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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1613 11 C78/, no. []
Undated (1613) Jefferie Prescott, citizen & merchant taylor of London v George, late Bishop of London. Dispute over shops and premises within the Churchyard of Saint Pauls. Lease of George Bishop, stationer and others. C78/145, no. 15 [2]
1613 23 Jan 10 John Moyle of Bucknell, Oxon, son & heir apparent of Thomas Moyle of Bucknell v Edward Ewer. Interests in a lease of the manor of Caversfield or Casfield, Bucks. C78/166, no. 4 [3]
1613 23 Jan 10 John Crasse of Basseldon, Yorks(sic),son & heir of John Crasse of Basseldon decd v William White. Title to lands in Basseldon, Berks. Augustine Crasse decd, son & heir of Thomas Crasse & Johane his wife long since decd, one of the daughters & coheirs of Richard Austen decd, who was the son & heir of John Austen also decd C78/169, no. 10 [4]
1613 27 Jan 10 Sir William Kingswell of Shalden, Hants v Sir Richard White of South Warmborne, Hants. Disputes over loans and debts. C78/146, no. 2 [5]
1613 27 Jan 10 Edward, Earl of Hertford v Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley Settlement upon the proposed marriage between Ferdinando Dudley and the daughter of the Rt. Hon. Edward Saymour C78/509, no. 10 [6]
1613 28 Jan 10 William Johnson the elder of Greys Inn, Middx & Anne his wife; William Johnson the younger of Greys Inn, son & heir of one other William Johnson decd former husband of the said Anne v Edward Latter; William Abraham & Dennys his wife Blocking of right of way to lands in Haseden, Tunbridge, Kent. C78/181, no. 21 [7]
1613 28 Jan 10 Michael Jennings of Great Wenham, Suffolk v Lawrence Goffe. Estate of Lawrence Goffe, property at Great Wenham, Suffolk. C78/193, no. 19 [8]
1613 30 Jan 10 Thomas Cutler of Fieldhead, Yorks v Thomas Barbor & Ellen his wife. Title to lands in Barghe and Pogmore, Barnsley, Yorks. C78/228, no. 2 [9]
1613 1 Feb 10 Henry Campion of London, executor of Abraham Campion, citizen & clothworker of London decd v Rt hon Lady Lettice, Countess of Leicester. Debts due to estate of Abraham Campion, Citizen & clothworker of London decd for beer brewed and supplied to the household of the Earl of Leicester. C78/321, no. 1 [10]
1613 1 Feb 10 John Cronke of Heaver, Kent, yeo., uncle of the dft v Richard Cronke, son of Michael Cronke late of Sevenoaks, Kent. Breach of trust in regard to a messuage called Bates and other parcels in Edenbridge, Kent which the plt alleged he purchased in the his and dfts' names to his own use. C78/125, no. 6 [11]
1613 3 Feb 10 Frauncis Courtney of Oxon, Devon v Richard Glanvile and Thomas Hampton Alleged sale of counterfeit diamonds. C78/168, no. 2 [12]
1613 4 Feb 10 Robert Porter of Burwashe, Sussex, clerk; Goddard Hepden of Burwashe; Thomas Roper of Burwashe; Henry Bachelor of Burwashe v Michael Wilson of Easborne, Sussex. Estate of Edmond Hebby. Property at Burwash, Sussex. C78/187, no. 9 [13]
1613 4 Feb 10 Sir Thomas Hobarte of Litle Plumsted, Norfolk v Nicholas Tympley and James Allington. Estate of Miles Hobarte, deceased, and also that of William Hare of Beeston Saint Lawrence, Norfolk. Property at Farrington, Berkshire. C78/201, no. 13 [14]
1613 5 Feb 10 John Newsham of Uppingham, Rutland & Elizabeth his wife late wife of Edward Andrewes, son & heir of Edward Andrewes decd & on behalf of Edward Andrewes her son, son & heir of Edward Andrewes v Anthony Cony; Thomas Cony (sons of Richard Cony); Edmund Cony; Joyce Cony late wife & executrix of Thomas Cony decd; Francis Cony; Robert Cony; Thomas Conye son of Thomas Conye; George Gilson of messuage and lands in Kirton and Sutterton, Lincs. C78/207, no. 6 [15]
1613 6 Feb 10 John Jefferies als Dier v Thomas Jefferie als Dier and Henry Meere Title to copyhold lands in Milton Fawconbridge. (No county given). C78/182, no. 13 [16]
1613 9 Feb 10 Elizabeth Danby of F___eley, Yorks v. Alexander Robinson of Leeds; and Christofer Danby of Massam, Yorks, gent Lease of a moiety of the tithes of Massam. Loan from deft Robinson. C78/1270, no. 10 [17]
1613 10 Feb 10 John Savage, clerk, prebendary of Stotfold, within the cathedral church of Lichfield, Staffs v Edward Mitton; William Skeffington; Roger Fowke; Katherine Wolfreston, widow; Roger Sprott, farmers & tenants of the said prebend Property and tithes of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, situated at Fishricke, Tyenor Wall, Haselor, Statford, Lichfield, Fulfyn, Streethay and elsewhere in Staffordshire. C78/325, no. 4 [18]
1613 10 Feb 10 Maurice Powell and Anne his wife, dau. and administratrix of the estate of Christopher Wynne, decd v Anne Wynne, widow of Peter Wynne, Abraham Wynne and Isaac Wynne, son of Peter Wynne. Estate of Christopher Wynne: £100 bequeathed by Abraham Wynne to Christopher Wynne decd. C78/125, no. 7 [19]
1613 11 Feb 10 Tristram Gibbes & Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Staples. Property at Sowe, Warwickshire. Marriage of the deft to Dorothye Cheyne, daughter of the complt Elizabeth by Thomas Cheyne her former husband C78/146, no. 4 [20]
1613 11 Feb 10 Henry Gouldinge of Belchampe St Paul, Essex v William Tyffyn of Colne Wake, Essex. Trust settlement of manor and advowson of Belchampe St Pauls, Essex. C78/168, no. 1 [21]
1613 11 Feb 10 Robert Johnson, clerk v Sir William Sedley; Sir Thomas Holcroft of Valeroyall, Cheshire; Thomas Holcrofte his son & heir apparent; Edward Dod; Robert Brooke; Thomas Hilton and Oliver Chisnall. Statute Staple or bond of Sir Thomas Holcroft to John Sedley. Property in Chester. C78/175, no. 9 [22]
