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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1592 25 Jan 34 Margaret Smythe, widow of William Smythe, citizen and grocer of London v. John Bowser, gent. Slanderous words spoken against the defendant, lately married to plaintiff's daughter (now dec), and proceedings in court of King's Bench. Dismission. C78/76, no. 12 [2]
1592 25 Jan 34 Margaret Smythe, widow, executrix of William Smyth her late husband decd v. John Bowser, gent. Lease of a tan house with lands in Colnbrook, Bucks, and an agreement on marriage of defendant to plaintiff's daughter Martha. Dismission. C78/76, no. 13 [3]
1592 26 Jan 34 Thomas Asheby of Lowesby, Leics, esq and son William v. Richard Paramore, gent. Manor of Lowesby mortgaged to defendant for £5,000. Houses and gardens in St. Giles without Cripplegate, London. Dismission. C78/74, no. 14 [4]
1592 31 Jan 34 Leonard Whyte of London, haberdasher v. Edward Cooke and wife Mary, William Huchinson and wife Mary and William Wilson. Tenements in Hull street alias High Gate Street in Kingston upon Hull, Yorks. Dismission. C78/82, no. 9 [5]
1592 5 Feb 34 Edward Avelin, esq. and wife Edith v. Edward Weldon, gent and Richard Beake. Lease of manor of Cresswells, Bray Mill and messuage and lands in Holyport, in Bray, Berks. Will of Edward Weldon of Bray, esq. Dismission. C78/73, no. 2 [6]
1592 5 Feb 34 Humphrey Smythe of London, esq v. Anne Chawner, widow. Arrears of rent and other debts incurred by defendant's late husband, Richard Chawner. C78/81, no. 22 [7]
1592 10 Feb 34 William Baxter, yeo. and Richard Garner yeo., both of Dogsthrope, Northants., for themselves and the inhabitants of Dogsthrope v Thomas Lovedaye, John Pancke, Anthony Hatherston, Thomas Manestye, Thomas Carryer, Thomas Walker, tenants of the manor of Peterborough. Common of pasture claimed by the dft in open arable fields within the manor of Burghbury called Woodfield and Sallowes. C78/123, no. 9 [8]
1592 10 Feb 34 William Gratewicke youngest son of Thomas Gratwicke & Agnes his wife late of Seaforde, Sussex v Thomas Althon & Alice his wife, Gregorie Pardon & Anne his wife and Richard Pycknoll. Estate of Robert Offington, property on the manor of Plompton, Sussex, held of Frances Carewe. C78/140, no. 7 [9]
1592 12 Feb 34 William Barwicke, gent v. Phillip Lovell, gent and wife Ellen Dower of defendant Ellen, widow of John Dowbyes of Garboldisham, Norf. Third part of manor of Pakenhams, in Garboldisham and lands in Morley, Thetford, Weting and Blow Norton, Norf. Wardship of plaintiff's wife Anne, daughter of John Dowbyes. C78/73, no. 1 [10]
1592 12 Feb 34 Thomas Tucker and John Webber and other tenants of the lands late of Richard Weeke of Ninehead Florey, Som, esq, dec v. John Franncis, Humphrey Wyndham and John Weeke, esqs. Lease of manors of Withiell and Ninehead Florey and other lands (named) in Som and Devon and performance of will of Richard Weeke. Payment of rents for plaintiff's holdings. C78/74, no. 13 [11]
1592 12 Feb 34 Edmund (? Dubbleddae: MS damaged) and wife Alice, daughter of Anthony Elles and Nicholas Hill and wife Agnes, daughter of Anthony Elles v. Francis Whash and John Childe. Lease of site of manor or farm of Ebury, in St. Martin in the Fields, Midd. C78/84, no. 1 [12]
1592 14 Feb 34 Hugh Ireland and Catherine his wife, Gregory Russell and Roger Pepper v Christopher Swaldon and Joan his wife, widow and executrix of William Sympson, late of London, decd. Administration of the estate of William Simpson; payment of legacies to the plt. C78/105, no. 4 [13]
1592 18 Feb 34 Hugh Middleton of London, goldsmith v. John Middleton. Lands and tenements in Henllan, Lleweni and Allt Tairffynon (Alltvayixan) (in Llanrhaeadr-yn-Mochnant), Denb. C78/74, no. 12 [14]-missing the initial portion
1592 13 April 34 Thomas Powell of Brimbo, Denb., gent. and Catherine his wife, dau. of David Edwards of Wrexham, Denb., mercer, decd v John Tillestson of Chester, alderman and Cecily his wife, widow and executrix of David Edwards. Administration of the estate of David Edwards; payment of legacies to Catherine Russell. C78/105, no. 3 [15]
