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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1542 Hilary Term 33 Robert Brygges; Robert Sledall; Stephen Sadler; Rowland Browne, churchwardens of Kirkby in Kendal, Westmoreland v Thomas Pulvertofte, son & heir of Robert Pulvertoft decd. Legacy of a £10 annuity to the parish and school of Kirkby, left in testament of Adam Penyngton, dec. Latin C78/2, no. 100 [2]
1542 6 Feb 33 Walter Morleyn v John Guldeford, gent, Thomas White and Thomas Ardern. Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 13 [3]
1542 7 Feb 33 Bartholomew Compagni, merchant of Florence in London and his wife Barbara, widow of John Capon, mercer, dec. v Mariott Nerett, mercer of Florence in London. Business of a company in London. Latin. C78/2, no 12 [4]
1542 8 Feb 33 Richard Capron and John Capron v Roger Ludlam. Inheritance of two messuages and 20 acres of land [place not stated]. Latin. C78/2, no. 29 [5]
1542 8 Feb 33 Thomas Trolupp of Boston, Lincs and wife Elizabeth, a daughter of Henry Hunstone of Walpole, Norf. esq. dec. v John Rede and his wife Anne, late wife and executrix of Henry Hunstone. Legacies under the testament of Hunstone, due to Elizabeth Trolupp. C78/2, no 36 [6]
1542 9 Feb 33 Robert Salter v John Balkey, clerk, Ralph Pynham and Thomas Wylles. Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 14 [7]
1542 9 Feb 33 William Tappe v John Dee. A meadow and pasture [location not givenl. Latin. C78/2, no. 15 [8]
1542 10 Feb 33 Richard Petye, son and heir of John Petye v Richard Colchester & Katherine his wife. Messuage and virgate of land in Ilmington [no county given], late in custody of Colchester as guardian of plaintiff. Latin. C78/2, no. 80 [9]
Undated No date given 34 John Dryffyld and Elizabeth Pall now decd, cousins & heirs of Thomas Exstall and Thomas Duffelde & Joan his wife v Francis Lamberd, Matthew Lamberd and Richard Lamberd, sons of Sir Nicholas Lamberd, dec. Five messuages and two gardens in Dover, and Manor of Northcourt in Hogham, Kent, near Dover: all part of possessions of Thomas Exstall, dec or his uncle Edward Exstall. Signed: by Oliver Leder. C78/2, no. 102 [10]
Undated: circa 34 Edmund Mountperson, esq. v Thomas Mountperson, plaintiff's uncle and executor of testament of Alice Mountperson, dec. Lands late of John Mountperson in Somerford, Matrevas, Seygre, Starkley, Clevancy, Budyston, Wilts. Also lands in Calne, Wilts. Division of lands between the Mountpersons. C78/2, no 16 [11]
1542 10 May 34 Sir Anthony Willoughby v Dorothy Lady Mountjoy; Lord Mountjoy & Anne his wife; John Pawlet & Elizabeth his wife, daughters of the said late Lord Broke; Sir Francis Bawtrey & Blanche his wife now decd; Fowlke Grevyle & Elizabeth his wife, daughters & heirs of the said late Lord Broke, that is to say daughters of Edward Willoughby, son & heir of the said Lord Broke Manor of Frampton, Lincs, and other lands in England and in Guernsey and Jersey, all estate of the late Robert Willoughby, Lord Broke. C78/3, no. 16 [12]
1542 June 34 Sir Henry Isley v Richard Netter. Rent of 10s for two parcels of land, containing 12 acres called Cokes in East Farleigh, Kent. Latin. C78/2, no. 31 [13]
1542 Trinity Term 34 Sir Robert Dormer v. William Awelde. Evidences from an earlier purchase by plaintiff of Greate Pasture in Wing, Bucks, and lease and occupation of the same. Question of perjury involving defendant. The King's Honourable Council in Whitehall has also made a decree in this case. C78/2, no. 86 [14]
1542 17 June 34 Masters and Guardians of the guild of Coopers of London v. Simon Robynson, clerk, formerly rector of Church of St.Michael Bassingshawe, London and 2 Church wardens, John Reve & Richard Austen. Messuage called Le Swanne in parish of St. Michael Bassingshawe London, formerly owned by John Baker of London, cooper, by his last will. Latin. C78/2, no. 85 [15]
