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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
No date Arthur May v. Edward Goreham and wife Jane, widow of William May (brother of the complt), William Sare and Reynold Mantle. Obligation concerning the performance of an award relating to legacies of William May. (Entry incomplete. Dismission.) C78/71, no. 17 [2]
No date Elizabeth Crane, widow of Anthony Crane esq v. John Byrche, executor of John Byrche, baron of the Exchequer. Recognizance for performance of a covenant whereby plaintiff was to be assured lands, should she have male issue by Anthony Crane. C78/71, no. 20 [3]
1586 Hillary 28 George Ireland of Ibworth, Hants, husbandman and wife Margery, widow of Thomas Warram and the children of Thomas and Margery v. John Maithus, Ralph Jonson alias Jones and John Whyte Lease of the capital messuages and tenements called the Barge, the Bell and the Cock with appurtenances in parish of St. Margaret's Southwark, Surrey, held from the Bishop. C78/58, no. 12B [4]
1586 25 Jan 28 Andrew Paschall of Springfield, Essex, gent., William Danyell clerk, parson of Springfield, William Manninge and William Pratt, churchwardens there, and other parishioners on behalf of the poor of the parish v Robert Pease, surviving feoffee of a messuage held for the poor of the parish. Possession of lands held by the parish for the support of poor people in the parish. C78/119, no. 6 [5]
1586 28 Jan 28 Thomasine late the wife of George Leafingwell of Muche Badewe, Essex, carpenter decd v. Peter Leafingwell and Thomas Haselwoode. Legacy of the moiety of feather beds and other goods in the inn called the Blue Boar in Fryerning, Essex, under will of William Leafingwell, dec. C78/60, no. 15 [6]
1586 29 Jan 28 George Escourte of Tetbury, Glos., gent., an overseer of the will of George Donnynge of North Nibley, Glos., whose widow and executor was Margery Donnynge, decd, of whose estate the plt has taken letters of administration v Thomas Tate and James Donnynge, son of the said George Donnynge. Administration of the estate of George Donnynge: possession of a lease of the parsonage of North Nibley which George Donning bequeathed to his widow for the performance of his will. C78/121, no. 12 [7]
1586 31 Jan 28 Richard Wortley of Wortley, Yorks., son and heir of Francis Wortley of Wortley, esq., decd v Francis Foljambe and Frances his wife (alleged wife of Francis Wortley). Enforcement of an arbitration by George earl of Shrewsbury concerning the dower of Frances Foljambe. C78/94, no. 3 [8]
1586 4 Feb 28 John Fisher of London, carpenter v. George Lamplughe, gent. Customary tenement and land held by tenant right of the manor and honour of Cockermouth, Cumb. C78/62, no. 9 [9]
1586 5 Feb 28 Thomas Soumer of Offham, Kent, blacksmith v. Nicholas Harrys, fruiterer of London. Fruit from an orchard in Newington, Kent late of William Blackboy, dec. Blackboy's will concerning minority of William Soumer. Dismission. C78/64, no. 5 [10]
1586 5 Feb 28 Thomas Scudamore of York, gent. v Elizabeth Batherne, who was natural mother to Thomas Bowles, gent. and Roger Batherne, also son of Elizabeth. Debt of £60 owed to the plt by Thomas Bowles C78/119, no. 1 [11]
1586 10 Feb 28 Sir John Clyfton v. Lady Anne Gresham, widow. Final installment of an annuity of 400 marks charged on manors of Lakenham, Langham, Merston, Hardingham, Narford and Castle Acre, Norf and Wedmore, Som. C78/80, no. 19 [12]
1586 12 Feb 28 John Rotheram, esq, one of the six clerks of Chancery v. Thomas Allen, Peter Dewes, Thomas Warren, John Stone, Thomas Foster, Richard Nethewaye, George Wilkinson Leases of a farm called Seymers with lands and appurtenances in Great Marlow, Bucks. C78/64, no. 7 [13]
1586 15 Feb 28 William Childe of London, grocer v. Manasses Stockton, William Pyers and William Baldrye. Half a debt of £115 for cotton bought: from Pyers by plaintiff and Stockton, trade partners. Dismission. C78/64, no. 4 [14]
