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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1560 Hilary Term 2 John Archer v. John Aprice, William Collyns and others (not named). Lands and houses in Henley-on-Thames, Oxon. Dismission. C78/41, no. 13 [2]
1560 30 Jan 2 Sir Martin Lane, clerk, vicar of Chesterfield, Derb. v. Sir James Fuliamb, Thomas Hettott, Colin Fansha, Bridget Berysford, widow, James Rygott Lands of the vicarage of Chesterfield, Derb., and lease of parsonage of Chesterfield. Dismission. C78/16, no. 12 [3]
1560 1 Feb 2 Robert Fletcher v. Richard Hall and John Sheperd. A close of pasture in Carlton, Notts. C78/15, no. 11 [4]
1560 1 Feb 2 Anthony Ayre, Thomas Ayre and Robert Heire, gents v. Sir Francis Leke. Lease of manors of Holme and Dunston [in Chesterfield] with appurtenances in Brampton, Birley and Whittington, Derb. Involves conventual lease. C78/16, no. 11 [5]
1560 1 Feb 2 Richard Wythe of Helmingham, Suff, yeoman v. John Harbottell, gent. Customary land in Crowfeld and Coddenham, Suff, held of the defendant's manor of Booking, Suff. Defendant seized the holdings because of waste made by tenant. C78/17, no. 9 [6]
1560 2 Feb 2 Dame Mary Fullesthurste, widow v. Richard Reignoldes. Lease of five messuages in St. Swithin and St. Nicholas Acon, London, granted to Thomas Perpointe, citizen and draper of London, late husband of plaintiff. Dismission. C78/41, no. 11 [7]
1560 3 Feb 2 Sir John Graye v. William Derby; John Broune; Richard Bridges; Thomas Johnson, executors of Thomas Broune. Debts owed by Thomas Broune, of Fishertoft [Fishtoft], Lincs, dec. as bailiff of manor of Frampton, Lines and of Holland Fen there, to plaintiff as farmer of the manor. C78/17, no. 16 [8]
1560 6 Feb 2 Provost and Scholars of King's College, Cambridge v. Ellen Atwater, widow. Parcel of land claimed by plaintiffs as part of their manor of Stour Provost, Dors. C78/15, no. 10 [9]
1560 6 Feb 2 Jane Lyngen of London, 'shempster' v. John Lyngen. Manor of Cotton in Westbury and Worthen, Salop with 6 messuages and 300 acres of land, late of William Lyngen, dec. Dismission. C78/15, no. 28 [10]
1560 6 Feb 2 Lawrence Berisford v. Isabel Berisford, widow and John Berisford. Several parcels of land, parts of Newton Grange, in Ashborne, Derb, and a fother of lead, late of Hugh Berisford, dec. Dismission. C78/15, no. 29 [11]
1560 6 Feb 2 John Levett v. Henry Saxy alias Saxcy of London, mercer. Conflicting claims of debts owed over trade to Danzig. Plaintiff was a factor resident in Danzig to whom Saxy sent merchandise. C78/17, no. 23 [12]
1560 7 Feb 2 Dame Jane Dormer, widow of Sir Robert Dormer v. Robert Peerson, clerk and Richard Slowe. Debt owed to Robert Dormer by John Stoddard, dec, whose executors are defendants. C78/15, no. 9 [13]
1560 7 Feb 2 Jane [Wriothesley], Countess of Southampton v. Sir William Stamford, now dec. and Roger Potter, administrators of goods of William Pye, clerk, dec. Pretended recognizances made by plaintiff to William Pye, clerk, dec. C78/17, no. 11 [14]
1560 8 Feb 2 Lady Anne Bowser [Bourghchier], daughter of late earl of Essex v. Sir Edward Walgrave and Sir John Butler. Plaintiff, wife of Marquis of Northampton, was assigned certain lands by Queen Mary. Case concerns possession of one of these estates: manor of Bennington, Herts. See also C78/15/15. C78/15, no. 12 [15]
1560 9 Feb 2 John Mason and wife Dorothy and Richard Wyatt and wife Anne v. Richard Pynchbeck and William Pedder. Messuage and 20 acres of land in Benington [Bennington] and Leverton in Holland, Lincs. Dismission [text damaged]. C78/16, no. 40 [16]
