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1629 5 C78/, no. []
1629 13 Jan 4 William Collyns an infant by Mary Burden his mother v Emanuel Sheere. Trust settlement of lands in Jacobstowe, Cornwall. John Collyns the plts grandfather C78/468, no. 8 [2]
1629 16 Jan 4 Henry Brewer of St Buttolphes without Bishopsgate, London, cordwainer v Walter Hillary & Alice his wife. Title to inn "The Dove", Gracechurch Street, London. Lawrence Underwood grandfather of the complt. C78/ 409, no. 11 [3]
1629 24 Jan 4 Sir George Paule of Water Lambeth, Surrey v Sir Robert Bennett; Dame Awdrey his wife; Thomas Plumer; John Plumer the son; Elizabeth Plumer Fees and profits of the Office of Register to the Ecclesiastical Commission. C78/301, no. 8 [4]
1629 26 Jan 4 Isaack Scott of Denneby, Yorks & Bridget his wife one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Reresby late of Thribargh, Yorks decd; Leonard Reresby of Deneby one of the younger sons of the said Sir Thomas v Sir Francis Wortley; Sir Robert Monnson; Sir George Reresbye; Sir Samuel Tryon; Anthony Monnson; Thomas Lewis; Edward Pegg; Barnard Wells; Emanuel Bourne, clerk; John Hill; Phillip Flynt; Thomas Crofts; Christopher Bower; Godfrey Bower; George Fowler; John Mason; Knyveton Clay; Humphrey Roberts; William Barker George Hawley Estate of Sir Thomas Reresbye: the manor of Ashover, Derbyshire. C78/248, no. 2 [5]
1629 26 Jan 4 Sir Richard Darley of Buttercrambe, Yorks; Robert Ledgard; Robert Crompton; Thomas Darley v Sir John Wray; Dame Frances Wray, widow; Robert Haldanby Rents due from manor of Haldenby Parke, near Haldenby, Yorks. C78/285, no. 6 [6]
1629 26 Jan 4 Sir Enbule Thelwall, principal of Jesus College Oxford & the fellows & scholars there v Thomas Coggan. Dispute over the boundary of a piece of land adjoining the College. C78/309, no. 6 [7]
1629 27 Jan 4 John Hare of Hampton, Middx v Melcah Hare, widow; Richard Venn, alderman of the City of London; John Jones; William Hare; Walter Hare; Hughe Hare; Marie Hare; Susan Hare Testamentary settlement of lands in Southchurche, Essex and Broadstreet, London. Samuel Hare father of the complt. C78/285, no. 5 [8]
1629 28 Jan 4 Thomas Harrington son & heir of William Harrington decd v the Fellows and Scholars of the Colleges of Sidney, Saint Johns, Emanuel and Clare Hall, Cambridge; Abraham Johnson; Dorothy Harrington; Devorix Chicheley; John Chichley, Oliver St John Estate of William Harrington: purchase and leasing of numerous properties, including the manor and rectory of Wytham. Annuities to be paid to the above Colleges. Hardwicke Hill, Bradwell and Lemington Hastinges. Warwickshire. C78/263, no. 5 [9]
1629 31 Jan 4 Simon Sharpe, Roger Sharpe, Jasper Sharpe of Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk v Bennett Barker Marriage of John Barker, late of Hoxon, Suffolk and Johanne, daughter of Jasper Sharpe. Provision for their children. C78/293, no. 1 [10]
1629 1 Feb 4 Thomas Cleive late of Waulford, Shropshire & Mary his wife and others (not named) v Sir Thomas Harris; Paul Harris and others (not named) The manor of Boraton, Shropshire. Dispute over the title of the manor of Walford, and sales of land to George Onslowe. C78/293, no. 2 [11]
1629 3 Feb 4 Thomas Severne; Brian Severne; John Stone; Thomas Hopkins & Joane his wife; John Cooke; Thomas Marten; Robert Stone; John Marten; William Feild; Walter Harbage, copyholders & customary tenants of Shrawley, Worcs v Francis Addams of Broseley, Shropshire & Anne his wife; Stephen Smaleman of Wildertopp; Charles Addams; John Corbett Changes in customary fines and dues in the manor of Shrawly, Worcs. C78/237, no. 12 [12]
1629 3 Feb 4 Sir Thomas Jeay of Netherhaven, Wilts v Thomas Eyre. Estate and will of Thomas Jeay of Fittleton and dispute over a trust. C78/293, no. 4 [13]
1629 4 Feb 4 Richard Parsons of Nether Worton, Oxon v Thomas Parsons; Thomas Coleman; Thomas Baylies; William Harris, clerk Title to lands in Nether Worton and tithes of Great Tew, Oxon. Richard Parsons the complts late father C78/351, no. 19 [14]
1629 6 Feb 4 Christopher Hore of Wynge, Bucks, administrator of Francis Hore late fellow of Exeter College, Oxford v John Barston & Sarah his wife The estate of Francis Hore, late fellow of Exeter College, Oxford. C78/309, no. 5 [15]
1629 6 Feb 4 Thomas Ellis of Maidstone, Kent; William Fyme of Ruckindge, Kent v George Gaunt and William Carlile. Estate of Simon Spayne, property called 'Little Detmere' in the parish of Ruckindge C78/508, no. 7 [16]
1629 7 Feb 4 Sir William Sherrard of Stapleford, Leics, Baron of Letrym, Ireland v John Cony & Mildred his wife; Francis Taverner; George Nodes; John Skynner; Frances East, widow; George Cony; Pedaell Harlowe; John Wayte; Thomas Rudkyn Leases and trusts of land in manor of Powys, Rutlandshire. C78/287, no. 3 [17]
1629 7 Feb 4 Richard Dowse of Collingborne Ducis, Wilts & Martha his wife v Richard South. Estate of Jane Tooke late of Alderburie, Wilts decd, aunt of the complt Martha C78/455, no. 10 [18]
1629 9 Feb 4 Robert Watson and John Cowell churchwardens of Wretton, Norfolk v Robert Leveret; John Scottinge; Richard Tillett Charitable legacy from lands in Wretton, Norfolk, by will of John Edwards. C78/334, no. 1 [19]
1629 10 Feb 4 Francis Wythens of London; John Baxter of the Middle Temple, London v Richard Luther; James Pagitt; Anthony Luther; Bridget Fulnetby Bonds, debts and mortgage of manors of Fulnetby, Ranby and Boothby, Lincs. C78/312, no. 14 [20]
1629 10 Feb 5 Sir William Button v Nicholas Smith. Purchase by Button of a water grist mill and lands at Marden, Wiltshire. C78/455, no. 8 [21]
1629 10 Feb 4 Robert Penry v William Beynon Possession of mansion and gardens in Castle Pane, Radnors. Thomas Penry the plts father. C78/473, no. 12 [22]
