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Bill of Complt dated on reverse: Undecimo Novembris Anno xxxvij Elizabeth Re Willm Mill

To the Queenes most excellent Ma[jes]tie

Most humblye Compleyninge shewethe unto your most excellent Ma[jes]tie, your Ma[jesty's] most true faithfull & obedient Subiect Willm Blaixton Esquire executor of the last will & testam[en]t of John Blaixton Esquire deceased that whereas one Henrye Blaixton one of the yonger sonnes of the said John Blaixton deceased & brother to your said sub[i]ecte did by deed Indented maid ... the xviijth yeare of your Ma[jesty's] happie Reigne become and put himselfe an apprintice to George Dent of the towne of Newcastle upon Tyne Merchant for the tearme of tenne yeares next after the dait of the said deed Indented, In w[hi]ch said deed Indented their were Conteyned div[er]s and sundrye covenantes duringe the said tearme to bee p[er]formed aswell by the said Henrye towchinge his apprinishippe as also by the said George Dent as his M[aste]r And whereas also the said John Blaixton & others did become joyntlie & sev[er]allie bounde to the said George Dent in the some of 300li upon condicon in these or like wordes in effect That yf the w[i]thin bounden Henry Blaixton doe well and trulie observe p[er]forme fullfill & kepe all and singuler Covenantes granntes p[ro]misses articles and agreem[en]ts whatsoever w[hi]ch on the p[ar]tie & behalfe of the said Henrye Blaixton ar to be observed p[er]formed fullfilled & keept comprised specyfied and declared in one paire of Indentures of apprintishippe beareinge dait the daie of the dait of the saide obligacon and maid betwene the said Henrye Blaixton on thone p[ar]tie and the w[i]thin named George Dent on thother p[ar]tie accordinge to the true tenor effect & true meaninge of the same Indentures of apprintishippe that then the said obligacon to be void & of none effect or els to stand remaine & bee in full strength and vertue, By vertue of and accordinge to w[hi]ch said deed Indented the said Henrie Blaixton did well and truelie & suffecientlie serve the said George Dent as his apprintice duringe all the said tearme of tenne yeares accordinge to the true meaninge of the said deed Indented & well trulie & faithfullie did observe p[er]forme fullfill and kepe all the Covenantes in the said deed Indented to have bene by him p[er]formed and therupon at thend of the sayd tearme the said George Dent did at thend of the said tearme Cause him the said Henrie Blaixton to bee maid free of the said Companie of M[er]chantes & he the saide George Dent John Carr & Raphe Cock m[er]chantes of the said towne did at the desire of the said George Dent by ther deed in wrytinge under their hands and seales certefye to the Maior Governors & assistantes of the fellowshipp of Merchant adventurers of the Realme of Englande in Midlebrouge that the said Henrye had accordinge to his Indenture of Apprintishippe fullie trulie & justlie s[er]ved the saide George Dent his maister as A true just & faithfull apprintice duringe all the said tearme, by force wherof the said Henrye Blaixton was maid free of the said companie and therupon the said Indentures of apprintishippe were cancelled and the said George also p[ro]mised to cancell the said bonde or to redeliv[er] the same to bee Cancelled after w[hi]ch the said John Blaixton did make his last will & testament & therby did ordeine and make your said subiecte his executor and dyed by and after whose deathe your said subiect p[ro]ved his said will and administred his goodes & Chattells accordinglie Sithence whose deathe the saide George Dent beinge A man of a verye badd and evile condicon and verye desirous to Inriche himselfe by other mens goodes hath comenced suyte in your Ma[jesty's] Courte of Exchequer in the office of plees therupon the same obligation against your said subiecte to w[hi]ch suyt your saide subiect hath appeared and demanndinge the oyer therof and the condicon therof, yt appearethe to him that the said Dent p[re]tendethe that some of the covenantes in the said deed Indented ar not p[er]formed and for that he your saide subiect had not the saide Indentures or anie p[ar]te of the same to shew or pleade for in truthe the saide