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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1591 20 Jan 33 Henry [Hastings] earl of Huntingdon v. Peter Osborne, esq, John Taylor, Thomas Freke and wife Elizabeth. Redemption of mortgage, by 500 yr lease, to Ambrose Smyth, citizen and mercer of London, dec, of manors of North Cadbury, Kilmersdon and Walton and hundreds of Kilmersdon and Wellow, Som. C78/72, no. 19 [2]
1591 20 Jan 33 Edward Snagge of Marston, Beds, clerk v. Robert Snagge, esq. Payment of an annuity out of lands and a tenement in Letchworth, Herts under will of Thomas Snagge, gent. Manor of Holwellbury (in Shillington), Beds. C78/81, no. 21 [3]
1591 23 Jan 33 Thomas Chalenor of Little Horsted, Sussex, gent v. Thomas Everffeild and wife Mary. Enfeoffment to the use of John Levette of Little Horsted, esq. John Levette's will and lands and tenements in Ashurst, Wiston, Hastings, Isfield and elsewhere in Sussex (named). Dismission. C78/67, no. 14 [4]
1591 25 Jan 33 John Westbrowne of Witnesham, Suff., gent., who married Mary, widow and executrix of the will of Thomas Symondes of Witnesham, decd v Philologus Forthe gent., who married Margaret widow of Philip Awdeley of [ ], Norf., esq., and William Campe yeo. Possession of a lease of a messuage in Witnesham leased by Philip Awdeley and Margaret to Thomas Symondes for 60 years. C78/118, no. 12 [5]
1591 26 Jan 33 Sir Henry Duke and Dame Elizabeth his wife, widow of John Gyfford decd v Sir Robert Sydney, son of Sir Henry Sydney, Thomas Gowlding and Thomas Bacon. Possession of the lodge and park of Michelmersh, Hants., leased by Sir Henry Sydney to the plts for their lives. C78/87, no. 6 [6]
1591 28 Jan 33 John Thomas of Clements Inn, Midd, gent v. John Davies, citizen and haberdasher of London. Counter bond relating to actions for debt against plaintiff's brother Matthew, imprisoned in Poultry Compter, London and to his bail stood by plaintiff and defendant together. C78/67, no. 13 [7]
1591 30 Jan 33 Thomas Wye, gent, son & heir of Giles Wye of South Cerney, Gloucs decd v. Francis Wye, James Stevens and others (not named). Conventual leases of manor and rectory of South Cerney, Glos. C78/70, no. 24 [8]
1591 30 Jan 33 John Cleyton of Gravenhonger, Salop, gent v. Henry Offley, esq, William Bowyer, Thomas Picken and John Weston. Levershed Wood in manor of Madeley, Staffs. Dismission. C78/78, no. 26 [9]
1591 1 Feb 33 John Aulcham of Edenbridge, Kent, yeo., son of Morris Aulcham decd v Nicholas Goldsmythe, plt's uncle, Jasper Holmeden and Alice Sharpe, widow of Robert Sharpe. Possession of a tenement in Edenbridge formerly plt's father's; disposition of the tenement during the life of the plt's elder brother, an idiot. C78/102, no. 2 [10]
1591 3 Feb 33 Edward Frodingham of South Frodingham, Yorks., gent., John Carlyle of Dringhouses, Yorks., gent. and Wilfred Cockyn of Preston, Yorks., yeo. v William Hustwayte of Hull, merchant. Action on an obligation of £200 in which the plts bound themselves to the dft for the payment of £92 6s for lead lent to the plt by the dft: refusal of the dft to accept repayment of the principle. C78/121, no. 4 [11]
1591 4 Feb 33 Francis Beamonnt, Thomas Beaumont and Huntingdon Beaumont the younger sons of Nicholas Beaumont late of Coleoverton, Leics decd v. Henry Beaumont. Leases of lands and coalmines in Cole Orton, Leics and Bedworth, Warw. Profits of the same and redemption of mortgage of Bedworth Mine. Debts of Nicholas Beaumont of Cole Orton, esq, dec. C78/82, no. 12 [12]
1591 4 Feb 33 Thomas Good of Clifford's Inn, London, gent., brother of Elizabeth, wife of John Mayo of Little Compton, psh Newent, Glos., yeo., decd v Thomas Williams alias Baker and Joan his wife. Payment of rent from lands in Compton and Newent conveyed by John Mayo to dfts and their heirs, reserving a rent of £20 18s which he granted to the plt for the support of Mayo's wife and children. C78/118, no. 11 [13]
