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1636 12 C78/, no. []
1636 25 Jan 11 Edward Pegge & Thurstan Browne of Clements Inn, Middx v Thomas Ashton the elder; Thomas Ashton the younger; Robert Ashton; Francis Quinby; George Hallam; Frances Dowson; Thomas Dowson; Nicholas Ashton; Thomas Hadfield; Robert Hallam; John Staley; Katherine Hall Tithes of lead ore from Castleton, Derbys C78/413, no. 5 [2]
1636 26 Jan 11 Richard Gulston, Theodor Gulston, Thomas Gulston, George Gulston, John Gulston, Edward Gulston, William Gulston, Helen Gulston, Anne Gulston & Katherine Gulston the sons & daughters of John Gulston; William Manning of Grays Inn, Middx & Prudence his wife one other of the daughters of the said John Gulston v Hellen Gulston, widow, the late wife & sole executrix of Theodor Gulston late of London decd; Stephen Barkham Leases of canonical house in Creed Lane, London and lands in Flampsted, Herts, and manor of Bromham in Lapworth and Parkewood, Warwicks, and bequests from personal estate by will of Theodor Gulston C78/413, no. 5 [3]
1636 26 Jan 11 Edward Pratt & Alice his wife v. Cadwallader Coker, gent; Katherine Maund, widow; and Thomas Boddicott Legacy due from the will of Edmund Boddicott, father of the complt Alice C78/1272, no. 4 [4]
1636 27 Jan 11 John Hele of Wembury, Devon v Sir George Horsey Properties on the manors of Clifton, Bradford and Wyke. rectories and other properties. Also mills. C78/383, no. 6 [5]
1636 27 Jan 11 Henry Hall, Christopher Hall, Francis Hall & Richard Hall sons of William Hall decd v John Dove; John Browne; Richard Bowen Portions from personal estate of William Hall C78/452, no. 9 [6]
1636 27 Jan 11 Henry Hall, Christopher Hall, Francis Hall & Richard Hall sons of William Hall decd v John Dove; John Browne; Richard Bowen Portions from personal estate of William Hall. C78/452, no. 11 [7]
1636 28 Jan 11 Anthony Abdye of the City of London, alderman, executor of Humphrey Abdy late of Streatham, Surrey decd v Rt hon Francis, Lord Dunsmore; Sir Richard Grosvenor; Peter Daniell Debts due to estate of Humfrey Abdye. C78/367, no. 6 [8]
1636 29 Jan 11 Robert Gresbrooke v. John Brandreth gentleman; James Hodgkinson; Alice his wife; and John Hodgkinson Marriage settlement of Rowland Gresbrooke (father of the complt) son & heir apparent of Robert Gresbrooke & Sibill Yardley. Messuage, corn mills etc in Shenston, Staffs C78/2036, no. 18 [9]
1636 29 Jan 11 Gregory Gibbes of South Perrott, Dorset v. John Sandiforde; John Bennett; Robert Parker William Gibbes of South Perrott, the complts father C78/1919, no. 18 [10]
1636 Feb 11 Henry Greene of London gentleman & Anne his wife late wife and executrix of George Monse of London v. Giles Allen the elder of London, goldsmith, & Elizabeth his wife and Giles Allen their son C78/1919, no. 17 [11]
1636 2 Feb 11 John French of Boddycott, Oxon, husbandman, son, and heir of Lawrence French of Boddycott v. William North; John Pen; Jane Pen; Robert Crowley & Margaret his wife; Thomas Hitchman & Mary his wife; Richard Wise & Joane his wife; and Mathew Wise C78/1272, no. 6 [12]
1636 3 Feb 11 William Lane, one of the Yeoman of His Majesty's Guard and Faith his wife v. George Burrell the father and John Burrell the son Sale of two parcels of brookeland in Horton Lowbie, Kent C78/1296, no. 3 [13]
