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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1566 24 Jan 8 Sir Thomas Chamberlayne of London v. William Wayneman and William Chandler. Lease of tithes of manor of Sevenhampton, Glos. belonging to the chantryship of Hereford Cathedral. C78/30, no. 19 [2]
1566 28 Jan 8 George Reddyche of Dunham, Ches, gent. v. William Marburye and wife Maud, daughter of Thomas Reddyche. Manor of Dudleston and Kynnerton and moiety of manor of Grappenhall, Ches. An entail and subsequent enfeoffments to use.


C78/30, no. 16 [3]
1566 29 Jan 8 Alexander Dawson of Kilnwick, Yorks. v. Thomas Wood, gent. Lease of the manor of Kilnwick Percy, Yorks. C78/29, no. 19 [4]
1566 29 Jan 8 Sir John Byron v. Anthony Curtes. Close called Bulwell wood and meadow called Helbothorn, part of the site and lands of the Abbey of Newstead, Notts. Conventual leases. Dismission. C78/31, no. 23 [5]
1566 6 Feb 8 William Cardrowe of Cerne, Dors, merchant v. Richard Sampforde and George and Simon Gold. Failure to complete the sale of 3 closes of land called Rodehill in Kintern and of a coppice in Hermitage, Dors, and spoliation, of woods. C78/30, no. 18 [6]
1566 6 Feb 8 Robert Castell v. Leonard Baker, his wife Beatrice, Henry Brograve, linen draper and others (not named). Mortgage of the manor or capital messuage called Bernardes in the parish of Hoddesdon, Herts, worth £20 p.a. Security for a loan of £90 made by Brograve to plaintiff's father. C78/31, no. 6 [7]
1566 6 Feb 8 John Reppes, son & heir of Francis Reppes and Thomasine Reppes, daughter of said Francis, by their uncle and guardian John Reppes v. Nicholas Megges and others (not named) Lease of 50 acres of land in Wisbeach Barton, Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/36, no. 5 [8]
1566 7 Feb 8 Percival Gunston of Aske, Yorks, gent v. Nicholas Pecke and Thomas Wharton. Tenement and croft in Newton in Wakefield, Yorks, bought by plaintiff from Crown after the dissolution of the chantries. Wharton was the sitting tenant. C78/66, no. 15 [9]
1566 11 Feb 8 William Foster of Sherborne, Dors, weaver v. Richard Dayford of Ashington, Som. husbandman. Debts of Tristram Dayford to Henry Dayford of Sherborne, weaver, who died at Newhaven. Lands in East and West Bagborough and

elsewhere (named) in Dors.

C78/30, no. 15 [10]
1566 11 Feb 8 Roger Manwood of Inner Temple, London, gent, v. David Kempe, clerk and prebendary of Harleston at St. Paul's, London, and Thomas Wattes, clerk and prebendary at St. Paul's. Lease of a house in the south of St. Paul's churchyard, London. C78/36, no. 26 [11]
1566 12 Feb 8 Thomas Feltwell; Robert Feltwell; William Wright; William Bateley; Richard Hosey; John Sewell; Thomas Foster, and other tenants (not named) of manor of Ashwood in Pentney, Norf. v. Thomas Baker of East Walton, Norf. Rights to common of pasture in Pentney Common as claimed by tenants of Ashwood and by farmer of manor of East Walton. C78/30, no. 13 [12]
1566 12 Feb 8 Sir Thomas Lodge v. Ursula Unwyn, widow. Lease of mines, delphes and quarries in Tunstall, Staffs. Dismission. C78/30, no. 14 [13]
1566 12 Feb 8 Thomas Marshall of Exeter, merchant v. Henry Ellacott. A dismission of 3 June 6 Eliz. concerning a lease of a messuage in parish of St Petrock, Exeter. Case also recently dismissed from Court of Requests. Dismission. C78/30, no. 20 [14]
1566 12 Feb 8 Walter Crowche of Wellow, Som. v. Christopher Rolles. Lease of the parsonage of Puriton, Som. held of the dean and chapter of Windsor. Dismission. C78/30, no. 21 [15]