1629 11 Feb 4 Sir Archibold Douglasse & the Lady Elianor his wife late wife of Sir John Davyes decd v Rt. hon. Ferdinand, Lord Hastings; Sir George Hastings; Thomas Gardiner; Thomas Whynyate; Thomas Gerard; James Newton; Henry Armestronge Marriage settlement of lands in Pirton, Herts and Englefield, Berks C78/393, no. 6 [23]
1629 12 Feb 4 Mayor and Community of Plymouth v John King & Mary his wife; Mary Harrison; John Gayer; Thomas Lethebridg; John Williams Legacies payable to poor and orphans of Bickington and Plymouth, Devon. Will of Benjamin Baron, citizen & grocer of London C78/274, no. 6 [24]
1629 12 Feb 4 Richard Miller of London v Thomas Maples; Henry Cromewell; William Bletsoe; Faith Germyn, widow; Gervace Germyn. Estate of Edward Germin, late Prebendary of Brampton, Huntingdonshire. C78/269, no. 1 [25]
1629 12 Feb 4 Anthony Ware of Menhenniett v John Tuckfield. Estate of John Ware of Crediton, Devonshire. Manor of Holwell, and property within the parish of Crediton. Disputed will. C78/299, no. 10 [26]
1629 12 Feb 4 Sir Harbottle Grimestone of Breadfield, Essex & Dame Elizabeth his wife v Anne Coppinger, widow; George Coppinger; John Coppinger. Property of Raphe Coppinger, late of Allhallowes in the hundred of Hooe, Kent deceased. C78/445, no. 1 [27]
1629 12 Feb 5 Thomas Doughtie of Martley, Worcs, gent v. Sir Thomas Trevor, knight, BEx; Sir Thomas Jermyn, knight; Thomas Jermin, esq & Rebecca his wife; and Richard Rodway, gent Complts mortgage of capital messuage or farm called Larne als Laherne and Dorning Stable C78/1156, no. 9 [28]
1629 13 Feb 5 Richard Samon; Mary his wife and others (not named) v Edward Hill; Roger Plevy; Elynor Austin Estate of Henry Mace, land at Teuxburye, Gloucestershire. C78/269, no. 9 [29]
1629 16 Feb 4 Sir James Stonehowse of Islington, Middx v Thomas Coxe; Thomas Lapworth. The prebend of Byshopps Itchington, Warwickshire. C78/305, no. 5 [30]
1629 16 Feb 4 William Arrundell of Horningsham, Wilts v Thomas Arrundell. Reconveyance of lands in Horningsham, Wilts, and Keynaston, Dorset, subjected to trust settlement. C78/351, no. 14 [31]
1629 4 Edward Worsley of Briggesley, Lincs v Richard Waters; Richard Todd; Elizabeth Ballowe, widow; Thomas Greene; John Cooke; John Holton; Lawrence Somerscales; Robert Alford, clerk; Edward Robson; [blank] Daye, freeholders of Briggesley Freeholders of Briggesley [Brigsley], Lincs. Bill (Mich 1627) alleging that new farmer of the manor had had his enclosed lands challenged by freeholders despite articles of agreement (2 March 1620) to allocate and enclose plots of land in the Eastfield and Westfield of Briggesley, and seeking court confirmation of the agreement. C78/301, no. 7 [32]
1629 20 Feb 4 John Tanner of Cotleigh, Devon; Grace Rodden daughter of Thomas Rodden decd, an infant by John Tanner, clerk v Ellianor Allwyn; Henry Alwyn; Thomas Alwyn; Richard Alwyn; Richard Parsons Property of Ellianor Alwyn: manor of Taunton and Taunton Deane, Somerset. Lands at Poundesford and the tithes of Southfulford, Somerset. C78/346, no. 7 [33]
1629 26 Feb 4 Richard Chamblett and Rebecca his wife v Sir Robert Honywood. The estate of Robert Honywood of Marksale Hall, Essex. Wharf called Fresh Wharf, Saint Buttolphs, Billingsgate, London. Sale to Robert Ellyott, fishmonger of London. C78/305, no. 12 [34]
1629 27 Feb 4 George Pilkington of Hansworth, Yorks v John Gill Execution of the will of George Pilkington of Barkston, Leicestershire. C78/293, no. 3 [35]
1629 11 March 4 William Grave & Grace his wife; George Lull & Elizabeth his wife, citizens of London v John Tooley; Joseph Skottowe; Thomas Lusher Bill re payment from a trust of houses in parish of St. Katherine Colman, London. C78/260, no. 4 [36]
1629 20 March 4 Robert Henley, esq, one of the six clerks of Chancery v. George, lord viscount Chaworth Payments associated with the grant of the seal of six penny writs in Chancery. C78/1159, no. 4 [37]
1629 23 March 4 Margery Dyer of Wytney, Oxon, widow, late wife & relict of William Dyer of Aveley, Essex, clerk decd; Amye Dyer daughter & heir apparent of the said Margaret Dyer v Robert Meese and Edmond Goodere. Manor of Overworton, property of Sir John Arundell, Henry, Lord Compton, John Dormer, Thomas Martyn. Purchases of land by Robert Holloway. C78/342, no. 4 [38]
1629 13 April 5 Sir George Chaworth of Wyverton, Notts son & heir apparent of John Chaworth of Southwell, Notts v Emanuel, Lord Scroope, now Earl of Sunderland; Charles Odingrells; John Carrington and others (not named) the undertenants of the Earl in Langar, Barneston & St Awburies, Notts Title to lands in Langar Barneston and Saint Awburies, Notts C78/447, no. 4 [39]
1629 22 April 5 Simon Clotworthie of Rushleigh, Devon v Lady Jane Rolle, widow; John Rolle Payment of portion. C78/440, no. 2 [40]
1629 23 April 5 Jane Davy, widow v William Davy; Clement Hoe; Christopher Crow Payments of legacies from personal estate of Whiskard Davy. C78/351, no. 16 [41]
1629 23 April 5 Peter du Moulyn v William Salisburye, William Hill Rectory and parsonage of Llanrader, Denbighshire. C78/461, no. 2 [42]
1629 25 April 5 Thomas Glatton als Latton v Thomas Filby and John Bond Possession of lease of tenement of lands in St. Ives (county not given). C78/237, no. 8 [43]
1629 27 April 5 Pedaell Harlowe of Grays Inn, Middx v William Stidolph. Payment of marriage portion. C78/257, no. 2 [44]
1629 30 April 5 Edward Jaggard of Bury St Edmund, Suffolk & Susan his wife late wife of James Woodborne the younger decd, son & heir of James Woodburne late of Bury decd; Jeremy Browning of Bury v Anne Woodborne, widow. Disputed inheritance and dower of houses in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. C78/279, no. 7 [45]
1629 30 April 5 Barnard Manners of Pinchebecke, Lincs; Roger Foster of Morborne, Hunts; Robert Humfrey of Langtofte, Lincs; Adam Smith of Hollywell, Hunts; William Wildebore of Castor, Northants; Robert Miller of Stamford, Lincs; Robert Wright of Eylesworth, Northants; William Wildbore of Eylesworth, Northants; Edward Warren by John Austen of Ashton, Nothants v Sir Robert Wingfield and dean and chapter of Peterborough, Northants. Title to copyhold lands in manors of Castor and Sutton in Castor Sutton and Eylesworth, Northants. C78/340, no. 5 [46]
