C78: 1549

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
1549 ca. 3 Jan 2 Margery Hawkens, wid. of Stephen Hawkyns of London, pewterer v Margaret Lamberte, wid. of Walter Lambarte of London, goldsmith. Two messuages with lands in Sawbridgeworth, Herts. C78/8, no. 14 [2]
1549 29 Jan 3 John Mayne v Francis Swanne. Messuage and 450 acres of land in Lydd and Romney, Kent, allegedly sold by Thomas Swann earlier to Sir Roger Cholmeley C78/5, no. 79 [3]
1549 30 Jan 3 Mathew Davye, son & heir of John Davye decd v Oliver Topshawe; Johan his wife; Marg.. Davye; Edmund Gostwike Messuage with appurtenances and a pasture in Southill, Beds. C78/5, no.43 [4]
1549 4 Feb 3 John Whitacres and Katherine Whitacres v John Crane and Simon Clerke. Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 40 [5]
1549 6 Feb 3 Thomas Marshall, clerk, prebendary of Farndon, Notts v Edward Benes, executor of Richard Benes decd, next incumbent of the said prebend. Reparations to the churches of Farndon and Balderton, Notts. C78/5, no. 41 [6]
1549 6 Feb 3 Thomas Godwyn v Elizabeth Hext. Two tenements and appurtenances in 'Estradden', Devon. C78/5, no. 42 [7]
1549 8 Feb 3 Nicholas Cavell v Elizabeth Cavell, wid. and John Ascombe Enforcement of an arbitration previously made at the common law, over copyhold lands in the lordship of Milverton, Soms. C78/4, no. 106 [8]
1549 8 Feb 3 John Fremounte v Robert Nycolls. Lease of a capital messuage and garden in parish of St Bartholomew, Smithfield, London. C78/4, no. 107 [9]
1549 8 Feb 3 Sir Thomas Josselyn of High Roding, Essex, administrator of Phillip Josselyn of High Roding, widow, his mother, and late wife of John Josselyn decd v Dennys Luson and Guy Crafford, executors of Nicholas Luson decd. Chattels in the form of plate of John Josselyn, dec. C78/5, no. 17 [10]
1549 10 Feb 3 William Billingsley of London, haberdasher v Henry Barons of London, grocer. Messuage, 2 tenements, garden and 30 acres of land at Mile End in Stepney, Midd, held by copyhold of manor of Stepney. C78/5, no. 24 [11]
1549 10 Feb 3 Richard Honyngton, John Petit and Robert Tykyll, cousins & next heirs of Richard Grovehurste & Johan his wife v John Lovelace (now dec.) and Thomas Lovelace. Manor of Gowers in Maplescombe, Kent. C78/5, no. 44 [12]
1549 10 Feb 3 John Weste v John Keylewey, gent. Messuage and lands in Whiteparish, Wilts, and promise of a lease of property to plaintiff. C78/5, no. 53 [13]
1549 12 Feb 3 John Cayser, the elder and John Cayser the younger v Robert Chertsey and John Alen. Sale of Cayser's lands in East Peckham, Hadlow, Tudeley, Ryarsh, and Capel, Kent to Chertsey, in form of mortgage. C78/4, no. 4 [14]
1549 12 Feb 3 John Johnson v John Carter. Leases of lands in Barking and elsewhere, Essex, and an obligation binding Johnson in sum of £100. C78/4, no. 5 [15]
1549 12 Feb 3 Humfrey Crosse v James Courteney, esq. Lease of a tenement and 100 acres of land in Butterleigh, Devon. C78/4, no. 108 [16]
1549 12 Feb 3 Alice Colyns v Thomas Ryppyn & John Rippon. Two messuages and gardens in Chepe Street and lands in Newbury, Berks. C78/4, no. 109 [17]
1549 12 Feb 3 Aleyne Lambe v Henry Burton Lease of a farm called The Frythe, property of Westminster Abbey. C78/4, no. 110 [18]
