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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1567 25 Jan 9 Sir George Speake v. Oliver John alias Marracke; William Bonduyle; Martin Nenya; John Tregonwyn; William John; William John Richard; Mark Dockett; Richard Gerye; Walter Myller; John Bowyer; Richard Peres; William Martin; Thomas Harry als Harrynge; John Lawns; Thomas Carnesewe; Degory Jue; William Thomas; Thomas Tregaswyth; Harry Tresannte; Drewe Allen Manors of Beer and Binnerton, Devon and Corn. C78/32, no. 6 [2]
1567 25 Jan 9 John Rogers and wife Winifred v. Andrew Bowier and wife Joan Customary lands in manor of Keele, Staffs. Alleged custom of the manor over the inheritance of the half blood. C78/35, no. 13 [3]
1567 27 Jan 9 William Lord Willoughby of Parham v. John Broxholme Thirty cottages in Bardney, Lincs. Dismission. C78/35, no. 12 [4]
1567 27 Jan 9 John [Best], Bishop of Carlisle v. William Tallentyre. Lease of a portion of tithes from the parish of St. Mary, Carlisle. Dismission. C78/34, no. 3 [5]
1567 27 Jan 9 Sir John Butler v. Lady Anne Bourcher. Right to take deer, keep warrens and fell trees in Bennington Park, Herts. Plaintiff is master of the game there and stocked the park with deer himself. C78/38, no. 28 [6]
1567 29 Jan 9 John Kynaston of York, gent. v. John Kynaston & Ralph Kynaston of Bradneth, Flint; John Morres; Hugh Rone als ap Richard; Howell Jenkyns The tithes of the chapel of Hampton, belonging to the parsonage of Ellesmere, Salop. C78/32, no. 28 [7]
1567 29 Jan 9 Saincten Stephenson, widow, late wife of Humphrey Smythe of London, fletcher v. John Smythe. Messuages lands and tenements in Barking, Essex and St. Michael, Bassishaw, London, late of Thomas Smythe, father of Humphrey Smythe and defendant. C78/36, no. 24 [8]
1567 29 Jan 9 Robert Jones, groom of the Chamber v. William Kustyn, John Whitforde, Griffith Jones, clerk and Rice Thomas. Lease of part of the rectory and tithes of Whitford, Flint. Confirmation of an earlier decree. C78/36/12. C78/36, no. 33 [9]
1567 31 Jan 9 Thomas Reynoldes and wife Jane, Arthur Bromley and wife Mary v. Rowland Goodriche alias Atkyns. £200 from lands in the parishes of Charlton Kings and Cheltenham, Glos. C78/34, no. 8 [10]
1567 1 Feb 9 Alice Aldersey, widow v. George Redman. Lease of the manor of Halisdon in the parish of Cringleford, Norf. C78/32, no. 29 [11]
1567 1 Feb 9 Thomas Barnes of London, haberdasher v. Richard Barnes. Four messuages in St. Olave, Southwark, Surrey, one tenement and garden in Ilford, Essex, two tenements with lands in Kings Norton, Worcs., messuage and lands in Standon, Essex, late of Thomas Barnes, ironmonger, dec. Dismission. C78/36, no. 19 [12]
1567 1 Feb 9 Robert Rolles executor of William Orton v. Thomas Cragge. £20 owed by defendant to William Orton. C78/36, no. 21B [13]
1567 3 Feb 9 George Moore v. Roger Hyll. Tenement and Garden in Cullompton, Devon. C78/32, no. 10 [14]
1567 4 Feb 9 George Melford v. Richard Estbrooke. Right of way between a messuage called Wiggynton and meadow in 'Dercombe', in parish of South Tawton, Devon. Dismission. C78/34, no. 4 [15]
1567 5 Feb 9 Stephen Trystram of Devon, gent. v. Henry Wallop, esq. Reversionary lease of messuages and lands in Brompton Regis, Som. C78/35, no. 10 [16]
