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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1543 13 Feb 34 Nicholas Blowers v Richard Smythe and William Mucklowe Goods of the late Margerie Blowers C78/2, no. 54 [2]
NO DATE Thomas Nicolls v Edward Deane, son and heir of Robert Deane, grocer of London, dec. Eight messuages, nine gardens, eight acres of meadow and four acres of pasture in Eton, Bucks, and a messuage in St Martins Le Grande, London. C78/3, no. 25 [3]
1543 Easter Term 35 William Aleyn, gent, v William Pooley, gent, and other inhabitants of Iklingham (not named). Messuage and 83 acres of land, left to poor inhabitants of the town by John Aleyn, dec. by his enfeoffment. C78/2, no. 106 [4]
1543 24 April 35 John Butler v Thomas Butler, son & heir of John Three tenements and lands in Clyver, Berks. Signed; 'per me Henry Judde’. Latin. C78/2, no. 55 [5]
1543 25 April 35 William Kyng v Robert Rowson, clerk, rector of Hinton, Northants Farm of the rectory. Latin. C78/3, no. 18 [6]
1543 2 May 35 John Kynnaston v Ralph Kynnaston. Farm of lands in Houghton, in hundred of Ellesmere, Salop., formerly owned by order of St John of Jerusalem. Latin. C78/3, no 19 [7]
1543 29 May 35 William Kegill of Andover, husbandman v John Harsey. One acre of meadow in Andover. Latin. C78/2, no 32 [8]
1543 30 May 35 Thomas Millar v John Meriwether. Moiety of two messuages and 40 acres of land in Sibertswold, ; Kent. Latin C78/2, no 35 [9]
1543 1 June 35 Elizabeth Horne and Edmund Horne v Richard Bekyngham, esq. & Helen his wife and Robert Bekyngham. Manor of Merycourte and Lynam, Oxon. Decree includes arbitration award (in English) of six local men in the case. Latin C78/2, no. 107 [10]
1543 7 June 35 John Longlond, bishop of Lincoln v Gylbert Smythe, clerk archdeacon of Northampton, Richard Leyton, clerk, archdeacon of Bucks., and Richard Coren, clerk, late archdeacon of Oxford now decd. Several rents and pensions claimed by the Bishop from these and his other archdeacons. Archdeacons claim the payments were for Peter's Pence, now abolished by Parliament. Decree is a composition for future payments of archdeacons to bishop. C78/1, no. 67 [11]
1543 7 June 35 Richard Mucklowe son & heir of William Mucklowe decd v Robert Mucklowe, one of the sons of the said Richard. Lands in Welland and Redhill Cross, Worcs., left in will of William Mucklowe, complainant's father. C78/3, no. 22 [12]
1543 10 June 35 Gilbert Sankye, clerk, rector of St Michael, Crooked Lane, London v Henry Pygnell and George Hyde. An annual rent of £1.6s.8d coming from a certain messuage on which another church is built. Defendants are church wardens there. Latin. C78/1, no. 64 [13]
1543 12 June 35 Elizabeth Stele, wid. v John Wylde and Stephen Hyll. A lost bag of money, at Hayes, Midd., belonging to plaintiff's late husband, John Stele. Latin. C78/3, no. 20 [14]
1543 12 June 35 Nicholas Britten v Nicholas Agarde Lease of manor of Scyerscott, Staffs. C78/3, no. 21 [15]
1543 18 Nov 35 John Flecher and Thomas Congdon v William Cooke. Farm of Bromehall Grange in Drayton in Hales, within Lordship of Tirley in Staffs. Originally a conventual lease. Latin. C78/3, no 23 [16]
1543 26 Nov 35 William Burlegh, son and heir of Richard Burlegh, son of Walter Burleigh v Henry Williams alias Welsheman and wife Christine. Inheritance of manor of Deverill Longbridge with appurtenances in Warminster, Birchalke, Ailington, Wilts. Latin. C78/1, no 66 [17]
1543 27 Nov. 35 Sir Edward Wotton, Mary Dannet, widow, and Antony Coke, esq. (all cousins of Sir Edward Belknap, dec.) v John Brigges and wife Alice, late wife of Belknap. Manor of Weston, Warw. and lands left to his widow by Belknap, worth £92 p.a. C78/3, no 24 [18]