1566 12 Feb 8 Richard Whalley of Welbeck, Notts., esq. v. John Towneloy, Simon and Owen Haddock and John Aspeden alias Asten Debt to Richard Towneley, esq. dec. Lands in Welbeck, 'Norton Gybthorpe' and Screveton, Notts. Dismission. C78/36, no. 6 [16]
1566 4 May 8 John Garnett v. John Lovat; Richard Perker; John Reve; Richard Olcote; John Shawe; William Taylor; Richard Yardley; Thomas Woode; John Rowley; Thomas Adams; Richard Olcote Customary holding of one messuage, one toft and six and a half acres of land in Audley and Talk, Staffs, part of manor of Audley. C78/31, no. 7 [17]
1566 4 May 8 Austin Fidge and wife Thomasin and Isaac Hunt v. John Gylbert. Conveyance of lands late of William Salkyn in Elham [Kent], held by gavelkind. C78/40, no. 2 [18]
1566 6 May 8 William Hunston, esq. v. Francis Ganerra. Descent of manors of Stenigot, East Keal and Sibsey and of other lands (places named) in Lincs, late of John Reade of Boston, esq., dec. Enfeoffments to use. C78/30, no. 23 [19]
1566 6 May 8 Christopher Herenden v. Richard Barty, esq. and his wife Lady Katherine, duchess of Suffolk. Enfeoffment of manors of Wheatacre and Wheatacre Borough, Norf, lands and tenements in Grimsby Parva, Lincs, and mills called Stoneley Mills, Warw., to Walter Herenden deceased, to the use of defendants. An earlier case in Chancery between Richard Barty and Walter Herenden: C78/17/7. C78/35, no. 36 [20]
1566 6 May 8 William Rolf, son of Richard Rolf of Speldhurst, Kent, dec. v. William Fysher. Three acres of arable land in parish of Speldhurst, Kent. C78/36, no. 8 [21]
1566 7 May 8 Alice Bewforest, widow of Richard Bewforest, gent, of Dorchester, Oxon., dec. v. her son, Luke Bewforest. Lease of demesne land in the manor of Dorchester and a moiety of a lease of a farm called Bishop's Court in Dorchester, Oxon. C78/35, no. 27 [22]
1566 10 May 8 Charles Wyngfielde and wife Elizabeth, Richard Wyngfielde and wife Mary, Anthony and Henry Wyngfielde, esq. v. John Arundel of Stroud, Glos., yeoman Three messuages in manor of Castle Frome, Heref. C78/35, no. 34 [23]
1566 11 May 8 George Studd v. John Brodstrett and Robert Brodstrett. Messuage and lands in Aspall Stoneham, Suff., late of George Studd, plaintiff's grandfather. Dismission. C78/36, no. 11 [24]
1566 13 May 8 Roger Haywarde, John Webbe, Walter Atkyns, William Smarte, for all tenants of manor of Hartpury, Glos. v. Walter Compton, esq. An earlier decree of 10 May 1&2 Ph & M concerning customs of the manor of Hartpury. Fresh decree now issued. C78/30, no. 22 [25]
1566 16 May 8 Edward Everard v. John Sybley. Administration of the goods and chattels of Edward Sybley, clerk. C78/31, no. 24 [26]
1566 16 May 8 William Hempsted v. Thomas Gallant, gent, and Alice Tye, widow. Two messuages called Bigges and Times, with land in Wratting, Kedington and Barnardiston, Suff. and an annuity from them. C78/31, no. 25 [27]
1566 16 May 8 John Berye of Lezant, Corn, husbandman v. Peers Edgecombe and John Moyle A messuage with lands in Pengover and a messuage with lands in St Germans, Corn. Dismission. C78/40, no. 8 [28]
1566 17 May 8 Richard Garthe, esq. clerk of the Petty Bag v. Alice Skerne, widow. Sale of twenty quarters of wheat for twenty marks. C78/35, no. 31 [29]
1566 18 May 8 William Nelson, gent. v. William Smythe and John Wyrrall. A messuage in Cow Lane in the parish of St Johns, Chester. Dismission. C78/40, no. 1 [30]