1592 29 April 34 Laurence Ingelberte of London, gent and wife Margaret v. Edmund Saunder, esq. Houses in Blackfriars, London and lands in Walton and Betchworth, Surrey under will of Sir Thomas Saunder, father of plaintiff Margaret, widow of Francis Mearinge, esq. Lease of manor of Collingham, Notts. C78/81, no. 23 [16]
1592 1 May 34 John Kyppys of Landbeach, Cambs., yeo. and Agnes his wife, William Annes alias Smyth, Francis Gonnell and Anne his wife, Robert Collett, Katherine Warde, widow, Robert Hutche, John Butler, copyholders of lands called Mesne lands and Mesne Grasse, held of the manor of Chamberlains in Landbeach v John Jegon, master of Bennett College, Cambridge and the fellows and scholars there, lords of the manor. Agreement between the parties that the plt's lands were copyhold and not demesne lands. C78/117, no. 16 [17]
1592 3 May 34 Nicholas Gates; Thomas Pannell; John Gates; Christopher Gates; John Morley; Johane Peete; Christopher Peete; John Peete; Francis Robynson; John Channdelor; Thomas Levinch; John Bannester; Thomas Thurston; Richard Barnewell; Robert Bysshopp; William Grimbold; Christopher Tall; Thomas Francke; Andrew Francke; Thomas Tall; John Morley; Thomas Henson; William Tall; Thomas Pegg; Christopher Mariott; Roger Parker; Thomas Danyell; Nicholas Gates the younger; Richard Beridge; John Buck & Margery his wife; Edward Bedell, tenants and inhabitants of the manor of Ellington, Hunts v. Robert Throckmorton, esq. Ratification of a survey and customary (1+3 items, recited in decree) of the manor of Ellington. C78/82, no. 10 [18]
1592 3 May 34 Thomas Arwyn of Herringswell, Suff., clerk and John Owers elder of Wickhambrook, Suff., husbn v Charles Parman of Wickhambrook. Possession of grounds in Wickhambrook which the dft sold to the plt: discovery of the truth of the dft's claim that he had no title in the

lands because of an entail in favour of his son.

C78/123, no. 10 [19]
1592 29 May 34 William Cobbe of Sandringham, Norf, esq v. William Ashton and wife Elizabeth. Manor of Chamons alias Shouldham alias Wulverton [in Wolverton] with lands in Dersingham and Sandringham, Norf and jointure of defendant Elizabeth as widow of plaintiff's father, Geoffrey. C78/75, no. 19 [20]
1592 5 June 34 Matthew Smyth of Kings Lynn, Norf, merchant v. Simon Smith. Lease of a malting house called St. George's Entry with warehouses and other appurtenances in Kings Lynn, granted to plaintiff by defendant in return for plaintiff's payment of his debts. C78/70, no. 27 [21]
1592 5 June 34 Sir Henry Umpton v William Passion. Dft's refusal to surrender a lease of lands called Hobshottes, Bathes and Pyses in East and West Brockhampton, Berks., contrary to his agreement on the plt's purchase of the freehold of the lands from William Garnett. C78/93, no. 9 [22]
1592 6 June 34 Thomas Sherley of West Grinstead, Sussex, esq v. Sir Philip Butler. Marriage Settlement on match between defendant's daughter Elizabeth and plaintiff. Dismission. C78/74, no. 15 [23]
1592 8 June 34 John Ward, citizen and leatherseller of London v. William and Zachary Bethell. Conveyances for mortgage and covenants to use of the site and demesne lands of Hide Abbey, Hants and manor of Abbot's Worthy. C78/74, no. 16 [24]
1592 10 June 34 Isabel, countess of Rutland, widow of Edward Earl of Rutland decd, whose executor was John Manners esq., since Earl of Rutland and now decd v Elizabeth, countess of Rutland, widow and executor of John Earl of Rutland. Lease of the castle, demesnes and rectory of Newark which the plt claimed by the bequest of Edward Earl of Rutland (d.1587). C78/126, no. 9B [25]
1592 12 June 34 Thomas Prettye of Wartling, Sussex, yeo. and Lucy his wife, dau. and heir of William Tookye decd v Anthony Hatheropp of Brenchley, Kent, yeo. Possession of 200 acres of land in Heathfield, Sussex, called Mylkeherst, late John Tookye of Wartling, decd, plt's grandfather. C78/123, no. 8 [26]
1592 13 June 34 Thomas Windebank, clerk of the signet and wife Mary, widow of Edward Hunte, esq v. Sir Thomas Fludde, Lyving Bufkyn [sic], Michael Berysforde, Thomas Turney and Robert Moyle, esqs. Lease of a messuage, tenement and brewhouse called the Vyne and other premises in St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey. C78/69, no. 12 [27]
