STAC 5/N1/5

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STAC 5/N1/5 - B A - 21 Eliz - Northamptonshire - Simon Norwich v Henry Norwich, Nicholas Clement see STAC Norwich

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

Most humbly complaining showeth unto your highness your daily Orator and faithful subject Symon Norwich of Brampton in the County [of] Northampton esquire, That where one Henry Norwich of Corbye within the said County of Northampton gentleman hath a good while sithence exhibited [a] Bill of Complaint this honourable court against one Edward Norwich this complainant and divers others, and therein amongst other things had exhibited that the said Edwarde and certain others named in the said Bill of Complaint, had by this complaint made and procured certain libel and Railing Rhymes of him the said Henrie as in his said Bill with may other matters therein contained more at large is set forth Whereunto this complainant appeared and answered and condescended to commission which was directed to John Osborne, Thomas Morgan and John Pickering, John Fosbroocke esquires or to 3 or any 2 of them, And this said Henrye not having as it seemed matter sufficient with this to make up his malice, and therefore desirous to seek for more then he knew was true, about Michaelmas last passed the said Henrie [brake] with one Nycholas Clement his servant that over and above that which the said Nycholas was contented to say against this complainant [ . . he should . . . . this complainant] of the tearing and cancelling of certain writing belonging to the said Henrie, as also that one Edward Norwich brother to this complainant had stolen a horse, which thing when the said Nycholas refused to do because it was utterly false and untrue he the said Henry did not only threaten the said Nycholas with hard and grievous words and did strike him with his dagger and thrust at him with a piked stake, But also to bring his matter the better to pass set the said Nicholas in the stocks at Corbye and kept him in a chamber in his own house with a lock on his foot as a prisoner and would not suffer him to go at liberty of long time until the said Nicholas satisfied his request, whereupon he the said Henrie Norwiche did after this produce the said Clement before 3 of the said commissioners (who sat by virtue of the same commission) to depose, And amongst other matters unjustly sworn against this complainant and others being defendants named in the said Bill of Complaint, he the said Henrie most corruptly then and there procured the said Clement upon his corporal oath taken before the said 3 commissioners to answer unto divers interrogatories ministered unto him by the said 3 commissioners on the part of the said Henry most falsely wilfully and corruptly to depose and swear that your said subject did at a time named in the said deposition tear and cancel certain writing appertaining unto the said Henry, or words to the like effect, And also untruly and slanderously to confess there the said Edward Norwich to have stolen a horse, which corrupt and untrue depositions as there were altogether false and untrue as well in word as in matter, so the said Nycholas Clement then and there by the unlawful procurement and subornation of the said Henrie, whereby the truth might be perverted, did commit most foul and detestable perjury, and herewith the said Henrie not contented did exhibit another Bill into this honourable Court against this complainant accusing him of the cancelling of certain writings whereunto this complainant hath answered, But so it is if it may please your highness that the said Nycholas sithence that time being pricked in his conscience with this detestable fault hath revealed and confessed the same, acknowledging and confessing that he hath most falsely and perjuriously accused your said subject, And that he did the same only by the means and procurement of the said Henrye Norwich who enforced him thereunto. And offereth himself unto any punishment for his great offence, whereupon may it please your highness the premisses considered, and for that such perjuries and procurements of perjuries be against the statute in the 5th year of your highness reign provided, and also is a great offence to almighty god, and an evil and perilous example to all lewd ad evil disposed persons and a dangerous thing in the commonwealth to be suffered, to grant unto your said subject your highness most gracious writ of Subpoena to be directed unto the said Henrie Norwich and Nycholas Clement commanding them and either of them thereby at a certain day and under a certain pain therein to be limited personally to appear before your highness council in this honourable Court of Starchamber and further to abide such order and direction herein as to your same honourable Court shall seem meet and convenient and your said subject shall daily pray for your majesty long to reign over us.