1567 5 Feb 9 Francis Wansey v. Leonard Stephenson. Customary holding in manor of East Hanney, Berks. Dismission. C78/35, no. 11 [17]
1567 6 Feb 9 Robert Marche of Ely, Cambs. v. Henry Gallaunt. Lease of the site of the manor of Stretham, Isle of Ely held of the bishop of Ely. C78/32, no. 32 [18]
1567 7 Feb 9 Thomas Westdeane v. Sir Christopher Danby and Christopher Danby, esq. Annuity of £10 from manor of Thoresby, Lincs. C78/36, no. 23 [19]
1567 10 Feb 9 Walter Bushe v. Fremond Irysh and wife Margaret. Two messuages, five cottages and land within the manor of Rowley, Wilts. Dismission. C78/32, no. 12 [20]
1567 10 Feb 9 John Welham of Henley, Suff., husbandman v. Joan Cutbert, widow. Lands and tenements in Great Bricett, Bildeston, Ubbeston and Elmsett, Suff., once of William Haddock of Great Bricett, dec. C78/36, no. 32 [21]
1567 11 Feb 9 Oliver Lloyde and wife, Blanche, one of daughters of Sir Charles Herbert, dec. v. George James and wife, Joan. Manor or capital messuage of Mitchel Troy; the manors of Wonastow, St. Maughans, Llansoy, 'Tregaprahed', Monm. And Heref., worth 400 marks p.a. Dismission. C78/32, no. 7 [22]
1567 11 Feb 9 Robert Brock, clerk, John Jenny, citizen draper of London and John Harryson of Luccombe, Som., gent. v. John Bridgwater, clerk, Thomas Weynsley, Humphrey Stedborowgh; Walter Popham Parsonage of Porlock, Som. Dismission. C78/32, no. 13 [23]
1567 11 Feb 9 Sir Maurice Barkeley v. Brian Tyson. Reversion of a conventual lease of a messuage called Cheveneys and other lands in Horsley, Glos, granted by abbot of Bruton, Som.


C78/35, no. 15 [24]
1567 12 Feb 9 Sir Richard Cholmeley v. Francis Thyn of Lincoln's Inn, gent, and his wife Elizabeth (formerly Dalaring). Settlement on the marriage of Roger Cholmeley, younger son of plaintiff and Jane Dalaring. Manor of Brandsby, Yorks. Case heard in the Council of the North. Dismission. C78/32, no. 1 [25]
1567 12 Feb 9 Elinor Bourman, widow v. Richard Dowse. The misuse of money to acquire and stock a copyhold called Park in Brading, Isle of Wight, Hants. C78/32, no. 3 [26]
1567 12 Feb 9 William Lawton and wife Mary, and their guardian, John Lawton v. Margaret Blower and others (not named). Customary holding called Rookes in the manor of Blodhall, Suff. C78/32, no. 4 [27]
1567 12 Feb 9 George Carowe, dean of Bristol Cathedral v. Robert Adam, Thomas Faulkes and Friswith Creade. Land in 'St. Peters in the Moor' [?Peterstone Wentloog], Monm. Dismission. C78/32, no. 8 [28]
1567 12 Feb 9 Richard Warre of Hestercombe, Som., esq. v. Richard Warre of Tytherington Lucas, Wilts., gent. The capital messuage of Gotton, Som. C78/32, no. 18 [29]
1567 12 Feb 9 William Sethe, the son v. Robert Sethe, the father. Profits of a farm in Seasalter and Minster, Kent. C78/36, no.25 [30]
1567 12 Feb 9 Hugh ap Llewellyn ap David ap Llewellyn, John ap Llewellyn and Griffith ap Llewellyn v. Katherine Hoell, widow, Ithell ap Edward and Ryce ap Lewis. A messuage and 17 acres of land in 'Trethenvaughan' [TreuddynJ Flint. Enfeoffment to use. C78/40, no. 19 [31]
1567 20 March 9 Thomas Coxe, gent. v. Francis Rogers, esq. and wife Dorothy. Assignments of part of a conventual lease of the manor of Kingsbury, Herts, originally granted by St. Alban's Abbey C78/37, no. 1 [32]
