STAC 5/W6/9

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STAC 5/W6/9 - B A - Trin 26 Eliz - Shropshire - Thomas Whorwood v Humphrey Longmore, Henry Longmore, William Howell, Symon Pope Jr et al see STAC co Shropshire

Bill Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

Humble complaining sheweth to your most excellent majesty your true faithfull and obedient subject Thomas Whorwood of Compton in the County of Stafford esquire That where your said subject being lawfully seized in his demesne as of fee or fee tail of and in a certain parcel of ground called Lenmore in the parish of Alveley within the county of Shropshire and so seized at and upon the special request of one John Longmore yeoman did about [blank] years now last past demise the said parcell of ground to three of the sons of the said John viz to Thomas Humphrey and Henry Longmore as your said subject now remembreth to have and hold the said Parcel of ground to the said three persons for and during their natural lives and the life of the longest liver of them as by the indentures of demise thereof more plainly doth and may appear, By virtue of which demise being (as you're said subject verily thinketh) but taken in the names of the said sons of the said John to the use of him the said John, or for that the said sons shortly after the said demise did lawfully grant over the estates in the said demise lands to the said John Longmore, he the said John Longmore presently after the said demise did enter into the said demised lands, and as the proper owner thereof to all his neighbours opinions hath had taken and received the profits thereof, untill now of late about the beginning of March last past that your said subject being likewise given to understand by the said John Longmore himself that the estate of his said three sons in and to the premises was lawfully come to him, had diverse speeches and communications with the said John for the procuring from him the said John to your said subject the said estate where in and in consideration of a certain sum of money then to be paid by your said subject to the said John Longmore, and whereof rart is sithence paid or hath been tendred to be paid to the said John, he the said John not only then promised your said subject to procure from the said three sons to your said subject such assurance for the premises as he or his Learned Counsel should reasonably devise and require, But further he the said John having the quiet possession of te said demised lands then did not only put all his cattle out of the same, But further in or about the 25th day of the said month of March did deliver to your said subject quiet and peaceable possession theirin. By Force wear off your side subject was of the premises quietly seized accordingly, Howbeit, So it is if it may please your most excellent majesty, That one Thomas Longemore Humfrey Longemore Henry Longemore William Howell Simon Pope the younger Richard Hackett Humfrey Wistons and Elizabeth Longemore being accompanied with diverse other lewd and evil disposed persons and being all armed with swords daggers long staves bills pikes and other weapons without all fear of God regard of the duties to your majesty or fear of your laws and statutes in or about the 26th day of March last past did, in most forcible riotous and unlawfull manor enter into the said parcel of ground called Lenmore upon the quiet possession of your sad subject, Where not only they the said riotous persons forcibly and riotously did [ word ] chase and drive out of the said parcel of ground the beasts and cattle of your said subject then depasturing there, but further most desperately intending either to wound or slay divers your subject servants by then in their necessary business about fencing and repairing the said ground, Did also in and upon the said 26th day of March or thereabouts in most lewd riotous fearful and forcible manner there assault beat and wound your said subjects servants, So as diverse of them were and continued by many days after in great danger of their lives, which forcible riotous and unlawful misdemeanour sithence they are offences not any wise to be permitted by your majestys peaceable government directly against your laws and statutes and fit so to be punished as may justly terrify others from attempting the like. Hit may therefore please your most excellent majesty to grantto your said subject your majestys gracious several writs of Subppoena to be directed to the said Thomas Longemore Humfrey Longemore Henry Longemore William Howell Symon Pope the younger Richard Hackette Humfrey Wistons and Elizabeth Longemore commanding them and every of them thereby at a certain day and under a certain pain therein to be prefixed and appointed personally to appear before your majesty in your highness Court of Star Chamber to an answer answer the premisses, And further to stand to and obey such order and direction therein as to your majesty shall be though to stand with right and equity, And your said subject shall daily pray unto God for your majestys most happy reign over us long to endure.