1613 11 Feb 10 Sir Richard Conquest the younger of Houghton, Beds v Sir Robert Newdigate. Title to manor of Hawnes, Beds. C78/179, no. 9 [23]
1613 12 Feb 10 John Wattes of Burford, Shropshire v Thomas Monnde & Anne his wife. Possession of copyhold lands in Buraston, Burford, Salop C78/173, no. 3 [24]
1613 12 Feb 10 Humfrie Walronde; John Greenslade; Nicholas Wood; John Cade; Robert Calwaye; John Perrie; Lawrence Glasse and many others (not named), copyholders and leaseholders of Wellington, Somerset v George Prowse & Thomasine his wife; Henry Bowerman; Alexander Walker; William Budde Creation of copyhold estates under terms of a lease of the manor of Wellington, Somerset. C78/182, no. 12 [25]
1613 12 Feb 10 Sir William Pelham of Brocklesbye, Lincs v Richard Rosseter. Estate of Sir William Pelham, deceased. Several messuages and tenements in Little Lymber, Lincolnshire. Also cottages leased to James Spencer C78/195, no. 10 [26]
1613 12 Feb 10 Sir Richard Coxe; John Smithe; Thomas Hall; John Mables; John Neale; William Shepherd; Robert Balam; William Sames; Gerrard Hughes; Thomas Lonedaie; Thomas Laxoll; William Simkin; Thomas Martin; John Frier; Edmund Cringer; Thomas Rutland; Nicholas Drake; John Ingle; Martin Rosse; John Mobbe the elder; John Tompson; Richard Newman; John Apsland; John Mobbe the younger; William Greene; John Collen; James Steckin; George Gardener; Edmund Greinger; John Barnes; Jefferie Barnes; Francis Barnes; Martin Pearson; William Rowlinson the elder; John Atkinson; John Tompson the younger; John Tompson the youngest; John Franncis, clerk; Robert Barnes; Robert Coles the elder; Walter Bugles; Henry Bucklowes; William Smithe; Roger Burges; Valentine Smithe; Robert Squier; Robert Smithe the elder; Thomas Flower; William Turnor; Thomas Warde; Edward Amrie; Prisilla Peachie; Thomas Shepherde the elder; John Shepparde the elder; John Cowarde of Highe Dike; John Sheppard the younger; Stephen Cowarde; Thomas Vendy the younger; Leonard Cremer; Robert Hurton; Robert Neale the elder; Robert Westley; John Woodward; William Rayner; William Coward; Robert Kidwin the elder; Phillip Smithe; Nathaniel Browne; Christopher Thompson; John Neale the younger; Thomas Sherman; Thomas Whinnell; Robert Pyner; Lewes Pearson; Francis Southould; William Cowthorne; Thomas Barrett the elder; Thomas Northwell; John Northwell; Marian Mobbe, widow; Thomas Broade; Robert Amrie; Thomas Tedmunt; Thomas Sheppard the younger; John Sampson; John Conney; Thomas Marshall; Agnes Cley, widow; Thomas Pearson; John Walsham; Robert Reade; Thomas Saye; Humphrey Maninge; Francis Tedmunt; William Hardy; James Sheppard; Agnes Broade, widow; Daniel Coalage; John Coward of Bagenie; William Coward the elder; Edward Southoll; John Reynoldes; Reginald Sheppard; Richard Whinnell; Robert Regnald; Joane Shepparde; John Barrett the elder; Thomas Whinnell; Thomas Horne; John Barrett the younger; Robert Neale; John Pearson; William Walsham; Katherine Walsham the younger, widow; John Coward of Whitehouse; Mark Whinnell; Thomas Neale; William Walsham; James Walsham the elder; Katherine Walsham the elder, widow; Thomas Walsham the elder; Thomas Southold; Mark Southold; Thomas Walsham the younger; Robert Catle; William Coward of Stampe; Martin Southold; James Coward; John Coward of Fieldside; Thomas Sheppard the youngest; James Sowthold; Martin Cawthorne on behalf of themselves and other landholders & commoners of Dodington and Marche in the Isle of Ely, Cambs v Sir John Payton the elder, governor of the Isle of Jersey; Sir John Payton his son & heir apparent. Dispute over the customs of the manor of Dodington, Isle of Ely: use of the marshlands and commons. C78/142, no. 5 [27]
1613 13 Feb 10 William Smyth of Whitchurch, Oxon v John Whisteler. Manor and lordship of Whitchurch, Oxfordshire. Also dispute over woodlands. C78/145, no. 13 [28]
1613 15 Feb 10 Richard Burrell of East Bechworth, Surrey v Thomas Emerson, clerk and Elizabeth his wife. Estate of Margery Hooker: copyhold property on the manor of Aldwick, Surrey. C78/190, no. 8 [29]
1613 17 Feb 10 John Shovell, citizen & merchant of Norwich v John Cogan & Katherine his wife. Debts of the late John Somerfield, clothworker of London to the complainant, a merchant of Norwich C78/185, no. 9 [30]
11 Joseph Bradstocke of Wychampton, Dorset v Sir John Rogers, John Strode, Thomas Anstie, Clement Jaye, John Dewye, William Gillingham and William Dewye. Debts of Joseph Bradstocke. C78/195, no. 1 [31]
1613 23 April 11 George Bonner of the Middle Temple, London; John Davys; Thomas Bonner v Symon Andrewes. Dispute over the sale of tithes and other property belonging to the rectory and parsonage of Ebrington, Gloucestershire C78/252, no. 19 [32]
1613 23 April 11 Thomazin Tooke, widow, relict of Robert Tooke late of Norwich, blacksmith decd v William Pattison & Clement Cubitt Possession of tenements in Norwich, Norfolk. C78/318, no. 3 [33]
1613 27 April 11 Sir Anthony Roper of Faringham, Kent v Thomas Egerton; Stephen Egerton; John Wedgwoode; William Gibson; Anne Gibson Dispute over property called Petham Place, Farringham, Kent. C78/152, no. 8 [34]
1613 29 April 11 Richard Braytofte, citizen & haberdasher of London v Cuthbert Dunn, John Greene and Thomas Norton. Estate of George Clerke, late of London, vintner. Bequests, including one to the poor of the parish of Saint Buttolph, London. C78/196, no. 3 [35]
1613 3 May 11 Robert Brocklesby, Citizen & Goldsmith of London v Sir Anthony Pell, Lady Katherine Pell widow of Sir Richard Pell decd, William Savile & Katherine his wife, Richard Brownelowe, Cordall Porter, Willm Walker & Mary his wife, Willm Large, Anthony Stok & Robert Penrye. Bonds and debts. C78/169, no. 14 [36]
