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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1564 5 Feb 6 Margaret ap David of London, widow v. John Winston. Messuage and 100 acres in 'Honislate', Heref. and customary holding in the manor of Llantony, Monm., once of Roger ap Richard, dec. C78/33, no. 32 [2]
1564 8 Feb 6 Thomas Purselowe of London, mercer and Margaret his wife, daughter & sole heir of Edward Fallyat decd v. Edward Smyth. Messuage and diverse lands in Stoke-by-Nayland, Suff, late property of Richard Fallyat, cousin of plaintiff's wife. C78/28, no. 16 [3]
1564 9 Feb 6 Thomas Bushell of Netheravon, Wilts v. Henry Williams. A yardland called Harblotts in Crofton, Wilts, only property claimed by defendant against bill of plaintiff referring to socage lands in Great and Little Bedwyn and Crofton, Wilts. C78/24, no. 3 [4]
1564 9 Feb 6 William Thomas, infant (by Thomas Barlowe) v. Elizabeth Wase, widow. Lease of several parcels of land in parish of St. Thomas in the suburbs of Oxford, late the property of William Thomas alias Plomer. C78/28, no. 15 [5]
1564 9 Feb 6 Rowland Lytton, esq. v. John Cowper alias Godfraye. Rent of 3s.8d. from land called The Hawte in hamlet of Burleigh in parish of Letchworth [now in Knebworth] Herts. C78/29, no. 1 [6]
1564 11 Feb 6 Sir John Tempest v. Thomas Watterton, Alexander Risheworthe and Richard Tempest of Newsted. Conveyances involving the Tempest estate in Yorks and Lincs, following mortgage of estates by plaintiff to George Kynsam and Anthony Walker, both of London, gents. Defendants are all relations of plaintiff and have redeemend his lands. Dismission. C78/24, no. 37 [7]
1564 14 Feb 6 Sir John Horsey v. John Lyte, esq. and wife Joan. Recovery of obligations concerning debts, made out by plaintiff to John Young, dec, of Sherborne, Dors, whose widow has married defendant. C78/24, no. 4 [8]
1564 20 April 6 Thomas Spenser of Lincoln's Inn, gent. v. Rice Ap David Ap Hoell of Trehelick, Mont, and George Porter, of Berriew, Mont. Lease of parcel of 70 acres called Averaye, part of manor or lordship of 'Cawes’, Mont, of Henry Lord Stafford and wife Ursula. C78/24, no. 35 [9]
1564 21 April 6 William Hawes and Thomas Eyleward, yeomen and wardens of Sevenoaks school and of twenty almshouses in Sevenoaks, Kent and Ralph Rosseville, esq., Richard Love, John Pett, gents and Thomas Locke, yeoman, assistants of the school v. Thomas Griffith and wife Meriel, Thomas Breude, Phillipe Davies, widow, Thomas Marten Endowments of Sevenoaks free school and of 20 almshouses in Sevenoaks, by John Potkyn, sometime scholar, now dec, of tenement called The Star in Bread St, London, and other rents in Bread Street in parish of All Hallows, London. C78/24, no. 1 [10]
1564 22 April 6 William Trickhay, John Skydnor, John Salter, Stephen Pringe, Elias Forde, James Crewes, John Pring, John Salter v. Sir John St. Leger and Robert Webber. Term of years in certain lands in Higher Weaver, Devon, claimed by plaintiffs under will of Dame Joan Kyrkham, dec, for the maintenance of St. Anne's bridges in Feniton, Devon. C78/28, no. 10 [11]
1564 27 April 6 Arthur Sail, clerk v. Thomas Cricklande, alias Cricklade and Richard Naylor. Prebend or parsonage of Bedminster, Som, with seven messuages in Bristol, and a canonry in Salisbury Cathedral. Defendants claim to hold the prebend by a lease. See C78/18/1. C78/24, no. 13 [12]
1564 27 April 6 William Okes v. Thomas Mundy. Conveyances of a customary holding in manor of Aylesham, Norf., and debts from obligations arising from the conveyance. Previously heard in court of Duchy Chamber. C78/28, no. 11 [13]
1564 28 April 6 Elizabeth Penruddocke, widow, Robert Penruddocke, esq. and George Penruddocke, esq. v. William Southacke and Anthony Southacke. Lease and possession of parsonage and glebes of Isell, Cumb. C78/24, no. 36 [14]
1564 28 April 6 Richard Wade and Alice Wade by Richard Leycrofte v. Symond Falx and Stephen Key. Legacy of £27 to plaintiffs from Roger Wade of 'Micheclaston', Essex, dec. C78/33, no. 31 [15]
