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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1603 C78/, no. []
1603 29 Jan 45 William Gerrard of Dorney, Bucks., esq., son of Sir William Gerrard v Thomas Blange, Dean of Rochester and the Chapter and Sir Michael Sandes. Possession of the manor of Southfleet, Kent. C78/103, no. 18 [2]
1603 29 Jan 45 Nicholas Crosse, citizen and haberdasher of London v Awdrey Okeley widow of John Okeley decd, Henry Okeley his son gent., John Crosse, Thomas Weston and John Browne. Possession of the lease of the parsonage or prebend of Kilsby, Northants., sold by Henry Oakley to plt; payment of annuities charged on the lease by the will of John Okeley decd., breach of agreement made with Awdrey Okeley, suits at common law. C78/110, no. 19 [3]
1603 31 Jan 45 Lewis Pope of Taunton, Som., merchant, who married Eleanor, dft's daughter v Christopher Saunders. Performance of a marriage settlement between the parties; dft's failure to pay annuities or make the conveyance of lands. C78/118, no. 16 [4]
1603 1 Feb 45 Thomas Hanbury esq., Queen's auditor and lord of the manor of Mapledurham, Hants. v George Duncombe, servant of Thomas Cowper/Cooper, late steward of the manor, decd, Edward Phelipp, citizen of London, Martyn Cowper clerk, William Tribe and Arthur Hide. Detention of court rolls, surveys etc belonging to the manor; withholding rents due from lands held of the manor of Mapledurham. C78/118, no. 1 [5]
1603 1 Feb 45 John Best of Northampton v George Sheppard and Lyon Abson of Smeyton, Yorks. Estate of Robert Amyas of Nedderton als Neddershitlinton in the parish of Thornell, Yorks. Barnburgh Grange. C78/141, no. 3 [6]
1603 4 Feb 45 Elizabeth Wilbraham, wid. and Ralph Wilbraham, gent., executors of the will of Richard Wilbraham of Lincoln's Inn, Midd., esq., decd and William Wynne gent., who married Julia, dau. of Thomas Skynner, citizen and alderman of London, decd v John Skynner, esq., son and heir of Thomas Skynner and owner of the manor of Castle Camps, Camb., James Turner, John Webbe and others, tenants of the manor. Relief from an extent of the manor of Castle Camps at the suit of Erasmus Record, a creditor of William Wynne: agreement between Wynne and Skinner for the payment of portions for the marriage of Julia. C78/122, no. 2 [7]
1603 7 Feb 45 Daniel Dickonson, citizen and draper of London and Roger Sprotte of London, merchant tailor, both of whom married a dau. of William Horne of London, grocer, decd, and acted as executors of his will v Thomas Horne, son and another executor of the will of William Horne, Jeffrey Davys, executor of the will of Anne Rigby, wid. and Henry Havercampe of London, merchant tailor, another executor of the will of Anne Rigby. Execution of the will of William Horne (c.1596): mortgage for £115 of a house near Aldgate by Anne Rigby to Horne. C78/118, no. 17 [8]
1603 9 Feb 45 Henry Webbe of Leominster, Heref., brother and heir of William Webbe of Kinver, Staffs., decd v Thomas Bate, Edward Jurden and Thomas Hale. Redemption of a copyhold messuage and yardland in Stourton held of the manor of Kinver, Staffs., late William Webb's and mortgaged by him to Thomas Bate and Thomas Rudge. C78/110, no. 20 [9]
1603 10 Feb 45 John Porter of the City of London, fishmonger v Hughe Hughes. Property of Adam Ranshaw, a messuage in White Harte Street, City of London. Disputed title. C78/133, no. 24 [10]
1603 10 Feb 45 George Buck esq., eldest son of Robert Buck, brother of Margaret Tilney decd, wife of Frederick Tilney, decd, whose son was Phillip Tilney v Emery Tilney esq., uncle of Phillip Tilney and Thomas Tilney. Inheritance of the manor of Skidbrooke [Skidbrooke cum Saltfleet], Lincs., and other lands, late of Margaret Tilney decd, plt's aunt. C78/103, no. 20 [11]
