C78: 1553

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
No date. 1552 or 1553  ??? John Locke v John Clare. Lease of the manor of 'Brykkyngsey', Essex, conflicting royal and conventual leases, latter made within one year of abbey's dissolution. C78/8, no. 38 [2]
1553 24 Jan 6 Margaret Underhill, wid., late wife of Edward Underhill and John Underhill, son of the said Edward & Margaret v Thomas Dormer, son of Sir Michael Dormer, dec. Manor of Harbury, Warw. Dismission. Earlier decree of 21 May, 6 Edw. VI had ordered an arbitration before Michaelmas. C78/6, no. 6 [3]
1553 24 Jan 6 Sir John Gage and John Skynner, esq., executors of Sir Anthony Browne decd v Margaret Mychell, wid. of John Mychell. Chattels worth £72 in the form of stock and farm implements, from manor of Pyngden, Sussex, held by Sir Anthony Browne. Plaintiffs are executors. Includes, a detailed list of farm stock. C78/7, no. 39 [4]
1553 25 Jan 6 Robert Manwaryng and wife Margaret v Edward Plankeney and wife Elen. Parcels of land totalling 100 acres in Chester. C78/7, no. 38 [5]
No date. 1553 ?? John Rygge of Coningsby, Lincs, gent, v Nicholas Pechere of Buslyngthorpe, Lincs and wife Elene. Estate of Fabyan Rygge, dec. including 10 messuages, 500 acres of land in Coningsby, Lincs and in Whitgift, Redners, Holdon, Huntofte and Anderson, Yorks. Defendant is wid. of Fabyan Rygge. C78/7, no. 40 [6]
1553 28 Jan 51 Margaret Hunnynge, wid. v Thomas Smalewood and Richard Newman Chapel of ease called ‘Barre’ and lands in Aldridge, Staffs. Dismission. C78/7, no. 51 [7]
1553 8 Feb 7 Gabriell Quadrynge v William Butler, esq. Dilapidations to the parsonage of Biddenham, Beds. Cf. no.55 C78/6, no. 19 [8]
1553 8 Feb 7 Francis Miller and. wife Joan, wid. of James Walker v Robert Walker and John Walker. Estate and chattels of James Walker, dec, including lease of farm called Brundenhall in Brundon, Essex. Dismission. C78/6, no. 20 [9]
1553 10 Feb 7 Sir John Candysshe [Cavendish] v John Sutton. Crown lease of parsonages of Owston and Haxay, Isle of Axholme, Lincs. C78/7, no. 15 [10]
1553 10 Feb 7 John ap David ap Thomas v Joan, daughter of John of Middleton. Messuage in Middleton, Salop, and lands there called ‘Le Goydvalye’ in Welsh. C78/7, no. 50 [11]
1553 14 Feb 7 Richard Colchester and Henry Langeston, executors of Richard Colchester of Ilmyngton, Warks decd v William Bufton alias Brante. Lease of farm called Larkstock [in Ilmington], Glos. C78/6, no. 21 [12]
1553 20 Feb 7 Robert Robotham and wife Grace, wid. of Robert Bull v Armygyll Wade; Thomas Witton of London, scrivener; John Stephens Debts of Robert Bull, dec. involving exchange of bullion. C78/7, no. 41 [13]
1553 11 March 7 Joyce Asshbye, late wife of Ralph Worsley, esq. v The said Ralph Worsley. Lands assigned plaintiff in Staffs, Leics, Derb, and Worcs, for dower rights, after a divorce granted in ecclesiastical court. C78/7, no. 42 [14]
1553 19 April 7 Edward Bright of London, ironmonger v Alice Lyttelcott and Frances Lambert. Three messuages in Bishopsgate Street, London, claimed as chantry lands by one party. C78/7, no. 47 [15]
1553 26 April 7 Thomas Rede and Alice his wife, daughter & heir of Richard Vyne v Thomas Potter. Two tenements with 20 acres of land in Little Holland, Essex. C78/7, no. 16 [16]
1553 21 April 7 Nicholas Megges and Jane his wife, daughter & heir of William Peverell decd v Sir John Marven. Manors of Bradford Peverell and Muckelford, Dors. C78/7, no. 17 [17]
