C78/641, no. 5 [112]
1638 20 June 14 Roger Cotton of London, esq v. Richard Woodcocke gentleman and John Sudbury Robert Cotton the complts grandfather, settlement of estate called Bunningtons als Bullingtons in Claveringe, Essex C78/1918, no. 5 [113]
1638 25 June 14 Thomas Wilberfosse of Stockton, Yorks v William Wilkinson. Estate of Thomas Burland, holding of an oxgang of land at Stockton, Yorkshire. C78/387, no. 12 [114]
1638 July 14 Margery Dyke one of the sisters of Abraham Dyke late of Horam in the parish of Waldron, Sussex decd, on behalf of herself & Judith, Elizabeth & Sarah Dyke her sisters v William Dyke, clerk. The will and estate of William Dyke, property called 'Fordham' in Kent. C78/366, no. 2 [115]
1638 9 July 14 Rt. hon. Edward Viscount Chichester v Charles, Lord Viscount Willmott and others (not named). Rent arrears from lease of lands and iron works in Faldix Malone, Antrim, Ireland. C78/376, no. 1 [116]
1638 10 July 14 Samuel Knipe of Fayrebanck, Westmorland & Elizabeth his wife v Anthony Lamplugh. Dispute over the manor house of Little Haseley, parish of Great Haseley, Oxfordshire, the property of the late William Huddleston. C78/366, no. 3 [117]
1638 17 July 14 Sir Thomas Wentworth v Sir Richard Younge & Dame Martha his wife Money portions due from marriage treaty. C78/620, no. 5 [118]
1638 21 July 14 Samuel Knipe of Fairebancke, Westmorland; Thomas Hudleston; Francis, Albina & Jane Hudleston daughters of William Hudleston decd v William Hudleston. Concerning arrearages of rent upon an iron works at Ulfa, Cumberland [Ulpha, Cumbria]. Also the profits of the manor of Milham [Millom]. C78/373, no. 3 [119]
1638 1 Oct 14 James Carcasse & Mary his wife; John Clyatt & Sarah his wife; Elizabeth Beresford by William Reynolds v Richard Beresford; Richard Kenton; Sarah Wentworth, widow; Mary Beresford, widow Mortgage of, and annuities from lands in Hertford, Herts and Redrisse, Surrey C78/573, no. 1 [120]
1638 10 Oct 14 Margery Iles, widow v Thomas Iles and John Iles. Property of Robert Webb — the manor of Beckington, Somerset. Sale of the property to William Iles C78/481, no. 6 [121]
1638 11 Oct 14 Judith Wivell, widow v William Rolfe and Ralph Massey Profits from financial trusts C78/429, no. 8 [122]
1638 11 Oct 14 Cosine Madockes of Itchinstoke, Hants, clerk v William Owen; William Webb; William Dunce als Smith tenants or occupiers of lands etc in parish of Abberston, Hants Payment of tithes to vicarage of Itchinstoke and rectory of Abberston, Hants. C78/511, no. 13 [123]
1638 12 Oct 14 Thomas Taylor the elder; Thomas Taylor the younger, son & heir apparent of Thomas Taylor the elder; Charles Yeoman; Abraham Yeend v Nicholas Heyward; Robert Heyward; John Heyward; Thomas Heyward; John Jervis; Francis Wills; Alice Atye; Anne Robinson; Mary Sturgeon; Joshua Meane, clerk & Elizabeth his wife Title to messuage called Tuffielde and lands in Whepsted and Brockley, Suffolk C78/558, no. 6 [124]
1638 14 Oct circa 14 Edward Keeling for and on behalf of Jane Evelin wife of George Evelin his near kinswoman and one whom Richard Crane her late father his kinsman and old acquaintance did upon his death bed especially recommend to the care of the said Keeling and in particular to be assistant to his said daughter in any thing wherein she should have occasion in defence of any trust concerning her maintenance v Sir John Bodley; Richard Evelin; Edward Thorneburie; John Evelyn; Christopher Goareing; Augustine Hobson; Hugh Knightly; William Crowder; John Dekins; John Comforte; Stephen Allen; John Mutton; Edward Gouldinge; John Thompson; John Archer; [blank] Garrey; Robert Moore; Widow [blank] Roper; Widow [ blank] Shacklacke Dispute arising from the marriage of Joanne Evelyn to her husband George. Disputed jointure C78/370, no.5 [125]