1586 24 March 28 Thomas Chamberlen; Francis Coxe; Richard Hynde; Richard Wylls, for all customary tenants of Badby and Newnham, Northants v. Sir Richard Knyghtley and Valentine Knyghtley, esq. Labour services and admission to customary holdings of the manor of Badby and Newnham. C78/80, no. 20 [15]
1586 13 April 28 Francis Capelyn of Clifford's Inn, gent., younger son of John Capelyn v John Capelyn elder, son and executor of John Capelyn of Southampton, gent., Robert Creswell and Nicholas Capelyn, overseers to whom first dft bound for the performance of John Capelyn's will. Performance of the will of John Capelyn elder. C78/94, no. 4 [16]
1586 22 April 28 Thomas Smalney of London, yeoman v. John Taylor, George Bynyon, gent and wife Elizabeth, widow of Christopher Stanley and Gilbert Barrow Disputes (unspecified) relating to Taylor's and Stanley's partnership in the beer brewing business in which the plaintiff was the 'beer clerk’. Dismission. C78/71, no. 4 [17]
1586 23 April 28 Henry Allen of Buckminster, Leics, gent and Thomas Glover of Buckminster, yeoman v. Richard Askewe of Great Ponton, Lincs, yeoman . St. Edmund's chapel, yard and close in Sewstern and Buckminster, Leics. C78/71, no. 23 [18]
1586 25 April 28 Dame Elizabeth Bradborne, widow of Sir Humphrey Bradborne v. William Bradborne, esq. Legacies of £500 a piece to Grace and Faith Bradborne under their father Humphrey's will. Dismission. C78/62, no. 10B [19]
1586 29 April 28 William Dowgill, citizen and haberdasher of London v. Gabriel Grymston and William Curie. Defendants' debts, lease of pasture in Edmonton and mortgage of manor of Deephams (in Edmonton), Midd. C78/79, no. 8 [20]
1586 2 May 28 William Tey, brother, heir & administrator of Thomas Tey decd v. Thomas Warren and Elinor his wife, late wife of the said Thomas Tey. Elinor's jointure claims on manors and lands in Layer Breton, de la Haye and Marney, Birch and Wigborough, Essex. Elinor and Thomas separated by order of ecclesiastical court. Dismission. C78/79, no. 9 [21]
1586 7 May 28 Jerome Belson of Brill, Bucks, gent v. Augustine Belson, gent and William Belson. Moiety of a mill and lands in Brill and of a close called Okeley close there, late of William Belson, dec. C78/71, no. 5 [22]
1586 7 May 28 Robert Bullyn of Bale als Bathele, Norfolk; ........... Danyell & Thomas Bullyn of the same town v. Thomas Digby, John Digby, Richard Burton and Thomas Shaxton. Common of pasture and discharge of payment of headsilver in Bale. C78/75, no. 1 [23]
1586 9 May 28 George Pacy of Bassingham, Lincs, husbandman v. Peter Celyto of Bassingham, husbandman. Agreement that defendant convey his lands and goods to plaintiff on plaintiff's marriage to defendant's daughter Alice. Lease of messuages and lands in Bassingham . C78/71, no. 19 [24]
1586 10 May 28 Thomas Foster, gent and wife Agnes v. John Rosseter and wife Agnes and Alice Foster, widow. Leases of lands called Pytt and Chiddesley with a wood called Mackeridge wood, in Nettlecombe, Old Cleeve and St. Decuman’s, Som. Manor of Luxborough Eve, Som. C78/60, no. 16 [25]
1586 10 May 28 William Achelley of London, grocer v. William Lee and wife Agnes, widow of James Achelley and Ralph Blieth Redemption of a mortgage of a tenement in Eastcheap [in Billingsgate], London and the will of Robert Jefferson, scrivener, dec brother of defendant Agnes. C78/71, no. 6 [26]
1586 10 May 28 Thomas Lucye, esq v. Charles Walcott, esq, and wife Dame Margaret. Legacies of chattels including horses, and leases of land in Highleadon, Upleadon and Rudford, Glos under will of Sir Nicholas Arnold. Capital messuage and fishing in Highnam, Glos. C78/85, no. 1 [27]