1566 24 May 8 Elizabeth Furthoo, widow of Anthony Furthoo v. Edward Watson, esq. Manor of Knipton, Leics, late of Robert Stonesby, dec. Dismission. C78/35, no. 37 [31]
1566 24 May 8 Richard Edwardes, gent, of the chapel v. John Dunne and Richard Reade. Conventual and royal leases of the rectory of Thornton, Lincs., once of Thornton Abbey. C78/36, no. 9 [32]
1566 24 May 8 Henry Fynche v. Francis Lowe. Bonds for the payment of £200 owed to Sir Thomas Nevell by plaintiff and defendant. C78/36, no. 10 [33]
1566 25 May 8 Anthony Leson, gent. v. Margaret Dewke, widow, John Dewke (now dec.) and Richard Dewke. A capital messuage with 3 cottages, gardens and orchards and 388 acres of land in Warw. known as the manor of Frankton, and the advowson of Frankton. Dismission. C78/30, no. 25 [34]
1566 25 May 8 Dean and chapter of Wells, Som. v. Sir John Newton. Payment of certain grain rents out of the manor of East Harptree, Som. Dismission. C78/31, no. 22 [35]
1566 27 May 8 Edward Warde, gent, son of Henry Warde of Grays Inn, esq., deceased v. Richard Payne of Flitcham, Norf, gent, and Robert Norman. Manors of Flitcham, Bernardston and Poynings, rectory of Flitcham, Norf. Late sale by Sir Thomas Holies, dec. to Henry Warde; Richard Payne now administrator of Holies’s possessions. Dismission. C78/35, no. 24 [36]
1566 15 June 8 John Molyneaux, esq. v. George Conyers, Christopher Conyers, Thomas Middleton and Thomas Wylde Messuage and parcel of ground in Swaledale, Yorks. Tenant right. C78/35, no. 32 [37]
1566 18 June 8 William Burnell, esq. v. Sir James Croftes and Dame Joyce Gamage alias Leysan, widow. Lease of rectory of Habergoylee [Abergorlech] and chapels of 'Llanlawett' and Llanpumsaint, Carm., from dean and canons of St. George, Windsor. C78/36, no. 7 [38]
1566 19 June 8 Hugh Eltington and wife Elizabeth v. Margaret Hatton, widow. Two parts of one tenement and 24 acres of land in the parish of Swinford, Leics. C78/30, no. 24 [39]
1566 19 June 8 John Allen of Lammas, Norf., sen. v. John Rayner and wife Elizabeth. Lease of two water mills in Buxton, Norf. Dismission. C78/36, no. 13 [40]
1566 21 June 8 Elizabeth, Katherine, Anne and Florence Cassye, daughters of Elizabeth, dec., widow cf Robert Cassye, esq. of Whitfield, Glos. v. William and Giles Reede. Division and payment of goods and chattels of Elizabeth Cassye and rents from lands in Droitwich, Merrington and St. Mary Witton, Worcs. C78/31, no. 8 [41]
1566 21 June 8 Edward Jones of Aylesbury, Bucks, yeoman v. Thomas ap Edward. A messuage and 100 acres of land in Trehowell [in Weston Rhyn] Salop. Dismission. C78/40, no. 5 [42]
1566 22 June 8 Richard Ascoughe of Ashby, Lincs, esq. v. Thomas Wentworthe. Lease of a capital messuage with lands and buildings in 'Askeby', Feriby [Ferriby], ‘Wathe’ [Waith] and Grimsby, Lincs. C78/35, no. 33 [43]
1566 22 June 8 Hugh Hoblethorne of Yarmouth v. Thomas and Robert Hoblethorne and John Byckering. Messuage, cottage and 60 acres of land in Horsington, Lincs. Dismission. C78/40, no. 7 [44]
1566 24 June 8 Thomas Reynolde and wife Jane, Arthur Bromley and wife Mary v. Rowland Goodryche. Twelve messuages and 740 acres of land and woods in Ham, Neastend and Naunton in parishes of Charlton Kings and Cheltenham, Glos. C78/31, no. 9 [45]
1566 25 June 8 Francis Gatacre, esq. and wife Elizabeth v. Henry Vernon, esq. and wife Margaret. Estate of Humphrey Swinnerton, esq. dec.; manors of Swynnerton, Hilton, Aspley, Essington and 'Shoginhill’, Staffs. Partition amongst co-heirs Elizabeth and Margaret and payment of an annual rent out of Margaret's share. C78/30, no. 27 [46]