1636 4 Feb 11 Sir John Merricke; Sir Hugh Hamersly; William Garraway; John Williams; William Cockaine; James Young; Thomas Style; Charles Snelling; Francis Flyer; Thomas Freeman; Richard Swift; Thomas Soame; Thomas Thorrell; Nathaniel Wright; John Wardell; Hugh Windham; Mathew Craddocke; Job Harvey; Nathan Wright; William Lea; James Coxe; Hugh Jones; Richard Bladwell; Francis Aysh; Daniel Bevans; Daniel Shedderdon; Robert Freeman; Stephen Wright; George Price; Robert Holmes; James Viccars; Benjamin Decroe the elder; Benjamin Decroe the younger; Samuel Cowley; Roger Drayton; Peter Wiggott; Richard Glover; Thomas Channcey; William Goodlad; Robert Hall; William Heeley of London, merchants v Thomas Overman and Edmond Whitewell of London, soap boilers Payment for whale-oil intended for manufacture of soap, complts being merchant adventurers to Greenland. C78/378, no. 11 [14]
1636 4 Feb 11 Peregrine Berty of Evedon, Lincs & Anne his wife v John Nixon, clerk. Bill (heretofore) showing need for improvement in the manor and reciting agreement (a year earlier) between lord, rector and tenants to appoint arbiters to re-allocate lands in lieu of glebe and commons, and also reciting arbiters' award (2 June 1634) and seeking court ratification of the award. Evedon, Lincolnshire. C78/396, no. 10 [15]
1636 4 Feb 11 Humphrey Williamson; John ....; John Sh...; John Hutchinson the younger; Christopher Dent; Elizabeth D...; James Johnson; H.... Bell; Thomas Rakestrey; Thomas Wilson; George Wilson; John Hutchinson the elder; Thomas Hutchinson; Edward Hutchinson; Thomas Rudd the elder; .... Rakestray; William Thomson; Edward Rakestray; Thomas Rakastray; Henry Wat...; Edward Hutton; John Hutton; Agnes Ranaldson; Robert Rudd; Isabell Win...; William Hetherington; Thomas Colling; Thomas Hutton; Thomas Cunningham; Thomas Rudd the younger; Thomas Bell; William Bell; John Fathergill; Thomas Williamson; John Battersby; William Blakelyn; John Waller; Thomas Barnes; Simon Rudd; Thomas Sewell; Hugh Mason, the tenants of the Lordship of Hartley in Westmorland; Thomas Dawson; Humphrey Blencorne; William Shawe; Thomas Shawe; John Harrison; Hugh Shaw; Edward Wilson; Francis Fawcett; Michael Fathergill, tenants of the manor of Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland; John Pelley; John Knewstubb; Rowland Pettie; Humphrey Bell; Edward Hinmaure; George Knewstubb; John Waller; Peter Wharton; Richard Wharton; Reynold Hutchinson; Robert Rudd; John Bansfield; George Rudd; Rowland Orton; Isabell Perkyn; John Petty the elder; Thomas Bell; Humphrey Bell; James Bell; Richard Lawe; Mary Wilson; James Bansfield, tenants of the manor of Southby, Westmorland; William Grannge; Thomas Taylor the elder; William Leydall; Bartholomew Skaife; Christopher Knewstubb; Edward Skayfe; John Skayfe; Margaret Johnson; John Wilkinson; Thomas Layd...; George Richardson the elder; George Richardson of Masingstack; Thomas Robinson of Potts; Thomas Robinson of Tarlinghill; William Fathergill; Reynold Robinson; Thomas Taylor; Henry Richardson; James Skafe; Edward Simpson; James Richardson; Humphrey Bell; James Bell; John Rowland the younger; Thomas Johnson the elder; James Atkinson; John Petty; Martin Skaife; Richard Richardson; Edward Robertson; Edward Wharton; Robert Hudson; James Ubanck; James Hodgson; Reynold Robinson the younger; John Richardson the younger, tenants of the manor of Crosby Garrett v Sir Phillip Musgrave Indentures of several dates in the 1630's for the regulation of copyhold tenure and the settlement of fines and other customs of the above manors and lordships. C78/415, no. 8 [16]
1636 4 Feb 11 Judith Quarles of London, widow v John Quarles since decd; George Lowe; Sir Thomas Sadler since decd; Thomas Sadler; Thomas Powell; Thomas Billingsley also since decd Possession of lease of manor and watermill of Fisherton or Fisherton Auger, Wilts C78/452, no. 12 [17]
1636 5 Feb 11 William Spicer & Ellionor his wife v Anthony Edmonds; Francis Edmonds; Richard Baker Loans made by the complt Ellionor to her brother Christopher Edmonds since decd C78/506, no. 8 [18]