1586 10 May 28 Johanne Maye, widow of Robert Maye late of Broughton Gifford, Wilts., gent., decd, on her own behalf and for Anne her daughter v Henry Maye, executor of the will of Robert Maye, Eleanor his wife, Giles Escourte, steward of the manor of Broughton Gifford and John Eyres, his servant. Possession of freehold and copyhold lands in Broughton Gifford which plt claimed to be entitled by devise of her husband and by freebench; legacies due to her and her daughter. C78/94, no. 1 [28]
1586 14 May 28 William Clearke and Roger Wylcockes of Branscombe, Devon, husbandmen v. Thomas Prydeaux, esq., James Courtney, jun, gent and wife Jane and Katherine Prydeaux, administrators of the goods of Serjeant John Prydeaux, dec. Lease of two tenements with lands in Bulstone in Branscombe, Devon belonging to the manor of Branscombe, and title to another tenement with land, held by custom of the manor. Lease of the manors of Branscombe, Dawlish and Sidbury, Devon, granted by dean and chapter of Exeter, temp. Edward VI. C78/71, no. 21 [29]
1586 14 May 28 Thomas Baker of Cranbrook, Kent, esq. and wife Grisilde v. John Fynche of Woodbridge, Suff. An earlier decree see C 78/80/15. Dismission. C78/80, no. 21 [30]
1586 16 May 28 Thomas Cornwallis of East Horsley, Surrey, esq v. John Agmondesham of Rowbarns [in East Horsley], esq. Ratification of an award relating to certain waste ground, common of pasture and part of a highway in East Horsley. C78/71, no. 3 [31]
1586 18 May 28 Thomas Owen of Lincolns Inn, esq., Stephen Duckett of Pen Hill, Wilts, esq, John Jackman, gent, John Jackman, grocer of London and Richard Owen of Shrewsbury, draper v. John Sadler of Woolverton, Som, gent and Henry Vynar of Staverton, Wilts, gent. Conveyances of manor of West Thurrock, Essex and of manor and rectory of Candover (Salop). C78/64, no. 8 [32]
1586 27 May 28 Richard Wood, DD, vicar of All Hallows, Barking, London and Andrew Fursland and William Long, churchwardens, for the poor of the parish v. John Woodshawe of London, gent. Payment of alms to the poor of All Hallows out of a lease of property in Ivy Lane in parish of Christ Church, Newgate Street. C78/71, no. 16 [33]
1586 4 June 28 Richard Browne of Preston, Glos, miller v. William Hasell alias Dawbeney. 'Sharstons Mill' with lands and tithes in Preston. C78/60, no. 12 [34]
1586 6 June 28 Richard Edwardes of St. Osyth (Cheeche alias St. Toses), Essex, yeoman v. Robert Fuller and wife Elizabeth. Marriage portion of Margaret Fenner, the defendant Elizabeth's daughter and the plaintiff's wife. Dismission. C78/60, no. 20 [35]
1586 8 June 28 Robert Bryce of Kersey, Suff, yeoman v. Robert Sampson of Essex, esq. Customary land in Kersey held of manor of Sampson's Hall, and other lands in Kersey and Lindsey (Lyllesley) held of the manors of Sampson's [in Kersey] and Beaumonds [in Lindsey], Suff. C78/60, no. 13 [36]
1586 9 June 28 Margaret Slanynge of Bickleigh, Devon, widow v. Thomas Wyse, esq and John Quycke. Lease of a tenement with land and Millbrook Mill with watercourse in manor of Stoke Damerell, Devon. C78/85, no. 2 [37]
1586 9 June 28 William Deme, William Exall, Fous Preiste, Richard Jorden, William Cannon and Christopher Laver, for themselves and the other copyholders of Martock, Som. v Edward Lord Morley, Lady Elizabeth his wife, John Penruddocke, Richard Blaston, Henry St. John and Edward Newman. Relief from ejectione firmae to evict the plt from their copyholds. C78/121, no.6 [38]
1586 10 June 28 Robert, earl of Leicester v. Edward Fyssher, esq, Thomas Camell, Ellis Childe and Robert Ivon. Two messuages with three yardlands in Harbury, Warw, once belonging to Balsall Preceptory, Warw C78/71, no. 7 [39]
1586 13 June 28 Francis Sherrarde of Stapleforde, Leics, son & heir apparent of George Sherrarde of Stapleforde decd v. Roger Smythe and William Cave, esqs Issues of manor and rectory of Stapleford, Leics, manor of Gunby, Lincs, rectory of Whissendine, Rut, manor of Holcot, Beds and of lands elsewhere in the same counties, conveyed to use by plaintiff's father, George Sherrard (now dec ). C78/60, no. 14 [40]