1566 27 June 8 Francis Bowier by his father and guardian John Bowier alias Torner of Kiston, Cambs v. Francis Challoner and wife Agnes Capital messuage of Wike and lands in parishes of Hackney and Stepney, Midd. lately held by Sir William Bowier of London, dec. C78/35, no. 26 [47]
1566 27 June 8 William Fynche v. John Bull. A croft in parish of All Saints, Hertford, Herts, part of the customary lands of the manor of Brickendon, Herts. C78/35, no. 30 [48]
1566 1 July 8 Robert Jones, groom of the Queen's Chamber v. William Kustyn. Lease of part of the rectory and tithes of Whitford, Flint. See C78/36/33. C78/36, no. 12 [49]
1566 2 July 8 John Durboroughe v. John Croke, esq Reversion of a customary tenement and lands in manor of Crowcombe, Som. Dismission. C78/35, no. 29 [50]
1566 3 July 8 Robert Kympton v. Sir Edward Capell. Timber rights appertaining to the plaintiff's customary holdings on the manor of Walkern [Herts]. C78/30, no. 26 [51]
1566 3 July 8 William [Herbert], earl of Pembroke v. Watkin ap Powell. Messuage, lands and watermill in Llantrissent, Monm. Plaintiff claims them by right of a grant of the manors of Usk and Llantrissant by Edward VI. See C78/35/14. C78/35, no. 25 [52]
1566 3 July 8 Thomas Markeham of Allerton, Notts, esq. v. Sir John Byron and John Byron, esq. Lease of the manor of Perlethorpe, Notts. C78/35, no. 28 [53]
1566 3 July 8 Richard Austen of London v. Thomas Bill, William Beswick and John Quarles. Debt of Robert Austen, deceased, plaintiff's brother, to Thomas Bill. Obligation of £3,000. C78/35, no. 35 [54]
1566 12 Oct 8 William Baylyffe v. Toby Pledell, Zachariah Pledell, Thomas Pledell and John Pledell. Lease of manor of Midgehall in Lydiard Tregoze, Wilts. Dismission. C78/32, no. 5 [55]
1566 14 Oct 8 Thomas Balidon, Henry Twige v. Thomas Caye and James Okes. Payment of dowry to daughters of Roger Feyrechilde, father of wives of Balidon and Twige. Dismission. C78/31, no. 11 [56]
1566 14 Oct 8 Robert Bigge and Richard Bigge v. Thomas Button, esq. Lease of the manor of Westwell, Oxon, and of six hundred wethers once held by Robert Tayllor of Sherborne, Glos. dec. of Sir William Petre. Plaintiffs are legatees; defendant the executor C78/35, no. 1 [57]
1566 15 Oct 8 Edward Abarrowe v. William Bulkley. Tenure and issues of the manors of North Charford and Searchfield, Hants. Decree orders issues to be determined under specific common law processes. C78/30, no. 32 [58]
1566 15 Oct 8 John Gage, esq., and wife Margaret v. William Prentice. Turf ground in the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Wigginhall, Norf. late, of Crabhouse Priory. Dismission. C78/40, no. 4 [59]
1566 18 Oct 8 John Richardes of London, Salter, and wife Ursula v. John Rawndes. One toft and twenty acres of land in parish of Felmersham, Beds. Dismission. C78/35, no. 2 [60]
1566 18 Oct 8 Holy Trinity College, Cambs. v. Francis Warde. Issues from lands in Tillington, Staffs. Lands left to college by Thomas Allen, deceased, parson of Stevenage, Herts. C78/35, no. 7 [61]
1566 19 Oct 8 Grace Hobby, widow and administratrix of Robert Hobby, citizen and grocer of London v. Elizabeth Keymyshe, William Vyllars and Nicholas Bingham. Debts to plaintiff. Lease of site of parsonage of Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey. Corn and chattels. C78/36, no. 16 [62]