1636 8 Feb 11 David Woodroffe, citizen & haberdasher of London and Mary Woodroffe, widow, late wife & executrix of Edward Woodroff, citizen & mercer of London; Thomas Woodroff, William Woodroffe & James Woodroff three of the sons of the said Edward Woodroff v George Almerye. Lease of 'The Winde Mill' Inn in Coleman Streete, London. C78/402, no. 10 [19]
1636 9 Feb 11 Thomas Wallis of Little Wittenham, Berks v John Whistler and Francis Woodley Alleged forfeiture of bonds. C78/371, no. 3 [20]
1636 9 Feb 11 Sir Hatton Farmer of Easton Neston, Northants v Sir Kenelme Digby. Bonds and debts. C78/396, no. 11 [21]
1636 9 Feb 11 Robert Kempe of Clenston, Herefs v Charles Godwyn and others (not named) Trust of lands in Ameley and Eastnor, Heref and Ichinswell, Hants. C78/640, no. 2 [22]
1636 10 Feb 11 John Grove v William Farthing & Marie his wife Settlement of lands in Connington and Fiddington, Somerset C78/469, no. 11 [23]
1636 10 Feb 11 William Oxenbregg of Wolwich, Kent, gent & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of William Kempton of Hadley, Middx, gent, son and heir of Alderman Kempton, for themselves and their five children v. Rowland Squire Sum of money given by William Kempton to his younger brother Robert Kempton for the benefit of the complt Mary & her sister Elizabeth, then wife of Thomas Hilliard C78/1199, no. 7 [24]
1636 11 Feb 11 Sir Morgan Randyll of Chilworth, Surrey & Dame Anne his wife the late wife & widow of John Chesterton, on behalf of themselves & of Walter, Mary, Jane, John & Martha Chesterton children of the said Anne by her former husband v Edmund Eyre. Portions payable from unspecified lands in Rutlandshire and salt marshes in Lincs, by will of John Chesterton. C78/368, no. 4 [25]
1636 11 Feb 11 Robert Gird v John Togood; Edward Togood and Daniel Cudmore. Estate of Henry Girde: mortgage to John Toogood of pastures at Collumpton, Devonshire. C78/383, no. 7 [26]
1636 11 Feb 11 Martyn Sandford v Walter Bartram. Title to moiety of close of land in Culmerstocke, Devon. C78/426, no. 8 [27]
1636 12 Feb 11 Thomas Coningsby of North Mymms, Herts; Elizabeth Coningsby; Mary Malevery late wife of William Malevery; John Coningsby; Anne Coningsby; Margery Coningsby; John Rudstone & Jane his wife; Dorothy Coningsby, which Elizabeth, Mary, John, Anne, Margaret, Jane & Dorothy were children of Sir Phillip Coningsby of Twigmer, Lincs decd v Dame Anne Coningsby; Henry Coningsby; Cressey (sic) Annuity payable from manor of Twigmore [in Manton par.], Lincs, by will of Dame Elizabeth Coningsby. C78/444, no. 6 [28]
1636 12 Feb 11 Sir James Colbrond of Lewes, Sussex son & heir of Sir John Colbrond decd; Walsingham Colbrond & Sarah Colbrond sisters of the said Sir James Colbrond; John Colbrond, Henry Colbrond, Robert Colbrond, Frances Colbrond, Bridgett Colbrond, Martha Colbrond & Jane Colbrond sons & daughters of the said Sir John Colbrond by Dame Sarah Colbrond their mother v Edward Michell and Theobald Michell his son Trust settlement of lands in Wartlinge, Pevensey and Mauxe, Sussex. C78/477, no. 18 [29]
1636 12 Feb 11 William Risley son & heir of Paul Risley decd v Sir Thomas Denton since decd; Sir Alexander Denton; William Withers & Susan his wife; Thomas Risley the elder; Thomas Risley the younger; George Pudsey & Anne his wife Interests in trust settlement of manors of Barton and Cluttwood and advowson of Barton, Bucks, manors of Fringford and Boycourt and advowson of Fringford, Oxon C78/511, no. 12 [30]
1636 13 Feb 11 Jane Brace one of the daughters of Thomas Brace esq deceased and of Frances his wife who was natural sister of Sir Edward Frere baronett v Thomas Tawyer the administrator of the said Sir Edward Frere. Estate of Sir Edward Frere, dispute over the execution of his will. C78/362, no. 9 [31]
