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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1584 25 Jan 26 William Ostler of Stansfield, Suffolk, blacksmith v. John Norries and wife Katherine, Humphrey Mosley and Thomas Randall. Admittance to a customary holding called Reves belonging to the manor of Ousden, Suff. Dismission. C78/61, no. 19 [2]
1584 27 Jan 26 Francis Kempe, prothonotary of chancery v. Richard Moore, gent. Lease of the site of the manor of Bishopstoke, Hants. Administration of the goods of Robert Churcher, dec. Rival letters of administration granted by court of audience to dec's mother and by vicars general in visitation of the diocese of Winchester (sede vacante) to dec's uncles. C78/71, no. 8 [3]
1584 28 Jan 26 Richard Mathewe; William Bridges; James Cull; Richard Howse; John Howse; Elizabeth Howse, widow; Johanne Patten, widow, tenants of the manor of Winstone, Glos by Adrian Frye, their attorney v. Dr. William Aubrey, master in Chancery. Ratification of manorial customs relating to surrenders, heriots, common of pasture and freebench. C78/57, no. 9 [4]
1584 1 Feb 26 Walter Cretinge v. Thomas Jeninges and John Jeninges. Customary holding of the parsonage manor of Huntspill, Som. Walter Cretinge, late parson of Hunspill. C78/61, no. 10 [5]
1584 1 Feb 26 Mary Marshall, daughter of Thomas Marshall of Exeter, merchant, dec v. William Marshall, her brother. Reversion of a messuage with appurtenances in Woolfardisworthy (Wollesworthy), Devon, as plaintiff's share of Marshall's estate. C78/53, no. 11 [6]
1584 4 Feb 26 Maud, widow of Robert Browneley v. Robert Stokes. Life interest in a lease of a capital messuage with 240 acres of land in Trusley, Derb and an earlier arbitration concerning the same. Dismission. C78/64, no. 1 [7]
1584 5 Feb 26 Edward Ubanke of Bury St. Edmunds, Suff, and wife Ele, daughter of Robert Eyer, esq, of Great Yarmouth, Norf, dec v. Francis More, gent. Legacy of £50 due to Ele under Eyer's will: lease of a messuage called Calcott with lands in Norf [Caldecot Hall in Fritton, Suff] held of Magdalen College, Oxford. C78/53, no. 3 [8]
1584 5 Feb 26 William Halghe in Wigtoft, Lincs, gent v. William Howson. Conventual lease in reversion of the rectory and advowson of Wigtoft, Lincs. C78/65, no. 6 [9]
1584 6 Feb 26 John Arras, sen, of Charingworth, Glos, yeoman v. Lewis Grevill of Milcote, Warw, esq. Ratification of articles of agreement of 28 Nov 26 Eliz concerning the farm of Charingworth and an annuity of £15. C78/61, no. 20 [10]
1584 8 Feb 26 Gregory Pryse of Portham, Herefs, esq v. Edward Weslhe and Hugh Welshe, gents and George Whittington. Conventual lease from Sheen Priory, of manor, chapel and tithes of Ocle Lyre, Heref. C78/53, no. 4 [11]
1584 12 Feb 26 John Forde; John Dethick; Humphrey Dolle; Thomas Hache; Thomas Clere; Thomas Smyth; John Spott; William White, customary tenants of the manor of White Waltham, Berks v. Richard Huddleston of Thame Park, Oxon, esq and wife Dame Isabel Wenman, sometime wife of Sir Richard Wenman decd. Customs of the manor relating to upkeep of buildings, heriots, timber, surrenders and leases of holdings. C78/53, no. 5 [12]
1584 (12?) Feb 26 George Fynche; William Bragg; Henry Harrington; John Hurrell; John Parker; Richard Heymer of Sibley Hennyngham[Sible Hedingham], Essex v. Edward Glascock. Admittance to customary holdings of the manor of Priors, recently sold by earl of Oxford to the defendant who is now allegedly attempting to dismember it. Detailed arbitration recited - manor to be named Priors Glascock and customary tenures to be upheld. (Damaged) C78/55, no. 22 [13]
