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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1605 3 C78/, no. []
1605 23 Jan 2 Edward Goverson of Corton, Wilts, mason v John Smyth, William Smyth Dispute over the title to property at Corton, Wiltshire. C78/136, no. 9 [2]
1605 31 Jan 2 Giles Parslowe, citizen & grocer of London v Thomas Elkington of Michell Hampton, Gloucs, clothier. Closes of land called "Chevenege Downe" in the parish of Horsley, Gloucs. C78/144, no. 6 [3]
1605 31 Jan 2 Isaack Glassington the youngest son of Thomas Glassington late of Leathered, Surrey decd, cousin & next heir of Edward Glassington late of Ashested, Surrey decd v William Otwaye and Augustine Otwaye. Estate of the late Edward Glassington; property on the manor of Ashsteed or Tallworth. C78/155, no. 7 [4]
1605 1 Feb 2 Sir Julius Caesar, Master of the Hospital of Saint Katherines, near the Tower of London, and the brethren & sisters of the hospital v Margaret Turnor, widow. Dispute over the manor of Queenbury, Parish of Eastreade, Hertfordshire. C78/147, no. 10 [5]
1605 1 Feb 2 John Porter, citizen & fishmonger of London v Michael Pretty; Robert Pretty; Nicholas Weston; William Starkey; Thomas Bexley. Estate of Thomas Pretty of Chittingley, Sussex. Disputed will, properties at Chittingley. C78/151, no. 10 [6]
1605 2 Feb 2 Anne Wilkinson of White Rothing, Essex, late wife of John Wilkinson decd & executrix of John Wright late of Hatfield Broadock, Essex v John Wilkinson & Raphe Wilkinson, executors of the said John Wilkinson late husband of the said Anne & father of the said John & Raphe; John Parke. Will of the late John Wilkinson, manor of Bromfield Hall, Essex. C78/133, no. 7 [7]
1605 7 Feb 2 Thomas Hutchins; John Smith; Roger Seelie; Thomas Seely; Thomas Smith; Bartholomew Rowles; Henry Hancoxe; Christopher Smith; William Surman; John Allard & Agnes his wife; Thomas Long; Thomas Eldridg; John Eldridg; Johane Seely, widow; John Jeffs als Geffs; Margery Lane, widow & John Lane her son; Humfrey Allard; John Jeffs als Gefes; Richard [blank]; John Scansfield; William Neast; John Symonds; Thomas Porter; Walter Masfield; Thomas ..obes; Nicholas Baylie; John Tyler; Thomas Pallice als Pace; John Pace; Richard Eldridge; William Masfield als Gardner; Thomas Robins; Richard Bradstocke; Richard Wall; Edward Hancoxe; Richard Long, tenants of Ashelworth, Gloucs v Richard Pauncefoote; Thomas Grannte; John Grannte; Andrew Winsor; Edmund Harwell; Edward Windsor. Manor of Ashelworth, leases granted by Paul Bush, Bishop of Bristol. C78/150, no. 8 [8]
1605 8 Feb 2 Richard Maddocks of the City of London, goldsmith & William Maddocks his son v Thomas Stephens & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Jacks; Jane Jacks; Richard Stephens; John Newold. Dispute over the property of Edward, Lord Stafford. The township of Westley, Shropshire C78/495, no. 2 [9]
1605 9 Feb 2 Thomas Lee v Sir Robert Sidney. Debts in connection with maintenance of a Company of Lancers in low countries. C78/161, no. 9 [10]
1605 11 Feb 2 John Brigg v Henry Smyth the elder of Norland, Yorks and Henry Smyth his son. Interests in tenements in Risheworthe, Yorks. C78/227, no. 14 [11]
1605 4 March 2 John Roger gentleman v. Robert Taylor heir and executor of Thomas Taylor, Paul Taylor, and William Taylor both minor children of Thomas Taylor. Dispute over the conveyance of a manor called the Waltons, Essex. C78/151, no. 15 [12]
1605 20 April 3 William Shute, citizen of London v Myles Willis, citizen & merchant taylor of London. Dispute over dealings between the parties. C78/144, no. 1 [13]
1605 20 April 3 Thomas Draper of London, brewer v Robert Draper. Estate of John Draper, brewer, late of London. Property in Essex. C78/155, no. 5 [14]
1605 20 April 3 Edward Copley v Grace Copley, widow, late wife of Aluerie Copley then late of Batley, Yorks decd; Joseph Pennyngton; John Copley Legacies payable from manorhouse of Batley, Yorks, by will of Alverie Copley. C78/227 no. 13 [15]
1605 22 April 3 Anne Buddinge of Flaxley, Gloucs, spinster and others (not named) v William Kingston; Richard Thomas; John Wall als Cawdwell. Dispute over property and the Yate House, at Flaxley, Gloucestershire. C78/147, no. 9 [16]
