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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1607 5 C78/, no. []
1607 9 Jan 4 James Fitzherbert of Stoke within the County of the City of Coventry v Sir Edward Brabazon & Dame Mary his wife. Mortgage of manor of Shortly, Coventry, Warwicks. C78/167, no. 15 [2]
1607 19 Jan 4 Richard Palmer of Hitchingfields, Sussex and Thomas Wicker of Hedley, Surrey v Sir Edward Carrill and Roger Rante. Debts and arrears from copyhold lands called Fawkeners (No county given). C78/156, no. 14 [3]
1607 28 Jan 4 John Lyne of Harleton, Cambs v John Neale, Henry Neale and Anne Neale. Estates of William Lyne and Johan his widow. Claim of perjury by the current defts in their depositions in support of a bill submitted 30 Eliz by Johan Lyne (nee Neale) against the current complt. C78/154, no. 15 [4]
1607 3 Feb 4 John Hamond v Robert Byndlosse; Robert Skerne & Frances his wife. Grant of a lease by Trinity College, Cambridge, of the rectory and parsonage of Eversham, Westmorland, to Hamond. C78/154, no. 12 [5]
1607 7 Feb 4 Reginald Hall of Boston, Lincs v Rachel Reapes, widow. Disputed will. Estate of William Gannocke, late of Boston deceased, whose widow married the complt. C78/143, no. 14 [6]
1607 7 Feb 4 John Shereburne of London, Labourer v Margaret Thrawle, Mathew Kempster, Griffin Evans, Robert Marden, Francis Fulwell, Henry Collier, William Legge, Jerome Vauwan and others (not named). Estate of Arthur Symcocke, late of Shebrocke, Cheshire. House & five cottages in Long Lane, Saint Buttolphe, Aldersgate, London. C78/175, no. 15 [7]
1607 9 Feb 4 James Clifford of Frampton upon Severn, Gloucs v James Langton and Thomas Strowde. Leases of lands of the manor of Knowle, Somerset. C78/320, no. 9 [8]
1607 9 Feb 4 Richard Greeneweye of Cassington, Oxon. v Robert Greeneweye his eldest son. Dft's attempts to overturn plt's settlement of three messuages and nine yardlands in Cassington on plt's three sons. C78/114, no. 11 [9]
1607 12 Feb 4 Thomas Babington of Longborough, Gloucs & Katherine his wife late the wife of Rowland Leighe late of Longborough v William Leighe, William Gower, Edmund Freares and Thomas Mathewes. Jointure from manor of Longborough and Bledington, Gloucs. C78/158, no. 6 [10]
1607 12 Feb 4 John Norrice alias Norrich of Shimpling, Norf., yeo. v John Shardelowe of Shrimpling, esq., owner of the manor of Shymplyn Shardelowe cum Ellinghams nuper Aldams in Shimpling, Norf. Possession of the plt's copyhold tenements called Beldams alias Pertekyns and Scottes with lands; dft's claim that they not ancient copyhold. C78/130, no. 5 [11]
1607 13 Feb 4 Robert Halsey of the Parsonage, Thomas Wells of the Howe, William Younge, Thomas Wells of the Corner, Henry Adeane, Robert Smyth, William Halsie of the Townesend, Robert Halsie of the Wood, Thomas Knight of the Deane, Roger Welles, John Clarke, John Mund, John Knighte, John Halsie of the Lane and Edward Brotherton, copyholders and customary tenants of Great Gaddesden, Herts v Sir Adolphus Carie. Ancient customs of the manor of Great Gaddesden, Herts. C78/143, no. 13 [12]
5? John Watson, late Bishop of Winchester v Sir Francis Neale; Walter Neale; Francis Neale. Reference to an order of the Court of 27 January 4 James. Dispute over game and a coney in the Park of Estmeon, Hampshire. Also office of Keeper of the Park. C78/136, no. 6 [13]
1607 22 April 5 Edward Flowerdewe, William Flowerdewe, Edmund Flowerdewe and Thomazin Flowerdewe the orphans of John Flowerdewe late of Hethersett, Norfolk decd v Mary Lucas, widow, Henry Lucas and Thomas Hawton. Legacies payable by will of John Flowerdewe from lands in Hethersett, Norfolk and Cumberton Cambs. C78/156, no. 13 [14]
