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The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A4/24 see [[STAC Addenbrook]] - STAC 5/A4/25 see [[STAC Anderton]] - STAC 5/A4/27 see [[STAC Altham]] - STAC 5/A4/28 see [[STAC Atwell]] - STAC 5/A19/25 see [[STAC Appey]] - STAC 5/A35/1 see [[STAC Ainsworth]] - STAC 5/A41/23 see [[STAC Austin]] - STAC 5/A45/33 see [[STAC Adean]] - STAC 5/A51/37 see [[STAC Andrews]] - STAC 5/A52/19 see [[STAC Apthorpe]] - STAC 5/A52/20 see [[STAC Alford]] - STAC 5/A53/40 see [[STAC Abbington]] - STAC 5/A59/7 see [[STAC Arundell]]
*STAC 5/B29/32 see [[STAC Butcher]] - STAC 5/B28/28 see [[STAC Bawden]] - STAC 5/B29/1 see [[STAC Burne]] - STAC 5/B32/25 see [[STAC Brounche]] - STAC 5/B37/3 see [[STAC Berinton]] - STAC 5/B42/38 see [[STAC Beale]] - STAC 5/B43/13 see [[STAC Bowes]] - STAC 5/B43/14 see [[STAC Bampfield]] - STAC 5/B44/11 see [[STAC Bourne]] - STAC 5/B44/27 see [[STAC Bridges]] - STAC 5/B45/16 see [[STAC Baye]] - STAC 5/B45/22 see [[STAC Britten]] - STAC 5/B51/5 see [[STAC Brown]] - STAC 5/B51/36 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B53/10 see [[STAC Berinton]] - STAC 5/B53/32 see [[STAC Burrell]] - STAC 5/B58/12 see [[STAC Barnard]] - STAC 5/B59/16 see [[STAC Bateman]] - STAC 5/B61/29 see [[STAC Brown]] - STAC 5/B64/8 see [[STAC Brode]] - STAC 5/B66/19 see [[STAC Barney]] - STAC 5/B68/21 see [[STAC Bowes]] - STAC 5/B68/22 see [[STAC Brewer]] - STAC 5/B68/26 see [[STAC Brooke]] - STAC 5/B68/32 see [[STAC Brackenbury]] - STAC 5/B68/34 see [[STAC Bunden]] - STAC 5/B70/17 see [[STAC Briscoe]] - STAC 5/B70/26 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B71/35 see [[STAC Beckwith]] - STAC 5/B80/28 -see [[STAC Bellamy]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C4/10 see [[STAC Carter]] - STAC 5/C5/14 see [[STAC Cannon]] - STAC 5/C5/15 see [[STAC Corbett]] - STAC 5/C6/5 see [[STAC Comberford]] - STAC 5/C6/38 see [[STAC Chester]] - STAC 5/C11/27 see [[STAC Clarkson]] - STAC 5/C19/1 see [[STAC Crewe]] - STAC 5/C20/7 see [[STAC Colthurst]]  - STAC 5/C20/16 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C20/28 see [[STAC Cheyney]] - STAC 5/C15/26 see [[STAC Cheverell]] - STAC 5/C21/27 see [[STAC Crooke]] - STAC 5/C21/39 see [[STAC Corham]] - STAC 5/C26/1 see [[STAC Cavendish]] - STAC 5/C26/7 see [[STAC Cowling]] - STAC 5/C26/32 see [[STAC Carey]] - STAC 5/C30/9 see [[STAC Carlton]] - STAC 5/C30/11 see [[STAC Crimes]] - STAC 5/C31/9 see [[STAC Creswell]] - STAC 5/C31/35 see [[STAC Cadbury]] - STAC 5/C33/32 see [[STAC Corbett]] - STAC 5/C34/33 see [[STAC Crowther]] - STAC 5/C36/9 see [[STAC Cleverley]] - STAC 5/C36/10 see [[STAC Catlyn]] - STAC 5/C38/26 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C39/24 see [[STAC Corrington]] - STAC 5/C40/13 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C44/26 see [[STAC Challons]] - STAC 5/C44/31 see [[STAC Chepman]] - STAC 5/C44/39 see [[STAC Comynes]] - STAC 5/C55/27 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C57/9 see [[STAC Corbett]] - STAC 5/C57/30 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C59/25 