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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1579 24 Jan 21 Charles Chamberlen, gent v. Lawrence Meres, esq. Issues of manor of Wilsthorpe, Lincs, late of William Sanden, dec and held of Lord Burleigh by knight service. Wardship of Sanden's son, Ambrose. Dismission. C78/80, no. 3 [2]
1579 3 Feb 21 John Bayspoole of Beyston, Norfolk and Thomas Jenkynson of Tunstall, Norf, gents, executors of Edward Spanye late of Tunstall decd v. Agnes Gascoigne of Norwich, widow Loan from Agnes Gascoigne to Edward Spanye and ensuing litigation v. the plaintiffs as Spanye's executors. C78/50, no. 2 [3]
1579 3 Feb 21 Geoffrey Hamlyn of Broadwell, Oxon, husbandman and Robert and Simon, his sons v. Dame Elizabeth, widow of Sir Hugh Pawlett. Completion of an agreement between plaintiff and Ambrose Endall, miller, to convey Endall's customary messuage and mill in the manor of Broadwell (Bradwell), Oxon to plaintiff. C78/51, no. 18 [4]
1579 7 Feb 21 Thomas Symes of Chard, Som, merchant v. John Baylye of Chard. Lease of land belonging to manor of Chard, held of bishop of Bath and Wells. C78/50, no. 1 [5]
1579 7 Feb 21 Lewis Avan of Marshfield, Monm, gent v. William Morgan. Messuage and land in Marshfield, late of Lewis Jevan of Michaelstone, Monm, husbandman. C78/50, no. 3 [6]
1579 9 Feb 21 John Cheyne, esq v. George Hyde, esq. A high way to the north of Langdale Bridge in Masworth, Herts; [Marsworth, Bucks]. C78/49, no. 7 [7]
1579 9 Feb 21 Thomas Talbott v. John Hodder and wife Chrispiane. Lands belonging to manor of Broadmayne, Dors. An earlier (unredeemed) mortgage of the manor by William West, Lord Delaware to plaintiff's brother William, now dec. C78/50, no. 17 [8]
1579 7 May 21 Philip Westcott, brother of William Westcott decd v Elizabeth Clyfton, widow of William Clyfton esq., decd, lord of the manor of Cheddon Fitzpaine, Som., and William Edwards and Elizabeth his wife. Possession of a tenement at Mill with a watermill and lands held as a copyhold of the manor and granted to the plt and his brother for life. C78/95, no. 16 [9]
1579 7 May 21 Robert, George and Edward Smythes, brothers of Thomas Smythes of Ubley, Som., gent., decd v Christopher Kenne esq. and Thomas Kenne gent., brothers of George Kenne who married Elizabeth, the widow and executrix of Thomas Smythes. Administration of the estate of Thomas Smythes; failure to pay legacies to his children. C78/95, no. 17 [10]
1579 9 May 21 Matthew Knyveton of Staffs, gent v. Thomas Pygott, esq and Valentine Pygott, gent. Manor and advowson of the rectory of Loughton, Bucks. Dismission. C78/50, no. 4 [11]
1579 11 May 21 John Hawes v. Jane Cotton and Robert Cooke. Customary holding of the manor of Langham, Suff. C78/49, no. 8 [12]
1579 11 May 21 Thomas Alighe v. John Rede, esq. Readmittance to customary holding of the manor of Shepperton, Midd, forfeited for nonpayment of rent. C78/81, no. 3 [13]
1579 18 May 21 Richard Holbech of St. Mary Overy [in Southwark, Surrey] waterman v. Thomas Onslow, esq. Lands and tenements in manor of 'Wyggent', in hundred of Oswestry, Salop held to have once belonged to plaintiff's father, Robert Holbech of Withington (Wyddington), Salop, clerk, dec. Defendant claims premises were chantry land acquired from the Crown. Dismission. C78/68, no. 12 [14]
1579 21 May 21 David Deacon of Faringdon, Berks, tailor v. Toby Pleydell, esq and Margaret Deacon, widow. Customary holdings of manors of Faringdon and Westbrook [in Great Faringdon], Berks [Oxon] late of Edmund Deacon, dec. Customs relating to surrenders and to widows' freebench. See also C 78/55/12. C78/55, no. 6 [15]
1579 23 May 21 John Morley, goldsmith of London v. Wolston Dixie, alderman of London Lease of rectory of Meldreth, Cambs, held of dean and chapter of Ely. C78/50, no. 6 [16]