1591 6 Feb 33 Robert Page of Kings Lynn, Norf, merchant v. Thomas Rowland and John Wilkinson. Messuage and brewhouse in Kings Lynn and goods and household stuff (described) late of William Judith of Kings Lynn, merchant, late husband of plaintiff's wife Elizabeth. Dismission. C78/75, no. 15 [14]
1591 8 Feb 33 John Lyllie of Branforde, Suffolk, yeoman v. Philip Taylor. Messuage called Beadalles near Justice Street with copyhold and freehold lands in Bramford, Suff, under will of Joan Marsh, widow. Dismission. C78/76, no. 10 [15]
1591 12 Feb 33 Henry [Berkeley], Lord Berkeley, Henry Howard, Lord Howard and George Shurley v. John Zouche. Annuity of £200 charged on manor and park of Codnor, Derb, granted by defendant to his wife Mary, daughter of Lord Berkeley. Manor of Benefield, Northants. C78/82, no. 16B [16]
1591 12 Feb 33 Michael Mill and Robert Mill, sons of William Mill decd and Nicholas Archarde, administrator of Adam Archard decd v. Jeremy Chever, son & heir of Henry Chever decd. Lease of manor of Leigh with appurtenances in Wilts and the ratification of an award made by the earl of Huntingdon relating to the same. C78/84, no. 3 [17]
1591 19 Feb 33 George Brome of Holton, Oxon, esq v. Thomas Blunt, esq and wife Bridget and others (not named). Payment of marriage portion of £800 to defendant Bridget, daughter of Sir Christopher Brome and a recognisance relating to the same. C78/83, no. 3 [18]
1591 19 Feb 33 Edward Tyrrell of Ashdon, Essex, esq. and Elizabeth his wife v Pexall Brockas and Francis Heidon/Heydon esqs. Plt's conveyance of manors in Essex and Cambs. to dft for the settlement of debts and in trust for plt and their heirs; peculation of sums paid to Brockas. C78/104, no. 20 [19]
1591 25 Feb 33 John Povye, gent v. William Perte, gent. Lease of manor of Whetstone alias Friern, Midd, late of William Clerk, dec, husband of plaintiff's wife Anne who is also widow of John Pert and mother of defendant. Household goods late of Clerk (inventory recited). C78/74, no. 11 [20]
1591 26 Feb 33 Lawrence White of Caldecote, Bucks, gent v. John White son of George White, John White son of John Whyte and John White son of Roger Whyte Annuities out of lands of John White, grandfather of plaintiff, in Caldecotte and Newport, Bucks. C78/74, no. 2 [21]
1591 3 March 33 Tristram Conyers and Robert Conyers, citizen and merchant of London and brothers v Thomas Skynner, whose `kinswoman' married Robert Conyers. Performance of an agreement whereby the dft agreed to pay the debts of Robert Conyers, lend him money and provide him with lodging. C78/120, no. 17 [22]
1591 5 March 33 Edward Wilson and wife Joan v. Edward Cradock, Nicholas Smythe, Thomas Waterhowse, and David Johnes. Messuage in St. Mary Aldermanbury, London called Romans Rentes bequeathed by will of Henry Barton, freeman of the city, to parish church of St. Mary Aldermanbury, of which defendant Cradock is parson. Gild of Corpus Christi and church of St. John Baptist, Walbrook. C78/74, no. 3 [23]
1591 24 April 33 William Butler of Steeple Ashton, Wilts, gent v. Henry Bollyn. Purchase of a customary holding of the manor of Steeple Ashton. (Damaged) C78/82, no. 17 [24]
1591 26 April 33 Richard Butte v. Thomas and William Stydolphe, William Stydolphe and John Byrche. Lease of manor of Ham and wharf called Ham Haw in Chertsey, Surrey. C78/74, no. 4 [25]
1591 26 April 33 John Spencer and Joan his wife; Robert Andros; John Sharpwell; Richard Spencer; Sycely Soffe, widow; Clement Sofe, cousin & heir of Clement Sofe decd, that is to say son of Richard Sofe brother of the said Clement; Stephen Warwicke; Johane Cole, widow; William Cole son & heir of John Cole decd; Thomas Burges; Thomas Peckam; Christian Russell; Richard Cooke, customary tenants of manor of Cadnam and Windsore [in Eling], Hants v. William Pawlett, esq. Customs of the manor, especially those relating to inheritance of holdings, widow's freebench and fines. C78/75, no. 16 [26]
