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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1595 Hilary Term 37 Henry Asheley esq., one of the Queen's Gentleman Pensioners v Nicholas Sanders. Debt: loan of £100 by dft before his trip to Constantinople for which the plt promised to pay £500 on his return. Conveyance of Kingston, Dors.: action on a statute staple after the debt settled. C78/87, no. 5 [2]
1595 31 Jan 37 William Hartley, owner of freehold lands in Bramhope, Yorks. v John Dyneley lord of the manor of Bramhope. Exclusion of plt's tenants from use of commons and wastes called Bramhope Moor enclosed by the dft. C78/115, no. 7 [3]
1595 24 Jan 37 Robert Corbyn of Starston, Norf., yeo. v Giles Corbyn and Thomas Corbyn, plt's uncles. Inheritance of free and copyhold lands in Alburgh and Denton, Norf., late of Richard Corbyn of Alburgh, decd, plt's grandfather and settled on plt's father, John Corbyn. C78/115, no. 12 [4]
1595 3 Feb 37 Jenn ap John ap Morgan v David Lloyd William, David ap Bennett and Jeffrey ap Howell. Possession of a rent of 12d issuing from two messuages and a parcel of land called Tallerneste in psh Lyswayne in Denb. and Carn. C78/88, no. 6 [5]
1595 4 Feb 37 Sir William Waldegrave of Smallbridge, Suff., lord of the manor of Edwardstone, Suff. v Richard Spencer, John Spencer, Adam Winthrop and William Kimpton. Payment of rent of £3 2s 6d reserved out of a tenement and lands called Julles alias Joyles and Eldridges, formerly copyhold and sold in fee farm. C78/106, no. 5 [6]
1595 5 Feb 37 Thomas Griffen, citizen and ironmonger of London v William Chapman and John Mabell. Refusal of Chapman to accept the repayment of the consideration of a conveyance of a third part of tenements in pshs St Mildred Bread Street and St Botolph without Aldersgate, London, late the estate of Richard Wayman. C78/93, no. 12 [7]
1595 6 Feb 37 Edward Playne, citizen and merchant tailor of London v Thomas Bagshawe. Debts of Hugh Bradborne, citizen and grocer of London to the plt; that Bradburne lost woollen goods to value of £334 at Antwerp in 11 Eliz. and appointed dft on his behalf to sue the commissioners for the confiscation of Spanish goods in England for compensation. C78/102, no. 6 [8]
1595 10 Feb 37 William Steward of Ely, Cambs., esq., who married Anne, now decd, elder daughter of Thomas Payne of Castle Acre, Norf., decd and Thomas Stewarde of Cambridge, his son v Robert Chabnor gent. and Anne his wife, third daughter of Thomas Payne. Possession of free and customary tenements in Swaffham, Norf., formerly held by Thomas Payne and bequeathed by him to his daus, Katherine and Anne, as tenants in common. C78/88, no. 5 [9]
1595 11 Feb 37 William Lawton of [Church] Lawton, Ches., esq. and Mary his wife, daughter & sole heir of George Woodd late of Baltersley, Staffs decd v George Phillips, Roger Worrall alias Wyswall, Thomas Burnell and Richard Gardener. Possession of lands belonging to the free chapel of St John's in Franckwell in the suburbs of Shrewsbury in the occupation of dft granted by letters patent to Robert Wood of the Inner Temple in 3 Edward VI and now the inheritance of Mary Lawton. C78/102, no. 7 [10]
1595 18 Feb 37 Ralph Bressey of Eastcote [in Barston], Warw, gent v. Anne Bressey, widow. Disposition of lands, goods and debts of Thomas Bressey, citizen and haberdasher of London. Messuage with appurtenances in St. Dionis Backchurch, London. C78/84, no. 16 [11]
1595 24 March 37 Elizabeth, Lady Russell, widow of Francis late earl of Bedford v John Kettell and Christopher Kettell. Title to the rectory of King's Langley, Herts., mortgaged by Francis, late earl, to the countess of Lincoln and leased by the dft from the Exchequer as a concealment. C78/87, no. 4 [12]
