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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1573 15 Edmund Butler alias Shawe v. Robert Pereson and John Bird. Three tenements and 28 acres of land in Fring, Norf. Dismission. C78/48, no. 20 [2]
1573 28 Jan 15 Peter Lyvell of Baylham, Suff v. William Whetcrofte, gent and wife Alice Customary lands held of the manor of Witnesham, Suff. Dismission. C78/52, no. 5 [3]
1573 29 Jan 15 William ap Robert and David ap Robert, executors of Robert ap Hoell late of Bethkellert, Carnarvon decd v. Meredith ap Thomas Gryffyth. Lease of township and farm of 'Combe', Caern, once "belonging to Conway Abbey, Caern. Dismission. C78/52, no. 24 [4]
1573 30 Jan 15 William Synger v. John Allen, gent. Messuage and land held by custom of manor of Erlham [in Oxwick], Norf. C78/48, no. 1 [5]
1573 30 Jan 15 Stephen Goldewell of Chart, Kent, gent, and wife Dorothy v. Robert Fryer of London, goldsmith. Conveyance, to Dorothy, of lands (unspecified) worth £40 p.a.; and a debt of £120. C78/45, no. 4 [6]
1573 3 Feb 15 Richard Snowe, Robert Nichole and wife Elizabeth, Nicholas Hodsdon and Thomas Tymewell v. John Newman and wife Elizabeth, Richard Taylor and wife Agnes. Customary holding of a messuage and a toft, with lands, in manor of Aldenham [Herts.], late of John Ederyche of Edgware, Midd., dec. Dismission. C78/45, no. 6 [7]
1573 4 Feb 15 John Cotton of Horsenden (Horsyngton), Bucks, esq. v. John Snelson. Redemption of mortgage of messuages and lands in 'Astyll', Turnock [in Siddington] and Siddington, Ches, once of Richard Cotton of 'Gopyshill' [?Gupshill in Tewkesbury], Glos, esq. C78/48, no. 2 [8]
1573 9 Feb 15 John Harryson, executor of Richard Sexton, Edward, Robert, Benjamin and John Harryson v. William Fowle alias Reignoldes and wife Joan, widow of Richard Sexton. Bond concerning an alleged agreement about dower rights made before marriage of Richard Sexton to Joan. Dismission. C78/43, no. 30 [9]
1573 10 Feb 15 Edward Styward of Haddenham, Cambs., and John Styward of Lakenheath, Suff, gents, v. Thomas Neale and Christopher Payton, gents. Sale of office of auditor of lands and possessions of bishopric of Ely. C78/43, no.23 [10]
1573 11 Feb 15 Isabel, alias Elizabeth, Wytcombe, widow v. William and Richard Michell. An award concerning the lease of the rectory of Stoke St. Gregory, Som. C78/43, no. 32 [11]
1573 10 April 15 William Somner alias Kiddermister of Coleshill, Warw, shoemaker and wife, Isabel v. John Nasshe, Robert Potter and John Loverich. Customary land held of the manor of Romsley, Salop. C78/49, no. 13 [12]
1573 13 April 15 Agnes Ferne, widow v. Robert Smythe. Copyhold land in 'Workesworth' [?Wirksworth, Derb ]. C78/48, no. 3 [13]
1573 13 April 15 John Phellipp alias Prowtinge v. John ap John and John Prowtinge. Lease of lands in Cogan, Dinas Powys, St. Andrews and elsewhere in Glam. Dismission. C78/48, no. 17 [14]
1573 17 April 15 John Imber of Chitterne, Wilts, yeoman v. John Barnabye, gent. Lease of Potterne Park, Wilts and a settlement on the marriage of plaintiff's daughter, Katherine, with defendant's son, Augustine. Lease of meadow and sheep downs in Bishop's Canning, Wilts. C78/66, no. 19 [15]
1573 24 April 15 John Bacon of Hessett, Suff, gent v. Robert Rose Tenement with 100 acres of land in Elmswell, Woolpit and Wetherden, Suff, late of Thomas and Joan Scatterton. C78/66, no. 14 [16]