see [[STAC Chamond]] - STAC 5/C60/9 see [[STAC Crompton]] - STAC 5/C60/21 see [[STAC Coney]]  - STAC 5/C61/11 see [[STAC Crabbe]] - STAC 5/C61/17 see [[STAC Carswell]] - STAC 5/C62/7 see [[STAC Charlton]] - STAC 5/C63/5 see [[STAC Chubb]] - STAC 5/C79/1 see [[STAC Couchill]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D1/39 see [[STAC Dudley]] - STAC 5/D3/20 see [[STAC Dodson]] - STAC 5/D3/21 see [[STAC Drake]] - STAC 5/D3/22 see [[STAC Dighte]] - STAC 5/D13/24 see [[STAC Darcy]] - STAC 5/D13/25 see [[STAC Dacre]] - STAC 5/D13/32 see [[STAC Dacre]] - STAC 5/D16/31 see [[STAC Daston]] - STAC 5/D17/29 see [[STAC Drake]] - STAC 5/D19/22 see [[STAC Doddington]] - STAC 5/D20/9 -see [[STAC Deacon]] - STAC 5/D24/3 see [[STAC Dennys]] - STAC 5/D26/26 see [[STAC Davidge]] - STAC 5/D29/6 see [[STAC Dacre]] - STAC 5/D34/13 - B - 21 Eliz - Edward Davis, John Davis, John Ashfield v John Stubbes et uxor, Thomas Woodcock et al see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D34/14 see [[STAC Deacon]] - STAC 5/D34/19 see [[STAC Dacre]] - STAC 5/D36/22 see [[STAC Darrell]] - STAC 5/D38/50 see [[STAC Dewe]] - STAC 5/D41/29 see [[STAC Digges]] -
*STAC 5/E2/1 see [[STAC English]] - STAC 5/E2/2 see [[STAC Eden]] - STAC 5/E7/17 see [[STAC Edgecock]] - STAC 5/E12/37 see [[STAC Edgecombe]] - STAC 5/E16/34 see [[STAC Everton]]
*STAC 5/F1/40 - [[STAC Fludd]] - STAC 5/F2/39 see [[STAC Fromond]] - STAC 5/F2/40 see [[STAC Fishe]] - STAC 5/F3/1 see [[STAC Friend]] - STAC 5/F3/2 - [[STAC Fowler]] - STAC 5/F11/29 - [[STAC Fallows]] - STAC 5/F16/7 - [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F16/20 - [[STAC Farthing]] - STAC 5/F19/33 - [[STAC Farnam]] - STAC 5/F20/17 - [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F22/19 - [[STAC Fitch]] - STAC 5/F23/8 - [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F25/25 - [[STAC Fowke]] - STAC 5/F27/35 - [[STAC Flyer]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G9/18 see [[STAC Goodrick]] - STAC 5/G13/32 see [[STAC Gifford]] - STAC 5/G14/26 see [[STAC Gadbury]] - STAC 5/G20/19 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G20/20 see [[STAC Gent]] - STAC 5/G23/6 see [[STAC Gillam]] - STAC 5/G23/31 see [[STAC Gibbs]] - STAC 5/G25/18 see [[STAC Gibbons]] - STAC 5/G34/32 see [[STAC Giles]] - STAC 5/G40/1 see [[STAC Gibbs]] - STAC 5/G43/7 see [[STAC Giles]] - STAC 5/G43/17 see [[STAC Gooch]] - STAC 5/G43/39 see [[STAC Gittins]]
*STAC 5/H1/32 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H2/18 see [[STAC Hurlestone]] - STAC 5/H5/4 see [[STAC Horden]] - STAC 5/H5/18 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H6/34 see [[STAC Honor]] - STAC 5/H6/35 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H6/36 see [[STAC Hopkins]] - STAC 5/H6/37 see [[STAC Hillyard]] - STAC 5/H6/38 see [[STAC Hawthorn]] - STAC 5/H16/6 see [[STAC Hardy]] - STAC 5/H18/38 see [[STAC Hayward]] - STAC 5/H22/12 see [[STAC Huckmore]] - STAC 5/H28/23 see [[STAC Handford]] - STAC 5/H33/32 see [[STAC Hollworthy]] - STAC 5/H40/14 see [[STAC Hunt]] - STAC 5/H40/27 