Indentures and bothe the p[ar]tes thereof were cancelled after the said tearme of apprintishippe determined as your said subiect nowe ys informed but did not then certeinelie knowe therfore your said subiecte by his Councell learned moved the said Courte that the said George Dent should deliv[er] to your said subiecte his p[ar]te of the said deed Indented to pleade being onelie an executor and noe p[ar]tie to the same deede which beinge grannted and so ordred by the said Courte so yt is if it maye please your highnes that the said George Dent to the Intent to Intitle himselfe to the forfeature & penaltie of the said bonde or obligation hath combined and confederated w[i]th one Robt Dent his sonne & w[i]th John Browne and others to your said subiect yet unknowen and they the said George Dent Robte Dent and John Browne not haveinge the feare of god before their eyes nor anie care or regarde of your Ma[jesty's] lawes about the last daie of September which was in the 36 yeare of her Ma[jesty's] Reigne have wyttinglie willinglie & faulslie agreed falslee to [?devyse?] forge and make and wittinglie and willinglie have ascented to be forged & falselie maid one deed or wrytinge purportinge the same to bee that p[ar]te of the said deede Indented of apprintishippe in the said condicon conteyned which the said Henrye did soe seale and they the saide George Dent Robte Dent and John Browne or some of them by the assent and agreem[en]t of the Residewe have falselie wittinglie & willinglie made the same to be wrytten and ingrossed into p[ar]chment and have therunto subscribed the name of the saide Henrye and fixed and annexed one seale to the same pretendinge the same to be the seale of the said Henrye and to give Credit to the same have indorced on the backe of the same deed the tyme of the sealeinge and delv[er]ye therof and the names of divers honest and substanciall p[er]sons as wytnesses, and p[re]sent at the sealeinge and deliv[er]ye of the same and the same deed so falselie wittinglie and willinglie forged and maid the said George Dent and the same others p[er]sons aforesaide or he by the advise and practise Concent and agreeme[n]t of the Residewe have or hath falselie willinglie wickedlie and ungodlilie published the same the fourth day of february last in your Ma[jesty's] saide Courte of Exchequer and in div[er]s other plaices and at .... tymes sithence as a true deede and by shewinge thereof hath labored to recov[er] against your said suppliant in the same accon Comenced upon the same bonde the said some of 300li wheras in truthe bothe p[ar]tes of the same Indentures were by the meanes p[ri]vitie and consent of the said George Dent and upon just cause when the same Henrye Blaixton was made free as aforesaid cancelled as your said subiect hopethe to make verye plaine & manifest w[hi]ch said forgerye Combinacons conspiracies practises and publicacons of the same false and forged deed ar not onelie Contrarye to your Ma[jesty's] good and wholesome Lawes p[ro]vided against suche like offences and in contempte thereof and of your Crowne & dignitye but alsoe arr and bee to the great losse damage and hindrance and to the utter impoverishment and undoinge of your said suppliant and to the dangerous and evil example of other evile disposed p[er]sons if condigne punishement bee not herein shewed and extended In tender consideracon whereof and to the intent that the saide malefactors maye receive condigne punishment accordinge to your Ma[jesty's] Lawes and to their demerites to the good example of suche like evile disposed p[er]sons yt maye please your Ma[jestie] to grant your Ma[jesty's] gratious proces of Subpena to be directed to the said George Dent Robte Dent and John Browne therby commanndinge them and ev[er]ye of them at a certeine daie and under a certeine paine [ther]in to be lymited to be and p[er]sonallie appeare before your Ma[jestie] in your Ma[jesty's] heighe Courte of Starr Chamber then and their to Answere the p[re]mysses and alsoe to be [exa]mined of such Interrogatoryes as on the p[ar]te and behalfe of your highnes shalbe ministred unto them and your said Subiecte shall dailie praye for your Ma[jesty's] most [gra]tious and prosperous Reigne longe to Contynewe

