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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1620 17 C78/ , no. []
1620 18 C78/, no. []
Circa 1620 Ellis Kymer of Wolston Gyon, Somerset v Sir Richard Strode and William Southcott others (not named). The estate of Thomas Chaffyn of Wolston, Somerset. C78/534, no. 1 [2]
1620 14 Jan 17 Richard Walter of the City of York v Anne Nelson, widow. Dispute over a property at Bowtham, City of York. C78/252, no. 5 [3]
1620 20 Jan 17 Richard Potter v Thomas Norris, William Maye. Property on the manor of Amner, Norfolk. Rebuilding of a house called 'Neates'. C78/335, no. 3 [4]
1620 25 Jan 17 John Frye an infant by William Doracott v Anthonye Dennys. Possession of lease of lands in Westplaystowe, Sherwill, Devon C78/212, no. 9 [5]
1620 29 Jan 17 Thomas Parsons of Stortford, Herts v Margaret Lady Denney, widow. Property of one Pillesdon, lease from the Bishop of London of a watermill at Stortford, Hertfordshire. C78/252, no. 8 [6]
1620 30 Jan 17 Edward Wade, clerk & Joane his wife; Richard Langham & Margaret his wife, two of the daughters & heirs of Christopher Hodson late of Lichfield, Staffs, clerk v Edward Noble; Michael Noble; Roger Manwaring & Joyce his wife Estate of Christopher Hodson. Properties in the parish of Alderwas, Staffordshire. C78/252, no. 7 [7]
1620 l Feb 17 William Shelton of Onger Parke, Essex & Mary his wife late wife & administratrix of Thomas Emery of Litle Baddowe, Essex decd during the minority of his son Thomas Emery and also on behalf of Edward Emery, Anthony Emery, Elizabeth Emery & Mary Emery children of the said Thomas decd v Anthony Filliott and Dionise Palmer Bonds on security of lands in Little Baddowe, and Banbury, Essex. C78/283, no. 1 [8]
1620 3 Feb 17 Anne ap Humphrey ap Owen an infant by Adam Wall her guardian v Richard Rocke, Thomas Evans the elder & Thomas Evans the younger. Estate of Thomas ap Griffith ap Owen in Ballesley, Montgomery. C78/252, no. 6 [9]
1620 3 Feb 18 Roger Mountney of London v Owen Betts of London, Scrivener. Debts. C78/283, no. 2 [10]
1620 3 Feb 17 Richard Bennett of Colerne, Wilts and John Bennett his son v William Freeth, Robert Freeth and John Bennett of Tedbury, Gloucs. Debts and forfeited bonds. C78/208, no. 9 [11]
1620 3 Feb 17 Dame Elizabeth Hicks, widow, late wife of Sir Michael Hicks decd v William Ridler als Gregory. Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Widcombe, Gloucs C78/212, no. 7 [12]
1620 7 Feb 17 William, Earl of Pembrooke & Lady Mary his wife v Adam Eyre; Roland Eyre; George Eyre; Charles Topcliffe; William Beecher; Simon Glover and others (not named) And also Roland Eyre an infant by Robert Barlee v William, Earl of Pembroke; Lady Mary his wife; Thomas Cooke; William Hamond and others (not named) Title to manor of Hathersich/Hathersadge & lands in Padley, Derbys and also Hamstall Redware, Staffs. C78/226, no. 11 [13]
1620 7 Feb 17 James Wilson; Phillip Hutchinson; Robert Bell; Richard Wilson for themselves and the other customary tenants of Bassingthwaite, Cumberland v John Ireton and Mary his wife. Fee of Bassingthwaite, Cumberland. Dispute over fines and customs of the manor. C78/246, no. 17 [14]
1620 7 Feb 17 William, Earl of Devonshire v Sir Francis Leeke the elder & Sir Francis Leeke the younger Dispute over the lease of houses, messuages and tenements at Newark, the late property of the Monastery of Thurgarton, Nottingham. Also the manor of Hawton [near Newark]. C78/215 , no. 8 [15]
1620 10 Feb 17 John Temys of Bishopp Waltham, Hants & Alice his wife v Edward Lovyband. Title to lease of tenement and land called Cheverdori, Isle of Wight, Hants. C78/222, no. 27 [16]
1620 10 Feb 17 Edward Kynnaston of Hordley, Shrops v Dame Ursula Owen, widow, late wife of Sir Roger Owen decd. Marriage portion payable from estate of Thomas Owen, late one of the justices of the Court of Common Pleas. C78/211, no. 7 [17]
1620 10 Feb 17 William Haskett & Margaret his wife; Ralph Huson & Elizabeth his wife, the daughters of John Hellyer decd v John Hellyar; William Mogge; Dorothy his wife; Richard Mogge Conveyance of lands in Aperton, Somerset. C78/226, no. 10 [18]
1620 11 Feb 17 Richard Langley v Christopher Reade, Duglas his wife. Estate of Alderman Sir John Langley of London, deceased. The property of the late dissolved chantry of Althorpe, Isle of Axholme. Also property at Dedithorpe. C78/335, no. 4 [19]