1586 13 June 28 Sir John Cuttes of Salisbury Hall [in Shenley], Herts v. Edward Armyger. Assignment of a lease of land in Thaxted, Essex. C78/60, no. 17 [41]
1586 13 June 28 Edward Armyger of Thaxsted, Essex, gent v. Sir John Cuttes. Repayment of money borrowed by plaintiff for defendant's use. Impaling of Horham Park [in Thaxsted]. C78/60, no. 18 [42]
1586 16 June 28 Dorothy Carwythen, widow of Richard Carwythen decd and Peter Carwythen their son v Thomas Southcott esq., and John Wood. Lease of a messuage and 60 acres in Monkton, Devon, made to Richard Carwythen by Sir Peter Carewe. C78/94, no. 13 [43]
1586 17 June 28 Brian Dale of Fleisboroughe [Flixborough], Lincs, gent v. Thomas Layton. Conventual lease of rectory of North Cave, Yorks, from charterhouse of Kingston upon Hull. C78/64, no. 6 [44]
1586 18 June 28 John Sowthall of Little Marlow, Bucks., gent. v William Pooler, gent. Arrears of an annuity of £4 granted by the dft to plt from a meadow called Lyttle Paynesmore in Dowles, Salop. C78/87, no. 1 [45]
1586 20 June 28 Francis Purcas of Great Yeldham, Essex, yeoman v. Dorcas Bigge, widow. Lands, parcel of manors of Berwick Hall and Scotneys, in Toppesfield, Essex claimed by plaintiff as copyhold and by defendant as part of the demesne. Timber rights on holdings. C78/77 no. 10 [46]
1586 21 June 28 Thomas Bodham als Shepperd; John Ellizander als Mylward; William Ellizandre; Thomas Webb; Nicholas Parvishe; Thomas Martin; Robert Rapley; Richard Sone in the right of Phillice his wife; John Cowdrey in the right of Johane his wife; Edward Thaier; Thomas Arslett; John Woodes; Nicholas Stedman; Thomas Watt; Peter Smythe; John Evered in the right of Agnes his wife; John Rother; Edward Rither; Thomas Helhouse; John Webb; John Selland; William Prior; Richard Wallen in the right of Agnes Marten daughter & heir of Richard Marten; John Maye; John Cobb; John Kembre, customary tenants of the manor of Eversley, Hants v. Deodatus Staverton, esq, lord of the manor Customs of Eversley and ratification of award concerning the same. C78/62, no. 10A [47]
1586 22 June 28 Katherine Crowe of Heckingham, Norf, widow and John Crowe of Barnards Inn, London v. James Hobarte, sen, esq, and James Hobarte, jun, gent. Lands and tenements in Hales, Loddon, Heckingham, Norton Subcourse and Raveningham, held to be customary lands of manor of Hales Hall, Norf. Dismission. C78/60, no. 19 [48]
1586 11 Oct 28 Robert Nicolles and Eleanor his wife, William Clement, William Osborne, Robert Briscoe, Robert Biratt, Martin Osborne, William Tilye, John Hedges the elder, William Harforde & Alice his wife, for all the customary tenants of the manor of Marshfield, Glos. v William Goslett gent., lord of the manor of Marshfield. Refusal to acknowledge the validity of copyhold grants made by a farmer of the manor. C78/94, no. 12 [49]
1586 24 Oct 28 John Parrye v. Richard Burden. Redemption of mortgage of lease of messuage and lands in Knowlton (in Woodlands), Dors. Dismission. C78/76, no. 5 [50]
1586 24 Oct 28 Leonard Shreve son & heir of Richard Shreve decd v. Margaret Shreve, widow. Ratification of an award concerning settlement of the estate of Richard Shreve, yeoman, dec. C78/80, no. 22 [51]
1586 31 Oct 28 Evan ap John ap Morgan, brewer v. David Lloid William, Thomas ap Hugh and David ap Rice ap David Lloid. Issue of two messuages with appurtenances in Llysfaen (Lyswayne), Denb and Caern and an earlier decree in the Court of the marches of Wales concerning the same. C78/64, no. 10 [52]
1586 2 Nov 28 Marion Weare, widow, late wife of William Weare decd and William Wilkins of Eynsham, Oxon v. Thomas Penyston and Giles Blofeld, gent and others (not named). Customary holding of the manor of Eynsham. C78/63, no. 10 [53]
1586 7 Nov 28 William Gamon of Swineshead, Hunts, husbandman v. Robert Gamon and Richard Talbot. Two messuages with freehold and copyhold land in Brampton, Hunts. C78/75, no. 2 [54]
