C78 1539

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1539 4 Feb 30 Robert Cosyn v George Wolflet, clerk. A debt of £40. Dismission. C78/2, no. 62 [2]
1539 3 July 31 Bartholomew Everard, son & heir of William Everard, dec. v Thomas Bele 24 acres of marsh pasture called “Stuerdismarche" in Wisbech, Cambs. and an 18 acre pasture called Stuerdysdiche in Wisbech and Leverington, Cambs. Latin. C78/2, no. 97 [3]
1539 Nov 31 Thomas Walker, mercer of London and wife Joan, formerly wife and executrix of John Kellett, gent., dec. & guardian of Francis Kellett v William Kellett Four messuages and 49 acres of land in Maiden, Surrey. Latin. C78/2, no. 30 [4]
1539 15 Nov 31 William Berdisley alias Sadler v Isabel Marshall, widow and executrix of Roger Marshall, dec. Money debt to be fulfilled. Latin. C78/2, no. 38 [5]
1539 27 Nov 31 William Martyn v Thomas Ap Ryce 8 Messuages, 80 acres of land, 100 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 60 acres of wood and £2 rent in Pebidiocke, South Wales. Latin. Whole entry crossed through. C78/2, no. 71 [6]