1542 20 June 34 William Gresham v Agnes Jacob and Margaret Draper, widows Estate of Robert Flegge, dec, including certain lands in Suffolk [place not specified] called 'Le Fenne Lands'. Latin C78/2, no. 105 [16]
1542 22 June 34 Albann Goodere v Richard Rawnshawe & Alice his wife and Mary Goodere. Dismission. Latin C78/2, no. 19 [17]
1542 22 June 34 John Goodrich, clerk v. Nicholas Thorn. Messuage in Bradstrete, Bristol. Latin. C78/2, no. 89 [18]
1542 26 June 34 Thomas Legatt of Romford, Essex v John London, warden of College of St Mary of Winchester in Oxford, and Margaret Coke. Manor of Risbridge, Essex, and other rents. C78/2, no. 17 [19]
1542 26 June 34 Christine Woodward v Hugh Wotton, wife Joan and Robert Alen. Messuage and garden in Shrewsbury. Latin. C78/2, no. 90 [20]
1542 26 June 34 John Brat, son of John Brat, dec. and cousin of William Brat, dec. v Richard Cowper and wife Agnes. 3 Messuages, 60 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow in Wellington and Esombrygge. Latin. C78/2, no. 91 [21]
1542 3 July 34 Christopher Fitzjohn v William Taylour. Messuage and tenament called Adam and Eve Southwark, Surrey. Latin C78/2, no. 18 [22]
1542 20 Oct 34 John Belche of Barby v Lodowic More, clerk. Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 88 [23]
1542 20 Oct 34 Avise Chafyn, wid. v. Walter Hopton. Dismission. Latin. C78/2, no. 94 [24]
1542 21 Oct 34 Elizabeth Gest, widow and John Broke v John Goodrige. Life tenure of a messuage, close and 8acres land in Cambridge (Glos), parcel of manor of Cowley, Glos. Latin. C78/2, no. 95 [25]
1542 26 Oct 34 Agnes Everherst of Chiddingstone, Kent, widow, and her daughter Alice, sister and heir of James Everherst v Richard Everherst and Thomas Everherst. Messuage and garden called Setcobbis in Chiddingstone; another parcel called Northriden alias Northfield in Chiddingstone. Latin. C78/2, no. 40 [26]
1542 7 Nov 34 John Warden, son & heir of Joan Warden, widow, one of the sisters of Robert Fuster v Elizabeth Harte, widow, one of the sisters of the said Joan Warden, and Richard Warnecomb, esq. Lands and messuages in Hereford, late the estate of Robert Fuster, including Fusters More, and lease of same. C78/2, no 39 [27]
1542 12 Nov 34 Sir William Weste and wife Frances v Antony Seyntleger, John Herynge, William Lynche and Richard Nytynghale, executors of will of Joan Lewis, late wife of Richard Lewis, knight, v Humfrey Wingfield, knight, another executor of late Sir Richard Lewis Legacies in will of Sir Richard Lewis. Signed: 'per me Oliver Leder'. Latin. C78/2, no 101 [28]
1542 18 Nov 34 Laurence Gayner and Henry Edwards, draper v Thomas ap John of William and Matthew ap John of William. Debt of £5. Latin C78/2, no 41 [29]
1542 21 Nov 34 Nicholas Bradshawe, clerk v John Gyfford and wife Elizabeth Rights to take wood in Sudbury Wood, claimed by rector of Sudbury, Derb. Latin. C78/2, no. 93 [30]
1542 21 Nov 34 Roger Hacheman v John Baker. Lease of messuage, 100 acres of lands, 40 acres of pasture, etc., and common pasture for 300 sheep called Wee Farm in Wee, Southants. Latin. C78/3, no. 17 [31]
1542 24 Nov 34 Sir Henry Sacheverell and Robert Nesse v John Pendilton. Dismission. Latin C78/2, no. 37 [32]
1542 27 Nov 34 Penthecost Wattys and Joan Wattys v John Arthur, clerk. Testament of Richard Wattys. Signed by Oliver Leder. Latin. C78/2, no. 103 [33]
1542 27 Nov 34 Thomas Lukyn v Launcelot Madyson Dismission. Signed: 'per me Oliver Leder' Latin C78/2, no. 104 [34]
1542 28 Nov 34 Thomas Reade of Abingdon v William Cater Farm of tithes, originally of Abingdon Abbey, in hamlet of Balking in Offyngton, Berks. Latin C78/2, no. 92 [35]