1560 10 Feb 2 John Lucas, dec. and John Trevilian v. Thomas Carie, esq. of Cockington, Devon. Loan to defendant and plaintiff's pleas concerning alterations in the terms of repayment involving cloth. Dismission. C78/16, no. 8 [17]
1560 10 Feb 2 Richard Currie v. Thomas Marrys. Rent of 1 mark p.a. from a messuage and 70 acres of land in Bowden in parish of Week St. Mary, Corn. C78/16, no. 9 [18]
1560 10 Feb 2 Lawrence Turkynton v. Sir Lawrence Taylard, Giles and William Taylard and Robert Nevell. Manors of Clarevaux and Deans in Upwood, Hunts. Dismission. C78/41, no. 12 [19]
1560 11 Feb 2 William Courtney, son & heir of Sir William Courtney decd v. Hugh Stukeley. Mortgages made by Sir William Courtney, dec. with Stukeley concerning manors of Thurlestone, Salcombe, Bolberry, Beckhams, Chiverstone and Bolberry Allyn, in Devon, worth £147 p.a., for loan of £1800. Plaintiff is a child, represented by Marquis of Winchester. C78/16, no. 1 [20]
1560 11 Feb 3 William Gonne v. Gregory Pormorte. Lease of an inn called The George, with appurtenances, in Stamford Baron St. Martin, Northants. C78/41, no. 33 [21]
1560 12 Feb 2 Hughe Kete, an infant (by his brother John Kete) v. Edmund Busbye, decd and Richard Busbye. Leases of parsonage of Hagbourne, Berks. C78/16, no. 6 [22]
1560 12 Feb 2 John Cocke v. George Penrodocke and wife Anne, widow of John Cocke, dec. Legacies in testament of John Cocke, dec., including copyhold lands in Cheshunt, Herts. C78/16, no. 7 [23]
1560 12 Feb 2 Robert Love, son & heir of Robert Love & Anne his wife, decd v. Richard Mortimer; John Plumer; Johane Wylson, widow Messuage called The Red Lion in Baldock, Herts. C78/16, no. 10 [24]
1560 12 Feb 2 Richard Taylour, son of Roger Taylour, dec. of Doveridge, Derb., v. Dorothy Taylour, widow and John Taylour. Three burgages and 30 acres of land in [damaged] Staffs and a cottage in Bramshall Staffs. Dismission [text damaged]. C78/16, no. 39 [25]
1560 12 Feb 2 Henry Hart and wife Margaret and John Carnesdale v. John Abbes. Lease of 100 acres of land called Wilgerland in Nayland, Suff. Dismission. C78/17, no. 2 [26]
1560 12 Feb 2 Richard Bertye, esq. v. Walter Herenden. Lease made by plaintiff and his wife, Katheryn, Duchess of Suffolk of lands in Lincs., and also touching manors of Wheatacre and Fleatacre Borough, Norf. C78/17, no. 7 [27]
1560 ?? Easter Term 2 ?? Thomas Pyke v. Henry Jones. One of two licences to buy and carry 700 tuns of beer, originally granted to Edmund Robertes by Edward VI. C78/41, no. 14 [28]
1560 Easter Term 2 John Meyer v. William Tudman. Two messuages and 60 acres of land in parish of Foxearth, Essex, late of plaintiff's father, William. C78/41, no. 15 [29]
1560 Easter Term 2 Thomas Goodwyn, esq. and Robert Prydeaux, gent, administrators of goods of John Prideaux, Serjeant at Law v. James Courtney of Upcott, Devon, esq. Arrangements for jointure on the marriage between defendant's son, James and John Prideaux' daughter, Jane. C78/41, no. 20 [30]
1560 29 April 3 John Ryson and wife Agnes v. Thomas Winterfloud and wife Joan, Robert Sturton and John and Robert Saunders. A common inn called The Chequier in Dunmow, Essex and 50 acres of land in Dunmow. Dismission. C78/41, no. 31 [31]
1560 May 2 Richard Fyncham v. William Blackwood. Lands in Brancaster and Deepdale, Norf. Dismission. C78/41, no. 19 [32]
1560 May 2 John Petvyn v. Andrew Stourton, esq. and wife Catherine and Florence Petvyn, widow. Lease of capital messuage of manor of Rimpton, Som., lands appurtenant and a watermill, owned originally by bishopric of Winchester, [text damaged]. C78/16, no. 41 [33]