1591 4 May 33 John Ryves of Damerye, Dorset, son & executor of John Ryves late of Damerye decd v Richard Chapman. Dispute over the payment of a dowry, reference to an earlier bill against John Crooke, merchant of Southampton. C78/140, no. 9 [27]
1591 5 May 33 William Radley of Yarburgh, Lincs, gent v. William Broxholme, esq and John Brokelsby. Tithe corn in Cabourne, Lincs belonging to prebend of Caistor, Lincs. C78/74, no. 5 [28]
1591 6 May 33 John Skolfield of Ardleigh, Essex, yeo. v Mathew Bucke, citizen and innkeeper of London. Terms of a lease for 21 years of an inn called `The Sarasins Heade' in psh St Benet Gracechurch, London made by plt to dft. C78/93, no. 1 [29]
1591 11 May 33 Thomas Colston of Bristol, alderman and wife Anne, widow of William Carre of Bristol, merchant v. Edward Carre. Payment of an annuity of £20 out of site of dissolved priory of Woodspring, Som, under will of William Carre. C78/81, no. 26 [30]
1591 12 May 33 Robert Gage of Alciston, Sussex, esq v. Hugh Bethell, esq and Christopher Preston, gent. Annuity of £3 charged on manor of Atcham, Salop and liberty of leet belonging to the same manor. C78/82, no. 4 [31]
1591 14 May 33 Thomas Brewse of Topcroft, Norf, esq v. John Goslyn, Richard Wilton, Richard Bonnyng, Robert Tyte, jun, William Hacon, Humphrey Levick, Robert Bacon and Anthony Shardlowe, gent. Customs of the manors of Topcroft and Denton, Norf relating to fines for admission, timber rights and measurement of holdings. Articles of agreement concerning the same between lord and tenants. (Damaged) C78/72, no. 20 [32]
1591 18 May 33 Edward Gage, esq.; Anthony Stapley, esq; John Shurley of Isfield; Arthur Langworthe; Robert Welles; Thomas Eversfielde; Richard Fuller; Fr.. Jefferaye; Raphe Pope; James Warnette; John Michell; James Delve; John Wa..; Thomas Amoore; Edmund Stapley; William Vaughan; John Awood; Magnus Fowle; Thomas Baker; John Delve of Crocksted; Robert Hodgson; Nicholas Dobson; Thomas Hodgson; Thomas Stone; Thomas Ellis; Edward Buste; James Burges; Thomas Russell; Edward Russell; John Peckham; John Somer; Francis Killette, clerk; George Ridley; John Wickerson; John Levette; William Heseman; William Warnette; William Levette; John Delve of Framfilde; William Peckham; Richard Peckham; Edward Linfielde, clerk; Thomas Russell jun; Thomas Luxforde; William Suatte; Thomas Suatte; Thomas Daie; William Daie the elder; William Daye the younger; Peter Daye; Simon Daye; John Awood; James Cottington; John Delve of Ringmer; John Olyffe; William Dobson; Thomas Steche; John Kenwarde; Richard Russell; Stephen Luxforde; Thomas Whithed; Edmund Page; Robert Abrooke; Richard Page; Thomas Moushurste; William Brackpoole; William Awood; John Russell; Richard Muddle; Robert Asmythe; Nicholas Delve; John Bawcombe; William Gowre; Hugh Cavell; Thomas Hunter; Robert Waterhowse; John Dobson sen; John Dobson jun; Thomas Alfrey; Thomas Bennette; Robert Pettytte; Robert Parishe; Roger Collman; John Welles; Robert Hooke; Thomas Wooddye; Richard Althorne; George Kylner; Thomas Burges; John Burges; Thomas Awood; Henry Pierse; William Beale; Thomas Tudham; John Tudham; Richard Vegod; Thomas Pratte; Thomas Glasier; Thomas Hode; William Tester; William Weller; Thomas Hooke; John Wooddy; Thomas Chamber; John Chamber; John Luckas; Gyles Buntes; Nicholas Herdes Aps; Thomas Wynpenny, on behalf of all tenants of the manor of Framfield, Sussex v. Sir Thomas Palmer. Ratification of a customary agreed upon by plaintiffs as tenants and defendant as lord. C78/74, no. 1 [33]