The annswere of George Dent one of the defendts toe ye bill of [Complaint] of Willm Blaxton esquire Complte/

The saide defendt saiethe, that ye saide bill of Complt againste hym and others exhibited in this honorable Courte ys verey uncertaine & insuffic[ient] in the lawe too bee annswered untoe for sundree manifeste imp[er]fectons & insuffic[ient] therin ....oparante, as this defendt ys informed by his Consell// And that the moste materiall and effectuall matters, and things theirin Cotainede, w[hi]che doe touche or Concerne this defendt, or other the saide defendts therein named or any of them are uniuste untrewe, and verey scandelous, and devysed, sett fourthe and alledgede by the saide Complt of [?Caucrede?] malice, espetially against this defendt, Cheifly uppon intent & purpose toe putt hym toe greate & excessyve Costes Chardges and expenseis in the lawe, thinckinge theirby and other his moste snamfull, and scandelous untruthes in this saide bill s[ur]mysed againste this defendt, not onely toe bringe his good name in question butt allsoe toe inforce hym this defendt toe [?departe?] w[i]the his good, rightfull, and lawfull debt untoe hym due by the saide bond or obligacon in the bill of Complt mentioned, And even toe weary hym in his saide suite, noew dependynge againste the saide Complt touchinge the same, And by suche senister meanes and untruthes toe [?drifte?] hym of, and delay the tryall thereof att the Common lawe, and soe tavoyde this defendt of his righte, as hee heartoefore sundree tymes moste unco[n]scianably hath hath sought the same, raither then uppon any good Cause, Coul[o]r or grounde of matter soe toe doe, And the more better toe effect his malicious p[u]rpose therin, hee hathe exhibited his saide bill of Complt againste Robrt dent (in the bill named toe bee one of the defendts) hee beyinge one of the witness aswell of the sealynge and delyvery of the saide deede Indented (wheareby hee the saide Henry Blaxton in the said bill allsoe named, did become, and putt hym selffe as an apprentice toe this defendt) as of the sealinge and delyvery of the said bond or obligacon for the p[er]formance theireof, toe thintent onely (as ytt seemethe) that hee the saide Robrt shoulde not bee p[ro]duced (when tyme s[er]vethe) as a witnes toe p[ro]ve the same, wheareby the defendt may bee the lesse able toe maike his proufe, the w[hi]che soe toe thincke hee ys the raither induced for that the plt hathe not s[er]ved any p[ro]cesse uppon hym toe annswer the saide bill nor meanethe toe doe (as this defendt thinkethe) allthoughe hee the said Robert bee named one of the principall factors of the [?surmysed?] forgeryes & other the misdemeanors in the saide bill of Complt mentionede/ wheareof this defendt dothe truste this honorable Courte will taike due consider[a]con, And theirefore hee humbly prayethe toe bee dismissed owte of this honorable court, w[i]the his reasonable Costes and Chardges in this behalfe moste wrongfully sustained, nev[er]theless yf this defendt shalbe [com]pellyd toe maike anye other or further answer, toe the saide untrue and insufficient byll, then thadvantaige and benifett of excepcon, toe the incertaintyes and insufficientryes thereof nowe att all tymes heareafter heareafter toe this defendt savede and res[er]ved and not otherwyse, for full answere and plaine declarcon of the truthe touchinge the said materiall & effectuall matters & thinges in the saide bill of Complt contained, w[hi]che doe touche or concerne hym this defendt toe his knowledge, hee sayeth and .....berlance as followethe [?var?] hee the saide defendt saiethe that trewe ytt ys that the saide Henry Blaxton did by deede Indented made aboute the xviijth yere, of her Ma[jesty's] happy Raigne become and putt hymselffe an apprentyce toe this defendt for the terme of tene yeres next after the date of the saide deede Indentede, And that in the saide deed Indented, there were contained dyvers and sundree covenantes ....inge the saide sev... to bee p[er]formed aswell by the saide Henry touchinge his apprentisshippe, as allsoe by this defendt as