1573 4 May 15 Thomas Truxton, merchant taylor of London v. Robert Gower, gent. Capital messuage with mill and lands in Great Witley, Redmarley, Hanbury and Tenbury, Worcs. Dismission. C78/44, no. 36 [17]
1573 22 May 15 Robert Wheatley the elder, William Haighe, Avery Brooke, Isabel Brooke, widow, Henry Bedforth, Thomas Issiott, Johan Baildon, widow, Katherine Beamond, widow, George Leicester, clerk, tenants of manors of Emley and Darrington, Yorks v. Edward and George Savile, esqs, Thomas Savell, Robert Savell, Henry Page, John Frannce, Michael Fayrebank, John Morehowse, Henry Batte Feud relating to ownership of manors of Emley, Darrington and Haddesley. Tenants' enjoyment of holdings. Dismission. C78/46, no. 18 [18]
1573 23 May 15 Thomas Townsend of Calcutt, Wilts, husbandman v. Henry Kemble. Customary holding in Calcutt, part of manor of 'Partyn Pochers', Wilts. C78/44, no. 38 [19]
1573 23 May 15 Thomas Pyke of East Hanningfield, Essex, gent v. Richard Cannon. Rent from lease of land in East, South and West Hanningfield. C78/48, no. 4 [20]
1573 26 May 15 Ralph Cowper and George Cowper of Slinfold, Sussex v. Thomas Beale. Customary holding of the manor of Hammerden in Ticehurst, Sussex. Customs relating to inheritance of infants and descent by blood. C78/46, no. 17 [21]
1573 30 May 15 Richard Paramore, merchant taylor of London v. Thomas Rydley, esq. and wife Anne. Lease of farm place called ' Wildertop’ [ ?Wilderhope, in Rushhury], Salop with 100 acres of land. C78/46, no. 21 [22]
1573 30 May 15 Thomas Westley v. George Cotton, gent, Robert and John Allen and Edward Hawkyns. Admittance to lands called Stocking and Hurlocks in the manor of Hempstead, Essex. Defendants claim lands are not copyhold but part of the demense. C78/48, no. 5 [23]
1573 2 June 15 Joan Keylwaye, widow and George Cokeram v. Sir John More. Conventual lease of tithes of rectory of Cullompton, Devon. C78/44, no. 37 [24]
1573 3 June 15 Thomas Wattes of Blakesley, Northants, esq., executor of Sir Walter Bonham v. Henry Sharington, esq. Settlement of estates of Sir Walter Bonham and Sir William Sharington, dec. Defendant is co-executor of the former and administrator of the latter. Dismission. C78/46, no. 19 [25]
1573 3 June 15 Leonard Stourton, gent. v. Thomas Chard. One acre of meadow next to West Mills watercourse in Bridport, Dors. C78/46, no. 22 [26]
1573 6 June 15 John Sute, Richard Sute the elder, Thomas Atkyns, Johanne Rundell, widow, John Fissher, Richard Fyssher, Johane Pope, Richard Sute the younger, tenants of Bathampton, Som. v. William Crowche, esq. and son Walter Crowche. Payment of customary rents of Bathampton, Som. Defendant's debt to Thomas Cole and the manor as surety. C78/44, no. 39 [27]
1573 9 June 15 Richard Corbyn v. John Strongman. Lease of mills called Fryers Mills with lands in Dorchester, Dors. C78/44, no. 35 [28]
1573 10 June 15 John Ryvers, alderman of London v. Andrew Fisher, gent. Capital messuage called Fish Hall in Hadlow, Kent and rectory and advowson of Hadlow. Case recently heard in Parliament. C78/46, no. 20 [29]
1573 5 Oct 15 John Lyckfold v. Henry Holloway. Lands and tenements in Petworth, Sussex. Dismission. C78/66, no. 28 [30]
no date John Sandford v. Thomas Harbert. Lease of the manor of Frindsbury, Kent. An agreement between parties entered as a decree C78/66, no. 29 [31]