1636 15 Feb 11 John Greenway v Robert Owsley; Christopher Owsley; Henry Langdon The issues of the manor of Eastham, Somerset. Settlement upon the poor of Mesterton and Shepton Beuchamp. C78/382, no. 6 [32]
1636 16 Feb 11 William Bland; Arthur Bland; Richard Robinson; Roger Wilson; Mathew Dent; John Wilson; Richard Wilson his son; Giles Lambert; Henry Wilkinson; Lancelot Jackson; Edward Yeate; Robert Yeate his son; William Wilkinson; Miles Holme; Thomas Wilson; John Kendall the younger; John Richardson, clerk; Thomas Wilkinson; William Wilkinson; Thomas Kendall; Lancelot Smyth; The heirs of Richard Cooper; John Wilson the elder; William Westgarth; Robert Campion; William Hobson; Margaret Winter; William Morland all of Newbystanes, Westmorland v John Popham of Littlecot, Wilts & Mary his wife sole daughter & heir of Sir Sebastian Harvy late alderman of London decd. Terms of copyhold tenure on the manor of Newby Stanes. C78/364, no. 4 [33]
1636 16 Feb 11 Simon Mearcy of Braintree, Essex, clothier v. Francis Hawkins; and Henry Moore Debts & court proceedings in City of London C78/1272, no. 4 [34]
1636 17 Feb 11 Drapers' Company of London v Edward Williams & Elizabeth his wife daughter & heir of Rebecca Forth decd the late wife of John Forth & daughter & heir of John Mathewe decd. Wrongful entry into 3 tenements in Petershill, London, left to the Drapers' Company by will of Sir William Terrey, to distribute bread to poor of parishes of St Clement near East Cheepe, London, Osmaston, Derbys, and Stoke Newington, Middx. C78/378, no. 9 [35]
1636 17 Feb 11 Thomas Orton of Hether, Leics, yeoman v. Anticle Willington and Christofer Ensor Ref to previous bill by the complt v Henry Reeve & William Beck. Mortgage of manor, capital messuage etc in Whateley & Dostell, Warks C78/2036, no. 15 [36]
1636 18 Feb 11 Samuel Beckham, Jeffery Beckham, Francis Beckham & Sarah Beckham sons & daughter of Richard Beckham the elder late of Gateley, Norfolk decd; Mary King & Alice King daughters of John King late of Gateley decd, and grandchildren of the said Richard Beckham the elder, infants by Francis Beckham, widow, late the wife of the said Richard Beckham the elder v Richard Beckham the younger, son of the said Richard Beckham the elder. Portions payable by will of Richard Beckham from lands in Gately and Riburgh, Norfolk. C78/477, no. 16 [37]
1636 20 Feb 11 William Lang of Bradworthy, Devon, clerk v Tobias Cooper Mortgage of lands in Bradworthy, Devon C78/516, no. 9 [38]
1636 22 Feb 11 George French of Welsicke, Yorks v William Mirfin, clerk & Thomas Wawen Bonds and debts. C78/378, no. 10 [39]
1636 22 Feb 11 Sir Edward Frere now decd v Sir John Lenthall; Richard Poure; Johan Power, widow; Sir William Cope; Sir Richard Waynman now Lord Viscount Tunn; Sir Thomas Denton now decd; Edward Ewer Debts payable from trust of manors of Odington and Blechington, No county given. C78/477, no. 17 [40]
1636 26 Feb 11 James Mordant of London & Frances his wife v Thomas Bambridge; George Kemsham; William Ashewell; William Farrer; Francis Roade Portions and jointure from trust settlement of manor of Wellington, Beds. C78/378, no. 7 [41]
1636 1 March 11 Sir John Sucklyn v Michael Holmen and Richard Holman Mortgage of messuage and lands in Twittenham, Hownslowe and Isleworth, Middx C78/426, no. 9 [42]
1636 4 March 11 Henry Shelbury citizen and scrivener of London v Robert Osbaston; PhillipTills; Richard Abbot Debts payable from lands in Broomley, Kent C78/604, no. 14 [43]
1636 11 March 11 Katherine Foxe of the City of Oxford, widow and Thomas Foxe her son v David Davison & Elizabeth his wife late the wife & executrix of Francis Fox late of the parish of St Mary Matfellon als Whitechapple, Middx, ropemaker. Legacies from will of Francis Fox. C78/371, no. 4 [44]