his Mr And that ytt ys allsoe trewe that hee the said John Blaxton (in the bill named) Fathere of the saide Henry, and others w[i]the hym, that ys toe saye, the saide Henry Blaxton hym selffe, and one Umfray Blaxton esquier, did become Joinctly and severally bounde toe this defendt in the some of CCCli uppon condicon in suche or ... woordes in effecte, as the same in the saide byll of Complt ys alledged and sett fourthe, And this defendt further saiethe that hee the saide Henry Blaxton, soe beynge become his apprentyce as aforesaide, hee this defendt, did use and Imploye hym the saide Henry as his Apprentyce in his affayres of trade of m[er]chantdizes beyonde the sea, often, and sundree tymes, duringe the saide tearme of his apprentisshippe, wherein hee the saide Henry did soe undutifully, and soe unfaithfully demeane himselffe towardes this defendt in his reckonynges, and accomptes, touchinge the same, as that thereby ytt didd plainely appeare, and yet [?dotes?] that hee the said Henrye hadd mispent, vainely wasted, loste, and misordered during his saide apprentisshippe, the goods whaires & other marchandizes, in his chardge beynge of this defendts, toe the value or some of [blank] or more, yete nev[er]theles in respecte, that hee the saide Henry was neere ...ed untoe this defendt, whose wief was his full aunt, & then livinge, And ... the saide John Blaxton his Father then allsoe livinge, beynge full brother toe this defendts saide wiefe, w[i]th whome this defendt was ...ytt in firme and assured frendshippe, And for that hee this defendt then hadd in his Custodye and usinge fiftye poundes toe hym delyv[er]ed by the said John Blaxton, w[i]th the saide Henry his appretyce, w[hi]che of ...te hathe beene repayed untoe ye plt as his executor, but espitally in respect that hee this defendt hadd sufficient [?suertys?] (as hee thought) by the saide bond or obligacon, allwayes toe have his reamedye against [the] saide henry touchinge the same. Theirefore hee this defendt was verey loathe & did forebeare toe detect the saide Henry touchinge his badd dealynges th...ein, w[i]th this defendt or any way to have blemished his m... or credytt by publishinge of the same, And w[hi]ch allsoe hee nowe forebearethe p[ar]ticulerly hea.... toe recyte (hee beynge dep[ar]ted this liefe & nowe w[i]the god) allthoughe the plt by his slanderous bill hathe greatly urdged hym thereuntoe//: soe that by reason of the [?Cawseis?] aforesaide hee this deft did not seeke any advantage toe keepe him the said henry from his freedom (as hee might Justly have done and yete nev[er]theles have .... his reamady uppon the said bond allsoe as hee thinckethe) butt accordinge toe an usuall order amongeste m[er]chant adventurers hee this defendt (att thinstance of the saide Henry) toegeether w[i]the one or twoe m[er]chantes of the saide towne of Newcastlle (as hee nowe remembrethe) did write toe the Gov[er]nors and assistantes of the flowshippe of m[er]chant adventurers of the Realme of England in Mydlebrowghe, that hee ... saide Henry should bee made free, (theffecte wheareof hee dothe not nowe certainelye remember) and w[hi]che hee this defendt was then in ..... inforced toe doe, by an usuall order amongest m[er]chantes toe p[roc]ure the saide Henry his freedome, w[hi]che otherwyse could not have beene obteyned or elles toe have hyndered the same by d....ctynge his misdemeanors, w[hi]che hee would not doe, the .... this defendts kindnes & curteisey t[ow]ards the saide Henry the complts brother, hee the saide complt seekethe toe taike advantage of, as ytt seemethe by his said byll, And tavoyde hym thereby of his debt dewe uppon the sayde bond or obligacon, the w[hi]che yf hee may soe easeily doe, then ys ytt noe [?maistery?] for hym, tavoyde any suite brought against hym by suche scandalous and shamles untruthes against this defendt in the said bill s[ur]mysed, of all w[hi]che hee shall nev[er] bee able (as this defendt trustethe) // iustly toe p[ro]ve any one Joite thereof toe bee trewe// W[i]thowte that that the saide Henry Blaxton beynge made free of the saide