1573 10 Oct 15 Walter Buckland of Clerkenwell, Midd. esq. v. Thomas Leigh, Richard Upton, John Barnard and Thomas Coward. Purchase of tenancies by tenants of the manor of Shepton Mallett, Som. C78/44, no. 40 [32]
1573 10 Oct 15 William Wood v. John Chauntler and wife Agnes, John Sneade, George Stonewre and Thomas Turner. Customary holding in Talke, Staffs, belonging to the manor of Audley and once held by William Birkes whose brother Thomas was attainted of felony. C78/52, no. 7 [33]
1573 14 Oct 15 Robert Blackman, gent. v. John Blackman. The will of plaintiff's father, Robert Blackman and money owing from the defendant's sale of lands in Bury St. Edmunds, Worlington, Newmarket and Kentford, Suff during plaintiff's minority. C78/48, no. 18 [34]
1573 15 Oct 15 James Garden v. Dean and chapter of Chichester Cathedral, John Sherwyn and John Pyckeringe. Three messuages with gardens in Chichester, Sussex, which defendants claim as obit lands. Dismission. C78/45, no. 13 [35]
1573 19 Oct 15 Edward Rugge v. William Cowrham and Roger Colman. Six messuages with gardens and 12 acres of land in Tiverton, Devon. Dismission. C78/46, no. 31 [36]
1573 19 Oct 15 Robert Gower v. Christopher Wyvell, Francis Burghe and Thomas Pole. A chapel in 'Thorneton in Boulmershyre' [?Thornton le Clay in Foston], Yorks. Plaintiff claims he got it via a crown grant to a third party and defendant Wyvell, that it was a chapel of ease built on land long in his family. Dismission. C78/48, no. 6 [37]
1573 20 Oct 15 Edward Inglyshe v. William and John Reder. Fourteen obligations belonging to plaintiff, William Rederfs servant. Lands and tenements in Stokesby, Norf. Dismission. C78/48, no. 7 [38]
1573 20 Oct 15 Leonard Chaffyn, gent v. Henry Willoughby and Thomas Symbarbe, gent guardians of William Chaffyn. Lease of the parsonage of Mere, Wilts. C78/48, no. 19 [39]
1573 21 Oct 15 Francis Sandbache, gent. and wife Joan v. Oliver Wallett. Repairs to tenement called the Cock and Key and adjoining pavement in St. Dunstan in the West, Fleet Street, London. Defendant holds remainder of a conventual lease from Royston Priory, Herts. C78/46, no. 23 [40]
1573 22 Oct 15 Elizabeth Broughen, widow of Nicholas Fullam of Chigwell, Essex, yeoman v. Robert and Thomas Spackman. Lease for years of parsonage of Chigwell, Essex C78/46, no. 30 [41]
1573 22 Oct 15 Thomas Prydeaux esq., son and heir of Serjeant Prydeaux decd and James Courtney the younger (who married Jane, daughter of Serjeant Prydeaux) v Robert Prydeaux, gent., an administrator of Prydeaux's estate. Administration of Prydeaux's estate; refusal to surrender goods or make accounts. C78/95, no. 3 [42]
1573 27 Oct 15 George Alsopp of London, cordwainer v. William Crosse and wife Ellen Messuages and lands in Ashborne and Yeaveley, Derb late of John Alsopp of Woodhouse, Staffs, dec. Defendant claims he holds the premises by courtesy of England. Case previously heard in the court of the Duchy Chamber. Dismission. C78/70, no. 4 [43]
1573 29 Oct 15 Agnes Jackson, widow of Edward Ackhurst, Nicholas Colly and wife Mary, Ackhurst's daughter v. John Willerd. Customary holding with land in Heathfield, part of manor of Bishopstone, Sussex. C78/45, no. 12 [44]
1573 30 Oct 15 Thomas Lecheland of Taunton, Som , merchant v. Nicholas Richards . Customary holding of manor of Angersleigh, Som. Dismission. C78/46, no. 29 [45]
