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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1569 27 Jan 11 Dr. John Stokes, master of Queens College, Camb. & the Fellows of the same College v. Sir Henry Parker, Lord Morley. Two meadows in Furneux Pelham, Herts. C78/39, no. 19 [2]
1569 28 Jan 11 Dame Edith Horsey, widow v. Anne Gorges, widow of Edmund Gorges son of Sir Edward Gorges dec, and Robert Tynt. Manor of Over Kentcombe in Toller Porcorum, Dors. Dismission. C78/43, no. 8 [3]
1569 29 Jan 11 Thomas Gallant, gent. v. John Hawes and Edward Slegge. Offices of clerk of the crown, clerk of the assize, prothonotary and chirographer, within the Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/38, no. 2 [4]
1569 31 Jan 11 Alexander Trigges v. John Anthony alias Peter. Bond for the purchase of a messuage, worth sixteen shillings p.a., in Pulworthy in Hatherleigh, Devon. Dismission. C78/42, no. 29 [5]
1569 31 Jan 11 Beatrice Delamer, widow v. Thomas Sermon, Thomas Hyett, William Pyt and John Barnett. Messuages and lands in parish of Eldersfield, Worcs. C78/43, no. 10 [6]
1569 1 Feb 11 Christian Michell, widow v. John Huntley. Customary lands in manor of Milborne, Dors. C78/38, no. 23 [7]
1569 3 Feb 11 William Hitchcockes v. Thomas Alporte. Life interest in a conventual lease of manor of Fendeford, Staffs, granted by St. Thomas' Priory, Stafford. C78/42, no. 20 [8]
1569 4 Feb 11 William More v. Thomas Piers and Henry Davye. Legacy under will of Thomas More, father of plaintiff who is under age. Piers is executor of will. C78/37, no. 2 [9]
1569 5 Feb 11 Michael Hewson and wife Agnes v. Robert Fyncher. Customary holding in manor of Aston Abbots, Bucks. Dismission. C78/42, no. 21 [10]
1569 5 Feb 11 Richard Brabyn v. Richard Roscarrock. Messuages, tofts and lands in parish of St. Mabyn, Corn. Dismission. C78/42, no. 22A [11]
1569 8 Feb 11 Sir Edmund Malyverer v. Thomas Wentworth. Loan of £490 and mortgage of manors of Arncliffe and Dale, Yorks. C78/38, no. 22 [12]
1569 8 Feb 11 John Broxholme v. John Sheffeld. A water mill called New Peck Mylne and two closes in Market Rasen, late of Sixhills Priory, Lincs. Dismission. C78/43, no. 5 [13]
1569 10 Feb 11 Ambrose Beckwith, William Beckwith, Thomas Fale and James Foxe v. Christopher Kenne and Roger Beckwith, executor of Sir Leonard Beckwith, deceased. Payment of legacies and debts under will of Sir Leonard Beckwith whose widow, Dame Elizabeth, is wife of Christopher Kenne. Reversion of manor of Catfoss, Yorks. C78/39, no. 20 [14]
1569 10 Feb 11 Jevan Warden and wife Katherine v. Thomas ap Shone and Robert ap David. Four messuages with lands in Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochnant and Llanwddyn, Mont. C78/43, no. 11 [15]
1569 12 Feb 11 Sir Ralph Chamberlayne v. Robert Cole of East Bergholt, Suff., yeoman. Failure to abide by a previous arbitration concerning lands in parishes of Wenham and Raydon, Suff. C78/37, no. 3 [16]
1569 12 Feb 11 Sir Edmund Wyndham v. Thomas Wentworth and wife Margaret, and John Gascoigne. Manor of Bentley, Yorks. Case between Elinor Scrope and Sir William Gascoigne, ancestors of plaintiff and defendant, heard in Star Chamber 4 H.VII. C78/43, no. 12 [17]
1569 May 11 William Lloid v. Hugh Williams. Messuage and 100 acres of land called Blayne Ellen in parish of Llanfair, Caern., late of Richard Lloid of Llanfair. Dismission. C78/43, no. 17 [18]
1569 2 May 11 Jeffrey Covell; William Bryan; Edmond Kervile; Thomas Kervile, the Queen's ward; Thomas Middleton; Richard Rondon; Thomas Hatcher; John Hawkynn; William Fenner; Richard Fyncham; Simon Fyncham, for all the inhabitants of the Hundred of Wisbyche[Wisbech], Isle of Ely, Cambs. v. John Odam; John Fage; Roger Bussye; William Cawthorne, for all the inhabitants of Doddington and March, Cambs. Rights to common pasture called Norwood or Norwolde [in March]. C78/36, no. 39 [19]