1607 23 April 5 John Ashefield of Heythorp, Oxon., esq. v Richard Smythe and George Ognell. Relief from a statute acknowledged by plt and the dft Smith to the dft Ognell for the debt of Edward Winter the younger, decd. C78/114, no. 10 [15]
1607 27 April 5 Thomas Bringhurst the younger, William Collyn, Thomas Kirke, John Burton, Thomas Lowthe, William Burton, Richard Dawkyn, William Bringhurst the elder, William Bringhurst the younger, William Pridmere, John Kirke, Richard Wignell the younger, Robert Collyn, Thomas Moore and William Moore of [Great] Easton, Leics., husbn v Sir Edward Watson, lessee of the Dean and Chapter of Peterborough's manor of [Great] Easton and Anthony Fawkener, gent., his steward. Attempts by the dfts to amend the customs of the manor: plts' claim of a custom of fixed fines and a right to common in two fields called Cowe Pasture and Nether Cowe Pasture. C78/130, no. 6 [16]
1607 28 April 5 Christian French widow of William French late of Lowestoft, Suffolk decd and Thomas Goddard of Great Ryburghe, Norfolk, Gent, cousin & heir of the said William French v Robert Wolferston, Jeffrey Went, Thomas Webb and Jonas Bereman, inhabitants of Woodbridge, Suffolk and also Nicholas Rabye. Lands in Gislam Rushmer and Henstead, Suffolk, given to be used for the maintenance of school in Woodbridge, Suffolk. C78/308, no. 4 [17]
1607 1 May 5 Thomas Haselbrigge, lord of the manor of Noaseley, Leics., esq. v Edward Heron, serjeant at law, owner of the manor of Goadby, Anthony Lightfoote and Elizabeth Lightfoote wid., dft's tenants of Goadby manor. Payment of rent of 5 marks issuing from lands in Goadby which due to the plt in recompence for common rights in Goadby by agreement of 21 Henry VIII. C78/125, no. 8 [18]
Undated Sir Richard Wenman; John Norreys; William Bolton v Francis Norreys. Will of Sir Edward Norreys, the defts uncle. Title to lands at Englefeild and Siddenham, Oxon. C78/156, no. 9 [19]
1607 2 May 5 Sir Oliver Williams als Cromwell v Randall Patson and Anthony Seyres Trust settlement of manor of Stoughton, Hunts. C78/156, no. 12 [20]
1607 4 May 5 Sir Julius Caesar v Sir Richard Leveson, Dame Susan Leveson widow of Sir Walter Leveson, Thomas Dale, John Ashbury, William Heynes, John Benson, Margaret Huntbatch, John Taylor, William Whitehurste, Richard Whitehurst, John Townsende, Roger Baylye, William Brodwall, John Barnes, John Brodwall the elder, John Brodwall the younger, Roger Lowe, John Walter, Thomas Wood, Richard Middleton, Thomas Middleton, Richard Goodwyn, Hugh Ashbury, John Lovett, Mawde Hazells widow, Thomas Hazel, Failes Rushton and William Stomer, tenants of the Manor of Trentham, Staffs. Customs and leases of the manor of Trentham, Staffs. C78/143, no. 7 [21]
1607 8 May 5 Elizabeth Bagley of Hornechurche, Essex v Thomas Roche. Financial trust of personal estate of John Roche late of London. C78/156, no. 10 [22]
1607 9 May 5 William Walloppe of Southampton v John Gooche, clerk. Estate of Thomas Bettes, property in the parish of Saint Lawrence, Southampton. C78/153, no. 13 [23]
1607 9 May 5 William Allen and Thomas Stephenson, fishmongers of London v John Rodoway, Amye Marten and Amthony Cornhill. Debts for hops payable from profits of brewhouse in Southwark, Surrey. C78/156, no. 11 [24]
1607 16 May 5 Thomas Brunker and Isabell his wife, late the wife of Nicholas Rambeard v Sir John Dine, William Saunders and Francis Harney. Bill re lease in trust of lands in Easthadden, Northants. C78/170, no. 7 [25]