1560 3 May 2 Elizabeth Snowe, widow of Richard Snowe, dec. v. Thomas Pygott. Plaintiff's life term in a messuage called Rowney Lodge in Denestrete, Beds, and for hunting in several parcels there. Formerly of Chicksand Abbey. C78/15, no. 35 [34]
1560 6 May 2 John Travers v. Edward Porter and wife Clement. Debts and obligations between John Bennett, of London, merchant taylor, dec, and Robert Bennett of Windsor, Berks, dec. Plaintiff is executor of John Bennett; defendant's wife is administratrix of chattels of Robert Bennett. C78/17, no. 28 [35]
1560 7 May 2 Lady Anne Bourgher, daughter of late earl of Essex v. Sir Edward Walgrave and Sir John Butler. Settlement of rents granted to plaintiff, but allegedly not paid by defendant Walgrave. See also C78/l5/l2. C78/15, no. 15 [36]
1560 7 May 2 Alexander Stokes v. Henry Callyngwood. Bargain concerning an agreement to use the sheep of Thomas Stokes, clerk, by defendant to manure his lands. No place given. C78/16, no. 15 [37]
1560 8 May 2 William Tylcocks, late Mayor of Oxford v. Anne Mallyson, widow. Legacies left to the city of Oxford, by Thomas Mallyson, to set the poor to work. C78/15, no. 14 [38]
1560 8 May 2 Roger Amyce, esq. v. William Nutt. Copyhold lands, held of manor of Combe Martin, Devon, owned by Sir Richard Pollard. C78/16, no. 14 [39]
1560 8 May 2 Roger Amys v. John Parde. Copyhold lands of the manor of Combe Martin, Devon, in Widecombe, Devon. See C78/16/14 C78/16, no. 17 [40]
1560 9 May 2 Christopher Mannynge; William Warren; Robert Wyse; John Markham, for tenants and inhabitants of Castor, Sutton, Upton and Ailesworth, Northants v. Robert Wingfield, esq. Charges illegal enclosures and overstocking the commons with defendant's cattle. Wingfield has a lease of much of the land from Peterborough Cathedral. Charges defendant with causing depopulation. Dismission. C78/17, no. 15 [41]
1560 11 May 2 William More and Richard More v. William Hawtrey, Roger Martin and Humphrey Baskervylde. Claimed legacy from John More, dec, of an annuity out of manor of Ashchurch, Glos. Dismission. C78/15, no. 19 [42]
1560 12 May 2 Decree of Chancery recording the privilege of litigants to be free of arrest by writ of any other court during their attendance in Chancery: recounting a dispute between Chancery and King's Bench arising from the arrest of one Walter Philip Thomas by the sheriff of Middlesex. C78/87, no. 2 [43]
1560 13 May 2 Richard Corbett of Paynton, Shropshire, esq. v. Jasper Blytheman; Richard Hochynson; Richard Wheateley; John Harryson, clerk Manor of Carlton, Yorks: certain parcels there, claimed by both parties under different Crown grants. C78/15, no. 17 [44]
1560 13 May 2 Agnes, Joan and Katherine Ward v. Thomas Stone and wife Katharine, widow of Richard Ward, dec. A messuage and land in Whetstone, Leics, estate of Richard Ward, father of plaintiff. C78/16, no. 18 [45]
1560 13 May 2 Alexander Allen and Richard Donnington v. John Styrley of London, vintner. Suit originally brought by Joan Staveley, widow of James Staveley of London, vintner, over lease of site of Egglestone Abbey, Yorks, originally granted to Staveley and Styrley jointly; debts of Styrley to Staveley, represented by his executors, plaintiffs. C78/17, no. 17 [46]
1560 13 May 2 Dame Mary Fulleshurst, widow of Sir Thomas v. Robert Fulleshurst, esq., son of Sir Thomas. Widow's rights in manors of Crewe and Barthomley, Ches, according to marriage settlement made in 1545. C78/17, no. 18 [47]
1560 14 May 2 John Palmer, Christian his wife & Richard their son v. Sir Thomas Moyle. Succession to a customary holding in manor of Puriton, in Puriton, Som., owned by defendant. C78/15, no. 16 [48]