1567 19 April 9 Nicholas Nowell v. William Leversage. A new lease of, and fine for, the capital messuage of Rudloe, in Box, Wilts. C78/32, no. 35 [33]
1567 20 April 9 John Weale, clerk, parson of All Saints, Thames Street, London v. Richard Payne, esq. and wife Margery. Annuity of 26s. 8d. from messuage called Emperors Head in St. Martin Vintry, London, late of John Brickies, citizen and draper of London. C78/36, no. 29 [34]
1567 21 April 9 Anne Tyrrell, infant daughter of Thomas Tyrrell v. John Gardner and Thomas Stanbridge. Manor of Columbine Hall [in Stowmarket], Suff. Maintenance of plaintiff while under age. [Decree only]. C78/38, no. 4 [35]
1567 22 April 9 Thomas Hawker of Chilthorne, Som., gent. v. John Wadham, esq. and Richard Chicke. Customary tenement in Winterhay, part of the manor of Ilminster, Som. Dismission. C78/32, no. 15 [36]
1567 25 April 9 Henry Saunders v. William Poton. Reversion of a customary holding in manor of Monkton Deverill, Wilts. Dismission. C78/34, no. 6 [37]
1567 26 April 9 Gregory Moore, gent. v. Sir Henry Compton. Messuages called The George and The Cock and one other messuage in Thames Street, All Hallows the Less, London. Dismission. C78/38, no. 18 [38]
1567 30 April 9 William Williams v. Robert Temple. Lease of a close called Chassell alias Chaswell in the parish of Handborough, Oxon. C78/32, no. 30 [39]
1567 30 April 9 Richard Boughton of the Middle Temple, London, gent. v. Thomas Wightman and Elizabeth his wife. Provision for Richard and Agnes Boughton under the will of Edward Boughton, esq. father of plaintiff and late husband of Elizabeth Wightman. Lands in Brownsover, Warw. C78/32, no. 31 [40]
1567 30 April 9 Edward Pitt of Inner Temple, gent. v. Edward ap Price. Acre of land appertaining to a grist mill and a tucking mill in the parish of Knighton, Rad. C78/32, no. 38 [41]
1567 30 April 9 William Carne of Bristol, hatmaker and Joyce Wurnell of Ashton, Som. widow v. John Lambe, gent. Land late of John Lambe, dec. in Biddestone, Calstone, Earl Stoke and Tilshead, Wilts., in Wycombe, Bucks, and in Bristol. Dismission. C78/40, no. 18 [42]
1567 1 May 9 Christopher Rose v. Elizabeth Caterment, widow, daughter of one Richard Rose, dec. Messuage and lands in Brightwell, Oxon. Dismission. C78/34, no. 5 [43]
1567 1 May 9 Francis Wise v. Francis Cowper and wife Rose. Customary holdings in manor of Hinton Netherhall, Hinton, Cambs. Dismission. C78/35, no. 20 [44]
1567 3 May 9 Thomas Aunsell, gent, and wife Elizabeth v. Francis Lamploughe. Reversion of moiety of manor of Johnby with lands and tenements in Greystoke, and Penrith, Cumb, and lands and tenements in Dufton, Westm. C78/35, no. 18 [45]
1567 3 May 9 John Hardinge, grandson of William Hardinge, senior v. Thomas Cholles. Customary holding in parish of Minety, Glos. [now Wilts] belonging to manor of Cerney [Glos]. Dismission. C78/35, no. 23 [46]
1567 5 May 9 Thomas Skydmore of Llancillo, Heref. v. Richard Thomas. Fourteen acres of land in Llancillo and an alleged mortgage of the same for £11 by plaintiff's father. Dismission. C78/40, no. 17 [47]
1567 6 May 9 Edward Wilkynson of Halifax, Yorks, clothier v. Richard Marley Debt of £100. Answer describes a sale of 20,000 hundredweight of iron for £100. Case heard in Council of the North. C78/35, no. 17 [48]