1620 12 Feb 17 George Hoye of Aldbury, Herts; William Rea of Little Haddam; Henry Royston of Farnes Pelham, Herts; William Masey of Little Hadham; Laurence Hilliard and the other creditors of Nicholas Dyer late of Alberye v Thomas Thorne, clerk; William Norton; Edward Hamond; John Dyer; Katherine Dier; Mercy Dier Debts payable from profits of sale of lands in Albury, Herts. C78/326, no. 1 [20]
1620 12 Feb 17 Dame Anne Crispe v Sir Henry Crispe, husband of the complt Dispute over the marriage of Dame Anne and Sir Henry. Provision of a marriage portion including Gringill Farm and Stoner Marsh, Kent. C78/504, no. 12 [21]
1620 14 Feb 17 Edward Colthurst, citizen & upholster of London v Christopher Stone and Phillipp Stone Possession of lands in Wakering Magna and Prittlewell, Essex. C78/226, no. 9 [22]
1620 17 Feb 17 Sampson Newport, Thomas Newport and Robert Newport sons of John Newport the elder & Anne his wife both decd, the said Anne being one of the daughters of Richard Marley late of Harringworth, Northants decd; John Newport son & heir of John Newport decd late eldest son of the said John & Anne v Valentyne Allen; Robert Clarke & Margaret his wife. Estate of Richard Marler, property at Seaton, Rutland. The tithes of Harringworth and land belonging to Christchurch, Oxford. C78/295, no. 2 [23]
1620 19 Feb 17 Edward Knight of the City of Bristol, merchant, second son of Francis Knighte late alderman of the said city decd; William Challenor of the City of Bristol, merchant & Martha his wife daughter of the said Francis Knight v Francis Knight the son of the said Francis Knight. Estate of Francis Knight, late alderman of Bristol. Land at Congesburye, Somerset and other places. C78/246, no. 14 [24]
1620 2 March 17 William Barnard of London, merchant of the Staple & Katherine his wife; John Tucker of St Martins Orgar, London, merchant v Edward Marburye; Morgan Powell Possession of a messuage in St Martins Ongar, London. C78/1206, no. 13 [25]
1620 18 Helen Pakeman daughter, heir & administratrix of Arthur Pakeman decd who was the only child of Raphe Pakeman the uncle of John Pakeman of Walton on the Nase, Essex decd, an infant by John Newton his grandfather; Idea Westbrowne the daughter of Anne Westbrowne the sister of the said John Pakeman, an infant; Thomas Cocke & George Cocke the sons of Grace Evans wife of John Evans, the aunt of the said John Pakeman, infants; Rachell & Prescilla Pakeman daughters of William Pakeman decd, infants by William Berrington v John Cressey and John Brasier. Estate of John Pakeman, deceased. Manors of Okeley Magna, Walton on the Nase, Kirbie and Sneatinghall, Essex. C78/142, no. 1 [26]
1620 8 May 18 William Farrour and Thomas Warmould v Richard Hamond. Mortgage of messuage called Middleton Hall (no county given). C78/656, no. 6 [27]
1620 9 May 18 William Baker of the City of Coventry, Mercer v Henry Millian, Roger Clarke and John Millian and others (not named). Restoration of mercer's goods, seized for debt. C78/212, no. 5 [28]
1620 9 May 18 Thomas Thomlinson v Elizabeth Buggyn, widow, executrix of William Buggyn her late husband decd Mortgage of lands in Chadwell, Essex. C78/211, no. 6 [29]
1620 11 May 18 John Petre and Thomas Petre v Sir John Shelley; Sir Thomas Wiseman; Robert Wiseman Sale of messuages and coppices in manor of Stondon, Essex. C78/218, no. 11 [30]
1620 12 May 18 John Powtrell of Westhallm, Derbs v Henry Pym; Jane his wife; Edward Poole; Henry Poole Properties at Chilwell and Attenborough, Nottinghamshire. C78/252, no. 4 [31]
1620 12 May 18 John Maye of Charterhouse Heydon, Somerset and George Balche of Horton, Somerset v John Colford and John Jenkins Interests in leases of house and lands in Southbrent, Somerset. C78/226, no. 7 [32]
1620 13 May 18 Richard Farmer, rector of Charwelton, Northants v Cicely Bosse, widow; Anthony Marriott & Mary his wife; Edward Verney & Joyce his wife; Robert Calcott & Dorothy his wife; Edward Waterhouse & Margaret his wife; Thomas Andrewe And former bill v Sir Euseby Andrewe; Sir Valentyne Knightley; Richard Trist; John Ball; William Sherman; Henry Hinton; Christopher Bosworth Dispute arising from the enclosure of the common arable fields at Charwelton by Sir Euseby Andrew and Sir Valentyne Knightley. The glebe lands, tithes, fruits of the church of Charwelton in dispute. C78/252, no. 3 [33]
