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Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1559 9 Nov 1 Robert Webbe v. Edmund Abell and wife Elinor, and William Everell. Two hundred marks allegedly coming to William Everell as executor of his father William, dec. Dismission. C78/41, no. 3 [2]
No date: 1 Eliz? Thomas Wraye v. Richard Ayer. Promised inducement of 1 ton of iron (worth £10) to plaintiff to marry defendant's servant. Plaintiff married her but has not received the iron. C78/16, no. 33 [3]
1558 17 Nov 1 John Jermyn and wife Joan v. Maud Rayner, widow. Tenement and curtilage in Amersham, Bucks. C78/41, no. 4 [4]
1559 10 Feb 1 Nicholas Smyth of Walden, Essex, gent. v. Sir George Norton and wife Elizabeth. Customary lands called Goswell, held of the manor of Walden, Essex. C78/15, no. 1 [5]
1559 11 Feb 1 Anne Bryghtman, widow v. Joan Ellys, widow. Tenement and 9 acres of land in Stebbing, Essex. C78/15, no. 24 [6]
1559 13 Feb 1 William Barker, schoolmaster of Berkhamstead grammar school, Herts, Roger Norwood (usher of the school) and John Woodhouse v. William Forster & Elizabeth his wife; William Funge; John Dysse; Nicholas Davers Endowment of grammar school at Berkhampstead, and claims of defendants to be heirs of the School's founder, John Incerit, late Dean of St. Paul's. C78/17, no. 12 [7]
1559 18 April 1 Walter Tungate v. Richard White and wife Elisabeth. One messuage with freehold land and one messuage with copyhold land in the Queens's manor of Martham, Norf. Dismission. C78/41, no. 6 [8]
1559 25 April 1 Robert Colman of Ilmington, Warw. v. Sir Thomas Androwes. Copyhold lands in manor of Ilmington, Warw, and disputed grants of tenancies. C78/16, no. 31 [9]
1559 27 April 1 John Sybsay v. Thomas Massingberde. Messuage and lands in 'Thorpe' and Friesten [Frieston], Lincs. C78/41, no. 1 [10]
1559 28 April 1 John Master and wife Agnes v. Humphrey Watkyns, Thomas Chafy and wife Christian. Messuage and tenement in Holwell, Som. [Dors] a customary holding of manor of Holwell. Dismission. C78/15, no. 36 [11]
1559 29 April 1 John Smythe of Barnstaple, Devon v. Robert Grade; Thomas Thorne; Christopher Shaplande; John Thorne; John Lyfton; Thomas Claworth; Alexander Thorne, parishioners of North Molton. Three tenements in North Molton, enfeoffed before 1500 to the use of N. Molton church. They were treated as chantry property in Edw VI’s reign and plaintiff took the profits then. Dismission. C78/16, no. 30 [12]
1559 1 May 1 Anne Hyll, widow and Francis Hill, her son v. William Hyll. Manor arid rectory of Hills Aston alias White Ladies Aston, Worcs. and 10 messuages and 500 acres of land and tenement called Portfelds in 'Nether Aston’, Worcs., late of Thomas Hill. C78/15, no. 26 [13]
1559 3 May 1 Thomas Rede and Alice his wife, daughter & heir of Richard Vyne v. William Beryff. A tenement in Trinity parish, Colchester, Essex, called Sheres, allegedly property of Richard Vyne, dec. Dismission. C78/15, no. 25 [14]
1559 4 May 1 Robert Cole of East Bergholt, Suff v. Richarde Cole. Customary lands in East Bergholt, Suff, held of earl of Oxford's manor of Oldehall there. Custom of borough English. C78/17, no. 1 [15]
1559 26 May 1 Thomas Holford, esq. v. Randall Brerton, esq. Tenement with three closes in Iskoyd, Flint, late of Griffith ap Marris. Dismission. C78/41, no. 7 [16]
