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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1576 27 Jan 18 Henry Roughye alias Roffye of Warnham, Sussex v. William Roughye. Customary holding of the manor of Shell-wood [in Leigh], Surrey. Dismission. C78/51, no. 6 [2]
1576 28 Jan 18 Thomas Exton of Empingham, Rut v. William Thorpe, parson of Cottesmore, Rut and Robert Burye. Lease of the rectory and parsonage of Cottesmore. Dismission. C78/55, no. 2 [3]
1576 4 Feb 18 Anne Barker, widow of William Barker, esq for her son, Anthony Barker v. John Crowtall. Messuage with appurtenances in Wokingham (Okingham), Berks and partition between William Barker and defendant. Part of premises held of manor of Evendon (Yevendens). C78/66, no. 9 [4]
1576 4 Feb 18 James Ryvett of West Creting [?Cretingham], Suff., esq., lord of the manor of Fenhall, Suff. v William Syer and others (not named), copyholders of the manor. Possession of the demesne lands of the manor held by the dfts by copy of court roll. C78/95, no. 2 [5]
1576 8 Feb 18 George Chauncy of Chingford, Essex, gent and wife Jane, daughter of John Cornwell, of Ardeley, Herts, dec v. George Brewster, gent. Remainder of a lease of the manor of Ardeley Bury and the parsonage of Ardeley, Herts, held of the dean and chapter of St. Paul's, London, as willed by Cornwell. Plaintiff dubs defendant an obstinate papist. C78/55, no. 1 [6]
1576 8 Feb 18 Elizabeth Locker, widow of Richard Locker of Waterford, Ireland v. William Rolfe, citizen and haberdasher of London Money paid by Locker to Rolfe to procure the fee simple of Dunbrody Abbey with lands in Wexford, Ireland. Rolfe neither obtained it nor repaid the money. C78/66, no. 7 [7]
1576 9 Feb 18 Sir Thomas Smith, one of the Queen's principal secretaries v. Andrew Ognell, gent and wife Bridget and Henry Ferrers, esq. Conveyances of the manor of Theydon Mount, Essex. (Damaged) C78/47, no. 28 [8]
1576 18 William Meysey, Thomas Vynor and Thomas Baldwyne of North Cerney, Glos, husbandmen v. Thomas Taylor, clerk Customary holdings of the manor of Woodmancote, Glos. C78/66, no. 11 [9]
1576 10 Feb 18 William Bydlecombe, merchant of Poole, Dors v. John Rogers, merchant of Poole. Two tuns of raisins wrongfully removed from plaintiff's possession by the defendant and Peter Gaydon. Trade with Andalucia and Portugal and ships called the George Barons and the Mynyon. C78/47, no. 9 [10]
1576 ? 11 Feb (?18) Sir Thomas Gresham and wife lady Anne v. Thomas Colby, esq. The manors-of Beccles and Rosehall, in Beccles, Suff. Question of whether the lord of Rosehall owes suit of court to lord of Beccles. Wasteland in Beccles. C78/45, no. 23 [11]
1576 10 May 18 Thomas Juell and wife Joan and Edward Juell v. John Giles. Reversion of a customary holding of the manor of Dean Prior, Devon. C78/70, no. 8 [12]
1576 16 May 18 Edward Atslowe of London, doctor of physic v. Thomas and Richard Grover, Richard Grover, Richard Gate, John Turnor, Richard Woodhowse, Robert Bennynge, Thomas Lovett, Richard Byrche, Richard Hardynge, John Byrche, Thomas Twychell, John Baldwyn The lord's rights to the timber on customary holdings of the manors of Chesham Higham and Chesham Bury [in Chesham], Bucks.


C78/47, no. 11 [13]
1576 16 May 18 Thomas Essex of 'Beacott' [?'Becket in Shrivenham] , Berks, esq. v. William Muschampe, gent. Completion of terms of a mortgage of the farm of Butterwick, in Fulham, Midd and of other messuages, lands and appurtenances in Fulham, Kensington, Paddington and Westminster, Midd. C78/55, no. 3 [14]
1576 17 May 18 Robert Reymond and wife Christian v. Henry Rolle, esq. Customary holding of the manor of Dodscott [in St. Giles in the wood] Devon. Customs of manor relating to number of lives for which a holding can be leased. C78/47, no. 10 [15]
1576 23 May 18 Andrew Wakehame v. Nicholas Challons. Twenty-one year leases of lands and a mill in and around Modbury, Devon, parcel of the customary lands of Eton College's manor of Modbury. C78/66, no. 10 [16]
1576 24 May 18 Seyntes Rawlyns, widow, Edward Peck and wife Agnes and Margaret and Joan Smyth, being the daughters & executors of John Smyth late citizen & armourer of London decd v. Thomas Whetenhall. Two leases, lately belonging to female plaintiff’s father, John Smyth, citizen and armourer of London, of a tenement and two shops, and of the upper part of a messuage and another shop in St. Mary Woolchurch, London. C78/51, no. 7 [17]
1576 25 May 18 William Porter of Grantham, Lincs, gent v. Thomas Ellis and Augustine Earle Bonds for the payment of debts to Thomas Pratt of London, skinner and others. Dismission. C78/51, no. 8 [18]