1579 23 May 21 William Bradstock, customary tenant of the manor of Spettisbury, Dors. and Avice his wife v John Bowyer, crown lessee, Thomas Hughes alias Clerke and others (not named). Alleged forfeiture of two copyhold tenements parcel of the manor of Spettisbury. C78/95, no. 18 [17]
1579 June 21 Petition of Sir William Paston, Clement Paston, esq, and Edward Paston, esq. to Lord Chancellor and court of Chancery for confirmation and enrollment of two warrants temp Edward IV. See C78/49, 20-24 below. C78/49, no. 19 [18]
1579 June 21 Order, Certificate, order on certificate and enrollments of warrants consequent to the above petition. [For details and partial transcript see K.S.H. Wyndham, 'An Elizabethan Search', Archives, vol. XIV, No.64 (Autumn 1980)] C78/49, no. 20-24 [19]
1579 20 June 21 Robert Wrayford of Sandford, Devon, husbandman v. George Carew, dean of Exeter and wife Anne. Reversion of a customary holding, including two mills, belonging to the manor of Upton Hellions, Devon. C78/66, no. 24 [20]
1579 25 June 21 George Wrighte of Matching, Essex, yeoman v. John Wrighte, William Clarke and John Thurgood. Customary holding called Newlandes, with freehold and charter lands belonging to it in the manor of 'Evesham Hall’ [?Housham Hall in Matching], Essex. C78/51, no. 19 [21]
1579 27 June 21 Edward Ogborne of Broughton, Hants, yeoman v. James Jeffreys of Chilworth, Hants, gent. Lease of site and demesne of manor of Broughton. C78/78, no. 1 [22]
1579 30 June 21 William Playters, esq and wife Thomasine and Thomas Tyrrell v. Edmund Churche, gent and Margaret Bradbury, now wife of John Danyell, esq. Manors of North Benfleet alias Coxsall and 'Scotts' [?Scott's Hall, in Canewden] and lands in Hockley and Rawreth, Essex, late of Edmund Tyrrell, esq. Dismission. C78/50, no. 5 [23]
1579 2 July 21 Robert Fowlke of 'Symsebroughe' [?Symondsbury], Dors, esq. [now dec] and wife Mary v. William Bevyll, esq and wife Jane. Debt of Sir Thomas Arundell, dec, to Lady Elizabeth Zouche, late abbess of Shaftesbury Abbey, Dors. Lease of the farm of 'Symsebroughe'. C78/56, no. 3 [24]
1579 2 July 21 Lambert Smythe, son of John Smythe of Lytleton, psh Chew [Magna?], Som., decd and executor of his will v Thomas Smythe, overseer of the will of John Smithe and trustee of his estate. Administration of the estate of John Smythe: allegation that the plt and his sisters defrauded of their father's goods and a copyhold and 30 acres held of the vicarage of Chew. C78/95, no. 19 [25]
1579 7 July 21 Thomas Speede, servant of William, Lord Burghley v. Gerard Salvyne and Simon Rede. Lease of a tenement and lands in Croxdale, Durh held of the dean and chapter of Durham Cathedral. C78/51, no. 20 [26]
1579 8 July 21 Richard Ruthall, gent and wife Elizabeth v. Edmund Twynyhoo, esq and wife Dame Elizabeth Lytton. Full payment of a legacy of £333 to plaintiff Elizabeth under the will of her father, Robert Burgoyne, esq. Defendant Elizabeth is Burgoyne's widow. C78/49, no. 9 [27]
1579 12 Oct 21 Robert Ford of Ovington, Norf. v. Roger Carewe, esq and Thomas Leigh. Customary holding of the manor of Rockells in Watton, Norf and a new copy for the same. C78/80, no. 4 [28]
1579 19 Oct 21 Robert Felton; William Kirkham; Thomas Barrett; William Bradney; Thomas Walker; Roger Catestree; Thomas Pounde, for all customary tenants of the manor of Ackleton, Salop held of the manor of Worfield, Salop v. Thomas Kynnersley, esq, lord of the manor of Ackleton. Customs of the manor of Ackleton relating to fines for admittance to holdings and the lord's escheats. An arbitration of 3 Eliz and the defendant's failure to make a written customary. C78/51, no. 21 [29]
1579 26 Oct 21 Rose Lowther of London, widow v. Thomas Dalton of Kingston upon Hull, gent. Messuages and lands in Salthouse Lane, Kingston upon Hull, late of plaintiff's father, William Graves of Howden, Yorks, gent . C78/50, no. 9 [30]