1560 14 May 2 Basil Fyldinge of Warw, esq, John Lynwood and Andrew Foster of Sutton, Cambs v. Thomas Wren. Rights of lessees of farm called The Stable in Wentworth Cambs, and in one fold course and free common of 600 sheep, etc. Dean and Chapter of Ely appear for defendant. C78/17, no. 19 [49]
1560 14 May 2 Agnes Pascall, widow, sister & next heir of Thomas Awgar decd v. John Cole of Tendring, Essex. Three tenements with appurtenances in Tendring, Essex, estate of Thomas Awger, brother of plaintiff. C78/17, no. 25 [50]
1560 14 May 2 Nicholas Culverwell v. Ralph Bohee. Alleged non-delivery of a statute staple. C78/41, no. 16 [51]
1560 15 May 2 George Ellys of Pole v. Cristopher Macham. Loan made by Nicholas Welsted, plaintiff's agent in Spain to defendant, in ducats. C78/15, no. 13 [52]
1560 15 May 2 Anthony Will v. John Davye, John Crabbe and Walter Crabbe. Rents from a tenement and 40 acres of land called Frogwell, in Callington, Corn., former endowment of a chantry. Dismission. C78/15, no. 18 [53]
1560 16 May 2 John Woody v. Henry Gyle, Robert Good and John Gray. 5 messuages in Staines, Midd. and 41 acres of land in Egham and Thorpe, Surrey, involving alleged enfeoffment to use. Dismission. C78/16, no. 13 [54]
1560 16 May 2 James Ragoson, merchant stranger v. John Seyntabyn, esq. Six pieces of tin worth £49 5s. Plaintiff was associated with Richard Champyon, alderman of London. Dismission. C78/16, no. 16 [55]
1560 16 May 2 John Dewe, son & heir of James Dewe and Joan his wife v. Lady Anne Bourzer [Bourghchier], daughter & heir of Henry, late Earl of Essex; Thomas Rawlyn, farmer & bailiff of manor of Great Wakering, Essex; John Charvell, one of the tenants, and the Steward of the said manor (not named) Customary holdings in the manor of Great Wakering, Essex, whose lord is Lady Anne Bourghchier. C78/17, no. 29 [56]
1560 18 May 2 Sir John Harcourt and Sir Francis Stoner v. Robert Beckyngham; John Bidford; John Hall; James Drake; John Davyes; Robert Andrewes; John Style; Richard Blake; Anthony Golland; Robert Seymour; William Austen; Thomas Tydwaye; Mary Hudleston Obligations as sureties entered into by plaintiffs over a debt of £600 owed by Francis Barrentyne, now dec, to William Dawkes, of London, mercer. Defendants are Barrentyne's servants who hold his chattels. Dismission. C78/16, no. 28 [57]
1560 20 May 2 Robert Enge and wife Margaret v. Robert Hiller. Three messuages, 20 acres of land in Beddington, Surrey. [text damaged] C78/16, no. 42 [58]
1560 20 May 2 Matthew Stuart, Earl of Lennox and wife Lady Margaret v. Sir Thomas Danby. Manor of East Witton, Yorks, in E. Witton and Thornton Steward, and lease of Kilgram Grange there. C78/17, no. 27 [59]
1560 20 May 2 William Goodyer and wife Jacomyn v. Robert Beadell. Twenty acres of arable in Iver, and Langley Marish, Bucks. Dismission. C78/41, no. 17 [60]
1560 ??? [Fragmentary case involves James Swynton of Knutsford, Ches. Only fragments readable]. C78/16, no. 43 [61]
1560 21 May 2 Martin Sedley of Morley, Norf, gent v. Sir Humphrey Brown, justice of common pleas. Custody of copyhold lands of the manor of Radley Hall in Terling, Essex. C78/17, no. 21 [62]
1560 23 May 2 John Grene and wife Elizabeth, Richard Allfelde and wife Jane v. William Veysye and wife Sibel. Two messuages, five shops and four and a half acres of land in parishes of St. Sepulchre, London and St. Martin in the fields, Midd. Dismission. C78/41, no. 21 [63]
1560 24 May 2 John Pococke v. Edward Collens of Newport, Isle of Wight. A messuage in Brading, Isle of Wight, called Chyntons, and 6 messuages with appurtenances in Newport. Dismission. C78/15, no. 34 [64]