1638 17 Oct 14 Henry Broxholme and William Browne v Wilfride Smith; Hugh Dickenson; Thomas Browne; Henry Clifford, clerk & Mary his wife Accounts of management of estate of lands in Osgerby [Osgodby], Olcelby [Ulceby], Corringham, Springthorpe, Sturgate, Osbye [Oseby], Pilham, Gilbie [Gilby], Blyton, Scotton, Scotter, Messingham, Butterwiche [Butterwick], Barlings and Gainsburghe [Gainsborough], Lincs. C78/378, no. 2 [126]
1638 17 Oct 14 Richard Bull v Francis Rivett. Reassurance of mortgaged manor of Hanington Lanceleny and lands in Cleeve, Hants. C78/473, no. 22 [127]
1638 18 Oct 14 Thomas Willey of Willoughby Waterleyes, Leics & Thomasine his wife v Henry, Earl of Stanford Purchase of lands in Willoughby and Waterleyes, Leics. C78/396, no. 2 [128]
1638 18 Oct 14 William Arnolde the younger of Kensington, Middx v Nicholas Harman; Robert Edwardes; Katherine Hoare; Raph Massey; [blank] Danyell; Hugh Wadham Bonds and interest. C78/401, no. 8 [129]
1638 19 Oct 14 John Waterer v Henry Andrewes als Anderson & Elizabeth his wife. Property belonging to Jeremy Kellett, joiner, in Covent Garden and Long Acre. Disputed boundaries. C78/370, no. 2 [130]
1638 19 Oct 14 Robert Hussey since decd v Elizabeth Clare, widow; Hugh Cuerton; Thomas Russell; Roger Burgesse Interests in a messuage in Heveron in Tronscoid, Montgomeryshire. C78/414, no. 4 [131]
1638 21 Oct 14 Richard Patricke late of Shipham & then of Castleacre, Norfolk v Gilberte Lewin of New Buckenham, Norfolk. Dispute over Calvey Wood, Remerstone, Norfolk. Sales of wood. C78/375, no. 5 [132]
1638 24 Oct 14 Richard Arden & Joyce King executors of Walter King decd v Michael Welsh & Elizabeth his wife; William Welsh; Walter Welsh; Francis Brewer & Elianor his wife Great meadow called 'Leaneigham' joining the river Severn in the parish of Hardbury, Worcestershire. Lease by the Bishop of Worcester to Walter King. C78/481, no. 9 [133]
1638 25 Oct 14 Bodenham Wingfield by Sir Francis Bodenham his uncle v Sir James Wingfield his (complts) father; Edward Masin Wingfield; John Gage; Nicholas Atkins Trust settlement of lands in Keyston, Hunts. C78/368, no. 18 [134]
1638 25 Oct 14 John Foyle the elder of Kimpton, Hants v William Corderoy; Jasper Mompesson & Bridget his wife Discharge of encumbrances on purchased lands in Chute and Collingborne, Wilts C78/473, no. 18 [135]
1638 25 Oct 14 Robert Veysey of Chynney, Oxon v William Veysey; Walter Veysey; Edward Brickland; William Collyer and others (not named) Bill (Hilary 1635) alleging illegal enclosure of leasehold and copyhold lands (held in trust) with demesne of manor of Bampton Denary, Oxfordshire C78/511, no. 15 [136]
1638 26 Oct 14 William Fletcher of Painswicke, Gloucs, clothier v Richard Caple, clerk; William Osborne; Richard Gardiner The estate of Edmond Fletcher — meadow and pasture land in the parish of Standish, Gloucestershire. C78/364, no. 3 [137]
1638 27 Oct 14 Ursula Vaughan, widow, the late wife of Charles Vaughan decd v Fitzwilliam Coningsby; William Vaughan; Edward Vaughan. And also William Vaughan; Edward Vaughan v Ursula Vaughan & Fitzwilliam Coningsby Dispute over several manors and properties. Will of Sir Thomas Coningsby the complt Ursula's late father C78/362, no. 2 [138]
1638 29 Oct 14 William Babb of Dodescombesleigh, Devon v Malachy Dudeney Settlement of presentation to Dodescombesleigh Church between co-owners of Dodescombesleigh Manor, Devon and division of two moieties between co-owners C78/448, no. 12 [139]
1638 30 Oct 14 Mary Townshend one of the daughters of Thomas Townshend decd & Anne his wife late wife of Sir Robert Needham decd, late Lord Viscount Kilmurrey v Rt. hon. Robert, Viscount Killmurrey son & executor of the said Robert late Viscount Kilmurry. Debts due under a marriage treaty. C78/396, no. 1 [140]
