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The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A4/10 see [[STAC Auden]] - STAC 5/A5/25 see [[STAC Adam]] - STAC 5/A5/31 see [[STAC Andrews]] - STAC 5/A13/12 see [[STAC Affowl] - STAC 5/A19/37 see [[STAC Andrews]] - STAC 5/A20/30 see [[STAC Allatson]] - STAC 5/A32/12 see [[STAC Atmere]] - STAC 5/A39/35 see [[STAC Andrews]] - STAC 5/A40/1 see [[STAC Arundell]] - STAC 5/A41/31 see [[STAC Antrobus]] - STAC 5/A41/33 see [[STAC Arundell]] - STAC 5/A42/8 see [[STAC Allington]] - STAC 5/A44/39 see [[STAC Armyn]] - STAC 5/A45/31 see [[STAC Aubrey]] - STAC 5/A46/1 see [[STAC Aldham]] - STAC 5/A46/35 see [[STAC Adman]] - STAC 5/A49/27 see [[STAC Alcock]] - STAC 5/A56/32 see [[STAC Abergavenny]]
''' B '''
*STAC 5/B21/10 see [[STAC Bridges]] - STAC 5/B21/16 see [[STAC Brown]] - STAC 5/B36/38 see [[STAC Burgh]] - STAC 5/B39/17 see [[STAC Bovyatt]] - STAC 5/B43/9 see [[STAC Babington]] - STAC 5/B43/36 see [[STAC Boleyn]] - STAC 5/B52/3 see [[STAC Bulkley]] - STAC 5/B57/9 see [[STAC Basildon]] - STAC 5/B58/39 see [[STAC Bastard]] - STAC 5/B73/8 see [[STAC Brooke]] - STAC 5/B74/9 see [[STAC Bassett]] - STAC 5/B75/23 see [[STAC Bessant]] - STAC 5/B76/29 see [[STAC Beresford]] - STAC 5/B78/5 see [[STAC Beresford]] - STAC 5/B78/34 see [[STAC Barrett]] - STAC 5/B80/8 see [[STAC Bottred]] - STAC 5/B80/29 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/A55/14 see [[STAC Banyer]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C2/14 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C2/22 see [[STAC Clay]] - STAC 5/C3/13 see [[STAC Colley]] - STAC 5/C3/39 see [[STAC Courtney]] - STAC 5/C4/23 see [[STAC Crowther]]  - STAC 5/C6/16 see [[STAC Cole]] - STAC 5/C15/33 see [[STAC Corbold]] - STAC 5/C16/4 see [[STAC Carr]] - STAC 5/C20/23 see [[STAC Conningsby]] - STAC 5/C20/36 see [[STAC Crooke]] - STAC 5/C25/21 see [[STAC Cressey]] - STAC 5/C25/25 see [[STAC Carew]] - STAC 5/C25/35 see [[STAC Chock]] - STAC 5/C25/38 see [[STAC Coode]] - STAC 5/C26/35 see [[STAC Cliffe]] - STAC 5/C30/5 see [[STAC Crocker]] - STAC 5/C30/6 -[[STAC Catcott]] - STAC 5/C30/8 see [[STAC Crompe]] - STAC 5/C31/26 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C31/37 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C32/12 see [[STAC Cupper]] - STAC 5/C33/6 see [[STAC Cosgarne]] - STAC 5/C34/2 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C34/14 see [[STAC Childers]] - STAC 5/C36/29 see [[STAC Chowne]] - STAC 5/C40/7 see [[STAC Cox]] - STAC 5/C40/15 see [[STAC Comber]] - STAC 5/C42/9 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C53/7 see [[STAC Comberford]] - STAC 5/C53/18 see [[STAC Cherrington]] - STAC 5/C54/19 see [[STAC Cotterell]] - STAC 5/C56/19 see [[STAC Cheyney]] - STAC 5/C56/26 see [[STAC Copwood]] - STAC 5/C56/27 see [[STAC Chester]] - STAC 5/C57/6 see [[STAC Crimes]] - STAC 5/C58/27 see [[STAC Cherrington]]  - STAC 5/C59/18 see [[STAC Cooper]] - STAC 5/C60/25 see [[STAC Churchman]] - STAC 5/C60/28 see [[STAC Cosgarne]] - STAC 5/C64/5 see [[STAC Copwood]] - STAC 5/C64/25 see [[STAC Cross]] - STAC 5/C72/11 see [[STAC Cobbe]] - STAC 5/C72/30 see  [[STAC Cobbe]] - STAC 5/C73/30 see [[STAC Curle]] - STAC 5/C81/27 see [[STAC Chepman]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D2/2 see [[STAC Duckett]] - STAC 5/D2/27 see [[STAC Dutton]] - STAC 5/D10/29 see [[STAC Daniel]] - STAC 5/D12/18 see [[STAC Dutton]] - STAC 5/D17/18 see [[STAC Darrell]] - STAC 5/D18/9 see [[STAC Donne]] - STAC 5/D18/27 see [[STAC Dixon]] - STAC 5/D20/6 see [[STAC Debham]] - STAC 5/D23/13 see [[STAC Daniel]] - STAC 5/D25/39 see [[STAC Duick]] - STAC 5/D27/8 see [[STAC Dawes]] - STAC 5/D27/36 see [[STAC Dowes]] - STAC 5/D27/38 see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D28/19 see [[STAC Darrell]] - STAC 5/D29/14 see [[STAC Devereux]] - STAC 5/D29/17 see [[STAC Davidge]] - STAC 5/D33/8 - B - 25 Eliz - James Davis v Thomas Lowen, James Baker et al see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D34/32 see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D36/1 see [[STAC Dighton]] - STAC 5/D36/15 see [[STAC Dixe]]
*STAC 5/E1/9 see [[STAC Edolph]] - STAC 5/E4/13 see [[STAC Edmonds]] - STAC 5/E8/10 see [[STAC Ebotson]] - STAC 5/E8/29 see [[STAC Elmes]] - STAC 5/E9/35 see [[STAC Earle]] - STAC 5/E10/10 see [[STAC Eplett]] - STAC 5/E12/6 see [[STAC Egerton]] - STAC 5/E12/11 see [[STAC Esson]] - STAC 5/E13/3 see [[STAC Elliott]] - STAC 5/E13/13 see [[STAC Ellis]] - STAC 5/E13/14 see [[STAC Edgar]] - STAC 5/E14/22 see [[STAC Evans]] - STAC 5/E15/7 see [[STAC Eaton]] - STAC 5/E15/20 see [[STAC Easton]] - STAC 5/E15/36 see [[STAC Ellis]] - STAC 5/E15/38 see [[STAC Edgar]] - STAC 5/E16/25 see [[STAC Everard]] - STAC 5/E16/31 see [[STAC Every]]
*STAC 5/F8/16 see [[STAC Frechville]] - STAC 5/F8/33 see [[STAC Fry]] - STAC 5/F9/5 see [[STAC Flatman]] - STAC 5/F9/12 see [[STAC Farmer]] - STAC 5/F12/20 see [[STAC Framingham]] - STAC 5/F12/25 see [[STAC Farthing]] - STAC 5/F13/16 see [[STAC Ferrers]] - STAC 5/F13/29 see [[STAC Fairfax]] - STAC 5/F13/37 see [[STAC Finhell]] - STAC 5/F14/1 see [[STAC Fowke]] - STAC 5/F14/6 see [[STAC Farr]] - STAC 5/F14/17 - B A - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Flowerdew]] - STAC 5/F14/20 see [[STAC Flatman]] - STAC 5/F14/35 see [[STAC Flitton]] - STAC 5/F14/38 see [[STAC Fry]] - STAC 5/F14/40 see [[STAC Forth]] - STAC 5/F15/9 see [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F15/36 see [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F16/33 see [[STAC Freston]] - STAC 5/F17/16 see [[STAC Fownes]] - STAC 5/F19/6 see [[STAC Frankland]] - STAC 5/F21/24 see [[STAC Fullwood]] - STAC 5/F24/16 see [[STAC