1560 24 May 2 John Portington of Portington, Yorks, gent and wife Anne, William Yaxley of Boston, Lincs., gent, and wife Rose v. Thomas Lytleburye and Ellen Middleton. Chain of fine gold, weighing 11 ounces, late of Dame Rose Eland, dec. C78/41, no. 18 [65]
1560 25 May 2 Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely v. Thomas Thirlby, clerk, former Bishop of Ely. New bishop's claims that his predecessor has not replenished the stock and chattels of the bishopric as is the custom from a grant of 42 Edward III. C78/16, no. 29 [66]
1560 27 May 2 John Warren of Salcombe, Devon, husbandman v. John Bowyer, gent. Customary lands held of the the manor of Enowle in Salcombe and Sidbury, Devon. Case already heard in court of requests. Dismission. C78/17, no. 20 [67]
1560 28 May 2 George Dynham, gent (now decd) v. Sir William Dormer (now also decd). Manors of Eythrope and Cranwell, Bucks. Heard earlier in Chancery in Nov, 5 Edw VI, and dismissed, but brought back into Chancery because decree was not signed by the hand of Chancellor Riche. Also heard by Chancery in Nov, 1 Mary, and dismissed. Plaintiff has revived the case in Easter term 2 Eliz. The bill of revivor has been accepted at the Queen's commandment. C78/17, no. 26 [68]
1560 15 June 2 Giles Powlett [Paulet], one of the sons of William, Marquess of Winchester and Mary wife of the said Giles, one of the daughters & heirs of Nicholas Trappes decd; Henry Broune and wife Alice, another of the daughters & coheirs of the said Nicholas v. Robert Trappes the elder; Robert Trappes the younger; Francis Trappes Estate of plaintiff's wives, daughters of Nicholas Trappes, dec. in manor of Takeley alias Bassingbourne, Essex. C78/17, no. 22 [69]
1560 15 June 2 John Person, son of Richard Person of Exton, Hants v. James Massam and wife Margaret, widow of Richard Person. Estate of Richard Persons, the farm of the manor of Exton, Hants., and terms of Person's testament leaving farm to son if his wife should remarry. Overseer of Person's testament is Lord Chidiock Paulet. C78/17, no. 24 [70]
1560 17 June 3 Garrett Shelbury of Colchester, Essex, grocer v. Thomas Shelbury. Debt owed by defendant, plaintiff's brother, who had custody of plaintiff's family and business while he was a religious exile in Mary's reign; a brewhouse in Colchester. C78/41, no. 32 [71]
1560 21 June 2 Amy Bedyll, widow v. Richard Vane and wife Mabel. 170 acres of land in Crayford, Kent. Already arbitrated by two of the judges in Common Pleas; this decree over fair partition of the lands. C78/15, no. 30 [72]
1560 11 Oct 2 Anthony Walter, widow of Philip Walter v. William Apoell, tailor. Four houses and an orchard in Brecknock, Brec. and certain jewels and plate: a mortgage held by defendant. Dismission. C78/15, no. 42 [73]
1560 16 Oct 2 Edward Garrington v. John Golding. Chattels of Robert Coker, dec. Both parties were executors. C78/15, no. 43 [74]
1560 17 Oct 2 Bartholomew Patrycke of Hadleigh, Suff., cousin & heir of Hugh Spurlyng late of Alphanstone, Essex decd v. William Clere. Estate of Hugh Spurlyngs capital messuage and lands in Alphamstone, Essex. C78/15, no. 44 [75]
1560 24 Oct 2 Dame Elizabeth Brandon of Halsted, Lincs, widow of Sir Charles Brandon, and previously wife of Sir James Strangways of West Herlsey, Yorks, also dec., and Francis Nevell v. George Gennye. An annual rent of £9 12s. going from manor of Bilton, Yorks., late owned by Sir James Strangways. C78/15, no. 32 [76]