1629 1 May 5 Francis More of Brewood, Staffs on behalf of himself & the inhabitants of Brewood v Walter Gifford, Peter Gifford and George Gifford. Dispute over the grammar school of Brewood, Staffordshire. Custody of a bequest by Sir Thomas Gifford. C78/251, no. 2 [47]
1629 1 May 5 Thomas Andrewes of Brewton, Somerset v Sir Lawrence Hyde; Sir Francis ..oston; Robert Hopton; John Whitson; James Bisse; Edward Bisse; Thomas ....; Richard Budd; Edward Wykes Estate of Hugh Saxey, deceased. Divers manors, boroughs, lands and tenements in Somerset, Gloucestershire, Middlesex and London. Dispute over titles to houses in London and the honouring of debts. C78/455, no. 11 [48]
1629 2 May 5 Tristram Michell of Exeter, woollen draper v William Holmes and Malachie Monday Dispute over deeds and title to messuages in Saint Stephens Parish, Exeter. C78/297, no.1 [49]
1629 2 May 5 John Duke of Greate Worlingworth, Suffolk & Parnell his wife one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Rous late of Henham, Suffolk decd; Anne Rous of Worlingham another daughter of the said Sir Thomas Rous v Sir John Rous; Sir Francis Goodwyn; William Cage Portions payable under marriage settlement of manors of Cloptonhall, or Kingshall, Breadhall, Wasteleyes and Basses, Suffolk C78/428, no. 3 [50]
1629 4 May 5 Thomas Edwards, sealer at the great seal of England; Robert Thorneton, chaser of the wax at the said great seal of England v Rt. Hon. George, Viscount Chaworth; Sir John Underhill; Dame Alice, Viscountess St Albans his wife; Robert Henley Arrears of payments due to offices of sealer and chaser of the wax at the great seal of England. C78/307, no. 1 [51]
1629 6 May 5 Sir William Morgan v John Carne; Thomas Carne; Anne ...... The estate of John Carne of Ewenny, Glamorgan. Colewinston Farm, Waterton, Colston and other properties in Glamorgan. C78/255, no. 6 [52]
1629 7 May 5 Griffith Ellys administrator of Robert Wynn ap Thomas ap Rees during the minority of Thomas Griffith & Owen Griffith executors of the said Robert Wynn ap Thomas ap Rees v Lewys Symon Owen Discharge of residue of marriage portion of 80 or 100 sheep payable by will of Robert Wynn ap Thomas ap Rees C78/473, no. 11 [53]
1629 9 May 5 George Mynne of Lincolns Inn, Middx v John Slany of London, merchant. Mortgage of farm in Hartingfordbury, Heref. C78/237, no. 9 [54]
1629 9 May 5 Susan Jorden, widow, late wife of John Jorden decd, whilst he lived chiefest captain & agent in the East Indies for the East India Company v John Jorden Interest from mortgage of lands in Wotton Fitzpaine, Dorset. The complt being a stranger born at the Islands of St Michael under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Portugal C78/1208, no. 1 [55]
1629 12 May 5 Henry Ferrers v Thomas Ferrers and the Lady Jacoba Vanlore, widow Marriage settlement and payment of dowry. C78/271, no. 3 [56]
1629 12 May 5 Roger Glover of Beckett, Berks v William Hurdman; John Childe; Andrew Fulham; John Graves; Richard Staples; Hugh Newton; Thomas Wicherley; Thomas Smith; Raph Powell; Peter Brocklesby; Thomas Dunning the elder; George Chester; Mary Lyndsey; Henry Sweeting; Ellis Shelton; William Kent; John Fulham Privileges of pre-emption of all merchandise made in Cornwall and payments to the tinners of that county. C78/287, no. 2 [57]
1629 12 May 5 William Wilkes v Richard Page; Edward Page; Thomas Fulston and George Tanner. Sale of properties in Barford, Wiltshire. C78/441, no. 11 [58]
1629 15 May 5 Richard Bancrofte of Wilsden, Middx and John Huntley v Margarett Huntley, widow; Robert Ducke Title to manor of Kynnersley and lands in Carshalton, Sutton, Morden and Beddington, Surrey. C78/271, no. 2 [59]
1629 16 May 5 Anne Aynscombe, Jane Aynscombe, Dorothy Aynscombe & John Aynscombe, infants, son & daughters of John Aynscombe decd by Jane Aynscombe their mother v Walter Mascall. The estate of the late John Aynscombe: properties called 'Pickards' and 'Reeds' at Wadhurst, Sussex. Also lands at Horsmanceux. C78/235, no. 1 [60]
1629 16 May 5 Richard Shorditch v George Fursman. Bonds and counterbonds of Sir Edward Fenner. C78/305, no. 6 [61]
1629 16 May 5 Sir Walter Smith of Great Bedwyn, Wilts v William Stonehouse. Will of Ursula Smith late of London, widow, sometime wife of Humfrey Smith of London & her wardship over the complainant (her son): appointment of William Stonehouse of Radley, Berks her brother, as executor of her will. C78/347, no. 3 [62]
1629 16 May 5 Thomas Stampe of Peasmore, Berks; Marye Stampe his wife, sole sister & heir of Richard Blanchard late of Priors Court, Berks decd & on behalf of Anne Stampe, Mary Stampe & John Stampe their children v Mary Blanchard; Edward Ernley; Thomas ?Pressy?; John Hampton; Richard Longe; Edward Bartlett; Elizabeth Blanchard; Cecilie Hampton; Humphrey Dulman; Thomas Nelson; William Bower Portions payable by will of Richard Blanchard from lands in Wolthampton, Aldermaston, Compton, Westcompton, Cheeveley [Chieveley], Curridge and Hampsted Norris, Berks and Urchfont, Wilts. C78/428, no. 4 [63]
1629 18 May 5 William Stanford v Henry Cookes; [blank] Naylor & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Hunt; John Streete; George Richards; Henry Osborne; Martin Ickins als Eakyns; Edward Newman; Roger Wilgoose; Edward Cookes Dispute over property at Handsworth, Staffordshire. C78/251, no. 1 [64]
1629 18 May 5 John Games of Skarning, Norfolk & Elizabeth his wife since decd, eldest daughter of Richard Hoo of Skarning v Richard Hoo Trust settlement of the manors of Northenhall, Skarning and Guntons, and rectory of Skarning, Norfolk. C78/312, no. 12 [65]