Foljambe]] - STAC 5/F24/18 see [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F24/26 see [[STAC Freeman]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G3/1 see [[STAC Gervaise]] - STAC 5/G4/19 see [[STAC Gwyn]] - STAC 5/G9/16 see [[STAC Gryce]] - STAC 5/G10/9 see [[STAC Goldsborough]] - STAC 5/G13/9 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G13/14 see [[STAC Gateward]] - STAC 5/G14/39 see [[STAC Gregory]] - STAC 5/G17/28 see [[STAC Glasior]] - STAC 5/G17/16 see [[STAC Griffin]] - STAC 5/G20/22 see [[STAC Griffin]] - STAC 5/G20/24 see [[STAC Gwyn]] - STAC 5/G27/15 - A - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Gawdy]] - STAC 5/G28/3 - B A Rn C I D - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Gardiner]] - STAC 5/G30/39 - B A - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G25/5 - B A - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Greville]] - STAC 5/G33/14 - B A Rn C I D - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Gilbert]] - STAC 5/G34/3 - B A - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Gaylard]] - STAC 5/G35/30 - B - 25 Eliz see [[STAC Greville]] - STAC 5/G36/33 - B Dr - 25 Eliz - Rees ap Jevan Gough v Rees ap Walter Gough, James ap William et al. see [[STAC Gough]] - STAC 5/G37/5 - B Dr - 25 Eliz - William Gardyner v Alice Stephen, John Stephen. see [[STAC Gardiner]] - STAC 5/G37/27 - B A Rn - 25 Eliz - Thomas Gervoise v Edward Churchman, Ann Mathew. see [[STAC Gervaise]] - STAC 5/G38/37 see [[STAC Gough]] - STAC 5/G39/22 see [[STAC Gore]] - STAC 5/G40/3 see [[STAC Guerara]] - STAC 5/G41/10 see [[STAC Greenway]] - STAC 5/G42/5 see [[STAC George]] - STAC 5/G42/21 see [[STAC Gwillim]] - STAC 5/G42/35 see [[STAC Graunt]] - STAC 5/G42/36 see [[STAC Gervaise]] - STAC 5/G42/39 see [[STAC Goddard]] - STAC 5/G45/20 see [[STAC George]]
*STAC 5/H2/9 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H2/19 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H5/8 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H17/20 see [[STAC Hick]] - STAC 5/H18/2 see [[STAC Heveningham]] - STAC 5/H19/6 see [[STAC Hillary]] - STAC 5/H23/6 see [[STAC Haynes]] - STAC 5/H26/4 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H27/27 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H28/10 see [[STAC Hardy]] - STAC 5/H32/25 see [[STAC Horseman]] - STAC 5/H33/4 see [STAC Hore]] - STAC 5/H36/7 see [[STAC Hillary]] - STAC 5/H37/33 see [[STAC Harrison]] - STAC 5/H41/25 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H42/26 see [[STAC Harward]] - STAC 5/H44/23 see [[STAC Hopkins]] - STAC 5/H44/36 see [[STAC Hopkins]] - STAC 5/H45/39 see [[STAC Hare]] - STAC 5/H46/25 see [[STAC Hatton]] - STAC 5/H46/31 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H48/1 see [[STAC Hammerton]] - STAC 5/H48/29 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H48/30 