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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1574 25 Jan 16 Ralph Evans and Robert Evans, sons of Thomas and Agnes Evans, decd v Robert Burte alias Woodier, Ellis Burte alias Woodier, Robert Mathewe and others (not named). Breach of promise to convey to Thomas Evans the reversion of a copyhold in Northwood, psh Corscombe, Dors., held as a copyhold of the manor of Corscombe and leased in reversion to Edmund Hardy decd. C78/96, no. 6 [2]
1574 27 Jan 16 Jasper Leke of Edmonton, Midd, esq v. Samuel Marowe, esq. Failure to honour a conveyance by defendant's father, Thomas, to plaintiff's father, John, of lands in Edmonton, Midd and Barnet, Herts. Claim to an estate in the manor of Birmingham in recompense. Thomas Marowe's will. C78/49, no. 11 [3]
1574 27 Jan 16 Ralph Blackwall v. John Colbecke, John and Arthur Osbaston and Robert Thickens. Capital messuage called Blackwall Hall and lands and tenements in Blackwall, Taddington, Fairfield, Buxton, Cowdale, Sterndale, Staden, Monyash, Chelmorton and elsewhere in Derb (named). C78/78, no. 27 [4]
1574 30 Jan 16 William Russell v. Gregory Lambert and Thomas Fashyon. Occupation of a messuage with land in Stone and Fawley, Hants. C78/46, no. 28 [5]
1574 30 Jan 16 Thomas Bordfield and John Trumpe v. Ralph Richards. Estate of Phillipa Ridgeway of Exminster, Devon, widow,who died intestate temp Edward VI. C78/70, no. 6 [6]
1574 1 Feb 16 George Marshe v. William Arnolde. Deeds relating to 12 acres in Effingham and 20 acres in Little Bookham, Surrey. Plaintiff claims reversion. C78/49, no. 10 [7]
1574 1 Feb 16 Bartholomew Pope and Margery his wife, widow of Philip Stephen decd, and Michael Stephen, son of Philip and Margary v Walter Shere and John Shere his son. Moiety of a lease made by the Dean and Canons of the Chapel of St George, Windsor of the chapel of Brixton, Devon, with all tithes. The lease made was jointly to John Peryman of Plympton, Devon, clerk and Walter Shere, who granted his moiety to Philip Stephen. C78/95, no. 4 [8]
1574 6 Feb 16 Thomas Maton v. Sir Alexander Colpepir and Arthur Stirrie Conventual lease of Enford manor, Wilts, granted by St. Swithins, Winchester. The payment (to the Crown) of the reserved rent of Colpepir's grant of the manor in fee by Henry VIII. C78/47, no. 18 [9]
1574 10 Feb 16 Henry Weston, son and heir of Edmund Weston of Chichester, Sussex, late prebendary there, decd v George Cotton of Densworth, Sussex, gent., who married Parnell, widow and executrix of Edmund Weston, and Alice Weston, widow and executrix of Robert Weston, DL, formerly chancellor in Ireland and brother of Edmund Weston. Possession of tenements in St Martin's le Grand, London, held as leaseholds of the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. C78/96, no. 4 [10]
1574 11 Feb 16 Katherine Weryott/Wiryott, widow, late wife of John Wiryott decd v. George Weryott/Wirryott, Richard ap Rees, David ap Meredethe, William Lacye, Harry Roche, Thomas Jenkyns & Jane Batho his wife Issues of and life interest, in messuages and lands in Cosheston, Monkton (Muncton), Hasguard, Pembroke and elsewhere in Pern. C78/52, no. 11 [11]
1574 12 Feb 16 Percival Gunston of Aske, Yorks, gent v. Allen Jobson and John Jackson. Close and piece of pasture in Wakefield, Yorks, one-time chantry property. C78/66, no. 27 [12]
1574 4 May 16 Robert Cooke v. Thomas Bradshaw, citizen and mercer of London and Richard Bostock, gent. Conveyances of manor of Tandridge, Surrey, late of plaintiff's father, John Cooke, goldsmith of London, and a mortgage. Case v. defendant Bostock is dismissed. C78/49, no. 15 [13]