1560 24 Oct 2 John Wood of Lyons Inn without Temple Bar, London, gent. v. Sir John Fermour. Copyhold lands of manor of Corscombe, Dors, and question of customs of the manor involving granting of tenancies. C78/16, no. 23 [77]
1560 26 Oct 2 Thomas Stafford of Ditchling, Sussex and wife Margaret v. Stephen Hatche of Sellinge, Kent, and wife Margery. Twenty acres of land in Newchurch, Kent. Fart of land held by Richard Redge, formerly husband to Margery Hatche. Dismission. C78/15, no. 31 [78]
1560 26 Oct 2 Sir John Lyon, alderman of London v. Anne Rede, widow. Farm and land in Thrupp, Berks called Gosey, claimed by one party as part of lands granted to Sir Richard Lee temp Edw. VI and part of manor of Barton. Dismission. C78/15, no. 45 [79]
1560 26 Oct 2 Hugh Jenns, M.A., Dean of St. Asaph v. Sir John Salysbury, Tydder Ap Robert, esq. and Hugh Panton the elder, gent. Lease of the Deanery of St. Asaph including the mansion house there [Flint.]. Dismission. C78/17, no. 35 [80]
1560 27 Oct 2 Oswald Osbourne of Elham, Kent v. Austen Fidge. Three messuages and 115 acres of land in Elham and two messuages in Canterbury, Kent, estate of William Salkyn of Nonnington, Kent, dec. Both parties were Salkyn's executors. Dismission. C78/16, no. 19 [81]
1560 28 Oct 2 John Ferres of Tamworth, Warws v. Thomas Wolverston and Humphrey Wolverston. Forty messuages and 400 acres in Tamworth and Statfold, Staffs and Warw. Dismission. C78/15, no. 46 [82]
1560 28 Oct 2 Thomas Aylyfe of Lawrence Winton, Hants v. John Bye of Basing, Hants. Debts owed to Ralph Byrde, clerk, dec. for whom plaintiff is executor. C78/15, no. 47 [83]
1560 29 Oct 2 William Beale, Jean Compton, widow, Alice Astlett, widow, Christopher Ketylworth and wife Margaret, William Helyer and wife Edith, five of the children of William Beale late of Priors Deane, Hants decd v. Thomas Chase and Thomas Frye. Chattels of William Beale, dec, father of plaintiffs. Defendants were executors. C78/15, no. 48 [84]
1560 29 Oct 2 Richard Barnard the younger of Kingston Deverill, Wilts v. Henry Bodenham and Thomas Feltham. Lease of a messuage & lands in Kingston Deverill, Wilts. C78/15, no. 49 [85]
1560 29 Oct 2 Henry Foster of Ensworth, Yorks., son of Henry Foster late of Blythe, Notts v. Robert Lawe and William Copeley. Messuage and 25 acres of land in Blyth, Notts. C78/15, no. 50 [86]
1560 5 Nov 2 Andrew Fulford v. Agnes Rowe and John Rowe. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Upton Helions, Devon. Dismission. C78/15, no. 51 [87]
1560 5 Nov 2 Richard Dutton of Clement's Inn v. William Leache and Ranulph Maynewaryng, Aldermen of Chester. The White Friars house at Chester. Plaintiff challenges his father's earlier lease to defendants. C78/15, no. 52 [88]
1560 6 Nov 2 Richard Dutton of Clement's Inn v. Robert Amerye and others (not named). Slanderous words spoken at Chester, including claim that plaintiff was a traitor and an attainted traitor. C78/15, no. 53 [89]
1560 7 Nov 2 Thomas Dixson of Hemley, Suff. and wife Joan, cousin & heir of John Warde late of Hollesley, Suff decd v. Robert Bull. A messuage and 140 acres of lands in Hollesley, Suff., and whether they are part of manor of Hollesley, owned by Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, or copyhold lands. C78/15, no. 21 [90]
1560 7 Nov 2 Thomas Katesbye alias Catisby of Whiston, Northants, esq. v. Robert Dolbyn. A messuage called Segered with 100 acres of land in Segered Park in the lordship of Denbigh, Denb, Wales. Defendant shows lease from owner Sir William Parry. Dismission. C78/16, no. 25 [91]