1564 4 May 6 Christopher Frodingham, gent, administrator of Elizabeth Frodingham, widow decd v. Gerard Salven, esq, Thomas Eynns and Thomas Standeven, alderman of York. Alleged money and chattels of Elizabeth Frodingham, widow. Defendants were guardians of the bastard children of Thomas Delaryver, dec. Dismission. C78/28, no. 17 [16]
1564 28 April 6 William Whitehose of Crayford, Kent, yeoman v. Richard Vane. Possession of farm of all the manor of Howbury in Crayford, Kent. C78/28, no. 14 [17]
1564 3 May 6 Thomas Shouke (by Richard Jackeson) v. John Comber. Customary holding called Lynottes in the manor of North Ockendon, Essex. Case already heard against lord of manor, Thomas Poyntz (26 April, 3 Eliz.). See C 78/18/13. C78/24, no. 2 [18]
1564 6 May 6 Oliver SeyntJohn, esq. and William Henburye, infant, son and heir of Joan late wife of Oliver v. John Cawston and Elizabeth his wife. Three messuages and 32 acres of meadow and pasture in manor of Vauxhall, Surrey. Dismission. C78/29, no. 13 [19]
1564 8 May 6 John Blackman of London, grocer v. John Hyde. Debt of £16 in payment for wares delivered to Henry Taylor, dec. Defendant is Taylor's executor. C78/24, no. 33 [20]
1564 8 May 6 Ralph Worsley of London, esq. v. Robert Shurlaker, Richard Johnson and William Rice. Common of turbary in 'Fernhurst' and 'Ashfield'. Defendants claim that the grounds were part of manor of Bidstone, Ches, of which they are tenants. Plaintiff claims the grounds as part of his manor of Wooton, Ches. C78/24, no. 34 [21]
1564 9 May 6 John Nordon, esq. and Arnold Whitlock, yeoman v. John Blocke, guardian of John Staple, infant. Lease of a barn and 50 acres of land called Cambridge in the parish of Linstead, Kent. Dismission. C78/29, no. 16 [22]
1564 12 May 6 John Baylie v. Thomas Mondaye. Estate of Robert Mondaye, dec, incl. lease of 3 messuages and 100 acres of land in Andover, Hants. Plaintiff's wife is administratrix of Mondaye's estate. C78/24, no. 5A [23]
1564 12 May 6 William Kyrkall of London, butcher and wife Malyn, widow of Alexander Collyn of Brightling, Sussex v. Julian Collyn, Thomas Collyn and Stephen Collyn. Claim of plaintiff's wife to dower rights in her late husband's manor of Socknersh in Brightling, Sussex. Dismission. C78/24, no. 32 [24]
1564 12 May 6 Edward Porter v. Owen Ap Jenner Ap Hoell. Forty acres of land and appurtencances in Welshpool, Mont. C78/28, no. 12 [25]
1564 12 May 6 Alexander Durston and wife Alice v. Richard Hawkyns and John Lacye. Lease of 2 messuages on the bridge of Bristol Haven. Plaintiff's wife is widow of John Plee of Lyme Regis, Dors, merchant. Dismission. C78/28, no. 18 [26]
1564 15 May 6 Egion Wilson and wife Dorothy v. Alexander Langford Moiety of 20 houses and 100 acres of land in Trowbridge, Wilts, claimed by plaintiff's wife as daughter of Alice Stelman. Dismission. C78/24, no. 5B [27]
1564 16 May 6 Basil Feldinge, esq. and wife Judith, daughter of William Willington of Barcheston, Warw., esq. dec. v. William Sheldon. Annuity of £30 from manor of Ditchford Friary, Warw. c. C78/36/27. C78/33, no. 30 [28]
1564 17 May 6 Egion Wilson and wife Dorothy v. William Horton. Moiety of manor of 'Trerehenton' in Einton, Steeple Ashton, Littleton and Christian Malford, Wilts. C78/24, no. 6 [29]
1564 3 June 6 Thomas Mershall of Exeter, merchant v. Henry Elicott, of Exeter. Allegedly fraudulent sale of a lease of a messuage in Exeter. Dismission. C78/24, no. 8 [30]
1564 3 June 6 Alexander Olesborne v. Thomas Herle. Customary holding of manor of Prideaux, Corn, and unwillingness of defendant (lord of the manor) to make a grant for term of 3 lives to plaintiff. C78/24, no. 11 [31]
1564 5 June 6 Alice Lovell of Shepton Mallet, Som, widow v. Alice Strowde, widow. Customary holding called Rowley parcel of the manor of Shepton Mallet, Som. C78/28, no. 19 [32]
1564 5 June 6 John Jelye and wife Joan, Margery Heywood, widow, Agnes Maltus, widow, Thomas Herd and wife Margaret and William Legge v. John Brighte and Richard Mathie. Land part of the manor or farm of Apletons in the parish of Chigwell, Essex allegedly once of John Synnewe of Lincolns Inn, gent. See C78/33/43(a). C78/33, no. 33 [33]