1613 3 May 11 Robert, Lord Riche, Baron of Lees v Jasper Baker; Robert Cressewell; John Vassall; Robert Sudburie; John Spurgeon; William Juice; John Hankin; John Poulter; Richard Ashlie Manor of Eastwoodbury, parish of Eastwood, Essex. Customs of the manor and disputes over timber and woods. C78/195, no. 5 [37]
1613 6 May 11 Edward Rawlyns of the City of Hereford v Roger Mynors; Rowlande Mynors and Richard Mynors. Lease of tithes of corn of Chappell of Langarren, St Wannard, Hentland, Little Dewechurch and Bullingham in Irchingfielde, Heref. C78/169, no. 2 [38]
1613 6 May 11 Anne Edwards; Thomas Edwards; John Edwards; Francis Edwards; Talbott Edwards; Mary Edwards v Olive, Lady Stapleton; Sherrington Talbott; Thomas Forreste. Estate of Richard Edwards. Property in the City of Gloucester. C78/190, no. 7 [39]
1613 8 May 11 Richard Cole of Buckish, Devon; John Cole v William Tailor. Dispute over the manor of Branscombe, Devon. C78/246, no. 15 [40]
1613 10 May 11 Richard Pershons of Shrewsbury, draper v Isabell Benyon, widow now lately married unto Robert Peirs. Dispute over a bargain between the late William Benyon and Richard Harberte for the sale of land at Mathravele, Montgomery. C78/145, no. 14 [41]
1613 11 May 11 Thomas Needham of Ruge, Merioneth & Dame Elianor Salisburie his wife late the wife of Sir Robert Salisburie decd v Peers Griffith; William Salisburie; Humphrey Midleton; Edward Puleston. Settlement on the marriage of the late Sir Robert Salisburye and Dame Elianor, sums to have been paid by Sir Henry Bagnale. C78/145, no. 12 [42]
1613 11 May 11 Sir Robert Moore, son & heir unto Anne his late mother decd late wife of Sir George Moore; Adrian Moore, son & heir to Mary Moore his late mother decd late wife of Sir Edward Moore v Sir Anthony Asheley and Sir John Rogers Leases of manor of Hinton Martell or Hinton Marten, Dorset. C78/159, no. 2 [43]
1613 11 May 11 Dorothy Braythwaite, widow, late wife of Thomas Braithwaite decd v Arthur Dixon; James Dixon; Miles Eskrigge; John Thompson; Henry Kitchen; James Kitchen Testamentary settlement of lands in Burnshead, and Strickland, Westmorland. C78/275, no. 13 [44]
1613 11 May 11 Anne Strelley; Alice Strelley; Bridgett Strelley; Goodeth Stelley and Joane Strelley, the five daughters of Jervice Strelley then late of Bewchlief Abbey, Derbs v William Peyto; Henry Bright; Jeffery Braylesford; Thomas Dent; Thomas Dale Rights under marriage settlement of lands in Eccleshall, Yorks. C78/275, no. 14 [45]
1613 14 May 11 Emorbe Johnson v William Hodges, John Hodges. Dispute over Haynburrowe Mill in the parish of Eulton, Somerset. C78/187, no. 8 [46]
1613 14 May 11 Nicholas Hurt of Blower, Staffs; John Offield(sic); Elizabeth his wife; John Owfield the younger; Roger Owfield; William Owfield, all sons of the said John Owfield the elder v Roger Hurt of Knyveton, Derbs. Purchase of a property at Clifton, Derbyshire. C78/201, no. 14 [47]
1613 15 May 11 Timothy Jones of Shrewsbury & Mary his wife v Elizabeth Edwardes; John Raynolds; Edward Thornes; Edward ap Humfrie. Property of Edward ap Humphrie called 'Gowdow yr Wogan' — meadow land in the township of Meluerley, Shropshire. C78/325, no. 2 [48]
1613 17 May 11 Arthur Porter & Ursula his wife one of the daughters of Arthur Hall decd v Sir John Bourchier; Henry Hall & Cicill Hall. Estate of Arthur Hall, deceased. Manor of Londonthorpe (no County) C78/148, no. 1 [49]
1613 17 May 11 John Rowse of Whiteparrish, Wilts; Margery his wife, the late wife of William King decd; Avis King, widow, mother of the said William King; John King of Stanton, Wilts v William Noyes & Johane his wife; Henry Tuncke Alleged deed of settlement of lands in White Parish, Bishops Knoyle, East Lavington, Rushall, Ramsbury Chase, Uphaven and West Chesenbury, Wilts. C78/437, no. 5 [50]
1613 19 May 11 James Norris of Great Bursted, Essex, butcher; John Hollibread of the same place, brewer v William Checkley, citizen & apothecary of London. Dispute over a bond and sales of wood at Bursted, Essex. C78/201, no. 9 [51]
1613 20 May 11 Thomas Fitzherbert v Anthony Fitzherbert, brother of the complt. Title and possession of the manors of Norbury and Rossen or Rossington, Derbys. C78/317, no. 1 [52]
1613 3 June 11 Anthonye Gibson, Citizen & Merchant Taylor of London v John Gibson, Willyam Gibson, Hugh Lea and Nicholas Warren. Dispute over debts. Also lease of messuage in Wood Street, London sometime called the Flying Horse, and then the Mairmaide. C78/152, no. 7 [53]
1613 5 June 11 Robert Lewes & Anne his wife sole daughter & heir of Elizabeth Cutler decd, sole daughter & heir of Peter Cutler decd v Thomas Jadwyn. Estate of Thomas Cutler. 'The Crown' at Saint Georges, Southwark, Surrey. C78/201, no. 12 [54]
1613 5 June 11 Alice Crowe, widow & John Crowe her son v Benedicte Grove; William Fyske; William Crowe; Robert Mickleborow Fraudulent sale of rectory of Heckingham with tithes and glebeland in Heckingham, Norfolk. C78/310, no. 6 [55]
1613 7 June 11 Richard Fust of London, grocer; Richard Smalwood of London, grocer whom the said Richard Fust had nominated and used in trust to and for the use and behoof of him the said Richard Fust v Henry Fleetewood & Elizabeth his wife; William Garrett; Bartholomew Singleton; Raphe Cheeseman; Sir Thomas Lowe; Sir Baptist Hicks; Sir Michael Hicks; Ancelme Huntlie & Mary his wife; John Mayle & Mary his wife & Mary and Anne his daughters; Richard Talboyes; Thomas Gotts; George Walker; Sir William Bowyer; Sir George Fleetwood; Sir William Fleetwood of Missenden; Sir William Fleetwood of Acton; Sir Thomas Ersfield Sale of manor of Hull or Hill, Gloucs, already subjected to incumbrances. C78/181, no. 20 [56]