1620 15 May 18 Leonard Michelyne and Isabell his wife v Isabel Oliver, widow of Thomas Oliver and formerly wife of Edmond Fortescue. Estate of Thomas Oliver, deceased. Provision for his step daughter, Isabel Fortescue. Also estate of Dame Dorothie Huddleston, grandmother of the deft. C78/205, no. 4 [34]
1620 18 May 18 Sir John Bentley of Bredsall Priory, Derbs v Rt. hon. Sir Raphe Wynwood; William Candish; Charles Markham; Thomas Markham; Thomas Johnson; William Tuller Bonds in connection with purchase of rough iron for ironworks at Hopping and Forby, Derbys. C78/332, no. 2 [35]
1620 18 May 18 Marmaduke Pearson of Richmond, Yorks, Mercer v Roger Gower, Mathew Jobson. Sale by Richard Willaunce of the manor of West Haukeswell, Yorks to Sir Richard Askwith, disputed title. C78/215, no. 7 [36]
1620 18 May 18 Leonard Lister of Cowgill, Yorks administrator of William Pratt decd v Anthonie Bainbrigg and Brian Nelson Bonds and debts owed to estate of William Pratt. C78/618, no. 5 [37]
1620 18 May 18 Sir Edward Cooke of Gundie Hall, Essex, knight, son and heir of Sir Anthonie Cooke, knight v. Thomas Tomlinson, gent Lease of Chaldwell Hall & lands in Chaldwell & Tilbury, Essex C78/1289, no. 9 [38]
1620 19 May 18 John Dewey; Thomas Dugdaile, clerk; William Lokier; John Lokyer; William Coffyn; Richard Barnes; Robert Petwyn and others (not named) the inhabitants of West Parely & West Moores, Dorset v Anthony Corbyn and James Corbyn his son. Bill (8 Feb. 1618) alleging lord's interruption of their tenancies taken up 40 years previously on sale of manors in trust for all tenants who purchased own plots and a proportion of commons, and seeking court order for new allotment of waste, wood and other commons. Commission awarded to consider if it would be in the interests of the tenants to have the commons enclosed. West Parely and West Moores, Dorset. C78/283, no. 5 [39]
1620 19 May 18 Hugh Boscawen and John Trefusis v William Blighe. Possession, partition of estates and debts payable from manor of Trewynecke, St Just in Roseland, Cornwall. C78/326, no. 6 [40]
1620 20 May 18 Sir Euseby Joham v John Joham his son. Debts payable from trust settlement of unspecified lands. C78/324, no. 13 [41]
1618 20 May 16 Thomas Lowe of Clements Inn, Middx v Humphrey Bradley, William Geast. Proposed sale by Bradley of a messuage at Higley, Shropshire. C78/325, no. 1 [42]
1620 22 May 18 Sir Allen Apsley v John Griffith; William Binge; Robert Cole executors of Henry, late Earl of Northampton Sale of lands and wharves on the Thames by Charing Cross, London. C78/226, no. 6 [43]
1620 26 May 18 Ellis Kymar of Wooston Gyon, Somerset v Sir Richard Strode and William Southcott and others (not named) Interests in a lease of a farm in Woolston, Somerset. C78/283, no. 6 [44]
1620 27 May 18 James Stephens administrator of John Stephens his brother decd and others (not named) v John Seacoll the elder; John Seacoll the younger Marriage settlement of a farm at Burton upon the Hill, Gloucs. C78/300, no. 7 [45]
1620 27 May 18 William Jennyson of Wynch..., Co Durham; Thomas Layton of Layton, Yorks v Edward James; Fardinando Moorecrofte, master of Greatham Hospital; Francis James Dispute over lands held by John Jennyson of the Bishop of Durham, involving the Master of Greatham Hospital, County Durham C78/504, no. 9 [46]
1620 29 May 18 Sir Robert Hicham serjeant at law v Roberte Brooke. Blocking of rights of way and diversion of watercourses in the manor of Burneviles in Levington, Suffolk. C78/242, no. 14 [47]
1620 30 May 18 Lewis Hurte v Henry Goodwyn and John Silvester Possession of copyhold lands of manor of Bulphan, Essex. C78/211, no. 5 [48]
1620 2 June 18 Edmond Wooder v Roger Kerrington, Thomas Josselyn, William Playne. Dispute over the borough fields about Lavenham, Suffolk. C78/204, no. 5 [49]
1620 2 June 18 George, Archbishop of Canterbury v Sir Garrett Kempe Interests in previously exchanged lands in Bruton Wood in Artham, Sussex. C78/226, no. 8 [50]
