C78: 1550

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1550? Hilary Term 4? Thomas Fysshe, son of Simon Fysshe v John Syllyard, Robert Syllyard and Thomas Wilkynson. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Iklysham [Icklesham], Sussex. C78/6, no 33 [2]
1550 8 Feb 4 Thomas Fynes and wife Elizabeth v Roger Paddy and wife Margery Estate of Katherine Tattershall and debts arising from it. C78/5, no. 28 [3]
1550 10 Feb 4 Peter Machain v Richard Scobell. Lease of a farm in West Herasworth in Witchampton Dors. C78/6, no. 32 [4]
1550 Hilary Term, last day 4 William Clifton of London, merchant tailor, Clement Newse of London, mercer and Anthony Maswello, merchant of Spain v Lady Anne Knevet and John Vaughan, gent., now her husband. Debt of £318 owed by Sir Henry Knevet, dec. C78/6, no. 54 [5]
1550 30 April 4 Cristabell Cely, wid. of George Cely v Richard Gybbes; John Master; Richard Godfrey; Edmond Convers; Clement Lyncoln; John Lyncoln; Thomas Harryson Messuage and 400 acres of land in Stapleford Abbots, Essex, part of a marriage settlement. C78/5, no. 66 [6]
1550 4 May 4 Henry Skynner, clerk v Richard Ireland; Thomas Jones; John Skarlet Lease of the parsonage of church of Houghton, Sussex, the subject of 2 separate leases from bishopric of Chichester. C78/5, no. 61 [7]
1550 9 May 4 Humfrey Donnell v Basil Feildynge, esq. Lease of tithes of wool and calves and other tithes in Monks Kirby and Newbold on Avon, Warw. C78/6, no. 49 [8]
1550 12 May 4 Andrew Cooke v John Sterkey alias Starkey and William Glynn. Tenement called The Peacock, in Aldgate Street, suburbs of London: contested lease. C78/5, no. 67 [9]
1550 12 May 4 John Appesley of London, merchant tailor v Geoffrey Hamlyn. A cellar in Down Lane, in St Mary Aldermary, London. C78/6, no. 34 [10]
1550 14 May 4 George Carre v Richard Rotherford An annuity and rents going out of land in Rowchester[Rochester], Northumb. C78/6, no. 53 [11]
1550 17 May 4 Richard Reyner v John Reyner. Moiety of 2 messuages, cottages and 220 acres of land in Castle Drayton and Dunham, Notts, late of Thomas Reyner, dec. Question of local custom and partible inheritance. C78/5, no. 64 [12]
1550 19 May 4 Henry Saxye v John Vaughan, gent, and wife Alice. Debt of £107 allegedly lent to wife of defendant during her widowhood. C78/6, no. 50 [13]
1550 21 May 4 Christian Barnes and Frances Barnes, daughters of Thomas Barnes, dec. v Maryan Cotton, late wife of Thomas Barnes. Four messuages and lands in Kings Norton, Warw and Worcs; 10 messuages in St Olave's, Southwark, Surrey; 2 messuages in St Margaret's, London; 2 messuages in Whitechapel, Midd; and a messuage and 60 acres of land in Stonden, Essex. C78/5, no. 65 [14]
1550 Michaelmas term 4 John Warcoppe of Smardall, Westmorland v James Cowper of Sedburgh, Yorks, clothier. Certain lands in Sedburgh, Yorks, included in a mortgage agreement between the parties, but also claimed under 'tenant right' by defendant. C78/5, no. 60 [15]
1550 Michaelmas Term 4 William Bawdreppe, esq. v John Gyfford, son of Sir Roger Gyfford. Manor of Tapley in Westleigh, Devon. C78/6, no. 46 [16]
1550 15 Oct 4 Peter Kembrydge v Margaret Hollys, wid. Lease of a third part of tenement called 'Preston’ in Brading, Isle of Wight. C78/6, no. 25 [17]
1550 17 Oct 4 John Brome of Adcote, Salop, yeoman v William Gyttyns. Lease of 4 messuages and lands in Adcote [in Little Ness] Salop, involving a former conventual lease. C78/6, no. 47 [18]
1550 20 Oct 4 Jane Omer (an infant), daughter of Laurence Omer, dec v Richard Monyngs and George Monyngs his brother. Lease of 5 parcels of marsh and 100 acres of land in Ash next Sandwich, Kent. C78/6, no. 35 [19]
1550 26 Oct 4 John Ward and wife Joan v Thomas Onslowe of London, grocer. Tenement, two cottages and certain burgages and gardens in Newton and Baschurch, Salop. C78/6, no. 41 [20]
1550 26 Oct 4 Gabriel Quadrynge v Henry Albony Reparations to parsonage of Biddenham, Beds. Cf. no. 19 C78/6, no. 55 [21]
1550 27 Oct 4 Sir John Southworth of Samlesbury, Lancs, heir of John Southworth decd, executor of Thomas Southworth v Sir Hugh Cholmundeley Estate of Sir John Southworth, dec. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 23 [22]
1550 28 Oct 4 Sir Richard Brereton v Thomas Harper; Richard Bagget; John Pace; John Gannell; Richard France Messuage and 60 acres of land in Aston, Staffs, and messuage and 60 acres in Frees, Salop. Dismission. C78/5, no. 69 [23]