1638 30 Oct 14 Sir Edward Barkeham; James Pagitt; Francis Saunders; Godfrey Maidwell; Basil Nicholl v John Corney, clerk. Bill (Trinity last) seeking court ratification of agreement (Nov. 5 Chas.) between Lord and incumbent to enclose the manor and allocate new glebe lands. Shanckton,


C78/397, no. 9 [141]
1638 30 Oct 14 Margery Freeman, widow, late wife of Thomas Freeman late of Ammington Woodhouse, Warks decd; Thomas Freeman son of the said Thomas v Richard Freeman; Robert Browne; Sir John Reppington; William Noell; George Payne; John Milner; John Davye; George Shemond Bill (Mich 10 Chas. I.) alleging disputed possession of an allotment set out by agreement [July 10 Jas I.) to enclose the common fields of Amington, Warwicks C78/626, no. 18 [142]
1638 30 Oct 14 Edward Heron doctor of divinity rector of Easton, Leicestershire v Rt hon Frances, Countess dowager of Thanet Isle; Robert Richardson; Francis Cooper; Cuthbert Greenburye; Henry Cowell; Richard Love; Thomas Michell; Isabell ...., widow; Lawrence Johnson; Robert Flower; Hugh Sharpe; James Sharpe; Adam Warde Bill [Easter 1637] reciting that the manor of Caston, Leicestershire, was enclosed (50 or 60 years past) by consent of the freeholders, lord and incumbent, but without consent of patron and with no court ratification, and alleging that the annual value of the parsonage had decreased. Court ordered enclosure to stand, but church tithes to be properly reinstated C78/642, no. 4 [143]
1638 31 Oct 14 Barbara Ashfield of Shipton under Whichwood, Oxon, widow, late wife of Thomas Ashfield of Shipton decd v Edward Trotman; John Muggaridge; Edward Ashfield; Robert Bayes & Mary his wife; Thomas Dawson & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Ducye wife of Samuel Ducye; Constance Oakes now the wife of John Howes; Rowland Ashfield Exemption of jointure lands from trust of lands in Shipton under Wichwood, Milton and Milton Sandbrooke, Oxon to raise portions. C78/511, no. 14 [144]
1638 3 Nov 14 Henry Deane & Helen his wife late wife & administratrix of Phillip Clarke decd v Margaret Boaly; Jonathan Boaly; Mary Boaly; Edmond Boaly Recovery of lands in Norton, Suffolk. C78/392, no. 12 [145]
1638 5 Nov 14 Elizabeth Powning an infant by John Cole; Jane Powning an infant by Richard Clapp; Johane Powning; Alice Powning of Sidbury, Devon v Beaton Francke, widow; George Francke; William Saunders Title by testamentary settlement of lands in Northwaxway in manor of Ottery St Mary, Devon. C78/448, no. 11 [146]
1638 7 Nov 14 Henry Scras of Blechington, Sussex v Edward Blaker & William Scras Debts and bonds. C78/414, no. 5 [147]
1638 8 Nov 14 Joseph Shawe & Marie his wife v. William Owfield; and William Greene Closes in Bradley Sturton, Fenton & Compton, Derbs puchased by Joane Denton late of Ashborne, Derbs, widow decd to provide a rent charge to be used for charitable purposes in Ashborne C78/1243, no. 8 [148]
1638 9 Nov 14 Thomas Howlett, clerk, parson of Great Livermore, Suffolk v William Chapman; William Cooke; Henry Whitehead, clerk Tithes in Great Livermore, Suffolk C78/392, no. 13 [149]
1638 13 Nov 14 Dorothy Estmond the relict of Richard Estmond decd v Thomas Estmond. Accounts of rents from jointure lands in Rawlesbury, Dorset. C78/473, no. 20 [150]
1638 13 Nov 14 Henry Poole of Okesey, Wilts, knight for himself and as administrator of Lady Anne his late wife formerly the relict, widow, and executrix of John Doylie esq and afterwards the relict and widow of Sir James Harrington knight and baronet v. Sir Edward Harrington knight and baronet & the lady Margery Harrington his wife; Thomas Moyle esq; the lady Katherine Dyer; Sir Lodowicke Dyer knight; Sir Thomas Gower knight & the lady Anne Gower his wife; Sir James Harrington knight; Anne Harrington; Elizabeth Harrington; and Sarah Harrison Will of John Doylie. Manor & parsonage of Merton als Meriton, Oxon. Also jointure settled by Sir James Harrington of the Park of Thornburie & other lands in Thornburie & Ouldburie, Gloucs C78/1920, no. 11 [151]