1613 9 June 11 Edmond Giles and Anne Giles son & daughter of Edmond Giles of Aston Episcopi in the parish of White Lady Aston, Worcs decd v Daniel Giles; Thomas Pitt; John Greene Payments due from lands in White Lady Astor, Worcs. C78/169, no. 9 [57]
1613 9 June 11 John Wrighte of Balsall, Warks v Robert Braffielde; Isabell his wife; Robert Brafielde; William Yestall; Richard Clarke; Robert Sanbrooke Estate of William Wrighte of Gayton, Northamptonshire. Property in the parish of Gayton. C78/252, no. 18 [58]
1613 10 June 11 Sir John Egerton of Egerton, Cheshire v John Eldred. Disputed sale by "contractors" for the Crown, of the manor of Hollywell, Flint. Eldred and George Whitmore were authorised contractors. C78/148, no. 5 [59]
1613 10 June 11 William Thomas of Grays Inn, Middx; Harry John of Langan, Glamorgan & Jane his wife v Sir John Carne; Robert Johnes Interruption of lease of lands in St Brides Maior, Glamorgan. C78/159, no. 11 [60]
1613 11 June 11 William Leigh of Adlestropp, Gloucs, esq. v. Robert Cole, Richard Pasham, Thomas Gardnerr, Thomas Fretherne, Richard Price, John Collaber, Thomas Walter, and Richard Kyte. Dispute over pasture lands arising from the enclosure of the commons. Manor of Adlestropp, Gloucestershire C78/196, no. 8 [61]
1613 12 June 11 Sir Robert Jermyn; John Nonne; William Cooke; John Hill; John Boldero; Robert Sparke; Francis Pynner; Bennet Barker; Thomas Baker; Charles Darbie; John Revell; Stephen Ashwell; Henry Gippes; John Mallowes, feoffees of lands belonging to the town of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk v Sir Nicholas Bacon; Thomas Brighte; John Fyrmyn, clerk; Nicholas Carter Dispute over the tithes of the manor of Brookehall, Essex. C78/145, no. 10 [62]
1613 12 June 11 Agnes Butcher of Stoke near Clare, Suffolk, widow; Clement Norman; William Norman and all the other legatees mentioned in the will of William Butcher late of the said town decd v William Butcher the Younger. Will of William Butcher: several properties in Suffolk and Essex. C78/191, no. 9 [63]
1613 12 June 11 Thomas Creke of London v Thomas Morrison of San..., Herts. Dispute over the parsonage of Rushden or Risden, Hertfordshire, the property of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. C78/201, no. 11 [64]
1613 14 June 11 Richard Byden of Blendworthe, Hants v Anthony Norton and Thomas Loveden Leases and settlements of lands in Blendworthe, Hants. C78/159, no. 6 [65]
1613 14 June 11 Edward Lord Zouch & Lady Sarah his wife, executrix of Sir George Kingsmill decd v Nicholas Styward, Simon Styward and George Riche. Dispute over the manor of Hartley, Hampshire. C78/191, no. 8 [66]
1613 14 June 11 Walter Brooke of Lapley, Staffs v Thomas Bourne; Richard Bourne; John Goldsmithe; Richard Meare; Edward Meare; William Scutle; John Gardlett; John Nocke; Thomas Sawyer; John Turner; Richard Gouldsmith; John Chamberlayne Nature of fines (arbitrary or fixed) rights and duties of customary tenants of the manor of Lapley and Aston, Staffs. C78/316, no. 8 [67]
1613 15 June 11 James Walrond & Margaret his wife v William Coreham Surrender of copyhold lands in Isleworth, Middx. C78/275, no. 12 [68]
1613 16 June 11 Sir Thomas Lake v Sir Nicholas Stoddard Estate of George Stoddard, properties in Kent. C78/201, no. 7 [69]
1613 17 June 11 Henry Newport of Downe, Kent & Elizabeth his wife v George Phillipps and Nicholas Peereson Title to lands in Keston, Sowthcourte and Orpington, Kent. C78/169, no. 1 [70]
1613 17 June 11 George Morton of Morton in the liberties of Norham, Co Durham and William Morton his son v Thomas Orde the elder, Thomas Orde the younger, Henry Orde, Raphe Orde, Robert White & Christofer Henderson. Ownership of a coal-mine in Morton Moors, between Norham & Unthank, Durham. C78/275, no. 11 [71]
1613 18 June 11 Thomas Full of Berry Pomeroy, Devon & Alice his wife formerly the wife of Luke Short the younger of Totnes, Devon, Blacksmith decd v Luke Short the elder of Totnes, Devon, Blacksmith. Money due to complt Alice from her former marriage to Luke Short the younger. C78/187, no. 7 [72]
1613 19 June 11 Francis Barwell of Bushopps Froome, Herefs v John Baddam, Richard Smyth, Hugh Jones, Thomas Powell. Property of Elizabeth Barwell on the manor of Bishop’s Frome, Herefordshire. Dispute over terms of copyhold. C78/195, no. 6 [73]
1613 19 June 11 George Weldon of Cookeham, Berks v John Bird; Henry Dean A close of pasture called "Wichtfrooke" parish of Cookeham, Berkshire. Also dispute over the stinting of pasture C78/496, no. 11 [74]
1613 21 June 11 Thomas Styward of Barton, Suffolk; Nicholas Styward of London, brothers of Robert Styward of Elye, Cambs long since decd v Sir Symeon Styward. Estate of Robert Styward, late of the Isle of Ely. Manors of Coveney, Maney, Wardye, Lyles in Chatteres, Tyndalls in Chatteres, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire. Dispute over will and inheritances. C78/148, no. 4 [75]
1613 21 June 11 Mary Wallwyne late of Kylmersdon, Somerset, widow, late wife of Richard Wallwyne of Kyllmersdon decd v William Wallwyn and Susan Walwyn Dower interests in copyhold lands in Doubtingte, Somerset. C78/159, no. 3 [76]
1613 21 June 11 Thomas Buckeredge & Dorothy his wife; William Bartlett & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Soackman & Francis his wife; Christopher Cleeter & Katherine his wife, the daughters of Anthony Godderd decd v Launcelott Humber; Marie his wife; Gyles Goddard Testamentary settlement of rectory of Cleve Pepper, Wilts. C78/174, no. 1 [77]