1607 18 May 5 George Boyell of Stepney, Midd., gent., son of Stephen Boyell of Bradden, Northants., gent., decd, whose wife and executrix was Jane Boyell v Thomas Emeley and John Mathew. Withholding £1,000 deposited with dfts by Jane Boyell on trust for the use of the children of Stephen and Jane Boyell. C78/113, no. 5 [26]
1607 18 May 5 Thomas Butler the elder of Stotteston and Thomas Butler the younger, his infant son v John Goughe & Alyanor his wife, J... Payne and John Marshall. Lease of tenement in St. Saviors, Surrey. Legacy in the will of John Butler of St. Saviors decd, brother & uncle of the complts. C78/289, no. 2 [27]
1607 19 May 5 Sir Percivall Hart of Lullingstone, Kent v Marie Lucas widow, and Edward Harvest. Debts and legacies payable by will of John Flowerdew. C78/157, no. 12 [28]
1607 4 June 5 George Cooper of Rounghton Holme, Norfolk v Sir Hastings Stanley, Dame Ellen his wife, John Fowberrie & Margaret his wife, Raphe Reresby and Richard Fowberie. Dispute over Holwood Fenn, manor of Chatterys, Cambridgeshire. The late property of Ramsey Abbey. C78/131, no. 12 [29]
1607 8 June 5 Robert Stubbe, John Rudd of Piclethowe younger, John Toulson late son of John Towlson, joiner decd, John Towlson of Lowhouse, John Rudd of Beckhowse, John Towlson late son of Thomas Towlson decd, Lawrence Myerhowse and Robert Rudd of Brakenthwaite, Cumberland v Anthoine Patrickson and Henry Pattrickson. Concerning the customs of the manor of Brackenthwaite, Cumberland. C78/143, no. 8 [30]
1607 8 June 5 Frances Danske youngest son of Frances Danske of Stoke next Ipswich, Suffolk decd v Roger Sturgeon and Anthonye Ryvers A tenement called "The Boars Head" at Stocke, next Ipswich C78/495, no. 3 [31]
1607 16 June 5 John ap Ithell v Sir John Trevor, David Trevor and John Trevallyne. Properties on the estate of David Trevor in Flint. C78/143, no. 9 [32]
1607 22 June 5 Henry Rayney of Byshop Lidiard, Somerset v Sir Henry Rolle, Sir John Portman, Symon Kingston, Nicholas Streete. Manor of Vitulhill, Somerset, the property of John Rayney. Also property at Taunton and other places. C78/131, no. 11 [33]
1607 23 June 5 Edward Presson als Coxell of Marton, Oxon. v Sir James Harrington and Lady Anne his wife, widow of John Doyley decd, late lord of the manor of Marton; Sir Edward Harrington & Lady Margery his wife; William Fletcher Refusal to admit plt to a copyhold held of the manor contrary to agreement between plt and John Doyley. C78/114, no. 9 [34]
1607 25 June 5 Robert Duckmanton of Tibshelfe, Derbys v John Hill als Duckmanton; Humphrey Duckmanton his son; James Leake. Possession of messuage and lands in Tibshelfe, Derbys. C78/316, no. 2 [35]
1607 26 June 5 John Meynell, schoolmaster of the grammar school of Burton on Trent, John Bradshawe; William Caldwall; John Hawkes; Robert Toone; William Clarke, inhabitants of Burton on Trent v Henry Sacheverell esq.; and Francis Sacheverell, gent.; Alexander Reddich & Katherine his wife; Edward Ryvett; John Eden Possession and management of lands in Orton-on-the-Hill, Leics. and in Breadstone, Derb., conveyed to feoffees for the provision of a free grammer school in Burton. C78/113, no. 9 [36]
1607 9 Oct 5 Robert King als Blundevile of Layham, Suffolk & Patience his wife, daughter of Thomas Blundevile late of Newton Flottman, Norfolk decd v Margaret Blundevile, widow. Bill re marriage settlement of lands in Newton Flotman, Norfolk and Culphoe, Suffolk. C78/170, no. 6 [37]
