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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
[no date] ? Isabel Rande of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumb, widow of Henry Rande v. Robert Dudley of Tynemouth, Northumb. Marriage settlement and property in Newcastle. Incomplete entry, unitemized. No decree. C78/65, no. 23B [2]
1580 26 Jan 22 John Hollingbrigge of London, gent v. Dr [Adam] Squier, master of Balliol College, Oxford and John Shrawley. Lease of tithes of St. Lawrence Jewry, London. Dismission. C78/60, no. 3 [3]
1580 27 Jan 22 John Parry, gent v. Thomas Parry and Thomas Hyett and wife Maud, widow of John Parry of Wormbridge, Heref, gent. Three messuages and lands called Rydway in Kilpeck, Heref, and lands in Wormbridge. Enfeoffment to use. C78/77, no. 2 [4]
1580 ? 29 Jan 22 ? Hugh Edge of Myddle, Salop v. John Wedgewood, gent and Ralph Wedgewood. Customary holding called the Steel House with land and two water mills held of the manor of Horton, Staffs. (Damaged) C78/51, no. 26 [5]
1580 5 Feb 22 Joan Gunne, widow, sister of Elizabeth Buckmaster, dec v. Richard Buckmaster, jun. Manor of Haybarnes in Hemel Hempstead, Herts and a customary holding of manor of Hemel Hempstead. Dismission. C78/60, no. 4 [6]
1580 6 Feb 22 William Weylett, citizen and girdler of London v. Thomas Herbert. Messuage in Enfield chase and customary lands there held of manor of Enfield, Midd. Dismission. C78/68, no. 13 [7]
1580 6 Feb 22 John Cooke of Kingston, Surrey, yeoman and Edward Jeninges of London, fishmonger v. John Sackeville, esq and William Pyper. Conveyance of manor of 'Abdale' (? Apdale, in Stone), Kent, late of Sir John Gage. Dismission. C78/81, no. 4 [8]
1580 8 Feb 22 Lawrence Berysford and Thomas Blaunche of Warslow, Staffs, Richard Rogers of Longnor, Staffs, husbandmen for all customary tenants of the manor of Warslow [in Alstonefield] & Longnor, Staffs v. William Browne, esq. Customs of the manor relating to grants of copies for lives. Customs of manor of Alstonefield. C78/78, no. 31 [9]
1580 9 Feb 22 Francis Pannell of Boothby Pagnell, Lincs, esq v. William Hodgeson. Lease of messuages and lands in Fishtoft, Lincs with advowson of the church there, late of Thomas Pannell, esq, dec. Premises recently extended for debt. C78/60, no. 2 [10]
1580 12 Feb 22 John Boyle and Katherine his wife, daughter of Jenn James, decd and his executrix v Rice James, brother of Jenn James. Execution of the will of Jenn James; possession of a leasehold interest in a messuage with lands called Garthe Vayloge and a corn mill on psh Llanbister, Radnor. C78/95, no. 20 [11]
1580 12 April 22 Francis Fortescue, esq v. John Forde, esq. Conveyance and partition of manor of Harting, Sussex. Lease of woods called Harting Combe and Vining Wood. C78/80, no. 5 [12]
1580 23 April 22 Henry Capell of Rayne, Essex, esq v. Edmund Felgate. Rent and services due for a customary holding of the manor of Stoneham Aspell, Suff. C78/49, no. 28 [13]
1580 23 April 22 William Eden v. George Stoddard Tenements and ground in Chislehurst, Kent. Gavelkind descent and a threatened extent. C78/66, no. 25 [14]
1580 25 April 22 Joan Gunne, widow, sister of Elizabeth Buckmaster, dec, widow of Richard Buckmaster, dec. v. John Buckmaster the elder and John Hogge. Customary holding recently parcel of the manor of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. C78/56, no. 5 [15]
1580 27 April 22 Frances Sherynge of Drayton, Norf, widow v. Henry Cantrell and Thomas Philpot. Customary holding of manor of Horsham St. Faith, Norf. C78/60, no. 5 [16]
2 May 22 (sic) William Ouldeborowe and Geoffrey Salter, citizens of London v. Michael Blunte, esq. and John Beryman, clothier. Money owed for a consignment of sugar, cloves, cinnamon and marmelade brought to London from Lisbon on the Elizabeth of London. Defendants are administrators of the will of the plaintiffs' dead partner, Henry Osmond, mercer. C78/64, no. 14 [17]
