STAC 5/S37/22

From Waalt

Court of Star Chamber:

Christofer Selbye of the City of London v Robert Lisle of Felton, Northumberland, John Milles, Wm Creswell, Humphrey Milles, Humphrey Greene, Robert Felton, Raffe Carre, Cuthbert Carnaby junr

Transcript: Dave King

Bill of complaint:

dated on reverse: .... xix Nove[m]b[e]r Ao xxxiij Elizabeth Rgne Att .. oct [?hil..?] [?px?] Willm Mill

To the Queens most excellent Ma[jesty]/

In most humble manner Complayneinge shewethe unto, and informethe your highnes, your ma[jesties] most faythefull and obedient Subiectt [Christ]ofer Selbye of the Cytye of London gentleman; That wheareas your saide Subiectt, was lawefullie possessed for divers yeares yet indureinge by vertue of a leasse to hym heretofore made, by one Cuthebert Carnabye, and Margerye hys wieff of, and in one mesuage, or dwelleinge howse, scituat, sett, lieinge and beinge in Farneham in the Conntye of Northumberlande; And wheareas your sayde Subiectt aboute twoo years last paste, did place in the saide mesuage, or dwellinge howse one Wm Hangatshawe hys wieff, Children, and familie, to use, and occupie the same under your saide Subiectt, as your saide Subiectts s[er]vant and undertenant at will, wherein he the sayde Hangatshawe hys wieff, poore Children, and familie, togeather w[i]th all suche goods, and Cattailles, as the same Hangatshawe, had to relieve him self, and his saide famylye w[i]thall, did for the space of one yeare, or thereabouts, quiettlie rest, and continue; But nowe so it is yf it maye please your most excellent Ma[jes]tie that one Robert Lysle of Felton in the saide Conntie of Northumberland Esquier, John Milles, Wm Creswell, Humphrey Milles, Humphrey Greene, Robert Filton Raffe Carre Cutberte Carnaby jun and divers others Disordered and unruelie p[er]sons, as yet unto youre said Subiectt unknowne; All or the most partte of them, beinge Armed , and arayed w[i]th longe speares, Javelings, Lannces, swords, Pistolls, and other unlawefull weapons aswell invasive, as defensive, did in or aboute the feast of Easter last paste in most Riotous, Rowtous, forcible and unlawefull manner, w[i]th theire saide weapons, and Armor, come, and repaire to the saide dwellinge howse, wherein the wieff of the saide Hangatshawe in the absence of her husband, togeather w[i]th her poore Children, famylie, and goods, then weare, quiettlie dwelleinge, abidinge, and remayneinge; And the saide Robert Lisle, John Milles, Wm Creswell, Humphrey Mylles, Humphrey Greene and the rest of the sayde Riotors, beinge then, and theyre, riotouslye, and in warlike manner assembled as aforesayde, dyd then, and there the same tyme, most Riotouslie, and forciblelye, w[i]th theire sayde unlawefull weapons, Assault batter, race, deface, and cleane pull downe to the grounde, bothe the rooffe, and walles of the saide dwellinge howse, or the most p[ar]tte thereof, over, and uppon the heads of the wieff, and familie of the sayde Hangatshawe, w[i]th the fall wherof the sayde Hangatshawes wieff, and diverse others of theire poore Children, and familie, w[hi]ch then weare abideinge w[i]thin the saide howse, weare then so cruellie, and danngerouslye hurtt, and wounded, that manie of them laye languisheinge, for a longe Time after in great p[er]ill of lieff, After w[hi]ch saide barbarous, and outragius crueltie, thus Committed, the saide Robert Lysle, and the rest of the saide ryotors p[er]sev[er]inge still in theire saide riotous bahavioure, Did then and there bothe spoille, waste, and Carrie awaie w[i]th them, all or the greatest p[ar]tte of the poore Wealthe, goods, and Chattells w[hi]ch the saide Hangatshawe then, and there, had, w[i]thin the saide howse, to mainteigne, and relieve him his saide wieff and poore Children w[i]thall, by reason whereof the saide Hangatshawe, and his saide familie, have bene dryven ever sythence, to wander, upp, and downe the Conntrie most pitiefullie, begginge, and Cravinge, the Charitie, and benevolence of well disposed people, having nowe left him neither howse to harboroughe them in, nor yet wealthe, or substannce, uther waise to relieve them w[i]thall, w[hi]ch saide riotts, unlawefull assemblinge people togeather, Carrieinge and beareinge of unlawefull weapons, defaceing raceinge, and pulleinge downe of a dwelleinge howse, over the heads of your Ma[jesties] quiett, and good Subiectts, and spoyelinge of theire goods and Chattells p[ro]vided to feede, and relieve them w[i]thall be contrarie to your Ma[jesties] most godlie, good, and whollesome lawes, and Statutes in that behalff made, and p[ro]vyded, In tender consideracon whereof, and to thend that the sayde riotors maie have, and receave punyshem[en]t for theyre offences accordinge to the greatnes of the same, that others by thexamplee thereof maye heareafter be terrified, from Commyttinge the like outrages; Maye yt thearfore please youre most excellent Ma[jestie] to grannt unto your saide Subiectt your Ma[jesties] most gracous writt of Subpena, to be directed to the saide Robert Lisle, John Milles, Wm Creswell, Humphrey Milles, and Humphrey Greene Robert Felton Raffe Carre Cutbt Carnaby junr comanndinge them and ev[er]ie of them, thereby att a c[er]taine daie, and under a certaine payne to be, and p[er]sonallie to appeare before your highnes, and Conncell in your Ma[jesties] most honorable Court of Starr Chamber then, and there, to ans[wer] the premisses to a bide suche order, as shalbe thought meete for suche, and w[hi]ch shall stande w[i]th right, and equitie; And your said Subiectt shall dailie praye, for your highnes in health and prosperitie longe to raigne over us./

... Harries

.. the 3 interlined names were put into this bill 30 ...mber 1590