1595 15 May 37 Augustine Whall and Firmin Neave v William Mathewe, an overseer of the will of Richard Thirlton decd and brother Anne Dennye, wife of Edward Dennye and widow and executrix of Richard Thirlton. Possession of a capital messuage and tenements in psh St Michael of Coslany, Norwich, formerly of Richard Thirlton, then sold to William Trym, bankrupt, and acquired by the plt as his creditors. C78/105, no. 9 [13]
1595 17 May 37 John Best of London, merchant tailor and Frances his wife, widow of William Shere, eldest son of William Shere of Tiverton, Devon, clothier, decd v John West of Tiverton merchant and Alice his wife, widow of William Shire [elder]. Leasehold interest in a messuage called Verbeer [Vearebeare] in psh Willand and Halberton, Devon, late of William Shire elder, who bequeathed interest for life to his widow Alice with remainder to son William; sale by the dfts to Thomas Ellis alias Fleete of Brodhembury, Devon, yeo. C78/86, no. 5 [14]
1595 17 May 37 Decree in (i) Roland Hewyshe of Bocking, Essex, esq., son and heir of James Hewysh of London, grocer and lord of the manor of Dalbury, Derb. v William Fowler, William Bludd, George Dickonson, Hugh Bludd, George Bradburye, Humphrey Barghe, William Barghe, William Dycke, Edward Botham, Humphrey Botham, tenants of the manor; (ii) Sir Thomas Gerrarde of The Bryn, Lancs. v Roland Hewyshe and William Hewyshe. Imperfections in the purchase of the manor of Dalbury, Derb. from Gerrard: action to compel the tenants to pay rents to plt. C78/115, no. 2 [15]
1595 17 May 37 William Prowse and Dorothy his wife, and Hugh Strode, Bridget Strode and Alice Strode v Richard Hill and Margaret his wife, mother to the last four plts. Enforcement of a deed whereby Margaret undertook to pay to each of her children £200 at their marriage or majority. C78/124, no. 11 [16]
1595 20 May 37 Elizabeth Lady St John of Bletso [Beds.], wid., sometime wife of Sir Walter Stoner, decd, then of Reignold Conyers esq., decd, and after of Edward Griffyn, of Dingley, Northants., esq., sometime attorney-general to Edward VI and Queen Mary, decd v Edward Griffyn, son of Edward Griffyn, Walter Hastings, Thomas Bawde and Andrew Grey esqs. Arrears of rent of the plt's jointure granted by Edward Griffyn in the manors of Stoke Albany, Wilbarston, Horingholde, Great Oxenden, West Chelworth with apps in Northants., Leic., and Som., various advowsons, Stoke Park in Stoke Albany and other property. C78/91, no. 1 [17]
1595 26 May 37 Robert Wood, John Wortley, John Wolmer and Richard Belerika, copyholders of the manor of Moorehall, psh Writtle, Essex v William Carewe esq., lord of the manor. Refusal to admit the plt to their copyholds: dft's claim that they demesne lands of the manor. C78/117, no. 12 [18]
1595 27 May 37 Sir Thomas Kytson of Hengrave, Suff. v Mary Cropley wid., and John Cropley her son. Dft's ploughing and sowing of grounds to obstruct plt's sheep courses in psh Westley, Suff. C78/115, no. 4 [19]
1595 27 May 37 John Marshal of Tingress, Devon, gent. and Thomas Marshall his son and heir, now decd v Geoffrey Babb. Lease of the manor of Langaller and other lands in Devon conveyed by the plt to the dft contingent upon the observance of covenants in a lease of a capital messuage called Kingston in psh Staverton, Devon. C78/126, no. 5 [20]
1595 30 May 37 [Obscured] of Framfield, Sussex v Hughe Basse; Jeffre Place; Hughe Besbithe and others (not named) Estate of Alexander Hordern, property at Goodhurste, Kent, called Hope Mill, Trowswell and Hordern Place. C78/131, no. 16 [21]
