C78: 1548

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Year Date Regnal Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case No.
No date. 1547 or 1548  ??? William Smyth, late Mayor of Sudbury, Suff v William Ayloff, esq. Two tenements in Broke Street, Halstead, Essex and 130 acres of land. Profits allegedly given by defendant's father to Town Bailiff of Sudbury. C78/8, no. 10 [2]
1548 Hilary_term 2 William Bery v John Trusse & Agnes his wife, and Arthur Tymberlande. Five messuages, 4 cottages and 266 acres of land in Willoughby, Sykby and Kelby, Lincs. C78/4, no. 62 [3]
1548 26 Jan 2 John Clemente, physician and wife Margaret v Thomas Legat the younger and Thomas Turke. Meadow in Hornchurch, Essex called Thornmede. Dismission. C78/5, no. 55 [4]
1548 30 Jan 2 Robert Elys, farmer of Bromfield, Cumb vicarage v John Skurre and other inhabitants of Blencogo in Bromfield, Cumb. Withholding of tithes. C78/4, no. 91 [5]
1548 5 Feb 2 John Trafford v Margaret Trafford. Four messuages, 6 cottages and 130 acres of land in Colleworth, Yorks. Dismission. C78/5, no. 16 [6]
1548 6 Feb 2 George Fuliambe, esq. and wife Dorothy, daughter of Arthur Barley decd v Sir Peter Frechewell Manors of Barley Hall and Lees Hall, Derb. C78/5, no. 7 [7]
1548 9 Feb 2 Robert Gale v John Betrynge Messuage and 30 acres of land in Great Waldingfield, Suff. Latin. C78/4, no. 95 [8]
1548 10 Feb 2 Edmond Home of Sarsden, Oxon, esq. v Richard Beckyngham. A common in Sarsden Heath or Lynam Heath, and the manors of Sarsden, Merycourt and Lynham. Restatement of an earlier decree. C78/5, no. 1 [9]
1548 11 Feb 2 Sir Uryan Brerton, a Groom of the Privy Chamber, and Richard Stele v John Caryngton, esq. Manor of Caryngton and other lands in Kenworth, Stockport, Wolley, and in Hattersley and Mottram in Mottram in Longdendal, Ches. Latin C78/8, no. 5 [10]
1548 12 Feb 3 John, Lord Zouche v Richard Bampfeld, esq. Evidences concerning manor of North Molton, Devon. Dismission. C78/4, no. 1 [11]
1548 12 Feb 2 James Staveley and John Stirley of London v Thomas Rokeby and Richard Rokebye. Lease of former monastery of Egglestone, Yorks. Cf. no. 20. C78/5, no. 2 [12]
1548 13 Feb 2 George Zouche, esq. v John Lord Zouche. Estate of Lord Grey of Codnor, dec. and evidences for the lands. Previously at arbitration, and the subject of a statute in favour of George Zouche. C78/4, no. 92 [13]
1548 23 April 2 Antony Stowell v Thomas Capps, son & heir of William Capps Manors of East and West Whitfield, Soms and manor of Bearhall, Devon. Cf. C78A no. 21. Dismission. C78/4, no. 77 [14]
1548 23 April 2 John Rede als Skynner and Joan his wife, one of the daughters of John Hall late of H..feld, v Richard Rawlyns Legacy from testament of John Hall, decd, father of the complt Joan C78/4, no. 86 [15]
1548 26 April 2 Robert Drake v Thomas Farrannt. Customary holding in the manor of 'Upexer’, Devon. C78/4, no. 75 [16]
1548 26 April 2 Robert Alden and wife Elizabeth; John Feltham, now decd, & Anne his wife, daughters & heirs of ... Smythe als Dowsyng of Heveningham, Suffolk decd v William Barrett, John Smythe of Frytton, Norfolk, William Smythe of Heveningham and William Smythe of Pesenall, Suffolk Two messuages and 350 acres of land in Heveningham, Suff. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 87 [17]
1548 2 May 2 Sir William Calverley v Thomas Reynolde Lease of certain closes in Otley, Yorks C78/4, no. 93 [18]