1607 9 Oct 5 Michael Woodcocke one of the sons of Raffe Woodcocke, Alderman decd v Mary Sands widow, William Bourne and John Sutton. Marriage settlement of houses called Brookswharfe, London and St Nicholas free chappell in Stanford, Essex C78/450, no. 14 [38]
1607 15 Oct 5 Sir Thomas Flond of Milgate, Kent & Dame Barbara his wife, late wife of Sir John Cutts late of Bynburye, Kent decd; Sir John Cutts the younger v William Fourthe & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Carique & Jane his wife and John Loadesman. The will and estate of Henry Cutts, the manor of Binburye and other properties in Kent. C78/147, no. 6 [39]
1607 22 Oct 5 James Gayner v Richard Lucas & Jane his wife. Redemption of manor of Newland, Odiham, Hants, forfeited for debts C78/319, no. 14 [40]
1607 26 Oct 5 Richard Arnolde, Robert Spirlinge, Mathew Norgate of the parish of St Bennett, Norwich v Stephen Barber, John Lowe, clerk and Nicholas Warde. Dispute over four houses and an orchard in the parish of St. Bennett, Norwich — use for the aid of the City poor. C78/143, no. 5 [41]
1607 26 Oct 5 John Wadland of Bedeford, Devon v Phillip Wadland. Mortgage of lands in Bedeford[Bideford], Devon C78/157, no. 10 [42]
1607 26 Oct 5 Sir Anthony Ashley of Wymborne St Gyles, Dorset & Dame Jane his wife, daughter & heir of Phillip Okeover late of Okeover, Staffs decd v Rowland Okeover. Title to lands in Mapleton, Yeldersley, Haywood and Ham, Staffs and Derbys. C78/157, no. 11 [43]
1607 29 Oct 5 Thomas Flatman the elder of Sterston, Norfolke v Thomas Flatman the younger and Richard Sayer Trust settlement of lands in Pulham, Needham, Walsham and Starston, Norfolk. C78/169, no. 15 [44]
1607 31 Oct 5 John Wright of Eastmeane, Hants v Sir Julius Caesar. Estate of John Tirrell, late of Riplington, Hampshire. Manor of Eastmeane, held of the Bishops of Winchester. C78/147, no. 5 [45]
1607 31 Oct 5 Everard Sisson v Anthony Sison. Title lease of lands in Walton, Leics. C78/167, no. 14 [46]
1607 31 Oct 5 William Clarke of Hitchin, Bucks v Sir William Garrard. As in C78/168/14. Marriage settlement and jointure from lands in Kent and Bucks. C78/168, no. 18 [47]
1607 31 Oct 5 Francis Aske v Richard Sunderland, Abraham Sowden, Miles Barnesley, Robert Hutham, Henry Jerratt, John Jerratt, William Ellis, Mathew Smyth, Thomas Parke, Robert Becket, Robert Stephenson, John Weddall, John Parker and Thomas Wetherell. Trust settlement of manor of Owscroppe, Yorks. C78/227, no. 11 [48]
1607 4 Nov 5 Robert Cage of Stowbedon, Norfolk v John Fulmerston. Fraudulent acquisition by pretended mortgage of lands in Stowbedon, Norfolk. C78/156, no. 8 [49]
1607 7 Nov 5 Thomas Tindale son of Thomas Tindale of the City of Bristol v William Peart and Edward Trotman. Title, under trust settlement, to lands in Eastwood Park, Thorneburie, Moreton and Farfield, Gloucs. C78/157, no. 9 [50]
1607 7 Nov 5 William Marshall of Orsett, Essex, yeo. v Thomas Hurte and William Hurte. Descent of copyhold lands held of the manor of Orsett late of Edmund Hurte decd and claimed by the plt as next heir. C78/113, no. 8 [51]
1607 10 Nov 5 Gilberte Wrighte, Citizen & Salter of London v Sir John Rotheram. Concerning the marriage of Elizabeth Shaine and Wrighte. Dealings with Rotherham in the Poultry trade. C78/143, no. 3 [52]
1607 13 Nov 5 Thomas Mayhew of Ballockby, Norfolk v Anthony Eden & Thomas Holdich. Mortgage of parsonage of Martham, Norfolk. C78/318, no. 14 [53]
1607 17 Nov 5 John Wyntle of Westbury, Gloucs & Johan his wife, Richard Freeman and William Heyward of Longney, Gloucs v William Birde, Richard Caswell and Richard Kinge Possession of copyhold lands in Longney, Gloucs. C78/156, no. 6 [54]