1629 18 May 5 Richard Braybrooke & Christian his wife; Francis Keate of East Locking, Berks; Hugh Keate of Hagburne, Berks; William Keate of Hagburne v Edward Wollascott & Anne his wife. Partition between co-owners of manor and parsonage of Cassington, Oxon and rectory of Easton Mawdiff, Northants. C78/351, no. 21 [66]
1629 20 May 5 Francis Andlaby of Rillington, Yorks; Robert Lak.. the elder of Rillington; Robert ..... son & heir apparent of the said Robert Lak.. the elder v. Francis Constable esq Mortgage of rectory of Rillington C78/1919, no. 25 [67]
1629 22 May 5 Isaack Scott & Bridget his wife; Lenard Reresbye v Francis Wortley; Robert Mounson; Anthony Mounson; Thomas Lewes; Henry Yelverton, William Courtene; Edward Wortley & the Lady Elizabeth his wife, executors of Sir Samuel Tryon decd; Emanuel Bourne, clerk; Kniveton Cley; John Hill; Phillip Flint; Thomas Crofte; Christopher Bower; Godfrey Bower; George Fowler; George Halley; John Mason; Humphrey Roberts and others (not named) Estate and will of Sir Samuel Tryon: manor of Ashover, Derbyshire, mortgaged by Sir Thomas Reresbe. C78/461, no. 3 [68]
1629 23 May 5 Robert Earley of London, engraver & Joyce his wife v Henry Banister and John Sellacke Portions and legacies payable by will of Henry Banister from lands in East Greenewich and Gravesend, Kent C78/1208, no. 7 [69]
1629 1 June 5 Sir Robert Fisher of Great Packington, Warks v William Wheate; Edmond Wheate; Walter Rotton; Griffin Barnett Bill (Easter 1627) alleging destruction of enclosures of lands in the common fields, (No agreement mentioned). Court referred the case to common law. Meriden, Warwickshire. C78/237, no. 11 [70]
1629 5 June 5 Richard Bonithon of Carclewe, Cornwall v Samuel Pendarvis; William Beauchamp Mortgage of lands in Trelufwall and Penryn, Cornwall. C78/274, no. 7 [71]
1629 6 June 5 Daniel Hoste of London, weaver v Abraham Baker. Debts. C78/312, no. 9 [72]
1629 8 June 5 Sir Thomas Sackvile of Bibury, Gloucs v Frances Baxter; William Gilly; Thomas Coell. Manor of Hockold alias Ellingams, Norfolk. Dispute over debts and title. C78/248, no. 6 [73]
1629 8 June 5 John Popham of Hunstert, Somerset & Mary his wife sole daughter & heir of Sir Sebastian Harvey late citizen & alderman of London decd, freeman of the said City and of the company of Ironmongers v Sir Thomas Hinton and Dame Mary his wife administratrix of the said Sir Sebastian Harvey her late husband Claim for share in personal estate of £4,000. C78/274, no. 4 [74]
1629 8 June 5 Thomas Lewys by John Gamage v Edward Gamage and John Wilcockes Discharge of accounts re unspecified real and personal estate of Lewis William (plts father), Katherine William (plts mother) and Johan Lewys (plts sister C78/473, no. 10 [75]
1629 9 June 5 William Greene of Much Bowchurch, Herefs, gent v. William Prise of Llanfoist, Monm, esq Mortgage of a tenement & moiety of house in High Street, another in Crosse Street & another in Tidderstreet, in Aburgavenny; land in Lanover; messuage & land in Lanfoist & land in Lanthewye Retherghe, all in Monmouth C78/1156, no. 8 [76]
1629 13 June 5 Christopher Potter, Provost of Queens College, Oxford & the scholars of the college v Lewes Polard. Lease by Queens College, of meadows and arable lands at Little Baldington, Marsh Baldington, Tutbaldington to Leonard Wilmott and Thomas Prince. C78/309, no. 7 [77]
1629 13 June 5 Richard Shalcrosse and William Tawney of Godstone, Surrey v Mary Rogers. Debts of John Rogers payable from sale of lands in Blechingly, Surrey. C78/351, no. 18 [78]
1629 15 June 5 Dame Elizabeth Hicks, widow, late wife of Sir Michael Hicks decd v John Saunders and John Bubb Claims for widows freebench and customary privileges in the manors of Widcombe Magna, and Churchdowne or Chursden, Gloucs. C78/239, no. 8 [79]
1629 17 June 5 Sir Roger Gray of Ulchester, Northumberland v Rt. hon William, Lord Gray and Robert Gray. Title to office and Bailiwick of the manor of Akeld and Ewart, Northumberland. Sir Ralph Gray of Chillingham, Northumberland, the complts late father. C78/239, no. 8 [80]
1629 17 June 5 Philip Stones of Acle, Norfolk, widow & relict of Redmayne Stones decd; Humphrey Spanton & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Stones; Owyn Stones; George Bayfield; Richard Burrell; James Lawe; Jeffery Ward; Thomas Black; William Lome; Edward Manfield; Thomas Leake, some of them creditors & legatees of the said Redmayne Stones decd & others the sons & daughters of Thomas Stones father of the said Redmayne v Johane Stones, widow; Clement Stones. The will and estate of Thomas Stones. C78/269, no. 8 [81]
1629 18 June 5 William Boydon, citizen & woodmonger of London v Mathewe Kempster and Jane Thorne Title to lands in parish of St. Clement Danes, London and in Willsworthy, Cornwall. C78/274, no. 9 [82]
1629 19 June 5 John Godfrey & Anne his wife late wife of John Clarke of Fetter Lane, St Andrews Holborne, carpenter v Tobitt Harvest and Nicholas Collyns. Three houses in Fetter Lane, London, the late property of Jeffrey Pitman. Terms of a lease to John Clarke. Also the "Golden Anchor" in West Smithfield. C78/299, no. 6 [83]
1629 19 June 5 Edward Flatman of Shelton, Norfolk & Elizabeth his wife sole daughter of John Brett decd the only son of Thomas Brett late of Shelton decd v John Brett; Margaret Baker, widow; Francis Lord since decd Bonds re payment of portion from personal estate of Thomas Brett C78/512, no. 8 [84]
1629 20 June 5 John Lloid of Llanllowthog, Carmarthen; Griffith Lloid of Llanllowthog v Walter Vaughan and Henry Vaughan. Bonds of debt to John Murcroft, and disputes over properties called 'Penport Cowen' 'Tyreghus' 'Henday' 'Queens Close' and others in Carmarthenshire. C78/255, no. 4 [85]