1566 19 Oct 8 Stephen Bull of Westminster v. Hugh Morris, John Harris, Peter Jenkyn, Thomas Doogan, Francis Knyll and others (not named) Lands called Tomkyns Lands in Barrow in Old Radnor, Rad. Defendants claim to have purchased them as ex-chantry lands. Dismission. C78/40, no. 3 [63]
1566 23 Oct 8 Thomas Wonham and wife Agnes and John Sommer v. Edward Atlee. Lands in parish of Effingham, Surrey. Dismission. C78/35, no. 6 [64]
1566 24 Oct 8 William Pickeringe and wife Marion, sister of Guy Wade, esq, deceased v. John Hornyold, esq. and wife Katherine. Mansion house and two hundred acres of land in Standon, Herts, lately of Guy Wade C78/35, no. 21 [65]
1566 26 Oct 8 George Percye and Edmund Percye, sons of George Percye decd v. Thomas Chaffyn of Mere, Wilts, gent. A decree of the Easter term 4 & 5 Ph & M in Thomas Chaffyn v Elizabeth, widow of George Percye & later wife of William Daccombe, concerning a lease of the parsonage of Mere, Wilts. Dismission. C78/30, no. 30 [66]
1566 29 Oct 8 Elizabeth Christiane v. Peter Tyler. Tenement and lands in Edmondthorpe, Leics, Dismission. C78/35, no. 5 [67]
1566 30 Oct 8 Christopher Baylye of Westminster, Midd. for five orphans of John ap Thomas of Woodbatch [in North Lydburyj Salop., dec. v. John ap Robert Middleton and William Gyttyns. Tenancy at will of a messuage or tenement with 80 acres in Woodbatch Hall and goods and chattels, late of John ap Thomas, dec. Tenancy held of Baylye. C78/31, no. 15 [68]
1566 31 Oct 8 William Rushley of Chelworth, Wilts. v. John Rushley, Ellen Rushley and William Knapp. Tenements and closes in Cricklade, Wilts, late of Thomas Rushley. C78/30, no. 28 [69]
1566 30 Oct 8 John Hudson, citizen and grocer of London v. Dame Jane Brereton, widow of Sir Richard Brereton. Lease of the manor of Tatton, Ches. C78/36, no. 15 [70]
1566 5 Nov 8 William Guyes of Elmore, Glos., esq. v. Sir John Bourne. Moiety of the manors of Holt and Churchill, Worcs. Enfeoffment to use. Dismission. C78/32, no. 39 [71]
1566 6 Nov 8 Thomas Archard and wife Margery v. John Jackes. Reversion of a customary holding of the manor of Whitchurch, Wilts. Dismission. C78/30, no. 29 [72]
1566 7 Nov 8 Anne Basset, widow v. William Thornehill and wife Barbara. Non payment of £10 by Robert Hall, attorney. Money allegedly owed to plaintiff for legal expenses. Defendant Barbara was Hall's executrix. Dismission. C78/31, no. 16 [73]
1566 7 Nov 8 Thomas Wiseman, esq. and wife Anne, widow of Christopher Nevynson, esq. v. Stephen Nevynson and Thomas Nevynson. Interest in a lease of rectory of Nonington, Kent. Dismission. C78/35, no. 8 [74]
1566 7 Nov 8 John Trafford v. John Marler and wife Anne, and Thomas Willett and wife Thomasine. Lands and tenements called The Wike in parish of 'Sakilworth Frithe' , Yorks. [? Saddleworth Firth in Rochdale, Lancs. ]. Dismission. C78/36, no. 14 [75]
1566 7 Nov 8 Nicholas Bunye and wife Margaret v. William Turton, Roger Tyllesleye, and John Ashmall. Interest in a lease of land in Belton, Lincs, lately held by Alexander Banester, dec.? husband of plaintiff Margaret. Dismission. C78/40, no. 6 [76]
1566 9 Nov 8 Richard Moreton of Great Barr, Staffs, v. John Skevington. Lease of messuage and 120 acres in Handsworth, Staffs. Lease made by word of mouth. C78/31, no. 12 [77]
1566 9 Nov 8 William Borrowes and wife Mary v. Gabriel Stapleton, gent. Messuage or tenement in East Leake, Notts. C78/31, no. 13 [78]
1566 9 Nov 8 Thomas Bysshop of Shoreditch, Midd., and Robert Southeby. Village and hamlet of Waplington in manor of Pocklington, Yorks, once the property of Henry, earl of Northumberland. Dismission. C78/31, no. 27 [79]