1567 7 May 9 Elizabeth, Katherine, Anne and Florence, daughters of Elizabeth Cassye and Robert Cassye, esq. of Whitefield, Glos., dec. v. William and Giles Reade. Legacies under will of Elizabeth Cassye. C78/34, no. 7 [49]
1567 7 May 9 Thomas Francke v. Robert Lytle. Sale of the reversion of lands and tenements in Hatfield, Essex, late of William Lytle, brother of defendant. C78/36, no. 22 [50]
1567 10 May 9 William Cole, jun., by William Cole his father v. George Saxmondham. Copyhold and freehold lands in Westleton and Darsham in hundred of Blything, Suff., late of John Paxton, dec. C78/32, no. 37 [51]
1567 10 May 9 Thomas Poyner of Beslow, Salop, esq. v. John Merigood and wife Anne. Lease of twelve acres of meadow and pasture called Cause Mere in Golding, in Acton Burnell, Salop. C78/35, no. 19 [52]
1567 12 May 9 William Lawton, Mary his wife and their guardian John Lawton v. Alice Thawtes. Customary holding of 16 acres in the manor of Sackvilles in Debenham, Suff. C78/32, no. 14 [53]
1567 30 May 9 William Rolff of Cottingham, Yorks. and Walter Jobson of Hull v. Christopher Estofte and Christopher Mychell. Lease of the parsonage of Cottingham, Yorks. held of the bishop of Chester. C78/40, no. 14 [54]
1567 3 June 9 Humphrey Worth v. Richard Fyssher. Annual payment of four acres of wheat due, by custom, to the farmer of the rectory of Somerton, Som. C78/32, no. 16 [55]
1567 3 June 9 Thomas Amye of Great Abington, Cambs., yeoman v. John Ward, John Amye, sen. and John Hawes of Great Abington. Common pasture for sheep, belonging to 80 acres of arable land called Willinghams, in Little Abington, Cambs. Dismission. C78/32, no. 33 [56]
1567 5 June 9 Robert Prior v. Richard Barnerd. Customary holding in the manor of Preston, Sussex. C78/32, no. 17 [57]
1567 6 June 9 Walter Hongerford of Caddenham, Wilts., esq., administrator of the goods of Randall Allett v. Robert Longe, esq. Settlement on the marriage of Margery, daughter of Sir Henry Long, and Robert Hongerford, father of the plaintiff. Lands in Studley and Calne, Wilts. C78/32, no. 19 [58]
1567 9 June 9 Edmund Brudnell, gent. v. Jasper Hartewell. Debt of £500 and manor of Preston [no county: ?Preston Deanery, Northants], late of the Preston family ancestors of plaintiff and formerly of parson of Holbeach. Dismission. C78/36, no. 18 [59]
1567 10 June 9 Sir Richard Wenman, and wife Lady Isabel, daughter of Lord Willyams of Thame v. John Handford. Forged lease of woods and underwoods in farm called Gregories alias Butlers Court and other woodground in manor of Beaconsfield, Bucks. Defendant to appear before Star Chamber. C78/36, no. 28 [60]
1567 11 June 9 John Hale, sen. of Ware, Herts., husbandman v. William Hyde, sen. esq. Lease of customary holding in the manor of Sandon, Herts. Failure of defendant to hold a court. C78/32, no. 36 [61]
1567 12 June 9 Robert Midelmore of Edgbaston, Warw., gent., executor of Anne Willington v. Sir Ambrose Cave, William Sheldon, Basil Feldinge, esq. and William Barnes, gent. Bequests of Anne's husband, William Willington. Legal costs and cost of consumption of corn and victuals on the manor of Barcheston and at Studley, Warw., by the defendants, executors of William Willington. See. C78/36/27. C78/36, no. 27 [62]
1567 12 June 9 William Wyett of Winfrith, Dors. v. Thomas Busshoppe. Customary holding of the anor of Winfrith, Dors. C78/40, no. 15 [63]