1629 20 June 5 Richard Kylby bachelor of divinity, fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, and one of the prebendaries of Bedford Minor, Lincoln v William Abbis, mayor of Bedford; William Hicks, clerk; Thomas Hawes; Robert Hawes; John Goodhall; William Waller; Robert Bamforth; Thomas Spenser; William Faldo, aldermen of Bedford; Samuel Beckett & William Paly, bailiffs of Bedford; John Spencer; William Hawkins; John Bowstred; Thomas Croote Manor of Bedford Minor, within the town of Bedford — a part of the prebend of Lincoln. Dispute over the extent of the properties. C78/264, no. 10 [86]
1629 20 June 5 Edward Tirwhitt a younger son of Sir Edward Tirwhitt late of Stanefield, Lincs decd; Mary Tirwhitt; Gervase Elwaies & Anne his wife, the younger daughters of the said Sir Edward Tirwhitt v Sir Gervase Clifton and Sir George Chute Portions raised on lands in North Scarle, Southerey [Southrey], Erforth [Irforth or Urforth priory in Stainton-le-Vale par.], Coborne [Cabourne] and Stanton in the hole [Stainton-le-Vale] and Stanefield [?Stainfield], Lincs. C78/422, no. 2 [87]
1629 22 June 5 Thomas Fletcher of London; Elizabeth his wife late wife & executrix of James Grove late citizen & draper of London; James Grove son & heir of the said James Grove v Humfrey Pakington; John Tirer; Francis Dovye Bill re recovery of mortgaged lands at Wyke Episcopi, Worcs C78/260, no. 2 [88]
1629 25 June 5 Sir George Winter of Durham, Gloucs; Edward Heydon of Maydon Bradley, Wilts; Thomas Popham of Bath, Somerset on behalf of Martha Smith late the wife of Humphrey Willis decd and also for Humphrey Willis, Walter Willis and John Willis sons of the said Martha v Robert Smith; Hamond Claxton; Francis Mingay Widow's estate in copyhold tenement and lands in Wollaveington, Somerset and dower rights in lands in Moorehouse, Somerset and Westnowe, Glam. C78/237, no. 1 [89]
1629 25 June 5 John Wrenn of Drinkston, Suffolk v Robert Greene; Gooch the elder; John Gooch the younger; Richard Crofte; Thomas Goges Title to lands in Drinkston, Suffolk C78/422, no. 1 [90]
1629 27 June 5 Sir Thomas Russell of Strensham, Worcs v Anne Hanford, widow; Francis Hanford; Edward Hanford Annuity from lands in Strensham, Worcs as compensation for conveyance of watermills in Woolashall and Nafford, Worcs. C78/237, no. 7 [91]
1629 29 June 5 William Hewes of the City of London, mercer; Katherine Ellettson of London, widow v James Reeve & Sarah his wife; Elizabeth Bigate; Robert Ellettson; William Ellettson Leases and rents of tenements in parish of All Saints, Barking, London. C78/285, no. 4 [92]
1629 3 July 5 Francis Stoner son of Sir Francis Stoner decd v Richard, Lord Lovelace; Dame Elizabeth Stoner, widow; Sir Edmund Lenthall Jointure and other interests in trust settlement of manor of Blount Court or Rotherfield Peppard, Oxon. C78/351, no. 13 [93]
1629 3 July 5 William Stoner v Dame Elizabeth Stoner, widow; Richard, Lord Lovelace; Edmund Lenthall Jointure and debts payable from estate of Stoner manor house and lands (no county given). C78/351, no. 17 [94]
1629 3 July 5 Roger Gerrard of Lambourne; Richard Miller; Elizabeth Sutton, widow; Edward Darby an infant; Edward Goldwyer; James Munger; John White; John Moore of London; John Daccombe; Michael Arnolde; Jasper Goodwin; Thomas Hall, executor of [blank] Whale; William Perkins; Richard Cox; Samuel Langham; Robert Dixon; George Whitmore, citizen & alderman of London; Sir Richard Mitchelborne; [blank] Nicholas; Sir William Fitch; William Sejeant; [blank] Bond; [blank] Newdigate; [balnk] Hamond; Richard Oliver; Sir Baptist Hicks, Viscount Camden; Thomas Gote; Rose Skerborough als Markham; [blank] Palmer; [blank] Kinnaston; Robert Burgage; Katherine Nevile; Charles Nevile; Sir Guy Palmes; [blank] Jackson; [blank] Palmer; Roger Cortellis; John Cotton; Lady Glover; William Gresham v Rt. Hon. Henry, Lord Bergaveny; Edward, Earl of Dorset; John, Earl of Peterborough; George, Lord Goring; Christopher Nevile; Sir Henry Compton; Sir Henry Poole; Edward Bawtry; Thomas Peter; Peter Whetcombe Trust settlement of manor of South Hanningfield, East Hanningfield and West Hanningfield, Essex and Wardvilde or Wardfield, Salop, to pay debts. C78/351, no. 20 [95]
1629 4 July 5 Dorothy Owen, widow v Thomas Ap Rice. Title to lease of lands of rectory of Brodie, Pembrokeshire. C78/271, no. 1 [96]
1629 4 July 5 Richard Carryer, vicar of Wirksworth, Derbs v Ephraime Ferne; Richard Wigley; Anthony Cotes and William Debanck. Customary duties and tithes of the church of Wicksworth, Derbyshire. Tithe on lead mined — means of estimating the amount due to the Church. C78/297, no. 6 [97]
1629 8 July 5 Titus Westby, prisoner in the Fleet v John Heydon Westby family of the City of London, concerned with the export of woollen cloth to the Low Countries C78/262, no. 1 [98]
1629 8 July 5 John Gray of Coggeshall, Essex, clothier v Sir Richard Bettenson. Loans made by the complainant, a clothier of Coggeshall. Rent payments upordand at Feering, Essex. C78/298, no. 11 [99]
1629 10 July 5 Thomas Blande of Yorks and others (not named) v Sir Frauncis Foliambe; William Blithman Reversion interest in tenements in Faireborne, Yorks. C78/408, no. 2 [100]
1629 16 July 5 Sir Richard Lumly of Stansteed, Sussex, afterwards Lord Lumley v Edmond Plowden of Wansteed, Hants Dispute over tithes and timber rights reserved from lease of 40 acres of woodland in Stanstead Great Park, Surrey or Sussex. C78/237, no. 10 [101]
1629 17 July 5 Sir William Sandis of Miserden, Gloucs v Sir Nicholas Trott & Dame MArie his wife. Manor and house at Eyton, Bedfordshire, the estate of William, Lord Sandis. Terms of leases on the properties. C78/263, no. 7 [102]
1629 7 August 5 William Barnes of Avenbury, Herefs v Hughe Hill; Susan his wife; Edward Walweyne; Alexander Walweyne; Edward Seaborne; Phillip Winston Bill re title to lands at Avenbury, Hereford. C78/260, no. 3 [103]
1629 7 Oct 5 Richard Crane of London & Jane his wife v James Gates. Rents and other interests in lands near the Tower of London. C78/286, no. 9 [104]