1620 2 June 18 William Pavier; Richard Glover; Christopher Nicolls; Henry Jackson; John Taylor; Anthony Clowes and Richard Edmunds, citizens of London for themselves and other creditors of William Gregorie, citizen & clothworker of London, and the said William Gregorie himself v Elizabeth Archer; Elizabeth Androwes; Nicholas Webling; Henry Braborne the elder; John Cole; William Willford; Robert Lee; Katherine Leaner; Edward Trussell; Phillipp Perry; Peter Humble; Edward Ichill; Toby Chapman; Henry Braborne the younger; Josias Horne; William Stonnard; Edward Robinson; [blank] Randall. The debts of William Gregory, citizen of London, the creditors number some forty persons. C78/505, no. 4 [51]
1620 14 June 18 William Callverlie of Taytfield, Yorks & Anne his wife v Thomas Hill and Robert Skaif. Jointure from lands in the manor of Rigton nighe Almescliffe, Yorks. (near Harrogate). C78/242, no.12 [52]
1620 14 June 18 Daniel Deane of the Middle Temple, London and Julian his wife v Walter Coale Disputed marriage portion of Julian, daughter of George Wadham, from her marriage to Digorie Hiyte of Launceston, Cornwall C78/451, no. 8 [53]
1620 17 June 18 Johane Smith , widow, late wife of Anthony Smith decd; Henry Smith son of the said Anthony & Johane, and brother & administrator of Thomas Smith, late son & heir of the said Anthony; Elizabeth, Mary & Grizagon Smith daughters of the said Anthony & Johane v Sir Thomas Denton; Sir Baptist Hicks; Anthony Elcocke; Rowland Atkyns; William Edwards Payment of remainder of purchase money on sale of manors of Campden Chipping, Campden Broad, Campden and Berrington, Gloucs. C78/211, no. 3 [54]
1620 20 June 18 Richard Connocke of Lillesdon, Somerset & Joane his wife sometime wife of John Bullor of Lillesdon decd v Simon Courte; John Courte; William Whitehorne; John Foster; George Walh..; Leonard Taylor als Saunders Custom of grants in remainder or reversion of copyhold tenements in manor of Lillesdon, Somerset. C78/379, no. 12 [55]
1620 20 June 18 Richard Connocke of Lillesdon, Som, esq & Joan his wife, sometimes wife of John Bullor of Lillesdon, esq v. Simon Courte; John Courte; William Whitehorne; John Foster; George Wadham; and Leonard Taylor alias Saunders Customs of the manor of Lillesdon, Somerset C78/1159, no. 12 [56]
1620 20 June 18 Richard Prior of Southo, Hunts, yeoman, executor of William Bottome v. James Bottome; Francis Bottome; and William Langeley Performance of William Bottome's will, including money due from the sale of land in Paxton C78/1289, no. 8 [57]
1620 26 June 18 William Edwards of Clement's Inn, London v William Edwards the elder of Westhach, Somerset, father of the complt. Payment of legacy from personal estate of Agnes Edwards late of Westhach, Somerset, widow, mother of the deft. C78/283, no. 4 [58]
1620 26 June 18 George Morgan, citizen & draper of London v William Morgan, William Turnor, Richard Bawdley, Thomas Jones, Robert Barlowe, William Essington, Francis Grenowes The debts of Morgan, a draper of London, whilst acting as a factor for merchants trading to Middelburg. C78/504, no. 1 [59]
1620 28 June 18 Nicholas Orme of ....., Middx v Richard Badcocke. Dispute over lands on the manors of Little Totham and Goldhanger, Essex. C78/268, no. 21 [60]
1620 29 June 18 Anne Leister als Babington, widow v John Bustard. Profits from trust settlement of manor of Little Thurocke, Essex. Ury Babington, late husband of the complt C78/211, no. 4 [61]
1620 29 June 18 Thomas Eyres of Bromham, Wilts; Thomas White; Ferdinando Hewes; William Well of Bromham; William Paradice; William Hoskins; William Steveenes; James Hanckocke; Richard Franklyn; Ferdinando Peade; Joane Webbe, widow; Michael Drewe, copyholders, leaseholders and freeholders of Bromham and Bromham Baynton, Wilts; Robert Segar; Joseph Ansteyes; Benjamin Tyte; John Knee; Paul Knight; James Tyce; Winifred Chandler; James Hancocke; William Overton; William Webbe of Bromham; Johan Webbe; Roger Markes; Sibill Slade; Katherine Lester; Anne Baylye; Anne Winslowe; Dorothy Townesend; Marie Anstie; Margaret Webbe; Joane Webbe, widows & copyholders of the said manors; Robert Richards, parson of Bromham v Sir Edward Baynton. Bill (present, Trinity term) seeking proper assurance of new plots after enclosure by general agreement (12 months past). C78/222, no. 25 [62]