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H48/35 see [[STAC Harvey]] - STAC 5/H48/40 see [[STAC Haggatt]] - STAC 5/H49/12 see [[STAC Haywood]] - STAC 5/H57/18 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H52/30 see [[STAC Hobby]] - STAC 5/H61/7 see [[STAC Hawes]] - STAC 5/H62/30 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H63/23 see [[STAC Harward]] -  STAC 5/H64/37 see [[STAC Holt]] - STAC 5/H66/15 see [[STAC Hastings]] - STAC 5/H67/11 see [[STAC Hooper]] - STAC 5/H68/24 see [[STAC Huckmore]] - STAC 5/H72/26 see [[STAC Haughton]] - STAC 5/H73/1 see [[STAC Hatch]] - STAC 5/H76/16 see [[STAC Hyde]] - STAC 5/H77/6 see [[STAC Harlowe]] - STAC 5/H77/11 see [[STAC Hawtrey]] - STAC 5/H78/35 see [[STAC Herbert]] - STAC 5/H81/41 see [[STAC Horton]]
*STAC 5/J13/7 see [[STAC Francis]] - STAC 5/J14/5 see [[STAC Jefferson]] - STAC 5/J14/28 see [[STAC Jeffrey]] - STAC 5/J1/6 see [[STAC Johnson]] - STAC 5/J6/12 see [[STAC James]] - STAC 5/J6/25 see [[STAC Jennie]] - STAC 5/J10/36 see [[STAC Jones]] - STAC 5/J18/20 see [[STAC Jay]] - STAC 5/J22/5 see [[STAC Jackson]] - STAC 5/J22/27 see [[STAC Judd]] - STAC 5/J9/31 - STAC 5/J10/31 see [[STAC Jarrett]]
''' K '''
*STAC 5/K1/23 see [[STAC Kepas]] - STAC 5/K2/9 see [[STAC Kendall]] - STAC 5/K5/34 see [[STAC Kent]] - STAC 5/K5/6 see [[STAC Kelleway]] - STAC 5/K8/15 see [[STAC Kellond]] - STAC 5/K12/12 see [[STAC Kebblewhite]] - STAC 5/K12/32 see [[STAC Kelton]]
''' L'''
*STAC 5/L20/11 see [[STAC Lingen]] - STAC 5/L20/13 see [[STAC Land]] - STAC 5/L20/25 see [[STAC Lavelys]] - STAC 5/L13/28 see [[STAC Lawrence]] - STAC 5/L12/16 see [[STAC Ley]] - STAC 5/L43/27 see [[STAC Leigh]] - STAC 5/L44/12 see [[STAC Lacon]] - STAC 5/L22/13 see [[STAC Lawrie]] - STAC 5/L36/22 see [[STAC Love]] - STAC 5/L42/40 see [[STAC Leveson]] - STAC 5/L40/8 see [[STAC Lane]] - STAC 5/L41/18 see [[STAC London]] - STAC 5/L41/25 see [[STAC Lucas]] - STAC 5/L40/33 see [[STAC Ludlow]] - STAC 5/L18/14 see [[STAC Lloyd]] - STAC 5/L18/35 see [[STAC Lancaster]] - STAC 5/L21/8 see [[STAC Lucy]] - STAC 5/L21/21 see [[STAC Lambert]] - STAC 5/L25/32 see [[STAC Lovell]] - STAC 5/L31/26 see [[STAC Lovett]] - STAC 5/L3/3 see [[STAC Luter]] - STAC 5/L12/9 - STAC 5/L44/18 see [[STAC Lewis]] - STAC 5/L42/28 - STAC 5/L38/39 see [[STAC Leacock]] - STAC 5/L43/38 - STAC 5/L12/22 see [[STAC Luttrell]] - STAC 5/L24/21 - STAC 5/L2/24 see [[STAC Lewis]] - STAC 5/L23/27 - STAC 5/L45/33 - STAC 5/L41/29 see [[STAC Littleton]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M5/7 see [[STAC Mease]] - STAC 5/M11/18 see [[STAC Marton]] - STAC 5/M11/27 see [[STAC Mayney]] - STAC 5/M15/6 see [[STAC Masterson]] - STAC 5/M17/40 see [[STAC Meysey]] - STAC 5/M39/24 see [[STAC Moore]] - STAC 5/M33/16 see [[STAC Morland]] - STAC 5/M27/20 see [[STAC Moss]] - STAC 5/M25/25 see [[STAC Matthew]] - STAC 