1591 18 May 33 Lion Lacon, John Lacon and Elizabeth Lacon, and Henry Trigge and wife Anne v. Thomas Cator and wife Helen. Legacies from the estate of plaintiff's uncle, John Lacon of Great Coates, Lincs. Dismission. C78/82, no. 5 [34]
1591 5 June 33 John Hankyn of Much Waltham, Essex, gent v. John Hankyn and Thomas Hankyn. Two messuages with lands in Little Waltham and Great Leighs, Essex, late of John,Hankyn of Waltham, dec. Dismission. C78/70, no. 25 [35]
1591 7 June 33 Jane Castle, widow, daughter of Jerome Hewster, gent, decd v. Bartholomew Baker, Edward Hayward, William Overton, John Evans and others (not named). Messuages, lands and a mill in Bridgenorth, Salop. Dismission. C78/73, no. 13 [36]
1591 7 June 33 William Helsdon of Cambridge, maltster, son and heir of Roger Helsdon of North Walsham, Norf., yeo., decd v Edmund Hughes gent., once servant to Dr Parkhurst, bishop of Norwich and lord of the manor of North Walsham, Margaret his wife, widow and executrix of Roger Helsdon, Henry Skarborowe and others. Execution of the will of Roger Helsdon (1563), payment of legacies to the plt to be raised by the sale of his capital messuage and other lands held of the manor of North Walsham. C78/120, no. 6 [37]
1591 10 June 33 Edmund Skeetes, page of the privy-chamber & administrator of William Treasorer als Skeetes decd, and Margaret Skeetes wife of the said Edmund & executrix of Charles de Barney decd, late of London v. Thomas Skynner, alderman of London. Debts and settlement of estates of plaintiff's father, William Treasurer, maker of musical instruments, and of Charles Debarney of London, gent. Lease of Spofforth Park, Yorks. C78/74, no. 9 [38]
1591 12 June 33 Lewis Darte of Pentewan, Corn, gent v. Thomas Melhuish, gent and Robert Aplye. Articles of agreement concerning disposal of goods under will of John Darte. Leases of a new house in Crock Street and of other property in Barnstaple, and of lands in Witheridge, Devon. C78/84, no. 4 [39]
1591 14 June 33 Elizabeth Palmer of Norwich, widow v. Ralph Dixon, William Guybon and others (not named). House called Blackneis in Wymondham, lands and tenements in Sutton, Norf, and will of Edmund Baynard of Wymondham, the husband of plaintiff. Order in Chancery of 10 Oct 31 Eliz. Dismission. C78/73, no. 11 [40]
1591 17 June 33 Francis Haddon v William Salter Recognisances for debts of plaintiff's father, Thomas Haddon and mortgage of manor of Maperlyngs [in Iver], capital messuage of Richings (in Iver) and lands in Colnbrook, Bucks and Midd. Lease of manor of Cornwalls (in Iver). C78/69, no. 9 [41]
1591 17 June 33 William Nicholls gent. v William Beacher and William Mynne, both of London. Action on a bond of £500 made between the plt and others and Beacher for the payment to the dfts of £250 on the delivery of 80 `papers of Firrett silke'. C78/123, no. 14 [42]
1591 19 June 33 Edmund Hogan of London, mercer v. Richard Gascoyne esq. Lands and tenements in 'Lamesleydale' [? Lamesley in Chester le Street] Durh and Holdenfield, Yorks. Dismission. C78/75, no. 17 [43]
1591 19 June 33 Thomas Skynner, citizen and alderman of London v William Lord Lawarre and Sir Thomas Weste, his son. Petition to be released from a recognisance in which the plt bound to the dft for the payment of 400 marks by Catherine Russell, now wife of George Cary of Clovelley, Devon, esq. C78/96, no. 15 [44]
1591 19 June 33 Thomas Alcocke gent., Ralph Essex, Richard Ames, Richard Rule, Robert Steward, George Beamond, Nicholas Taberham, Nicholas Gardiner, for themselves and the other inhabitants of Rampton, Camb. v Sir Francis Hynde, lord of the manor of Crowland and Lyles in Cottenham, Camb., George Peppes, Robert Banckes and Thomas Jackeson. Right of the plt to common of pasture in a close called Oxam alias Great North Fenne in Cottenham, Camb. C78/123, no. 1 [45]