1613 21 June 11 John Osborne of the Middle Temple, London & Elizabeth his wife v Robert Lisforde. Manor of Newington Lucy, Kent, the property of Christopher Kenn. C78/192, no. 3 [78]
1613 21 June 11 Thomas Brett, citizen & fishmonger of London; Richard Bourne, citizen & grocer of London v Dame Judith Platt, widow, late wife of Sir Hugh Platt decd; Richard Platt; Robert Platt; George Witton. Dispute over a property known as the sign of the Artichocke, Cornhill, London. Also the sign of the Tunne, Cornhill, London. C78/195, no. 3 [79]
1613 21 June 11 Thomas Dockwra of Putteridge, Herts & Jane his wife; William Willyams & Anne his wife (which said Jane & Anne were two of the daughters & coheirs of Sir William Peryam decd) v William Pole; John Poole his son & heir; Lady Elizabeth Bassett wife of Sir Robert Bassett, one other of the daughters & coheirs of the said Sir William Peryam Partition among heirs of estate of Sir William Peryam consisting of the manors of Pancrossewyke, Sholbrooke, Fulforde, Litle Brodley, Stone, Oldhayes, Crediwigier, Colbrooke, Shagbrooke and Litle Fulford, Devon. C78/449, no. 10 [80]
1613 22 June 11 Edward Sackvill of Darking, Surrey v Sir George Reynell. Case arising from the imprisonment of Sackvile at Southwark and his custody by Reynell. Lease of lands and tithes to John Gibbon. C78/195, no. 4 [81]
1613 22 June 11 Richard Eyres & Margaret his wife v John Whitton, Richard Meades. Estate of William Blandy: manor of Hensington, Oxfordshire, leaseholdings. C78/201, no. 10 [82]
1613 22 June 11 Thomas Parkhurst of Washington, Sussex v Sir Thomas Caryll. Admission to copyholds in manor of Washington, Sussex. Robert Parkhurst the complts grandfather C78/310, no. 12 [83]
1613 22 June 11 Phillip Peeter youngest son & heir of John Peeter late of Washington, Sussex decd; James Capelyn youngest son & heir of John Capelyn decd, which was the youngest son & heir of James Capelyn late of Washington decd; Thomas Jupp youngest son & heir of Thomas Jupp decd who was the youngest brother & heir of John Jupp late of Washington also decd; William Ledbetter youngest son & heir of Ambrose Ledbetter late of Washington decd v Sir Thomas Caryll. Admission to copyholds in manor of Washington, Sussex. C78/310, no. 13 [84]
1613 23 June 11 Francis Vachell and John Vachell v Margarett Earley and Richard Earley. Title to manor of Midgham, Berks. C78/166, no. 2 [85]
1613 23 June 11 William, Lord Paget of Beaudesert, Staffs v Bartholomew Cowdrey the son; Thomas Winter; Robert Fisher; Robert Gregorie Arbitrable fines for customary tenants of manor of West Drayton, Middx. C78/207, no. 7 [86]
1613 23 June 11 Lucretia Framingham, widow, late wife & administratrix of William Framingham decd late citizen & merchant of London v Solomon Leeche. Payments due for quitclaim of interest in copyhold messuage in Wyveton, (No county given). C78/318, no. 1 [87]
1613 23 June 11 Sir Garret Aylmer and Charles Aylmer v Sir Cutbert Halsall. Bonds in connection with marriage treaty. C78/323, no. 10 [88]
1613 23 June 11 (Christian name eroded) Morton v Sir John Rogers and others (named). Trust of tenements in Dorsetshire, Somerset and Wilts. C78/642, no. 14 [89]
1613 24 June 11 Owen Phillipps of the City of Hereford, baker; Johanne his wife; Richard Taylor of the said city v William Plott. Trust settlement of tenement in Hungery St, Hereford. C78/311, no. 7 [90]
1613 26 June 11 James Marshall of London, woodmonger; Elizabeth Wallis late the wife & administratrix of Richard Wallis, citizen & carpenter of London v Edmond Freeman and Izaack Bonger. Debts of Marshall. C78/201, no. 8 [91]
1613 26 June 11 John Webbe of Bromesborowe, Gloucs v Jenkyn ap Richard. Title to messuage and lands in Foye, Heref. C78/311, no. 4 [92]
1613 26 June 11 Sir Thomas Monnson v Robert Broxholme. Bill (8 Feb 1610) alleging failure by defendant to perform agreement (c. 44 Eliz.) made with freeholders to exchange plots and enclose new holdings in the common fields. Owersby, Lincs. C78/321, no. 8 [93]
1613 27 June 11 Sir George Southcott and Humfrey Thomas executors of Robert Thomas late citizen & draper of London decd v Francis Bullingham & Ellen his wife. Recovery of interest in a will. Estates of Robert Thomas late Citizen & Draper of London decd and William Lynnakers late Citizen & Haberdasher of London. C78/275, no. 10 [94]
1613 28 June 11 John Meighen, chief schoolmaster of the Free Grammar School at Shrewsbury v Thomas Jones, Hugh Harris, then bailiffs of the said town. Rectory of Chisbury and other properties for the maintenance of the free school of Shrewsbury. C78/145, no. 11 [95]
1613 29 June 11 John Wynter of Heigham, Norfolk v Thomas Sotherton & Peter Barker Messuge in parish of St John of Maddermarket, Norwich, used as security for debts C78/318, no. 2 [96]
1613 4 Oct 11 John Holmes of High Holborne, Middx, Taylor v Dame Avys Cooke, Sir John Morris als Poynes, Sir Robert Osborne and Henry Walgrave. Accounts re purchase of cloth, clothing and horses. C78/311, no. 6 [97]
1613 11 Oct 11 Richard Peacock and William Peacock v George Reynell & Etheldreda his wife. Recovery of estate of manor and rectory of Thingdon, Northants and lands in Redburne, Herts., Ligrane, Beds., Fynchley and Hendon, Middx and Cheapeside, London. C78/173, no. 11 [98]
1613 12 Oct 11 Robert Noble son & heir of Robert Noble late of Thundersley, Essex decd v John Muschampe of Barmondsey, Surrey & Elizabeth his wife. Title to trust lands in Thundersley Raleigh, Hadley and Eastwood and elsewhere in Essex. C78/184, no. 6 [99]