1564 7 June 6 Crysley verch Thomas, Jane verch Thomas, Crystian verch Jane, Crystian verch Katyne, Margaret verch Thomas, Florence verch Roger, Anne verch Crystian, Elene verch Jane, Mawde verch Johanne, Elen verch Johanne for themselves and all other kinswomen of Thomas Hoell decd late merchant of England & inhabitant of the City of Cyvill, Spain v. Sir William Chester, Master, and the Wardens of the Drapers Guild, London, William Watson, John Galthorp, John Drayner, William Beswicke, wardens of the said mystery. Revival and additional decree in case concerning testament of Thomas Howell alias Hoell for marriage portions. (Original decree was C78/26/34). Much matter on progress of this case, including certificate of a commission of 1558, appointed by Cardinal Pole (in Latin). Purpose of decree in 6 Eliz. was to correct the form of words in previous decree. Following decree are various pedigrees (at mm.26-36) of Welsh relations of Thomas Howell, dec. C78/27, no. 18 [34]
1564 9 June 6 William Carrante, gent, and wife Joan and William Carrante their son v. John Larcombe and wife Agnes. Lease, from Sir John Horsey and wife Dame Edith, of capital messuage of Avill in Dunster, Som, Dismission. C78/24, no. 12 [35]
1564 12 June 6 Walter Powell, gent v. Thomas William, Walter Johnes and William Morgayne. A messuage and 100 acres of land in Llanhennock and Llantrisserit, Monm, originally property of plaintiff's brother. Plaintiff's niece Elizabeth is married to defendant William, and allegedly is a 'natural fool and idiot'. C78/24, no. 7 [36]
1564 12 June 6 Elizabeth Willarde and husband Robert Brabant v. William Willarde. Messuage and 100 acres in Pevensey and Hailsham, Sussex, within liberty of Cinque Ports. John Willarde, grandfather of the complt C78/24, no. 10 [37]
1564 12 June 6 Richard Collyer of Albury, Surrey, miller v. Richard Ellyott. A watermill, water course and half an acre of land originally part of manor of Weston, in Albury, Surrey, and dispute over effects of the water course on the manor of Weston, owned by defendant. C78/28, no. 22 [38]
1564 14 June 6 William Earle of Bradninch, Devon, yeoman v. William Twygge. Grain and chattels, allegedly wrongfully taken from plaintiff's father, ten years past. C78/24, no. 31 [39]
1564 15 June 6 Mary Markeham, widow v. Richard Markeham. Life interest in lands and tenements in Sedgebrook and Newbo, Lincs. Goods and chattels late of plaintiff's husband. C78/33, no. 35 [40]
1564 16 June 6 Thomas Salwey v. John Leveson, esq. and Edward Sprott, gent. Lands and tenements in Cannock, Smallrise, Saredon, Burston, Salt, Stafford, Dunston, Hednesford, Wyrley, Cheddleton, Aldridge, Whitgreave and other places (named) in Staffs. See C78/38/21. C78/24, no. 30 [41]
1564 17 June 6 John Stowbridge v. John Eveleigh alias Eveliche. Mortgage on tenement called Little Well or Northwell in Ottery St. Mary, Devon, and alleged attempt to redeem property by plaintiff. Dismission. C78/24, no. 9 [42]
1564 17 June 6 Thomas Gervys, son of James Gervys, gent. v. John Cootes and Thomas Eaton. Lease of 2 messuages and 240 acres of land in Engleton, Staffs. Dismission. C78/24, no. 29 [43]
1564 19 June 6 Edmund Sandford and Robert Hemmynge, administrators of goods of William Powell of St. Katherine's next the Tower of London, dec. v. Elizabeth Turner, widow. Lease of messuage in King Street, Westminster called The Sign of the Maiden Head. Dismission. C78/28, no. 20 [44]
1564 19 June 6 John Todde of London, clothworker and Joan, his wife v. Owen Clunne and Henry Kinge. Lease of two tenements in St. Andrew Hubbard, London. Case heard previously in the court of Requests. Dismission. C78/29, no. 31 [45]
1564 20 June 6 Thomas Blagrove and wife Joan v. William Bellamye of Barnet, Herts, gent. Five messuages and 400 acres of land in Hadley, Barnet and E. Barnet, Herts, and S. Mimms, Midd. claimed in right of plaintiff's wife, daughter of William Bellamye, dec. C78/24, no. 14 [46]