Company that [?there?] uppon the saide Indentures of apprentisshippe were cancellyd or that this defendt allsoe p[ro]mysed toe cancell the saide bond, or toe redelyvor the same toe bee cancellyd, as in the sayd bill of Complt verey untrewly ys alledged, or that this defendt ys a man of suche badd and evill condicon and verey desyrous toe inriche hym selffe by other mens goodes as ytt pleasethe the plt verey slanderouslye in his saide byll toe .... of hym, or that in truthe the saide Indentures and bothe the p[ar]tes thereof were Cancellyd after the saide terme of apprentisshippe determined, as therein lykwyse ys untrewly alledged, or that hee this defendt either then, or att any tyme after p[ro]mysed toe Cancell the same or the saide bond either or delyver the same obligacon toe bee cancellyd in manner & forme as in the saide byll verey untrewly ys supposed, for this defendt sayethe, that hee haveinge susteined suche great losse by the saide Henry as aforesaide, hee was never of that mynde, either toe redelyver or yete toe Cancell the same, or any of them, untyll hee hadd satisfacton made by hym the saide Henry or his saide suretyes for the same, w[hi]che they nor any of them as yete have made, And w[i]thowte that yt the said defendt toe thintent toe intitle hym selffe, toe the forfeyture & penaltye of the saide bond or obligacon, hathe by any Combynacon or confederacye w[i]the the saide Robrt Dent his sonne nor w[i]th the saide John Browne or w[i]th any others aboute the laste day of September, w[hi]che was in the xxxvjth yere of her Ma[jesty's] raigne wittingly, willingly, & falslye agreed, falcely toe devyse, forge, and make or willingly & wittingly have assented toe bee forged, and falcely made one deed or writinge p[ur]portinge the same toe bee that p[ar]te of the saide deed Indented of Apprentisshippe in the saide ...dacon conteyned, w[hi]che the said henry thApprentyce did soe seale, or that they this defendt and the saide Robrt Dent and John Browne or some of them by thassent and agreement of the residewe, have falcely and wittingly made the same to bee written and ingrossed in p[ar]chment or have thereuntoe subscribed the name of the saide Henry and fixed and annexed one seale toe the same, p[re]tendinge the same toe bee the seale of the saide Henry, or soe ...ett toe the same have indorsed on the backe of the saide deed, the tyme of the sealinge, & delivery of the same, as in the saide bill moste untrewly and slanderously ys surmised, soe this defendt sayethe, and will aver & p[ro]ve that the saide deed Indented soe shewed forthe att the tyme aforesaide, ys the verey true deed Indented signed sealed and delyvered by the said Henry Blaxton touchinge his saide apprentisshippe, as toe this honorable Courte hee hopethe shalbee sufficiently p[ro]ved, And w[i]thowte yt that hee the saide defendt, or the saide other p[er]sones, or that hee by the advise, practize and Consent of the Residewe, have or hathe falcely, willingly, wickedly, & ungodly publishede any suche forged deed, the fourth day of february laste in her Ma[jesty's] saide Court of exchequer in dyvers other places & att dyvers tymes sithence as a true deed, & by shewynge therof hathe ...ered toe recover againste the said Complt in the same acton Comensed uppon the same bond the saide some of 300li whereas in truthe, bothe p[ar]tes of the same Indentures were by the meanes, privitie and Consent of the saide defendt, and uppon iuste cause when the saide Henry Blaxton was made free as aforesaid, Cancellyd, in manner & forme as in the sayd byll of Complt moste untrewly ys allsoe alledged, And allsoe w[i]thowte that, yt any other matter or thinge in the saide byll of Complt conteined, w[hi]che dothe in any wyse touche, or concerne hym this defendt, materiall or effectuall in the same toe bee aunswered untoe, and not herein before, sufficiently Confessed and avoyded or otherwyse denyed, and traversed, ys true all w[hi]ch matters this defendt ys and wilbee readye ..ver mainteyne and p[ro]ve as this honorable Court shall awarde, & prayethe as hee before hathe prayed