1580 4 May 22 John Exeter; Robert Oliver; John Burell; Peter Weche; Nicholas Mattacote, for all customary tenants of manor of Fremington, Devon, being six score in number or thereabouts v. Richard Langdon; Thomas Symons; Simon Stoley; William Hamont & Jacote his wife Customary holdings of the manor of Fremington. Arbitration gives details of certain holdings and their rightful occupiers in Bickington, Ley and elsewhere in the manor. See C 78/51/9. C78/51, no. 25 [18]
1580 9 May 22 William Bythell, gent v. John Twyne. Non payment of rent for the farm and capital messuage of Woodmancott, Hants and the lease of a meadow called Chalkes Mead, near Winchester, Hants. C78/56, no. 6 [19]
1580 10 May 22 Richard Coxe, Bishop of Ely v Richard Brackyn. Sales of property belonging to the Bishop of Ely. C78/137, no. 11 [20]
1580 11 May 22 Catherine [.....], a plt v Thomas Payne, a dft. Possession of lands (The larger part of the recitals to this decree are missing). C78/98, no. 4B [21]
1580 11 May 22 William Seaman & Katherine his wife, daughter of John Irishe late of Westhuyshe, Somerset decd v Thomas Payne & Margaret his wife. The estate of John Kenne, deceased. Property in the Parish of Kenne, Somerset. C78/137, no. 9 [22]
1580 13 May 22 Charles Jackson of Saydall, Yorks, esq v. John Ramesden, gent. Return of bonds for money which plaintiff claims to have repayed in form ordered by an earlier arbitration. C78/50, no. 19 [23]
1580 4 June 22 Christopher Dacre, esq, Thomas Dawlton the elder, Thomas Dawlton the younger, Rowland Dawlton, Rowland Henerson, John Blackelocke, James Henerson, John Lynton, Thomas Hethrington, Michael Dawlton, George Dawlton, Christopher Bulman, Thomas Harden, Michael Dawlton the younger, John Stable, William Jackson, John Richardson, Thomas Dawlton, Rowland Blacklocke, Edward Blacklocke v. William Musgrave, esq. Lease of the castle and manor of Scaleby. Cumb. C78/56, no. 7 [24]
1580 4 June 22 Francis Michell of Theadon Garnon, Essex, gent and Jane his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of Elizabeth Hampden decd v. John Brannche, alderman of London. Partitions of the late Elizabeth Hampdon's estate of the manors of Garnish Hall and Gregories, the rectory of Theydon Garnon and other lands in Theydon Garnon, Theydon Bois and Theydon Mount, Essex, between her three daughters, one the plaintiff, Jane and another, the defendant's deceased wife, Ellen. C78/50, no. 20 [25]
1580 4 June 22 John Goodman, son of John Goodman of Stapleford, Cambs, yeoman, dec v. Andrew Perne, dean of Ely and Edward Wood, gent. Liberty of foldage and pasture for 300 sheep held by custom of the manor of Stapleford. See C 78/55/11, 15. C78/55, no. 8 [26]
1580 4 June 22 Thomas Reade of Petersfield, Hants, gent v. John Battisworthe, John Wattes, Stephen Frenche alias Denys, Robert Moshould, Nicholas Hawstede als Lane Lands and tenements called Reydon in Sheet in Petersfield and other property in Petersfield. Dismission. Richard Reade late of East Grenewiche, father of the complt. C78/55, no. 9 [27]
1580 4 June 22 John Bulley of Brodhempston, Devon v William Mortymer and Johan his wife. Estate of Thomas Prestwood, late of Exeter, land at Brodehamston, Devonshire C78/137, no. 12 [28]
1580 7 June 22 John Hitchman v. James Dolle. Moiety of a lease of lands and tenements in Kempsford, Glos. C78/66, no. 26 [29]
1580 8 June 22 Elyze Kyrfoote, vicar of St. Peter's Derby, and William Burne and Henry Wandell, churchwardens v. William Buckley, gent. Eight messuages with cottages, a schoolhouse, gardens and lands in Derby, left in trust by Robert Leversage, dec to the use

of the poor of St. Peter's parish.