1605 23 April 3 John Seintcler son & heir of Gyles Seintcler decd & cousin & heir to John Seintcler, son & heir of John Seintcler, son & heir of Sir John Seintcler, father to the said Gyles Seintcler v Thomas Eden; Thomas Fanner; George Curling Recovery of farm and lands in Chiche and Bentley, Essex. C78/157, no. 21 [17]
1605 1 May 3 John Parker, clerk; Roger Lanman; George Tyte; Robert Wilby; George Hilliar; Henry Lyne; John Stannton; Augustine Odall; Robert Wilby the younger; William Facer, for themselves & other poor inhabitants of Buckton, Northants v Francis Ingoldesby; John Warde; Philip Sturgis; Richard Birdesall, clerk Legacies to poor of Buckton by will of Richard Humfry from lands in Buckton and Pilforde, Northants. C78/162, no. 9 [18]
1605 6 May 3 Sir Charles Percye of Domleton, Gloucs & Dorothy his wife; Peter Cockes, clerk; Charles Cockes v Edmond Anseley and Anne Wallington, widow. Estate of Edmond Howchins, late of Dombleton Manor; provision for his wife Dorothy. C78/133, no. 8 [19]
1605 7 May 3 William Adam of Walden, Essex, draper & Thomas Adam his son v Edward Hamond of Debden, Essex. Dispute oyer bonds for debt. C78/150, no. 7 [20]
1605 7 May 3 William Nelson of Belcham StPowle, Essex, clerk & Mirable his wife v Margaret Abbott & Edward Abbot. Dispute over Petnats Close, Denston, Suffolk, the property of Margarett Abbott. C78/133, no. 20 [21]
1605 9 May 3 Sir Carew Raleigh of Downton, Wilts v Henrie Aly; William Weare; Richard Weare Mortgage of farm at Hanley, Dorset. C78/159, no. 16 [22]
1605 10 May 3 John Fraye an infant by Thomas Master of Icklesham, Sussex v John Page; Anne his wife; John Pylcher Annuity payable from lands in Icklesham, Sussex. C78/162, no. 11 [23]
1605 13 May 3 Sir Arthur Chichester and Dame Lettice his wife, widow of Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove, Carms., esq., decd., on behalf of themselves and as guardians to Jane Vaughan and Elizabeth Vaughan, infants, her daughters v Sir John Vaughan, son and heir of Walter Vaughan by his wife Mary, and others (not named). Possession of 80 messuages in Carmarthenshire conveyed by Walter Vaughan to trustees as dower for Dame Lettice, with remainder to the heirs born to him of Dame Lettice. C78/130, no. 9 [24]
1605 30 May 3 John Tyle; Andrew Durdent; Nathaniell Giles; Richard Browne; John Browne; William Lyford; William Wheatley; Simon Hatche; John Clark; Christopher Lyford; Richard Wheateley; Roger Burchett; William Wise; John Dee; John Powney; Thomas Avered; Henry Clark; John Cottrell; John Lyford; William Yeldall; William Dee...; John Avered; William Avered; William Wells; Agnes Barre, spinster; Johan Tracher, spinster; Thomas Fynch; William Horsenayle; William Dollen; Stephen Bowyer; Robert Wheateley; Roger Streatend, smith; Thomas Barnard; John Sadocke; William Gunnell; William Sellon v Sir Richard Warde & Dame Mary his wife. Customs and terms of copyhold tenure of the manor of Winckfield, Berks. C78/144, no. 2 [25]
1605 1 June 3 John Barron of Stanmer, Northants, labourer & Elizabeth his wife; Isabell Waters of Uppingham, Rutland, widow v William Lacye and Gawen Armstead Surrender in trust of tenement in Pey Kerke, Northants C78/156, no. 19 [26]
1605 3 June 3 Thomas Warren of Stoake Cannon, Devon v William Bynford; John Bynford and others (not named). Title to lease of land called Verbeave, in Devon. C78/164, no. 14 [27]
1605 5 June 3 James Lye of Hynton Admyrall, Hants, son & heir of Edmond Lye late of Hynton Admyrall decd, an infant by John Spelt & Alice his wife, mother of the said complt v Thomas Ellyott the elder & Agnes his wife; Thomas Ellyott the younger & Johane his wife; William Byles & Alice his wife Title and possession of tenements and lands in Hinton Admiral, Milton, Christchurch and Brokenhurst, Hants. C78/157, no. 20 [28]
1605 5 June 3 Richard Wyncle of Byddulphe, Staffs v John Bolton and William Drakeford Title to moiety of tenement and lands in Byddolphe, Staffs. C78/320, no. 10 [29]
1605 10 June 3 Ferdinando Clotterbuck of the City of London, merchant v Peter Typping. Recovery of mortgaged lands in Hensholme, Yorks. C78/156, no. 18 [30]