1607 17 Nov 5 John Westbrooke, John Vengham and John Greene of Westharting, Sussex v Sir Edward Carrill. Customary timber rights in the manor of Westhartyng, Sussex. C78/156, no. 7 [55]
1607 19 Nov 5 William Holway of Clenston, Dorset v Hugh Pollard, Robert Elwell and Thomas Davies. Bill re title to manor of Witton, Devon. C78/160, no. 4 [56]
1607 21 Nov 5 Thomas, Bishop of Winchester v Sir Thomas Neale and Thomas Fachin. Dispute over a warren of coneys and game in the Park of Estmeon, Hampshire. C78/136, no. 5 [57]
1607 23 Nov 5 Valentine Ashton v John Wright. Eviction from a messuage in Burton on Trent leased to plt and his wife for the term of their lives. C78/113, no. 3 [58]
1607 25 Nov 5 Roger Powell, citizen and salter of London v Sir Charles Foxe of Bromfield, Salop. Lease of a messuage in Ledwich held of the manor of Bromfield assigned to the plt, the freehold of which held by the dft. C78/130, no. 4 [59]
1607 27 Nov 5 William Bowrcher of Barnesley, Gloucs v Thomas Morris Trust of the manor of Little Farrington, Berks. C78/642, no. 7 [60]
1607 28 Nov 5 Humfrey Barwicke of Sutton, Yorks and Marie his wife v Sir Edward Fitton, Edmund Fitton, Thomas Riddiard, Thomas Jolley, Valentine Jackson, Thomas Hulme the younger, John Wood and Lawrence Johnson. Mortgage in trust of the manor of Haselwood, Staffs. C78/158, no. 5 [61]
1607 28 Nov 5 Dame Mary Warde late wife & sole executrix of Sir Richard Warde late of Hurste, Berks decd v Sir William Gainsford & Dame Jone his wife. Dispute over East Park, Sonning, Berks. The property of Richard Warde, deceased. C78/143, no. 2 [62]
1607 28 Nov 5 Lady Margaret Stanhope, widow and John Holliwell v John Stanhope, Lawrence Wright and William Osborne. Lease of rectory of Spondon, Derbys. C78/206, no. 6 [63]
1607 28 Nov 5 Richard Sunderland and Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Richard Saltonstall late of London decd v Sir Samuell Saltonstall and Dame Susan Saltonstall, widow, executors of the said Sir Richard Saltonstall. Unpaid portion due under marriage contract. Refs also bills exhibited against the current defts by John Harvy & Anne his wife, another of the daughters of the said Sir Richard, and also of John Bond of Thorpe, Surrey and Martha his wife another of the daughters of the said Sir Richard, and also of Sir Peter Saltonstall and Edward Saltonstall two of the younger sons of the said Sir Richard. C78/275, no. 17 [64]
1607 28 Nov 5 William Bente of Billesdon, Leics v Nicholas Massye of Ely, Cambs and others (not named) Title to messuage and lands in Billesdon, Leics. C78/318, no. 13A [65]
1607 28 Nov 5 Richard Cole of Bukishe, Devon, esq. v James More esq., executor of the will of Elizabeth Pollard alias Cole, wid. of William Cole, plt's grandfather. Possession of the remainder of a term of years of the manors of Bramscombe, Dawlish and Sidbury, Devon leased to Sir William Herbert by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter in 3 Edward VI and bequeathed by Pollard to plt's father: annuity of £10. Cf C78/95 no. 14. C78/113, no. 7 [66]
1607 4 Dec 5 Anne Stapley, widow v Anne, Lady Cleere, widow and Elizabeth Christopher, widow. Rents from lease of lands in Holloway, Middx. C78/158, no. 4 [67]
1607 18 Dec 5 Martha Milnes, widow of Leonard Milnes late citizen & haberdasher of London, & one of the daughters of John White, late citizen & draper of London decd v William Hollinshead, John Hollinshead and John Milnes. Jointure interest in house in Thames Street, London. C78/169, no. 8 [68]