1613 15 Oct 11 William Wiseman of Grays Inn, Middx v Sir William Ailoff and Martha Wiseman, widow. Disputed lease of the manor of Upminster, Essex. C78/145, no. 4 [100]
1613 15 Oct 11 Henry Smith, parson of Hymsworth, Yorks; Francis Allott, curate of the said church; Samuel Ashton one of the churchwardens of the said church; Thomas Wood, Robert Ramsden & George Scoley, parishioners of the said church, for themselves and the rest of the parishioners v Sir Richard Gargrave; Robert Brigg; Robert Hungate; Raphe Hungate Rents and payments to support Grammar school and hospital of Hymsworth, Yorkshire due from estate of Robert Holgate, former archbishop of York. C78/275, no. 8 [101]
1613 16 Oct 11 John Arundel of Trerise, Cornwall v John Harris; Henry Beckett The estate of Robert Beckett of Corthather, Cornwall. Land held on several manors C78/509, no. 11 [102]
1613 19 Oct 11 John Bowell of Wendleburie, Oxon v William Hancock; Edmund Hancock; Henry Hancock Property of Henry Hancock at Wendlebury, Oxfordshire. Proposed sale to Edward Penne. C78/188, no. 8 [103]
1613 19 Oct 11 John Ferneley of West Creatinge, Suffolk v Charles Cardinall and Samuel Sherman. Estate of Thomas Waklinge of Higham, Suffolk. The rectory and tithes of Dedham, Essex and debt to John Sandford. C78/197, no. 8 [104]
1613 21 Oct 11 Thomas Birchmore of Hansloppe, Bucks & Anne his wife v Nicholas Bristowe. Lease of parsonage of Wethampstead and church of Harpenden, Herts. C78/304, no. 13 [105]
1613 21 Oct 11 Anthony Penystone of London, merchant, whose sister married John Harvie, merchant v William Spurstow; Thomas Wicksted; William James; Samuel Halseworth; Robert Kaye; Nicholas Tremblett Possession of wollen cloths worth £720 16s which the plt claimed by purchase from Harvie but which seized by the dfts at La Rochelle, France. C78/127, no. 3 [106]
1613 23 Oct 11 Dame Dorothy, Lady Morrison, widow; Sir Charles Morrison v Frances Wethered. Title to parsonage of Watford, Herts. C78/304, no. 14 [107]
1613 22 Oct 11 Barnaby Lewis of Midsomer Norton, Somerset v Robert Wrighte. Dispute over the church and rectory of Midsomer Norton, Somerset, the property of Christ Church College, Oxford. C78/192, no. 4 [108]
1613 23 Oct 11 Isabell Evett, widow v The Dean and Chapter of Worcester; Sir Francis Cornewall; James Harley. Dispute over property at Humbleton, Worcestershire. C78/203, no. 13 [109]
1613 25 Oct 11 Christopher Hinton v Agnes Fletcher; [blank] Thomlinson; Robert Goulde; Henry Stanford; John Rayer; Edward Martin Lease in trust of lands in Woodmanton, Wilts. C78/163, no. 13 [110]
1613 25 Oct 11 Francis Orfeure of Fosberye, Wilts v Edward Wardour; Edward Skeiling; Francis Moleins; Thomas Moleins Dispute over the manor of Fosbery, Wilts, the estate of Marie Skeilling. C78/509, no. 12 [111]
1613 26 Oct 11 William Sebright, Francis Fuller, John Holland, James Stanley, Elizabeth Feltham v Roger Dye, Christopher Woodward and Thomas Awdley. Dispute arising from the grocery business of Awdley and Dye — partnership and other matters. C78/197, no. 7 [112]
1613 27 Oct 11 Henry Brexholme of Great Corringham, Lincs; Richard Gilbie of Aisby in the parish of Great Corringham v Sir John Thorold; Robert Farmerie; Humphrey Symon; Francis Dickonson; Lucian Bilborowe; John Rylye; Nicholas Blawe; Raphe Somerford als Murwood; John Gilbie; Edward Fulbecke; Thomas Ashwin; Martin Ashwin; Thomas Hamer; Richard Hall; George Fulbecke; Robert Burton; William Wilkinson; Mary Tathwell, widow; Francis Wigglesworthe; Peter Blawe; John Blawe; Martin Wilkinson; Mathew Robinson; Humphrey Browne; Francis Jones; George Farmerie; Elizabeth Wrighte and [blank] Wrighte her sister; Anthony Hornebye Conversion of four arable fields into three arable fields in Corringham and Ayseby [Aisby near Gainsborough], Lincs. C78/184, no. 3 [113]
1613 27 Oct 11 Johan Caswall of leomister, Herefs, widow, late wife of Richard Caswall decd v Sir Harbert Crofte; John Towdervile als Todervilde; Robert Bonde Marriage settlement of tenement in Leominster and copyhold lands in Ivington, Heref and wrongful entry into copyhold lands surrendered in trust. C78/311, no. 5 [114]
1613 28 Oct 11 George Marshall of Bradley, Co Durham v Anthony Coward. Lease by Sir William Bowes of a messuage at Stainton, County Durham. C78/187, no. 6 [115]
1613 28 Oct 11 Thomas Brett the younger of Wye, Kent guardian in socage of Thomas Hanvile v John Hanvile. Estate of Sampson Hanvile, property in the parish of Ulcombe, Kent. C78/192, no. 2 [116]
1613 28 Oct 11 Gyles Parker of Scotton, Yorks v Sir Henry Burton; Dame Winifred his wife; Jonas Ladbrooke Trust settlement of lands in Stockton, Norton, Craike and Gargrave in Yorks and Durham. C78/275, no. 7 [117]
1613 29 Oct 11 Allan Swanwicke & Jane his wife v Jerome Hamner; Robert ap Richard; Hugh Rowe; John Nicholas; David Penrin; John Jenning; George Humfrey; John Bartlaine; George Hamner; John Nomley; George Breyne Estate of Edward Hamner, deceased. Tenement called 'Evenhall' in the Township of Franckton, Shropshire. Also other properties purchased from Thomas Kinaston. C78/145, no. 8 [118]
1613 30 Oct 11 Benedict Winchcombe of Nove, Oxon v The President and Scholars of Saint Mary Magdalen College, Oxford; William Langton; Thomas Loftus; Henry Chittey; Henry Perrier and Thomas Greeneing. Dispute over a third part of the manor of Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, and also over leases and holdings. C78/188, no. 7 [119]
1613 3 Nov 11 Giles Bennett son, heir & administrator of Christopher Bennett late of Horsley, Gloucs decd v John Veysey; William Veysey; Thomas Weeks and Johane Warde The estate of Sir Walter Denis, deceased. The manor of Horsley, Gloucs. C78/509, no. 9 [120]