5/M47/20 see [[STAC Meryvall]] - STAC 5/M41/16 see [[STAC Moggeridge]] - STAC 5/M51/3 see [[STAC Mainwaring]] - STAC 5/M54/4 see [[STAC Millet]] - STAC 5/M57/1 see [[STAC Maddock]] - STAC 5/M55/33 see [[STAC Masters]] - STAC 5/M55/28 see [[STAC Murthwaite]] - STAC 5/M58/7 see [[STAC Middleton]] - STAC 5/M48/2 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/M48/7 see [[STAC Muskett]] - STAC 5/M49/12 see [[STAC Mawe]] - STAC 5/M44/3 see [[STAC Mansfield]] - STAC 5/M44/6 see [[STAC Mantell]] - STAC 5/M45/21 see [[STAC Mole]] - STAC 5/M45/36 see [[STAC Malliard]] - STAC 5/M53/28 - STAC 5/M43/9 see [[STAC Mason]] - STAC 5/M43/24 - STAC 5/M48/4 see [[STAC Midwinter]] - STAC 5/M51/22 - STAC 5/M38/17 see [[STAC Milward]] - STAC 5/M15/25 - STAC 5/M54/25 see [[STAC Morse]] - STAC 5/M11/7 - STAC 5/M40/14 see [[STAC Marshall]] - STAC 5/M52/15 - STAC 5/M11/14 see [[STAC Morris]] - STAC 5/M26/34 - STAC 5/M41/4 see [[STAC Meere]] - STAC 5/M48/11 - STAC 5/M43/8 - STAC 5/M44/30 see [[STAC Martin]] - STAC 5/M10/38 - STAC 5/M40/4 - STAC 5/M41/27 - STAC 5/M53/12 see [[STAC Morgan]]
*STAC 5/A19/14 see [[STAC Matthew]] - STAC 5/A46/36 see [[STAC Moore]]
''' N '''
*STAC 5/N3/37 see [[STAC Nelne]] - STAC 5/N10/32 see [[STAC Nightingale]] - STAC 5/N12/8 see [[STAC Naylor]] - STAC 5/N14/33 see [[STAC Newdigate]] - STAC 5/N14/8 see [[STAC Newborough]] - STAC 5/N9/10 - STAC 5/N12/23 see [[STAC Needham]] - STAC 5/N16/20 see [[STAC Newcome]] - STAC 5/N15/19 see [[STAC Nicholas]] - STAC 5/N16/25 see [[STAC Norton]] - STAC 5/N13/17 see [[STAC Nollothe]] - STAC 5/N13/19 see [[STAC Norris]] - STAC 5/N1/33 - STAC 5/N7/25 see [[STAC Napper]]
''' O '''
*STAC 5/O3/11 see [[STAC Odell]] - STAC 5/O2/39 see [[STAC Odell]] - STAC 5/O6/2 see [[STAC Oglethorpe]] - STAC 5/O6/27 see [[STAC Ogle]] - STAC 5/O6/34 see [[STAC Oldisworth]]
''' P '''
*STAC 5/P1/21 see [[STAC Purslow]] - STAC 5/P18/8 see [[STAC Paye]] - STAC 5/P23/36 see [[STAC Pigott]] - STAC 5/P26/8 see [[STAC Powell]] - STAC 5/P28/14 see [[STAC Pascow]] - STAC 5/P32/9 see [[STAC Pate]] - STAC 5/P32/34 see [[STAC Pym]] - STAC 5/P38/13 see [[STAC Puncherdon]] - STAC 5/P40/8 see [[STAC Purefey]] - STAC 5/P36/7 see [[STAC Pemberton]] - STAC 5/P51/10 see [[STAC Passion]] - STAC 5/P51/21 see [[STAC Pyott]] - STAC 5/P52/10 see [[STAC Partridge]] - STAC 5/P53/14 see [[STAC Perrott]] - STAC 5/P54/22 see [[STAC Pingster]] - STAC 5/P58/36 see [[STAC Paslowe]] - STAC 5/P49/14 see [[STAC Partridge]] - STAC 5/P50/30 see [[STAC Pendlebury]] - STAC 5/P49/35 see [[STAC Pagett]] - STAC 5/P67/23 see [[STAC Pannel]] - STAC 5/P64/13 see [[STAC Piers]] - STAC 5/P49/18 see [[STAC Poole]] - STAC 5/P62/10 see [[STAC Pennant]] - STAC 5/P62/39 see [[STAC Port]] - STAC 5/P45/17 see [[STAC Powtrell]] - STAC 5/P44/7 see [[STAC Pilesbury]] - STAC 5/P50/21 - STAC 5/P64/8 see [[STAC Philips]] - STAC 5/P39/21 - STAC 5/P19/29 see [[STAC Pope]] - STAC 5/P20/32 - STAC 5/P3/8 see [[STAC Parkes]] - STAC 5/P60/37 STAC 5/P5/31 see [[STAC Parry]] - STAC 5/P58/28 - STAC 5/P56/10 see [[STAC Pembroke]] - STAC 5/P51/1 - STAC 5/P37/23 - STAC 5/P27/14 see [[STAC Peniston]] - STAC 5/P61/13 - STAC 5/P49/25 - STAC 5/P26/20 see [[STAC Parker]] - STAC 5/P59/33 - STAC 5/P32/40 - STAC 5/P20/16 see [[STAC Prowe]] - STAC 5/P3/23 see [[STAC Precey]] - STAC 5/P2/1 see [[STAC Prytherch]] - STAC 5/P50/29 - STAC 5/P28/8 see [[STAC Price]] - STAC 5/P33/2 see [[STAC Prideaux]] - STAC 5/P36/31 see [[STAC Prestland]] - STAC 5/P51/5 see [[STAC Prowse]] - STAC 5/P51/6 see [[STAC Pressey]] - STAC 5/P51/22 see [[STAC Probert]] - STAC 5/P51/23 see [[STAC Prance]] - STAC 5/P59/4 see [[STAC Prater]] - STAC 5/P48/38 see [[STAC Prescott]] - STAC 5/P49/27 see [[STAC Prichard]]
*STAC 5/A37/29 see [[STAC Pilford]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/R21/6 see [[STAC Rives]] - STAC 5/R29/34 - STAC 5/R36/32 see [[STAC Radcliffe]] - STAC 5/R12/22 see [[STAC Russell]] - STAC 5/R12/28 see [[STAC Rogers]] - STAC 5/R14/38 see [[STAC Rawden]] - STAC 5/R13/3 see [[STAC Rochester]] - STAC 5/R41/13 see [[STAC Rice]] - STAC 5/R35/29 see [[STAC Roberts]] - STAC 5/R34/37 see [[STAC Roscarrock]] - STAC 5/R16/38 see [[STAC Rainsford]] - STAC 5/R25/5 see [[STAC Reymes]] - STAC 5/R23/20 -see [[STAC Rolleston]] - STAC 5/R22/29 see [[STAC Raynton]] - STAC 5/R40/15 see [[STAC Raven]] - STAC 5/R38/39 see [[STAC Rayner]]
*STAC 5/S57/10 see [[STAC Smith, J]] -STAC 5/S65/5 see [[STAC Smith, K-P]] - STAC 5/S82/35 - STAC 5/S69/19 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S1/23 - STAC 5/S61/18 - STAC 5/S41/18 -STAC 5/S72/9 see [[STAC Stanhope]] - STAC 5/S38/12 - STAC 5/S37/19 see [[STAC Sherington]] - STAC 5/S78/25 - STAC 5/S65/23 - STAC 5/S61/39 see [[STAC Symes]] - STAC 5/S59/19 - STAC 5/S72/12 see [[STAC Scriche]] - STAC 5/S37/7 - STAC 5/S52/34 - see [[STAC Savage]] - STAC 5/S16/7 see [[STAC Sawyer]] - STAC 5/S20/5 see [[STAC Saville]] - STAC 5/S20/9 see [[STAC Sydnor]] - STAC 5/S20/25 see [[STAC Stanney]] - STAC 5/S23/28 see [[STAC Snelgar]] - STAC 5/S25/33 see [[STAC Stokes]] - STAC 5/S26/3 see [[STAC Slyfield]] - STAC 5/S27/13 see [[STAC Shalcross]] - STAC 5/S30/2 see [[STAC Skayfe]] - STAC 5/S34/28 see [[STAC Sarum]] - STAC 5/S46/1 see [[STAC Shelley]] - STAC 5/S46/20 see [[STAC Spencer]] - STAC 5/S48/13 see [[STAC St John]] - STAC 5/S48/24 see [[STAC Shuttleworth]] - STAC 5/S52/4 see [[STAC Staplehill]] - STAC 5/S52/31 see [[STAC Shilston]] - STAC 5/S55/30 see [[STAC Skinner]] - STAC 5/S56/5 see [[STAC Stacey]] - STAC 5/S59/30 see [[STAC Sharnebrook]] - STAC 5/S60/19 see [[STAC Stephens]] - STAC 5/S61/37 see [[STAC Symkins]] - STAC 5/S65/17 see [[STAC Sackford]] - STAC 5/S65/31 see [[STAC Starkey]] - STAC 5/S69/30 see [[STAC St Aubyn]] - STAC 5/S70/2 see [[STAC Stout]] - STAC 5/S71/3 see [[STAC Starkey]] - STAC 5/S72/2 see [[STAC Standfast]] - STAC 5/S72/23 see [[STAC Starr]] - STAC 5/S72/28 see [[STAC Sherman]] - STAC 5/S73/9 see [[STAC Storre]] - STAC 5/S81/26 see [[STAC Saunders]] - STAC 5/S82/7 see [[STAC Scott]] - STAC 5/S83/2 see [[STAC Strange]] - STAC 5/S77/37 see [[STAC Southesse]] - STAC 5/S77/40 see [[STAC Sey]] - STAC 5/S79/17 see [[STAC Shaw]]