1638 15 Nov 14 John Clarke of Haddenham, Bucks v Sir Henry Spiller, Lord of the manor of Haddenham; James Necton, steward of the said manor; William Clarke & Phillis his wife Manor of Haddenham: messuage of land in dispute following the marriage settlement between William Clarke and Alice Fytch. C78/370, no. 4 [152]
1638 15 Nov 14 William Geere of London v John Wynter Mortgage of former priory house of St. James near Bristol and lands in Barton Regis, Gloucs. C78/429, no. 11 [153]
1638 15 Nov 14 Edward Rand; George Lincoln; Samuel Backler v Judith Butter and Peirce Butter Debts payable from sale of free and copyhold tenements in Thornington, Essex C78/574, no. 5 [154]
1638 17 Nov 14 Henry Bacon, William Bacon and Mary Bacon the children of William Bacon late of St Maries in the Strand als Savoy, Middx, grocer decd v Abraham Haynes & Elizabeth his wife. Legacies payable from messuage and shop in the Strand, Middx. C78/368, no. 17 [155]
1638 17 Nov 14 Thomas Gawen of Northington, Wilts v William Poulton or Poton. Bill (Easter 1636) claiming title to an allotment of 10 acres called Malken hill farm, held by virtue of enclosure of Harewood Common in the manor of Harsington Somerset, by agreement (13 Eliz.), subsequently thrown open (17 Eliz.), and reenclosed 34 or 36 years before the bill. C78/444, no. 7 [156]
1638 19 Nov 14 George Waltham v Edmond Fowell and another (named). Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of manor of Axminster, Devon, by will of Richard Waltham. C78/384, no. 3 []
1638 19 Nov 14 Elianor Williams and Hugh Williams executors of Richard Williams decd v John Tredinham & Elizabeth his wife executors of John Williams. Encumbrances on lands called Coskeare in Cornwall. C78/401, no. 10 [157]
1638 19 Nov 14 Simon Wade v Sir Gervase Cliften; Robert Leake; William Swinstoe Admittance fines for copyhold tenants in manor of Wakefield, Yorks C78/538, no. 9 [158]
1638 20 Nov 14 Richard Watts of Chesterton, Cambs, clerk v William Rayleton. Dispute over the manor of Cloneyberne, Roscomon, Ireland. C78/375, no. 6 [159]
1638 20 Nov 14 William Romney of Much Malverne, Worcs v John Coleman & Elizabeth his wife; Ambrose Cooke and Henry Hackett. Estate of Lydia Romney, the complts grandmother — holding of a messuage on the manor of Much Malverne. C78/481, no. 2 [160]
1638 21 Nov 14 Roger Hide of Eldon, Hants v John Sampson and Ralph Massie Recognizances for debt. C78/368, no. 16 [161]
1638 21 Nov 14 Richard Taylor; Patrick Whinyates; Thomas Best; Thomas Pegge for inhabitants of Dosthill, Warwicks v Bennett Byrch and William Byrch Assurance of rent charge, given by will of Francis Bennett from lands in Kingsbury, Warwicks to maintain prayers and services, in Dosthill Chapel. C78/626, no. 17 [162]
1638 21 Nov 14 Daniel Barnard; Thomas Lister; Francis Priestley; Abraham Price; Thomas Joanes; Allen Noble; Henrie Wrigley; Thomas Winfield; Edward Rudge; George Cornish; James Middlecott; John Hartley; Joseph Priestly; and Thomas Smith v. James Smith; Thomas Scolefield; Robert Langley; William Tatton & Susan his wife; John Nutter; John Leigh; Richard Romsbotham; John Holt; Henrie Cowpe; Jeremye Scolefield; Jeremy Key; and Raph Kenyon Copyhold estate of Samuel Scolefield, a bankrupt, in manor of Tottington, Lancs C78/1243, no. 7 [163]