1564 20 June 6 Anthony Hall and wife Ellen, daughter & sole heir of John Goorden decd v. Cuthbert Strowder. Four tenements with appurtenances in Alnwick, Northumb, estate of John Goorden, dec, father of Ellen Hall. Claimed that two tenements were conveyed to Lancelot Harbottell[Harbottle] late of Alnwick, and descended to Dorothy Harbottell his daughter & heir, who conveyed them to Nynyan Strowder, father of the deft, and Ingram Strowder, now decd, brother of the deft, and descended to George Strowder, son of Ingram C78/28, no. 21 [47]
1564 20 June 6 William earl of Pembroke v. William Llewellyn ap John. Lease of a tenement and lands called Henlan in Neath, Glam. C78/29, no. 30 [48]
1564 21 June 6 John Kesyar alias Keysar, gent. v. George Whetenhall, esq. Two messuages and 100 acres of land in East Peckham, Kent, and a disputed annual rent of 5 marks p.a. going out of the property. Dismission. C78/28, no. 23 [49]
1564 21 June 6 Jane Wall, widow v. Charles Acton and wife Elizabeth, Edward Corbett and wife Elinor, Francis Bucks and wife Mary. Money owed to the plaintiff as administratrix of George Wall, Serjeant at law, by the defendants, administrators of George Wall, the elder, father of Sergeant Wall. An account of the rents and profits of the manor of Ombersley, Warw., due to plaintiff. C78/33, no. 36 [50]
1564 9 Oct 6 John Harlakenden and Salmon Harlakenden v. John Salmon. Messuage and forty acres of meadow and pasture in Halden, Kent. A forged will. Dismission. C78/29, no. 2 [51]
1564 10 Oct 6 John Marten of Coton, Cambridge, yeoman v. John Steven. Close called Reddyclose or Reddy Yard in Coton, Cambs. Dismission. C78/29, no. 7 [52]
1564 12 Oct 6 Thomas Clynton of Eastnor, Heref, gent and wife Agnes, widow of Thomas Grent of Gloucester v. Sir John Thynne and John Knyght. Customs of the manor of Buckland, Glos, especially concerning pasture right of copyholders, and charges for pasturing beasts on a certain meadow. C78/26, no. 12 [53]
1564 18 Oct 6 Thomas Dowryshe of Dowrich, Devon, esq. v. John Saintclere; Nicholas Adams; Gabriel Saintcler Manor of Kennerleigh, Devon. C78/29, no. 4 [54]
1564 19 Oct 6 Elizabeth Francke, daughter of John Francke v. Sir William Berd, clerk, parson of St. Mary Hill, London & Henry Smyth & Arthur Malbye, churchwardens. Nine messuages in parish of St. Botolph without Aldgate, London, and whether they were chantry lands or possessions of the parsonage of St Mary Hill, London. Dismission. C78/28, no. 24 [55]
1564 21 Oct 6 Marion Lytman, widow v. Griffith Curtys, gent. Copyhold lands in manor of Urchfont, Wilts. Defendant is steward of manor, who allegedly destroyed her copy. Dismission. C78/24, no. 18 [56]
1564 23 Oct 6 Robert Lewkenor of Leigh, Kent, gent v. Henry Goring, esq. Manor of Goring, Sussex. Dismission. C78/29, no. 15 [57]
1564 24 Oct 6 Frances Newdygat of Chelsea, Midd, esq., and his wife Anne, Duchess of Somerset v. Gabriel Pleadall of Chippenham, Wilts, gent. Lease of manor of Chippenham and Monkton, Wilts, now property of plaintiff as widow of Edward, duke of Som. C78/26, no. 10 [58]
1564 24 Oct 6 Laurence Nicolson of Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, gent. v. Henry Dennye, esq., John Tamworthe esq. and William Dodington. Freehold and customary lands in Waltham Holy Cross, Essex. Dismission. C78/28, no. 25 [59]
1564 25 Oct 6 John Manley of London, innholder v. John Faldoo of Sutton, Beds, yeoman. A cottage and 23 acres of land in Potton, Beds, claimed as freehold by plaintiff, as copyhold of manor of Potton, by defendant. Dismission. C78/24, no. 38 [60]
1564 31 Oct 6 James Altham, esq. and wife Mary, widow of Sir Andrew Judde v. Henry [Parkor] Lord Morley and John Newman. An annuity claimed out of plaintiff's manor of Markshall, Essex, for Lord Morley's son Thomas Parker. Decree cancels annuity but

obliges plaintiff to grant lands to a certain value to Thomas Parker, including manor of Belhouse, Norf .