1573 6 Nov 15 Thomas Jenkynson, parson of St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London v. John Riche, John Beast, Edmund Hansell, Thomas Allen, Humphrey Fayrefaxe, William Handford, William Massam, Robert Brooke, William Sharley, John Smythe Diverse messuages (described) in parish of St. Mary Woolchurch Haw, London. Suit begun at Guildhall. Dismission. C78/45, no. 11 [46]
1573 8 Nov 15 Edmund Trafford, esq v. Sir Peter Leigh, John Booth, esq and others. Marriage between plaintiff's son, Edmund and Booth's daughter Margaret. Custody of Margaret. C78/52, no. 6 [47]
1573 13 Nov 15 Thomas Watkyns v. Henry Clemson and wife Elizabeth. Two messuages and 100 acres of land in Burcot in Bromsgrove, Worcs , and a forged deed. Dismission C78/46, no. 32 [48]
1573 13 Nov 15 Christopher Hellesden v. Thomas Grene. Capital messuage and land in Swafield, Norf held of manors of Mundsley and North Walsham, Norf. Dismission. C78/49, no. 14 [49]
1573 14 Nov 15 Nicholas Downes of Haughton, Staffs, husbandman v. John Crockett and William Unwyn. Customary holding in Burston, held of the manor of Tunstall, Staffs. Redemption of a mortgage of the same for 200 marks. C78/70, no. 3 [50]
1573 16 Nov 15 Edward Parkyns v. Thomas Parkyns and Richard Madley A messuage called Heryng land with 100 acres of land in Easton in Upper Sapey, Heref. C78/46, no. 26 [51]
1573 16 Nov 15 Thomas Bygges v. James Chapman. Interest in the moiety of a lease of the mansion house of Wingham Barton, Kent. C78/52, no. 8 [52]
1573 16 Nov 15 Matthew Feild/Feylde, citizen and mercer of London v. John Parker, gent. Conveyance to Parker of messuages and lands in Hemsworth and Norton, Derb and Sheffield, Yorks and the post fine payable thereon. C78/52, no. 9 [53]
1573 18 Nov 16 John Coxe of Clifford's Inn, London for his sister, Katherine Gwilliam v. Robert Gwilliam and William Gwilliam. Possession, under a marriage agreement, of the capital messuage of Llangunnock [in St. Weonards], with 100 acres of land in Llangarren and St. Woenards, Heref held jointly by defendants in gavelkind.. Plaintiff is wife of Robert Gwilliam's son, Walter. C78/46, no. 25 [54]
1573 18 Nov 16 Thomas Eade of Binsted, Hants v. John Leafe. Tenement and 40 acres of land in Binsted, Hants. Assault and extortion of plaintiff's property by one George Wheler and subsequent dealings with defendant to regain them. C78/47, no. 1 [55]
1573 19 Nov 16 William Pory of Tompson, Norf, cousin & next heir of William Pory late of Thompson decd v. Robert Futter. Admittance to a customary holding of the manor of Thompson College alias Burdelesse in Thompson, Norf. Defendant is lord of the manor. C78/46, no. 24 [56]
1573 20 Nov 16 Thomas Lucas of Hawkhurst, Kent v. John Burges of Benenden and John Hylles of Rolvenden, Kent. Moiety of lands in Benenden, Rolvenden and Sandhurst, Kent. Dismission. C78/46, no. 27 [57]
1573 20 Nov 16 Nicholas Game, churchwarden of Stoke Abbott, Dors., yeo., on behalf of the parishoners of Stoke Abbott v William Gollopp and Thomas Gonge/Gouge, farmers of the manor of Stoke Abbott. Grounds in the manor granted by the Abbot of Sherborne to the plt and John Bage decd., churchwardens, for the erection of a church house. C78/96, no. 5 [58]
1573 21 Nov 16 John Segrave v. Adam Basse. Three tofts and 100 acres of land in Newton, Lincs. Dismission. C78/65, no. 14 [59]
1573 27 Nov 16 Richard Wylles, citizen and leather-seller of London v. Robert Brywood. Payment of debts of Thomas Brywood, dec. C78/52, no. 10 [60]