1584 17 Feb 26 William Smarte of Ipswich, Suff, merchant v. John Cooke of Rochford, Essex, gent. Rent charge of £2 out of pasture land in Hawkwell and Ashingdon, Essex. Dismission. C78/59, no. 15 [14]
1584 12 March 26 William Dale and wife Jane, daughter of John Delanoye alias Skynner, for themselves and for children of Francis and Katherine Wrighte, dec and for children of Jane Dale by Thomas Tutt, dec v. William Conradus and John Norton Legacies, goods and debts of John Delanoye. Sale of a lease and a ship. C78/57, no. 8 [15]
1584 14 May 26 Andrew Perne, DD, dean of Ely v. John Rotheram, esq and Henry Garnett, gent. Portion of tithes worth £2 p.a. issuing from Catmere in Littlebury, Essex. C78/79, no. 1 [16]
1584 7 May 26 William Gymber of London, clothworker, son of William Gymber decd v Thomas Fysher of Tempsforth, Beds., yeo. and Gilbert Courtman of Southoe, Hunts. Possession of a messuages and lands in Tempsford, all plt's father's. C78/119, no. 10 [17]
1584 19 May 26 Emmanuel Callard, gent, son & heir of John Callard late of Manyngton, Norfolk decd v. William Arnold and wife Bridget and Robert Harward. Messuages and lands in Booton, Brandistone and Witchingham, Norf, late of Thomas Harward, dec. C78/80, no. 16 [18]
1584 19 May 26 Alice Wingfield, widow of Thomas Wingfield v. John Townsend, esq and Anthony Wingfield, gent. Plate, leases, debts and other goods conveyed to plaintiff by deed of gift. An annuity and a house in Maiden Lane, St. John Zachary, London. C78/81, no. 9 [19]
1584 21 May 26 James Courtney of Norton, Devon, esq. and wife Jane and Thomas Prideaux, gent, administrators of John Prideaux, serjeant-at-law, dec v. Anthony Copleston. A lease of the manors of Branscombe, Dawlish and Sidbury, Devon and other leases of land in Devon (named) claimed as the property of Serjeant Prideaux. Dismission. C78/53, no. 13 [20]
1584 22 May 26 William Welbecke of Higham, Suff, gent v. Cordell Saville and Alexander Morgan, gent. Customary holdings of the manor of Sutton cum Lound, Notts. C78/57, no. 11 [21]
1584 1 June 26 Thomas Soone of Rotherwick, Hants, infant, by William Soone his grandfather v. John Horethorne and others (not named). Customary holdings in Warfield belonging to the manors of Wargrave and Newenhams, Berks. C78/78, no. 8 [22]
1584 20 June 26 Edward Goodriche, gent and wife Elizabeth, widow of John Edmondes, gent v. William Bonde, William Androwes, Edward Lee and Thomas Appletree, gents. Lease of manor and castle of Deddington, Oxon; a moiety of a lease of the rectory there and other chattels of John Edmondes, dec. C78/65, no. 2 [23]
1584 20 June 26 Thomas Hellyar of Evercreech, Som. v Robert Penye and Elizabeth his wife, dau. of William Hellyar. Possssion of a messuage and 80 acres of land in Evercreech, Som., which Edmund Mill of Wells, Som., gent. let to William Hellyar. C78/99, no. 2 [24]
1584 22 June 26 William Afford of High Wycombe, Bucks, husbandman v. Robert Raunce, esq. Copy of court roll for a customary holding of the manor of Temple Wycombe [in High Wycombe]; timber rights on the manor and an award of the court of requests. C78/78, no. 9 [25]
1584 25 June 26 Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst and Ralph Sheldon of Beoley, Worcs, esq. v. Henry Graye, esq. Lease of the manors of Dorton, Bucks, and Attington [in Tetsworth], Oxon and the deduction of an annuity of £20 from the rent for the same. C78/58, no. 3 [26]
1584 25 June 26 George Weller of Sompting, Sussex, yeoman v. Thomas Carus. 100 marks owed to plaintiff by defendant's father (now dec) on plaintiff's marriage to Anne Carus. Lease of parsonage of Tarring, Sussex. C78/63, no. 8 [27]