1592 13 June 34 John East of Sutton, Lincs., clerk and Mary his wife, a dau and heir of John Ramridge of Stopsley, Beds., yeo., decd, John Rogers, son and heir of Katherine Rogers, another dau., Agnes Deremoure and Elizabeth Deremoure, daus and heirs of Agnes Deremoure, decd, another dau. v Richard Peter of Luton, Beds., overseer of the will of John Ramridge and Robert Burr of Little Brickle [Brickhill], Bucks., yeo. Administration of the estate of John Ramridge decd, house and 60 acres in Stopsley, Beds; failure of Peter to arrange the sale of the messuage and to distribute the consideration amongst the plt as laid down in the will of John Ramridge. C78/123, no. 7 [28]
1592 14 June 34 Edmund Ratcliffe, John Williamson, Gawen Ewdall, Thomas Jeffraye, John Tyckhall, Robert Casse, George Ratcliffe, Anthony Williamson, William Bowe, Edward Ritson, tenants of the manor of Crosthwaite, Cumb v. Richard Tolson, Thomas Rowanson, Christopher Atkinson, Widow Mason, John Williamson, Christopher Hudson, John Grave, Thomas Reade, John Cowdell, Miles Denison, Lancelot Parker, William Lowson, Thomas Woode, William Snawdell, William Jackson, Gawen Gilbancke, Simon Cowper, Simon Ritson, John Fisher Common of turbary and pasture in Brundholme (in Under Skiddaw), Cumb. Dismission. C78/73, no. 3 [29]
1592 14 June 34 Richard Guye; John Tatham; John Hartinge; George Tatham, for all customary tenants of manor of Ingleton, Yorks v. Richard Cholmeley, esq., Thomas Walker and Richard Gibson. Tenant right as custom of manors of Ingleton and Bentham, Yorks and the rates of fines and gressoms. C78/75, no. 18 [30]
1592 15 June 34 Percival Hassall of London, skinner v John Tyrowe of London, linen draper. Relief from attempts to secure the forfeiture of a lease to the plt of a messuage in Aldrichegate Street in psh St Botolph's without Aldrichgate, London; action of ejectione firmae brought by the dft. C78/106, no. 3 [31]
1592 21 June 34 Michael Dormer of Hampton Poyle, Oxon, esq and Hugh Hare of Inner Temple, London, esq v. George Calfield, esq. Redemption of mortgage of lands called Newberry Hill and Newberry Mead in Newington, Oxon. Interest paid on loan. C78/74, no. 10 [32]
1592 12 August 34 William Atkinson of the Inner Temple, London v. John Vernon of Sudbury, Derb, esq. Vernon's estate in manor and advowson of Sudbury and manors of Aston, Rodsley, Leigh and 'Geton' [?Gayton] with appurtenances in Staffs and Derb, conveyed to Atkinson in return for payment of Vernon's debts for which he was imprisoned in the Counter, St. Mildred Poultry, London. C78/70, no. 28 [33]
1592 18 Nov 35 John Knappe of London, smith v. Henry and Augustine Knappe. Messuages and lands in Purley, Binfield and Swallowfield, Berks and in South Stoke, Ipsden and Goring, Oxon. Manor of Woodcote in South Stoke, Oxon. Dismission. C78/74, no. 17 [34]
1592 21 Nov 35 John Lyte of North Curry, Som., gent. v the Dean and Chapter of Wells, Som., lords of the manor of North Curry. Refusal to admit the plt to copyhold lands. C78/123, no. 5 [35]
1592 25 Nov 35 George Hawkyns; Richard Choppin; Sigismond Glascock; Christopher Bearde; William Haddesley; Henry Myller; George Norwoode; Francis Forger; John Jude; Thomas Cowper, for all copyholders & customary tenants of the manor of Great Canfield, Essex, v. John Wyseman, esq. Ratification of an agreement between tenants and lord concerning the customs of the manor relating to timber rights, leases and fines on admittance to holdings. C78/69, no. 13 [36]
1592 25 Nov 35 Jerrat Lee v. Edward Lee, Thomas Reynoldes, William Whitmore and Jasper Lambert. Messuage in parish of Aldermanbury, London, late of Edward Lee of London, merchant taylor; goods and chattels under Lee's will. Dismission. C78/84, no. 2 [37]
1592 17 Dec 34 Sir Henry Constable of Upsall, Yorks v. Peter Osborne, John Taylor, Thomas Freeke and Elizabeth his wife. Obligation for payment of debt to Ambrose Smyth, citizen and mercer of London, dec. Defendants are executors of Francis Smyth, his son. C78/77, no. 16 [38]
1592 17 Dec 34 Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury, gent, executor of Thomas Norton, esq. v. Robert Freeke, gent, Thomas Freeke and Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Francis Smyth decd, executor of Ambrose Smyth also decd. Obligation for payment of debt to Ambrose Smyth. (Damaged) C78/77, no. 17 [39]