STAC 5/W53/24r

From Waalt
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 44r.

Damages. A misdemeanor in Skinner and Catcher in causing Mrs Nevell to be whipped unjustly. Attorney Rex; John Skynner, John Catcher, sheriffs of London, and John Warfeild, treasurer of Bridewell, for apprehending and committing to Bridewell Mrs Nevell and Mrs Newman without cause and for causing them to be stripped naked to the girdlestead [=waist] and to be whipped there as lewd women most unjustly and of malice for which offence they were committed for 6 months and Skinner 1000 marks fine, Catcher £500 and Warfeild £50 and to ask forgiveness and to pay the gent[lewomen] £600 for recompense and yet they no parties to the suit, whereof they prayed by petition to be discharged because they were not parties which was referred to Mr Attorney but by another order they were ordered to remain in prison until they had paid the same and Catcher’s £500 abated to 200 marks which he paid.

Michaelmas 31 Elizabeth, Hillary 31 Elizabeth