1550 28 Oct 4 Thomas Haster and wife Elizabeth v William Stainbrydge. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Kensworth, Herts. C78/6, no. 22 [24]
1550 28 Oct 4 John Traford v Margaret Traford. Four messuages, 6 cottages and 130 acres of land in Saddlesworth, Yorks. Dismission. Cf.16 C78/5, no. 70 [25]
1550 1 Nov 4 John Carleton v Thomas Wolley of Henley, Oxon. Possession of manor of 'Baldwyn Brightwell', Oxon; recognizances. C78/5, no. 58 [26]
1550 4 Nov 4 Robert Machell v Alyn Belyngham. Ownership of tithe corn of Croswayte in the parish of Eversham[Heversham], Westm. C78/6, no. 38 [27]
1550 4 Nov 4 William Hall of Whitechapel, innholder v Richard Mylward; Humphrey Newton; Benedict Cowper A watermill in Salop. Dismission. Latin. C78/6, no. 45 [28]
1550 7 Nov 4 William Wenner v John Halywell Debt of 20 marks. Dismission. C78/5, no. 68 [29]
1550 8 Nov 4 Robert Brampston v Thomas Wenyffe. Messuage and land in Brettenham, Suff, and 40 acres of copyhold land in the manor of Thorpe, Suff. Cf. 6 no. 67. C78/8, no. 26 [30]
1550 10 Nov 4 Margaret Jenkenson, wid. of John v Richard Chevyn Dismission. Latin C78/5, no. 72 [31]
1550 10 Nov 4 Joan Wright (by her guardian Bartholomew Brokesby), daughter & heir of Christopher Wright decd v Richard Wright, her uncle. Five tenements and messuages in St Olave's, Southwark, Surrey. C78/6, no. 48 [32]
1550 11 Nov 4 Christofer Fitzrandolph and wife Joan v George Vernon, esq. Messuage, garden and 60 acres of land in Birchehills, Derb. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 52 [33]
1550 12 Nov 4 Lionel Throkmorton v Richard Warde. 180 acres of land and 8s 4d rent in Albrough, Denton and SheIton, Norf. Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 56 [34]
1550 12 Nov 4 Katherine Clutterbucke, widow, executrix of Walter Clutterbuck decd, and Michael Clutterbuck her son v William Dennys, esq. and William Osborne Office of bailiff of the manor of 'Estlyngton", Glos. C78/5, no. 73 [35]
1550 12 Nov 4 George Morys, yeoman v William Terrell; Robert Carr; Robert Beche Crown lease of the demesnes of manors of Ryskyngton [Ruskington] and Dygbye [Digby], Lincs with water mill. Site of manor of Westborough, Lincs. C78/6, no. 24 [36]
1550 14 Nov 4 Richard Buckmaster of Eaton, Beds, husbandman v William Stapleton. Two messuages and 260 acres of land in Wing, Bucks. Dismission . Latin C78/6, no. 51 [37]
1550 16 Nov 4 Christopher Stede, cousin & heir of William Stede v John Stowe Plot of 41 acres of land in parish of St Martin's in the Field, Midd. C78/5, no. 57 [38]
1550 18 Nov 4 John Calowhill v Richard Edwards Two messuages and 60 acres of land in Tanworth, Warw., in possession of Joan Calowhyll, wid. of Richard Calowhill. C78/5, no. 71 [39]
1550 20 Nov 4 James Lax, clerk, vicar of Tugby, Leics v. Richard Neale of Kaythorpe, Leics. Tithes and rights of the vicarage of Tugby, Leics. C78/6, no. 39 [40]
1550 20 Nov 4 Stephen Verrowe and wife Elizabeth, daughter & heir of John Drake decd v John Skalles. Messuage, orchard and 46 acres of land in Beighton, Derb. Dismission. Latin C78/6, no. 44 [41]
1550 23 Nov 4 John Nicols, clerk, parson of Chiselborough, Soms v William Arderne; Robert Willys; William Grenehill; Simon Godshalf; John Willys the elder; William Style; John Willys the younger; Gabriel Postell; John Burgehouse; Nicholas Tyllye; John Somerton; Johan ..yle als Whitbred, widow; Johanne Wyllys, widow Tithes from lands in Chiselborough, Soms. Decree is a commutation of tithes. C78/6, no. 42 [42]
1550 26 Nov 4 John Pert v Thomas Wetherston and William Hygons, executors of Edward Tyndale decd. Debts arising out of partnership between plaintiff and Edward Tyndale, dec, to sell houses formerly of Tewkesbury Abbey. Defendants are Tyndale’s executors. C78/8, no. 27 [43]
1550 27 Nov 4 Robert Penrodocke, gent. v William Musgrave. Messuage and 60 acres of land in Skiprigge [in Dalston] in the fee of Roughton, Cumb. C78/6, no. 40 [44]
1550 27 Nov 4 Richard Woodwarde v Robert Atkynson Debts. Dismission. C78/8, no. 21 [45]
1550 27 Nov 4 Richard Toker v Laurence Hyde, gent. Lease of 2 tenements and lands in Ilminster, Som, which had been supporting an obit light in church there. C78/6, no. 43 [46]