1548 2 May 2 William Cartewright, Henry Cartewright, John Cartewright, William Cartewright and Edmund Cartewright v Richard Tracy Lease of 300 acres of land in Dydcote, Glos, allegedly made by Tewkesbury abbey in 18 Henry VIII C78/5, no. 39 [19]
1548 3 May 2 Robert ap Rice, clerk, executor of Elis ap Rice decd v John Johnson of London, innholder Debts owed to plaintiff’s father. C78/4, no. 94 [20]
1548 4 May 2 Bartholmew Love v William Whyte Lands of Thomas Love, dec, in Heathfield, Sussex. C78/4, no. 103 [21]
1548 8 May 2 George Cely v Thomas Cely. Three messuages and gardens and 2 closes in Chipping Wycombe, Bucks, and a messuage called Le George in Chipping Wycombe. Latin. C78/4, no. 96 [22]
1548 8 May 2 James Clyne, clerk, rector of Stoke Newington, Midd. v Lady Johan Leigh; John Welbeck; John Johnson and others (not named) Contested lease of parsonage of Stoke Newington, Midd. C78/5, no. 11 [23]
1548 9 May 2 Richard Broke, esq. v William Parker Dilapidations by tenant of site of former abbey, Norton, Ches. C78/4, no. 100 [24]
1548 10 May 2 James Pignoll v John Batnor Uncompleted lease of tenement called The Tabbard in Southwark, Surrey. C78/4, no. 99 [25]
1548 12 May 2 Walter Harrys v Roger Williams. A meadow and pasture called Hame in Usk, Mons. C78/4, no. 76 [26]
No date. 1548? June? 2? John Bynkys v John Knottesforde Lease of a water mill and close in Kilton lordship, Yorks. C78/5, no. 12 [27]
1548 8 June 2 Thomas Proctor, gent. v Thomas Lodge of London, grocer. Purchase and delivery of 60 fothers of lead. C78/8, no. 11 [28]
1548 4 June 2 Robert Harrys and wife Anne, wid. of Henry Audeley v Rauff Rowlett the younger & Sir Rauff Rowlett Messuage and garden, formerly Henry Audeley's, in parish of St Alphege in Philip Lane, London. C78/5, no. 32 [29]
1548 10 June 2 Thomas Everie v. William Deremer Dismission. Latin. C78/5, no. 33 [30]
1548 10 June 2 Thomas Rowley and William Rowley v Ranulph Lee & Joan his wife; Thomas Burslem & Joan his wife; John Burslem; Thomas Burslem A toft and 18 acres of customary land of the manor of Tunstall, in 'Ramescliff’, Staffs. Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 97 [31]
1548 10 June 2 Richard Kempe and wife Katherine, wid. of William Catesby, dec. v Sir Richard Catesby Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 98 [32]
1548 12 June 2 Margaret Trecarell, wid. of Henry Trecarrell and Jane Kelley, wid., daughter of the said Henry Trecarell v John Trelawny. Mansion house called Trecarell in Lezant, Corn. C78/4, no. 101 [33]
1548 12 June 2 George Throkmorton of Derehurst, Glos, esq. and Anne his wife, one of the daughters [of] Jane Knyghtly, daughter of Sir John Spencer of Wormeleighton, Warks decd v Sir Nicholas Strelley. Legacies under the testament of Sir John Spencer, dec. C78/5, no. 9 [34]
1548 12 June 2 John Hammonde v John Puddell, carpenter Lease of a wharf called Sondayes Wharf in parish of St Andrews besides Baynard's Castle, London C78/5, no. 19 [35]
1548 13 June 2 Elizabeth Preste, daughter of John Preste late citizen & grocer of London decd v Richard Blakwall. Lease of a farm called Mantylls in Midd C78/5, no. 13 [36]
1548 13 June 2 Walter Horley v Sir John Brokett and Edward Brokett, esq. Disputed estate of Thomas Horley, clerk, dec. and existence of a will C78/5, no. 10 [37]
1548 14 June 2 John Ferneley; John Chelthand; Michael Alenson & Johanne his wife; Edward Beachampe & Elizabeth hsi wife; John Wardroper & Johanne his wife; Anthony Mason v John Arrowsmith and Richard Tonge. Legacies and annuities from will of Thomas Brooke of London, merchant taylor, to his servants, the plaintiffs. C78/5, no. 37 [38]