1560 7 Nov 2 Anthony Stebbing and wife Agnes v. John Cliffe. Goods, chattels and debts of Richard Anlabye, late citizen and mercer of London, who died intestate. Plaintiff Agnes was Anlabye's sister and administrator. C78/41, no. 23 [92]
1560 8 Nov 2 Roger Dalaryver of Babworth, Notts v. Thomas Guns; William Tankard; Jerrard Salvyne; Thomas Standeven Manor of Skewsby, 8 messuages, a water mill and 300 acres of land, in Skewsby and Whenby, Yorks. Previously heard in the Council in the North. Dismission. C78/15, no. 33 [93]
1560 12 Nov 2 Robert Trappes the elder v. Francis Kyrton, Thomas Peryn and Henry Archer. Moiety of several woods in Hadleign and Thundersley, Essex. Dismission. C78/15, no. 22 [94]
1560 12 Nov 2 Thomas Bluett of Petersfield, Hants, v. Henry Sewarde. Estate of Thomas Bluett, dec, of 20 tenements, and 200 acres of land in Leominster, Heref. Involves forged deed. Dismission. C78/16, no. 22 [95]
1560 12 Nov 2 Agnes Harryson, widow v. Richard Kitner. Life interest in a messuage and land called Holte in Lyncombe, Som. C78/41, no. 28 [96]
1560 14 Nov 2 Christopher Bristowe of Lee, Surrey v. John Freiston. Debts arising from effort to sell plaintiff's lands in Wakefield, Altofts and Stanley, Yorks, by his agent Robert Freiston, dec. C78/15, no. 20 [97]
1560 14 Nov 2 William Alee v. John Eveleigh, Richard Calmadye, Richard Lane and William Lane. Several parcels of land, part of the manor of Clyst Hydon, Devon. Dismission. C78/15, no. 54 [98]
1560 15 Nov 2 Sir Walter Mildmay, John Doylly, Robert Doylly and William Place, executors of Sir John Williams, Lord Williams of Tame, Oxon decd v. John Ap Morrys of Kerry, Mont., gent. Lease of Gwanogo grange, Mont. Involves a conventual lease. C78/16, no. 21 [99]
1560 16 Nov 2 Joseph Crapnell v. Thomas Crapnell. Customary lands of 80 acres in Brandeston and Charsfield, Suff, held of manor of Tyes; and other lands there held of manor of Brandeston. C78/17, no. 30 [100]
1560 18 Nov 3 John Randall v. Sir Thomas Dennys. Customary lands of manor of Littleham and Axmouth, Devon, owned once by Sherbourne Abbey, Dorset, in Littleham and Axmouth. C78/16, no. 20 [101]
1560 18 Nov 3 Arthur Sall, clerk and William Wever v. Henry Lewes and Thomas Williams. Lease of parsonage or prebend of Bedminster in Som. and Bristol, and a canonry in Salisbury Cathedral See C78/24/13. C78/18, no. 1 [102]
1560 18 Nov 3 Thomas Aylyff of Laurence Wotton, Hants, yeoman, executor of Ralph Birde, clerk, late parson of Baghurste, Hants decd v. Agnes Pygion, widow. Chattels and monies of Ralph Birde, clerk, rector of Baughurst, Hants, allegedly given to defendant for safe-keeping. Plaintiff is Birde's executor. Dismission. C78/16, no. 26 [103]
1560 18 Nov 3 Nicholas Tanner and Alice his wife, daughter & heir of Richard Crane decd v. John Catcott of 'Tynod', Wilts. Messuage and land in Rudge in Beckington, Som. Dismission. C78/20, no. 15 [104]
1560 18 Nov 3 John Newcomen, gent. v. Nicholas Gyrlington. Conveyance of the manor of Barnbow in Barwick, Yorks., once of John Grenefeld, dec. C78/20, no. 38 [105]
1560 18 Nov 3 John Gostrey, executor of Richard Moninges v. George Moninges, Thomas Moninges and others (not named). Conventual lease of parsonage of Lydden, Kent, granted originally by abbey of Langdon to Sir Anthony Aucher. C78/41, no. 27 [106]
1560 19 Nov 3 John Knyght v. Ralph Jennyngs. Mortgage on lease of certain lands in Lambeth and Streatham, Surrey. C78/18, no. 2 [107]
1560 20 Nov 3 Cuthbert Bewick v. Sir Robert Brandlyng. Moiety of grain tithes in the parish of St Nicholas, Newcastle, Northumbs, conventual lease from Carlisle Abbey. Case heard previously in council of the North. C78/20, no. 27 [108]