1584 27 June 26 William Bredstock of Witchampton, Dors, gent v. William Barens of Witchampton. Repairs to the banks of a watercourse running through plaintiff’s lands; and the occupation of a plot of land adjoining the water. C78/53, no. 6 [28]
1584 27 June 26 John Cheyne of Chesham Bois, Bucks, esq v. Robert Hide, gent. Right of way from manor house of Drayton Beauchsmp, Bucks, through Tyscott pasture, Herts to Helpstropp pasture in parish of Drayton Beauchamp. C78/71, no. 13 [29]
1584 27 June 26 Henry Heywood of Ashley, Hants, yeoman v. William Waller, esq. Lease of part of the demesne lands of manor of Ashley and of fees belonging to the office of ranger of Bere (Westbeare) forest, Hants. Dismission. C78/78, no. 10 [30]
1584 29 June 26 John Bacon, gent v. Robert Rose and wife Margaret. Descent of customary lands held of the manor of Elmsveil, Suff. Borough English. Dismission. C78/62, no. 2 [31]
1584 30 June 26 John Bowdich alias Bowridge and wife Joan v. John Deane Life interest in a lease of 140 acres of land in manor and parish of Chard, Som. C78/68, no. 2 [32]
1584 30 June 26 Michael Pigott, gent v. Elizabeth Pigott, widow. Copyholds lands in Stratton belonging to manor of Biggleswade, Beds. Lands in Hinxworth, Herts, and Astwick and Holme [in Biggleswade] Beds. Manor of Stratton and Edworth, Beds. C78/79, no. 2 [33]
1584 2 July 26 Henry Perrye of St. Ives, Hunts, gent v. Thomas Morgan, Thomas Curley, John Campyon, Nicholas Kempe and Agnes Browne. Customary holding of the manor of St. Ives cum Slepe [in St. Ives] Hunts. Dismission. C78/57, no. 12 [34]
1584 2 July 26 Francis Bayldon of Walton Head, Yorks, gent v. Richard Goldesboroughe, esq., and others (not named). Claims on manors of Walton Head [in Kirkby Overblow] , Farnley and Leathley, Yorks once of Henry Johnson, esq, dec, the plaintiff's father in law. Defendant maintains that Johnson was attainted for treason committed during the Northern Rebellion. Dismission. C78/57, no. 13 [35]
1584 2 July 26 John Cooke of Cretingham, Suff, husbandman v. William Cooke and wife Joan, William Mosse and Thomas Sirett. Freehold and copyhold premises in Easton, Letheringham and Martley Hall, Suff and the will of John Stone, husbandman. Dismission. C78/62, no. 3 [36]
1584 2 July 26 Sylvester Ratclyffe of Wycombe, Bucks., grandson to John and Alice Ratclyffe both decd v William Daye, Dean of the free Chapel at Windsor and Paul Frenche, a canon there, lords of the manor of Bassetsbury, Bucks., Thomas Kempe and Cecily his wife and Robert Raunce esq., lessee of the manor. Refusal to admit plt to copyhold lands in the manor late his grandparents'. C78/99, no. 12 [37]
1584 4 July 26 Henry Mors of Salisbury [Newe Sarum], Wilts., brewer and Joan his wife, a dau. and coheir of William Vynye alias Dyer and Eleanor his wife, who was a dau. and heir of John Abyn of Salisbury, merchant, decd v Richard Ludlowe and Alice his wife, the other dau. and coheir of William Vynye alias Dyer. Enforcement of an agreement made before the Mayor of Salisbury in 1581 for the division of the lands of John Abyn in St Edmund and St Martin, Salisbury. C78/99, no. 3 [38]
1584 ? 6 July 26 ? Margaret Lyvers and Alice Oglander, widows v. Thomas Brend. Breach of former decrees. After defendant failed to obey the last decree of 28 Nov 26 Eliz he was sent to the Fleet Prison for his several contempts. Question of whether certain meadowland belongs to plaintiffs’ manor of Apps Court or to defendant's manor of Molesey, Surrey. See C 78/59/16; C78/60/10. (Damaged) C78/59, no. 19 [39]