1603 10 Feb 45 William Cooke gent.; Robert Porter, clerk; William Frith; Ralph Carrill; William Clerke; George Duckett; Thomas Curteyes; Robert Keyse; Nicholas Campe; John Goore; Robert Graves; James Campe; Thomas Campe; George Dowsett; John Querne; John Algor; John Shelley; John Hutchin; George Walker; John Reade; John Tisam; William Shelley; John Knighte; George Day; William Wilkenson; Richard Campe; Nicholas Cley; Jonas Hunnesdon; Agnes Branche; Mary Kelsey; Johan Branche, Thomas Shelley, copyholders of the manor of Nazeing, Essex, in the name of all the copyholders of the manor v Sir Edward Denny, lord of the manor and Dame Mary his wife. Right of the tenants to fell timber trees for the repair of their copyholds; felling of trees by the dft on the plts' tenements. C78/103, no. 22 [12]
1603 10 Feb 45 Thomas Maydwell/Maidwell of Geddington, Northants., gent., elder son and executor of Lawrence Maidwell, gent., decd v Lawrence Maidwell, Richard Maidwell and Anthony Maidwell, younger sons of Lawrence the father, John Payne, whose wife was Agnes, dau. of Lawrence the father and Richard Smalebrooke, whose wife was Margaret, another daughter, all children by Maidwell's second wife. Execution of the will of Lawrence Maidwell (1584); relief from actions on bonds and recognisances given to the dfts by the plt for the performance of the will. C78/108, no. 8 [13]
1603 10 Feb 45 Thomas Lord of Bitteswell, Leics. v Richard Marryott, Thomas Marson, William Bent, clerk of the peace in Leicestershire, Thomas Froan, John Pygeon and others. Title to a messuage and lands in Bitteswell, Leics. in the tenure of the dft, conspiracy to deprieve the plt of the inheritance from Thomas Lord decd. C78/128, no. 3 [14]
1603 12 Feb 45 Edward Hall of Lullesley, Worcs v John Romney. Interests in a lease of the manor of Lulsey, Worcs. C78/164, no. 13 [15]
1603 12 Feb 45 Henry Hubberd, son and heir apparent of James Hubberd of Hales Hall, Norf., esq. v James Hubberd; Henry Hubberd; Richard Barney; John Cowell; Edward Hubberd; John Hubberd; Robert Hubberd Ratification of a commission of the court to determine the settlement of the estates of James Hubberd. C78/103, no. 24 [16]
1603 12 Feb 45 William Lawrence of Colchester, Essex, clothier v Thomas Lawrence his elder brother, John Bird and Mathew Stephens. Possession of a capital messuage and 6 acres of meadow called Fords Meadow in Colchester late the estate of Thomas Lawrence decd, plt's father. C78/109, no. 8 [17]
1603 12 Feb 45 William Clement of Hampton, Midd. v Richard Kinge, Anne his wife, widow of Nicholas Jordayne and Henry Jordayne, son and heir of Nicholas Jordayne. Possession of a copyhold cottage and other premises in Hampton, Midd. held of the manor of Hampton Court. C78/110, no. 21 [18]
1603 16 Feb 1 William Reade, son of Thomas Reade of Cockfield, Suff., yeo., decd v Sir William Springe, lord of the manor of Cockfield Hall, Suff., and Edmund Purcas. Refusal to admit plt to his copyhold lands held of the manor of Cockfield Hall, being a moiety of a field called Highe Bushe and a parcel called Brownes late his father's. C78/116, no. 10 [19]
1603 19 Feb 45 Robert West of Horsley, Derb., yeo. v Thomas Austen of Maidenhead, Berks., gent., sole executor of the will of Robert Davis of Maidenhead, yeo. Possession of the lease of an inn called the `Red Lyon' in Maidenhead demised to the plt by William Peck of Remenham, Berks.

Cf C78/122 no. 11.