1620 29 June 18 Symon Spatchurste administrator of Robert Syers during the minority of John Syers, Ann and Francis Syers his children v Edward Haselrigge & Thomas Haselrigge. Inheritance of personal estate of Robert Syers. C78/288, no. 8 [63]
1620 29 June 18 Thomas Yong of Gravesend, Kent v John Yong, Robert Yong Dispute over the custom of gavelkind: property at High Halstead, Hundred of Hoo, Kent C78/501, no. 9 [64]
1620 1 July 18 Henry Doddington of the City of Bristol and Christopher Doddington his son & heir apparent v George Doddington and Johanne Stradling Delivery of paid-up bonds re mortgage of parsonage of Langewood, Glam. C78/208, no. 7 [65]
1620 4 July 18 Barnaby Lewes of Stock, Dorset v George Horsey; John Foyle; Richard Ryves Debts payable from trust settlement of manors of Horseys Melcombe, Nether Compton, Brodford Underdowne, Sherborne and Pegnes and rectory of Brodford, Dorset and lands in Barwicke and Scoford, Somerset. C78/222, no. 26 [66]
1620 5 July 18 Edward Barnard & Susan his wife daughter of John Myson v John Myson the father; William & George Myson his sons; John Myson the younger Marriage settlement of lands in Wraxall, Wilts C78/222, no. 24 [67]
1620 5 July 18 Sir Nicholas Halse of Fentengollan, Cornwall v Richard Bonython. Debts and bonds for John Tregosse, on security of lands in Cornwall. C78/470, no. 5 [68]
1620 6 July 18 Sir Nicholas Pointz of Alderley, Gloucs; Robert Pointz his son & heir apparent; Arthur Crewe; William Crewe; Francis Parnell; Thomas Foord; and others (not named) the tenants of Alderley; William Porter of the Middle Temple; Mathew Rogers of the City of Bristol v. Robert Bradstone and John Chambers Recognizances, rent charges and arrears due from lands in Alderley, Gloucs. C78/283, no. 3 [69]
1620 6 July 18 Robert Willimor of Chaddesdon, Derbs v Francis Brecknock and Sarah White Trust and sale of lands in Chaddesden, Bredsall and Spenden, Derbys. C78/326, no. 8 [70]
1620 6 July 18 Katherin Busken eldest daughter of Henry Busken decd v Raphe Buskin; Sir Thomas Walsingham; Sir Francis Banham; Sir Anthony Weldon; William Gull; John Spencer Estate of Levin Buskin, rectory and parsonage of Maidstone, Kent. C78/205, no. 3 [71]
1620 6 July 18 Richard Wadesworth of Mansell Hause, Yorks for and on behalf of himself and of Richard Wadesworth, Mary Wadesworth and Grace Wadesworth children of William Wadesworth decd v Christabell Wadesworth, widow, late wife of the said William Wadesworth decd The estate of the late Richard Wadesworth - properties in Heptonstall and elsewhere in Yorkshire C78/494, no. 3 [72]
1620 6 July 18 Sir Arthur Savage, knight; Sir George Blundell, knight; Martyn Lomely; William Gore; and John Gore, aldermen of London; and Thomas Jones, esq, common serjeant of the same city v. Francis Tunstall, esq; and John Gascoigne, esq Charges claimed by the defts on the manor of Cardington, Beds C78/1289, no. 10 [73]
1620 7 July 18 John Cole, clerk to Lawrence Washington v Henry Bradstock. Withholding of lands in Wichampton, Dorset. C78/304, no. 6 [74]
1620 8 July 18 Peter Vanlore of London v Nicholas Benson and Elizabeth his wife Cancellation of bills in connection with mortgage of manor of Cottesbach, Leics. C78/242, no. 13 [75]
1620 10 July 18 Sir Thomas Edmonds v John Dutton, patron of the church of Baurghton als Bourton on the Water, Gloucs; Henry Hurst, parson; William Venfield; Walter Kite; William Gladwyn the younger; Thomas Roake; William Roberts; Richard Tomes; John Venfield; Henry Twyford; Merret Faux; William Sharpe; Thomas Lombard; Richard Poulton; John Alsopp; Richard Sparks; Ancell Handman; Oliver Farmer; George Laurence; John Print; Thomas Walgrove; Margery Poulton, widow; Alice Kite; Christopher Rose; John Roake; Anne Tomes, widow; Henry Hancks; Thomas Gladwyn; Stephen Davies; Robert Davies; Margaret Venfield; Andrew Paxford; Edward Gladwyn; Thomas Davyes; Anne Wakefield; Dorothy Danyell; Alice Martin; Grace Farmer; Thomas Lawrence; William Browne; John Bond; Anne Bignell; William Fletcher; Thomas Wakefield; George Cooke; Fullwell Egerton; Margaret Heynes; John Lawrence; John Johnes, tenants, freeholders, copyholders and leaseholders of Bourton on the Water, Gloucs; John Ashfield; [blank] Machyn Bill (16 Feb last past), alleging disputes over allotments made after general agreement (19 Aug. 1618) to enclose arable lands and lower parts of pastures and meadows, and seeking confirmation of the enclosures already made. C78/229, no. 2 [76]
