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Yorkshire, North Riding

NOTA BENE - These case names are approximate and very likely to be changed.

Agar v Waite

  • Robert Agar of Yeresly in co York yeoman. Land disbute in Haxby co York. STAC 5/A39/19
  • STAC 5/A39/19 - B A Rn - 15 Eliz - Yorkshire - Robert Agar v William Waite, Thomas Sherbourne
  • STAC 5/A41/26 - I D - 15 Eliz - Yorkshire - Robert Algar v [blank] Sherborne et al
  • STAC 5/A27/29 - I D - 15 Eliz - Yorkshire - Robert Agar v William Waite et al
  • see also STAC Agar

Arthington v Lumley

  • Francis Arthington of Barnards Inn gent, lands in Yarme in the co of York NR. STAC 5/A1/14
  • STAC 5/A12/16 - B A C I D - 40 Eliz - Yorkshire - Francis Arthington v John Lumley, Michael Lumley, Thomas Lumley, Janett Coward et al
  • STAC 5/A1/14 - B - 40 Eliz - Yorkshire - Francis Arthington v John Lumley, Michael Lumley Thomas Lumley, Jennet Coward, Christopher Richardson, John Harrison
  • STAC 5/A21/14 - C I D - 42 Eliz - Yorkshire - Francis Arthington v John Lumley, Thomas Lumley et al
  • STAC 5/A30/35 - Rn - 41 Eliz - Yorkshire - Francis Arthington v John Lumley, Christofer Richardson, Jannett Coward et al
  • see also STAC Arthington

Ashe v Lasenby

  • Christopher Ashe of Woodhall co York. Lease of a close in the Lordship of Hornby (Yorks NR). STAC 5/A6/4
  • STAC 5/A6/4 - B - 39 Eliz - Yorkshire - Christopher Ashe v Henry Lasmby, John Jackson, Michael Dourtres, Thomas Skelton
  • see also STAC Ashe

Atkinson v Dickenson

  • STAC 5/A5/2 - Anthony Atkinson of Morker Yorkshire [? Manor of Newton Morker] Inheritance dispute. Children of Thomas Atkinson deceased. Appeal from the Council in the North?
  • STAC 5/A5/2 - B - 32 Eliz - Yorkshire - Anthony Atkinson v Peter Dickenson, William Slater, Christopher Freeke
  • see also STAC Atkinson

Bell v Ellerby

  • Scalby, Yorkshire. Percyvall Bell & James Conyers v George Ellerbye, Edward Marwood, Thomas Willyamson, Tristram Cooke, Michaell Tubley, Robte Willen, Thom. Lockwood, Willm Cooke, Edward Appleby, Paulle Pacock & Robert Sewell. Assault on James Conyers at the Parsonage of Scalby during the time of divine service. Claimed to be an attempt to arrest Conyers on an attachment from the Court of Chancery at the suit of Tristram Cooke (dk) See also STAC 5/C39/9 & STAC 5/C75/7 Cook v Bell & Conyers; STAC 5/C56/30 Conyers v Ellerbye, Cooke & others
  • STAC 5/B93/33 - B A - 32 Eliz - Yorkshire - Percival Bell v George Ellerby, Edward Marwood et al
  • STAC 5/B101/29 - I D - 37 Eliz - - Percival Bell, James Conyers v Thomas Williamson, Michael Tubley et al
  • see also STAC Bell

Coore v Hatgill

  • Thomas Coore of Scanderowes in the co of York. STAC 5/C2/34
  • STAC 5/C2/34 - B A Letter - 39 Eliz - Yorkshire - Thomas Coore v Adam Halkell, Richard Stout, Richard Holden, Ralph Walker. see transcription of letter STAC 5/C2/34
  • STAC 5/C41/32 - B Dr - 39 Eliz - Yorkshire - Thomas Corre v Adam Hatgill, Richard Holden et al
  • see also STAC Coore

Denman v Roos

  • TNA Note: Breaking hedges and ditches, Northallerton, Yorkshire. Interrogatories administered on behalf of the plaintiff to the defendant. Yorkshire. STAC 10/2/1
  • STAC 5/D32/15 - B A - 35 Eliz - Yorkshire - John Denman v Peter Roos, Francis Shedde, William Greeves et al
  • STAC 10/2/1 John Denman v Peter Rosse.
  • see also STAC Denman


Favell and Bolton v Wilkinson and Bland

  • Isabell Favell of Tharshfild in Craven in the co of York widdow and Oliver Bolton yeoman Keeper of yr Maiestes ground or park for deer called Thrushfilde Rize [Threshfield Rise]. STAC 5/F11/15
  • STAC 5/F11/15 - B A Rn Rr - 24 Eliz - Yorkshire - Isabell Favell, Oliver Bolton v Robert WIlkinson, Matthew Blande et al.
  • STAC 5/F8/1 - I D - 26 Eliz - Yorkshire - Isabel Favell, Oliver Bowlton v Mathew Bland, Agnes Bland
  • see also STAC Favell

Fenton v Fenton

  • Christofer Fenton of London gent, Thomas Fenton of Coake in co York gent eldest brother to Christopher. In re land in Crake in co York NR. STAC 5/F3/24
  • STAC 5/F10/34 - B - 18 Eliz - Yorkshire - Christopher Fenton v Thomas Fenton, Mary Fenton, John Fox et al
  • STAC 5/F3/24 - B - 22 Eliz - Yorkshire - Christopher Fenton v Thomas Fenton Sr, Thomas Fenton Jr, Mary Fenton, John Fox, Thomas Fox et al.
  • see also STAC Fenton

