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March 156/ Anno 12 Eliz

Digital images of SP 12 Volume 67 are here [1]

Mar 3

  • TNA SP 12/67, 1. Letter, Edward Chester to Cecil, slanderous conversation of John Handford

Mar 4

  • TNA SP 12/67, 2. Note by Sir Thomas Gresham, of two bonds for prolongation of the debt due to Ellias' wife
  • TNA SP 12/67, 3. Estimate, of debts due to officers of the army
  • TNA SP 12/67, 4. Letter, The Queen to Lord Treasurer, commissions for increasing the number of horsemen and footmen

Mar 7

  • TNA SP 12/67, 5. Examination, of Robert Spencer, Edward Chester, and John Handford, slanderous conversation
  • TNA SP 12/67, 6. Letter, James Paget to Cecil, privy seal loan, Hampshire
  • TNA SP 12/67, 6. 1 List, privy seal loan, Hampshire, dead, some decayed, or well able to pay
  • TNA SP 12/67, 6. 2. List, privy seal loan, potential contributors, Hampshire

Mar 8

  • TNA SP 12/67, 7. Order, to the Lord Mayor of London, 500 soldiers, harquebusiers, ordered to repair to York

Mar 10

  • TNA SP 12/67, 8. Note, demi-lances and light horsemen to be raised by the clergy and in various shires, two lists, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 9. Order, The Queen to Cecil, to affix her signature, by stamp, to the levy letters, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 10. Order, o an Archbishop or Bishop, to levy horsemen, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 11. Order, to the Lieutenants of Shires. to levy horse, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 12. Order, to the Lieutenants of certain Shires, soldiers to be levied, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 13. Order, to an Esquire, to provide one able man and horse, fully furnished, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 14. Order, to a Knight or a Gentleman. to provide and furnish a lance or light horse. northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 15. List, those to furnish demi-lances and light horsemen, Buckinghamshire, northern rebellion

Mar 11

  • TNA SP 12/67, 16. Note, letters sent to the Lieutenants of Shires and Bishops for levying demi-lances and light horse

Mar 12

  • TNA SP 12/67, 17. Letter, Cecil to Bishop Bullingham for the advowson of a prebend called Faringdon
  • TNA SP 12/67, 18. Estimate, charges of the Queen's ships to convoy the Hamburg fleet

Mar 14

  • TNA SP 12/67, 19. Letter, Queen to Derby, sale of land to settle his son's wife's debts is approved
  • TNA SP 12/67, 20. Letter, Queen to Lord Strange, money realized by land sales are for his wifes's debts not his own
  • TNA SP 12/67, 21. Letter, Jobson and Nevell to PC, have examined Thomas Bates, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 21.i. Examination, of Thomas Bates sending money to the Earl of Northumberland, northern rebellion

Mar 15

  • TNA SP 12/67, 22. Letter, Queen to Lord Grey (of Wilton), furnishing demi-lances and light horsemen, Buckinghamshire

Mar 17

  • TNA SP 12/67, 23. Muster Certificate, Northamptonshire

Mar 18

  • TNA SP 12/67, 24. Justices of Warwickshire to PC, declaration, uniformity of public worship
  • TNA SP 12/67, 24. 1. Declaration, uniformity of public worship, Warwickshire

Mar 19

  • TNA SP 12/67, 25. Order, to Justices of Wiltshire, to levy of 50 footmen and certain horsemen

Mar 20

  • TNA SP 12/67, 26. Letter, Thomas Russell to Leicester, the horse and foot sent out of Worcestershire, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 26. 1. List, soldiers discharged for sickness by William Price, with the sums exacted from each, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 27. Letter, Thomas Stanhope to Cecil, for the wardship of his nephew

Mar 22

  • TNA SP 12/67, 28. Letter, Queen to Countess of Pembroke. Condoles with her on the death of the Earl of Pembroke
  • TNA SP 12/67, 29. Letter, Queen to Shrewsbury. Lord Talbot, his son, whose father-in-law, the Earl of Pembroke, has lately deceased

Mar 23

  • TNA SP 12/67, 31. Letter, Heydon and Buttes to PC, levying horse and foot within Norfolk
  • TNA SP 12/67, 31. 1. List, gentlemen of Norfolk furnishing demi-lances and light horses, and those not so doing
  • TNA SP 12/67, 32. Order to Lord Admiral, the Bonaventure and the Philip and Mary to convoy the Merchant Adventurers to Hamburg
  • TNA SP 12/67, 33. Estimate of the profit arising to the Queen by the coinage of the Spanish money

Mar 24

  • TNA SP 12/67, 30. Letter, Chandos to PC, troops of Gloucestershire to set forward, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 30. i. List, who have furnished demi-lances and light horse, northern rebellion

Mar 30

  • TNA SP 12/67, 34. Letter, Queen to George Throckmorton, to withhold the rents of Richard Norton, northern rebellion
  • TNA SP 12/67, 35. Letter, Fenys to PC, 50 footmen levied in Oxfordshire
  • TNA SP 12/67, 35. i. List of gentlemen of Oxfordshire furnishing demi-lances and light horsemen. 1570

Mar 31

  • TNA SP 12/67, 36. Letter, Chandos to PC, list of those who may be charged with lances and light horse, Gloucestershire
  • TNA SP 12/67, 37. Account, purchases Office of Ordnance, October 1569, to March 1570
  • TNA SP 12/67, 38. Decree, Ecclesiastical Commissioners, Chester, Cuthbert Clifton has made submission
  • TNA SP 12/67, 39. Muster Certificate, Buckinghamshire, including light horse gone to the north, northern rebellion

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