1620 10 July 18 William Rooks son & heir apparent of William Rookes of Rood Hall, Yorks v John Lister; John Hunter; Thomas Sugden; Richard Rooks Alleged fraudulent conveyances of Odshall Moore and Nethermoore. (No county given). C78/243, no. 2 [77]
1620 10 July 18 Dame Alice Hatton, widow, late wife & administratrix of Sir Christopher Hatton decd v Sir Francis Needham Rents from lands in Leeke, Staffs, Alebury, Hadstocke and Balson, Cambs, Osgathrop, Thrugston Shepsheed and Boulton, Leics and Winge, Rutlands C78/394, no. 15 [78]
1620 13 July 18 John Sparrowe the elder of Gestingthorpe, Essex; John Sparrowe the younger his son & heir apparent; Egremont Thynne of the Middle Temple, London; John Raymond of Walter Belchampe, Essex; John Bridges, citizen & merchant of London; John Dunster, citizen & clothworker of London; John Barber, citizen & draper of London v Sir John Wentworth. Bonds as securities of lands in Goffeild Belhouse, Hodding and Wetherfield and Parkehall, Essex. C78/281, no. 13 [79]
1620 14 July 18 William Deane of Nethercott, Oxon & Isabell his wife one of the executors of Sir William Whorwood her late father decd v Field Whorwood, brother of the complt Isabell. Estate of Sir William Whorwood. Charwelton, Northamptonshire. C78/252, no. 2 [80]
1620 14 July 18 Dame Margaret Caryll, widow, late wife of Sir Thomas Caryll v William Towse, William Ford, and Edward Michell The estate of Sir Thomas Caryll, his debts and settlement of his affairs by Sir Thomas Caryll C78/504, no. 2 [81]
1620 9 Oct 18 Richard Rudd of the City of London, haberdasher v William Syngleton the father; William Singleton; Isaac Syngleton; Thomas Singleton Lease of messuage in parish of St, Mildred, London. C78/242, no. 11 [82]
1620 10 Oct 18 Lionell Sharpe of Tiverton, Devon v Elizabeth Ley, widow. Bonds re jointure from messuages, grist mills, fulling mills and lands in Sherwill, Devon. Marriage of the complt & Anne Chichester a kinswoman of Sir Robert Chichester of Rawleigh, Devon C78/208, no. 1 [83]
1620 10 Oct 18 Sir William Cockayne, alderman of the City of London v Sir William Garway; Thomas Harrington; Dame Mary Harrington Sale of encumbered manor of Elmesthorpe, Leics. C78/208, no. 8 [84]
1620 10 Oct 18 Richard Vyner of Marsfield, Gloucs v Josias Taylor. Lease by Sir John Mallett of Enmore, Somerset, of the manor of North Wraxall, Wiltshire to John Brewer. C78/364, no. 7 [85]
1620 12 Oct 18 Julyan Keckwith of Poldrisecke, Cornwall, widow, sole executrix of her son Richard Grenvile decd v William Keckwith. Trust settlement of lands in Barton, Penheale and other places, Cornwall. C78/276, no. 11 [86]
1620 12 Oct 18 John Snell v Francis Gall; Walter Childe; William Remnant; Robert Sharpe Possession and title to messuages and lands in Sunburie, Middx. C78/222, no. 23 [87]
1620 16 Oct 18 John Pearson; William Iredale of Waterend; John Jenkinson; William Johnson; John Woodhall; John Dixon; Henry Fisher; John Wilkinson of the Waterend; John Mirhouse; Peter Burneyeate of Pottergill; Gilbert Mirhowse; Thomas Jackson; William Pearson; Thomas Harrison of Wateryeate & Latterhead; Thomas Pearson; Thomas Robinson of Highe Iredale & Coldkell; John Burneyeate of High Burneyeate; John Wilkinson of Steelebancke; William Burneyeate of Milhill; Peter Walker; Thomas Hudson; Peter Burneyeate of Crabtreebecke; William Burneyeate of Thursbanck; Thomas Burneyeate of Thursbanck; Thomas Wood; William Jackson of Godfray Head; Thomas Robinson of the Parke & Thackthwaite; Thomas Allason; John Fisher of the Rigbancke; John Iredale; John Jackson; William Iredale the younger; William Iredale the elder; John Fisher of Thackthwaite; John Harrison; Roger Robinson; John Westray, clerk; customary tenants (with annual rents listed for each) of Anthony Patrickson of Frissington, Cumberland & Henry Patrickson his son & heir apparent v The said Anthony Patrickson and Henry Patrickson. Concerning the customs and terms of copyhold tenure on the manors of Lowswater and Thackthwaite, Cumberland. C78/200, no. 1 [88]
1620 19 Oct 18 William Arnold of Charlton Musgrove, Somerset v George Lutterell. Agreements re building of a house in the Castle of Dunster, Somerset C78/208, no. 9 [89]