1595 6 June 37 John Wheatley, student of Magdalen Hall, Oxford, son of Thomas Wheatley of Pevensey, Sussex, decd v (i) Margaret Almon, widow and administratrix of the estate of John Almon decd, an executor of the will of Thomas Wheatley, now wife of Francis St John esq., John Sellwyn decd, father of Margaret Almon and Edwin Sellwyn, son of John Selwyn; (ii) Thomas Meers of Shadershurste [?Shadoxhurst], Kent, gent., next heir of John Alman. Execution of the will of Thomas Wheatley: possession of lands in Pevensey and account of the estate during the plt's minority. C78/126, no. 3 [22]
1595 25 June 37 Henry Calthorpe, esq and wife Anne, widow of William Chandelor, esq v. William (Paulet) marquess of Winchester, Hampden Paulet, esq, Robert Corham and George Chandelor, gent. Profits of a lease of the parsonage of Hurstbourne and St. Mary Bourne, Hants. C78/84, no. 17 [23]
1595 26 June 37 Richard Moore of Bristol, grocer v. John Drew, gent and wife Grace. Lease of Warend (Warnes Court Farm) in North Nibley, Glos; legacies under will of William Thomas. Dismission. (Damaged) C78/84, no. 20 [24]
1595 25 June 37 Elizabeth Hobson, widow and administrator of Charles Hobson, citizen and tallow chandler of London, decd v John Hampton, Roger Richardson and Cicely Newman, widow and executrix of John Newman, citizen and haberdasher of London, decd, and father in law of Charles Hobson. Assignment of two houses in St Botolph without Bishopgate to Newman in satisfaction of bonds, who, notwithstanding, had their execution and seized Hobson's goods and furnishings. C78/92, no. 1 [25]
1595 26 June 37 Edmund Argentyne of Colyton, Devon, gent. and Margaret his wife, widow of William Westover of Yerberye [Yardbury in Colyton psh], Devon, gent. v John Younge elder of Axminster, Devon, merchant, John Younge younger of Colyton, merchant, Giles Kensbeare and Richard Westover, all executors of William Westover. Failure to execute the provisions of Westover's will. C78/87, no. 10 [26]
1595 26 June 37 Gilbert Withers of Dummer, Hants., yeo., son of George Withers v William Dumer, sometimes of London, esq., Humphrey Bridges of Lincoln's Inn esq., his steward, purchaser of the manor and John Millingate of Dumer, yeo. Validity of a lease made in 8 Eliz. of the manor of West Dummer alias Westercourte, psh Dummer, made by William Dumer to William Withers for 45 years in reversion but fraudulently dated after the conveyance of the manor to Bridges. C78/104, no. 1 [27]
1595 28 June 37 George Greene gent. v Thomas Reade and Richard Reade. Debt of £160 owed to the dft; conveyance of the plt's manor of Stansall and lands in Stancill, Wellingley [psh Wadworth] and elsewhere in Yorks. in settlement of all debts. C78/87, no. 9 [28]
1595 1 July 37 Thomas Pagitt of the Middle Temple, London, esq. v Sir Edward Mountague, John Lane of Walgrave, Northants., esq., who married Agnes/Anne, sister of Sir Edward, Edward Lane, brother of John Lane and Robert Lane gent., son and heir apparent of John Lane. Possession of the manor of Walgrave, Northants., formerly the possession of John Lane and purchased by plt from William Saunders of Harrington, Northants; statute whereby John Lane bound to Sir Edward Mountague for the performance of covenants. Cf C78/103 no. 1. C78/111, no. 2 [29]
1595 7 July 37 Mungo Stagge and others (not named), tenants of Bolton, Cumb. v Catherine countess of Northumberland, owner of the manor, Francis Fitton esq., and others (not named). Custom of the manor: plts' claim to hold by certain fines. C78/102, no. 5 [30]
1595 7 July 37 Thomas Gerrard esq., son and heir apparent of Sir Thomas Gerrard, Walter Gifford, Francis Cooke esq., and William Fowler v Edward Kynnersley, gent. Relief from actions on bonds by which the plt bound to the dft. C78/104, no. 2 [31]
