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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
UNDATED Jane Wye, widow of Robert Wye of Overlypyate, Glos. v Thomas Wye, son and heir of said Robert; also Robert, William, Giles, Richard, Joh, and Frances Wye sons of Robert v. Jane Wye Manors of Corsse, Longovis, and Overlypyate in Glos. and Worcs., and tenements in Tewkesbury. Division of estates of Robert Wye, dec. Decree that the sons of Robert Wye would hold the manor of Overlypyate and that Jane would hold the manors of Corse, Radmerton, and Longdon for her life, with other provisions; a list of some household goods. rcp C78/1, no. 56 [2]
UNDATED Joan Welshe, widow of Thomas Welshe, dec. v Robert Tyrwytt, esq. Lease of forges and iron mill at Etchingham, Sussex, and furnace in Darvall wood, Sussex. C78/1, no 57 [3]
UNDATED Joan Robynson, widow of George Robynson, mercer of London v James Leveson of ... Hampton, Staffs; Sir Edward Aston, Knight and Walter Aston his son & heir apparent Farm of manor of Bollhall in Warw. and Staffs. C78/3, no 81 [4]
Hilary Term
1546 Hilary Term 37 Wylliam Peggesworth, John Garbury and Wylliam Glasebroke v Thomas Podyfatte & Agnes his wife and Thomas Ewer. Two messuages and 40 acres of land, and two other messuages and 60 acres of land in Hemel Hemstead, Herts. C78/1, no. 91 [5]
1546 28 Jan 37 Benedict Mulsho, clerk v Robert Asplond Debts relating to will of John Asplond, clerk, dec. Latin. C78/3, no. 104 [6]
1546 ( ) Feb 37 John Alforde, cousin and heir of Pyers Alford v Robert Alford of London, draper. Lands in Lyons alias Holte in the lordship of Bromfield in Marches of Wales, subject of a bargain between Pyers Alford and defendant in 21 Hen. VIII. C78/1, no. 59 [7]
1546 ( ) Feb 37 Thomas Nott v John Brokett Debts owed to purchaser of a gold chain, which was lost by Lord Lisle. Defendant ordered to repay £20. 25 C78/1, no. 60 [8]
1546 5 Feb 37 Richard Forster and wife Agnes v William Parker. Messuage and garden and wharf in Maidstone, Kent. Dismission. Latin. C78/3, no. 6 [9]
1546 8 Feb 37 William Ryther v William Hone. Messuage called 'The Red Lion' in parish of St Nicholas ad Marcellas, London. Latin. C78/3, no. 39 [10]
1546 ? ? ? Jeffrey Fowler, cousin & heir of William Fowler v Alice Turney, widow; James ...; Harry Rogers; John Hopkyns Two messuages and 240 acres of land in Sulbery and Hollingdon, Bucks. C78/3, no. 41 [11]
1546 8 Feb 37 Sir William Fitzwilliam and wife Anne v George Forde of Ashprington, Devon. Fourth part of the estate of late Sir Richard Sapcott, complainants' father-in-law; 4th part of 20 messuages, 3 mills, over 3000 acres of land and heath and £5 p.a. rent in Woodhuish, Wreye, Bramcomb, Nottesworthie, Blackland, Nutwell and Woodhouse, Devon. C78/3, no 84 [12]
1546 9 Feb 37 Sir Rolland Hill v George Beeston esq. 80 acres of land in Bunbury, Ches. Both parties dismissed to the common law. C78/1, no 51 [13]
1546 10 Feb 37 John Popley, clerk v William Russell. Free Chapel called Portbury Chapel in parish church of Portbury, Som., and a 30s rent due to it. C78/3, no. 40 [14]
1546 10 Feb 37 Humphrey Moult and John Gyer v Hugh Colombe. Defendant dismissed. Latin. C78/1, no. 90 [15]
1546 11 Feb 37 Sir Humphrey Broun, executor of testament of Sir William Compton v. William Leason, clerk; Christopher Leight; Walter Mone, executors of Thomas Leason, clerk decd Estate of Compton. Dismission. Latin. C78/1, no 52 [16]
1546 12 Feb 37 John Smyth v Sir William Goryng. Lands in dispute including manor of Hedhon (?) and lands late of William Harteley, Sussex. C78/1, no. 55 [17]
1546 12 Feb 37 Cristofer Yarboroughe and wife Margaret v Libby Alcokes senr Lands and tenements in Hundleby and Easterkeale [East Keal], Lincs. Latin. C78/3, no.38 [18]
1546 12 Feb 37 Robert Kempe v William Hone. Messuage called the Red Lion in parish of St Nicholas ad Marcellas, London, now in tenure of defendant. Latin. C78/3, no. 42 [19]