1569 7 May 11 Thomas Flowar v. Richard Garyeke, gent., and Robert Tryndall. A house with land, and a close of pasture with land called Fremans, in Lower Slaughter, Glos. Dismission. C78/42, no. 28 [20]
1569 10 May 11 John Bunt of Bottisham, Cambs. yeoman, and wife, Ellen, widow of Richard Aunger v. Henry Aunger. Customary holding in manor of Chesterton, Cambs. C78/39, no. 21 [21]
1569 18 May 11 John Eden, merchant taylor of London, and wife Anne v. Thomas Powell. Sixty acres of land in parish of Hanley, Worcs., late of Richard Barnes, dec. Dismission. C78/43, no. 14 [22]
1569 21 May 11 Robert Lynge v. Ralph Foxeley and wife, Margery. Eight messuages in parish of St. Dionis Backchurch, London; and two messuages with lands in Mortlake, Surrey, held by custom of manor of Wimbledon. Dismission. C78/42, no. 22B [23]
1569 23 May 11 Robert Coller of Sutton, Wilts v. Joan Coller, widow. Alleged cancellation of the reversion of a conventual lease from Malmesbury Abbey of a tenement with lands called the farm of Sutton, Wilts, by means of procuring a new crown lease which omits plaintiff's name. Dismission. C78/42, no. 30 [24]
1569 23 May 11 John Price of Inner Temple, gent, and Robert Jones, groom of the Chamber v. Ellis Griffith ap David ap Llewellyn, and Maurice Thomas, tailor. Lease of rectory of Ysgeifiog, Flint. C78/43, no. 13 [25]
1569 10 June 11 John Horsey, esq. son of Sir John Horsey of Clifton, Dors v. George Sydenham, esq. Leases of manors of Pynford and Weke, Dors, and a rent of £10 from manor of Pynford. C78/38, no. 1 [26]
1569 14 June 11 John Louche v. William Pagett. Three messuages and fifteen acres of meadow in Marlborough, Wilts., late of Agnes Wente, dec. Dismission. C78/42, no. 24 [27]
1569 15 June 11 Robert Wryght of Horsham, Sussex, yeoman, son of Thomas Wright of Newdigate, Surrey, yeoman, dec. v. Thomas Bowett and John Bell. Messuage, 140 acres of land, and a croft in Newdigate, and croft in Charlwood, Surrey. C78/43, no. 15 [28]
1569 18 June 11 John Cutt of Childerley, Cambs., esq. v. Robert Natteres Manor of Amberden Hall in Debden, Essex. Defendant claims to be heir of Edmund Natteres D.D., late master of Clare Hall, Cambs. Dismission. C78/37, no. 7B [29]
1569 18 June 11 John Cutt of Childerly, Cambs., esq. son of Sir John Cutt v. Edmund Weste, esq. Lease of manor of Amberden Hall, Essex. Dismission. C78/37, no. 8 [30]
1569 23 June 11 Richard Danvers, esq. v. Edward Barkley and Frances Barkley. Legacies under wills of Dame Cicely Barkley and Frances Danvers. Land in Yarpole, Luston and Pernbridge, Heref. Dismission. C78/43, no. 16 [31]
1569 21 June 11 John Michelbourne of Wesmeston, Sussex, yeoman v. Thomas Culpeper, esq. Thirty-six acres of copyhold land in Clayton, Sussex belonging to Wickham manor. Whole manor worth £40 p.a. clear. Dismission. C78/37, no. 7A [32]
1569 21 June 11 Thomas Powle, esq., chancery clerk v. Henry Owen. Manor of Marden, Surrey. An alleged mortgage. C78/42, no. 23 [33]
1569 23 June 11 Thomas Annott v. George Debdyn Forty acres of land in Lowestoft, Suff. Dismission. C78/42, no. 25 [34]
1569 25 June 11 Thomas Porter, administrator of goods of Richard Brady of Pingreth Hall, dec. and of his late wife Joan v. William Reve Lease of the manor of Fingreth Hall in parish of Blackmore, Essex. C78/38, no. 24 [35]
1569 10 Nov 11 William Oliffe by John Kinge and wife Alice, mother and guardian v. John Challoner and wife Margery and others (not named). Copyhold land called Agettes and other land and a messuage in Cousley Wood and Wadhurst, Sussex, held by custom of the manor of Mayfield. C78/38, no. 25 [36]
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