............... Georgius Dent, Coran nobis Com viz

William Riddell Ro: Dudley Wyllm Hodshon Jarrard Byckhead .... Hedworthe

Interogatories mynistred on the p[ar]te and behalfe of Willm Blaykston Complt to George Dente and Roberte Dente and others defts

Firste whether doe you knowe the plaint and defts or howe manie of them doe you knowe and whether did you knowe John Blaikeston father of the Complt and Henrye Blaikeston deceased or noe.//.

2 Ite[m] whether doe you knowe that the said Henrye Blaikeston did by his deede Indented putte himselfe to be apprentice to the saide George Dente one of the defts and whether was the same by deede Indented or noe

3 Ite[m] whether were you p[re]sente at or previe to the sealinge and deliv[er]ye of the saide deede Indented and what date did the same beare and when was the same deliv[er]ed and howe doe you knowe the same.//

4 Ite[m] whether did the said John Blaikston Humfrey Blaixston and Henry Blaixston become bounden for the said Henry his trewe p[er]formynge of the covenantes conteyned in the said Indenture of apprinteshoode or noe.//.

5 Ite[m] whether were you p[re]sente at or p[ri]vie to the sealinge and deliverye of the said bonde or obligacon and whether did bothe the same beare one date or noe yf not what day and yeare was the saide deed indented dated and what day and yeare was the said obligacon dated and howe do eyou knowe the same./

6 Ite[m] whether did the said Henrye Blaixton well trewlie and faithfullie serve the said George as his apprentice duringe all the said terme by him covenanted to be served, yf not then wherein or in what p[ar]te of service did he faile and what losse or damage had the said George Dente therby.//.

7 Ite[m] whether did you the said George Dente by your deede in writinge certefie or declare to the Mr gov[er]ner and thassistances of the fellowshippe of m[er]chante adventurers of the Realme of England residente in Mydleboroughe that the said Henrye had fullie justlie and trewlie served you the said George accordinge to his Indenture or apprentishippe duringe the whole terme conteyned in the said deede Indented, and whether is the deede nowe shewed at your examynacon the same deede or noe.//

8 Ite[m] whether was the p[ar]te of the said Indenture sealed and delyvered as the .... of the said Henry by you or anye others by your p[ri]vitye consente or appointment cancelled or deliv[er]ed to be cancelled after the said Henrye had served his saide app[re]ntishipe or noe or dothe the same remaine in your keepinge or who hathe the same://.

9 Ite[m] with whome have you had conference or bene p[er]swaded to comence suite upon the said obligacon against the said Complt and did you or anie other by your p[ri]vitye shewe or publishe in the Courte of Exchequer or to Mr Ball Atturney in that Courte anye deede or writinge sealed purportinge or p[re]tendinge the same to be that p[ar]te of the said deede Indented which was sealed and deliv[er]ed by the saide Henrye Blaixton:// or no

10 Ite[m] what date dothe that writinge beare/ who did write or devise the same/ when was the same first written/ who did put the seale to the same/ and who did write the names of suche p[er]sons as ar named as wytnesses upon the Indorcemente of the said deede/ and whether did one p[er]son write all the names or what p[er]sones did write the same://.

11 Ite[m] what moved you or any of you to cause the saide writinge to be devised or written and what tyme and who were concentinge or p[ri]vie to the same://.

12 Ite[m] whether was the said deede or writinge published or shewed by you or either of you, or by your or either of your p[ri]vities ..... p[ro]curem[en]t or concente as a trewe deede and where by whome and to whome was the same so published and what moved you so to doe or to consente to the same://.

13 Ite[m] whether was that p[ar]te of the said deede Indented sealed by the said Henrye Blaixton Inrolled or entered in any booke for such Indentures used at Antewarpe and whether is there anie mancion in the booke of the said deede that yt was so Recorded or entered and by whome and whether was yt then usuall to Recorde or enter suche lyke deeds of app[re]ntishipp or no://. decimo tertio [die] Januarij ano [dm] 1595

The depositions of George Dente of the towne of Newcastle upon tyne m[er]chant of the age of threescore yeres or theraboutes sworne and examyned, unto certen Interrogatories mynistred on the beehalf of Willm Blaxton esquier taken by Willm Riddell and Robert Dudley esquiers, and Willm Hodgshon and Jarred Byrcthend gent by force of her Ma[jesty's] Comission to them in that behalf directed./

To the First Interrogatorie, he deposethe and sayethe, that hee knowethe the pleyntif, and that he this examynate is one of the defendantes him self, and that hee knowethe the said Robte Dent and John Browne the other named defendantes, and further more, that hee did knowe the said John Blaxton and Henry Blaxton in their Lyves tyme./

2 To the seconnd Interr he deposethe and sayethe, that hee did knowe that the said Henrie Blaxton did by his deede Indented putt himself to bee apprentice, to the said George Dent this examynate.