1546 12 Feb 37 Thomas Lylylowe, clerk, rector of Nassington, Northants v William Pollard, clerk, rector of Tannesover [? Tansor] Northants. Annual pension of 5 marks claimed by Nassington parish. Latin. C78/3, no. 45 [20]
1546 13 Feb 37 Richarde Fynes of Broughton, Oxon. v Thomas Nevyll, esq. Manor and hundred of Bloxham, and manors of Stanlake, Broughton and Newenton, Oxon. C78/1, no. 88 [21]
1546 14 Feb 37 William Fowlcher v Clement Cowper A tenement and two closes in Palgrave, Suff. C78/3, no. 93 [22]
1546 16 Feb 37 Thomas Baskervilde esq. v Elizabethe App Guyllyams, widow. Will of John Ap Guyllyams, dec. and perjury of several others. This testamentary case has been in the Courts Christian. C78/1, no. 35 [23]
1546 16 Feb 37 Edward Isack, esq., and wife Margery, the daughter of Elizabeth Whethell, widow of Sir Richard Whethell, dec. v. John St John Legacies under the testament of Elizabeth Whethell: payment of 100 marks. Latin C78/3, no. 82 [24]
1546 16 Feb 37 Robert Bogas, a cousin of Jenett Aclyff, dec. and Mychell Knight and Parnell his wife, also a cousin of Aclyff v John Barker and Edward Durrant, churchwardens of Hastings, Sussex. Eight messuages and gardens, 250 acres of land in Hastings, Guestling and 'Pett Fareley', Sussex: churchwardens seek the lands for charitable uses in town of Hastings. C78/3, no. 83 [25]
1546 8 March 37 John Dudley, Viscount Lisle v Sir Thomas Leghe Lands of Hospitals of Burton Lazars (Leics). and of St Giles in the Field, in Midd., Leics., Rut., Derb., Lincs., Norf., Suff., Hunts., Northants., Yorks., Northumb., Essex and London. Division of lands specified in a long decree, granted to the daughter of Sir Thomas Leghe, then dec. C78/3, no. 108 [26]
1546 20 March 37 John Beamounte, esq. of Gracedewe, Leics v William Villers and wife Collett, John Vyllers decd and Nicholas Beamounte, son & heir of Richard Beamounte decd. Decree that a recognisance made by plaintiff after a case in King's Bench be cancelled after the performance of the action sworn. C78/3, no. 31 [27]
Easter Term
1546 38
1546 ? Lancelot Harryson and wife Elizabeth, late wife of William Rawson v Robert Rawson, son of William Rawson Annuity of £5 p.a. arising from testament of William Rawson. C78/3, no.52 [28]
? John Harper, clerk, rector of Brindle v Sir Thomas Gerard; Oliver Gerard the elder; Henry Gerard; Oliver Gerard the younger; Roger Levesley Rights and profits of parsonage of Brindle [Lancs] C78/3, no. 50 [29]
1546 ( ) May 38 Richard Frebody v William Gyfford and wife Alice and William Frebody. Title to manor of Thorpe Moundivyle and appurtenances in Thorpe Mandeville and Middleton Cheyney, Northants. Dismission. C78/1, no 61 [30]
1546 26 May 38 Roger Amys, gent v John Jynne and William Benne A tenement and land called 'Hilles' in the lordship of Aston, Herts., late possessions of Reading Abbey. C78/3, no 85 [31]
1546 26 May 38 Edmund Fynche and William Fynch of Sutton at Hone, Kent v Robert Kettelwell Messuages and lands in Sutton-at-Hone, Kent. Dismission. C78/3, no 86 [32]
1546 28 May 38 Sir John Mordaunt v Joan Serythe, widow. Lease of messuages called Pynkenes and Warleys in Wiobish, Essex. C78/3, no. 34 [33]
1546 28 May 38 William Kent v Thomas Folyatt Lease of tenement called 'Woodmanshill’ with certain lands and woods in Berkeley and Frome Selwood, Som., late owned and leased by Hospital of St. John, Bath, Som. C78/3, no. 95 [34]
1546 31 May 38 Humfry Bell v Richard Bradford and Richard Bell Messuage, eight tenements, and 220 acres of land and wood in 'Erysland', Burton, Leominster and Middleton [? Heref.] Latin. C78/3, no. 87 [35]
1546 7 June 38 Wyllyam Trewynnard, esq. v Rychard Tomyowe & Laurence Curtney, executors of John Skewes decd. Debts of Trewynnard to the executors of John Skewes, dec. Trewynnard already avoided imprisonment as a burgess of Parliament, and was "enlarged" by the sheriff of Cornwall. Chancellor orders him to pay. C78/1, no. 36 [36]
