BL MSS Cotton Caligula b ix 132

From Waalt

BL MSS Cotton Caligula b. ix, 132.

Wright Vol 1, 17 Page 37

Transcribed and notes by Thomas Wright, ‘Queen Elizabeth and her times,’ London, 1838

Lord Robert Dudley (1) to the Earl of Sussex. Greenwich, July 11 1560

My good Lord, I most hartyly thank you for your gentle and frendly remembrances. I am right gladd to hear your Lordship aryved so well in that countrey. The newes of the north ar now growne to perfection, for there is a peace concluded and agreed uppon. The artycles I cannot yet send your Lordship, but yt is sayd veary honorable for her Majestie: this much, of much; first all things shall rest betwene France and Scotland, as yt was before the broyll, without loss or forfeiture of any man's office or goods. They shall ellect a number of the noblemen to governe the state without any Frenchmen. The French shall further give over ther holds, Lyeth shall be demolyshed, the Frenche shall departe into France out of hand, saving ther shall remayne in Dunbarre fifty or sixty Frenchmen, and in Inskyth as many, except yt be otherwyse ordered by a parliament begun the 12th of this moneth. Certayne allowance shall be made to the Scotts for payment of their victuallys and other chardges they have bene at, &c;, for us a perfect peace concluded betweene France, Scotland, and us for ever, yf yt will last. And so all armour and weapon layd asyde. Thus I send you the first of sertenty we have received from thens. And so all things being as you left them, saving my Lorde of Pembroke, who is yet very weake, I take leave of your Lordship with my most harty commendations to your self and my good lady and syster, your wyff. At Grenewich, this llth of July.

At your Lordship's commaundement,


(1) The celebrated Earl of Leicester.