1613 6 Nov 11 John Luce of London, merchant v Mary Tryon, widow; Peter le Mere; John Tryon; Moyses Tryon; Sebastion Harvye; David le Mere; William Courten and Nicholas Cassiona. Trade in velvet, dispute over accounts. C78/152, no. 5 [121]
1613 6 Nov 11 Sir Henry Baynton of Bromham, Wilts v William Rylye; James Rylye; John Rylye Estate of Sir Henry Baynton, manor of Bremhill, Wiltshire. Dispute over the terms of a copyhold lease. C78/186, no. 2 [122]
1613 6 Nov 11 Dr. Richard Kilbye, Rector of Lincoln College, Oxford, and the Scholars of the College v Sir Henry Poole. Dispute over messuages, orchards and lands at Kingston, Berkshire. C78/496, no. 8 [123]
1613 8 Nov 11 Sir Vincent Corbett of Moreton Corbett, Shropshire v Margaret Cartwrighte, widow Cottage and messuages at Hopton, Shropshire. Terms of lease. C78/145, no. 5 [124]
1613 9 Nov 11 Robert Cooke of Newbery, Berks, linen draper v John Cooke, son of the complt. Purchases of goods and wares by Cooke, a linen draper of Newbury from John Hide. Bond to Hide for payment. C78/190, no. 4 [125]
1613 10 Nov 11 William Leffield the elder of Longthorpe, Northants v The Dean and Chapter of Saint Peters, Peterborough. Dispute over the holdings of Peter Wainwright on the manor of Longthorpe, Northamptonshire, and those of William Haride. C78/145, no. 7 [126]
1613 10 Nov 11 Mary Lymericke, widow v John Lymericke; Margaret Hawkins, widow; Richard Heyward als Westropp and others (not named) Title to lands in Northlech, Stratton and Brimsfield, Gloucs. C78/167, no. 17 [127]
1613 10 Nov 11 William Jackson of Newcastle upon Tyne v Robert Lisley the elder of Felton, William Lisley his son & heir apparent and Francis Wrot of London. Title to manors of South Gosford [Gosforth], Cockslodge [Coxlodge] and New Felton, Northumberland. C78/275, no. 6 [128]
1613 11 Nov 11 William Puddinge, Edmond Beddingfield v Sir Henry Beddingfield and John Howard. Estate of Edmond Townsend — holding of land on the manor of Strattonhall, Norfolk. Also land in the manors of Welhams, Reeges and elsewhere in Norfolk. Disputed titles. C78/185, no. 8 [129]
1613 15 Nov 11 Tobie Ewbancke; Edward Ewbancke; Robert Penmerton v William, Lord Bishop of Durham; Clement Colmore; Stephen Hegge & Anne his wife. Dispute over the will of Richard Stobbarte, late of the City of Durham. C78/175, no. 8 [130]
1613 15 Nov 11 John Madgwick of Debtford, Kent v Arthure Manwaring and Raphe Dobynson Marriage settlement of house and lands in Chelsey, Middx. C78/176, no. 4 [131]
1613 15 Nov 11 John Madgwicke of Debtford, Kent v Arthur Manwaringe and Raphe Dobinson. Property of Thomas Evans, house and lands at Chelsey, Middlesex. Dispute over the portion of Leonox Evans. C78/197, no. 6 [132]
1613 16 Nov 11 Phillippe Pittes v Richard James; Andrew Warde; The minister and poor of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Donnyngton, Berks. Lease of hospital lands of manor of Yesteley, Oxon. C78/177, no. 5 [133]
1613 17 Nov 11 Peter Soheir/Sohier; Robert Smith; Emanuel Exall v Oliver Havers and Libias Chapman Profits arising from trading voyage of ship "Lyons Clawe". C78/275, no. 5 [134]
1613 18 Nov 11 Thomas Lakes; James Lakes and others (not named) for themselves and other legatees named in the last will of Thomas Lakes decd v Sir John Meeres; Sir Lewis Watson; Sir George Fitzwilliam; Sir Edward Watson; Sir John Hunt; Sir Roger Askewe; Francis Bullingham; William Payne; John Rogers and others (not named). Recovery of money belonging to Thomas Lakes, Doctor of Physick, from John Deane, scrivener of London. C78/148, no. 2 [135]
1613 18 Nov 11 Nicholas Gibbons of Shrewsbury v Thomas Hill; John Browne; Robert Sherer; John Vawre Claim for exemption from tithes of land in Frankewell, Shrewsbury, Salop, formerly belonging to Guild of Corvisors in Shrewsbury for support of a priest. C78/177, no. 2 [136]
1613 19 Nov 11 George Hides of Remshawe in the parish of Eckington, Derbs v Edward Flesher, Nicholas Smythe. Disputed property and messuage on the manor of Eckington, Derbyshire. C78/175, no. 7 [137]
1613 20 Nov 11 Jane Hurst of Westborne, Sussex, widow, late wife of Richard Hurst decd & Richard Hurst their son v Sir George Gunter and John Gunter his son & heir apparent The title of the manor of Woodmancott, Surrey. C78/509, no. 8 [138]
1613 20 Nov 11 Nicholas Evington of Stixwould, Lincs v William Langton, President of the College of Saint Mary Magdalen, Oxford, and the scholars of the college Concerning the manor of Horsington, in the parishes of Stixwold and Horsington. Partition of the waste of the parishes. C78/509, no. 13 [139]
1613 22 Nov 11 Honor Colwill, widow, late wife of John Colwill the younger late of Bradford, Devon decd; Robert Colwill son & heir of the said John Colwill v Tristram Mavpowder; Narcissus Mavpowder and Johan Addams Estate of Honour, wife of the late John Collwill. Tenement called "Middlerightadowne' at Bradford, Devonshire. C78/193, no. 18 [140]
1613 22 Nov 11 Margaret Walrond, widow, late wife of James Walrond decd v William Coreham. Copyhold lands in Isleworth, Middx. C78/275, no. 9 [141]