Trinity Term
1546 Trinity Term 38 Alyce Pykeringe, administratrix of estate of Richard Pykeringe of London, dec. and William Jordayne & Katherine his wife, daughter & sole executrix of Thomas Gune, plumber of London decd v Laurence Wythers; Thomas Dychefelde; Thomas Kerye; Thomas Bacon; Robert Pecokk; Humphrey Beche; William Cais; Thomas Nycholson; John Pope; Robert Wright, citizens of London Loan money subscribed to Crown in 36 Hen. VIII and repayment to executors of two lenders, the plaintiffs. C78/3, no. 91 [37]
1546 6 July 38 Richard Fagge v John Drayner and Thomas Drayner. Dismission. C78/1, no. 63 (2) [38]
1546 8 July 38 John Blythe v Thomas Huchynson, brother & executor of testament of Sir William Huchynson, clerk, parson of Scaldwell, Northants dec. Legacies in testament to William Blythe, a minor, the son of Christian Blythe. C78/1, no. 63 [39]
1546 10 July 38 Ralph Mannyng and wife Dorothy, and his daughter Margery wife of Thomas Tochet v Thomas Tochet Debt arising from a marriage agreement. Latin C78/3, no. 49 [40]
1546 12 July 38 William Mason & Edmund Frammyngham, and other copyholders (not named) of the manor of Hyndringham, Norfolk v Marten Hastinges Rights of copyholders of manor of Hindringham, Norf defined in decree about rights to wood. C78/3, no. 94 [41]
1546 14 July 38 William Gymlett of London, skinner v George Lausonby [or Lansonby] of London Lease of six tenements and shops in the Old Change in parish of St Austin's, London, late owned by Priory of Crutched Friars, London. Plaintiff claims right by a conventual lease of 27 March, 26 Hen. VIII. Case already heard in court of Augmentations in 34 Hen. VIII. C78/3, no. 90 [42]
1546 14 July 38 George Danyell v William Rede, clerk Lease of chapel of Bek, Norf. Dismission. C78/3, no. 92 [43]
1546 20 July 38 Sir Raufe Hopton v Chrystofer Mompesson. Grange called Quarre and 700 acres of land and woods in Witham and Frarye, Som., all late of Witham Priory. C78/3, no. 7 [44]
Michaelmas Term
1546 14 Oct 38 Thomas Marshall & Agnes his wife, John Valeant & Magdalene his wife and John Brodbelt & Alice his wife v William Watkynson Two messuages in parish of St Bride's, Fleet Street, London, Dismission. Latin. C78/3, no. 53 [45]
1546 16 Oct 38 William Stevenson v William Mannyng. 94 acres called 'Sares Croft' in Morley St. Peters, Norf. Dismission. Latin C78/3, no. 8 [46]
1546 16 Oct 38 Robert Hill & Margaret his wife v Gilbert Flamanke Manor of Heligan, Cabilia and Trehudeth in Bodmin, and other places, Corn. C78/3, no. 105 [47]
1546 16 Oct 38 Thomas Foster and wife Margaret v William Reynolde Chattels of Richard Reynold, of Chelmsford, Essex, left to wife of petitioner, formerly wife of Richard Reynold, including a stock of cloth. C78/3, no. 112 [48]
1546 18 Oct 38 Thomas Cowper of East Dereham v Thomas Mowtyng Debts arising from administration of testament of Thomas Wykeham, clerk, dec. Latin. C78/3, no. 51 [49]
1546 20 Oct 38 William Wigston, son & heir of John Wigston decd v Margery Nethermyll Manor of Belgrave, Leics. C78/3, no. 111 [50]
1546 21 Oct 38 William Elond, clerk, executor of George Buttler, clerk, parson of Melton, Suffolk v Rychard Smarte Chattels of George Buttler, clerk dec. Dismission. C78/3, no. 110 [51]
1546 1 Nov 38 Thurston Standyshe, clerk, parson of Todmarton, Oxon v Thomas Holowaye Possession of the said parsonage & associated tithes C78/3, no. 37 [52]
1546 10 Nov 38 John Kennall, vicar of Wendron, Corn v John James; Alexander Anholl; John Pe..s; Jeffery Bynner and others (not named) of the town of Helston, Cornwall Disputed tithe on the toll of four corn mills in town of Helston, Corn. C78/3, no. 54 [53]
1546 16 Nov 38 John Danyell the elder; Raufe More; John Harries; William Waterhous; John Harryes the younger; John Danyell the younger; Gilbert Merare; Robert Merare; William Hawkesford; Thomas Feld; Thomas Peerson the younger; Thomas Peerson the elder; Harry Broke, and other inhabitants of Crudworth[Curdworth], Warw. v Thomas Ardern, esq. Rights of common pasture in several parcels of land in Crudworth and certain enclosures made there by the Ardern family. C78/3, no. 55 [54]