1629 9 Oct 5 Dame Marie Cockaine, widow, late wife of Sir William Cockaine late alderman of London decd and Charles Cockaine son & heir of the said Sir William v Rt. hon. Sir Mountague Barty, Lord Willoughby & Martha, Countess Dowager of Holdernes his wife Portion, from marriage settlement, used to purchase manors of Friskney, Ould Partney, Well and Alford, Lincs C78/340, no. 9 [105]
1629 13 Oct 5 John Richardson of Scotton, Lincs & Sarah his wife; Thomas Codd of Crowle; Thomas Fidling of Luddington; John Kinde late of Winterton, clerk, all Lincs v Richard, Bishop of Durham and Thomas Cogdall Bonds re administration of estate of Thomas Cogdall. C78/256, no. 1 [106]
1629 14 Oct 5 Godfrey Greene of Annesley, Notts v George, Lord Chaworth, Viscount Armagh; John Gelstropp Lease of lands in Ansley [Annesley], Notts. C78/256, no. 2 [107]
1629 17 Oct 5 Thomas Lewis v Edward Prosser. Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of lands in Brecon and Garthbrengy, Brecknockshire. C78/239, no. 2 [108]
1629 17 Oct 5 Roger Andrewes, brother of Lancelote, late bishop of Winchester; William Burrell & Mary his wife on behalf of themselves & James Burrell & Lancelot Burrell, infants; Andrew Burrell; John Burrell; Samuel Burrell; George Rooke & Mary his wife; Lancelot Johnson & Martha his wife; Robert Salmon & Martha his wife; Thomas Princeppe; Peter Salmon; Thomas Salmon; Josias Best & Martha his wife; William Andrewes; Thomas Andrewes; Nicholas Andrewes; Roger Andrewes the younger; Arthur Wollastone & Anne his wife; Mary Andrewes; Jervice Hackett & Anne his wife; Daniel Gate & Margaret his wife; William Shawe & Mary his wife; Robert Swyer & Elizabeth his wife, the said Margaret, Mary & Elizabeth being the daughters of the said Anne Hackett; Jeremy Sambrooke & Plilea his wife, the said Mary Burrell & Martha Salmon being sisters of the said late Bishop of Winchester, and the said Andrew Burrell, John Burrell, Samuel Burrell, James Burrell, Lancelor Burrell, Mary Fooke & Martha Johnson being sons & daughters of the said William Burrell & Mary his wife, and the said William Andrewes being son of Nicholas Andrewes decd, late brother of the said late Bishop; the said Thomas Andrewes, Nicholas Andrewes & Roger Andrewes the younger, Anne Wollastone & Mary Andrewes being sons & daughters of Thomas Andrewes late another of the brothers of the said late Bishop, and the said Thomas Princepp, Peter Salmon, Thomas Salmon & Martha Best being sons & daughters of the said Martha Salmon v Robert Stone; John Cooke; William Greene; Richard Smeeth; Thomas Cotton; Roger Nicholson; Thomas Edye; Frederick Porter; John Weale; Thomas Walker; Robert Rogers; John Helme; Anthony Bull; Robert Bostocke; John Browneinge; Samuel Wright; Robert Linsey; John Pountney; Robert Chapman; John Hendre; George Linsey; Thomas Leech; William Edwards; William Evans; Anne Lewes; Mary Carryer; John Griffith; Hugh Roberts; Thomas Pennell; Richard Stubbs; Edward Warner; John Church Legacies of Bishop's will. C78/394, no. 5 [109]
1629 17 Oct 5 Katherine Lucas, widow v Joseph Pennington; William Pennington; Edmond Noble; William Birkhead; Christopher Wright Mortgage and trust settlement of copyhold lands in Preston in Heversam, Westmorland. C78/513, no. 8 [110]
1629 20 Oct 5 Elizabeth Worseley, widow, late wife of Thomas Worsley decd, for herself & Thomas Worseley her son v Thomas Worsley Marriage settlement of manor of Hovingham, Yorks. C78/285, no. 3 [111]
1629 20 Oct 5 Robert Barker, His Majestys printer; Christopher Barker and Robert Barker his sons v Bonham Norton. Dispute over the moiety of the Office of the Kings Printer and the profits thereof. C78/298, no. 13 [112]
1629 20 Oct 5 Peter Farneham of Middx v Sir John Danvers. Administration of trust of money. C78/391, no. 15 [113]
1629 20 Oct 5 William Prichard v Henry Williams. Interests in lands in Lamarten and Biston, Mon. C78/473, no. 9 [114]
1629 20 Oct 5 Robert Barker, His Majestys printer; Christopher Barker & John Barker his sons v Bonham Norton. Moiety of office and stock of King’s Printer. C78/641, no. 4 [115]
1629 21 Oct 5 Alice Griffith, widow, late the wife of Robert Griffith v George Gage and Lawrence Maydwell Debts payable from profits of sale of an annuity from lands in Barrowe, Leics. C78/239, no. 3 [116]
1629 21 Oct 5 Henry Chapman v John Moyle; Edmond Underwood; Rowland Heylin; Edward Francis; Thomas Lee; John Acklee Agreement between Anne Cox and Edward Francis over rents and issues of properties called 'Brooke Place', Shorne Street, Shorne. C78/435, no. 4 [117]
1629 23 Oct 5 William Bussell & Mary his wife administratrix of Thomas Emery decd during the minority of Thomas Emery his son v Robert Naper executor of William Shelton decd

And also Robert Naper v William Bussell; Mary his wife; Mary Oldham and others (not named)

And also Daniel Shelton v Robert Naper

And also Sir Robert Brooke and others (not named) v Robert Naper and others (not named)

Recognizances re payment of portions and legacies. C78/239, no. 6 [118]
1629 24 Oct 5 Elizabeth Kinge & Susan Kinge daughters of Benjamin Kinge; John Kinge & Edward Kinge sons of the said Benjamin v Peter Kinge; Thomas Smith & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Kinge; Ellen Kinge, widow Payment of legacies from lands in Essex and Lincs. C78/279, no. 6 [119]
1629 26 Oct 5 John Smith of London, baker v Elizabeth Moore, widow; George Moore; John Venner. Estate of Richard Smith of the parish of Saint Olaves, Southwark, Surrey, brewer, also his employment of Thomas Moore and disputed partnership. C78/248, no. 3 [120]
1629 26 Oct 5 John Browne of Bourne, Lincs & Winifred his wife; Judith Salmon late the wife of John Moore of London on behalf of her children, administrators of Henry De labere late of the Middle Temple their uncle decd; Arthur Readheade & Henry Readhead of Howden, Yorks v Henry Mordant; Robert Hungate Bequests payable by will of Henry de Labere, from his personal estate and lands in Howden, Yorks and Plymworth, Devon C78/439, no. 6 [121]