C78/56, no. 8 [30]
1580 9 June 22 John, Bishop of Salisbury v George Lloyd, gent. and others (not named). Dft's claim to a leasehold interest in the manor of Marston Mesey, Glos., exchanged by Sir Richard Sackville decd with John Jewel, late bishop of Salisbury, for Salisbury Place near Fleet Street, London. C78/98, no. 5 [31]
1580 13 June 22 Francis Hacon, esq. v. Henry Jernegan, esq. and John Hoo, gent. Admittance to customary land held of the manor of Mutford, Suff. C78/68, no. 15 [32]
1580 15 June 22 Moyle Fynch, esq v. John Thatcher, esq (now dec). Claims to marshlands near Winchelsea, Sussex and in particular to Fother Marsh. Matter on marshland, with names and acreages, in Pett, Fairlight and Icklesham, Sussex. Defendant claims some of the marshland claimed by the plaintiff has been drowned by the sea. C78/56, no. 9 [33]
1580 22 June 22 William Michell v. John Pyne, gent and William Ryce and Thomas Phyllypps, esqs. Customary holding of manor of Merriott, Som. C78/60, no. 6 [34]
1580 22 June 22 John Whytegyfte, master of Trinity College, Cambridge v. William Ascoughe, esq. Lease of land in Kelsey [South Kelsey], Lincs, parcel of the demesne of Winghale Priory and manor, late of dissolved college of Michaelhouse, Cambridge. C78/60, no. 7a [35]
1580 23 June 22 Richard Colyer, decd v. Richard Ellyott, esq. Free flow of water in leet to plaintiff's mill. (No place named). C78/78, no. 32 [36]
1580 30 June 22 Henry Barrett of Gressenhall, Norf v. Hamon Lestraunge, esq. Admittance to a customary holding of manor of Gressenhall C78/49, no. 29 [37]
1580 20 Sept 22 Robert Harrys, esq v. John Skynner, esq. Parcels of land in Woodmansterne (Woodmerstorne), Chipstead, Merstham and Gatton, Surrey. C78/49, no. 31 [38]
1580 18 Oct 22 Anthony Brome v. Henry Hygford and John Hopkyns Four crofts in Bickenhill, Warw. Dismission. C78/65, no. 23a [39]
1580 21 Oct 22 John Burneston of Swinton, Yorks v. John Hatcher and Thomas Larkin, doctors of physic, Christian Brwone, Katherine Browne, Roger Slegg, Elizabeth Slegg, widow, Elizabeth Slegg & Margaret Slegg daughters of Edward Slegg decd, Robert Aunger, Thomas Cole Descent of, and admittance to, three messuages with lands held by custom of the manor of Comberton, Cambs, late of Ralph Gascoyne, dec. Defendants claim, inter alia, that Gascoyne was an alien Scot with no right to hold of the manor. C78/55, no. 11 [40]
1580 25 Oct 22 Innocent Comye, Queen's musician v. Augustine Denale, merchant of Ragusa Settlement of a debt owed by defendant who is now bankrupt and sick. Plaintiff has brought his case to Chancery at the Queen's express commandment given by her own mouth. C78/68, no. 16 [41]
1580 27 Oct 22 John Forde of Crewkerne, Som., mercer, son of John Forde decd and Williams Forde his mother, decd v William Baker of Mosterne, Dors., yeo., Joan his wife, widow and executrix of John Paier, William Paier and Henry Smythe. Lease for three lives of five closes called Debberworthe in the manor of Debberworthe, psh Brodewyn [?Dibberford in psh Broad Windsor], Dors., made to the plt and his parents by Robert Gerrard esq. Cf C78/98 no. 13 below. C78/98, no. 6 [42]