1636 24 March 11 Dame Agnes Gargrave, widow, late the wife & sole executrix of Sir Cotton Gargrave late of Nostall, Yorks on behalf of herself & of their daughters v Prudence Gargrave sole daughter of Thomas Gargrave decd, eldest son of the said Sir Cotton Gargrave by a former wife; Raphe Gargrave. Estate of Sir Cotton Gargrave, several holdings of land on the several manors of Harnercroft, Hodroyde, Hindley, Yorkshire. Delivery of marriage portions for his daughters. C78/370, no. 7 [45]
1636 (process) John Wolrich esq and Humfrey Wolrich gentleman exectors of Giles Wolrich gentleman v. Edward Fox and Edward Waties esqs Performance of the award of manor of Staoke in Ludlow & Overton C78/1925, no.4 [46]
25 March William Huntley of Westminster, Middx, gentleman & Sara his wife late wife of Thomas Duning the younger of Westminster v. Thomas Stone gentleman and John Stone sons of the said Thomas Stone & Mary his wife Thomas Duning the elder, father of Thomas Duning the younger. Messuages in King Street, Westminster C78/1919, no. 15 [47]
1636 10th (Month & year torn off). 12 Ruth, Lady Lamplugh .............. George Lamplugh decd v John Lamplugh brother & next heir of the said Sir George Lamplugh; William Tiffyn. Bill dated 1633). Jointure from marriage settlement of manor of Siggeston & parsonage of Siggeston, Yorks. C78/413, no. 1 [48]
1636 2 April 12 Sir Arthur Gorges of Chesley, Middx & Dame Elizabeth his wife v Sir Thomas Pope; Sir Robert Daliels; James Walker Trust of manor and advowson of Dunshidcocke or Dunshadcocke, Devon. C78/477, no. 14 [49]
1636 15 April 12 Edmond Terry, Mary Terry, Anne & Sara Terry infants by Thomas Terry of Newington, Middx their father; William Bower, Robert Bower, Henry Bower, Mary Bower, Elizabeth Bower, Margaret Bower, Ann Bower & Thomas Bower infants by Robert Bower of Iver, Bucks their father; Mary Corbett an infant by Roger Corbett her father; Isaac Barrow, Thomas Barrow & Elizabeth Barrow infants by Thomas Barrow, citizen & skinner of London their father v Elizabeth Buggin, widow; Sir Edmond Fowler & Dame Anne his wife (the said Elizabeth Buggin & Dame Ann Fowler being the daughters & executrixes of William Bowes their late father decd Legacies payable from personal estate of William Bowes C78/516, no. 7 [50]
1636 30 April 12 Richard Dyamond of London & William Baldry, citizen & vintner of London for parishioners of St. Martin Orgar in London v Brian Walton, clerk; Thomas King; John Allen; Edward Claxton Legacies, payable by will of William Cromer, from messuages in parishes of St. Swithens, and St. Olaves, London, to pay chaplain to read divine service in St. Martin

Ongar, London.

C78/413, no. 3 [51]
1636 May 12 Thomas ...... of Cr....., Somerset v ........ Mortgage C78/1919, no. 21 [52]
1636? C78/1919, no. 22 [53]
1636? Margaret .... of Dodington, Somerset, widow; Thomas F.... ....., Dorset one of the sons ............ late of Iwer in Courtney als Shroton, Dorset v John Freke son & heir of the said Sir Thomas Freke; Robert Rydes Will of John Tayler late citizen of London, grandfather of the complt Thomas Freke C78/1919, no. 20 [54]
1636? C78/1919, no. 16 [55]
1636? Thomas Gold of Northover, Som, gentleman v. John Hodges esq; Henry Sterr gentleman; Barnard Golde; Henry Golde; Elionor Golde; and Richard Elford Thomas Golde decd, the complts late father. Estate in Ilchester & Northover, Somerset C78/1919, no. 19 [56]
1636 4 May 12 George Rodney & Sarah his wife daughter of Sir John Cage late of Longstowe, Cambs decd v Sir Anthony Cage. Portion, payable from manor of Caxton, Cambs. C78/368, no. 3 [57]
1636 6 May 12 William Edwards v Vernon Bower & John Philpott Possession of houses and lands in Northawe, or Northall, Herts. C78/368, no. 2 [58]