1559 3 June 1 Richard Syvyer and wife Joan, Thomas Morebredd and wife Alice v. Robert Lamb of Leeds, Kent, gent and wife Alice. Two messuages and 200 acres of land in Salehurst, Sussex. Involves coparcenage. Dismission. C78/17, no. 3 [17]
1559 3 June 1 John Ramsden of Yorks v. Robert Meynell, sgt-at-law. Forfeiture of bond for £707 arising from previous matters in litigation. C78/17, no. 4 [18]
1559 8 June 1 Agnes Pollard v. Thomas Pollard and Richard Smythe. Estate of plaintiff's father, Thomas Pollard, dec. in Ashington, Washington and Wiston, Sussex. Dismission. C78/15, no. 3 [19]
1559 8 June 1 Dame Isabel Ayleff, widow of Sir John v. John Ayleff, son of Sir John Ayleff. Possession of a lease of farm and rectory of Prittlewell, Essex and of lands in Eastwood and Leigh, Essex, claimed as legacy of Sir John Ayleff, dec. C78/17, no. 6 [20]
1559 10 June 1 Thomas Bothe of London, merchant v. William Foster & Agnes his [wife]. A messuage and 32 acres of land in Marbury, Ches, copyhold land of manor of Marbury. Dismission. C78/16, no. 32 [21]
1560 11 June 2 Michael Tomson v. William Bestwike als Beswike and wife Mary, widow of Cuthbert Thomson. Estate of Cuthbert Thomson of London, brewer, dec., uncle to the plt, with lands in Bedford, and Barton, Warw., and lands in Abbots Salford, Warw. (partially damaged). C78/15, no. 56 [22]
1559 12 June 1 Richard Johnson and wife Joan, cousin & heir of Raphe Hamond & right heir of Robert Hamond, father of the said Raphe, that is to say daughter & heir of William Hamond, son & heir of the said Raphe v. Robert Hamond. Four messuages and 50 acres of land in Beckenham, Kent and Penge, Surrey, [Kent]. Dismission. C78/15, no. 27 [23]
1559 14 June 1 Francis Pett, son & heir of John Pett decd v. Philip Forman. Messuage lands in Adderbury alias Abburburye, Oxon, owned earlier by Richard Forman, merchant of. the Staple. C78/17, no. 5 [24]
1559 17 June 1 Hugh Kete (an infant) by John Kete his brother v. Edmund Busbie (decd). Lease of parsonage of Hagbourne, Berks. Widow of late William Kete later married defendant. C78/15, no. 55 [25]
1559 22 June 1 William Bolles v. Bonaventure Bolles, son of the complt, George Petytt and Richard Whalley, esq. Lease of parsonage of Attenborough, Notts., and chattels worth £300 of plaintiff. C78/15, no. 2 [26]
1559 24 June 1 Crysly verch Thomas; Jane verch Thomas; Crystian verch Johan; Cristian verch Latherine; Margaret verch Thomas; Florence verch Roger; Anne verch Cristian; Elen verch Jane; Mawde verch Johan; Elen verch Johan, for themselves and all other kinswomen of Thomas Hoell decd, late merchant v. Sir William Chester, master of Drapers Co. of London; William Watson; John Galthrop; John Drayner; William Beswyke, wardens of the company. Execution of testament of Thomas Hoell, dec, merchant in Seville in Spain, who left 4000 gold, ducats to Drapers Co. to purchase rents worth 400 ducats p.a. for 4 maiden orphans of his lineage. (See C78/27/18) C78/16, no. 34 [27]
1559 Michaelmas Term 1 Margaret Raynes, Thomas Raynes, William Raynes and John Raynes, executors of will of Thomas Raynes, dec. v. Lady Jane, Countess of Southampton. Arrears of an annuity granted by Thomas, earl of Southampton to Thomas Raynes. C78/41, no. 5 [28]
1559 17 Oct 1 Thomas Cycell and Ellen his wife, and Agnes Dyckons v. Rowland Hunte. Revivor of Ellen Dyckons & Agnes Dyckons, daughters & heirs of Richard Dyckons of Stamford, Lincs decd v Richard Hunte (now decd, father of the deft Rowland Hunt). Eight messuages and 300 acres of land in Stamford, Lincs, and 10 messuages and 200 acres of land in Peterborough and Yarwell, Northants. Involves question of borough English tenures. C78/15, no. 4 [29]