1620 21 Oct 18 William, Earl of Devon v Sir Frauncis Leeke the elder, and Sir Frauncis Leeke the younger Previous order of chancery (7 Feb. 17 Jas. I) appointed commission to set out plaintiff’s lands in area already enclosed or to allocate others of equal value without destroying enclosures made (some 16 years, some 12 years and some 6 years) earlier. Haughton, Nottinghamshire. C78/277, no. 4 [90]
1620 24 Oct 18 Katherine Travys of Winchester, Hants, widow, late wife of Walter Travys decd v Robert Poulett; Rubyn Ham; Thomas Terry Title to messuage called the 'Katheryne Wheele' in Kingsgate Streete in the Soke near Winchester, Hants. C78/222, no. 20 [91]
1620 24 Oct 18 William Barron; Richard Berry; Robert Hanscombe; Robert Boston; John Barton; Thomas Berry; Edward East; William Browne; John Addams; Roger Turner; William Flack; Edward Ivorye; John Kettle; John Stock...; Stephen Richard; Roger Martyn; Rooke Anderson; Richard Rooke; John Cooper; John Rooke; Edward Ball; John Newman; William Alcocke; William Berrye; Edward Barton; Francis Shilling; John Gray; William Shillinge; William Barton; Thomas Holmes; John Wilkinson; Thomas Gynn; Solomon Gifford; Robert Simpson; William Lancaster; John Edwards; Boniface Barton; Benjamin Sealke; John Rooke, ploughwright; Thomas Ratford; Boniface Noris; Edward Carter; Zacharie Rayner; Henry Riseley; William Pell; Samuel Day; Richard Preisley of Swausey als Swasey, Cambs, freeholders & copyholders of the manors of Swausey als Swasey and Hobledods in Swasey v Sir John Cutts; Thomas East; Anthony Freeman Bill (22 May 1620) alleging damage to drains following partial enclosure of common fen and marshland, reciting earlier bill of Sir John Cutts (Mich, past) alleging loss of agistment profits and agreement (12 April last past) to partial enclosure to Sir John's own use in return for surrender of his rights over unenclosed common lands. Swausey or Swasey, Cambridgeshire. C78/272, no. 7 [92]
1620 25 Oct 18 John Martyn, chamberlain of the city of Exeter v Christian Tickle, widow, executrix of William Tickle her late husband, late chamberlain of the city of Exeter. Restitution of public moneys belonging to the orphans of the city of Exeter. C78/276, no. 10 [93]
1620 25 Oct 18 Gyles Budd v Bartholomew Fremond Erection of a house on part of common waste of manor of Eastecheham. (No County given). C78/242, no. 9 [94]
1620 27 Oct 18 John Lamshedd of Islington, Devon & Dionise his wife v Amy Whitwaye & William Whitewaye Possession of tenements in Bickenton, Devon. Silvester Whitewaye late of Bickenton, Devon C78/470, no. 4 [95]
1620 3 Nov 18 Robert Lympany of London, goldsmith v Humfry Ayleworth, clerk and Samuel Neste Debts and bonds. C78/324, no. 11 [96]
1620 9 Nov 18 Katheren Sandys daughter of Sir Edwyn Sandys of Northborne, Kent v Dame Margaret Strickland, widow Surety for the great debts of John Lepton, and provision of a portion for his daughter. C78/205, no. 2 [97]
1620 11 Nov 18 Thomas May late of Mayfield, Sussex v William Milborne and Thomas Webb Conveyance of freeholds to all copyholders of the manor of Mayfield, Sussex. C78/324, no. 10 [98]
1620 11 Nov 18 Thomas Lee of London, second son of George Lee late of Westminster, Middx v George Lee and William Pennyfather Testamentary settlement of lands in Barnetts, Herts and Westminster and Hillington, Middx. C78/1206, no. 20 [99]
1620 13 Nov 18 Edward Hilliard; William Browne; Walter Consett; James Haines; John Billepps v John Rye; Thomas Mallard; Abell Browne; Robert Smith Leases of garden plots in St. Saviours, Southwark, Surrey. C78/242, no. 8 [100]
1620 14 Nov 18 John Cuddon & Mary his wife; John Gray & Katherine his wife; William Sparrow & Amy his wife v Raphe Bleverhassed. Estate of Elinor Parker, late wife of John Parker decd: property at Pockthorp, Norwich, Norfolk. Complts Mary, Katherine & Amy being daughters & heirs of William Pigeon decd, son & heir of the said Elinor Parker C78/246, no. 13 [101]
1620 15 Nov 18 George Berisford & Frances his wife, late wife & Administratrix of Thomas Wroth decd v John Wroth; John Wroth; John Wroth; Henry Wroth Testamentary settlement of lands in Basseldon Hall, Essex and Claiford, Wilts. Thomas Wroth decd being one of the younger sons of Sir Robert Wroth late of Durance, Middx C78/288, no. 6 [102]