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H34/15 see [[STAC Hoo]] - STAC 5/H41/15 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H42/15 see [[STAC Harcourt]] - STAC 5/H44/15 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H51/19 see [[STAC Harmon]] - STAC 5/H51/20 see [[STAC Hanbury]] - STAC 5/H53/5 see [[STAC Hipkiss]] - STAC 5/H53/18 see [[STAC Heath]] - STAC 5/H53/20 see [[STAC Hoskins]] - STAC 5/H59/3 see [[STAC Hitchins]] - STAC 5/H60/18 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H62/24 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H62/40 see [[STAC Hutchinson]] - STAC 5/H66/39 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H70/14 see [[STAC Holland]] - STAC 5/H77/32 see [[STAC Hulmes]] - STAC 5/H79/12 see [[STAC Hawthorn]] - STAC 5/H80/26 see [[STAC Hastings]] - STAC 5/H80/36 see [[STAC Hinde]] - STAC 5/A19/16 see [[STAC Holliday]]
*STAC 5/J14/9 see [[STAC Jermey]] - STAC 5/J2/24 see [[STAC James]] - STAC 5/J7/3 see [[STAC Johnson]] - STAC 5/J15/13 - STAC 5/J16/9 see [[STAC Jones]] - STAC 5/J2/18 see [[STAC Welsh names IJ]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M41/22 see [[STAC Morgan]] - STAC 5/M44/10 see [[STAC Meere]] - STAC 5/M46/23 see [[STAC Mortimer]] - STAC 5/M50/24 see [[STAC Moody]] - STAC 5/M51/8 see [[STAC Marmyon]] - STAC 5/M59/25 see [[STAC Mucklowe]] - STAC 5/M55/38 see [[STAC Morris]] - STAC 5/M52/39 see [[STAC Mounteagle]] - STAC 5/M53/25 see [[STAC Matthew]] - STAC 5/M21/5 see [[STAC Russia Company]] - STAC 5/M24/27 see [[STAC Masters]] - STAC 5/M25/29 see [[STAC Mann]] - STAC 5/M3/10 see [[STAC Morton]] - STAC 5/M4/32 see [[STAC Mortford]] - STAC 5/M17/29 see [[STAC Mallory]] - STAC 5/M17/17 see [[STAC Moore]] - STAC 5/M18/15 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/M17/23 see [[STAC May]] - STAC 5/M4/31 - STAC 5/M28/14 see [[STAC Mackworth]] - STAC 5/M18/27 - STAC 5/M58/22 see [[STAC Monson]] - STAC 5/M17/28 - STAC 5/M47/23 - STAC 5/M11/2 - see [[STAC Martin]]
''' O '''
*STAC 5/O1/28 see [[STAC Orme]] - STAC 5/O5/16 see [[STAC Ogden]] - STAC 5/O6/36 see [[STAC Okeover]] - STAC 5/O7/14 see [[STAC Onslowe]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/A4/26 see [[STAC Robinson]]
*STAC 5/S85/29 - STAC 5/S24/13 see [[STAC Smith, J]] - STAC 5/S29/5 see [[STAC Smith, F-H]] - STAC 5/S73/4 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S24/2 - STAC 5/S2/30 see [[STAC Stephens]] - STAC 5/S1/7 see [[STAC Stitch]] - STAC 5/S3/8 see [[STAC Slegge]] - STAC 5/S55/32 - STAC 5/S3/21 see [[STAC Somaster]] - STAC 5/S4/25 see [[STAC Style]] - STAC 5/S5/31 see [[STAC Savage]] - STAC 5/S5/34 see [[STAC Scott]] - STAC 5/S5/35 see [[STAC Symonds]] - STAC 5/S5/36 see [[STAC Sloper]] - STAC 5/S85/40 - STAC 5/S6/13 see [[STAC Saunders]] - STAC 5/S6/29 see [[STAC Sadler]] - STAC 5/S16/4 see [[STAC Sapcott]] - STAC 5/S66/37 - STAC 5/S20/40 see [[STAC St John]] - STAC 5/S21/26 see [[STAC Scudamore]] - STAC 5/S22/3 see [[STAC Stacey]] - STAC 5/S31/1 see [[STAC Skrymsher]] - STAC 5/S38/2 see [[STAC Sydbothom]] - STAC 5/S39/12 see [[STAC Spencer]] - STAC 5/S39/28 see [[STAC Southcot]] - STAC 5/S76/28 - STAC 5/S48/16 see [[STAC Stafford]] - STAC 5/S51/22 see [[STAC Strelley]] - STAC 5/S55/23 see [[STAC Stumpe]] - STAC 5/S59/14 see [[STAC Studhawe]] - STAC 5/S77/21 STAC 5/S61/6 see [[STAC Shelley]] - STAC 5/S65/34 see [[STAC Stuckeley]] - STAC 5/S72/27 see [[STAC Stone]] - STAC 5/S72/29 see [[STAC Stanley]] - STAC 5/S74/8 see [[STAC Sprint]] - STAC 5/S78/11 see [[STAC Stubbes]] -