1567 12 June 9 Richard Blackwall, esq. v. Sir Humphrey Bradborne. Defendant's debts to plaintiff, allegedly amounting to 400 marks. C78/40, no. 16 [64]
1567 14 June 9 Thomas Brooke and wife Olive, widow of Alexander Borredge v. Thomas Catcott. Messuages and lands in parish of Capel Tudeley and Pembury, Kentworth £5 p.a., late of Alexander Borredge. Dismission. C78/36, no. 21 [65]
1567 16 June 9 George Smythe v. Robert Aston, clerk and John Aston. Customary holding of the manor of Audley, Staffs. called Bules Hall. C78/40, no. 21 [66]
1567 17 June 9 John Chambers v. Thomas Chambers Two messuages and 200 acres of land in parish of Llansannan, Denb. C78/36, no. 20 [67]
1567 17 June 9 Dorothy Meverell, daughter of Francis Meverell, esq. dec. v. Andrew and Edward Meverell Legacy of 400 marks due to plaintiff under her father's will. C78/36, no. 34 [68]
1567 [?3 Oct] 9 John Pope; Richard Fissher; John Fissher; Thomas Atkyns; Johan Osborne, widow; Richard Sute the younger; Richard Sute the elder, tenants of the manor of Hampton, Som. v. William Crowche, esq. Rents and payments for customary holdings on the defendant's manor of Hampton. Dismission. C78/40, no. 22 [69]
1567 13 Oct 9 Rowland Goodriche alias Etkins, gent. v. Henry Hall. Customary holding in Charlton, Glos., part of the manor of Cheltenham. Dismission. C78/38, no. 10 [70]
1567 17 Oct 9 Robert Wytton of Wisbech, Cambs. and wife Audrey, daughter and heir of Thomas Hall of Emneth, Norf. dec. v. Henry Claxton. Moiety of a messuage with orchard and lands in Emneth, Norf. C78/32, no. 20 [71]
1567 17 Oct 9 Roger Basynge, esq. v. Nicholas Marten and John Style. Lease of a farm in Wanstrow, Som. C78/34, no. 10 [72]
1567 17 Oct 9 Margery Hodgeson of Haughton, Staffs, widow v. William Hodgeson. Right to widow's estate in a customary holding of the manor of Haughton, Staffs. Dismission. C78/40, no. 11 [73]
1567 20 Oct 9 Francis Fowler, weaver of Gloucester and wife Anne v. John Mors. Occupation of a messuage called Bickulstons Farm with lands in Archenfield, Heref. Dismission. C78/40, no. 9 [74]
1567 22 Oct 9 John Webbe of Langford, Wilts, gent. v. Henry Chyvers. Lease of the manor of West Lavington, Wilts, held of the bishop of Salisbury. Dismission. C78/40, no. 10 [75]
1567 23 Oct 9 Thomas Master v. Richard Reade and his wife Joan. Lease of one toft and 40 acres of land called Warwycke Parkes in the parish of St. Budeaux, Devon. C78/32, no. 24 [76]
1567 24 Oct 9 Sir Francis Leke v. William Parke. Admission to an acre of meadow in Tolney in parish of Farndon, Notts., customary land of the Queen's manor of Newark. Customs of manor concerning fragmentation of holdings. C78/38, no. 7 [77]
1567 25 Oct 9 Richard Warren of Pewsey, Wilts., gent. v. Thomas Mychelborne, his wife Alice and William Aucker. Part of a tenement in Kepnell in parish of Pewsey, Wilts. Dismission. C78/32, no. 22 [78]
1567 25 Oct 9 Thomas Smyth alias Tewett v. Nicholas Crowne. Tenement with 50 acres of land in Exminster, Devon. Dismission. C78/34, no. 11 [79]
1567 28 Oct 9 Ursula Garrett, widow of John Garrett of London, salter v. Ralph Broke, citizen of London. Annuity of £16 owed to plaintiff in return for £200 paid to defendant by John Garrett. C78/36, no. 31 [80]