1591 21 June 33 Nicholas Gyver, Robert Evered and William Annes alias Smyth v John Petchie and Mary his wife and Thomas Ludham, farmers of the manor of Redgeswell [?Ridgewell], Essex to St John's College, Cambridge. Refusal to admit the plt to their copyholds: claim of fixed fines. C78/120, no. 10 [46]
1591 22 June 33 Richard Michelborne of Horstead Keynes, Sussex, gent and wife Agnes, John Clyfton of Arlington, Sussex and Richard Stone of Alfriston, Sussex v. Gregory Fynes, Lord Dacre and George Goringe, esq. Fines for admittance to customary holdings of the manor of Berwick, Sussex. Dismission. C78/74, no. 7 [47]
1591 23 June 33 Tobias Chauncie, esq v. Walter Harcourt, esq and wife Dorothy. Manor and advowson of Edgecote, Northants and a statute staple with bearing on the same. C78/82, no. 6 [48]
1591 23 June 33 Percival Hassall of London, merchant v. Michael Mariage and Nicholas Mariage, Cornelius Cowper, Simon Langlois, William Michlett, John Titeree and Lucas Bawdett. £l,631 in money and goods owed to plaintiff by defendants, agents in his trade with Barbary. C78/82, no. 13 [49]
1591 23 June 33 Carroe Rawley of Corsley, Wilts, esq and wife Dame Dorothy, widow of Sir John Thynne for Gresham Thynne, daughter of Sir John Thynne v. Henry Nevell, Richard Kingsmill and John Coles, esqs. Full payment of legacy of 1,000 marks to Gresham Thynne under John Thynne's will. Defendants are executors. C78/82, no. 15 [50]
1591 23 June 33 Thomas Lovies of Great Torrington, Devon, gent. v William Lovies his brother, gent. (sons of Leonard Lovies esq., decd). Refusal to fulfil trusts contained in a conveyance of lands in Devon and Cornwall from the plt to the dft for the satisfaction of the plt's debts. C78/105, no. 2 [51]
1591 26 June 33 John Croker, son of Sir Gerrard Croker dec v. Sir Henry Lee and Thomas Peniston. Rectory and manor of Hook Norton, Oxon and lands in Quarrendon and 'Blagrove' (? Blackgrove in Waddesdon), Bucks. Offices of steward, keeper and ranger of Woodstock manor park and forest. C78/82, no. 16A [52]
1591 26 June 33 John Osbaston of Nottingham, merchant of the staple v John Haslopp of the county of Cambridge. Actions on bonds made between the parties for the delivery of 60 qrs of malt to Osbaston. C78/123, no. 13 [53]
1591 28 June 33 Richard Frenche als Harvie, Richard Harrison, Roland Townrowe, Nicholas Willson, Thomas Plattes and Tristram Lowe, inhabitants of Hassop, Derb v. Roland Eyre. Rights of common on commons and wastes of manor of Hassop, including an inclosed pasture and ground belonging to manor. C78/74, no. 6 [54]
1591 12 Oct 33 Francis Conrado of Bristol, gent and wife Elizabeth, widow of John Cleyton of Bristol, draper v. George Leigh and Henry Harvy. Lands and tenements in Yorks extended for Cleyton's debt by Thomas Leigh, dec. C78/73, no. 14 [55]
1591 14 Oct 33 William Blackhead of Tring, Herts, gent v. Edmund West of Marsworth, Bucks, esq and James Winche. Agreement concerning bonds for and payment of, debts to West. Dismission. (Damaged) C78/83, no. 15 [56]
1591 14 Oct 33 Sir William Brooke, Lord Cobham and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, John Brooke alias Cobham of Cranbrook in Newington, Kent, esq., his brother, and Thomas Townsend of Bracon Ash, Norf., esq., decd v John Jernegan late of Somerleyton, Suff., esq, who married Catherine, sister of the first and second plts, and John Wentworth of Somerleyton, gent. Conveyances to John Wentworth of the jointure lands of Katherine Jernegan in the manors of Stallams in Lound, Ashby Corton and Newton, Suff. C78/93, no. 7 [57]
1591 16 Oct 33 Anthony Curteis of Lambeth, Surrey, gent v. Roger Halton, esq. Manors, lands and tenements in Clee, Utterby and 'Willesbie' [Weelsby], Lincs, late of Thomas Curteis, esq. Dismission. C78/76, no. 11 [58]