Freare v Leache

  • James Freare of Rippon in co Yorke. An action for debt before the council of the North. STAC 5/F3/29
  • STAC 5/F3/29 - B - 39 Eliz - Yorkshire - James Freare v John Leache, Thomas Hardcastle, James Thompson, John Hardye et al
  • STAC 5/F28/38 - A C - 39 Eliz - Yorkshire - James Frear v Thomas Hardcasle et al
  • STAC 5/F30/8 - B - - Yorkshire - James Freare v George Leack, Thomas Hardcastel et al
  • STAC 5/F4/24 - I D - 40 Eliz - Yorkshire - James Frear v Thomas Hardcastle et al
  • see also STAC Frere




Knype v Metcalf

  • William Knyppe of Cartmill [Cartmel] Lancashire and John Tenante of Beverley Yorkshire. Lands in Carperby in Yorkshire NR. (Fallout from the Rebellion in the North). STAC 5/K1/11
  • STAC 5/K1/11 - B A C - 24 Eliz - Yorkshire - William Knype, John Tenant v Ann Metcalf, John Deane, Albion Metcalf
  • see also STAC Knype


Meynell v Bell and Scotson

  • TNA Note: Thirsk: Illegal distress of sheep, and assault. STAC 7/4/23
  • STAC 7/4/23 - - - Yorkshire - Thomas Meynell v Augustine Bell, John Skottson, Thomas Tholthropp, John Whipp et al
  • STAC 5/M22/29 - I D - 45 Eliz - Richard Maynell v George Scotson
  • see also STAC Meynell

Nicholson v Hoadlam

  • Messuage and two acres of land in Kirby Moorside co York. The jury of the manor court. STAC 5/N1/24
  • STAC 5/N1/24 - B A - 43 Eliz - Yorkshire - John Nicholson, James Bushop et Susan uxor, Stephen Gaywood et Mary uxor, Humphrey Spittle et Judith uxor v Bryan Hoadlam, Ralph Fryer, Richard Bowes, William Denton et al
  • see also STAC Nicholson

Earl of Northumberland v Forster

  • Spofforth, Yorkshire. STAC 5/N1/40
  • STAC 5/N1/40 - B I D - 35 Eliz - Yorkshire - Henry Earl of Northumberland v Ralph Forster, Antony Yeates, Christopher Harrison, William Carre et al
  • see also STAC Northumberland




Raine v Garstell

  • STAC 5/R1/24 - John Raine of Lune Yorkshire (NR)
  • STAC 5/R1/24 - B A - 27 Eliz - Yorkshire - John Raine v Laurence Garstell, Thomas Garstell, Ambrose Barnes, Michael Robinson
  • STAC 5/R11/9 - B A C I D - 27 Eliz - John Rayne v Lawrence Garstell, Thomas Garstell et al
  • STAC 5/R34/12 - I D - 27 Eliz - John Raine v Ambrose Baines
  • see also STAC Raynes

Skarth v Skarth

  • Most of these may be related to a cause in Exchequer, Thomas Skarth the younger vs Thomas Skarth the elder concerning the lease of property in Carlton in Cleveland, Yorkshire (see brief notes on depositions from E 134/38Eliz/East15).
  • STAC 5/S40/17 - B A - 39 Eliz - Yorkshire - Thomas Skarth Sr v Thomas Skarth Jr, William Denton et al
  • STAC 5/S29/14 - A I D - 39 Eliz - Thomas Skorthe v Henry Wood, Peter Denton et al
  • STAC 5/S12/37 - I D - 39 Eliz - Thomas Searth Sr v Thomas Scarth Jr, William Denton et al
  • STAC 5/S47/26 - Rn - 40 Eliz - Thomas Slarth Sr v Thomas Slarth Jr , William Denton et al
  • STAC 5/S69/3 - I D - 41 Eliz - Thomas Skarth Sr v Thomas Skarth Jr, William Denton et al
  • STAC 5/S64/5 - I D - 43 Eliz - Thomas Skarth Sr v Thomas Skarth Jr et al, William Denton et al
  • STAC 5/S45/25 - I D - 43 Eliz - Thomas Skarth Sr v Thomas Skarth Jr, John Denton et al
  • see also STAC Skarth

Tankard v Tankard

  • STAC 7/6/2 - TNA Note: Upsall etc: Cutting and carrying timber.
  • STAC 7/6/2 - - - Yorkshire - Thomas Tanckarde v Ralph Tanckarde, Peter Benson, James Ronetrie, Richard Spurrett et al
  • see also STAC Tankard

Topcliffe v Wrybarr

  • TNA Note: Rylstone: Poaching and assault in the chase forfeited to the Crown by the Nortons. Geoffrey Wrybarr, vicar of Long Preston. STAC 7/6/29
  • STAC 7/6/29 - - - Yorkshire - Richard Topclife v Geoffrey Wrybarr et al
  • see also STAC Topcliffe




Attorney General

AG v Heywood

  • TNA Note: Thorpe Moor and Kirkby Malzeard: Armed assemblies. Fabian Heywood, bailiff of Kirkby-Malzeard. STAC 7/1/7
  • STAC 7/1/7 - - - Yorkshire - AG (Edward Coke) v Fabian Heywood, John Beckwith Sr, John Beckwith Jr, Gilbert Anderson, et al
  • see also STAC Haywood