1549 12 Feb 3 John Hobbe; William Hobbe; Roger Hawde; Richard Porter, and others (not named), tenants of the manor of Trevalward, Corn. v Sir Hugh Trevanyon and Roger Budsyde Claim that Trevanyon has overcharged tenants for rent while Budsyde was under age. C78/5, no. 45 [19]
1549 March 3 Katherine Addyngton, wid. v Richard Briket. Office of the King's Skinner and its £20 annuity. Latin C78/4, no. 114 [20]
1549 10 March 3 Laurence Horner v Sir William Pykerynge. Lease of the third part of a tenement called 'Luge' and lands in Nidderdale, Yorks, late of Byland Abbey. C78/6, no 31 [21]
1549 12 May 3 Thomas Hastings, esq, one of the younger sons of George, late Earl of Huntingdon decd v John Coppyng. Moiety of manor of Newland, Corn, with 2 messuages, 3 mills and 120 acres of land. C78/5, no. 25 [22]
1549 15 May 3 Robert Glamvyle, gent. v Margaret Gelgate, wid. and Philip Gelgate, gent. Messuage, mill and 148 acres of land in Great and Little Pinborough and Combs, Suff. C78/4, no. 89 [23]
1549 16 May 3 George Gyfford v Sir Robert Lytton and wife Elizabeth, late the wife of Robert Burgoyne decd Debts of Robert Burgoyne, dec. Defendants are Burgoyne's executors. C78/5, no. 47 [24]
1549 16 May 3 Walter Childerhouse and wife Joan v Nicholas Burway and Thomas Woodward. Customary holding of a cottage and 40 acres of land in the manor of Bromley, Staffs. C78/8, no. 2 [25]
1549 20 May 3 William Marten and wife Joan v William Nasshe One and one-half messuages and lands held of the manor of Clent, Worcs. C78/5, no. 46 [26]
1549 20 May 3 Arthur Longvyle of Wolverton, Bucks and wife Anne, da. of Thomas Middleton v Lancelot Middleton. Messuage and 260 acres of land in Silksworth, Durh. late of Thomas Middleton. C78/5, no. 51 [27]
1549 22 May 3 Thomas Gyldensleve of Thornton, Suff, yeoman v John Sterlynge, yeoman Messuage and 30 acres of land in 'Chastelfelde', Suff. John Goldensleve, grandfather of the complt. C78/5, no. 48 [28]
1549 22 May 3 Richard Huddelston, one of the younger sons of Sir John Huddelston, dec. v William Eyre alias Cole. Messuage and 100 acres of land in Oxenton and 'Pavyngton', Glos, late Sir John Huddelston's. C78/5, no. 49 [29]
1549 23 May 3 James Staveley and John Stirley, citizens of London v Ambrose Middleton, Hughe Sawer & Richard Wraye. Lease of site of Egglestone abbey, also Barnard Castle Mill, Stratford [Startforth] Mill & the tithes of Stratford & Arclegarthedale [Arkengarthdale], all in Yorkshire. (Cf. no. 2). C78/5, no. 20 [30]
1549 26 May 3 Robert Whethill, son & heir of Sir Richard Whethill decd v John St John, esq., executor of Dame Elizabeth Whetehyll, widow decd, administratrix of the said Sir Richard Chattels of Richard Whethill, dec. and legacies to the daughters of Richard Whethill, plaintiff. C78/4, no 2 [31]
1549 26 May 3 Thomas, Lord Burghe v Richard Vaughan and wife Anne. Manors of Orkesden, Hiltesbury, Chiddingstone, Cobham, Sharenden, Durdeville and Brookland with 10 messuages, 1 water mill and 2000 acres of land, in 24 parishes in Kent. Dismission. C78/4, no. 111 [32]
1549 26 May 3 William Vowles and wife Isabell v John Elys Lease of a tenement in Thrubwell, Soms. C78/4, no 112 [33]
1549 26 May 3 Joan Robynson, wid. v. Sir Thomas Cokeyn Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 115 [34]