1636 9 May 12 John Brand of Edwardstone, Suffolk executor of Sir John Brand late of the City of London decd v Nicholas Nicholls of the City of London. Debts owed to estate of late Sir John Brand. C78/371, no. 2 [59]
1636 11 May 12 Lionel Bostocke v John Linton, citizen & scrivener of London. Financial Trusts. C78/604, no. 17 [60]
1636 12 May 12 Sir Daniel Delingue of Harlaxton, Lincs & Dame Elizabeth his wife v James Godbold; Nicholas Algar; Roger Meene; John Fulcher; James Reeve the elder; James Reeve the younger Bill (Hilary last) seeking ratification of agreement (25 Oct. 9 Chas. I) by all having rights of commonage in 50 acres of waste called Weybread Greene, Suffolk to improve, divide and enclose the Green C78/516, no. 8 [61]
1636 12 May 12 John Wogan of Wiston, Pembs & ?Anne? his wife v Gyles Penny; ..............; John Hodges Marriage settlements of lands in Dinglody and Wiston, Pembs C78/640, no. 5 [62]
1636 12 May 12 Henry Beale, citizen & salter of London v Robert Seale & Mary his wife Mortgage by lease of "Antelopp" Inn and tenements in St. Albans, Herts C78/708, no. 5 [63]
1636 12 May 12 Katherine Smith widow executrix of Barnaby Smith her late husband v. George Haughton; Susan his wife; and Peter Smart Lease of messuage & land in or near Rosemary Lane in the manor of Stebenheath[Stepney], Middx C78/2036, no. 13 [64]
1636 13 May 12 Andrew Hebbe, citizen & stationer of London; Elizabeth Adams, widow, the relict & executrix of Thomas Adams late citizen & stationer of London v Adam Islipp, citizen & stationer of London. Printing costs of book 'The Turkish History' by Richard Knolles. C78/378, no. 8 [65]
1636 13 May 12 William Clifton & Dowglas his wife sister & heir of Roger Bromham late of Knightsbridge, Middx decd who was son & heir of Gyles Bromham v John Bromham and others (not named) Title to tenements called Hawkins in Surrey. C78/604, no. 18 [66]
1636 14 May 12 Anne Rowland als Steyner of the City of Worcester, spinster, one of the daughters & coheirs of Anne Steyner late the wife of John Rowland als Steyner of Richards Castle, Herefs v John Rowland als Steyner her father; Margaret his wife; Thomas Rea & Anne his wife; Robert Wilde; William Cave; Francis Street; Mary his wife; Giles Borne Marriage settlement of messuage, lands and rectory of St Peter in Worcester, Worcs C78/452, no. 10 [67]
1636 14 May 12 Anthony Attree of Cuckfield, Sussex v Thomas Laxford; Lewknor Middleton; Herbert Morley; James Smith Mortgage of messuage and lands in Cuckfeild, Sussex. C78/477, no. 17 [68]
1636 16 May 12 Humphry Coles v Elizabeth Dodington then widow & since the wife of John Coventry; Sir William Portman & Dame Anne his wife Gerrard Napper & Margaret his wife. The estate of John Coles, deceased. The grange of Barton, Somerset, also pasture and woods. Property in the City of Exeter, the manor of Mary Downe and other properties C78/415, no. 2 [69]
1636 16 May 12 Johanne Williams, widow, administratrix of Edmund Williams of the late dissolved priory of Munmoth, Co Munmoth her late husband & Edmond Williams her son, an infant v Alice Mercer, widow, by the name of Alice Owen [of] Osbaston, Co Monmoth heretofore the wife of Hugh Owen Possession of customary lands of manor of Monmoth, Mon. C78/518, no. 2 [70]
1636 17 May 12 Robert Moyle v Henry Marsh. Purchase of lands in Hamersmyth and Fulham, Middx. C78/378, no. 6 [71]
1636 19 May 12 Martha Carrowe, widow v John Guybon. Rent charge due from lands in Old Lynn, North Lynn, West Lynn, Clenchwarton, Terrington and Tylney in Marshland, Norfolk. C78/365, no. 12 [72]
1636 20 May 12 William Usher v John Tudd, Richard Preston, John Caunter and Roger Cannter. Dispute over a property at Woolston Greene, Staverton, Devonshire. C78/382, no. 5 [73]