1553 3 May 7 Sir John Gage v William Woode; George Miller; Henry Eluson Manor of Ranescombe, and lease of a fishing place and river banks at Southerham [in S. Malling] Sussex, owned by archbishop. C78/7, no. 56 [18]
1553 4 May 7 William Vere v Ralph Whytlocke and wife Agnes. Lease of farm called 'Franks’ in Great Warley, Essex. C78/7, no. 52 [19]
1553 6 May 7 Guy Ellesley v John Taylor and Thomas Calverley. Certain messuages and lands in Stallingborough and Laceby, Lincs. C78/7, no. 54 [20]
1553 6 May 7 Richard Hubbert, gent. v John Wyndell and wife Agnes. Ten acres of land in Cranham, Essex. C78/7, no. 57 [21]
1553 10 May 7 John Fothergyll v Christopher Esington. Two messuages and 100 acres of land in Harton, Yorks: conventual lessee v Crown lessee. C78/7, no. 55 [22]
1553 15 May 7 Richard Jervys, Alderman of London v Thomas Gawen. Manor of Trowe in Alvediston, Wilts. Dismission. C78/7, no. 53 [23]
1553 2 June 7 Dorothy Courtney, wid. of Laurence Courteney v William Courtney and John Courtney. Lands of Laurence Courteney, dec, subject of a Chancery decree in 38 Hen.VIII and an action in court of Wards. Lands in Corn. C78/7, no. 58 [24]
1553 7 June 7 Emlyng Hale, wid. of Henry Hale, and John Sybley and John Warde, churchwardens of Gestingthorpe, Essex; John Coo & John Parmyter v John Parke. Legacy in will of Henry Hale, devising certain lands in Gestingthorpe, Essex for poor relief there. C78/7, no. 49 [25]
1553 8 June 7 Henry Planckney v Robert Heathe of Shelswell, Oxon. Lease of the manor of Swyncombe, Oxon, with 600 sheep. Cf. 10 no.50. C78/7, no. 60 [26]
1553 10 June 7 Thomas Clerke v Joan Clerke, wid. and William Clerke. Close of 3 acres in 'Hepworth', Lincs. Dismission. C78/8, no. 40 [27]
1553 14 June 7 Humfrey Knight and wife Margaret v Robert Culleyne. Six tenements in parish of St Katherine Colman, London. C78/8, no. 39 [28]
1553 17 June 7 Thomas Westwood, son & heir of Nicholas Westwood decd v William Westwood and Joan Walker. Messuage and 20 acres of land called Turners Hill in Latton, Essex. Dismission. C78/7, no. 48 [29]
1553 19 June 7 Thomas Castelman v John Baven; Joan Baven and William Trebecke Messuage and 60 acres of land in ‘Howborne’ [?Holborn] Bucks. C78/7, no. 59 [30]
1553 19 June 7 William Salynge v William Woode and wife Alice; William Rolffe & Elizabeth his wife; George Johnson & Katherine his wife Manor of Littlebury in Stanford Rivers, Kelvedon, High Ongar and Greenstead, Essex. C78/7, no. 61 [31]
1553 19 June 7 John Cayser, sr. (now dec.) and John Cayser, jr. v Robert Chertesey and John Alen. Bargain and sale of Cayser lands in E. Peckham, Hadlow, Tudeley, Ryarsh and Capel, Kent, involving mortgage and bonds. Earlier decree of 12 Feb. 3 Edw. VI ( 4 no. 4). Involves gavelkind. C78/7, no. 62 [32]
1553 19 June 7 Ralph Quadrynge and wife Dorothy, one of the daughters of Sir Robert Hussey v Jane Hussey, widow of Sir Robert Legacy of Sir Robert Hussey, dec. C78/8, no. 1 [33]
1553 Trinity Term 7 James Wynne of London, mercer v Sampson Walden; John Stadard; Thomas Stonyland Lease of a messuage and tenement within Bishopsgate Hospital, London, by former prior. C78/7, no. 63 [34]
No date. 1553 ?? Robert Andrewes and wife Elinor, daughter & heir of John Messenger v Richard Emery. A cottage and close in Watlington, Oxon. (end of decree torn and illegible) C78/7, no. 64 [35]