C78/122, no. 1 [20]
1603 21 Feb 45 Edward Onley of Tottenham, Midd., gent. v John Hare of the Inner Temple, London, esq. Bonds for the payment of £200 due to the plt for the purchase of the reversion of the manors of Beringers and Little Ilford, Essex, and Bromley, Midd. C78/116, no. 9 [21]
1603 23 Feb 45 George Chamberlen; Robert Nicholson; Richard Hull; Richard Cockin; William Towerson; Barbara Mallorie; Thomas Flower; Richard Chamberlen; John Iremonger v William Smythe and Richard Drewry. Bankrupcy of Thomas Burges of London, ironmonger, debtor to the plts: that the dft sold his goods at undervaluations. C78/108, no. 9 [22]
1603 25 Feb 45 Lady Margaret Hawkins, widow and executrix of the will of Sir John Hawkins, decd v (i) Sir Edward Stanhope; Richard Whalley; Robert Whalley; Ralph Whalley; Thomas Whalley; John Albye; Gregory Henson; Richard Kirke; Robert Thoroton; William Arnold; Nicholas Mumford; Thomas Wilford and others (not named): (ii) Richard Whalley; Sir Edward Stanhope; Sir Robert Wroth; Roger Montague; John Chaworth and others (not named). Recovery of £1,000 lent by plt to Richard Whalley on a mortgage of the rectory of Car Colston, Notts. being part of sums bequeathed by Hawkins to the plt for the ransom of his son Richard who held prisoner in the Spanish West Indies: frauds by Whalley. C78/127, no. 14 [23]
1603 4 March 45 Owen Bigge of Stoughton, Hunts., yeo. v William Alred/Aldred of Godmanchester, Hunts., yeo. Mortgage of the dft's messuage in Godmanchester: suit to be relieved of a bond made to fulfil the terms of an arbitration. C78/128, no. 1 [24]
1603 17 March 45 Peter Prestwood, citizen and merchant tailor of London v Miles Willis, citizen and merchant tailor of London. Conveyance of the plt's goods, including a ship called `The Guyfte of God' as security for debts and to save the dft harmless from bonds in which he acted as the plt's surety. C78/103, no. 21 [25]
1603 27 April 1 Edward Morris, George Wotton, and Katheryne Bellamy widow late wife of Richard Bellamye, in trust by the will of Richard Bellamy for the sale of his land v Stanwardine Passey, Humfrey Hare, and Thomas Lellowe. Concerning a recognizance for £800 whereby a house and 300 acres of land in the parish of Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, were extended. C78/133, no. 11 [26]
1603 2 May 1 Richard Francke son & heir of Marie Francke late of Stortford, Herts, widow decd & Thomas Francke one other of the sons of the said Marie v Arthur Francke. Estate of Mary Francke. Tenements in the parish of Saint Stephens Walbrooke, London. Also the Red Lyon, Green Dragon and Black Spread Eagle, the White Harte and the Talbott. C78/151, no. 3 [27]
1603 8 May 1 John Boteler & Dorothy his wife late the wife & executrix of Robert Thorpe late of Everton, Hunts decd; Robert Thorpe, son of Richard Thorpe, one of the brothers of the said Robert Thorpe the testator v William Thorpe of London, vintner. Estate of Robert Thorpe, deceased. Rectory and parsonage of Everton, Huntingdonshire. C78/154, no. 13 [28]
1603 12 May 1 Richard Caple of Bosburie, Herefs v John Hunte of Caple als Hughe Caple, Herefs; Henry Hunt & Richard Hunt, brethren of the said John Hunte; Henry Hunte the younger son of the said John Hunte Estate of Thomas Caple of Caple, Herefordshire. Manor of Caple, also the rectory and parsonage. C78/151, no. 2 [29]
1603 18 May 1 William Barsote of Walden, Essex v Edmond Kinge; John Waylett & Bridgett his wife and Elizabeth Maynard, widow. Estate of Robert Hulberd of Theydon Garnon, Essex. Disputed bequests. C78/150, no. 10 [30]
1603 18 May 1 James Walrond of the Middle Temple, London v Thomas Symnell of Istleworth, Middx, Thomas Slany. The estate of John Slany, late of Richmond, Surrey. Lease of property at Isleworth. C78/133 , no. 15 [31]
1603 19 May 1 Thomas More of Leyton, Essex, Christopher Pate of Mylend in the parish of Stepney, Middx v William Stone, Thomas Stone and John Smythe. Estate of William Fan of Leighton, deceased. Meadow lands in the parish of Hackney. C78/151, no. 16 [32]