1549 26 May 3 Symond Dudley of Hakney, Middx and wife Margery, late wife of Thomas Lynnett decd v William Meredith. Pasture called Hawkwell in Hackney, Midd, left to Margery Dudley by a former betrothed, Morgan ap Rice. C78/5, no. 62 [35]
1549 29 May 3 Roger Barwyk v Richard Lewknor. Lease of Ellsted farm, Sussex. Plaintiff also alleges an assault. Cf. 4 no. 33. C78/8, no. 3 [36]
1549 1 June 3 Roger Hateheman v George Penny Messuage and lands in Bensyngton and Warborough, Oxon. C78/4, no. 113 [37]
1549 3 June 3 Robert Draper v Thomas Newey. Debt owed to plaintiff as executor of will of William Newey, dec. C78/5, no. 21 [38]
1549 3 June 3 Thomas Woodwall; Humphrey Woodwall; William Woodwall; William Hudson, tenants of the manor of Dowles, Worcs. v Thomas Grey, esq. Disputes concerning copyhold land in manor of Dowles, Worcs. C78/5, no. 50 [39]
1549 5 June 3 John Vandermott v Joan Eyer, wid. of Thomas Eyer Dilapidations to 2 tenements in Gray Friars, London. Cf. 4 no. 71. C78/5, no. 22 [40]
1549 28 June 3 William More v John Hankes and wife Margaret Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 23 [41]
1549 6 July 3 John Basse the younger v Barthilmewe Kempe of Gissing, Norf, gent. Lease of a messuage and 100 acres of land in Weston, Suff. C78/4, no. 90 [42]
1549 9 July 3 George Baker v Robert Barker of Ipswich, merchant. Debt of £75 for cloth sold to defendant. C78/4, no. 3 [43]
1549 20 Oct 3 Peter Randolff v John Doughton Messuage and 200 acres of land in Welwyn and Datchworth, Herts. C78/5, no. 26 [44]
1549 30 Oct 3 Alexander Frogenhall v Thomas Grene, gent. Manor of Frogenhall in Teynham, Lynsted, Tonge, Bapchild, Kent. Dismission. Latin . C78/5, no. 52 [45]
1549 5 Nov 3 John ap Jevan ap Llewellyn of Ireonell, Ang. v William Lewes, esq.; William Gruff; John Lewes Lease of a tenement and lands called Tythyn Howell Dduy [?Ang.]. C78/5, no. 29 [46]
1549 8 Nov 3 Jeffrey Bedell v Robert Kyrwen. Chattels of Alice Hillarye, wid., who was married to plaintiff. C78/5, no. 76 [47]
1549 9 Nov 3 Pers Mutton, gent., sergeant at arms to the King v William Jenyns, clerk, prebendary of Abtinelyden, Flints. Promised lease of the prebend of Abtinelyden, Flints. Dismission. C78/8, no. 4 [48]
1549 15 Nov 3 Isabell Todd, wid. of William Todd decd v John Buckstones. Four oxen and 2 cows, property of plaintiff's late husband. C78/5, no. 78 [49]
1549 22 Nov 3 William Combe v John Davye A customary holding within manor of 'Bemyster Second’, Dors. C78/5, no. 31 [50]
1549 22 Nov 3 Richard Warren v William Kyngescote Grant of copyhold lands in Kyngescote, Glos, and right to create sub-tenancies. C78/5, no. 54 [51]
1549 26 Nov 3 Richard Goodier alias Goodyer v John Lovell. Lease of the manor of Hemsworth or East Hemsworth, Dors. C78/5, no. 27 [52]
1549 26 Nov 3 John Holcombe the elder of Kyrton als Crediton, Devon v William Amadas and wife Katherine. Lease of a capital messuage with lands called Doderige or Dyers Land in Kyrton alias Crediton, Devon. C78/5, no. 30 [53]
1549 26 Nov 3 William Sewster, gent. v Henry Cole, Warden of the College of Our Lady of Winchester in Oxford, and the scholars of the same. Debts arising from an action of covenant. C78/5, no. 77 [54]