*STAC 5/T1/16 see [[STAC Thornhagh]] - STAC 5/T1/35 see [[STAC Trewynnard]] - STAC 5/T3/28 see [[STAC Tailboys]] - STAC 5/T3/30 see [[STAC Townley]] - STAC 5/T12/12 see [[STAC Thomas]] - STAC 5/T15/40 see [[STAC Tunbridge]] - STAC 5/T20/39 see [[STAC Tidmarsh]] - STAC 5/T23/7 see [[STAC Tooker]] - STAC 5/T25/31 see [[STAC Thornton]] - STAC 5/T27/31 see [[STAC Tremayne]] - STAC 5/T27/19 see [[STAC Tristram]] - STAC 5/T26/1 see [[STAC Tankard]] - STAC 5/T32/15 see [[STAC Tenant]] - STAC 5/T38/19 see [[STAC Tunstall]] - STAC 5/T38/35 see [[STAC Try]] - STAC 5/T33/27 see [[STAC Throckmorton]] - STAC 5/T36/39 - STAC 5/T22/19 see [[STAC Timperley]] - STAC 5/T3/33 - STAC 5/T13/9 see [[STAC Talbot]] - STAC 5/T21/14 - STAC 5/T2/17 see [[STAC Trewola]] - STAC 5/T3/29 - STAC 5/T22/40 - STAC 5/T3/32 see [[STAC Taylor]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W2/35 see [[STAC Wotton]] - STAC 5/W4/11 see [[STAC Withes]] - STAC 5/W42/13 see [[STAC Wynne]] - STAC 5/W21/21 see [[STAC Wollaston]] - STAC 5/W21/22 see [[STAC Watson]] - STAC 5/W21/23 see [[STAC Watershall]] - STAC 5/W24/31 see [[STAC Wilkins]] - STAC 5/W22/39 see [[STAC Wolverston]] - STAC 5/W29/8 see [[STAC Wallop]] - STAC 5/W31/25 see [[STAC Wood]] - STAC 5/W31/30 see [[STAC Watkin]] - STAC 5/W33/14 see [[STAC Whistler]] - STAC 5/W33/16 see [[STAC Wasse]] - STAC 5/W33/33 see [[STAC Waller]] - STAC 5/W21/39 see [[STAC Welsh names W]] - STAC 5/W46/17 see [[STAC Warnecombe]] - STAC 5/W46/28 see [[STAC Weare]] - STAC 5/W52/27 see [[STAC Wotton]] - STAC 5/W55/26 see [[STAC Wilkinson]] - STAC 5/W59/37 see [[STAC Whitby]] - STAC 5/W66/20 see [[STAC Worral]] - STAC 5/W70/27 see [[STAC Welsh]] - STAC 5/W71/39 see [[STAC Worseley]] - STAC 5/W73/40 see [[STAC Ward]] - STAC 5/W78/38 see [[STAC Wynnacott]] - STAC 5/W79/18 see [[STAC Walker]] - STAC 5/W82/20 see [[STAC Wyatt]] - STAC 5/W82/32 see [[STAC Wolton]] - STAC 5/W36/31 see [[STAC Walton]] - STAC 5/W75/21 - STAC 5/W5/30 see [[STAC Whitney]] - STAC 5/W79/5 - STAC 5/W39/27 see [[STAC Williams]] - STAC 5/W78/21 - STAC 5/W57/1 see [[STAC Willett]] - STAC 5/W21/8 - STAC 5/W6/4 see [[STAC Woodhouse]] - STAC 5/W30/1 - STAC 5/W45/14 see [[STAC Wright]] - STAC 5/W22/8 - STAC 5/W36/23 see [[STAC Wilson]] - STAC 5/W28/1 - STAC 5/W64/9 - STAC 5/W66/13 see [[STAC Winchester]] - STAC 5/W61/24 - STAC 5/W20/37 - STAC 5/W36/35 see [[STAC Winter]]
*STAC 5/A21/10 see [[STAC Walcott]]
*STAC 5/Y1/8 see [[STAC Yaxley]] - STAC 5/Y2/39 - see [[STAC Young]] - STAC 5/Y3/19 see [[STAC Yelverton]]
''' Welsh names '''
*STAC 5/E16/9 see [[STAC Welsh names E]] - STAC 5/G33/33 - STAC 5/G41/6 see [[STAC Welsh names G]]

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