1546 16 Nov 38 John Sydenham v John Trevylyan, esq., son & heir of John Tryvilian decd Farm of mansion place called Nettlecombe, Somerset and Barton Lands attached; lease of entailed premises contested by son of lessor. C78/3, no. 58 [55]
1546 18 Nov 38 Richard Scrotton alias Skrotton, son & heir of Hugh Skrotton v George Waller; John Waller; James Humfrey And also Agnes Skrotton, widow, late wife & administratrix of Hugh Skrotton v George Waller; John Waller; James Humfrey Messuage and land in Walton, Suff. and copyhold land there held of manor of Walton. Goods of the late Hugh Scrotton, dec. C78/3, no. 106 [56]
1546 18 Nov 38 Alice Hyll, widow, late wife of John Hyll decd v Rychard Eston Messuage, cottage, gardens, watermill and 170 acres of land in Winterbourne Earls, Berks, [now Wilts.] C78/3, no. 109 [[57]]
1546 20 Nov 38 William Berde, cousin & heir male of Nicholas Berd decd v Richard Blackwall and Alice his wife, cousin & heir general to the said Nicholas Berde Estate of late Nicholas Berde; manor of Berde and 12 messuages and 300 acres of land in Glossop, Derb. Dismission. C78/3, no. 33 [58]
1546 20 Nov 38 Henry Broun son & heir of Thomas Broun v Thomas Haddon Manor of Cornewall in Iver, Bucks., and a certain feoffement to uses. William Haddon father of Thomas Haddon was seised and bargained and sold to Thomas Broun so that Haddon held to the use of Broun. When Thomas Broun died his use descended to Henry Broun. Haddon answered that long ago Simon Ryce and John Warsop were seised and enfeoffed William FytzWilliam, John Pakyngton and others to the use of William Haddon and Joan then his wife and the heirs of their two bodies, remainder to the right heirs of William Haddon. Thomas Haddon is their son and he is their heir. Decree that Thomas Haddon should hold, that muniments be delivered to Haddon, and certain payments be made to Broun. rcp C78/3, no. 57 [59]
1546 21 Nov 38 William Pyke v Edyth Chaterton and William Chatterton (as well as Edyth Chatterton v. William Pyke) Farm of "West Bedwyn", Wilts. Decree that Pyke surrender all claim of years and that Pyke and his wife Margery have a dwelling and some land until 1548 along with other profits. rcp C78/3, no. 107 [60]
1546 23 Nov 38 Lewis Robyns of Bristol v Henry Aleyn. Two messuages and a garden in Marlborough, Wilts. The court found that one Roger Hopkyns was seised in fee; in 31 Henry VIII he bargained and sold to Robyns, released his right, and so levied a fine, with livery of seisin proven. Aleyn was given a deadline to prove a prior bargain between Hopkyns and one Geoffrey Danyell. He did not do so. Decree for plaintiff. rcp C78/3, no. 9 [61]
1546 23 Nov 38 William Bery v John Trusse, Agnes his wife, and Arthur Tymblande Five messuages, four cottages and 266 acres in Bury Grene in Willoughby,'Sykby' and Kelby, Lincs. Bery did not prove his petition. Latin. rcp C78/3, no. 56 [62]
1546 24 Nov 38 Robert Maynwaryng v Hughe Starkey Use of grazing and share of hay from 'Botham Meadow', part of Knights Grange, Chester, late property of Vale Royal monastery. Conflict between conventual lessee and recent Crown lessee. Maynwaring had received a 21 year lease by advice of the Court of Augmentations. Maynwaring showed his indenture of the lease and also an indenture by the monastery that gave the land at farm to one John Smythe but reserving half the crops to the abbot in return for 20s/yr. Starkey has John Smythe's interest. Decree in favor of Maynwaryng. rcp C78/3, no. 59 [63]