1591 16 Oct 33 Sir Fulke Greville of Beauchamp Court [psh Alcester], Warw. v Thomas Burgan of Weston, Herts., esq., William Howgrave of Long Stanton, Cambs., clerk, Godfrey Morlen of Long Stanton, yeo. and Ellice Jones of London, sadler. Possession of the manor of Long Stanton, claimed by plt by descent from his mother, Elizabeth (a cousin and co-heir of Sir Robert Willoughby, Lord Brooke) and claimed by Thomas Burgan by purchase by his father, George Burgan. C78/86, no. 3 [59]
1591 18 Oct 33 John Saunders of Walcot, Som v. Robert Chambers of Bath, gent. Customary holdings of the manor of Walcot. C78/84, no. 6 [60]
1591 20 Oct 33 John Hone, Doctor of Civil Law v Thomas Latham. Arrears of a rent of £20 due for a lease of a farm called Gardens, psh Hornchurch, Essex. C78/105, no. 1 [61]
1591 21 Oct 33 Henry Earl of Lincoln and Lady Elizabeth his wife, widow of William Norris decd, son and heir apparent of Henry Lord Norris v Henry Lord Norris, Dame Margery his wife, Sir John Norris and Sir Edward Norris their sons, and James Croft esq. Withholding rents from the manor of Chilswell, Oxon, assured to the Countess of Lincoln for her jointure. C78/121, no. 10 [62]
1591 23 Oct 33 Robert Woodward of Watford, Herts., yeo., son and heir of William Woodwarde yngr v Henry Martyn and Joan his wife and Thomas Ewer. Possession of a messuage and 10 acres in Garston, psh Watford, claimed by the plt to be his freehold by inheritance and by the dft to be Ewer's copyhold held of the manor of Cashes. C78/123, no. 6 [63]
1591 25 Oct 33 Sir Thomas Browne of Betchworth, Surrey v. Anne Barker, widow of John Barker and of George Stoddard of London, grocer. Cancellation of a bond concerning money borrowed from Alice Middleton, widow, by Christopher Darrell, merchant taylor of London. C78/69, no. 11 [64]
1591 26 Oct 33 Peter Houghton v. Richard Taylor, doctor of Physic. Lease of copy and freehold land in Ham, East and West, Essex. C78/69, no. 10 [65]
1591 30 Oct 33 John Prethregh/Prothrege, gent, queen's captain in the Low Countries v. David Thomas, gent. Lands called the Park in Longtown, Heref, and conveyances, including a mortgage, of the same. C78/82, no. 3 [66]
1591 30 Oct 33 Oliver Hoskyns of Beaminster, Dors., yeo, Elizabeth his wife and Richard Hoskyns their son v John Hoskyns of Beaminster. Possession of a copyhold tenement and lands in Beaminster Prima, Dors., formerly of Catherine Hoskins, mother of Elizabeth Hoskins and John Hoskins. C78/93, no. 6 [67]
1591 3 Nov 33 Joan Dunscombe wid. and Thomas Dunscombe, both executors of John Dunscombe decd v Walter Wootton esq. Administration of the will of John Dunscombe (d. 1586), debts owed to Dunscombe's estate. C78/93, no. 8 [68]
1591 6 Nov 33 Henry Hurst gent., under-sheriff of Bedfordshire v Robert Keye and Rebecca his wife, widow and executrix of John Rowe/Rooe esq., sheriff of Bedfordshire in 27 Eliz. Relief from a bond made by plt to Rowe for the discharge of the office of under-sheriff. C78/105, no. 5A [69]
1591 5 Nov 33 Mungo Stagge, Thomas Thornton, John Thackthwayte on behalf of all customary tenants of the manor of Bolton, Cumb v. Lady Katherine, countess of Northumberland, Thomas and Francis Fitton, Wilfred Lawson and William Turner. Custom of tenant right on manor of Bolton. C78/85, no. 13 [70]
1591 6 Nov 33 Francis Curson son & heir of Vincent Curson late of Watpurie, Oxon decd v. Arthur Biddle Debt of plaintiff's father, Vincent Curson of Waterperry, Oxon, dec to defendant's father, Robert Biddle of the Inner Temple, London, dec. C78/82, no. 8 [71]
1591 8 Nov 33 John Hill of Ullingswick, Heref and wife Eliz v. William Clerk and wife Frances. Issues of lands of Hugh Brook of Long Ashton, esq, dec in Som, Glos and Bristol descending in coparcenery to his daughters of which plaintiff and defendant are two. Manors of Ashton Philips in Long Ashton, Som and Clifton, Glos. C78/73, no. 15 [72]