1603 19 May 1 John Chapman v Theophilus Addams The debts of William Woodcocke, William Napton and Thomas Sewall, grocers of London. Manor of Mattox, Hertfordshire. C78/155, no. 12 [33]
1603 20 May 1 Mary Gray of Barwell, Leics, widow, late wife of Richard Graye late of Eaton Soken, Beds decd v Alexander Morgan. Estate of Richard Graye late of Eaton Soken, Beds, decd, late husband of the plt. Tythes of Atherstone, part of the Rectory and Parsonage of Manceter als Mancester [Mancetter], Warwickshire. C78/151, no. 1 [34]
1603 21 May 1 William Gostwicke of Willington, Beds; William Bale & William Silby of Willington v Robert Hatley. Estate of John Gostwicke of Willington, Bedfordshire. Manor and grange of Puttenhoe, parish of Goldington, Beds. Also the manors of Godington and Ravensden. C78/155, no. 14 [35]
1603 21 May 1 William Halle of Sandwiche, Kent, schoolmaster and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of John Rose late of Chis....., Kent and others (not named) v Henry Chapman; Sarah his wife; Ambrose Rose the elder; Thomas Rose; Ambrose Rose the younger; Henry Rose the elder and others (not named) Manor of Chistlett Court, the estate of John Rose. C78/495, no. 12 [36]
1603 23 May 1 John Biddlecombe of Ringwood, Hants v Sir Robert Napper and John Fitzjames Manor of More Crichell, Dorset, the property of William Ciphrewaste, deceased. C78/132, no. 11 [37]
1603 25 May 1 Margery Punt of Brampton, Hunts, widow, daughter of Katherine Gosling late of London, widow decd v Henry Gosling; John Bolton; Jon Chalkhill; Walter Filkins; Henry Lynford Title, under trust settlement of tenements in Drury Lane, Savoy, Middx. C78/156, no. 25 [38]
1603 23 May 1 John Chase of Memberie, Devon & Thomasine his wife v William Pole, Phillipe Channon, James Burnard. Estate of Richard Calmady, late of Farwood, Devon. C78/132, no. 12 [39]
1603 30 May 1 Thomas Forth, son & heir of Robert Forthe v Thomas Gresley; Marie his wife; Robert Greene; Christopher Toldervey; Thomas Needham Alleged trust of parsonage of Newington, Kent and messuages in Foster Lane and Warwick Lane, London. C78/320, no. 11 [40]
1603 6 June 1 William Gascoigne of Clarken..., Middx & .... Gascoigne the wife of John Gascoigne late of Cardington, Beds v George Francklyn and Oliver Harvey, executor of John Harvey decd. Dispute over the Parsonage of Cardington, Bedfordshire. C78/144, no. 15 [41]
1603 6 June 1 Thomas Broome; Jasper Barneby; Thomas Towell & Patience his wife; Thomas Lyghtfoote & Jane his wife; Anthony B...ynge & Anne his wife; Thomas Smythe & Isabell his wife; William Berry & Cicely his wife; John Burneby & Margaret his wife; John Frisby & Mary his wife; Richard Seaton & Johane his wife; John Pridmore; Mary Burneby, widow; John Jackeson, tenants within the manor of Manton, Rutland v Roger Dale. Manor of Manton, Rutland. Customs of the manor, and terms of copyhold tenure C78/155, no. 13 [42]
1603 6 June 1 William Hynd of Maddingley, Cambs v Sir Myles Sandis. Validity of copyhold estate in the manor of Wyvelingham, Cambs. C78/308 , no. 5 [43]
1603 7 June 1 John Handall of North Currey, Somerset & Johane his wife; Elizabeth Newman, widow, late wife of Edward Newman decd, both daughters of Jeffrey Little John late of Westhatch, Somerset decd v Joan Little John, widow; Thomas Palmer; Nicholas Browne. Estate of John Little John. Farm of Morecourt, Somerset. Dispute over execution of his will. C78/132, no. 10 [44]
1603 10 June 1 Richard Nurton and others (not named) v William Nurton and others (not named). Short statement in Latin, concerning the non-appearance of William Nurton before the Court, and contempt of the same. C78/132, no. 8 [45]
1603 27 June 1 Alice Reeve, widow, surviving executrix of Robert Reeve her late husband decd v Mary Reeve, widow, administratrix of John Reeve her late husband; Thomas Alden. Estate and will of Robert Reeve. C78/144, no. 13 [46]
1603 27 June 1 Leonard Spracklinge late of the City of Canterbury decd v Sir Anthony Sentleger; Christopher Fynche & Margaret his wife, before that the wife of John Barker of Canterbury decd Debts and mortgage of messuages in Canterbury, Kent. C78/162, no. 14 [47]