1560 20 Nov 3 William Holgate v. Thomas Newman, Oliver Frogge and Stephen Griggeman. Customary holding called Brewettes and Dettes in manor of Clavering, Essex. C78/41, no. 29 [109]
1560 21 Nov 3 William Wilkynson, clothier v. Gilbert Aystley alias Astley esq.; Robert Hardye; Alice Hardye; Agnes Hardye Lease of a messuage and 40 acres of land in Mykylwhayte in Bingley, Yorks. C78/18, no. 3 [110]
1560 21 Nov 3 William Fyfilde of Farmington, Glos, husbandman v. John Vynor, Joan Vynor and Abell Hariett. Detaining of an original lease of manor of North Cerney, Glos. Dismission. C78/16, no. 27 [111]
1560 24 Nov 3 Elinor Newporte and Alice Newporte, daughters & heirs of Thomas Newporte decd, and cousins & next heir to William Newporte late of Russhock, Worcs also decd v. Robert Newporte, gent. Salt vats, and lands in Droitwich, Rushock and Woodcote, Worcs, late of William Newporte of Rushock, dec. C78/20, no. 16 [112]
1560 25 Nov 3 Sir Edward Warner v. Thomas Payne of Castle Acre, Norf, gent. Lease of site of Castle Acre Abbey, rectory of Castle Acre, and manors of Heringshawe and Dikewood, Norf, all late property of Thomas, Duke of Norfolk. C78/17, no. 31 [113]
1560 26 Nov 3 William Carowe and wife Elizabeth, guardians of Ellen Bawde, infant v. George Duffield and wife Agnes. Two messuages in Pulbourn, Cambs. C78/20, no. 39 [114]
1560 26 Nov 3 John Topclyf, Edmund Topclyf and Lion Topcliff v. Richard Topcliff, esq. Messuages and lands in Somerby next Corringham, belonging to manor of Kirton, Lincs., which plaintiff alleges is ancient demesne and further alleges that the land descends by Gavelkind. Case previously heard in Court of Requests. Dismission. John Topcliff, father to the said John & Edmund & grandfather to the said Lion C78/41, no. 30 [115]
1560 27 Nov 3 John Wield the elder of Writtle, Essex v. Henry Wield. Plaintiff's interest in a messuage called Barrowe and 120 acres of land in Writtle, Essex, which lands were conveyed to trustees including defendant during Queen Mary's time because plaintiff feared persecution for his religion and left Essex. C78/17, no. 36 [116]
1560 28 Nov 3 Robert Gurdon, esq. v. Sir Richard Corbett and Dame Elizabeth Drury, widow of Sir William Drury. Forged indentures concerning manors of Assington, Shimplingford and Series, Suff. C78/17, no. 32 [117]
1560 28 Nov 3 Nicholas Maton of Stockton, Wilts v. Thomas Maton of Enford, Wilts. Lease of a capital messuage and farm of 232 acres of land and a common of pasture for 700 sheep in Stockton, Wilts, and control of estate of Nicholas Maton, dec. C78/17, no. 33 [118]
1560 28 Nov 3 Joan Cole, widow of Richard Cole of East Bergholt, Suff v. Robert Cole, son and executor, and Robert Cole the elder, brother of Richard Cole. Legacies in testament of Richard Cole, of East Bergholt, Suff, dec. C78/17, no. 34 [119]
1560 28 Nov 3 Edmund Bockyng, esq. v. Richard Auckland and George Kensham. Sale of the reversion of the manor of Bellowes [in Stanway] Essex, and a statute staple concerning the same. C78/20, no. 14 [120]
1560 30 Nov 3 Robert Wiseman, esq. v. Thomas Mildmay, esq. Lands in manor of Moulsham, Essex. [Decree only.] C78/41, no. 22b [121]
1560 [sic] 3 Dec William Horden and Margaret his wife, late wife of Ralph Dodmer decd v. John Dodmer. Manor of Gore [in Upchurch], Kent, and lands in Canterbury, Kent and in 'Puttenheath', Wimbledon, Surrey. C78/20, no. 24 [122]
1561 8 Dec 3 Ralph Pinder of London, grocer v. Lady Jane Willoughby, widow of Sir Hugh Willoughby. Three cottages and three closes, customary holdings of manor of Arnold, Notts. C78/39, no. 17 [123]