C78/26, no. 8 [61]
1564 31 Oct 6 John Thurlbane of Girton, Cambs, yeoman v. John Stockard and wife Elizabeth and John Barton. Two messuages called Sheperdes and Whelers with appurtenances, and 3 other messuages, etc. in Fen Drayton, Cambs. Earlier the estate of William Salmon of Fen Drayton, husbandman, whose widow is Elizabeth Stockard. Dismission. C78/28, no. 26 [62]
1564 7 Nov 6 Anthony Carleton, esq. v. George Anderson. Bond of £40 for payments due on an indenture. Case heard previously in Court of Requests. Dismission. C78/33, no. 34 [63]
1564 8 Nov 6 William Busbye, citizen & cordwainer of London & Agnes his wife, and Alice Wood, daughters of Roger Woode & Elyn his wife decd v. William Avys. Messuages and lands in Tottington, Norf. Dismission. C78/24, no. 17 [64]
1564 8 Nov 6 William Davye v. Robert Horsford. Reversion of a customary holding of two tenements in manor of Beaminster Secunda, Dors. Dismission. C78/29, no. 9 [65]
1564 14 Nov 6 Guy Clinton, scholar of Oxford v. John Scudamore esq. and James Warnecombe, esq. Dispute over part of the glebe land and vicarage of Much Marcle, Heref. Plaintiff is vicar. C78/24, no. 16 [66]
1564 14 Nov 6 John Westgate of London, draper v. John Drye. Messuage and garden in the parish of St. James, Norwich. C78/29, no. 6 [67]
1564 15 Nov 6 John Gower of Alcester, Warw. v. Thomas Gower, his younger brother. A tenement and 4 acres of land in Alcester, Warw. C78/24, no. 15 [68]
1564 17 Nov 7 Thomas Morgan of 'Harstio', Glos. v. Edward Michell of Davys Inn, Midd, gent. Two messuages with shops and cellars in Westgate Street, Gloucester. Involves a revival of earlier action against John Kevelocke. C78/26, no. 9 [69]
1564 17 Nov 7 John Alye v. Robert Dyne. Messuage and lands called Palmers in Daliington, [Sussex]. C78/33, no. 37 [70]
1564 20 Nov 7 John Gyle of Darmsden, Suff., son & next heir of Robert Gyle decd v. Henry Cuttinge, Thomas Lawndye, Walter Neve, Edward Uttinge, Nicholas Fowler Two messuages and 300 acres of land in Battisford, Ringshall, Great Bricett and Barmsden, Suff.


C78/29, no. 3 [71]
1564 22 Nov 7 Thomas Stockbridge and wife Joan, daughter of Thomas Chamberlayn decd v. John Wastell. Tenement with lands in Melbourne, Cambs. Claimed by plaintiff's wife as heir to Thomas Chamberleyne, dec. Dismission. C78/28, no. 27 [72]
1564 23 Nov 7 Griffith Williams and wife Agnes v. Sir Edward Rowse. Title to 10 messuages and 500 acres of land in Dunwich and Westleton, Suff, involving a mortgage. C78/25, no. 2 [73]
1564 23 Nov 7 Sir Edward Warner v. Elizabeth Harryson, widow and son Robert Harryson. Bargain and sale of 'Gubbyns Farm' in Northampton, Northants. Dismission. C78/26, no. 14 [74]
1564 23 Nov 7 Richard Ryve, alias Reve, clerk, of Bishops Cleeve, Glos. v. Thomas Coxe. Possession of the farm of the parsonage of Bishops Cleeve, Glos. Plaintiff's farmer is Edward Oldsworth. Dismission. C78/26, no. 15 [75]
1564 23 Nov 7 Edmund Ashton of Chatherton, Lancaster, esq. v. Francis Saunders, esq. Six messuages, two cottages and 120 acres of meadow and pasture in Brixworth, Northants. Dismission. C78/29, no. 5 [76]
1564 25 Nov 7 Thomas Horneby and wife Joan, widow and executrix of Roger Wood v. Clement Chicheley. Lease of pasture near Clerkenwell, Midd. C78/33, no. 38 [77]
1564 27 Nov 7 John Feldes of Woodhouse, Leics. v. Thomas Jones. Lease of a water mill called Dixley Mill with divers closes and pastures in 'Dixley', Leics. C78/25, no. 1 [78]
1564 27 Nov 7 James Trewynnerd v. Martin Trewynnerd. Debts of their father, William Trewynnerd, esq, of Trewynnerd, Corn. C78/29, no. 8 [79]