1620 16 Nov 18 Sir George Marshall v Sir William Pope. Debts in connection with appointment as Knight of the Bath. C78/234, no. 5 [103]
1620 16 Nov 18 Sir Richard Strode of Chalmington, Dorset, knight v. Margaret, lady Strode; and others (sic) Marriage settlement of the complt & Katherine, daughter of Sir Robert Strode, late husband of the deft. C78/1270, no. 5 [104]
1620 18 Nov 18 John Hall of Bradford, Wilts; Henry Moore, tenant & lessee of the said John Hall v Alexander Staples; Robert Chambers; William Staples; George Staples and others (not named) Recovery of mortgaged premises of former priory of Bath and lands in Bath, Witcombe and Lincombe and Walcott, Somerset. C78/324, no. 12 [105]
1620 20 Nov 18 Theophilus, Earl of Lincoln v Francis, Lord Russell; Thomas, Lord Kinvett; Richard Brownelowe; Edmond Dubbleday Trust settlement of the manor of Aslackby, Lincs. C78/243, no. 1 [106]
1620 20 Nov 18 Edmond Pym of Drewes Tainton, Devon v Mathias Stile; Lawrence Underhill. Bonds and debts of Lewis Stile Devon. And lease of lands in Exminster C78/470, no. 3 [107]
1620 23 Nov 18 William Lewes provost of Oriel College, Oxford and the scholars of the same college v [blank] Sparkes; James Cambell; William Buckinham; Robert Hall, master & wardens of the society of Ironmongers, London Payment of maintenance to the Ironmongers of London to maintain 2 poor scholars at Oriell College, Oxford. C78/288, no. 5 [108]
1620 24 Nov 18 John Bradford of Aston Terrorld, Berks, clerk v William Beeston Concerning surety for a debt. C78/501, no. 8 [109]
1620 25 Nov 18 James Ramsbotham; Ellen his wife, late wife of Juliues Orton decd; Thomas Orton, son of the said Juliues & Ellen v William Comberford; Henry Hurlebut. Estate of Sir Walter Aston, late of Tixall, Staffordshire. Properties in Warwickshire. C78/252, no. 1 [110]
1620 25 Nov 18 William Daccombe & Nicholas Daccombe two of the brothers & executors of Sir John Daccombe decd v William Brocks; Edward Con als Collen, Peter Vanlore, Phillip Proger; Henry Smith; Sir Richard Mollineux; Rachel Coward; Mary Brooke; Thomas Randall; Allan Currants; Richard Miller; John Hanburie; Thomas Woodward; Ambrose Wheler; Dame Elizabeth Craven, widow; Dame [blank] Slaney, widow; Joseph Jackson; Lawrence Caldwall; Robert Peshall; Sir Nicholas Salter; Abraham Jacob; Mary Tryon; Francis Goldsmith; Degorie Wheare; John Mahune; Sir Samuel Sandis; Alice Cobb, widow; Richard Harris; Elizabeth de la Fountaine, widow; Luke Cursellus; James Blackleech; Edward Daynes; Elizabeth Ireland, widow; John Walker; Sir Francis Ashby; Richard Young; Sir James Pitt; Phillip Holman executor of George Holman decd; Thomas Hanmett; Charles Cockes; Jeffery Nightingale; Clement Duck; William Caldwall; Sir James Stonehowse; Margaret Yeomans; William Bond; John Crane; Thomas Bridges Debts and estate of Sir John Daccombe. C78/142, no. 2 [111]
1620 25 Nov 18 Richard Bancrofte v Robert Dixon & Mary his wife; John Nuttinge & Susan his wife, being the sisters & coheirs of Robert James who died before he accomplished the age of one & twenty years, son & heir of Robert James decd Debts. C78/394, no. 14 [112]
1620 27 Nov 18 Christopher Callowhill v John Callowhill. Dispute over the priory of Whitson, Worcestershire. C78/204 , no. 2 [113]
1620 27 Nov 18 Sir Thomas Midleton, alderman of the City of London v Henry, Lord Harberte; John Edwards the father; John Edwards the son; William Wigmore; Robert Sonly; Edward Winter; Richard Sherburne; Thomas Baylie; John ap John; Richard Awstin; Thomas Johnson Rent arrears due from lands in Chirke, Denbighs. C78/242, no. 10 [114]
1620 30 Nov 18 William Haskett; Margaret his wife; Raph Huson & Elizabeth his wife v John Hellier; William Mogg & Dorothy his wife Conveyance of unspecified land. Parties Margaret, Elizabeth & Dorothy being daughters of the deft Hellier C78/222, no. 22 [115]
1620 30 Nov 18 Sir William Fishe of Carleton, Beds v William Wiseman & Mary his wife; Phillip Barnard; Henry Welsted; Thomas Hawkyns. Concerning the sale of land at Beauchamp, Leicestershire C78/501, no. 6 [116]
1620 5 Dec 18 John Moore v Marmion Haselwood; William Haselwood; Sir Nicholas Fortescue; Walter Brooke; John Baynham Trust settlements of manor of Kirklington, Notts. C78/288, no. 4 [117]