1586 12 Nov 28 Thomas Burden of Plymouth, Devon, father of John and Richard Burden v Anthony Pollard of Harwood, Devon, esq. Lease for three lives of two closes called Mawdlyn Parke and Hyll Parke in Houndiscombe, psh Plymouth, made to the plts; the dft has compounded with Thomas Harrys gent. (a previous lessee) who deprieves plt of possession. C78/94, no. 14 [55]
1586 14 Nov 28 Henry Stallon of Chediston, Suff son & heir of William Stallon decd v. Thomas Dalton. Completion of a conveyance of a messuage with 50 acres of land in Northwold, Norf by Dalton to plaintiff's father, William. C78/64, no. 9 [56]
1586 14 Nov 28 Leonard Babthorpe of Twistleton, Yorks, esq and wife Frances v. Sir Richard Sherburne. Manor of Twistleton and Ellerbeck Farm in Ingleton, Yorks, mortgaged to defendant by Frances’ father, William Redmayne. Dismission. C78/79, no. 10 [57]
1586 14 Nov 28 William Parker of Haughley, Suff., husbn. v Edward Sulyard esq., lord of the manor of Haughley. Refusal to admit plt to a copyhold close called Shepecote Field cont. 32 acres held of the manor of Haughley. C78/119, no. 4 [58]
1586 17 Nov 29 Thomas Gawen esq. and Joan his wife, widow of Edward Harward, citizen and draper of London, decd v Thomas Andrews, Sampson Machedon, vicar of St George Eastcheap, Thomas Wylford churchwarden, Robert Daborne and Robert Proctor. Lease of two messuages in Buttell Lane in the parish of St George, formerly owned by Edward Hayward who by his will bequeathed an annual rent of £10 to the vicar and churchwardens of St George's; peculation by the churchwardens. C78/94, no. 8 [59]
1586 21 Nov 29 Nicholas St. John of Lydiard Tregoze, Wilts, esq. v. Thomas Skeffington, Thomas Cave of Baggrave, Leics, Edward Broughton and William Cave of Pickwell (Leics), esq. Articles of agreement on marriage of Thomas Cave to plaintiff's daughter, Elinor; and the will of Thomas' deceased father, Roger. Lease of parsonage of 'Standford' (?Stanford, Northants) and conveyances of lands in Northants, Warw and Leics. C78/62, no. 11 [60]
1586 21 Nov 29 Thomas Barefote of London, salter for his infant children Anne and John v. George Kevall. Reversion of the moiety of the defendant's lands and tenements in Westminster, Midd, near Bishopsgate, London and in Lewisham (Lewsam), Kent held to have been promised to plaintiff on marriage of plaintiff to defendant's daughter Jane. Dismission. C78/64, no. 11 [61]
1586 26 Nov 28 Innocent Rede of Redbourn, Herts., esq., son of Sir Richard Rede, decd v Francis Sylles and William Cocke, servant and executor of Sir Richard. Execution of the will of Sir Richard Rede (1559): payment of rents and profits of tenements in Chancery Lane, London, which Rede left to charitable uses: relief from a bond made between the parties. C78/120, no. 19 [62]
1586 28 Nov 29 Arthur Jenyns of Wallyburne in the countye of Salop gent, William Crompton, Richard Harryes, William Eastoppe and William Kylvarte of the towne of Greate Ryton, William Adams of the Myne Towne, Richard Bromlowe of Stepleton, William Atkys of Little Ryton, John Campyon of Whetall [Wheatall] Thomas Bechcott of the sayde towne, John Kenricke servant to Richard Lee of Langley in the said countye esquire, Thomas Kenricke of Shenton, John Eastoppe of Madeley, Thomas Sager of Condover, Richard Mynsterley of Condover aforsaid, William Arnewey of Weston in the said countye yeoman, coppihoulders and customary ten[a]nt[s] of the mannor of Condover in the saide countye of Salop

v. Thomas Owen, esq.[d.1598].

Performance of terms of Star Chamber decree of 4 Ed. VI requiring lord of manor of Condover to assign 200 acres of Berrywood in Condover for tenants' allotments. Detailed ratification of Star Chamber decree. Lord to enjoy residue of manorial waste not allotted to tenants under chancery decree. C78/85, no. 15A [63]
1586 28 Nov 29 John Forde decd, father of Thomas Forde v. Hugh Pomery, esq. and Thomas Pomery his son. Lease of manor and borough of Ashburton, Devon. C78/85, no. 15B [64]