1636 20 May 12 John Freeland; Mathew Taylor & Margaret his wife v William Winter; Richard Byfield, clerk and others (not named) Marriage settlement of lands in Portsmouth, Porsell and Frodington, Hants. C78/640, no. 4 [74]
1636 21 May 12 John Curson of Kedleston, Derbs v Edward Viccars Title to lands in Quarne or Quarndon, Duffield and other places in Derbyshire C78/396, no. 7 [75]
1636 21 May 12 John Symes; Walter Young and others (not named), the creditors of Sir John Whiddan decd v William Whiddan; Sir George Chudleigh; Sir Francis Fulford; Thomas Clifford; Henry Ashford; Rowley Cutbert; Hunphrey Prowz; Thomas Brooke; Thomas Ford the elder; John Tremlett; Hugh Clifford; Arthur Ashford; John Carewe; John Sharte; John Sparke Debts of Sir John Whiddan, payable from trust settlement of manors of Shapley, Hellyan, Wraies, Clifford or Clifford Holland, Cully, Brond, Wydcombe or Greate Wydecombe and Nettisdon, Devon. C78/444, no. 4 [76]
1636 21 May 12 George Serjeant the younger of Beere Regis, Dorset, miller v George Rives and John Fussell Trust settlement and lease of farm of Hyde and lands at Beere Regis and Wargreate, Dorset C78/452, no. 7 [77]
1636 21 May 12 Thomas Bromfeild v John Lynch, clerk; John Squier, clerk; Anthony Carleton; Edward Mudle, clerk Annuities from trust of manor of Ewhurst, Sussex. C78/469, no. 2 [78]
1636 21 May 12 Sir Thomas Cotton; Alice his wife; Edward P____; Anne his wife; Mary Hill; Lidea Hill; and Thomas Hill alias Atthill, the said Alice, Anne, Mary, Lidea, and William Hill being children of William Hill alias Atthill v. William Withers, clerk and John Hill, clerk, in his own right and as the uncle & guardian of William Hill son and heir of William Hill the father Will of William Hill als Atthill. Manor of Hales & messuages in Snaynewell, Cambs C78/1925, no. 2 [79]
1636 21 May 12 Sir Thomas Heatley, knight, Serjeant at Law v. Theophilus, earl of Suffolk; Katherine, countess dowager of Suffolk; Bestney Betts, esq; and George Carter, vicar of Chatteris, Isle of Ely, Cambs Sale of parsonage & advowson of the vicarage of Chatteris and manor called Nunnes Manor in Chatteris & lease of the tithes C78/1199, no. 6 [80]
1636 24 May 12 Thomas Howlett, clerk, parson of Great Livermeere, Suffolk v William Chapman; William Cooke; Henry Whitehead, clerk Tithes of Great Livermore and Little Livermore, Suffolk. C78/392, no. 19 [81]
1636 24 May 12 Raph Rigges of the City of Winchester & Frances his wife late the wife of John Savage of Kingscleere, Hants; Mary Savage one of the daughters of the said John Savage; Robert Savage, Francis Savage, Joane Savage, Margaret Savage, Sarah Savage & Joseph Savage the younger children of the said John Savage, infants v Thomas Hussey and William Blake executors of the said John Savage Legacies and portions from personal estate of John Savage C78/452, no. 8 [82]
1636 24 May 12 Thomas Bland v William Foxe and Isaac Jones Payment of bills of exchange. Deft Fox was factor for John Bland late of London, merchant C78/604, no. 16 [83]
1636 25 May 12 Thomas Styles the younger & Agnes his wife v Thomas Styles the elder; Nathaniel Styles; John Turner; Anne Burnwell Marriage settlement of lands in Walton, Northants and Weston and Spollding [Spalding], Lincs. C78/444, no. 3 [84]
1636 27 May 12 Thomas Wilson, Edmond Wilson, William Wilson, John Wilson, Gryndall Wilson, Jonathan Wilson & Anne Wilson, infants by Thomas Wilson, clerk, their father v William Tailor Testamentary settlement by will of Edmond Wilson late of St Mary Bow in London, of lands in Parshure, Worcs and in Bermuda C78/574, no. 13 [85]
1636 30 May 12 John Worthall late of Cottey, Devon; William Frye of Yartie, Devon v William Shapton; Robert Warren & Grace his wife; Edward Braodleighe & Margaret his wife; Richard Broadleighe Possession of lands in Lovepitts or Luppitts, Devon C78/487, no. 7 [86]