1591 8 Nov 33 Thomas Walter; Davie Slolie; Nicholas Marchannte; Ellys Lange; Peter Lange; John Downe; John Harte; Thomas Hauckeflame; George Andrewe; Thomas Comer; John Blackemore for themselves and the other tenants of the manor of Fremington, Devon v. William Collibare and Richard Ferris. Customary holdings and custom of Fremington relating to widow estates. Fragmentation of manor since its alienation by the Crown. C78/81, no. 27 [73]
1591 8 Nov 33 William Earl of Bath v George Keynsham. Estate of John, late Earl of Bath: manor of Nymetracie, Devonshire C78/140, no. 8 [74]
1591 10 Nov 33 Edmund Themylthorpe of Worsted, Norfolk, gent v. Cuthbert Leverton, gent. Admittance to copyhold land in the manor of Bromholme in Worstead, Norf. Bartram Themylthorp decd, father of the complt C78/70, no. 26 [75]
1591 13 Nov 33 William Ireland, citizen and woolman of London and wife Judith, widow of Edward Hurste of Hitchin, Herts, yeoman v. Daniel Hurste. Life interest in two messuages in Hitchin allocated to plaintiff Judith by Edward Hurste in recompense for her dower rights. C78/69, no. 15 [76]
1591 13 Nov 33 John Richardson, clerk v. Brian Watson and Agnes Richardson. Customary holdings belonging to manor of Armthorpe, Yorks. C78/82, no. 7 [77]
1591 16 Nov 33 Christian Fowke, widow of Richard Fowke, queen's grocer decd v. Guydo Malaparte, Scipio Bursonee, John Behoulte, George Lydeatt, Reynold Guye, Humphrey Downes, Michael Barker, John Iverye, Garrett Gore, John Ireland, Richard Russell, William Garrawaye, Paul Baninge, Nicholas Moseley, Roger Offield, Michael Smithe, Richard Etewer, Thomas Cuttell, Christopher Huson, Thomas Chambers, George Cullemore, Richard Venables, Edward Hamden, Garrett Malegne, Arnold Vanhoughe, Bartholomew Cursenee, Philip Cursenee, Nicholas Barnsley, Robert Coxe, Thomas Garner Payment of plaintiff's husband's debts to defendants. Debts incurred in 26 Eliz when he supplied royal household with sugar and spices. Sale of Fowke's goods in attempt to pay debts. C78/82, no. 14 [78]
1591 16 Nov 33 John Shymeng and Margery his wife v Sir Arthur Hevenyngham, lord of the manor of Heveningham, Suff. and Esayas Yarner. Eviction from a copyhold of the manor of Heveningham leased by Hevenyngham to Yarner. C78/93, no. 5 [79]
1591 18 Nov 34 William Uynton of Withycombe Raleigh, Devon, son of Robert Uynton decd v George Raleigh esq. and Thomas Austen. Possession of a lease of a house, mill and lands in Withycombe Raleigh which the plt claims by inheritance from his father. C78/124, no. 15 [80]
1591 25 Nov 34 Sir William Fitzwilliams, Lord Deputy of Ireland and William Fitzwilliams of Dogsthrope, Northants., esq., his son and heir apparent v Sir John Harrington, Robert Forth DCL, Nicholas Bonde DD, Henry Bosvile esq., all executors of Frances, countess of Sussex, decd and Henry Beacher, citizen and haberdasher of London. Petition that the dfts might acknowledge the discharge of a statute staple of £800 made by the plt to Beacher for payment of £533 6s 8d and assigned by him to the countess. C78/123, no. 12 [81]
1591 29 Nov 34 Anne Hilles of Cavendon, Essex, widow and executrix of John Barrett v Edward Forthe gent., Peter Walker, Robert Dolman and John Hull. Possession of lands in Stambridge, Essex, late of John Barrett, detained by dfts. C78/117, no. 17 [82]
1591 29 Nov 34 Thomasine Coys of Hackney, Midd., widow of Roger Coys of London, gent., decd v Anthony Elmes, an executor of Roger Coys. Money recovered on an attachment against the plt for the forfeiture of a bond of £200 for the performance of an arbitration for the payment of legacies bequeathed by Roger Coys to the plt's children. C78/121, no. 7 [83]