1567 29 Oct 9 Mary Askryge, widow v. Raphael Symondes and Edward Arden, esq. Lease of a messuage and lands called Hayes near Birmingham, Warw. Dismission. C78/32, no. 21 [81]
1567 31 Oct 9 John Knyghton, esq. v. Christopher Allen and John Allen. Customary holding of a tenement called Baldwyns with 40 acres in the manor of Brickendon, Herts. C78/32, no. 25 [82]
1567 4 Nov 9 Stephen Browne v. William Milton and Henry Welles. Lease of Longwood Warren, with lodge and appurtenances [Hants] granted by Bishop of Winchester to Ralph Foster, dec., and mother of plaintiff. Bequest of sheep and cattle under Foster's will. C78/38, no. 8 [83]
1567 4 Nov 9 Humphrey Perton of Church Eaton, Staffs. v. Joan Doryngton, widow, George Johns and George Strynger. Two messuages and 80 acres of land in Conley Coton [in Stafford]] and Beffecote [in Gnosall] Staffs. C78/40, no. 12 [84]
1567 6 Nov 9 Bevis Cartewrighte of Hereford, executor of Katherine Smythe herself executrix of Walter Mellyn v. Edward Longe. Conventual lease of the manor of Monkton, Wilts., lately belonging to the Priory of Monkton Farleigh, Wilts. Dismission. C78/32, no. 23 [85]
1567 6 Nov 9 Christopher Lewes v. John ap Jekan ap Owen and Owen ap John ap Hoell. Moiety of a watermill, fulling mill, messuages and lands in Llanfihangel, Llanfyllin, Hirnant, Llanrhaiadr and other places (named) Mont. C78/38, no. 17 [86]
1567 7 Nov 9 James Cressy, gent., John Barton and wife Elizabeth and William Hodge and wife Jane v. Henry Denny, esq. Customary lands in manor of Waltham Holy Cross, Essex; non-payment of rent, and fines on surrender of holdings. Dismission. C78/38, no. 3 [87]
1567 7 Nov 9 Henry Savell, esq. and wife Dorothy v. Edmund Trafford, esq. Wardship and marriage of Richard Massy. Issues of lands and tenements in Godley, Ches. C78/38, no. 9 [88]
1567 10 Nov 9 Lewis Napper and wife Agnes v. Robert Halleswell. Payment for the lease of a capital messuage and 120 acres of land in parish of Lillington, Dors. C78/34, no. 9 [89]
1567 13 Nov 9 Walter Pulleyn, esq. v. Vincent Fulnetbye and Edward Yarborough. Manor of Holythorne, LinCs. Dismission. C78/32, no. 34 [90]
1567 15 Nov 9 William Barton v. Nicholas Pery, Richard Upgrouer and John Longe. Customary holding in manor of Potterne, Wilts. C78/36, no. 17 [91]
1567 17 Nov 10 John Rastrydge and wife Katherine, daughter of Martin Pollard of Bristol, merchant, dec. v. John Samines. Weir called Pollardes Weir and two closes of land in parish of Goldhanger, Essex, late of Martin Pollard. Dismission. C78/42, no. 1 [92]
1567 17 Nov 10 Henry Ley, esq. v. John Langdon and John Brenden, gent. Manor of Charaton in St. Ives, Corn. C78/42, no. 2 [93]
1567 18 Nov 10 John Denby, mariner v. George Kyrke Two crofts with other lands, customary holdings of the manor of Great Brieett, Suff. Dismission. C78/36, no. 46B [94]
1567 18 Nov 10 John Rawnce and Walter Marten, church wardens of Halton, Bucks, and James Scott and Anthony Ingleton, inhabitants of town of Halton v. Ralph Hatton, Robert Mountague and Thomas Winchecombe, esqs. Customary tenement and yard land of 20 acres in Halton allegedly for the use of repairs to the parish church. Dismission. C78/36, no. 62 [95]
1567 20 Nov 10 Henry, Richard and Joan Michell v. Thomas Moreton, esq. and wife Warborough, Robert Wyllyams and wife Anne and William Michell. jun. Customary lands in the manor of Wootton Glanville, Dors. C78/34, no. 20 [96]