1638 22 Nov 14 Dame Alice Sackvile, widow v Martyn Jefferye & Joane his wife administratrix of .... Wolgate decd her former husband; Thomas Edwards Leases of parcels of land called Swaynes Downe and Clockhurst in Iwane, Kent. C78/642, no. 2 [164]
1638 22 Nov 14 Jane Butt, widow of Gillingham, Dorset v Katherine Perne; Rachel Perne; Edward Rawson Dispute over land at Gillingham, Dorset. Security for a debt. C78/425, no. 10 [165]
1638 22 Nov 14 Christopher Wayde of Kylnsey, Yorks executor of Francis Wayd late of Kilnsey, merchant decd v Samuel Wayd; John Dawson; Margaret his wife; William Lambert; William Wilkinson; George Farrand; Edmond Farrand; Richard Dawson; Hugh Carr Lease, trust and timber rights in lands in Plumbetreebankes, Yorks C78/574, no. 6 [166]
1638 23 Nov 14 John Pay of the City of Westminster, Middx, son of John Pay the elder of Petersfield, Hants v Martine Yalden; Robert Poore Grant of the office and profits of the bailiwick of liberties & franchises of the Bishop of Winchester in Hants C78/414, no. 11 [167]
1638 24 Nov 14 Andrew Harward of Tringe, Herts, clerk v William Harward and John Stopes, clerk Legacies payable from lands in Windlesham, Surrey. C78/368, no. 15 [168]
1638 26 Nov 14 Francis Brett of Barking, Essex, tanner v Sir Giles Bray and Thomas Legatt Damages for felling timber in manor of Goosehayes or Gooseys, Essex. C78/477, no. 1 [169]
1638 26 Nov 14 William Essington of Cowley, Glouc v. Samuel Bridger; Joseph Bridger; Benjamin Bridger Estate of John Essington, complts late brother in Slymbridge, Gloucs C78/1925, no. 16 [170]
1638 27 Nov 14 John Baker of St Martins in the Fields, Middx v Richard Powney. Estate of Simon Wilkes: property in the parish of Benefield, Berks on the manors of Braye and Cookeham. C78/370, no. 3 [171]
1638 27 Nov 14 Phillip Risdon v Robert Dacy, clerk. Compounding of tithes in parish of Buckland Bruer, Devon. C78/429, no. 6 [172]
1638 27 Nov 14 Christopher Petty; [blank] Thwaites grandchild & heir of Rowland Sherman; William Wilkinson; Rowland Lambe; Thomas Wharton; Anthony Rigg; John Thwaites; Lancelot Thwaites; William Richardson; Lancelot Westrey; Edward Sherman; James Richardson; James Thwaites; William Richardson; James Gibson; John Wilson; Thomas Walker; Thomas Bell; Agnes Fairer; George Birkebeck; Thomas Wharton; Robert Sherman; George Yaire; Thomas Haiton; Thomas Wilkinson; Roger Burbon; George Jackson; Nicholas Ward, customary tenants of Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland v Sir John Lowther Validity of customary estates in manor of Crosby Ravensworth, Westmorland. C78/446, no. 16 [173]
1638 27 Nov 14 John Ashman of Pilton, Somerset v James Quartermayne; Johan his wife; Johan Ashman, widow; Frances Ashman; William Bower the elder Lease of manor of Puridge, Somerset. C78/473, no. 17 [174]
1638 29 Nov 14 George Palmer & Mary his wife v Henry Halford; Thomas Jaques; William Dent Portion payable from unspecified lands. Will of Leonard Dent, father of the complt Mary C78/397, no. 16 [175]
1638 29 Nov 14 Peter Jenninges of Silsden, Yorks and Jonathan Jenninges his son & heir apparent v George Dawson; John Dawson; Thomas Jackson; Henry Procter; Josias Procter Mortgage of tithes of Allerwayth, Markeigton and Ingerthorpe, Thorpe near Ripon and Assunderby, Yorks C78/574, no. 9 [176]
1638 30 Nov 14 Thomas Bridger; Thomas Langrish; John Comber; henry Colden; William Marwick; John Trymlett; William Mersher; William Pocock; John Tye, tenants of the manor of Boseham, Sussex as well for themselves as for and on behalf of the tenants of the said manor to the number of One hundred and fifty at the least; as also John Ashburnham & Frances his wife, daughter & heir of William Holland decd v Henry Chitty. Tax levied on the manor of Boseham, Sussex, to pay costs of earlier suits re customs of the manor. C78/429, no. 4 [177]