1574 6 May 16 Dame Katherine, widow of Sir James Baskervyle of Eardisley (Exeseley) Heref v. John Baskervyle, esq, Sir James' brother. Plaintiff's right to life interest in the manor of Eardisley (Yardesley), Heref as jointure. C78/49, no. 12 [14]
1574 11 May 16 Dunstan Penckherst v. Elizabeth Penckherst. Tenement and 50 acres of land in Mayfield, Sussex, and customary land there. Dismission. C78/45, no. 14 [15]
1574 11 May 16 William Warren of Fifhide [Fifield, pash Enford], Wilts., esq., aged 12, son of Anthony Warren decd., by Thomas Mychelborne, gent., and Alice his wife, his mother and guardian v Henry Baker and Jane his wife, widow of Richard Warren decd. Possession of a messuage called Kepnell and lands called Brode Mede in Pewsey, Wilts. C78/96, no. 2 [16]
1574 12 May 16 Anthony Longe of Assheley, psh Box, Wilts., gent. v George Bretton, lessee of the manor of Monkton Farleigh, and Richard Pickering, gents. Possession of a close called Neyther Heyes and a meadow called Cotte Meade and New Meade held as copyholds of the manor of Monkton Farleigh. C78/96, no. 3 [17]
1574 15 May 16 Thomas Goodwyn, dean of Christ Church, Canterbury v. Randolph Wright, parson of Beddington, Surrey. Pension of £5 from Beddington Parsonage, lately payable to Bermondsey Abbey, Surrey and now to dean and chapter. C78/65, no. 12 [18]
1574 18 May 16 Richard Benyngton of Benefield, Northants. v. John Benyngton. Lands and tenements in Benefield, Brigstock and Gretton, Northants. Dismission. C78/45, no. 15 [19]
1574 18 May 16 Thomas Pery v. William Bery. Plaintiff's debt of £20 owed to John Halse of London for certain wares. Dismission. C78/47, no. 23 [20]
1574 21 May 16 Simon Sloper of Winterbourne Monkton, Wilts. v John Lake, Joan his wife, widow of Robert Sloper, decd and Thomas Sloper, her son. Lease in reversion for 41 years of the farm of Winterbourne Monkton, purchased by John Lake and Thomas Sloper of William Darrell esq. to the use of Joan for life, and sold by her to the plt. C78/96, no. 1 [21]
1574 22 May 16 Mathew Draper gent., John Dowe, John Crofte, Richard Wrighte and Thomas Wood, on behalf of the tenants of the manor of Dulwich, Sussex v Nicholas Cawlton, gent., lord of the manor. Right of the plt to take underwood on the commons of the manor for fuel and hedgebote; felling of timber by plt. C78/95, no. 5 [22]
1574 24 May 16 John Lloyde esq., John Kynaston, Edward ap Edward, George Hughes, John Lloyd ap Edward, John ap Edward, Edward ap Richard of Henlle, Maud verch William, Rice ap Richard, Roger ap Richard, Edward ap Richard of Franton, Roger ap Edward, Edward ap Edward ap Owen, Thomas ap Richard of Bergill, Robert ap John ap William, Edward ap John ap Jevan, Thomas Johnes, Ellinor verch Robert, tenants of Whittington, Salop v. William Albonye. Mortgage of manor by Henry, earl of Arundel to defendant, his conveyances of certain lands in fee-farm to the tenants, and the defendant's alleged failure to grant assurances of the same. Common called Babishewood in Whittington. C78/45, no. 16 [23]
1574 12 June 16 Joan Eyre of Nateley, Hants, widow, late wife of Thomas Eyre decd & sister & next heir of Richard Alexander late of Odyham, Hants decd v. William Goodyer and John Hole. Messuage and thirty acres of land in Odiham, Hants. Dismission. C78/47, no. 2 [24]
1574 14 June 16 Humphrey Frye, son & heir of John Frye late of Froxefield, Hants v. John Knight. Customary holding in Froxfield, Hants held of the Bishop of Winchester's manor of East Meon, and a lease of the same. C78/70, no. 5 [25]
1574 18 June 16 Thomas Clerke of Little Coxwell and Thomas Cumbers of Farringdon, Berks [Oxon] husbandman v. Francis Morys, esq. Admittance to a customary holding in Little Coxwell, Berks. C78/47, no. 13 [26]