1629 29 Oct 5 Richard Hall of Barking, Essex v Robert Cooper. Bonds assuring assignation of lease of lands in Barking Essex. Thomas Hall of Esbury, Worcs, brother of the complt C78/313, no. 7 [122]
1629 31 Oct 5 John Howe of London, merchant v John Escott of the City of Exeter, merchant. Estate of William Brealey, for many years a merchant resident at Lisbon. Dispute over a consignment of sugar from Saint Thome. C78/297, no. 4 [123]
1629 31 Oct 5 George, duke of Buckingham within age, by Katherine, duchess of Buckingham his mother; and Sir George Mannors, knight, his committees and guardians; Sir Paul Pinder; and Sir John Wolstenholme, knight; Charles Cockaine, esq; and William Alcocke, gent, administrators of George, duke of Buckingham v. Sir George Paule, knight Office of chief clerk for the enrolling of pleas, held in trust for the Duke of Buckingham C78/1167, no. 9 [124]
1629 2 Nov 5 Richard Freeborne of Westminster, Middx administrator of John Freeborne late of Stratfieldseye, Hants v Sir Stephen Leiseur. Estate of William Cowdrie of Basingstoke, Hampshire. Statute Staple for £500. C78/299, no. 9 [125]
1629 4 Nov 5 Arthur Kynnaston of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, merchant v John Wyke; Walter Wyke. Apprenticeship of John Wyke to Kynnaston, a Merchant of the Staple: disputed dealings. C78/254, no. 7 [126]
1629 4 Nov 5 C78/1919, no. 23 [127]
1629 5 Nov 5 John Winford of Astley, Worcs v Robert Brooke. Estate of Sir Raphe Sadler, manor of Astley, Worcestershire. C78/254, no. 8 [128]
1629 5 Nov 5 William Were of London, mariner v John Wood; Henry Wood; Robert Dorne Payment of money collected for the redemption of eleven captives in slavery to the Turks. C78/312, no. 11 [129]
1629 5 Nov 5 Francis Fettiplace v John Mosden; John Salmon; Richard Over; Thomas Hemington; Richard Stevens; John Wise Assignation of interests in a lease of common woods in Newelme, Swynecombe, Bixgibbon, Bixbrond and Nettlebed, Oxon C78/432, no. 8 [130]
1629 7 Nov 5 Richard Atkinson of Whixley, Yorks v William Atkinson father of the said Richard; Thomas Atkinson. Title to lands in Whixley, Yorks. C78/358, no. 5 [131]
1629 7 Nov 5 William Baylie of Marden, Wilts; John Stonax & Martha his wife late wife of Thomas Good v Mathew Dee; Valentyne Good; John Ivy; Maurice Aldridge Marriage between the late Thomas Good and Martha Stonax. Provision for Martha. C78/441, no.10 [132]
1629 10 Nov 5 Andrew Pell; Charles Carvile; Thomas Florye; John Wynch; John Rice, surviving feoffees of Thomas Valenger for the benefit of poor people of South Lynn, Norfolk; John Man, vicar of the said parish; William Salter; Thomas Jaggs; John Parker; Henry Bloye, churchwardens & overseers of the poor of the said parish v William Davye; Anne his wife; Thomas Davye their eldest son Dispute over a bequest in the will of Thomas Valenger, to the poor of South Lynn, Norfolk. Mention of almshouses. C78/254, no. 6 [133]
1629 11 Nov 5 Robert Horrockes of Aynsworthe, Lancs executor of John Horrockes late of South Fambridge, Essex, clerk v William Horrockes Legacies payable by will of John Horrockes from profits of sale of lands in South Fambridge, Assingdon and Hockley, Essex C78/1208, no. 3 [134]
1629 12 Nov 5 Thomas Bancrofte of London v Francis Howe, widow; Anne Howe; Richard Kirkham; Marie his wife; Thomas Howe Rents due from lands in manor of Muckinghall, Essex. C78/285, no. 2 [135]
1629 12 Nov 5 Sir Francis Hildesley and Dame Suzan Hildesley his wife v William Allen; William Turner; John Jackson Reconveyance of mortgaged rectory of Birdsall, Yorks. C78/447, no. 3 [136]
1629 13 Nov 5 Richard Liddiate late of Al..ton, Oxon; Samuel Liddiate son & heir apparent of the said Richard; Thomas Liddiate, clerk; John Liddiate brother of the said Richard v Edward Weston. Debts of Richard Liddiate: mortgage and title to lands on the manor of Alkerton, and the parsonage of Alkerton. C78/421, no. 3 [137]
1629 14 Nov 5 Katherine Benger, widow, late wife of Henry Benger of Hougham, Kent decd; John Benger, Henry Benger, Elizabeth Benger & Katherine Benger sons & daughters of the said Henry & Katherine v Stephen Hobday Execution of the will of Henry Benger, yeoman of Hougham, Kent. C78/435, no. 2 [138]
1629 15 Nov 5 Robert Hardye, eldest son & heir of John Hardye late of Barbon, Westmorland decd, an infant by Henry Wilson his uncle v Nicholas Fawcett and John Ustenson Bill re recovery of mortgaged lands at Barbon, Westmorland. C78/260, no. 1 [139]
1629 16 Nov 5 Henry Jeffecott; Henry Knibbe; Roger Horne; Emott Pettiver for all copyholders of Anstye in the County & City of Coventry v Dean and Canons of King's free chapel of St. George, Windsor and Richard Baker and others (not named). Bill (Mich 1628) alleging loss of ancient rights of way and attempts to break custom of "widows freebench after agreement (not long since) to have survey of the manor, allotments and enclosures. Anstye, Coventry, Warwickshire. Court ordered new survey. C78/237, no. 2 [140]
1629 17 Nov 5 Elizabeth Gyfford, widow v William Gyfford; William Pagett; Elizabeth his wife; John Vigures. Land at Wynslade, Devonshire. Leased to Gyfford by George Suddenham. C78/346, no. 5 [141]
1629 19 Nov 5 Robert Boothby v Tobie Turner, clerk; Robert Neale; George Hartoppe and Christopher Morrison. Case arising from the enclosure of the common fields of the manor of Dalby by the complainant’s father, circa 10 James I. The land and glebe property adjoining the vicarage of Dalby also enclosed with the agreement of Valentine Hartopp. The interests of the vicarage now in dispute. Manor of Dalby, Leicestershire. C78/298, no. 8 [142]
1629 19 Nov 5 Jane Covert, widow, late wife of William Covert v William Coreham. Estate of William Coreham of Winchester: manor of Bledlowe, Buckinghamshire. Disputed annuity. C78/298, no. 9 [143]