1576 25 May 18 Sir John Nevyll, Lord Latymer v. Sir Fulk Grevill. Annuity of £6.13 issuing from a messuage called Ledinghall with lands in Thorpe Latimer [in Helpringham], Lincs and from diverse manors and lands elsewhere in Lincs. C78/52, no. 19 [19]
1576 28 May 18 Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely v. Margaret Blackwell. Goods belonging to the bishopric of Ely. Two earlier decrees of May 2 Eliz and Oct. 4 Eliz. relating to litigation between Cox and Thomas Thirlby,dec, one time bishop of Ely. See C 78/16/29 and C 78/24/27. C78/49, no. 18 [20]
1576 29 May 18 James Altham of Latton, Essex, esq v. Arthur Bassett and Richard Grenefilde, esqs and Anthony Carewe, gent. The late Sir Thomas Pomeroy's conveyances and mortgages of the manor of Berry Pomeroy, with diverse other manors and lands also in Devon, to Sir Wymond Carewe, dec and a statute staple relating to the same. Manors of Landcross and Parkham, Devon. Dismission. C78/55, no. 4 [21]
1576 30 May 18 John Wilcoxe of Kelston, Som., husbn v William Busshe and Joan his wife, daughter of John Wilcoxe and Eleanor his wife, both decd. Possession of a messuage called `a brewhouse' in psh St. James, Bristol, which claimed by plt under a deed of entail. C78/95, no. 6 [22]
1576 1 July 18 Thomas Mychelborne of Grays Inn, Midd, gent and John Monke of Sussex, gent v. James Pycas, gent. Timber on a moiety of the manor of Brambletye in East Grinstead, Sussex. Dismission . C78/47, no. 12 [23]
1576 3 July 18 Hugh Brooke, esq v. Henry Poole, esq, John Poole, Maurice Rodney and John Fitzharbarte. Manor of Sewardswick [in Compton Dando], Som, and a rent of £1 from a water mill in Saltford, Som, late of Sir David Brooke. An enfeoffment to use. Dismission. C78/47, no. 21 [24]
1576 5 July 18 Thomas Wallys, executor of the will of Thomas Wallys, clerk, late vicar of Tolpuddle, Dors. v John Lyllington, formerly plt's guardian. Detention of Wallys's chattels, including a lease of a farm of the tithes of Tolpuddle bequeathed by him to plt. C78/95, no. 10 [25]
1576 9 Nov 18 Hugh Hughes of Lincolns Inn, Midd v. Richard ap Robert ap Llewellin ap Jennar. A hundred acres of land in Porthaml [in Llanidan] (Porthamill) and ‘Gwendren', Anglesey. C78/65, no. 19 [26]
1576 10 Nov 18 Walter Whalley gent. v John Budge, brother of Thomas Budge, decd, plt's servant and factor. Detention of wares, merchandise, books of accounts etc. of plt which were in the custody of Thomas Budge at the time of his death in Wells, Som. C78/95, no. 11 [27]
1576 12 Nov 18 Richard Shoveler of Hursley, Hants, husbandman v. William Hobbye, esq and Thomas Lane. Admittance to customary and bond land in Cranbury belonging to the manor of Merdon alias Hursley, Hants. Forfeiture of holdings for timber felling without licence. Dismission. C78/66, no. 21 [28]
1576 13 Nov 18 Thomas Annott of Lowestoft, Suff, merchant v. Thomas Goade, Richard Temple and Thomas Aughton. Bond for payment for earrings sold by plaintiff to Robert Wilshire, citizen and merchant taylor, dec. Dismission. C78/52, no. 21 [29]
1576 13 Nov 18 William Blackwall of Steeple, Derb, gent; John Storer and Richard Wyngfeld of Alderwaslee, Derbs, for all customary tenants of Alderwasley, Derb v. Edward Lowe, esq. Fines for admittance to holdings. Common of pasture and right to lop and crop. C78/52, no. 26 [30]
1576 15 Nov 18 Thomas Stockwith of East Meon, Hants, gent v. Nicholas Wright. Purchase of a copyhold in Riplington in East Jeon. Dismission. C78/50, no. 10 [31]
1576 20 Nov 19 George Brown of Walsoken, Norf and wife Anne and William Smythe of Walden, Essex and wife Jane, daughters of John Cawdron of Heckington, Lincs, gent, dec and George and Anthony Cawdron v. Sir Henry Weston and wife Elizabeth. Legacies of money and silver spoons due to plaintiffs under Cawdron’s will. C78/52, no. 23 [32]
1576 24 Nov 19 Anthony Gamage, alderman of London v. John Gylle, esq. Debt of £630.19.9 owed to plaintiff, and the conveyance of the manor of Gamlingay, Cambs (Garniinghey, Beds). C78/66, no. 16 [33]
1576 27 Nov 19 Thomas Poore, Thomas Bulman, Thomas Bates & William Beestone, church wardens of St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey v. Richard Glascock and wife Anne, James Burley and wife Joan, William Edwardes, Peter Kinge, Robert Atkynson, James Skelton Issues of property in St. Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, Surrey willed by Richard Dowsett, tallow chandler, to the company of tallow-chandlers in order that they pay the churchwardens of St. Olaves money for a free school and for alms for the poor. C78/51, no. 11 [34]
1576 27 Nov 19 Dame Dorothy Stafford, widow, late wife of Sir William Stafford decd v. Joan Bolney widow. Herbage and pannage of the park and the profits of the manor court of Wetheringsett, Suff. Leases of the site of the manor from the dean and chapter of Ely. C78/70, no. 9 [35]