3 To the thirde Interr hee deposethe & sayethe that hee was p[re]sent att, previe, and a p[ar]tie to the sealinge of one paire of Indentures whereby the said Henrie Blaxton did by his deed indented become his apprentice the .... of w[hi]ch Indenture hee dothe nott well remember, but as hee thynckethe the same is dated, accordinge to the deed avouched by this examynate in the office of plees in the exchequer

4 To the Fourthe Interr, he deposethe and sayethe, that the said John Blaxton, Humfrey Blaxton and Henrie Blaxton become bounden to the said George Dente this examynate, by their Jointe and sev[er]all obligacon in three hundrethe poundes, upon Condicon for the said Henrie his trewe p[er]formance of the Covenantes Conteyned in one paire of Indentures, as by the same obligacon appearethe

5 To the Fyfte interr he deposethe and sayethe that he this examynate be...................... obligacon, was p[re]sent att the sealinge and deliv[er]ye therof, and that the same were deliv[er]ed unto himself, and that the indenture bearethe date the seconnd daie of februarie in the xviijth yere of her Ma[jesty's] [reigne] and that the obligacon bearethe daite the Sixt daie of Aprill in the same xviij yere

6 To the vjth interr hee deposethe and sayethe that the said Henrie Blaxton did serve him this examynate for the terme of all his yeres Conteyned in his said Indenture, but nott so faithefullie and trewlie, as by his Covenantes he ought to have done, for that he never gave nor made unto him any Certen accompte of divers [?affaires?] Comytted unto his Charge, and that hee is damnified in suche manner and forme and to suche value as by Certen accomptes and recknynges maie appeare but as he thinckethe, to the value of CCCCli or ther aboutes:

7 To the vijth Interr he deposethe and sayethe, that hee did by his deede in writinge Certifie and declare to the maister gov[er]nor and assistance of the Fellowshipp of merchant adventurers of the Realme of England Resident in Middlebroughe, that the said henrie hadd fullie Justlie and trewlie served him this examynate accordinge to his indenture of App[r]entiship, duringe the whoole terme Conteyned in the same deed Indented, And that the deede showeed unto him att this his examynacon, is the verie same deed and Certificate.

8 To the viijth interr hee deposethe and sayethe, that the p[ar]te of thee same indenture sealed and deliv[er]ed as the deede of the said Henrie, was nott by him or any others by his previtie, Consent or appoyntment, Cancelled or deliv[er]ed to bee Cancelled (to the best of his knowledge) after the said Henrie had served his apprentishipp but that the same dothe remayne still in his owen keepinge

9 To the ixth interr hee deposethe, and sayethe, that he Conferred and advised w[i]th one John Browne his solicitor for the Commensinge suyte agaynst the Compleynant upon the said obligacon, (and that by his this examynates dyrecon and appoyntment) the same bond was shewed and published in the Courte of the exchequer, to one Mr Ball atturney ther, and the same was so published, as a deede or wrytinge Sealed purportinge and p[re]tendinge the same to bee that p[ar]te of the same deed Indented w[hi]ch was sealed and deliv[er]ed by the said Henrie Blaxton./

10 To the tenthe interr he deposethe and sayethe, that that wrytinge bearethe date the seconnd daie of februarie in the xviijth yere of her Ma[jesty's] Raigne, And that one Xpoffer Archer this examynates servant (nowe deceased) did write and devise the same and that the .......................................... yeare of her Ma[jesty] and that Henrie Blaxton did putt the .................. Robert Dent, this examynates sonne, did write the indorcement therof, And as he remembrethe, the wittnesses menconed upon the indorcement therof, did sev[er]allie write their names or marckes them selves and further he Cannot depose:./

11 To the xjth Interr he deposethe and sayethe, that he was nott otherwise moved to the same, then as of good intent, to take and receive the said Henrie [?for his good?] to bee his apprentice, and servant, and no other previtie to the same then the consent of the said Henrie him self his father and others his frends

12 To the xijth interr he Cannot otherwise depose, then beefore in effecte he hathe alredye deposed to the ixth interr./

13 To the xiijth interr he deposethe and sayethe that he Cannott nowe Call to remembrance whether the indenture were inrolled att Antewarpe, or no: but he knowethe the Custome is or was, that suche Indentures ought to bee inrolled ther, and further Cannott depose

[?haec onia Jur et subscripsit sub none?] George Dent

Coram nobis ni ... p[ar]te Com et in hac Secdula noiatis viz./. William Riddell Ro: Dudley Wyllm Hodshon Jarraret Byrckgear