1566 9 Nov 8 Thomas Yonge of Clatford, Wilts, gent and wife Edith, widow of William Baillie v. Thomas Baillie. Lease of a messuage and land in Keevil and of Baldham Farm, with mills, Wilts. C78/39, no. 26 [80]
1566 12 Nov 8 Thomas Leighe, esq. v. Dame Jane Brereton, widow. Twenty messuages, 560 acres of land, 144 acres of wood, heath and moor in High Legh, Northwood and Swineyard, Ches. C78/31, no. 14 [81]
1566 13 Nov 8 Thomas Rawson v. George Barwicke. Customary holding in Troutbeck, Westm. held by tenant right. Dismission. C78/30, no. 31 [82]
1566 13 Nov 8 Richard Borough of Walton [Waltham], Lincs v. Mary Borough and William Borough, her son. Fourth part of two messuages and 240 acres of land in Saltfleetby, Lincs. C78/31, no. 26 [83]
1566 13 Nov 8 William Herbert, earl of Pembroke v. Walter ap Holl. Breach of an earlier decree ( 3 July 8 Eliz.) concerning property in Llantrissant, Monm. English acres v. Welsh acres. See C78/35/25. C78/35, no. 14 [84]
1566 14 Nov 8 Rose Lodge, widow v. Peter Francis. Life interest in a customary holding in the manor of Stour Provost, Dors, lord of the manor is Kings College, Cambs. Custom of the manor on reversions and widows estate. C78/35, no. 3 [85]
1566 15 Nov 8 Francis Griffyn of Woodhouse, Leics. gent. v. Llewelyn ap Rice ap Griffith ap Howell and John Eyton. Messuage and lands in Leeswood, Flint. Alleged descent of lands by gavelkind. Dismission. C78/35, no. 4 [86]
1566 16 Nov 8 John Broadrippe of Barrow, Som v. Thomas Blounte of London, merchant. Land in manor of Barrow 'alias Barghes' Som. claimed by plaintiff to be customary land. Dismission. C78/35, no.22 [87]
1566 18 Nov 9 Poynings Heron v. Matthew, archbishop of Canterbury and John Palley, doctor of law. Lands and gravel pit in Northstakefield in Croydon, Surrey, claimed as customary land of archbishop's manor of Croydon. C78/36, no. 30 [88]
1566 20 Nov 9 John Fromandes of Carshalton, Surrey, gent. v. Thomas Escorte, Ranulf Hurleston, gent., John Mathewe, Anthony Woode, William Ache Moiety of customary lands in the manor of Carshalton. C78/34, no.2 [89]
1566 21 Nov 9 Richard Rokebye and wife Dorothy, executrix of Laurence Lee v. Sir Richard Thymblebye, Francis Armestronge of Corby, Lincs., gent, and Christopher Wymberley of 'Bechefield [Bitchfield], Lincs.', yeoman. Debt of £40 and bond for its payment. C78/34, no. 1 [90]
1566 23 Nov 8 Francis Walsingham, esq. v. Richard Gonne. Money owed for a lease of one tenement in Friday Street, London. C78/32, no. 27 [91]
1566 26 Nov 9 William Stanney of 'Eston', Sussex, esq., son of Joyce, sister of Sir John Leighe late of London dec. v. Richard Blount, gent.? executor of Sir John's will. A legacy of £100 out of Sir John Leighe's estate. C78/32, no. 9 [92]
1566 26 Nov 9 Ambrose Brydges, grandson of John Brydges of Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, dec. and Thomas Smyth v. Richard Wygnall. Profits of lands and tenements in Waltham Holy Cross, Essex. C78/32, no. 11 [93]
1566 28 Nov 9 Sir Robert Stafforde and wife Dame Jane v. Thomas Wraynesforde and Florence Barston, gents. Life interest in the manors of Chelvey and Midghill, Som, once of John Aishe, esq. deceased, late husband of Dame Jane. C78/35, no. 9 [94]
1566 30 Nov 9 Richard Wyllys, citizen and leather seller of London v. John Cooke. Purchase of two messuages with lands and gardens in Rayleigh, Essex. C78/35, no. 16 [95]
1566 8 C78/, no. []