1559 17 Oct 1 William Stephenson, clerk and John Stephenson v. John Westland. Eight acres of gavelkind land in Leake and Leverton, Lincs. Dismission. C78/15, no. 5 [30]
1559 19 Oct 1 William Marshall, gent and wife Alice v. John Hole and Thomas Hole alias Howie. Marsh in Hope and Blackmanstone, Kent, originally the estate of Richard Dybson, dec, first husband of Alice Marshall. C78/16, no. 35 [31]
1559 Nov 1 Edmund Withipoll v. Simon Lowe. Lease of a messuage in St. Laurence, Pountney, London and of 2 tenements adjoining in All Hallows the Less, London, owned by the Merchant Taylors Co. C78/17, no. 8 [32]
1559 4 Nov 1 John Aburforth of Rosbury, Herts, son & heir of Agnes Aburforth, one of the daughters & heirs of Thomas Cobbe late of Thaxted, Essex v. Richard Aburforth. Mansion house called Woodhows and 100 acres of land in Thaxted, Essex. Dismission. C78/15, no. 40 [33]
1559 6 Nov 1 George Bredyman and wife Edith v. Thomas Tiringham. Dovehouse Close in Podington, Beds and 30 acres of land. Dismission. C78/15, no. 39 [34]
1559 7 Nov 1 Thomas Hanley of Ellerton Grange, Staffs v. John Barbour. Lease of Ellerton Grange with 300 acres of land in Adbaston, Staffs. Involves conventual lease. Dismission. C78/15, no. 8 [35]
1559 9 Nov 1 Lancelot Midleton of Silksworth, Durh. v. Richard Saye, Richard Nicholls and William Hawkyns of Plymouth. Capital messuage called Peppers Grene with appurtenances in Tilney, Norf. C78/15, no. 23 [36]
1559 9 Nov 1 Humphrey Blechenden and wife Elizabeth, executor of Thomas Byrchett of Rye, dec. v. Thomas Byrchett, son of testator and the other executor. Right administration of goods, chattels and debts as under Thomas Byrchett's will. C78/41, no. 2 [37]
1559 10 Nov 1 William Page of Devon, merchant v. George Peryman and Richard Fouler. Debts arising from plaintiff's shipment of cloth to Spain. Monies due plaintiff entrusted in Spain to a number of parties and plaintiff alleges that last of these defendants did not return the full amounts. C78/15, no. 41 [38]
1559 10 Nov 1 Henry Sydall, clerk, vicar of Walthamstow, Essex v. Edmund Withypoll. Vicarage of Walthamstow, Essex. Defendant is patron of the benefice and claims that plaintiff had a pretended collation to the church from the bishop. C78/16, no. 36 [39]
1559 10 Nov 1 Ambrose Thomson of Derby, carrier v. Lancelot Lancaster. Messuage and 20 acres of land in Patterdale and Hartsop, Westm, held by tenant right. Defendant, lord of the land, claims the land was only held by lease [text damaged]. C78/16, no. 37 [40]
1559 11 Nov 1 Rowland Humble and wife Anne v. William Malbone of London, draper. Chattels of Thomas Birkehed, clerk, dec, incl. next advowson of West Horsley, Surrey; lease of parsonage of St. Bride, Fleet Street, London, and other chattels. Plaintiff seeks legacies to wife under Birkehed's wills. Malbone was overseer. C78/15, no. 38 [41]
1559 11 Nov 1 Ralph Sherman, yeoman of the Ewery to the Queen v. Maud Huxley, widow. A messuage in Tysley in Tarporley, Ches, formerly owned by chantry in parish church of Our Lady, Shrewsbury, Salop. C78/17, no. 14 [42]