1579 29 Oct 21 Richard Sturman, Thomas Young, Thomas Chawlkeley, John Gaseley, for all customary tenants of the manor of Abbotts Walden als Poweles Walden, Herts v. The dean and chapter of St.Paul's London. Customs of the manor of. St Paul's Walden, Herts, relating to heriots. Dismission. C78/50, no. 7 [31]
1579 29 Oct 21 Edmund Dameron of Ipswich, Suff and John Dameron of Westerfield, Suff v. Edmund Withipoll, esq. Admittance to a customary holding of the manor of Ipswich Holy Trinity, Suff. The same to a moiety of other customary holdings of the manor. Borough English and the fine demanded for failure to repair a holding. C78/51, no. 23 [32]
1579 1 Nov 21 John Hummerston of Metheringham, Lincs, yeoman, Thomas Squire, John Squire, Richard Parke, Robert Gilbert, John Keale the son of Robert Keale, Peter Gowde & James Gowde the sons of Richard Gowde, William Barrowforth of Methringham v. Nicholas Pytchar, Christopher Cowper and George Parke. Completion of conveyances of farms in Metheringham, Lincs. Bill recites bill and decree of Fytton v. Pytcher, see C 78/51/17, and claims that defendants have also failed to assure certainlands (named) to them just as they failed to do in Wytton's case. C78/51, no. 22 [33]
1579 11 Nov 21 Henry Browne, cousin & next heir of Henry Suckley late citizen & merchant taylor of London decd v. Charles Acton, esq Annuity of £20 from manors of Cotheridge, Worcs and Rochford, Heref. Dismission. C78/49, no. 25 [34]
1579 11 Nov 21 Charles Crofts, gent and Elizabeth his wife, only daughter & heir of John Pyers late of Northwold, Norfolk decd v. Edmund Pyers, gent. Will and estate of John Pyers, gent, father of plaintiff, Elizabeth. Lease of property in Northwold, Wireham, Wretton and elsewhere in Norf. C78/50, no. 8 [35]
1579 16 Nov 21 James Gray and Fyrmyn Gray his son of Peterston, Norfolk v. Richard Manser. Conventual lease, of manor of Peterston [in Burnham Overey], Norf with lands in Burnham, Holkham (Hockham) and elsewhere, Norf. Dismission. C78/49, no. 26 [36]
1579 17 Nov 22 Edward Thruxton, merchant taylor of London and Hugh Jones, merchant of London v. Jane Verney, widow and administratrix of George Verney of Compton Verney, Warw, esq. Payment of Verney's debts. Dismission. C78/60, no. 1 [37]
1579 19 Nov 22 Thomas Sly, cousin & heir to Nicholas Slye decd v. John Wheler and Nicholas Wheler. Descent of a messuage, mill and lands in Lapworth, Warw, held by custom of the manor of Kingswood, Warw. Dismission. Nicholas Sly, grandfather to the complt C78/56, no. 4 [38]
1579 20 Nov 22 Edmond Buller v Johanne Dodington, widow. Estate of John Dodington, deceased. Property at Bickwell Hill, Somerset. C78/137, no. 10 [39]
1579 21 Nov 22 Geoffrey Askewghe of Kings Cliffe, Northants, cousin & next heir male of Robert Askewgh, vid. son & next heir of the body of Simon Akewghe, son & heir male of the body of the said Robert v. Henry and John Askewghe. Two messuages, three tofts and lands in Great Ponton, Lincs. Dismission. C78/51, no. 24 [40]
1579 23 Nov 22 Thomas Fayrepointe v. Richard Fayrepointe and Richard Foster. Customary holdings of manor of Brampton Hunts; custom relating to descent of holdings; and a will whereby William Foster willed his holdings to be sold to endow the free school of Brampton. C78/50, no. 18 [41]
1579 24 Nov 22 Mayor and Burgesses of St. Albans, Herts; William Foster and Anne his wife; Ralph Maynarde; George Smyth & Elizabeth his wife; Nicholas Judde, legatees of Sir Ralph Rowlett decd v. Dame Anne Catlyn, widow; John Burgoyne; Robert Burgoyne; William Thomas, executors of Sir Robert Catlyn; Henry Goodere; Johane Jennynges, widow, late wife & one of the executors of Ralph Jennynges; William Skipwith and Thomas Goodere, esqs. Payment of legacies under will of Sir Ralph Rowiett, out of the issues of his lands. C78/49, no. 27 [42]