*STAC 5/T19/32 see [[STAC Tilney]] - STAC 5/T19/35 see [[STAC Trelodrowe]] - STAC 5/T21/33 see [[STAC Thompson]] - STAC 5/T23/14 see [[STAC Taverner]] - STAC 5/T24/2 see [[STAC Thornhill]] - STAC 5/T22/21 see [[STAC Tower]] - STAC 5/T25/38 see [[STAC Trevisse]] - STAC 5/T27/8 see [[STAC Torrell]] - STAC 5/T24/6 see [[STAC Thorowgood]] - STAC 5/T24/19 see [[STAC Tyderleigh]] - STAC 5/T32/30 see [[STAC Thornborough]] - STAC 5/T34/29 see [[STAC Tregonwell]] - STAC 5/T38/23 see [[STAC Turner]] - STAC 5/T24/5 - STAC 5/T8/10 see [[STAC Throckmorton]] - STAC 5/T1/34 - STAC 5/T36/14 see [[STAC Tanner]] - STAC 5/T4/12 - STAC 5/T29/38 see [[STAC Thorne]] - STAC 5/T36/37 - STAC 5/T4/13 see [[STAC Tilley]] - STAC 5/T24/1 - STAC 5/T31/34 see [[STAC Taylor]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W30/9 see [[STAC Walton]] - STAC 5/W21/9 see [[STAC Willoughby]] - STAC 5/W21/2 see [[STAC Williams]] - STAC 5/W29/15 see [[STAC Worseley]] - STAC 5/W29/32 see [[STAC Washatt]] - STAC 5/W30/10 see [[STAC Whetcomb]] - STAC 5/W20/13 see [[STAC Watson]] - STAC 5/W16/9 see [[STAC Westbury]] - STAC 5/W14/24 see [[STAC Weech]] - STAC 5/W2/36 see [[STAC Watts]] - STAC 5/W26/12 see [[STAC Woodlyff]] - STAC 5/W26/39 see [[STAC Walter]] - STAC 5/W27/12 see [[STAC Worth]] - STAC 5/W27/20 see [[STAC Woodward]] - STAC 5/W54/34 see [[STAC Withers]] - STAC 5/W52/24 see [[STAC Wibbey]] - STAC 5/W52/40 see [[STAC Wingfield]] - STAC 5/W49/37 see [[STAC Wharfe]] - STAC 5/W58/10 see [[STAC Wyatt]] - STAC 5/W58/31 see [[STAC Wymack]] - STAC 5/W57/14 see [[STAC Westcott]] - STAC 5/W66/26 see [[STAC Wilkinson]] - STAC 5/W69/30 see [[STAC White]] - STAC 5/W75/29 see [[STAC Winter]] - STAC 5/W67/22 see [[STAC Walter]] - STAC 5/W77/7 see [[STAC Woodstock]] - STAC 5/W77/24 see [[STAC Wawton]] - STAC 5/W80/3 see [[STAC Ward]] - STAC 5/W66/14 - STAC 5/W36/24 see [[STAC Webb]] - STAC 5/W75/37 - STAC 5/W45/37 see [[STAC Wadham]] - STAC 5/W68/40 - STAC 5/W15/19 see [[STAC Wilson]] - STAC 5/W67/27 - STAC 5/W28/8 see [[STAC Wiseman]] - STAC 5/W63/23 - STAC 5/W26/5 see [[STAC Wharton]] - STAC 5/W1/32 - STAC 5/W2/4 see [[STAC Wells]] - STAC 5/W49/31 - STAC 5/W65/14 - STAC 5/W44/31 see [[STAC Whorewood]]
*STAC 5/A44/21 see [[STAC Wordenham]]
*STAC 5/Y2/6 see [[STAC Yaxley]]
''' Welsh names '''
*STAC 5/A17/26 see [[STAC Welsh names Almoner]] - STAC 5/P17/39 see [[STAC Welsh names P]]

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