1567 20 Nov 10 Robert Bevys and wife Elizabeth, of Starford, Herts v. John Ayre. Life interest in a messuage and 20 acres of land with appurtenances in Stansted and Mountfitchet, Essex, under will of plaintiff Elizabeth's late husband, Thomas Ayre. C78/36, no. 35 [97]
1567 21 Nov 10 Nicholas Bunny, gent, and his wife Margaret, widow and executrix of Alexander Banester v. John Candishe, esq. Pasture in Melwood Park in the Isle of Axholme, Lincs. Dismission. C78/32, no. 26 [98]
1567 22 Nov 10 Isabel Bull v. Thomas Sawyard. Lease of a windmill, part of the manor of Lympsham, Som. C78/34, no. 13 [99]
1567 22 Nov 10 Richard Palmer, gent. v. Robert Webbe of London, gent. Assignment of the lease of the parsonage of Stoke Doyle, Northants. Recital of a previous Chancery order involving a dismission to common law; the results of the subsequent common law case; and an earlier part of the present decree, dated 7 Nov. 9 Eliz. C78/40, no. 13 [100]
1567 24 Nov 10 Nicholas Stone, son of Nicholas Stone of Uclefield, Sussex, dec. v. John Warnett. Manor of Easton in Little Horsted, Sussex. Dismission. C78/36, no. 50 [101]
1567 25 Nov 109 William Lawton and Mary his wife and their guardian John Lawton v. Lionel Talmache, esq. and others (not named). Customary holding in the manor of Monk Soham, [Suff.], which once belonged to Abbey of Bury. C78/32, no. 2 [102]
1567 25 Nov 10 Thomas Pygott of Dodershall, Bucks., esq. v. William Holte. Pasture and hunting rights on Bayard's Green, in parishes of Tusmore and Stoke Lyne, Oxon. Dismission. C78/36, no. 45 [103]
1567 25 Nov 10 Richard Maddock v. Lawrence Gowghe. Capital messuage in parish, of St. Peter's Cornhill, London, with three small tenements adjoining. Dismission.36 C78/36, no. 46A [104]
1567 27 Nov 10 William Crispe, esq. v. Thomas Henlay, esq. and wife, Dame Katherine. Goods of Edward Crayford, esq. dec. One of administrators of Crayford’s goods was plaintiff, the other was John Blechenden, esq. who married Dame Katherine and died intestate. C78/34, no. 12 [105]
1567 27 Nov 10 Robert Stoddard, son of John Stoddard, dec. v. Richard Bromley and Peter Grigges. Lease of houses in St. Nicholas Shambles, London. Request of Joan Watson, dec. that £4 from them be distributed among the poor. Plaintiff's father was Joan's executor. C78/36, no. 42 [106]
1567 27 Nov 10 Reynold Morrante v. John Whealer. Lease of land called Bury Lands in parish of Ardingly, Sussex late held by Thomas Payne of Lord Dacre. Plaintiff is Payne's administrator. Dismission. C78/36, no. 43 [107]
1567 28 Nov 10 Thomas Tyggewill v. Peter Hare. House and yardland in Brampton, Lincs., customary holding of manor of Brampton, and copy showing title to the same. C78/38, no. 5 [108]
1567 28 Nov 10 Henry Kendall of London, haberdasher v. Maud Kendall, widow and Anthony Cage. Reversion of the lease of a messuage with appurtenances in St. Matthew, Friday Street, London, late of Thomas Kendall, dec., husband of defendant Maud. Custody of the original lease. C78/38, no. 6 [109]
1568 28 Nov 10 John Wyvell v. John Spurre and wife Margaret. Moiety of a lease of messuages and lands in Lanoy in North Hill, Corn. C78/42, no. 7 [110]
1567 9 C78/, no. []