1546 26 Nov 38 Michael Dormer, formerly alderman of London v Edward Underhill, William Corbet, and Joan Hall widow Manor of Herburye in Warw. Robert Corbet son & heir of Alexander Corbet was seised and bargained and sold for £200 to Dormer and levied a fine. Dormer was seised. Then Underhill entered by virtue of another bargain between Edward and Robert Corbet and the said William Corbet and Joan and disseised Dormer. They claimed that Robert Hoore and Thomas Wall had been seised and in 14 Henry VII had enfeoffed Alexander Corbet and Joan then his wife, by virtue of which enfeoffment they entered and were seised. She remained seised until the bargain between her and Edward Underhill. Dormer sufficiently proved that Robert Corbet after his father died and he had come of age entered. Edward Underhill proved the feoffment by Hoore and Wall. Plea still pending, Dormer died. Thomas Dormer his son and heir brought a petition of renewal and revisitation. Decree that Edward Underhill be removed from possession and that Thomas Dormer enjoy the premises. rcp


C78/3, no. 62 [64]
1546 26 Nov 38 Anne and Brigett Whyte v George Fletcher and wife Agnes House and appurtenant land in Silsoe, Beds. Thomas Whyte died seised of lands that at his death descended to Anne and Brigett as the daughters and heirs of John Whyte son and heir of Thomas. Defendants claim that John Whyte in 11 Henry VIII had entered at the death of Thomas and sold to Hugh Swynnerton. Found that John Whyte had bargained and sold and then released to Swynnerton. When Swynnerton died, the tenements descended to Agnes as to his daughter and heir. Decree for defendants. rcp C78/3, no. 96(B) [65]
1546 27 Nov 38 Laurence Courteney son & heir of Richard Courteney v William Courteney. Estate of Richard Courteney, including lands in Warleggon, ‘Luttcot’ and Treverbyn, Corn, and other lands in Cornwall, including dower lands. Joan Courteney widow of Richard Courteney and mother of William had certain of Richard's lands at term of her life. Decree that after Joan's death William Courteney should have some of the lands in fee tail, remainder to the right heirs of Richard Courteney from his wife Joan, remainder then according to a deed of Richard Courteney. Likewise, a decree that after Joan's death a certain John Courteney brother of William should have certain of the lands in fee tail, with remainders as above. And similarly for Laurence in fee simple. Latin. rcp C78/3, no. 60 [66]
1546 28 Nov 38 Clement Agarde heir of Elizabeth Agarde daughter and heir of Henry Huse v Sir Edward Aston / Asheton knight Lands, meadows of Henry Huse, dec. in the lordship of Kings Bromley, Staffs., and mansion place there. Huse died seised, and his lands descended to Elizabeth as to sole heir; she married Ralph Agarde. They had issue John Agarde, plaintiff's father. The muniments for the lands, however, came into the possession of Aston. Aston entered both the free and copyhold lands, took the profits, and made secret conveyances. Aston answered that Elizabeth had other children, including Thomas Agarde, and after the death of Ralph Agarde she married Thomas Corbett and still held the lands by custom of the manor. In 19 Henry VIII they surrendered the lands, and Thomas Agarde received the lands from the lord's hands. Aston paid Thomas Agarde for the lands, whereupon in 35 Henry VIII Thomas Agarde surrendered the lands to the use of Aston; the lord by the steward granted Aston the lands. The court found that the surrender had contained a condition that Thomas Agarde would recover the lands on the repayment of loans made by Thomas to Aston. Decree that Thomas should repay Aston and have possession of the lands. rcp C78/3, no. 96 [67]
1546 Dec 38 Mychell Wyndever v Blasie Wyght citizen and grocer of London. Lease of certain lands in St Martin's Lane le Grande, London, and of tenements in Coke Alley, next to St Martin's Lane, London. Defendant held the leases by a bargain and sale from William Wendever deceased brother of the plaintiff by a deed of 35 Henry VIII. Decree that defendant hold for the remainder of the term but defendant to pay plaintiff £18. rcp C78/3, no. 32 [68]