1595 7 July 37 William Lavington; George Dalmer;, Thomas Hide; Thomas Carye; Edward Fawler; Richard Goodale; Robert Morse; John Denche; William Maton; John Powell; Henry Flurry; Robert Bower; Thomas Wresley; John Perce; Robert Carter; Edward Rooe; Thomas Hooper; Henry Uricke; John Clarke; Bartholomew Vynce; Sylvester Browne; William Kent, creditors of Leonard Maton v Leonard Maton, late of Chisenbury [in Enford], Wilts., yeo, Matthew Grove, who married Maton's daughter, John Maton and Alexander Staples. Settlement of debts of Leonard Maton. C78/115, no. 6 [32]
1595 7-8 July 37 Eleanor Breton, formerly a servant to George, late Earl of Shrewsbury, decd v Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury. Possession of money, goods and chattels worth £3,000 and life or leasehold interests in lands in Whitley and Potter Newton, Yorks. and Nether Newbald in Chesterfield, Derb. and the tithes of Newbald, Brampton and Chesterfield, Derb. and of a messuage in Coldharborough [Coldeherberte], London. C78/88, no. 7 [33]
1595 8 July 37 Anne White v. Blase Gratwood; Alice his wife; William Wright and Alice Bradford. Customary holding of the manor of Rowington, Warw. C78/84, no. 19 [34]
1595 12 July 37 Sir Thomas Egerton, Master of the Rolls and keeper of the Queen's house called `The house of Converts' between Fetter Lane and Chancery Lane, London v Francis Kempe, Peter Legatte, George Allen, Ralph Wood, William Tayase, John Fludd, William Pynke, Henry Nevell, Sybyll Reather widow, Richard Cockyn, John Homes, James Flowre, Thomas Parkins and Elizabeth Newman, widow. Use and occupation of certain gardens and orchards belonging to the house. C78/117, no. 15 [35]
1595 13 Oct 37 John Bowyer of Beer [in Cannington], Som., gent. v John Jennyns gent. and Thomas Creake, Doctor of Law and son in law to Jennyns. Litigation on a bond made to Jennyns to pay £120 due to plt's losses suffered by John Harrison of West Luccombe, Som. C78/88, no. 8 [36]
1595 14 Oct 37 Nicholas Huxham of Dartington, Devon v William Adams younger of Totnes, Devon, merchant. Debts of plt to dft: mortgage by conditional sale of capital messuage, barton and demesnes called Stockedowne alias Hood in Dartington, Devon. C78/126, no. 2 [37]
1595 15 Oct 37 Henry Totty, infant son of Henry Totty of Hadleigh, Suff., clothier, decd by Jane his second wife, by George Totty of Colchester, gent., his prochain ami v Thomas Harvy of Hadleigh, gent. and Judith his wife, daughter of Henry Totty by his first wife, Jane Totty wid., and Edmund Glandfield of Hintlesham, Suff., yeo., her father. Administration of the estate of Henry Totty; inheritance of copyhold lands in Hadleigh. C78/106, no. 6 [38]
1595 16 Oct 37 John Thynne of Longleat, Wilts., esq. v Edmund Leversage of Vallis (in Frome), Som., esq. Failure to complete the conveyance of 12 parcels of waste grounds in Frome Selwood, Som., purchased by the plt from the dft. C78/90, no. 3 [39]
1595 23 Oct 37 Peter Coriton, esq. of Westunton, Cornwall v. John Coriton and Mary his wife and Peter Trevisa and John Trevisa . Manor of Warleggan, Corn and lands and tenements in Tregassow in St. Erme and Nancemerrow in St. Probus, Corn. C78/84, no. 15 [40]
1595 29 Oct 37 Robert Boulde & William Boulde of Nursted, Hants v James Rudyard and Lawrence Rudyard his son. Estate of Lawrence Kydwellie of Wynchfield, Hampshire. Manor of Wynchfield. C78/140, no. 6 [41]
1595 31 Oct 37 Daniel Shetterden of Evesham, Worcs., gent. v Thomas Nowell, Nicholas Richardson, Gload Ockey and John Thompson. Possession of a messuage in Sandwich, Kent, bequeathed to plt by his `cousin', Walter Shetterden. C78/92, no. 3 [42]