1629 19 Nov 5 Edmond Leversage v William Leversage; Roger Leversage the elder; Roger Leversage the younger; John Gane; Robert Efall; Morgan Jones Recovery of mortgaged lands in Froome Selwood, Somerset. C78/307, no. 12 [144]
1629 19 Nov 5 Sir George Selby v Elizabeth Brandlinge; Robert Brandling; Sir Francis Brandling son & heir apparent of the said Robert Bonds held in trust to provide portions. Portions payable from manors and lands, including tithes of abbey of Alnewicke[Alnwick], Northumberland. Refs also John Brandling's bill submitted to the Council of the North v (Note that the first part of this decree appears to be missing, and therefore the parties may not be complete) C78/552, no. 18 [145]
1629 21 Nov 5 Sir John Boteler of Woodhall, Herts v Dame Frances Boteler, widow; Sir John Farrers; Drue Druery; William Francklyn; George Digby; Francis Bristowe; Christopher Vernon

And also Dame Francis Boteler v Sir John Boteler; Phillip Boteler; Christopher Boteler; Francis Bristowe; Sir John Ferrers; William Francklyn; George Digby

Settlement of manors of Woodhall, Aston, Bardolphe and Saccombe, Herts. C78/322, no. 8 [146]
1629 21 Nov 5 Dean and Chapter of Holy Trinity, Winchester; Thomas Venner, clerk v Thomas Goodlake and George Goodlake. Tithes of wool due to the rectory of Letcombe Regis, Berks. C78/239, no. 2 [147]
1629 21 Nov 5 James Barker v Sir Edward Zouch. Manor, lordship and Park of Odiham. Barker a servant of Lord Zouch. Also property at Mattingley and Braneshill, Hampshire. C78/298, no. 10 [148]
1629 23 Nov 5 Mary Woodhouse, widow, executrix of Henry Woodhouse late of London; Henry Woodhouse son & heir of the said Henry v Thomas Tyler and Richard Bilridge Lease and mortgage of lands in Edmonton, Middx. C78/312, no. 6 [149]
1629 23 Nov 5 Sir Miles Fleetwood of Aldwinckle, Northants v Jeremy Lenton; Boniface Bywater; Thomas Wootton; John Naylor; Robert Fish; Henry Yarnis; John Fish; Thomas King; John Good; Edward Good; Robert Good; Oliver Stringer; Richard Andrewe; Michael Elstowe; Joseph Hughes; Thomas Prentise senior; John Andrewe; William Worley; Edward Watt; Frances Coles; Richard Elstowe; William Fetch; Henry Dickons; Thomas Fescott; Robert Bywater; Richard King; Henry Good Bill (heretofore) alleging overpasturing by town flock in the common fields of Aldwincle All Saints, Northamptonshire, in which demesne lands were intermingled, and seeking regulation and restoration of old customs re sheepcourse and permission to enclose 80 acres of common as demesne. Permission to enclose was given by the court. C78/439, no. 7 [150]
1629 25 Nov 5 Peter Rosewell v Christofer Doddington and Thomas Clement Interests in advowson of rectory of Loxton, Somerset. C78/239, no. 5 [151]
1629 25 Nov 5 Robert Clarke of London, apothecary, executor of Robert Clarke his father decd v Richard Lockwood. Possession of messuage in Barnesby Street, Southwark, Surrey. C78/339, no. 10 [152]
1629 25 Nov 5 William, Lord Bishop of Landaffe & Dorothy his wife late wife & one of the executors of Nicholas Lowe late of Grays Inn, Middx v Francis Munday another of the executors of Nicholas Lowe. Execution of the will of Nicholas Lowe, late of Grays Inn C78/435, no. 3 [153]
1629 26 Nov 5 Richard Dent of Cosbie, Leics v William Yard; Edward Hill. Extensive reference to the enclosure of the manor in 1626, dispute over the terms of the enclosure, and the consent of the tenants in general to a depopulating measure. Manor of Cosbie, Leicestershire. C78/254, no. 9 [154]
1629 26 Nov 5 Henry Jernegan of Cossey, Norfolk v Thomas Richardson Rents and dues claimed from lands in manor of Cossey or Costesely, Norfolk where manorial boundaries were uncertainly defined. C78/313, no. 6 [155]
1629 28 Nov 5 Richard Harris; Edward James of London, merchants v Zacharie Dyke; Walter Warde Debts re trade in cow and buffalo hides with Naples C78/258, no. 8 [156]
1629 28 Nov 5 Sir Thomas Penniston of Bletchington, Oxon & Dame Elizabeth his wife late wife of Sir William Pope the younger decd & sole daughter & heir of Sir Thomas Watson also decd v Sir William Pope, the father. Jointure from lands in Coggs, Oxon. C78/301, no. 6 [157]
1629 28 Nov 5 Christofer Moyle v Richard Lord Roberts, Baron of Trewroe[Truro] Sale of lands in St. Edellion and St. Minver, (county not given) C78/394, no. 6 [158]
1629 1 Dec 5 Endimion Porter v Raph Bloxam; Thomas Horne; Edmund Read; Thomas Read the elder; Thomas Read the younger; Thomas Bloxam; Richard Bloxam; Edmund Cole; Richard Bumpas inhabitants & freeholders of Aston Subedge, Gloucs Bill (Hilary 1624) alleging withdrawal of tenants' consent to general enclosure after agreement (c. 1620) to do so. Aston Subedge, Gloucestershire. C78/273, no. 7 [159]
1629 3 Dec 5 Brian Nelson; Thomas Dawson; William Dawson; James Collinson; Richard Nelson; Robert Shawe; William Holme; John Holme; Robert Nelson; John Atkinson; John Willan; David Guy; and Edmond Blades tenants of and within the manor of Garsdale, Yorks on behalf of themselves and others the inhabitants of the manor v Gilbert Nelson; James Nelson; Richard Garthwayte; John Guye; and Richard Hobson. Accounts of trust fund for purchase of manor by tenants. C78/340, no. 22 [160]
1629 3 Dec 5 Anthony Filioll of Ouldhall in parish of Little Rayne, Essex & Dorothy Filioll his wife v Thomas Trotter; William Lingwood; Thomas Wynne & Bridgett his wife late the wife of John Wilson decd. Estate of Susan Wilson, late of Bocking, Essex. Disputed will. C78/435, no. 1 [161]
1629 4 Dec 5 Anthony Bishop of Uxhill als Oxhalfe, Warks; Elianor his wife v Thomas Blounte and Edward Blounte Estate of George Bishop of Oxhill, Warwickshire C78/421, no. 5 [162]
1629 16 Dec 5 David Bourne, citizen & goldsmith of London v John Cowper & Phebe his wife; Nicholas Leate; Richard Leate Accounts re apprenticeship of Richard Milward. C78/358, no. 4 [163]
1629 21 Dec 5 John Mallett v Thomas Hatch and others (named). Bonds and debts C78/257, no. 1 [164]