1580 27 Oct 22 Agnes Sherborne, widow v Richard Gromewell. Dispute over the house and manor of Fylton, Somerset. Also a lease to John Sherborne, deceased. C78/137, no. 5 [43]
1580 5 Nov 22 Agnes Jucledon, Urith Jucledon and Margaret Jucledon, daus. of John Jucledon of Bratton, Devon, gent., decd v Lewis Jucledon, eldest son of John Jucledon. Bequests from their father's estate. C78/98, no. 3 [44]
1580 19 Nov 23 Elizabeth Forman alias Wardroper, widow and John Penning, infant, son of Frances Pennyng decd v. Margaret Cornwallis, widow. Closes in Kettleburgh, Suff. Question of whether they are customary or demesne land of the manor of Kettleburgh, Dismission. C78/80, no. 6 [45]
1580 21 Nov 23 Sir George Calveley of Ley Hall, Ches. v William Cave of Pickwell, Leics., esq., Roger Smythe of Withcote, Leics., esq., Francis Sherrarde of Stapleford, Leics., esq. and Richard Bradley. Possession of a yardland in Saxby, Leics. C78/98, no. 2 [46]
1580 22 Nov 23 Anthony Rone, John Clarke, Edward Webbe and Thomas Wesson and other inhabitants and copyholders of Wellingborough, Northants (not named) v. Thomas Crompton, John Stanley and Roger Charnocke. Admittance to dwelling houses in Wellingborough claimed as parcel of the customary lands of the manor of Wellingborough. Dismemberment of the manor. Dismission. C78/61, no. 14 [47]
1580 22 Nov 23 Henry Marshe of Dover, Kent v Roger Kymer, James Broker and John Gookyne. Dispute over "Appleton Lands" in the Parish of Waldershaye, Kent. C78/137, no. 4 [48]
1580 22 Nov 23 Robert Basson, parson of Spettisbury and Charlton, Dors v. John Bowyer and Thomas Duey. Pasture rights on part of demesne land of manor of Spettisbury. Dismission. C78/81, no. 5 [49]
1580 24 Nov 23 Thomas Ellys, John Whyte & the customary tenants of the manor of Elmore, Glos (not named) v. John Guyse, esq. Customs of the manor of Elmore relating to occupation of holdings, heriot, timber rights and works. Recital and confirmation of an order concerning the same. C78/49, no. 30 [50]
1580 24 Nov 23 Simon Hockett v. Thomas Monday and John White. Custody of the body of the infant Joan Crooke and of her copyhold inheritance in manor of Highclere and Burghclere, Hants. C78/50, no. 21 [51]
1580 25 Nov 23 William Tanner; Agnes his wife late the wife of William Roe decd; Agnes Roe, Helen Roe, William Roe & Henry Roe children of the said William Roe decd v John Bulbecke, Frances Bulbecke and John Bragge The property and estate of John Bulbecke of Cliveden, Somerset. Land in the Parish of Kingston Saymour. C78/137, no. 3 [52]
1580 28 Nov 23 John Olcott of Talke, Staffs v. Randall Boughey, Richard Boughey, Andrew Byche, Thomas Seveley Moiety of a customary holding of the manor of Audley, Staffs. C78/60, no. 7B [53]
1580 28 Nov 23 Sir John Perrott v. Erasmus Saunders and James Reed, esqs. Mortgage of manor, rectory and advowson of Eglwys Cymmin, Carm. C78/77, no. 3B [54]