1584 6 July 26 Sir John Lumley, Lord Lumley v Lady Anne Gressam [Gresham], widow of Sir Thomas Gressam of London and Sir Lionel Duckett. Relief from bonds made by plt and others with Sir Thomas Gressam in 9 Eliz. as surety for sums borrowed of him by Henry late Earl of Arundel and satisfied by the conveyance of the manor of Earl Stonham, Suff. C78/99, no. 1 [40]
1584 8 July 26 John Mychell son & heir of William Mychell decd, Richard Rede, William Layne son & heir of William Layne decd, John Myll, John Salman son & heir of John Salman decd, Thomas Skynner son & heir of Thomas Skynner decd, John Corbyn son & heir of John Corbyn decd v. William Molton and Philip Molton. Tenure of estates in the manor of Maker, Devon, purchased from Sir Hugh Pollard. Ancestors of both plaintiffs and defendants were once Pollard's tenants. C78/53, no. 17 [41]
1584 8 July 26 Hugh Davye of Prittlewell, Essex, yeoman v. Lewis Davye, citizen and baker of London and Nicholas Coxe. Two messuages with shops, cellars and other appurtenances in St. Gabriel Fenchurch, London. C78/71, no. 10 [42]
1584 8 July 26 Thomas Scriven gent., Henry Frenche, Richard Raye, John Sadler, Thomas Goldinge and Robert Alderton, the chief inhabitants of Stradishall, Suff., and Geoffrey Guday and Robert Haughton, collectors for the poor there, and Richard Davy and Mary Robertson, two of the poor of the town v Robert Suckerman of Mildenhall, Suff., and Lettice his wife, widow and executrix of John Holte of Mildenhall, Simon Suckerman his son and Alice his wife, dau. and another executrix of John Holte. Execution of the will of John Holte (1573): detention of his bequest of a tenement in Stradishall to the township for the use of two of the poor of the town and an annuity of £3 for the poor charged on his mansion house. C78/119, no. 11A [43]
1584 9 July 26 Richard Lambe of Hoo, Kent, mariner, for Thomas and William Lambe v. James Plumley. Two messuages with land in Up Street and a messuage in School Street, in Hoo, Kent. C78/58, no. 5 [44]
1584 19 July 26 Marian Myll, daughter of William Hedd & Margaret his wife, dec v. Richard Awcock. Customary holding of manor of 'Wotton' [? Wootton in East Chittington or Wootton in Folkington, Sussex], Sussex. C78/79, no. 3 [45]
1584 19 Oct 26 Cicely, widow of Thomas Dale and now wife of Constance Foster v. Owen Vaughan and wife Joan, Harman Johnson and wife Katherine, Christopher Mortymer, Robert Pavye, Charles Hanmer, William Hudson, John Jenynges, William Lyster Messuage in King Street in St. Margaret's, Westminster, Midd and the lease of a tenement in St. Gregory's parish, London. Dismission. C78/57, no. 16 [46]
1584 19 Oct 26 Francis Colby esq. who was brother and sole executor of Christopher Colby, who married Mary, widow of George Tompson of Kelleshall [?Kelsale], Suff., decd v Owen Browne, husband of Mary Tompson, William Tompson, son of George Tompson by Mary Tompson and others (not named). Recovery of £100 lent by Christopher Colby to William Tompson on the security of an annuity of £10 left Tompson by the will of George Tompson his father. C78/119, no.9 [47]
1584 19 Oct 26 Richard Maynarde v Paul Pope and Thomas Wenborne, bro. of John Wenborne, decd. Possession of the reversion of a messuage called Hindall and 200 acres of land in Wythyham, Sussex, conveyed to the dfts by Sir Walter Waller: question of whether it conveyed in trust for the plt and John Wenborne. C78/121, no. 1 [48]
