STAC 5/E10/33

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STAC 5/E10/33 - B - 44 Eliz - Lincolnshire - Thomas Ellis v Thomas Shipman, Francis Brookesby et al see STAC co Lincoln

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majesty

In the most humblewise sheweth and complaineth unto your highness your faithful loyal and obedient subject Thomas Ellis of Wiham [Wyham] in the county of Lincoln esq. That whereas you're said orator having a daughter called Judith did send her the said Judith to Little Ponton in the said County of Lincoln to one of sisters there married to Francis Ascough esquire to remain there for a time to be brought up with her said sister. So it is if it may please your highness that upon the first day of September last past, one Thomas Shipman of Flintham in the County of Nottingham yeoman, Francis Brookesby of Whatton in the said county of Nottingham gentleman, Nicholas Bulby of Scarrington in the county of Nottingham yeoman, James Gelstrope of Shelford in the county of Nottingham yeoman, with diverse other riotous and evil disposed persons being weaponed with rapiers daggers swords and other weapons as well offensive as defensive companied with divers others to the number of ten as yet unknown to your said subject, on the said first day of September last past did forcibly with force and arms come to the house of the said Francis Ascough in Little Panton aforesaid and then and there in riotous and forcible manner did contrary to her will take away the said Judith out of the house of the said Francis Ascoughe, and carried her to Stonesby in the county of Leicester four miles distant from Little Panton aforesaid, to the church there being a peculiar, and of the common people called a lawless church, and there in the said church at an unlawful time of the day caused and procured with force and in forcible manner, and with threatening and cruel words enforced and compelled one Anthony Hoskins, the vicar of Stonesby, to marry the said Thomas Shipman and Judith together against the good will of him the said Hoskins, being unwilling thereunto and against the goodwill of her parents and contrary to the laws of God and contrary to her majesty’s laws in such cases made and to the perilous example of her majesty’s most loving subjects, In tender consideration whereof and for that the said riots and unlawful misdemeanours tend not only to the evil and perilous example of all others, and encouragement of other lewd and evil disposed persons to commit the like offences, if condign punishment be not therein provided by your highness but also to the utter derogation of your highness laws regal crown and dignity, and to the intent the said disordered persons may receive condign punishment according to their merits and defaults, May it please your most excellent majesty to grant to your said subject your highness most gracious writ of Subpoena to be directed to the said Thomas Shipman, Francis Brookesby, Nicholas Bulbie and James Gelstrope, commanding them and every of them thereby at a certain day and under a certain pain, therein to be limited and appointed, to be and personally appear before your highness and your most honourable council in your majesty’s most honourable Court of Starchamber at Westminster, then and there to answer the premises, And further to stand to and abide such order and direction, as to your highness and your most honourable Council shall seem to stand with equity and justice, And your subject according to his bounden duty shall daily pray for the long preservation of your highness most gracious and prosperous government over us long to continue.