1574 19 June 16 William Button of Alton, Wilts, esq v. Richard Danvers, gent. The manor of Tockenham, Wilts, and a conventual lease of the same granted.by Bradenstoke .Priory, Wilts. Dismission. C78/52, no. 20 [27]
1574 23 June 16 Michael Dormer by Nicholas West, esq., one of the six clerks of Chancery v. John Boulney, gent. Two messuages with appurtenances and l00 acres of wood in Watlington and the manor of 'Dryvelles' in Clare in Pyrton, Oxon, parcel of lands sold jointly to plaintiff's father and defendant by Thomas, Lord Wentworth. C78/47, no. 3 [28]
1574 23 June 16 Richard Alye of Tewkesbury, Glos., draper v Nicholas Cutts and Bridget his wife. Title to a messuage in Northfield, Worcs. C78/96, no. 7A [29]
1574 25 June 16 Martin James, esq. registrar of the court of Chancery v. Thomas, William, Ambrose, Edmund and Henry Copynger. Outer Hyncle Marsh in Teynham, Kent and the will of Sir Ralph Copynger, dec. C78/52, no. 12 [30]
1574 26 June 16 Henry Baskervile of Stowell, Glos, gent v. Walter Baskervile, John Haynes and William Lewson. Lease of manor of Westhide, Heref. C78/49, no. 16 [31]
1574 29 June 16 Roger Greneway v. Robert Weare and Richard Tuchenor. Customary holding of the manor of Chillington and South Harp in South Petherton, Som. Dismission. C78/47, no. 19 [32]
1574 11 Nov 16 John Wykes v. Robert Fyssher, clerk. Pension of 12 bushels of Rye and 20 bushels of wheat payable by farmer of rectory of Chagford to rectory of South Tawton, Devon. Dismission. C78/66, no. 12 [33]
1574 18 Nov 17 Frances Haselwood of Kirklington, Notts, wife of John Haselwood, esq. v. Henry Nedeham, gent, Hugh Lawe, John Kynder, Richard Leke, William Wright and others (not named) Issues of the manors of Kirklington and 'Roughey', Notts., late of Sir John Dunham, dec, plaintiff's father. Plaintiff is living apart from husband (according to decree she is divorced by ecclesiastical ruling) because of his licentious behaviour and is claiming rents from her dower lands which he had lost through debt, etc. C78/45, no. 17 [34]
1574 18 Nov 17 Edith Quyntyne alias Frier, widow of Henry Quyntyne, alias Frier, decd v Bernard Drake esq., lord of the manor of Tudhaies (?Tudhay, psh Hawkchurch), Devon, and John Carsewell, gent. Refusal to admit the plt to her widow's estate in two tenements called Lowdeshayne, a parcel of barton lands and a tenement called Tuddyn, all copyholds of the manor. Cf C78/96 no. 11. C78/96, no. 7B [35]
1574 20 Nov 17 Peter Garnet v. William Sheperde. Validity of a conventual lease of lands in Startforth (Stratforthe), Yorks, granted by Egglestone Abbey Yorks. to defendant. An earlier decree of Feb 10 Eliz whereby title of defendant (then plaintiff) to lands in question was to stand until Garnet (then defendant) could produce new evidence to disprove it. Dismission. C78/47, no. 4 [36]
1574 25 Nov 17 William Downes one of the sons of George Downes decd v. William Freman and wife Alice. Legacy due under will of Thomas Blage alias Downes, citizen and haberdasher of London. C78/52, no. 14 [37]
1574 24 Nov 17 Richard Acton v. Francis Broke, gent, Edward Acton and wife Joyce. Provision for the jointure of the defendant Joyce, daughter of Francis Broke. Land in Stanton Lacy, the third part of the manor of Alberbury, two tenements in Acton and land and tithes in Eaton, Salop. C78/52, no. 15 [38]
1574 26 Nov 16 Francis Leache v. Elizabeth Leache, widow, Thomas Knyfton and wife Jane, Anthony Wingfield and wife Elizabeth and Richard Sclater and wife Margaret. Lands and tenements in Bonsall, Chesterfield, Wirksworth and Unthank (in Holmesfield), Derb. Dismission. C78/78, no. 14 [39]