1584 20 Oct 26 John Carpenter and Edward Carpenter, sons of Andrew Carpenter decd., Mathew Fisher and Anne his wife, dau. of Andrew Carpenter and his other children v William Shepreve gent., executor of Andrew Carpenter. Administration of the estate of Andrew Carpenter: that the dft took to his own use the profits of a lease of the parsonage at Tubney, Berks., and a parcel called Sugworthe, psh Radley, Oxon; failure to account. C78/99, no. 9 [49]
1584 24 Oct 26 Peter Bennett of St Ladocke, Corn, gent and wife Joan, widow of John Vivian, esq. v. Hannibal Vivian, gent, Thomas Hewett, Robert Meryfield, John Partridge the elder, John Copleston, Peter Stembrydge, John Partridge the younger, John Furse, William Ellys, Robert Woolcombe, John Quicke, Robert Crockwell, Thomas Spuwaye, George Pynson, John Serle, Thomas Younge, John Gill, Richard Uppsill, Christopher Gover, Thomas Gover, Richard Laude, Thomas Reade, Roger Deyman Dower rights in the 3rd part of the 8th part of the manors of Plympton, Okehampton, Tiverton and other manors and hundreds (named) in Devon and of the manors of Crewkerne Magna, Crewkerne Parva and Misterton, Som. C78/58, no. 11 [50]
1584 24 Oct 26 Robert Williamson, gent v. Randall Warde. Lease of a messuage and lands in Ullock in Crosthwaite (in Keswick), Cumb. C78/63, no. 11 [51]
1584 24 Oct 26 John Parminter and Abraham Parminter of Kings Lynn, Norf., and Thomas Dynsdale, son and heir of John Dynsdale late of King's Lynn, decd v Humphrey Guybon esq. and Edmund Guybon his son. Agreement made between John Parminter and the dfts for the settlement of his debts: defeasance of the sale of a tenement called the Swan in King's Lynn. C78/119, no. 8 [52]
1584 26 Oct 26 John Moore v. William Barton, William Foster and wife Elizabeth. Bond for the payment of £46 for the child's portion of the defendant, Eliz, daughter of Peter Pickering of South Leverton, Notts. C78/63, no. 6 [53]
1584 27 Oct 26 John Nysom, by his guardian Henry Allen of London, baker v. Anthony Davies and wife Isabel and William Beswyke. Tenements in Shoreditch, Midd, purchased by plaintiff's father from Beswick. Defendant Isabel is plaintiff's mother. C78/65, no. 11 [54]
1584 29 Oct 26 John Crewse, citizen and glazier of London, who claimed Thomas Crewse late of Devall [Duvale Barton], psh Bampton, Devon, gent., decd, as his ancestor v John Sydenham esq., decd and Stephen Tristram and Elizabeth his wife. Right of plt to the manor of Duvell in Bampton, Devon and other lands formerly of Thomas Crewse decd as heir male to Crewse by a settlement of 23 Henry VI. C78/99, no. 10 [55]
1584 2 Nov 26 Margaret Lee of Sheffield, Yorks, widow v. John Shemeld and Robert Offerton. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Eccleshall, Yorks claimed to have been mortgaged to Shemeld. Case previously heard in the council of the North. Dismission. C78/65, no. 10 [56]
1584 4 Nov 26 John Moody of Foxley, Wilts, gent v. William Bayliffe of Monkton, Wilts, gent. Redemption of a capital messuage called Bremilhams, with lands and a mill in Brokenborough, Foxley, Westport and elsewhere in Wilts, once mortgaged by plaintiff to defendant. C78/53, no. 8 [57]
1584 7 Nov 26 Roger Pope of Lincoln's Inn, son of Thomas Pope of Shrewsbury, gent, dec v. Morgan Gwyn, esq. Descent of four messuages with lands in Trefeglwys, Mont. C78/71, no. 11 [58]
1584 12 Nov 26 John Phillip, son & heir of James Phillip late of Brignell, Yorks v. Christopher Dalston, esq. Settlement on marriage of defendant's son Thomas to plaintiff's sister Jane; lands in Temple Sowerby, Westm as jointure. C78/80, no. 17 [59]