1595 4 Nov 37 William Wood of Shripney, Sussex, esq. and Katherine his wife, widow and executrix of Thomas Knyghte, decd v Sir Thomas Fludd, receiver for Sussex, William Bayneham esq., surveyor for Sussex, Richard Sutton esq. and Mathew Kingston, gent. Conspiracy to secure the forfeiture of a crown lease of the manor of Shripney, Sussex, by declining to accept the plt's rents. C78/91, no. 2 [43]
1595 5 Nov 37 John Warren of Halberton, Devon, husbn v Sir Ralph Horsey of Clifton, Dors., and Francis Bryna of Exeter, Doctor of Physic. Breach of agreement by Horsey to sell to plt the freehold of tenements in Ash Thomas in psh Halberton. C78/115, no. 8 [44]
1595 7 Nov 37 Robert Howlett, Arthur Crossolde, Peter Peers, John Watt the younger, Edward Elvye and George Elvye, copyhold tenants of the manor of Mattishall Tuddenham, Norf. v Thomas Lovell esq., lord of the manor and Henry Blake gent., his steward. Refusal to admit the plt to their copyholds; alleged custom of fixed fines. C78/115, no. 9 [45]
1595 11 Nov 37 Nicholas Hanson of Elland, Yorks. v Thomas Brooke of Brockholbancke [und.], Yorks., tanner. Possession of a moiety of a payment of £29 6s 8d arising from two messuages called Woodhouses held of the Queen's manor of Huddersfield, Yorks. purchased of one William Blythe gent. by Robert Wade and dft Brooke in 31 Eliz. C78/115, no. 1 [46]
1595 13 Nov 37 Henry Hawker of Hetfield, Kent, clothier, whose wife was Jane, widow of Richard Godfrey decd v Henry Godfrey, son of the said Richard Godfrey, Andrew Godden and others (not named). Possession of the manors of Mardol [?in Broughton Aluph] and Hennowld/Henrowle [und.] psh Ashford, Kent, which the said Richard bequeathed to Jane on condition that she paid his debts and legacies: actions for the recovery of the premises at the common law by Henry Godfrey. C78/124, no. 9 [47]
1595 15 Nov 37 Eleanor Maddock, dau. of John Maddock v David Edowe, Richard Edowe his son, John Edowe and John Dodd. Inheritance of a watermill, closes called Withwood, New Leysowe, Henvas and the Myll Field in Iscoyd, Flint, formerly of Thomas Colly of Iscoyd. C78/90, no. 5 [48]
1595 22 Nov 38 Richard Halle of Longcot, Berks., yeo. (who married Alice, dau. of the dft) v Thomas Hyckes of Longcot, yeo. Marriage settlement between the parties; undertaking to surrender a copyhold messuage and four yardlands in Longcot West Ende held of the manor of Shrivenham Salop, Berks.; enforcement of an arbitration by Sir Henry Unton. C78/92, no. 2 [49]
1595 25 Nov 38 John Merywether gent., who married Mary, dau of Robert Filmer esq., decd v Edward Filmer esq., son and executor of Robert Filmer. Legacy of £500 left plt's wife in Filmer's will; breach of arbitration to convey a lease in reversion of lands in Petham, Kent and £200 in lieu. C78/89, no. 2 [50]
1595 26 Nov 38 Agnes Warde, widow of Richard Warde, citizen and Innkeeper of London, decd, Thomas Warde her son and administrator of Warde's estate v Martin Cowper clerk, warden of the college of twelve pensioners of St Paul's and the canons there, Thomas Riche and Maurice Mabell. Double leasing of a tenement called Connyehowse in psh St Faith, London; claim that the plt's lease void. C78/90, no. 6 [51]
1595 27 Nov 38 Francis Clerke of Clapham, Surrey, gent., son and executor of Bartholomew Clerke, Doctor of Law v George Smyth of Mitcham, Surrey, gent., and John Haselrigg of Wandsworth, Surrey, gent., executors of the will of Eleanor Clerke, plt's mother. Execution of the will of Bartholomew Clerke: detention of goods by the dfts as executors of plt's mother. C78/124, no. 10 [52]