1603 28 June 1 Richard Beastley of Farrington, Berks, son & heir of Richard Beastley decd v John Sewarde and others (not named). Estate of John Beastley, property on the manor of Westbrooke, Farrington, Berkshire. C78/144, no. 14 [48]
1603 4 July 1 Thomas Granger, administrator of ....celott Granger late of Barswell, Warks, his late father v Sir Edmond Anderson; Sir George Villers and v Henry Beamonte; Michael Fynderne; Thomas Hill; John Hill; William Birde als Davie; Thomas Bishopp (2 bills). Title to lease of land called Horestone Field in Noone Eaton [Nuneaton], Warwicks and possession of personal estate of Launcelot and Abra Granger. C78/158, no. 9 [49]
1603 9 July 1 Richard Tolson the younger of Bridechurche, Cumberland v Christopher Curwen. Title by tenant right to lands in Readman and Trynyties, Ischall, Cumberland. C78/157, no. 26 [50]
1603 12 July 1 John Clarke of Holborne, Middx v William Waller. Dispute over the lease of a house at High Holborn, Middlesex, called the 'Antilopp'. C78/150, no. 9 [51]
1603 26 Oct 1 William Millward als Alexander v Vincent Earle and Joyce his wife. The Parsonage of Caversham, Oxfordshire. C78/133, no. 17 [52]
1603 6 Nov 1 John Lynge, son & heir of Beatrice Lynge one of the daughters & heirs of William Plasden decd, by Nicholas Lynge his father v William Fawcett. Dispute over the 'Angell' at Fishestreet Hill, London. C78/133, no. 16 [53]
1603 7 Nov 1 William Hunter, citizen & clothworker of London & Judith his wife; Thomas Dornton, citizen & dyer of London & Katherine his wife; Elizabeth Lees, widow; Christopher Prowse, which said Judith, Katherine, Elizabeth & Christopher being four of the children of Thomas Prowse late citizen & vintner of London & Alice his wife both decd v Robert Barnes & Mercy his wife, one other of the daughters of the said Thomas Prowse & Alice his wife. Dispute over three warehouses in the Parish of Saint Martins in the Vintry, London. Also over the will of Thomas Prowse. C78/133, no. 13 [54]
1603 12 Nov 1 John Hardie; John Willes the Elder, Hugh Willes, John Cuckman of Portsham, Dorset, tenants of the manor of Portsham for all tenants of the said manor v Sir John Pawlett; Thomas Hayne; Thomas Samwayes The manor of Portsham, dispute over tithes. C78/150, no. 2 [55]
1603 14 Nov 1 Walter Double v John Wheately. Title to manor of Hova Ecclesia [Hove], Sussex. C78/319, no. 9 [56]
1603 17 Nov 1 Francis Cave of Barroughdon, Rutland & Anne his wife v Francis Hunt & Dorothy his wife Bill re testamentary settlement of lands in Barroughdon [Barrowden] and other lands in Rutland, Lincs and Northants. C78/160, no. 8 [57]
1603 17 Nov 1 Anne Hinton and Elizabeth Hinton, daughters and executrixes of Richard Hinton gent., decd, and William Shorte of Bowerchalke, Wilts., yeo., administrator of Hinton's goods during the minority of his daughters v John Abbott. Administration of the estate of Richard Hinton; lease of a messuage called Burges in Motcombe, psh Gillingham, Dorset, which Hinton made to the dft for 30 years as security for £100, to be voided on repayment of £100. C78/113, no. 12 [58]
1603 18 Nov 1 Thomas Hale the Elder; Thomas Hale the younger; Anne his wife; William Tailor an infant by Roger Baker v Anthony Kynnersley and Francis Kynnersley. Dispute over property in the parish of Badger, Shropshire. C78/154, no. 16 [59]
1603 18 Nov 1 Thomas Hale the elder; Thomas Hale the younger; Anne his wife; William Taylor an infant by Roger Baker v Anthony Kynnersley & Francis Kynnersley. Concerning the customs and fines of the manor of Badger, Shropshire. C78/481, no. 19 [60]
1603 23 Nov 1 Roberte Dewe of Hunsome, Herefs and others (not named) v Richard Crayforde of London, tallow chandler Mortgage of unspecified lands. . C78/156, no. 24 [61]
1603 24 Nov 1 Sir Robert Bassett of Omberley, Devon; William Hewlett v Sir Richard Grobham; Walter Kingman Lease of manor of Asserton, Wilts. C78/159, no. 17 [62]
1603 24 Nov 1 William Palmer of London, merchant taylor v Barton Palmer and Edward Palmer Bill re marriage settlement of manor and parsonage of South Stocke, Oxon. Marriage of William Palmer, father of the complt & Margaret Barton, daughter of Griffith Barton C78/160, no. 7A [63]