1636 30 May 12 William Turgis of Gosport, Hants, merchant, administrator of Thomas Turgis late of Chicester, Sussex, merchant his late father v John Horton; John Farewell; John Whitchurch; Robert Parker; John Rawlins; Richard Shute; Roger Wheeler since decd; Isaac Martyn Mortgage of manor of Wolverton, Somerset and lands in Rode, Gloucs. C78/620, no. 13 [87]
1636 31 May 12 Henry Percy esq v. Henry Hodgkinson; Seth Bushell; William Leman; John Walsham; George Addison; Thomas Walmesley; James Breres; and Henry Hardman Lease of lands called Fullwood and Cadley als Kawdley in Fullwood, Lancs. Attempt by the complt to buy out defts interest. Defts are of Preston in Amondernes C78/1925, no. 3 [88]
1636 1 June 12 Robert Townsend v George Mund & Frances his wife. Relief from a bond for debt. C78/481, no. 18 [89]
1636 10 June 12 Sir Thomas Nightingale son & heir of Jeffery Nightingale of Newporte, Essex decd v Sir William Wiseman of Broadoakes, Essex and John Wiseman his son & heir apparent Mortgage of manor of Tinderinge or Tewes in Debden, Essex C78/516, no. 1 [90]
1636 10 June 12 Winifride Browne, widow, the relict & sole executrix of John Browne of Stamford, Lincs v Sir Henry Mackworth; Sir Robert Quarles; Robert Kirkham; Peter Titley, clerk; Francis Williamson; Christopher & Thomas Browne Debts payable from rectory of Barne [?Barrowden, Rutland] and lands in Stamford, Lincs and Little Casterton, Rutland, already encumbered with jointure interest. C78/444, no. 5 [91]
1636 18 June 12 George Strende v Raph Freeman one of the aldermen of the City of London Debts. C78/640, no. 3 [92]
1636 22 June 12 Sir Robert Pye; Richard Lane; Thomas Fotherley v Sir Robert Bevill & Dame Elizabeth Bevile his wife; Sir John Hewett; Thomas Hampson Waste of timber in manors of Rickmansworth and Pinchfeild, Herts. C78/487, no. 8 [93]
1636 30 June 12 Magdalen Burnett of London, widow; John Burnett & Raph Burnett of London, merchants, sons of the said Magdalen v John Piggott; Robert Oxwicke; Thomas Stevenson; William Newby Financial trusts and bills of exchange C78/413, no. 2 [94]
1636 1 July 12 Sir Nicholas Blincoe of Westly, Essex son of Thomas Blincoe late of London decd v Peter Blower Maintenance payments from lands in Dunmowe and Theydon, Essex and Bermondsey, Surrey, by will of Thomas Blincoe C78/413, no. 3 [95]
1636 4 July 12 Charles, Lord Lambert, Baron of Cavan, Ireland v Sir Miles Fleetwood and Sir Oliver Luke Accounts. C78/402, no. 13 [96]
1636 6 July 12 John Eardley of Eardley, Staffs v Richard Eltonhead Lease and trust of messuage in Rushton Spencer, Staffs C78/484, no. 10 [97]
1636 8 July 12 Sir John Lawrence of Iver, Bucks & Dame Grissle his wife one of the daughters of Gervase Gibbons ......, Kent decd v Sir Robert Pointz & Dame Frances his wife one of the daughters of the said Gervase Gibbons Partition of estate of lands in Benenden, Kent, and parsonage of Monuckton, Isle of Tenant, Kent, among heirs of Gervase Gibbons C78/604, no. 13 [98]
1636 11 July 12 Phillip, Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery and William Morgan v Edward Morgan of Lanternam, Monmouth. Bill (29 May 1633) alleging detention of leased lands (2 parcels of meadow in Penrose Meade [8 acres] and 30 acres of meadow and moorground) all in parish of St Cadocke iuxta Carlyon, in the town of Carlyon, Monmouth, because they were intermingled with other lands and had been enclosed with them (no date), and seeking their restoration C78/452, no. 6 [99]
1636 13 July 12 Thomas Hunter the younger of Porteslade, Sussex v Marie Savage, widow and Abraham Savage her son. Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in manor of Porteslade, Sussex. C78/477, no. 15 [100]