1548 18 June 2 John Maundfeld v Richard Hogeson Messuage and 80 acres of land in Rampton, Notts. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 102 [39]
1548 18 June 2 John Odlyn and John Osgerby v John Broxholme. Capital messuage, 3 closes and 9 bovates of land in Claxby and Normanby, Lincs. Dismission. (*judicia per Croke*) Latin. C78/4, no. 104 [40]
1548 18 June 2 Sir Uryan Brereton and Dame Johan Bray his wife, late wife of Sir Edmund, Lord Bray v Thomas Stidolff, esq. Disputed waste ground or common between manors of Stoke D'Abernon and Letherhead, Surrey. C78/5, no. 14 [41]
1548 18 June 2 James Williamson and John Smyth v Sir George Norton. Lease of the manor of Walden, Essex, a Duchy of Lancaster estate, and pasture rights there. C78/5, no. 38 [42]
1548 20 June 2 John A Glyn and wife Margaret, daughter & heir of Nicholas Woodhouse & Katherine his wife v James Donnynge; Nicholas Gaynor; Richard Harrys Messuage and 92 acres of land in Nibley and Alkington, Glos. C78/5, no. 34 [43]
1548 20 June 2 John Smyth alias Burtingham and wife Margaret, daughter & heir of John Thomson late of Alboroughe, Norfolk v Richard Corbyn. Messuage and 40 acres of freehold land and 60 acres of copyhold land in Alborough, ‘Wortewalell’, Redenhale and Denton, Norf. C78/8, no. 13 [44]
1548 22 June 2 Ellen Drake and Agnes Drake, cousins & heirs of Thomas Drake, that is to say daughters of John Drake the elder, son of the said Thomas v Thomas Drake. Three messuages and 200 acres of land in Dunstall, Staffs. Costs ordered to be paid to Joan Robynson, their guardian C78/5, no. 35 [45]
1548 25 June 2 Anthony Brokesby v Robert Brokesby, his son. Messuage and 400 acres of land in Sulby, Leics [Northants]. Plaintiff alleges forcible ejection. Case begun in Star Chamber. Dismission. C78/8, no. 12 [46]
1548 6 July 2 [blank] Goddarde v Thomas Bartilmewe. Dismission. Latin C78/4, no. 88 [47]
1548 1 August 2 Robert Wolverston, Margaret his wife, Agnes Curtes, Maryan Cowper, William Johnson and Henry Johnson v Thomas Gawdy the elder. Copyhold lands in Redenhall, Alburgh and Starston, Norf. C78/4, no. 105 [48]
1548 14 Nov 2 Alice Galon, wid., late wife of Mark Galon decd, and Thomas Gallon their son v William Walpole Mortgage of lands in Swavesey and Pen Drayton, Cambs. C78/5, no. 15 [49]
1548 18 Nov 2 Thomas Hey of Lutchurche, Derbs v Thomas Potter, Richard Smyth and others(not named). A customary holding in the manor of Little Chester in Quarndon, Derbs. taken by local churchwardens. C78/5, no. 36 [50]
1548 19 Nov 2 William Turpyn of Ottery St Mary, Devon and wife Margaret v William Horsey of Taunton, merchant. Legacies claimed by plaintiff's wife. Dismission. C78/4, no. 73 [51]
1548 20 Nov 2 John Knappe of Westminster v Philip Dune and John Campe. Three messuages and 300 acres of land in Tiverton and Priors Quarter, Devon. Dismission. Latin. C78/4, no. 72 [52]
1548 22 Nov 2 William Phelps v Richard Watkyns, esq. Title and possession of a customary holding in manor of Marksbury and Hunstrete, Som. Defendant lately purchased the manor, formerly of Glastonbury abbey, from the Crown. C78/4, no. 74 [53]
1548 29 Nov 2 Robert Meryk v Alexander Togwell and Robert Hyll Debts arising from the sale of plaintiff's interest in a lease of Taunton priory. C78/5, no. 18 [54]