1638 3 Dec 14 Elianor Nevill, widow, late wife of Henry Nevill decd and William Nevill, administrators of the said Henry Nevill v Sir Edward Yate; John Dodge; David Jackman; John Hasell; Mary Reynolds; Roger Wheeler (formerly John Hasell v Henry Nevill) Title to, and annuity from, messuage and lands in Bedmister, Somerset, formerly the inheritance of Sir Henry Nevill, Lod Abergavenny decd C78/365, no. 13 [178]
1638 4 Dec 14 Richard Dormer v John Smith and Joan Smith, widow. Estate of John Dormer, messuages known as the Parsons and Upper End at Sutton Courtney, Berkshire. C78/369, no. 9 [179]
1638 7 Dec 14 James Turney surviving executor of Barnard Turney late of Slapton, Bucks v. Daniel Haywoard Marriage settlement: Ralph Haywoard [son] & heir apparent of the deft, and Elizabeth Turney the complts sister, daughter of the said Barnard Turney by Dorothy his wife. Messuage etc called Reeves in the manor of Bushie, Herts C79/18, no. [180]
1638 8 Dec 14 John Colby v Sir John Calverley; Katherine Calverley; Thomas Procter; Thomas Horsley & Ellen his wife Bonds re financial encumbrances on manor and forest of Wenslaydale, Yorks. C78/377, no. 4 [181]
1638 8 Dec 14 Sir John Fitzherbert of Norbury, Derbs v Sir Edward Leech Profits from trust settlement of manors of Norbury, Roston or Rosington, Berchwood Parke, Hathersedge, Over Padley, Nether Padley, Leyme, Thornehill, Fowlowe, Offerton, Grindleford, Coats, Broadwall, Cockbridge, Castleton, Ashopp and Barwent, Derbys, Ridware, Hampstall, Pive Ridware, Mariston Rideware, and Rowley Parke, Staffs. C78/473, no. 21 [182]
1638 12 Dec 14 Sir John Folliot (since decd); Aimer Folliot; Jane Morton, widow; William Morton; William Nest; Richard Moore; Richard Hickox, John Payne & John Durston, tenants of the manor of Severnestoke, Worcs v John Gawton; John James; Francis Pitt; Robert Butler; Roger James; Richard Lithorne; William Riccard; John Tustian; Nicholas Fowler; Roger Turlian Dispute arising from the enclosure of the commons of the manor of Severnestoke, Worcs, described as 'ancient'. Use of pastures and wastes — and agreement for the reformation of the past enclosures. C78/362, no. 1 [183]
1638 14 Dec 14 John Perryman & Jane his wife, executrix of Stephen Sprey who was executor of Nicholas Sprey decd v Oliver Dynham & Otwell Dynham his son Debts and mortgage of unspecified lands. C78/429, no. 10 [184]
1638 14 Dec 14 John Gay and Elizabeth his wife and William Marshe and Ann his wife v James Walters and Richard Harper executors of Adam Bolton decd, late father of the complts Elizabeth and Ann Reversion of two messuages in Holborn. C78/1323, no. 6 [185]
1638 20 Dec 14 Anne Milles, widow late wife of John Milles of Colbrooke, Devon decd and Elizabeth Milles daughter & heir of the said John Milles v Roger Milles Leases of manor of Colbrooke, Devon C78/574, no. 8 [186]
1638 21 Dec 14 Dorothy Hawley, widow, the relict of Richard Hawley late of London decd for self and Henry, John, Richard, Rachell & Dorothy Hawley sons & daughters of the said Richard Hawley v Gilbert Dethicke; James Hawley Profits of trust sale of tenement and lands in Shenfrith, Mon, by will of Richard Hawley. C78/443, no. 14 [187]
1638 22 Dec 14 Thomas Fanshaw of Jenkins in the parish of Barking, Essex, son & heir of Sir Thomas Fanshawe late of Jenkins aforesaid decd, & Susan wife of the said Thomas v William Nuce; Richard Cooper; William Lodge Payments due from a trust settlement of lands in Westham, Essex C78/660, no. 16 [188]
1638 23 Dec 14 Sir Charles Mannors and Alexander Dorsington v Henry Mannors and John Dalton Annuities payable from parsonages of Barton upon Humber and Barrow, Lincs, by will of Roger Mannors C78/443, no. 16 [189]