1605 10 June 3 Mayor and Burgesses of Saint Albans, Hertfordshire v John Robotham and Raphe Gape. Dispute over copyhold lands on the manor of Newlands, Hertfordshire. C78/133, no. 12 [31]
1605 12 June 3 John Fray an infant by Thomas Master of Icklesham, Sussex v William Pick. Annuity payable from lands in Icklesham, Sussex. C78/162, no. 12 [32]
1605 13 June 3 Henry Morgan Lewes & Thomas Johnes, administrators of Samuel Jones his father decd v Henry Lewes. Profits due from marriage settlement of messuage & lands in Landaff, Glam. C78/319, no. 17 [33]
1605 15 June 3 Richard Cooke of Fulwell Hatch, Essex v John Sotherton and Elizabeth his wife, daughter & heir of the said Richard. Dispute over several messuages and tenements in the City of London, and Essex. C78/144, no. 5 [34]
1605 15 June 3 Sir Robert Spencer of Oldthroppe, Northants v Thomas Underwood; John Underwood the younger; Joshua Cater; Robert Mayes; William Allen; Richard Edroppe; Henry Dawson; Walter Albon; John Tayler; Robert Britten, tenants of the manor of Sandy, Beds Rights to sheep course and pasture in Sandy, Beds. C78/161, no. 8 [35]
1605 19 June 3 Thomas Dodd & Alice his wife v Ewstauce Whitney. Estate of James Whitney, late of Whitney, Herefordshire. Bequest to Alice Dodd. C78/154, no. 14 [36]
1605 20 June 3 Anthony Wallett; John Brightman; Robert Brightman; John Wright; Thomas Wright; Jeffery Sketh; James Inman of Ryall & Belmesthorpe, Rutland for themselves & tyhe other copyholders v Rt. Hon Thomas, Earl of Exeter. Dispute over the terms of copyhold tenure on the manor of Belmesthorpe, Rutland. C78/144, no. 4 [37]
1605 22 June 3 George Leicester, citizen & haberdasher of London v Vry Babington, citizen & draper of London; William Hawes, citizen & merchant taylor of London Debts, bonds and assignation in trust of manor of East Dirham and Tirrington Marsh, Norfolk and ironworks in Llantrissen, Glam. C78/163, no. 14 [38]
1605 25 June 3 Sir William Bowes of Streatlam, Durham and Robert Booth esq. v Richard Burrell of London, grocer. Relief from a bond made for the observance of an arbitration over accounts for lead sold by the plt to the dft. C78/127, no. 7 [39]
1605 11 Oct 3 John Herring of Mendham, Suff., yeo., a son and executor of Thomas Herring late of Wingfield, Suff., decd v Bartholomew Styles. Lease of a messuage in Wingfield, Suff. made to the dft on trust to try the title. C78/130, no. 10 [40]
1605 15 Oct 3 William Holmden, an infant, son of Zacharie Holmden late of Westram, Kent decd, by Thomas Skidmore v William Raynoldes; James Austen; Anthony Saxbie; Thomas Stacye; George Saxbie; Richard Stiddall Title under testamentary settlement, to lands in Westram, Kent. C78/158, no. 8 [41]
1605 17 Oct 3 John Knappe of London, smith, the son & heir of John Knappe late of Purley, Berks decd v Richard Knappe; Arthur Knappe; Alexander Browne. Estate of John Knappe, late of Whitchurch, Oxfordshire. Properties at Ipston, Cheronden, Hillands, Oxfordshire. C78/155, no. 4 [42]
1605 17 Oct 3 John Oughton of Fillongley, Warks; William Holbeche of Fillongley; Thomas Flint of Allesly, Warks; Leonard Clarke and Thomas Jurden of Corley, Warks; John Pagett of Allesley; Robert Woodcocke of Corley, clerk; Nicholas Tallis of Fillongley; Oliver Wolfe of Follsell[Foleshill], Coventry; Thomas Hollier of Astley, Warks; Humphrey Mussen of Carfeley, Coventry; Thomas Harpur of Allesley; John Mussen of Allesley; Thomas Docker of Barsewell, Warks v John Denton; John Towers & Winifred his wife; Michael Parker & Isabell his wife; Humphrey Vale Disputed lease on lands at Fylongley[Fillongley] and Corley, Warwickshire. C78/134, no. 8 [43]
1605 31 Oct 3 Gyles Warren of Holborne, Middx & Elizabeth his wife, late the wife & executrix of John Clarke, innholder decd v Thomas Doyly, now decd. Title to mortgage in 'The Antelope' in High Holborne, Middx. C78/162, no. 7 [44]
1605 7 Nov 3 Richard Buxton of Donisthorpe, Leics. and Derb., who married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Henshawe, dft v Thomas Henshawe, John Henshawe his son and heir and William Henshawe. Performance of agreements made on the marriage of plt and Elizabeth Henshawe dau. of Thomas Henshawe; failure to convey to plt freehold and leasehold lands in Donisthorpe and chattels. C78/114, no. 16 [45]