1559 16 Nov 1 John Farnardo, merchant of Portugal v. John Salterne and John Snowe. Contract to ship plaintiff's goods including 'Flanders cloths' from Bideford, Devon to 'Island of St Mychell' in the dominions of Portugal, in defendants' ship the ‘Mary Grace' of Bideford (bargain 24 July 3&5 Ph.&M), and for a return voyage to Minehead, Som; describes merchants' purchases of various goods for the outward voyage. C78/15, no. 37 [43]
1559 19 Nov 2 Edward Lane v. Sir John Farmer and John Adams. Customary lands held of manor of Halstock, in Halstock, Dors. C78/15, no. 6 [44]
1559 20 Nov 2 Thomas Warde v. Thomas Bulstred, esq. Lease of a messuage, two water mills and 20 acres of land in Horton, Bucks. Dismission. C78/15, no. 7 [45]
1559 20 Nov 2 William Clapton, esq. v. Leonard Dannet, esq. Marriage settlement at marriage of plaintiff's daughter to defendant. Dismmison. C78/16, no. 38 [46]
1559 20 Nov 2 Elinor Gooderiche, widow and Ralph Gooderiche v. Rowland Atkyns alias Gooderiche. Twelve messuages and 640 acres land and wood in Ham, Neastend and Eaunton in parishes of Charlton Kings and Cheltenham, Glos. C78/41, no. 8 [47]
1559 25 Nov 2 Robert, Lord Dudley v. Hugh Ellys. Lease of manors of Hemsby and Martham and rectory of Hemsby, Norf, allegedly granted earlier to John Dudley, late Duke of Northumberland, although defendant claims the lease of the property to himself by the Crown at the Duke’s request. Long account by Sir Richard Sackville of Duke's dealings with him concerning the granting of this lease. Mentions Duke's auditor, William Kynyatt, and his secretary John Holmes. C78/17, no. 10 [48]
1559 27 Nov 2 Giles Kent of Newchurch, Isle of Wight v. John Hatton and wife Elizabeth. Legacies and goods of John Rawlyn of Briddlesford, Isle of Wight, dec. left to plaintiff. C78/17, no. 13 [49]
1559 28 Nov 2 Elizabeth Hall, widow, George Hall, Nicholas Hall, Paul Hall, & William Hall v. Thomas Hall, gent, son of William Hall of Bradford, Wilts. Estate of William Hall, dec, including 4 messuages and 400 acres of land in West Lavington and Trowle, Wilts, and legacies left by Hall. C78/16, no. 2 [50]
1559 28 Nov 2 Joan Bennett, widow v. Richard Brush. Lease of a messuage and 40 acres of land in Pencoyd, Corn. C78/16, no. 3 [51]
1559 28 Nov 2 Edward Drew v. Robert Northcott; Walter Northcot; John Northcot; Thomas Quick; Alice Quicke, widow Several houses in Newton St Cyres, Devon and parcels of customary land, part of the manor of Newton St. Cyres. Dismission. C78/16, no. 4 [52]
1559 28 Nov 2 Honor, Lady Lisle, widow of Arthur, Viscount Lisle v. William Rastall, justice of common pleas, Ranulph Chomeley sgt-at-law and William Roper, all executors of James Basset, esq., dec. Life tenancy in manors of Painswick and Moreton Valence with appurtenances, Glos. Life interest in rent of £120 p.a. from these lands, issuing from a tripartite indenture between Viscount Lisle, Thomas Cromwell and Sir John Dudley. Case heard earlier against Sir Anthony Kingston (Hilary 2 and 3 Ph & M). C78/16, no. 5 [53]
1559 7 Dec 2 Dame Elizabeth Hoblethorne, widow of Sir Henry Hoblethorne, alderman of London, and widow of George Browne of White Roding, Essex, v. Wistan Browne, son of George. Plaintiff's jointure on her marriage to Browne. Manors of Merks and Colville Hall and advowson of White Roding. The late George Browne's plate. C78/41, no. 9 [54]
1559 8 Dec 2 Thomas Gale of London, surgeon v. Jane, Countess of Southampton. Annuity of £10 granted to plaintiff by defendant's husband, first earl of Southampton. C78/41, no. 10 [55]