1613 25 Nov 11 Peter Fige; William Edmonds; Henry Wyndover; Robert Williatt; Benedict Holland; Robert Stevens; Nicholas Brinsell; Thomas Coxe; William Grannte; Thomas Grannte the elder; Thomas Grannt the younger; Walter Grannte the elder; Richard Hayle; ..... Hogg..; Thomas Hodg..; Richard Hogson; Stephen Jackson; Peter Jackson; Elizabeth Illing; Thomas Kerby; Walter Kerby; William Lownds; Robert Maynwaring, clerk; Nicholas Michell; Richard Miller; William Norman; Robert Norman; Thomas Norman; Thomas Overing; Nicholas Overing; John Paxton; John Robinson; Richard Shelton; John Shelton; William Spencer als Lunt; Robert Snow; Richard Stuchburie; Thomas Stuchburie; William Tomline; Robert Travell; Henry Wallis; Peter Wardner; John Chunall; Thomas Asten; William Banck; Johane Banck; William Brashed; Edmond Browne; Thomas Barrowe; Thomas Bachiler; Richard Barbor; John Emerton; William Giles; Thomas Jackson; Thomas Hide; Seath Mason; George Miller; Nicholas Norman; Thomas Parker; John Stuchburie the elder; John Stuchburie the younger; John Tailor; Thomas Smith; Henry Channdler; James Coxe; Johane Nash; Elizabeth Williams; Raphe Uddyne; Hugh Seyton; William Mynnell; Thomas Bowden; Robert Burt; John Gleinster; Robert Gleinster; William Gleinster; John Grannte; George Elliott; Mathew Miller; Katherine Snowe; Richard Snowe; Anthony Tomlyne; Robert Tomlyne; William Greene; Robert Jaye; Thomas Silverside; John Bowden; Thomas Bowden; Richard Capenhurst; William Emerton; Richard Grace the elder; Richard Grace the younger; Thomas Grace; Benedict Grace; John Grace; Thomas Goodspeed; Benedict Holland the younger; Thomas Holland; Thomas Monntague; John Pitkyne; Thomas Pitkyne; Robert Rayner; John Rutland; Richard Stevens; William Stevens the elder; William Stevens the younger; Henry Stevens; John Stevens the elder; John Stevens the younger; Richard Worrall; John Worrall; Richard Bennell; Thomas Hapson; Margery Osborne; William Porter; Reynold Marshall; John Fuller; George Addams; Thomas Addams; Robert Addams; John Addams; Richard Barton; Thomas Barber; Henry Curtis; Richard Cowper; Henry Fennell; William Hobbes; John Hawkins; Robert Hawkins; William Illing; Elizabeth Illing; Richard Johnson; Thomas Lewesley; Richard Muncke; Robert Nashe; Anthony Okeley; John Addam; Richard Showler; William Sturdwick; William Verney; Robert Allen; Henry Warde; John Warde; John Williatt; Henry Jeffes; Richard Willson; Henry Mullins; Raphe Moores; Richard Maresfield; William Risbrooke; William Meade; Rooke Maskall; Walter Grannte the younger; John Illing; Thomas Illing, renants of the manor of Winslowe, Bucks and of the members of the same that is to say Greenborough, Little Horwood & Shipton, sometime parcel of the possessions of the late dissolved monastery of St Albans v Sir Francis Fortescue; John Fortescue his son & heir apparent The villages and lands of Winslow, Greenborough, Little Morwood, Shipton, Buckinghamshire. Agreement of the customs and terms of copyhold tenure, entry fines and inheritance, for the preventing of suits. C78/188, no. 9 [142]
1613 25 Nov 11 Richard Shute & Mary his wife (now the wife of Sir Thomas Panton); Thomas Riche; John Rameberd v Rt. Hon. Richard, Earl of Dorset; Thomas Ireland; Erasmus Drurye; Edward Lyndsey; Goddard Gravenor; Thomas Graye; Alexander Langford Dispute over the manor of Holborne, Middlesex, sold by the Earl of Derby to Edward Ouley. C78/191, no. 7 [143]
1613 25 Nov 11 Rachell Colvill one of the daughters of Edmond Colvill late of Crambrook, Kent, clothier decd v Thomas Colvill. Estate of Edmond Colvill, late of Cranbrook, Kent, clothier. Workhouse lands at Cranbrook. C78/192, no. 1 [144]
1613 26 Nov 11 Sir Edward Carrill now decd; John Hollande now likewise decd; Nicholas Tymperley v Roberte Brooke and William Bloys Encroachment on manor of Merton in Alesborne, Suffolk. C78/310, no. 10 [145]
1613 27 Nov 11 John Shott of Chiselhurste, Kent v Edward Borye; Alice his wife; Christopher Borye Dispute over Gavelkind inheritance of holdings of land in Chislehurst and Bromley, Kent. C78/148, no. 6 [146]
1613 27 Nov 11 Sir Edmund Lucy of Broxborne, Herts v Sir Robert Oxenbridge and Edward Cason Testamentary settlement of manors of Cheshunt and Punsborne and Broxborne, Herts. C78/181, no. 9 [147]
1613 27 Nov 11 Sir Mathew Carew; Dame Alice his wife; Sir Mathew Carew their son v Sir Edward Phelipps, Master of the Rolls; Robert Phelipps his son. Dispute over the sale of the manor of Littleton, alias Middle Littleton, Worcestershire. C78/193, no. 8 [148]
1613 29 Nov 11 John Hamond als Jurden; John Mayo; John Browne; Thomas Bushopp; Edward Fletcher; Richard Gardener; Thomas Taylor; Thomas Harroppe; Richard Cooke; William Barnes an infant by Giles Carter & Agnes his wife, on behalf of themselves and other copyholders of the manor of Painswicke, Gloucs v Henry Jernegan the elder; Henry Jernegan the younger; Thomas Neast. and also cross bill. The customs of the manor of Painswicke, Gloucestershire. List of copyholders, rents and customs. C78/187, no. 1 [149]
1613 30 Nov 11 Edward Edgecombe of Maker, Devon, gent., son of Peter Edgecombe of Mount Edgcumbe, Devon, esq., decd v John Luxton who married Barbara Cundy, dau. of Richard Cundy decd. Relief from a bond of £600 made to allow Richard Cundy to have the profits of a lease of tenements and lands in the manor of Bodregan, psh St Gurran, Corn., which Peter Edgecome leased to the plt and Barbara and Richard Cundy for their lives. C78/127, no. 2 [150]
1613 1 Dec 11 Edward ?Lister? of Yarwell, .... v Sir ..... Mildmaye; John Houghton; Thomas Smithe; William Bellamye; Thomas Catesby Property of Robert Seymarke at Yardwell, Northants. Sale of land to Sir Walter Mildmaye, deceased, and other transactions. C78/197, no. 9 [151]
1613 6 Dec 11 Edward Fytton of Gosworth, Cheshire v Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Derby; Lady Elizabeth, Countess of Derby his wife; Sir George Boothe; Sir Edmond Trafford and Thomas Ireland. Dispute over the manor of Boseley, Cheshire. Sale to the late Francis Fytton, of Dinfield, Berkshire C78/148, no. 8 [152]