1584 13 Nov 26 William Bladwell of Great Thurlow, Suff, esq v. Thomas Turnor, esq. Ratification of a partition of lands in Essex and Suff held in coparcenery temp 15 Ed.IV (recited). Part of Locks Wood in Great Thurlow. C78/61, no. 21 [60]
1584 14 Nov 26 Robert ap Rinalde of ‘Whytebrook' [? Withybrook], Warw, gent v. David ap Robert ap Hugh and Owen Wynne. Lands and tenements in Llandrillo and Eglwys Fach, Denb. Dismission. C78/81, no. 10 [61]
1584 16 Nov 26 John Symonde v. Agnes Gryffyn and Christopher Cranewell. Issue of the capital messuage and tenement now a tavern with a close and appurtenances in Great Berkhampstead, Herts. C78/57, no. 15 [62]
1584 16 Nov 26 Thomas Marshe; Henry Boler; Jeffrey Hearne; William Hearne; William Innes; William Hart; Thomas Neele the elder; Michael Robertes; William Smythe; William Brasier; John Smythe; Thomas Warner; William Soller; Richard Grey; Richard Jones; John Allen; Thomas Browne; William Tirpin; Thomas Browne & Magdeleyne his wife; William Throneton & Emme his wife; Richard Smythe & Agnes his wife, customary tenants of the manor of Blackthorn, Oxon v. Edward Denton, esq. Ratification of an agreement between lord and tenants concerning the customs of the manor of Blackthorn. C78/78, no. 12 [63]
1584 20 Nov 27 Richard Willys and son John of Haugh in Winsley, Wilts, husbandmen v. John Sprynte, dean of Bristol Cathedral, William Sprynte, Anthony Webbe and Thomas Prynne. Leases of the chapel of Haugh with tithes in Winsley, belonging to the dean and chapter's rectory of Bradford, Wilts. Incorrect wording in original lease to plaintiff. Dismission. C78/57, no. 14 [64]
1585 21 Nov 27 William Mayne of Moreton, Berks, yeoman v. William Lenthall and John Bowyer Messuage with a yard and a half of land in Moreton. Dismission. C78/63, no. 5 [65]
1584 21 Nov 26 Thomas Bull, citizen and cordwainer of London v. John Bowyer and Agnes Wolleson. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Morcott, Rut. Dismission. C78/63, no. 7 [66]
1584 24 Nov 27 Francis Metcalf, vicar of Morden, Surrey v. Richard Garth, esq. and Thomas Everest. Two acres of meadow in Morden, claimed as parcel of the glebe and tithe corn of land called Hoballes and Raysbery also claimed as part of plaintiff's living. Defendant Garth claims both as part of his manor and rectory of Morden. Dismission. C78/53, no. 14 [67]
1584 24 Nov 27 John Flower, esq v. William Rigden, gent. Manor of Dowsby, Lincs. Dismission. C78/68, no. 3 [68]
1584 25 Nov 27 William Cobbe of Walton, Norf, gent, administrator of Thomas Cobbe of Gayton, Norf, gent v. William Howlett and Walter Austen. A messuage, cottage and lands in Walpole, Norf and conveyances and bonds concerning the same. C78/53, no. 7 [69]
1584 28 Nov 27 William Veale; Nicholas Veale his son; William Horte; William Pryor; Richard Vympenny; Thomas Eyton; Maurice Dyer; William Hytchins; Thomas Wasborough; Johan Shypman; Thomas Dyer; John Wade; John Streate; John Myll; John Grene; Simon Colston; Simon Holloway; Margaret Whitinge; Edythe Dymocke; James Lynche; Johan Fyshepoole; Agnes Prior; William Russell; William Dyer; Isabel Nycholls; Johan Symkins; Bridgett Knight, customary tenants of the manor of Compton Greenfield, Glos v. John Barkeley, esq. Ratification of customs of the manor concerning copyholds for lives and licences for tenants to appoint undertenants. C78/68, no. 1 [70]
1584 15 Dec 27 Matthew Bigge of St. Giles in the Fields, Midd v. James Mascall of St. Giles in the Fields, ale brewer and wife Anne. Bond of £400 to abide by an arbitration. Lease of brewhouse, houses, rooms well and garden in St. Giles for rent of money and ale. C78/79, no. 4 [71]