STAC 5/R26/11r

From Waalt

Case Book BL Harley 2143 f.10v

Robinson plt vrs Pinchback for Forgerie and other misdemeanor, which was revyved by Mr Atturney by specyall Order who in a Bill of Reviver incerted other offences then such as were in the first Bill the which att the hearing the Court would not medle with for that they were pardoned.

Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 41r.

Forgery in publishing a deed sealed but never delivered. Robinson, plaintiff; Pinchback: forgery and the court at the hearing of the cause doubted whether the publishing of a deed being sealed by John Marsh but never by him delivered as his deed were or might be forgery punishable within the statute which was referred to the Lord Chief Justice to consider but the court next day after adjudged the deed to be of no credit or validity for that it was proved the same was never delivered but the defendant discharged of punishment by the pardon.

Michaelmas 31 Elizabeth