1605 13 Nov 3 Humphrey Tyndall, President of the College of Saint Margaret, Cambridge & the Fellows of the College v John Mortlock. Dispute over the manor of Moonhall, Suffolk, and Essex. Rents and rights to meadows. C78/152, no. 16 [46]
1605 14 Nov 3 Thomas Leake als Harrison the reputed son of Thomas Leake late of Laughton Arbor, Notts v Peter Roos. The complainant was the reputed son of Thomas Leake of Laughton Arbor, Nottinghamshire. Dispute over the manor and manor house of Lowdham, Notts., the property of the late William Lord Vaulx. C78/155, no. 6 [47]
1605 15 Nov 3 Rt hon William, Earl of Pembroke v James Johne; Thomas Powell John and others (not named) tenants & inhabitants of Carlyon, Mon. Non payment of recognition money to new Lord of Marcher Lordship of Uske Carlyan and Treleck, and claim of exemption for the borough. C78/159, no. 18 [48]
1605 16 Nov 3 Simon Croft v Jane Evetts, widow; William Harrington; Thomas Harrington; Roger Roden; John Roden and Richard Culwicke. Estate and will of William Evetts, a popish recusant. C78/147, no. 7 [49]
1605 16 Nov 3 Rees Thomas ap Moris of the City of Exeter by Evan Moris his kinsman, master & guardian v Katherine Rees David Jenkyn otherwise Katherine Glynne, Morgan Glynne. Estate of Rees Davis ap Jenkyn, property in the parish of Llanangell Gelmrod, Cardiganshire. Fulling mills, water mills, meadows, pastures, wood and other properties. C78/155, no. 3 [50]
1605 16 Nov 3 Sir George Boothe & Mary Boothe v William Tatton and others (not named). Dispute over money in the care of Tatton, intended by the late Sir William Boothe for the marriage portions of his daughters. C78/133, no. 21 [51]
1605 18 Nov 3 Richard Maplesden of London, merchant v William Rastall and Thomas Dobson. An award made by the Governor and Assistants of the Society of Merchant Adventurers of England, in a dispute over accounts and reckonings. C78/147, no. 8 [52]
1605 18 Nov 3 Robert Camber son of Thomas Camber of Tilburye, Essex v William Garrett and Anne Winsor now the wife of Thomas Roockwood gentleman. Annuity from lands in East Tilburye, West Tilburye and Mackinge, Essex. C78/161, no. 7 [53]
1605 21 Nov 3 Thomas White of Fittleford, Dorset v Sir Richard Rogers; John Rogers; John Strode; William Willoughbie Mortgage and incumbrances on Littellton farm in Langton, Dorset. C78/159, no. 14 [54]
1605 22 Nov 3 John Tregonwell of Milton, Dorset v George Moreton. Interests and timber rights in Le Ridge Wood, part of manor of Milton, Dorset. C78/159, no. 15 [55]
1605 23 Nov 3 William Smaleman of Iveington, Herefs v Sir Edward Pitt. Leases and tithe interests in manor of Ivington, Heref. C78/161, no. 6 [56]
1605 26 Nov 3 Lewis Pope of Taunton, Somerset, merchant & Grace his wife late wife of Francis Moore of Taunton v Sir Jasper Moore and Gefferie Moore his brother. Estate of Francis Moore, deceased, and execution of his will. C78/143, no. 12 [57]
1605 28 Nov 3 William Wilson of Monnckfroyston[Monk Fryston], Yorks v William Hamond. Dispute over property at Milforth, Sherborne and Leanton, Yorkshire. Settlement of Hamond’s debts. C78/155, no. 1 [58]
1605 28 Nov 3 Phillip Lambe, widow v Edmond Pope; Edward Wilson; William Smith Debts and maintenance payments due from trust settlement of lands in Southwark, Surrey. C78/162, no. 8 [59]
1605 28 Nov 3 Francis Moore v William Latton. Purchase of encumbered estate of lands in Westlockinge and Ardington, Berks. C78/162, no. 10 [60]
1605 30 Dec 3 John Spencer, son & heir of Margaret Spencer decd, one of the daughters & coheirs of Sir Francis Willoughby decd; Monntague Woode of Lamley & Frances his wife; Abigail Willoughbie; Frances Willoughbie the younger, her Majesty's ward, three other of the daughters & coheirs of the said Sir Francis v Rt hon. Lady Arbella Stuart and Sir Percival Willughbie Title to mortgaged premises in Willoughbie, Gerton, Gibsmore and Blesbie, Notts, Wigtofte, Lincs and Smalwood, Cheshire. C78/156, no. 17 [61]